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					                  HOW TO USE THE ORIENTATION GUIDE

In the University Strategic Plan, Goal 6 (Human Resources and Infrastructure: Maintain a Quality
Workforce and Work Environment) addresses employee retention issues. Several strategies under
Objective 6.2 (Reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction) address new
     1) Analyze and create necessary support systems to enhance a diverse workforce and a spirit of
        inclusion, and
     2) Ensure that faculty and staff are integrated into their units.

The purpose of this Orientation Guide is to assist the supervisor of a new staff employee in planning that
new employee’s orientation.
    This Guide lists the efforts and information that Texas Tech University provides to enhance the
       employee’s orientation experience and to encourage a spirit of inclusion at the university level.
    The Guide also lists the efforts and information that the supervisor and/or department should
       pursue to integrate the new employee into the work unit and to encourage a spirit of inclusion at
       the department level.

The intent of this document is to be a general guide for helping new employees gain the most from their
first 90 days on the job. It contains a list of the efforts and information provided by Texas Tech University
that you do not need to duplicate in your department. The Orientation Checklist (pages 3-6) can be
edited and enhanced by department supervisors to fit their employees’ needs:
       Section 1 (Page 3) lists the initial steps the department should take upon hiring the new
       Section 2 contains information to be tailored by the supervisor and/or department to integrate the
          new employee into the work unit within the first 14-days;
       Sections 3-6 list a selection of university-provided training and orientation functions that may be
          completed on a 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day timeline format;
       Section 7 is to be signed upon completion of the checklist by the new employee and by the
          supervisor. The completed Orientation Checklist should be reviewed by the department head
          and returned to the Personnel Department within the first 90 days of employment.


Your challenge is to provide the department and job-specific information, as well as to conduct integration
activities that will encourage the new employee’s sense of belonging in the department. The following
suggestions may assist your planning efforts:
      Use a department and/or building tour to familiarize the new employee with the workplace and to
          meet key contacts related to the job;
      Plan a simple reception or take the new employee to lunch as a gesture of welcome from the
      Include a brief one-on-one meeting with the department head that includes a short discussion of
          the mission, vision, purpose and reputation of the department/division within the university;
          Include a personal meeting with the supervisor to review the PDQ, job standards, work
          expectations and performance evaluation methods;
      Involve co-workers in explaining the work procedures, etc. of the department;
      Identify co-workers to assist the new employee with new job duties;
      Follow up with the new employee after every university training and orientation function to clarify
          how the information relates to the new employee’s position.

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                                     OP 70.11, Attachment N

A. Organization of the University

   (1)    Brief History of Texas Tech University
   (2)    University Organization Chart
   (3)    University Strategic Plan

B. General Personnel Policies

   (1)    Equal Employment/Affirmative Action
   (2)    Grievance Procedure
   (3)    Pay Check Distribution Options
   (4)    Social Security
   (5)    Workers' Compensation Insurance and Requirement to Notify Supervisor of Accidents
   (6)    Unemployment Compensation Insurance
   (7)    Types of Appointments
   (8)    Promotional Opportunity Program
   (9)    Educational and Training Opportunities
   (10)   Maintaining Work Time and Leave Time Records
   (11)   Use of I.D. Cards
   (12)   Parking on Campus

C. Pay for Time Not Worked (Notification and Reporting Procedures)

   (1)    Holidays
   (2)    Vacation
   (3)    Sick Leave
   (4)    Family Medical Leave
   (5)    Death in Family
   (6)    Jury Duty
   (7)    Military Leave
   (8)    Leave Without Pay
   (9)    Disability Leave

D. Insurance and Other Benefits

   (1)    Teacher Retirement
   (2)    Optional Retirement and 90 Day Rule
   (3)    Tax-Sheltered Annuity Option
   (4)    Deferred Compensation Option
   (5)    Insurance Premium Sharing
   (6)    Medical Insurance for Employee and Family
   (7)    Dental Insurance
   (8)    Long Term Care
   (9)    Term Life with AD&D
   (10)   High Volume Accident Insurance
   (11)   Long Term Disability Insurance
   (12)   Payment of Premiums During Leaves Without Pay
   (13)   Credit Union

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                                ORIENTATION CHECKLIST

Initial hiring actions to be accomplished within the first 3-days of employment.

                    TASK/TOPIC                            Completion Date   Comments
Initiate a Personnel Action Form (PAF) immediately
upon a hiring commitment made between the
department and employee. Make the approval and
timely processing of the PAF a top priority. Walk the
form to the next person in the approval line
whenever possible.

All benefits eligible employees are required to attend
the first available Benefits Orientation immediately
upon hire. You may register online at or
call Personnel Benefits (2-3855). Please provide
the new employee a copy of the PAF to take to

Direct the new employee to the Employment
Services Coordinator to complete the Employment

Instruct new employee to open an eRaider Account.
This can be done from any computer that has web
access (work, home, public library, TTU library, etc.).
Go to Click on Get One
(just below the Sign In button). Follow the
instructions in the pop-up windows. Remind
employee to keep eRaider Username and Password
in a safe place. NOTE: The new employee’s initial
PAF/ePAF must be entered in TecHRIS before the
employee can open an eRaider Account.
Edit and adapt this Orientation Guide to your
department and the new employee’s job.

Start orientation activities on the first day of

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Department guidance to be provided within the first 14-days of employment.
                   TASK/TOPIC                     Completion Date   Comments
Functions of Work Group:
    SERVICEplus expectations
    Mission of the department
    Mission of the section
    Operating Policy/Procedures
    Functions of the position
    Reporting chain-of-command
    Performance standards
    Work of other employees in the
        group/department; organization chart
    Training opportunities – Quality Service &
        Professional Development and other

Environmental Health & Safety:
    Safety Orientation by Environmental Health
       & Safety (2-3876)
    Hazard Communication Act
    Fire exits and extinguishers
    Location of work area
    Tools/supplies and other work equipment
    Special accommodations needed, if any
    Smoke-free environment awareness
    Computer access/password security
    Location of restrooms/locker rooms
    Dress standards/work uniforms
    Eating facilities
    Bulletin boards
    Parking availability
    Keys, if any

Hours of Work:
    Starting time
    Ending time
    Workweek and days off
    Work records/time clock
    Required overtime
    Leave time – notification and reporting
    Meal periods
    Rest periods
    Substituting for other employees

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Section 2, continued:
Department guidance to be provided within the first 14-days of employment.

Responsibilities as an Employee:
    Attendance standards
      (how to report absences)
    Punctuality
    Work rules and
    Standards of conduct
    Housekeeping and
    Working safely
    Reporting accidents to

Special Departmental
    Use of telephone (See:
        Texas Tech phone book)
    Etc.

To be accomplished within the first 30-days of employment.

                  TASK/TOPIC                         Completion Date   Comments
Benefits Orientation, including Non-Discrimination

Newcomer Safety Orientation:
    An overview of environmental health and
      safety issues with an emphasis on fire

Welcoming Event:
    An opportunity for new employees to
      become acquainted with Texas Tech
      traditions and culture, meet key executives,
      and learn about departments that provide
      employee services.
    The messages are designed to encourage a
      sense of belonging and inclusion at the
      university level for the new employee.

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To be accomplished within the first 60-days of employment.

                  TASK/TOPIC                           Completion Date   Comments
SERVICEplus Classes:
    Three classes introduce new employees to
      Texas Tech’s pursuit of excellence – in
      education, research, and service to our
    The classes promote a positive image of
      Texas Tech as an institution that provides
      excellence in all areas and encourages
      employees toward continuous improvement
      of the services they provide our constituents.
    The department will select the appropriate
      course for the new employee’s job duties
      and responsibilities.

To be accomplished within the first 90-days of employment.

                  TASK/TOPIC                           Completion Date   Comments
Workplace Violence Prevention Classes:
    Texas Tech has developed three classes
       that describe the employee guidelines for
       recognizing and reporting inappropriate,
       potentially dangerous behaviors that
       threaten the safety of our workplace. During
       class, the new employee will learn to
       recognize, respond and report warning signs
       of potentially violent behavior.
    The department will select the appropriate
       course for the new employee’s job duties
       and responsibilities.
Sign and return this completed checklist to the
Personnel Department, MS 1093.

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Training and Orientations required by the Department or the Employee’s Job.

                     TASK/TOPIC                          Completion Date        Comments
   The supervisor will determine what department
   or job training the new employee needs:
    If an employee will perform administrative
        duties, it may be appropriate to review online
        resources for TechFIM, TecHRIS, Budget,
        PAF preparation, Travel Vouchers, etc.
    Employees who will drive 15-passenger
        vans to fulfill university duties must be
        approved as an insured driver by the
        University and attend Van Safety Training.

Signature and Approval

I have completed these functions:                         Approved:

_______________________________________                   _________________________________
Employee Name                   Date                      Supervisor Name           Date

Complete, sign and return completed “Orientation Checklist” no later than employee’s first 90
days of employment to the Personnel Department, MS 1093. Retain a copy for your records.

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