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					 ReSharper Benefits

ReSharper is the most intelligent
     productivity tool for
   Microsoft Visual Studio

   What is ReSharper in a nutshell?
Upgraded Visual Studio experience
   for a much more productive
        .NET development

ReSharper Benefits   3
ReSharper Benefits   4
ReSharper Benefits for Developers
Save time on compilation, locating & fixing errors
        –   ReSharper instantly detects and highlights errors in your code, so you
            don’t even have to compile it first
        –   ReSharper provides automatic corrections for most errors, helping to
            solve problems instantly
Automate routine tasks
        –   Quickly create methods, properties, variables or classes from their
        –   Easily generate constructors, properties, delegating and equality
            members; implement and override members
        –   Use smart templates to quickly insert frequently used code constructs
        –   ‘Complete Statement’ inserts necessary syntax elements and gets
            you in position to start writing the next statement

ReSharper Benefits for Developers
Get useful hints right when you need them
       –   IntelliSense, including completion and parameter information, is
           several times better with ReSharper
       –   Filter suggestions based on the expected type of expression
       –   Import required namespaces instantly, right as you type
       –   Get quick, comprehensive information on any class or method in a
           pop-up window, with clickable links to external resources
Improve your coding practices
       –   Change is easy — with 34 solution-wide, cross-language refactorings
           (nearly 5 times as many as in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and
       –   Tweak your code with ease thanks to ReSharper’s 130+ handy
           automated code transformations
       –   Clean up your code through flexible code reformatting, removing code
           redundancies, and more
       –   Easily migrate to new language versions and learn to use new

ReSharper Benefits for Developers
Navigate to any corner of your solution
        –   With dozens of smart navigation and search features, your whole
            solution is always at your fingertips
        –   Find usages, browse the type hierarchy, and much more
        –   Reach any part of your code within seconds

Handle multi-language solutions with ease
        –   Refactorings, navigation and search, and coding assistance work
            across C#, VB.NET, XAML and ASP.NET

ReSharper Benefits   8
Benefits for Project Management
Have new code developed faster, with higher quality &
maintainability and fewer errors
       –   Through real-time error detection and correction, integrated unit
           testing, and much more

Simplify understanding, updating and refactoring
existing code
       –   Leverage your existing code with ReSharper’s deep code analysis,
           code cleanup, and automated code refactoring

Feel confidence in change
       –   Mitigate the risks of delayed delivery — with ReSharper, you can
           make changes at any project stage and be assured nothing will break

Benefits for Project Management
Promote teamwork and improve team management
       –   Save time on internal communications: with every team member
           capable of handling more tasks, cooperation is streamlined to the
       –   New team members quickly get up to speed through shared code
           style and clear, understandable code
Ensure compliance with company- or team-wide
coding standards
       –   Thanks to shared code style settings, code formatting, and code

Benefits for Project Management
As project completion moves
through its stages, the cost of
correcting errors grows

For example, a bug discovered
during testing may require
changes on the design and
architecture level, leading to
much greater costs.

ReSharper allows you to reduce
the expenses of making changes,
and in many cases sharply cuts
the incidence of costly errors.

ReSharper Benefits   12
Benefits for Business
Remarkable Return On Investment (ROI)
     –   ReSharper users report a 20–50% increase (with some individual gains of up to
         350%) in their productivity when using ReSharper on top of Visual Studio.
     –   If a developer hourly wage is $30–50, it will take ReSharper only 7 working days to
         pay for itself.
     –   Here is an estimated ReSharper ROI use case based on a mid-size project:

  Project       Developer                        Hourly    Project
                                   Effort                              Investment      Savings
Methodology    Productivity                      Wage       Cost

  Without                       8 developers
                  100%                            $40      $64,000         $0            $0
 ReSharper                    40 person-weeks

                                                                        8 licenses     $16,000
   With                         8 developers
                  135%                            $40      $48,000     x $350/each     – $2,800
 ReSharper                    30 person-weeks
                                                                         = $2,800     = $13,200

Benefits for Business

        Research shows that developer effort on
        reworking code (eliminating bugs and
        making changes) can comprise up to 80%
        of all development cost and time.

Benefits for Business
Make your development more cost-effective
       –   Producing higher-quality code with ReSharper means you
           eradicate a lot of the problems that require reworking code and
           reap the additional savings
       –   Updating and changing existing code is simplified, again cutting
           maintenance time and costs
Meet delivery schedules
       –   Help your project managers meet delivery deadlines by making
           your developers more productive
       –   Boost teamwork through more understandable and maintainable
           code & code standards compliance

Benefits for Business
Utilize your resources more efficiently
       –   Deliver larger projects faster — with the same team size

Enjoy the low cost of ownership
       –   Easy deployment with Visual Studio
       –   No investment in additional hardware and software required
       –   Flexible licensing and upgrade policies
       –   Free technical support

Our Customers talk about ReSharper
"As far as I'm concerned, Visual Studio without ReSharper is like driving a Mustang with a lawn mower
     engine. You can do it but who would want to?“
                                                     Ray Megal, Senior Programmer Analyst
                                                     (M&I Investment Management Corp.)

“[ReSharper] is the one thing for .NET developers that removes fear of change. Refactoring is just so darn
     easy that change isn't scary.“
                                                       David Starr, Chief Software Architect, Healthwise, Inc

"To me my value to a customer is providing the maximum productivity that I can, and for me that productivity
    comes from using this tool...
    The way I code works perfectly within the way ReSharper aids me in being productive. It grants me a
    fluid motion to refactoring and code efficiency and helps me get into a groove when I code. A groove that
    is both productive and efficient and fun.“
                                                      Bil Simser,
                                                      Independent Solutions Architect Consultant, MVP

Sales Contacts
North America                             Outside of North America
                                          (handled by Prague office)
East coast
                                          United Kingdom
Phone: +1 (609) 714 7883
Fax: +1 (866) 838-6784                    Phone: + 44 203 239 2539
West coast
                                          Phone: +48 222 196 267
Phone: +1 (650) 378 8571        
Fax: +1 (650) 378 8591              Other locations
                                          Phone: +420 241 722 501
                                          Fax: +420 261 711 724


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