Checklist - 6 steps to sustainability

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					1.     Switch off
Switch off appliances and lights when not in use. It only takes less than a second to do, but can make a big difference. And don’t
forget to turn off your PC monitor. The orange light means it’s still on and wasting energy.

2.     Report It
Be a sustainability champion – sustainability is everybody’s business. Make sure that you report all forms of waste – energy waste, water waste
and packaging waste. If you see your colleagues leaving monitors or PCs on give them a gentle nudge about saving carbon!

3.     Print Smart – think before you print!
While our office paper is made from sustainable sources, it still carries a carbon footprint due to the production and transport costs.
Always print preview before you print and make sure that you print double sided, or two sheets to a page.

4.     Drive less or drive smarter!
Think before you travel; is there an alternative option? Video conferencing, three way telephone calls and e-training are all there to make our lives
easier and help minimise unnecessary emissions. If you do need to drive, drive slower as this will save money and carbon.

5.     Recycling
Cardboard, paper, printer / toner cartridge and battery recycling facilities are widely available so please make sure you use them.
Recycling bins for cans and plastics will be introduced at Cheltenham General Hospital within the next few months.

6.     Get active
Walking, cycling and using public transport are great ways to get healthy and active. Two thirds of adults in England do not get enough exercise
and active travel is a great way to build exercise into your daily routine. Walking and cycling are also a good way to clear your head of the stresses
of the day.

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