What Is Automated Data Entry Software?

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					                     What Is Automated Data Entry Software?
If the idea of automated data entry software intrigues you but you're still not sure how it works or if it's
right for your needs, read on for a brief overview of this incredibly helpful and time-saving tool.

What Does An Automated Data Entry Software Program Do?

First things first, what are these programs used for? Data entry software programs are used primarily to
enter information into a computer system of some sort. It's usually entered into the system to streamline
workflow, help make business decisions or to add to an information database. This sounds pretty
straightforward, right? What organization doesn't have information that they need readily accessible for
decision-making purposes?

A key feature is that data entry software programs will enter the information automatically, eliminating the
need for manual input by employees. This is important for two reasons: manual input is slow and prone to
errors. An automated system eliminates of both of these issues.

The Primary Benefits

The best data entry software will save organizations both time and money through peed and accuracy.
These tools allow organizations to enter information much more quickly than they could if they were
entering it manually. The software programs also eliminate the possibility of incorrect information due to
human error. Any time you have an employee reading figures and transcribing it to a different file or
format you run the risk of human error.

Once you factor in the time saved and errors avoided, it becomes clear why these tools are so often
touted as highly cost-effective for many organizations. It saves a company time by completing the tasks
much faster than a person could and it reduces transcription errors to zero, which means there won't be a
need to go back and fix the information down the road, thus saving even more time and, likely, money.

What Types Of Organizations Can Use Automated Data Entry Software?

Any organization that relies on information via forms and other paper documents can benefit. The
programs are often used to process invoices, forms, loan documents, surveys and more. The programs
are highly customizable, making it useful across a wide range of disciplines and for extracting industry-
specific facts and figures.

How Do Data Entry Software Programs Work?

How can a software program read information in one format, translate it into another and then enter it into
the new system in the appropriate format? The answer lies in scanning. These tools work by scanning
forms or documents in order to extract the needed data. The program uses Optical Character Recognition
(OCR) to read machine printed information and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) systems to
recognize handwritten records.

The best data entry software will be programmed to recognize the various types of forms and documents
needed by your organization. The software then selects the pertinent information contained in the
document and enters it into the new database, warehouse or storage medium. The records can also
simply be stored in the database or warehouse and then extracted at a later time, the same way you'd
extract it manually.

Using these tools can save your organization significant amounts of time and money. The time spent
entering records manually will be kept to a minimum and transcription errors will be all but eliminated,
resulting in higher quality information, allowing you to make better business decisions.
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Description: Automated data entry software programs save organizations time and money by extracting and categorizing data automatically, eliminating human error and increasing data quality.