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									                     Be calculative and plan before you leave for travelling

Searching online for rental cars seems to be very easy proves but in reality it is not as easier as we think.
The reason is sometimes on the same website you would be provided with lots of facilities but the hard
part is to get the best out of those offerings. How would you get to know that the services you are
choosing are the right one? Therefore, it is recommended to compare the prices and services with the
other companies to get the best out of it.

autohuur italie prices frequently deviate depending on what is incorporated in the price. Pay attention
for those services which are too good to be the true prices and they would probably be. When you look
out on a website or yellow pages directory, the front part of the scene is always quite different from the
actual services and thus there would be lot of additional charges when you will go to pick up the rental

Ensure you are comparing like with like when you are making comparison between car rental costs
online. The extra charges attached to it can push up the price of your rental car hence make a point you
watch out for them. It doesn't look so appealing any more often if you add these on to that oh-so-low
rate. Let us see what has been included and what is not

    ●   Many companies will give you a detailed list of the inclusion whereas some companies do not.
        These will vary depending upon providers but generally monetary standard rates include basic
        insurance policy and tax.
    ●   Premium Location Fee or commonly known as Airport Fees is always extra. The companies will
        add extra charges if pick up a rental car at an airport location. All the charges vary from
        company to company where as in United Kingdom the companies could cost as much as 13% of
        the lease value.
    ●   Licensing Fee for Vehicle is a Government imposed toll for rental cars to recover the registration
        costs to some extent.
    ●   One or more driver will charge you extra for your rental car. Moreover, if you are going to hire a
        driver below the age of 25 then it would cost you much. The different countries have different
        charges like in Australia it ranges from AUD13-22 per day but in France the young driver
        overcharge changes from EUR20-35 per day and so on.
    ●   Insurance Excess is always provided along with each rental car and this amount is extra which if
        insured can save you from car damage otherwise you have to pay for the losses. The penalty
        may be in thousands of dollars which could be reduced with an optional surplus reduction
        charge and can be paid daily to cut down your overload.

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