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Fun Places You Don't Want To Miss On A Trip To The Jersey Shore


If you're planning a trip to the Jersey Shore, there are certain places that you shouldn't miss. Consider visiting Morey's Piers, the Asbury Park Paranormal Museum and Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, among others.

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									Fun Places You Don't Want To Miss On A Trip To The Jersey
If you're looking for a one of a kind vacation, consider a trip to the Jersey Shore. If you're not sure
what kind of vacation you're looking for, here are a few attractions that you won't want to miss!
From a visit to a classic seaside amusement park, to a ghost tour, these attractions can help you
create a one of a kind vacation.

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend a day on a trip to the Jersey Shore, consider taking a
daytrip to the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. This is a NJ icon and although it's located about
four miles off the coast, it's easily accessible by car. The lighthouse is one of the tallest in the
nation and it costs just $1 to climb the 217 steps to the top (this fee is waived if you're visiting in
the off-season). The lighthouse isn't the only thing to see, visitors can also walk across a jetty for
a better view and walk through a small forest trail. Guests can bring their fishing gear, but
swimming is not allowed.

Morey's Piers

If you're looking for the quintessential trip to the Jersey Shore, your visit isn't complete without a
few days at Morey's Piers. This group of amusement parks and waterparks in Wildwood, NJ has
been providing locals and visitors alike with classic seaside fun since 1969.

Morey's Piers offers more than 18 acres of fun, rides, games, waterslides and more. Here visitors
can enjoy floating along a lazy river, rocketing down fast-paced waterslides, enjoy a view of the
beach from a Ferris Wheel or screaming roller coaster and more. The amusement parks open
weekends in April and opens full time in June. The waterparks open in late May. Guests can
choose to purchase a single use, one-day pass, a family pass, multi-day passes and even
season passes so they can visit as often as they'd like. With so many different Jersey Shore
things to do, Morey's Piers is ideal for a family weekend or even a fun filled outing with friends.

Paranormal Museum In Asbury Park

If paranormal activity and ghost tours are more your style, consider paying a visit to the
Paranormal Museum in Asbury Park. Here, you'll find ghost stories and more oddities, including a
death mask of Robert E. Lee, a shrunken human head and other macabre collection pieces.
Guests can also take a guided ghost tour that treats visitors to some scary tales that will leave
them looking over their shoulders whenever they're in Asbury Park.

Other Jersey Shore Things To Do

Other things to do on a trip to the Jersey Shore include hiking in Cattus Island County Park,
taking in some live theater at Cape May Stage Professional Equity Theater, the Quarter at
Tropicana and more.

Whether you're looking for family friendly fun or a weekend away with friends, a trip to the Jersey
Shore can provide activities for everyone. When planning your trip, take the time to do a little
research on what you want to do, but try to leave yourself some downtime so you don't have to
feel like you're rushing from activity to activity. Doing this will help ensure that you end your
vacation on a relaxing note and are ready to dive back into your regular life.
Locals and visitors alike know there are a number of fun things to do on a trip to the Jersey
Shore. Some Jersey Shore things to do (
wildwood-nj) include Morey's Piers, a group of waterparks and amusement parks in New Jersey.
To learn more, or to plan a trip, visit

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