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									                     Relay For Life of [insert event name]

                                     2011 Media Sponsorship Agreement

                                           Contact        Name
Event Information:                         Information:   Title
Relay For Life of
                     Insert sponsor logo                  American Cancer
[XXX]                                                     Society
Event Date:             in slide master
Through Relay For Life the American Cancer Society saves lives
and creates more birthdays by:

Helping People Stay Well
* Our guidelines for proper nutrition, physical activity, and cancer screenings help doctors and
  average Americans understand how to reduce cancer risk and what test they need in order to
  find cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.
* We provide tips, tools, and online resources to help people set goals and stay motivated to eat
  healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.
Helping People Get Well
* The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge has helped more than 30,000 cancer patients and
  their families save tens of millions of dollars in lodging costs each year by providing a free
  place to stay and a community of support while they undergo treatment far from home.
* Our Patient Navigator Program, offered in 128 hospitals and treatment centers across
  America, helps guide people facing cancer through every step of their journey.
Finding Cures
* We’ve had a hand in nearly every major cancer breakthrough of the last century, including
  confirming the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, establishing the link between
  obesity and multiple cancers, developing drugs to treat leukemia and advanced breast cancer,
  and showing that mammography is the most effective way to detect breast cancer.
* We fund beginning researchers with cutting-edge ideas early in their careers – 44 of whom
  have gone on to win the Nobel Prize, the highest accolade in scientific achievement. We
  spend approximately $130 million each year on cancer research.
Fighting Back
* Nearly 70 percent of the US population now covered by a smoke-free law can breathe easier,
  thanks in part to the Society and our nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate, the American
  Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN).
* We have helped more than three million uninsured, underinsured, and low-income women
  get breast and cervical cancer screening tests since 1991, and we have successfully fought for
  legislation protecting this care.

                                           Contact        Name
Event Information:                         Information:   Title
Relay For Life of
                     Insert sponsor logo                  American Cancer
[XXX]                                                     Society
Event Date:             in slide master
   Media Sponsorship Agreement
   The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is an overnight community celebration where
   individuals and teams camp out, barbecue, dance, and take turns walking or running around
   a track “relay” style to raise funds to fight cancer. At nightfall, participants will light hundreds
   of luminaria candles around the track in a moving ceremony to honor cancer survivors as well
   as friends and family members lost to the disease. Funds raised support cancer research,
   education, advocacy, and patient services in the community.
   Last season, the Relay For Life of [INSERT NAME] engaged more than X00 participants and
   volunteers, and more than X00 survivors walked in the Opening Survivor Lap. This year, with
   your support, we can increase those numbers!
   We are pleased to present the following media sponsorship agreement between the
   American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and [Sponsor Name]. Everyone at [Sponsor Name]
   continues to play an integral role in the fight against cancer and we thank you in advance for
   your consideration.

   The American Cancer Society will provide [SPONSOR NAME] with the following:
   • Recognition at Relay For Life of [INSERT NAME] (approximately X00 people)
   • [Station/Outlet] logo on Relay For Life t-shirts and event collateral event. NOTE: we
     need a six week advance window to include logo on materials.
   • Designated premium space for your [Station/Outlet] banner or other signage at event.
     [Station/Outlet] to provide banner or signage.
   • Opportunity to air programming at event pending American Cancer Society approval.
   • Event hosting opportunity and option van appearance/promotional giveaway at event
     pending approval from American Cancer Society.
   • Mentions and/or boilerplate language in press releases and possible additional exposure
     through ongoing earned media efforts.
   • Sponsor name and logo event Web site –
   • Select preferred campsite location and free team registration at Relay For Life event,
     should you wish to form a team and participate in the event.
   • Opportunity for [SPONSOR NAME] to address the crowd, at kick offs and/or at Opening

                                           Contact         Name
Event Information:                         Information:    Title
Relay For Life of
                     Insert sponsor logo                   American Cancer
[XXX]                                                      Society
Event Date:             in slide master
     • Social Media Engagement: Recognition as a sponsor on American Cancer Society of NY
       and NJ Facebook page.
     • Social Media Engagement: Recognition as a sponsor on the local RFL event Facebook fan
       pages (if any) a minimum of 4 times leading up to the event and 1 thank you mention
       following the event.
     • Social Media Engagement: A minimum of one link per each Facebook page to the
       sponsor’s relevant content (e.g. a RFL related story, cancer survivorship story etc.)
     [SPONSOR NAME] agrees to provide American Cancer Society with the following:
     • [SPONSOR NAME] will utilize American Cancer Society pre-produced PSA [with a 5 second
       tag at the end], to be customized by [SPONSOR NAME] personality.
     • [SPONSOR NAME] will guarantee 50 spots to run over a 3 month pre-event promotional
       period during prime time. [TV/radio]
     • [SPONSOR NAME] will guarantee print PSA will run once a week in paper over a 3-month
       pre-event promotional period. [print]
     • [SPONSOR NAME] will provide promotional announcements by on-air talent during drive
       times throughout the month of May. [radio]
     • Send three email blasts that promote the event to online database subscribers (8 weeks
       prior, 8 weeks prior and again 1 week prior to event). Include the link to the list of RFL
     • Guarantee a minimum of two live interviews with an American Cancer Society Relay For
       Life participant, staff partner, or volunteer during the months of May and/or June;
       American Cancer Society media relations staff will coordinate all interviews.
     • Place RFL banner ads on most-trafficked pageson [SPONSOR]’s Web site
     • Will provide a station personality to serve as a co-host or play another appropriate public
       role at event to be agreed upon in advance.
     • Recruit a team including employees, family, friends, and external customers to
       participate in event.
     • Provide a report detailing support (log of PSAs, dates/recipients of email blasts etc.) at
       the end of Relay For Life season.
     • Social Media Engagement: Station and staff can “like” our American Cancer Society of
       NY and NJ page, where we will update our followers about the partnership.
     • Social Media Engagement: Promote the event through the [SPONSOR]’s social
       networking venues such as Facebook and Twitter a minimum of 8 (eight) times on each
       property. ACS to provide content that includes messaging, videos, personal stories, etc.

                                           Contact        Name
Event Information:                         Information:   Title
Relay For Life of
                     Insert sponsor logo                  American Cancer
[XXX]                                                     Society
Event Date:             in slide master
                                  2011 Media Sponsorship Agreement
                                          Relay For Life of
                                           [INSERT NAME]

Media Sponsor Company Name (Please print or type)

Contact Name

Street Address

City                                  State                                Zip

Phone                                 Fax

Media Sponsor Name as you wish it to appear on/in promotional materials

Authorized Signature                                     Date

                                                                            Please forward this completed form to:
                                                                                          American Cancer Society
                                                                                                   [Local Address]

                                              Contact           Name
Event Information:                            Information:      Title
Relay For Life of
                     Insert sponsor logo                        American Cancer
[XXX]                                                           Society
Event Date:             in slide master

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