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									   Call Centre
Management System
          Created By :-
Mehul Prajapati (080240107061)
  Krunal Rana (080240107065)
Maitrey Rajyaguru (080240107063)
         Sem-7th -C.E.-B
     This product is to manage a call centre company where we are
suppose to manage its clients.
     This is an outbound call centre in which agents of our call
centre will call to the customers.Our project mainly build up on
following three panels:
     Admin: Handling of all the branches.
     Agent: Fill the form,put the clients in queue who are not
     Quality analyst:To prepare daily report, agent wise
report and branchwise report.

     The project defines a system in which in a particular city branch
,agent calls to the appropriate client for the car loan according to the
details given by any automobile agency.

      In this system ,the agent makes outbound call to the customer
for the car loan and registers the data who are interested or not in
it.if the person is interested for the car purchase loan then it passes
the information to the agent and after that agent passes that
information to the quality analyst.

     If the Quality analyst approves the request then it
passes the data to the financer In xml format. This whole
procedure is repeated in different branches of our
system situated in different cities.

Following Modules will be used in this application:

 Agent Form Submission:
      Agent will collect the information via telephonic conversation
  with customer and if customer is interested in taking a loan then
  agent will enter the all required data from customer in agent form
  and submit the data to the system.

 Quality Check Management:
    Quality manager will check all the leads generated
  by agents and perform the quality check and approve
  or decline the lead.

 Waiting Queue Management:
       Agent will put the lead in the waiting queue and further
  quality analyst will check that lead.

 Approval/Declined Queue:
      Quality analyst will approve or decline all the lead.

 User Management:
      Admin: Admin user can access whole system.
      Agent: Agent call the customer and fill up the form.
      Quality analyst:Quality analyst can approve or
                      decline the lead.

         customer and all users can access the login module.

       The agent fills up the form of customer whose lead is
  approved by Quality Analyst and registers that customer.

Lead Management:
       In this module,the approval or declination of
  any lead occurs.

Lead Submission in xml:
      Approved customer’s database can be possible to export
  in xml format to the financer or car seller using the system.

Branch Management:
  In this module,all branch manager handles their respective

     A call center is a centralized office used for the purpose
of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by
telephonic conversation.

    Outgoing calls for telemarketing, clientele, product
services, and debt collection are also made.

    In addition to a call centre, collective handling of letters,
faxes, live chat, and e-mails at one location is known as a
contact centre.

Problem of existing system
    This system is mainly works on concept on car loan and it
is possible to make this system in generalized and
customized system like house loan.

    By applying several changes in attributes and
constraints of the different modules of this generalized
System ,we can make any loan purchase agency likewise if we
want to create a project on house loan ,we have to simply
change the factors which affects the car loan purchase system.

    So the problem of existing system is that any-
one programmer can use this system as its simplified
   Proposed Solution of Problems
     As the Problem of this system is if the client is interested in
taking loan of big amount and that loan can’t be fulfilled because of
clients’ financial circumstances, then
     The Solution of this problem is the agent will pass the call to
the respective higher authority.

     Suppose a Problem occurs like when agent calls to the client
and client is busy at that time so client can’t deal with the our
     the Solution of this problem is that agent puts the
 client’s records in the upcoming schedule of that agent.

Requirement Analysis

Software Requirements:
  Frontend: PHP 5.0
   Backend: MYSQL
  Offline server: WAMP Server
  Tools: Dreamweaver
  Operating System: Microsoft Windows or Linux

Hardware Requirements:
  Processers: Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent or higher
  512 MB Ram or Higher
  20 GB HDD or Higher
  Internet Connectivity

    Expected Outcome
  The Following outcomes can be generated by this project:
o We can give proper idea about car loan to our customer regarding to
  different cars of several car companies.

o As this project runs over different branches in different cities,we can
  prepare statistical and progressive reports or graphical chart to
  keep track on progress of particular branch of our system.

o As we expected , the whole reports and progress are examined by
  admin panel and branch manager to control the system.

o By analyzing the report of our system , we can analyze
   all car companies’ progress and which car
  and car company is on top selling in the market.
   Future Enhancement
     Still we are in developing phase ,so we have not yet deployed
this project successfully in the market.

     After getting the positive or negative impact or feedback of this
application ,we can decide what we can do innovative or creative
on this application by applying appropriate changes .
     In future ,if car loan project is qualified as better output ,then
we will re-launch it with additional features like car loan, home
loan & educational loan.

      Now we are using only PHP ,for more look & feel ,we
integrate PHP with flash,animation.For security purpose ,
we can use J2EE.
     We can help people who are interested in taking car loans
by this web application.
     We can also make car loan procedure more easier and
convenient to the people.

         Any Questions
Thank You……


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