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					                                              Information on Swedish
                                                  Study Assistance
                                                                 C S N       F A K T A B L A D               2 0 0 2

                     This information leaflet outlines the new       STUDY TEMPO                                       studying on a full-time or part-time (75
                     study assistance scheme for studies in Sweden   Study assistance is granted for every full        percent or 50 percent) basis.
                     introduced on 1st July, 2001.                   calendar week during which the student
                                                                     participates in a course of studies. To qualify   Study tempo            Points per week
                     WHO IS ENTITLED TO STUDY                        for assistance, you must study for at least
                     ASSISTANCE?                                                                                       50 %                   10–14
                                                                     three weeks on no less than a half-time           75 %                   15–19
                     Study assistance can be granted for studies     basis. Assistance is payable for different        100 %                  20
                     at university or college or certain other       rates of study: full-time, 100 percent; part-
                     types of post-secondary education. You          time, 75 percent or 50 percent.                   Other types of school
                     can also receive study assistance for studies                                                     At other types of school, the school itself
                     at folk high school, in a municipal or natio-   University or college                             sets the study tempo by determining the
                     nal adult education programme, or other         For study at university or college, a point       scope of each of the individual study cour-
                     studies at the upper-secondary level, as of     system is used in which one point corre-          ses.
                     the second six-month period of the year of      sponds to one week of full-time study. To
                                                                     qualify for full-time study assistance,           FOR HOW LONG IS STUDY
                     your 20th birthday.
                                                                                                                       ASSISTANCE PAYABLE?
                         Study assistance cannot generally be        students must undertake, during the study
                                                                     period envisaged, to study at a rate              The length of the period for which a stu-
                     awarded after the year of the student’s
                                                                     corresponding to at least one point per           dent may receive study assistance is limited.
                     50th birthday. Study assistance may be
                                                                     week. Similarly, to qualify for 75 percent or     If you have previously received study
                     awarded to persons over 50 only for
                                                                     50 percent of full-time assistance, students      assistance, special adult education support
                     vocationally oriented studies in areas in
                                                                     must undertake to study at a rate entitling       (SVUX) or special adult education sup-
                     which there is a shortage of labour. Deci-
                                                                     them to a weekly average point of 0.75 or         port for the unemployed (SVUXA), the
                     sions on study courses qualifying for such
                                                                     0.50 respectively. For post-secondary             period during which you received pay-
                     assistance are made by the government.
                                                                     studies not associated with a point system,       ments is counted as well. You can receive
                         Entitlement to loans is reduced as of the
                                                                     the university/college itself determines          study assistance for longer periods than
                     year of the student’s 41st birthday. The
                                                                     whether the study course is to be conside-        those listed below only under exceptional
                     following table shows the total number of
                                                                     red full-time, 75 percent or 50 percent.          circumstances. The assessment of such
                     loan weeks to which you will be entitled –
                                                                                                                       aplications is very restrictive.
                     including any previous loans – if you take
                                                                     Komvux – adult education
                     up a course of studies at a certain age.
                                                                     If you are studying at a municipal or natio-      Education at
                                                                                                                       post-secondary level
                            UPPER AGE LIMIT FOR LOANS                nal adult education school, the scope of
                                                                                                                       Study assistance for post-secondary
                     Age attained during       Number of weeks
                                                                     your studies is assessed by a points system,
                                                                                                                       education is payable for a maximum of
                     the calendar year                               in which every course is attributed a certain
                                                                                                                       240 weeks.
                                                                     number of points.
                     41                        220
                     42                        200                       If you are attending an upper-secondary       Education at
                     43                        180                   adult education course, the scope of your         upper-secondary level
                     44                        160                   studies is measured in upper-secondary            Study assistance for studies at upper-
                     45                        140                                                                     secondary level is payable for a maximum
                                                                     points, and if you are studying at com-
                     46                        120
                                                                     pulsory school level, the scope of your           of 120 weeks. Persons with a three-year
                     47                        100
CSN nr. 2130E/0201

                     48                         80                   studies is measured in study assistance           upper-secondary education or the equiva-
                     49                         60                   points. The following table shows the             lent are entitled to study assistance for a
                     50                         40                                                                     maximum of 80 weeks.
                                                                     number of points the student must acquire
                                                                     per week in order to be deemed to be
Education at                                     375 kronor per week. To qualify for this       STUDY ACHIEVEMENT
compulsory school level                                                                         REQUIREMENT
                                                 loan, the applicant must undertake to study
Persons with no compulsory-school level
                                                 on a full-time basis and have had a certain    When you apply for study assistance for
education or the equivalent may receive
                                                 income (corresponding to 157,285 kro-          the first time, you will not be required to
study assistance for a maximum of 80
                                                 nor in 2002) during the twelve months          refer to previous study achievements. Those
weeks. If the student should require
                                                 immediately preceding studies. The             who have previously received study
proficiency training, this period may be
                                                 supplementary loan is payable for a maxi-      assistance must be able to show adequate
extended by 20 weeks. Persons who have
                                                 mum of 120 weeks.                              study results in order to qualify for further
already received an education at compul-
                                                    Students incurring extra costs in con-      assistance.
sory school level or the equivalent may
                                                 junction with their studies are entitled to
receive study assistance for a maximum of                                                       IF THE STUDENT IS NOT A
                                                 apply for an additional loan.
40 weeks.                                                                                       SWEDISH CITIZEN
                                                    If the student is receiving an income in
                                                                                                Special rules apply to students who are not
HOW MUCH MONEY?                                  excess of a certain franchise, the amount
                                                                                                Swedish citizens. Further information is
                                                 paid in study assistance will be reduced
Study assistance consists of two components                                                     available in the CSN information leaflet
                                                 accordingly. The grant and loan components
– a student grant and a loan. Persons                                                           “Swedish Study Support for Non-Swedish
                                                 are reduced proportionally. The size of the
studying at 50 percent of full time receive                                                     Nationals”. You also need the form “Perso-
                                                 franchise depends on the number of
one half of the full amount; those studying                                                     nal Particulars of Non-Swedish National”,
                                                 months during the calendar half-year for
at 75 percent of full time receive 75 per-                                                      which should be enclosed with your appli-
                                                 which you are paid assistance.
cent of the full amount.                                                                        cation when you apply for study support
AMOUNT PAYABLE TO FULL-TIME STUDENTS,                 FRANCHISE FOR 20 WEEKS WITH               for the first time. Under EC regulations,
        SPRING TERM, 2002                                  STUDY ASSISTANCE                     EU/EEA citizens and their next-of-kin
                   Amount per    Amount per      Study tempo            Franchise (kr)          may in some cases be awarded Swedish
                   week (kr)     four-week                                                      study support under the same terms and
                                                 Full-time              47,375
                                 period (kr)                                                    conditions as Swedish nationals. See CSN
                                                 Part-time (75%)        59,218
General grant        572         2,288           Part-time (50%)        71,062                  information leaflet “Swedish Study Sup-
Loan               1,091         4,364                                                          port for Non-Swedish Nationals”.
Total payable      1,663         6,652           If you are studying full-time, the franchise
                                                 is reduced by 2,368 kronor for every week      REPAYMENT OF LOANS TAKEN
Higher grant       1,364         5,456           by which the study assistance period           OUT AFTER 30TH JUNE, 2001
Loan                 299         1,196
Total payable      1,663         6,652
                                                 exceeds 20 weeks and is increased by 2,368     You start repaying your loan six months
                                                 kronor for every week by which the study       after you last recieved any form of study
                                                 assistance period is shorter than 20 weeks.    assistance. Repayment will always start in
loan                 375         1,500
                                                 To calculate the size of their franchise,      the beginning of a calenderyear. You can
                                                 students may refer to our Internet home-       apply for a reduction of the repayment of
You are entitled to the higher grant as of the
                                                 page.                                          earlier study loans as long as you continue
year of your 25th birthday and if you are
                                                     Income is calculated on a half-yearly      your studies. Usually a full reduction is
attending a municipally run course of adult
                                                 basis and is defined as income derived from    granted.
education studies that is not a supple-
                                                 employment, business activities and capi-         The new loan is a kind of annuity loan
mentary or continuation course; if you are
                                                 tal assets as determined by the tax assess-    repayed in yearly instalments for a period
studying at folk high school at compulsory
                                                 ment for the calendar year in question. If     of 25 years or until the age of 60. The
school level or upper-secondary level
                                                 the income exceeds the franchise, the          annual amount of the loan is normally
equivalent to upper-secondary adult
                                                 amount payable in study assistance is          increased every year by two per cent. The
education; if you are attending a course at
                                                 reduced by one half of the excess amount.      repayment period will be shorter if the
post-secondary level that will lead to a
                                                                                                debt is small. The lowest annual amount in
vocational degree, or if you are attending       ADMINISTRATION FEE                             2002 will correspond to around 5,700
certain remedial teaching courses. Higher
                                                 A fee of 150 kronor per calendar half year     kronor. The loan is subject to a rate of
grants are awarded for as long as the
                                                 is charged for administration of the loan.     interest decided each year by the govern-
government allocated funds last and in the
                                                 This fee is deducted from the loan in          ment. For 2002 it is 3.0 per cent. The
order in which applications for study
                                                 conjunction with the first payment of the      interest rate is not deductable against taxes.
assistance reach the National Board of Stu-
                                                 term.                                          The rate of interest is compounded as from
dent Aid (CSN).
                                                                                                the first payment. Each year the unpaid
   As of the year of your 25th birthday,
                                                                                                interest rate is added to the debt.
you can apply for a supplementary loan of
Reduction of the annual amount                       must be in excess of 3 percent of the index-   the calendar week in which the application
You can apply for a reduction of the annual          linked base amount (1,137 kronor in            reached the CSN.
amount. The annual amount may be                     2002).
reduced to 5 per cent of your income if you                                                         Translated by Eqvator
are younger than 50 years old. Otherwise             APPLICATION
it will be 7 per cent. When older than 50            Study assistance is paid for no more than
CSN will consider your private assets before         one year at a time. Applications may be
deciding on a reduction of the annual                submitted at any time during the year,
amount. A precondition for the reduction             although study assistance can be granted                        INFORMATIONSAVDELNINGEN
is that the reduction of the annual amount           retrospectively for only four weeks prior to                    851 82 SUNDSVALL

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