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CustomerIDName       Title   Initials  Surname Date          Position  CoName Address1
   10456             Mr      T         Johnson                         1 Lakeside Aerospace Business Park
                                                             Fleet Manager          Road
     6169 Mr Loader                                                    1st Call     84 Locksway
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director Heritage Limited Road
     6171 Terry Read                              02/04/2004Owner                     Winterbourne Road
                                                                       1st Window6& Door Maintenance Co
   10457             Mr      R.        Searl                           2 C L Communications Crosshouse Centre
                                                             Managing Director      Unit 3, The Ltd
     7492 T Nash                                                       24 Seven 1300 Park
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director Vending Ltd Avenue, Aztec West
      527            Mr      G                                         2CL Communications Ltd
                                       Gregory 13/03/2002Financial Controller       Unit 3 The Crosshouse Centre
   10458             Mr      J         Smithers                                     Oakfield
                                                                       3D Aluminium Ltd Ind Estate
     1678            Mr      D.        Leith                           3DLabs
                                                  13/08/2002Managing Director LtdMeadlake Place
     1679            Mr                Samuel
                             Graham J. J.                              4 Square Unit 5 &
                                                  13/08/2002Company Secretary Metal Ltd 6
      448            Mr.     D. D.                                     475 Automation H Boyn Valley Industrial
                                       Goodspeed01/11/2001Managing Director         Unit Techniques Ltd
      449            Mr      P.        Jones                           5 Fifteen
                                                  01/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
     1680            Mr      P.                                        A & A Communications Ltd
                                       Packham 18/01/2002Managing Director          4 Pine Close
     1402 Ms C GoldenMs      Christine Golden                          A & C Fabrications (Christchurch)
                                                  02/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 6, Fairfield Works Ltd
      132 Mr D McCormick                                               A & D Group of 1, Wayside
                             Daniel J. McCormick02/04/2004Company Secretary Unit Companies
        2 Mr N BayneMr.      N. C.     Bayne                           A&H          Unit 24b
                                                  02/04/2004Managing DirectorDisplay Cards Ltd
     9426 C A Graves                                                   A&H          Ash
                                                  02/04/2004Financial Director Gadd Ltd House
     1681            Mr.     A.        Jeffery                         A & I Plastics Ltd
                                                  13/08/2002Managing Director
     7168 Mr Cooper                               02/04/2004                        11a St George's Road
                                                                       A & M (Dorset) Electrical Contractors
        2 Mr A Fronda r.     A.        Fronda                          A & P Pools (fareham) Ltd
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director       56a Gosport Road
     1682            Mr.     J. P.     Negus                 M         A & P ToolsFordwater Trading Estate
                                                  17/01/2002a anaging Director       & Products Ltd
   10460             Mr      D.        Sparrow                         A A A Forktruck Centre Ltd
                                                             Managing Director      4d Park Close
        1 Mr P Bracher       P.        Bracher                         A A Hydraulics Portsmouth Ltd
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director
     8727 E J Mangan                                                   A A T (Manufacturing) Ltd
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director       1 Salisbury Road
   10478             Mr      N         Boyle                                        45
                                                                       A Allen & Son Union Road
   10203 Mr DW Greener                            02/04/2004                        Faraday
                                                                       A and M Hearing LtdRoad
        3            Mr                                                A B A Electronics Hunting Gate
                             Kevin N. Butterworth04/02/2002Company Secretary Unit J, Ltd
      133            Mr.     P.        Arnold                          ABB
                                                  25/02/2002Financial Director Automation Ltd
   10493             Mr      A.        Bell                            A B Cable & Wiring
                                                             Managing Director      Unit 8, Walworth Enterprise Ce
        4            Mr      S.                                        A B Computers
                                       Clark-booth04/02/2002Managing Director       12 Union Street
     1683 Mr A LaveryMr      Alan      Lavery                          A B L Heating Oakley Road
                                                  02/04/2004Company Secretary 14 & Plumbing Supplies Ltd
      739            Mr.     D. A.     East                            A B S Ltd New House
                                                  08/11/2001Managing Director
      134 Mr M Williams      M.                                        A B S Pumps Ltd Elm Park Court
                                       Williams 02/04/2004Managing Director         Unit 1
   10114 J N Richmond                                                  A B Sealants Ltd Mylen Business Centre
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director       Unit 1
   10526             Mr      P.        James                           A C Air      16 Kingdom
                                                             Managing Director Conditioning Ltd Close, Brunell Way
     1684            Mr      J.        Driver                M         A C Converters Ltd House
                                                  17/01/2002a anaging Director      Mathom
   10527             Mr      A.        Cavagnuolo                                   Stable
                                                                       A C DevelopmentsCottage
     1403            Mr      David R. Bell                             A C Electrical Holdings P.L.C.
                                                  12/12/2001Company Secretary 7-9 Cowley Road
      607 Mr Gradidge                                                  A C G Building Avenue Road
                                                  02/04/2004Company Secretary 144 Contractors
      450            Mr      M.        Herbert                         ACK
                                                  01/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd 35 Grosvenor Road
     4017 Mr L FosterMr      L.        Foster                          A C L Plastering &House
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director       Barley Dry Lining Ltd
     8819 G D Shingler                                                 ACL          Holland Way Ind Estate
                                                  02/04/2004Financial Director Structures Ltd
     9665 D O Ward                                                     ACV          Unit 3 Ltd
                                                  02/04/2004Managing Director(Contracts) Ambassador Ind Est
        6            Mr.     M.        Davey                           ACW
                                                  04/02/2002Financial Director Technology Ltd
     7494            Mr      RJ        Brown      30/01/2002Director                12-14 Old Mill Road
                                                                       A D M S Mailing Centre Ltd
   10556             Mr      W         Mcneill                                      56-60 Shelley
                                                                       A D Metal Spinners Ltd Road
      747            Mr      Andrew    Smith                           A D S Precision Engineering
                                                  08/11/2001Company Secretary 51A Jubilee Road
      127            Mr      J.        Male                            ADS
                                                  21/08/2001Managing DirectorTechnologies P.L.C.
   10558             Mr      R. A.     Airton                          A Display Castle Trading Estate
                                                             Managing Director
       12            Mr      W.        Li                              AEA          Ruben House
                                                  23/08/2001Financial Director Technology Battery Systems Ltd
      136            Mr.     C.                                        A E L Crystals Ltd D Airtech 2
                                       Edwards 25/02/2002Managing Director          Module
     1404            Mr.     M. J.     Allin                           A E P (Chippenham) Ltd
                                                  12/12/2001Managing Director       Unit 15

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 1405              Mr.    M.                                          A E P (Steel Fabrications) Ltd
                                      Lawrence 12/12/2001Managing Director        Petersfinger
  751   B A Marshall                                                  A E P Industries UK Resinite
                                                02/04/2004Company Secretary Rownhams Road Group
 1406              Mr.
        Mr A R Trotter    A. R.       Trotter                         A E T Transport Services Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Units 8 & 9
    9              Mr     K.                                          A F P Technology House
                                      Bloodworth28/08/2001Managing Director       Beech
 7497              Mr     AC          Francis   30/01/2002Director                Unit
                                                                      A For Animation3a The Old Malthouse
 1407   Mr A Coles Mr     A.          Coles                           A G Coles Newlands
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director
  451              Ms                                                 A G O Installations Youngs Industrial Est
                          Maureen Ormston 01/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 14, Ltd
10575              Mr     D           Conisee                                     High Street
                                                           Proprietor A H Conisbee & Co
  608   Ms M R Rowe                                                   A H Rowe Unit 24 Park
                                                02/04/2004Company Secretary & Sons Ltd Gate Bus. Centre
 8927   P L Hammond                                                   A Hammond & Sons Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Worton House
10591              Mr     P           Oliver                                      2 Eastgate House
                                                                      A I M services
  755              Mr.
        Mr S Winship      S. M.                                       A I M Group P.L.C.
                                      Winship 02/04/2004Company Secretary
 9411   T N Barber                                                    AJ&R        Maryland
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director G Barber Ltd Farm
 1685              Mr.    A. P.                            M          A J D Precision (SheetBusiness Centre
                                      Dearlove 17/01/2002a anaging Director       Unit 7 The Metal) Engineerin
10115   A J King                                                      A J K Services Ltd Lodge
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Humber
 1408   Mr A May Mr       A. J.       May                             A J M Engineering Ltd Trading Estate
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Park Lane
 1686              Ms                                      C          A J Signs 2
                          Jean R. M. Murdoch 17/01/2002a ompany Secretary Ltd Foundation House, Westfield
 7502              Mr     SJ          Bradshaw 30/01/2002Director                 56 Waverley Road
                                                                      A M C Food Machinery Ltd
   19              Mr
        Mr R Twigger      R. T.       Twigger                         AMC         Unit 3, Fabrications Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing DirectorSheet MetalMarlborough Road
 1687              Ms     Pamela M. Ahern                  C          A M Continuous Forms Way
                                                17/01/2002a ompany Secretary 7 Grasmere Ltd
 1688              Ms     Margaret E.Steel                 C          A M Environmental Services
                                                17/01/2002a ompany Secretary Victoria House Ltd
10653                                                      Sir        A P W Custom Systems
 1409   Mr J Blide Mr.    J.          Blide                           APW         Unit 10 Centre
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Power Supplies Ltd One
  530   Mr D Moth Mr      D           Moth                            AR
                                                02/04/2004Fleet Manager E Ltd 1-3 East Street
 1410              Mr.
        Mr S Goodwin      S.                                          ASL         Kingsway
                                      Goodwin 02/04/2004Financial DirectorContracts (Advanced Sealants Ltd)
10670              Ms     Alison R. Howe                              A S R Designs Ltd
                                                           Company Secretary 55 Gosport Road
 1689              Mr.    P.          Green                           ASSA
                                                10/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
   20              Mr.    M.                                          ASW         Unit 3
                                      Valentine 21/09/2001Managing Director Fabrications Ltd
 7507              Mr     PW                                          ATA         2 Portland Square
                                      McWeeney30/01/2002Financial Director Group Plc
  781              Mr.    M.          Moss                            A T C EngineeringPaulsgrove Industrial C
                                                10/11/2001Managing Director       Unit O Services Ltd
10719              Mr.    P. F.       Shrieve                         A T L Consulting Ltd
                                                           Managing Director
   22              Ms                                                 A T M Parts Co. 4A-5, Fleet Business Par
                          Christine R.Thornton 21/09/2001Company Secretary Units Ltd
 1690              Mr.    M.                               M          A V E Systems Ltd
                                      Eveleigh 17/01/2002a anaging Director
 1411   Mr C LucasMr.     C. A.       Lucas                           AVM         Unit 3
                                                02/04/2004Managing DirectorAir Spring Ltd
 1691              Mr.    B. E.       Tickle               M          AWE
                                                16/01/2002A anaging Director Europe Ltd
 6177              Ms
        Sarah Warren      S           Warren    02/04/2004Director                Unit 26
                                                                      A W Solutions Ltd Portsmouth Ent Ctre
 1412   Mr M BoothMr      M.          Booth                           A. F. L.    Newcombe Drive
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Focas Ltd
 1261              Mr
        Mr G Roberts      G.          Roberts                         A. Roberts (Tools) 40 Kimpton Road
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Unit 5, Ltd
 4062              Ms
        Ms E J Twomey                                                 A.1. Fasteners Ltd
                          Elizabeth J.Twomey 02/04/2004Company Secretary Brokenford Lane
  977              Mr     I           Knight                          A.A. Knight 87 Durlston Road
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director       (Builders) Ltd
  367              Mr.    P. S.       Hall                            A.A. Smith Ltd
                                                02/10/2001Managing Director
    9              Mr.    Tony        Milner    07/12/2001                        Unit 4 Mackley
                                                                      A.E. Adams (Henfield) Ltd Industrial Esta
  452              Mr     James       Holley                          A.E. Felgate Ltd
                                                01/11/2001Company Secretary 39 Boulton Road
  956              Mr     Michael R. James                            A.E. Hadley Ltd
                                                06/11/2001Company Secretary Limberline Spur
  775              Mr     N.          Roberts                         A.E. Hughes & Sons (Contracts) Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director       Plough Industrial Estate
  979              Mr     A. A.       Jennings                        A.E. Jennings Ltd Connaught Business Ce
                                                           Managing Director      Unit C2,
 1692              Ms                 H
                          Margaret C. urt                             A.F. Litho Grenaby Works
                                                10/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
 1413              Mr.    J. R.       Dodd                            A.H. Dodd & Co. (Engineers) Ltd
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director
  980   Mr P JonesMr      P.          Jones                           A.H. JamesThe Old Forge
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director        Ltd
 4016              Mr.
        Mr G A Moody      G. A.       Moody                           A.H. MoodySwanwick Marina
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director        & Son Ltd
 1693              Mrs.   P. A.       Oliver               M          A.H.C.
                                                17/01/2002a anaging Director (Camberley) Ltd
 1414              Mr     P. M.       Dennis                          A.J. Dennis5a Sons (Weymouth) Ltd
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director        & Clifton Place

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  140               Mr         T.            Vickers                       A.J. Thermosensors Ltd
                                                     25/02/2002Managing Director       Unit 1
  638               Mr.        A             Smith                         A.J. Walter Viscount House
                                                     18/02/2002Logistics Director       (Aviation) Ltd
  453               Miss       R. J.         Mason                         A.J.E. Gearing Co. Ltd
                                                     01/11/2001Company Secretary Hambridge Road
  454               Mrs.       S.            Chester                       A.L.P. Electrical (Maidenhead)
                                                     01/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 2 Grove Park Ltd
  770               Mr.        G. R.         Stanley                       A.P. Engineering (Portsmouth) Ltd
                                                     05/11/2001Managing Director
 1262               Mrs.       A.            Rosner                        A.P. Rosner & Co. Ltd
                                                                Managing Director      Unit 3
  455               Mr.        R. D.         Pearce                        A.P. Screen Printers Ltd Business Park
                                                     01/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 33 Suttons
  456               Ms         Patricia A.   Ellis                         A.R. Ellis T
                                                     01/11/2001Company Secretary Ltdhe Green
   23               Mr.        S. J.         Wells                         A.R.T.S. The Rye
                                                     23/08/2001Managing Director Grommets Ltd
  157               Ms         May L.                25/02/2002Company Secretary 34 Goring Road
                                             Gill-Taylor                   A.S. Cardus Ltd
 1694               Mr.        S.            Bowden             F          A.W.        Champion
                                                     17/01/2002a inancial DirectorChampion Ltd House
 3904   Mr L GilbertMr.        L.            Gilbert                       A.W. Jeffreys (Southampton) Ltd
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director
 1695               Mr.        N. A.         Battye             M          A.W.W.
                                                     16/01/2002A anaging Director (UK) Dairy House
10669               Mr         A             Aleem                         A1 Car Hire398c East Park Road
10783               Mr         M.            Tice                          A1 Fasteners Ltd
                                                                Managing Director      Brokenford Lane
10784               Mr         N.            Johnson                       A1 Group Norton Farm
                                                                Managing Director (LapKO Ltd)
    1               Mr         P. N.         Yeates                        A1 Packagings Ltd Cobham Way
                                                     07/12/2001Managing Director       Units 2-3,
    2               Ms         Hilda A.              04/02/2002Company Secretary Television House, Tanners Cour
                                             Fallowfield                   A-109 Co.Ltd
 1415               Mr.        J. J.         Davis                         Aadver      Unit 15 Ltd
                                                     12/12/2001Managing Director TechnologySomerford Business Par
 7510               Mr         PD            Lord    30/01/2002Director                Gas Ferry Road
                                                                           Aardman Animations Ltd
  457               Mr         P.            Donbey                        Abacus      Highfield Farm
                                                     01/11/2001Managing Director Computing Ltd
  126               Mr.        J.            Hogg                          Abacus      Unit 10 Omega Park
                                                     21/08/2001Managing Director Valves Manufacturing Ltd
 1416               Mr         S.            Addicott                      Abakon
                                                     12/12/2001Managing Director Ltd13 Springfield Crescent
    3               Mr.        P.            Arnold                        ABB August Ltd
                                                     07/12/2001Financial Director
 3908   Mr D Lamb Mr.          D.            Lamb                          ABB Steward Ltd
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director
 9811                                                12/12/2001                        Tennyson Road
                                                                           Abbey Acoustics Systems
 3958   Mr C E LineMr.         C. E.     Line                              Abbey       Burns House
                                                     02/04/2004Managing DirectorAir Systems Ltd
 1696               Mr                   Fry
                               Jonathan P. H.                   C          Abbey Craftsmen Ltd
                                                     16/01/2002A ompany Secretary 56 High Street
 2389   Mr I Davies                                  02/04/2004                          Property Management
                                                                           Abbey Gate12-13 High Street
  735               Mrs.       G. E.     Knight                            Abbey Heat Transfer Ltd
                                                     08/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 6, Parham Drive
 9949   Mr B.J.L.Gowan                                                     Abbey       1 Paper Mews
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Directorinformation Systems Limited
 1697               Mr.        K.        Berry                  M          Abbey
                                                     16/01/2002A anaging DirectorSurgical (Surrey) Ltd
 1417   Mr A Paul Mr.          A. S.     Paul                              Abbot Brown & Sons Works
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director       Barnfleet Ltd
10392   Mr T Hill Mr           T.        Hill                              Abbott-Hill Ltd Street
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director       High
 1418               Mr         N         Palmer      12/12/2001Director                Unit 3, 145 Sterte Road
                                                                           Abco Electrical Distributors Ltd
10789               Mr.        J. A. D.  Coggins                           Aben Casting Ltd (a division of Brooks C
                                                                Managing Director
10116   J A Coggins                                                        Aben Castings Ltd
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director       Northway
  737               Mr         Killian                                     Aberna
                                         McGarry 08/11/2001Company Secretary 1 Murrell Green Business Park
  458               Mr         J.                                          Abex
                                         Brunskill 01/11/2001Financial DirectorLtd Abex Road
 1419               Mr.        P.                                          Ability     17 Ltd
                                         Sunderland12/12/2001Managing DirectorDesignsBumpers Enterprise Centre
 8717   A F Jory                                                           Ablative
                                                     02/04/2004Managing Director LtdLittle Mead, Kenn Village
  738               Mr.        N.        Hoskins                           Ably Shelters Ltd
                                                     08/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 1
10113   Financial Controller                         02/04/2004            ABN Ltd Barron Hill Barns
    5               Ms         Susan R. Higgs                              About Face Solutions Ltd
                                                     04/02/2002Company Secretary 1st Floor 244
10264   Mr JN Abram                                  02/04/2004                        Oakfield
                                                                           Abram Hawkes PLCHouse
10041   Mr M Williams                                02/04/2004                        Station
                                                                           ABS Pumps Ltd Road
 5857   Mr Colin Murray                              02/04/2004                        14 Murrills Estate
                                                                           Absolute Calibration Ltd
    4               Mr.        A.        Taylor                            Absolute
                                                     07/12/2001Managing Director Vacuum Services
10793               Mr.        K. P.     Kauferstein                       ABUS        Unit 1 Business
                                                                Managing DirectorCrane Systems Ltd Village
  777               Mrs.       K.        Slater                            Abwood
                                                     18/02/2002Company Secretary Machine Tools Ltd
    4               Mr.        M.        Wallis                            Acal Electronics Ltd Industrial Park
                                                     28/08/2001Financial Director      Redfields
    5               Mr         N.        Butcher                           Access      Unit 18
                                                     07/12/2001Managing Director Control Automation Ltd

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    5              Mr     B.        Culley                          Access      62 Ocean Close
                                               28/08/2001Managing Director Controls (U.K.) Ltd
  539   C Toomer                               02/04/2004           Access Eng  Unit 3J Normandy Way
  740              Ms     Cheryl P. Clark                           Access Instrumentation
                                               08/11/2001Company Secretary The Centre Ltd
  459              Mr.    R. R. G. Wylie                            Access      Unit 18 Ltd
                                               01/11/2001Managing Director Keyboards Suttons Business Park
 1420              Mr.    B          Green                          Accord      Unit 24
                                               12/12/2001Transport ManagerOffice Supplies Ltd
  741              Mr
        Mr J Walford      J.         Walford                        Accura      Unit 14/15 Stratfield Park
                                               02/04/2004Managing Director Machining Services (Hampshire) Lt
 1421              Mr.    G.         Martin                         Accurate
                                               12/12/2001Managing Director Controls Ltd
 1698              Mr     Howard J. Wright                C         Accutec     Unit C3,
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Designs LtdHays Bridge Business
  460              Mr.    L.         Hughes                         Ace (Ascot)Bridge Works
                                               01/11/2001Financial Director      Ltd
11939   Mr R Sperrings                         20/04/2004                       Rose Green Road
                                                                    Ace (Par Stor) Systems Ltd
 1422              Mr.    I.         Gay                            Ace Fibreglass Mouldings
                                               12/12/2001Managing Director
 1699              Mr.    R.         Call                 M         Ace Injection MouldingGeorge's Industria
                                               16/01/2002A anaging Director     Unit 16 St. Ltd
 1700              Mr     K.                              M         Ace Sheet Metal2Works Ltd Trading Estat
                                     Buckman 16/01/2002A anaging Director       Unit Fordwater
    6              Mr     G. S.      Norris                         Acecutter
                                               07/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
  461              Mr.    P. F.      Sherriff                       Acedes
                                               01/11/2001Managing Director Gear Tools Ltd
  462              Mr.    S.                                        Acheson Sun Life House
                                     Conway 01/11/2001Company Secretary Industries (Europe) Ltd
 1701              Mr.    M.         Barrett              M         AchieveGlobal
                                               16/01/2002A anaging Director     Spencer House
10449              Mr     A          Catling              Director  ACMA
    6              Mr.    N. S.                28/08/2001Managing DirectorEngineering
                                     Van Der Lugt                   Acorn
10026   Mrs M E Miller                         02/04/2004                       Unit W4
                                                                    Acorn Fastners Ltd Lambs Business Park
  463              Mr     Darrell    Evans                          Acorn Feed Products Ltd
                                               01/11/2001Company Secretary The Old Chapel
 1702              Mr     Graham T. Cooper                C         Acornstyle 170a
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Ltd Godstone Road
 1703              Mr.    J.         Russell              M         Acoustic
                                               16/01/2002A anaging Director Engineering Services (UK) Ltd
  464              Mr     Alec                                      Action Conference Market House
                                     Hall-Shaw 01/11/2001Company Secretary Suite 9, Team Ltd
  742              Mr.    R.                                        Action
                                     Marshall 08/11/2001Managing DirectorHose Couplings (a business unit o
 1704              Ms     Jean B.                                   Activ-Air Belmont Ltd
                                     Davison 10/01/2002Company Secretary AutomationHouse
    7              Mr.    C.         Sewell                         Active      Unit 4
                                               07/12/2001Managing DirectorGroup Ltd Ham Bridge Trading Esta
    8              Mr     C. J.      Sewell                         Active      Unit 2, Swan Court
                                               07/12/2001Managing DirectorInstrumentation Ltd
 1423              Mr.    M.         Young                          Active      Suite 8 Movements Ltd
                                               12/12/2001Managing DirectorInternationalConsort House
  743              Mr     Kerry L.   Eastoe                         Actual Power Ltd
                                               08/11/2001Company Secretary B P C House, Romsey Industrial
10161   Mr J F Sayers                                               Acu Rite Unit
                                               02/04/2004General Manager GB LtdD Kendal House
 1705              Mr.    G. D.      Adams                C         Adams &
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Adams Ltd
 1706              Mr.    J.         Hann                           Adams
                                               10/01/2002Managing Director & Hann Ltd
 1707              Mr                Adams
                          Sandra D. P.                    C         Adams Bristow Old
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary The Ltd Mill
 1708              Mr     M. J.      Grundy               C         Adams Metals Ltd
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Norwich House
  465              Mrs.   G.         Wine                           Adaptatruck (a division of Adarfram Ltd)
                                               01/11/2001Company Secretary
   10              Mr.    C. S.      Jenkins                        Adaptive Crabtree Co. Ltd
                                               07/12/2001Managing Director Computing Farm Estate
 1424              M
        Mr R Powell r     R.         Powell                         Adaptive D
                                               02/04/2004Managing Director Ltd ean Park House
  466              Mr     John J.                                   Adax Europe Ltd
                                     Maguire 01/11/2001Company Secretary 1 South View Park
 1425              Mr.    M.         Roche                          Adbruf
                                               12/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
 1709              Mr.    R. T.      Lamb                           Adcola      97-99 Gloucester Road
                                               10/01/2002Managing Director Products Ltd
  744              Mr     David J. Burden                           Additive    Unit 4, Ltd
                                               08/11/2001Company Secretary Polymers Victory Trading Estate
 1710              Ms                Boxall
                          Catherine M.                    C         Addlestone Electronics
                                               16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Springfields Ltd
 4516              Mr
        Mr Handyside                                                Addspace Wootton Road
                                     Handyside 02/04/2004Finance Director
  745              Mr.    L.         Smith                          Adelco      Highview
                                               08/11/2001Managing Director Screen Process Ltd
10265   Mr SB Holroyd                                               Adelphi     Olympus
                                               02/04/2004Managing Director Tubes Ltd House
  746              Mr     K.         Lock                           Adept Precision Sheetmetal Ltd
                                               08/11/2001Managing Director
 1711              Mr.    C. J.                                     Adibis
                                     Humphris 10/01/2002Managing Director
 7512              Mr     PR                                        Administration Systems Ltd.
                                     Houston 30/01/2002Financial Director       Bridge House
  541   P J Davies                             02/04/2004                       Talisman
                                                                    Admiral Tapes Ltd Business Centre
 9989   Mr E T Poulton                                              Adnet Ltd
                                               02/04/2004Company Secretary Westminster House
 1712              Mr.    N.         Doran                M         Adnor
                                               16/01/2002A anaging DirectorLtd

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10487              Mr     T          Thompson                                     Caxton
                                                                      Adr Systems Ltd House
  542              M
        S L Goddard s     SL                                          Adris
                                     Goddard 02/04/2004Financial DirectorLtd Nutsey Lane
10803              Mr.    G.         Pilkington                       Adsum
                                                           Managing Director Technical Mouldings Ltd (Part of H
  748              Mr.    H.         Jones                            ADT Fire & Compass House
                                                05/11/2001Financial Director       Security
10372   Mr P D Fox                                                    Adur Metal Imperial House
                                                02/04/2004General Manager         Works Ltd
  135              Ms     Barbara J. Buckley                          Adur Packaging Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 1, Brook Farm
   11              Mr.    C. J. J.   Austin                           Advance
                                                07/12/2001Managing Director Hivolt (an Advance International
  780              Mr     J.         Knight                           Advance 20/20, Business Park
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Label Printing Services Ltd
10809              Mr     A.         Smith                            Advance AMS Building, Alchorne
                                                           Managing Director Maintenance Services Ltd Place
 1713              Mr     Peter J.   Lott                  C          Advance Unit 2, Ltd (t/a A.O. Lane
                                                16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Services Hamm Moor Smith Wat
 1426              Mr.    D.         Fremlin                          Advanced Battery Care Ltd Care
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director       Advanced Battery
  467              Mr.    D.         Harris                           Advanced Crystal Business Centre
                                                01/11/2001Financial Director      3 The Technology
10639              Mr     A          Patrick                                      1 Cornfield Lane
                                                                      Advanced Ems Systems
   63              Mr.    B. J.      Wilson                           Advanced Engineering Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director       Riverview House
  468              Mr     J.         Neath                            Advanced Logic Research (UK) Ltd
                                                01/11/2001Managing Director       11 Bone Lane
 6182   Alan Smith                                                    Advanced Maintenance Services Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       AMD Building, Alchorne Place
 1714              Mrs.   P. M.      Rann                  M          Advanced Management Training Ltd
                                                16/01/2002A anaging Director      Pineview House
   64              Mr.    J. I.      Young                            Advanced Medical Supplies Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director
 1715              Mr.    D.         Brand                            Advanced MicroD House (UK) Ltd
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director       A M Devices
10375   Mr G Hayman                             02/04/2004                        20 Ham Ltd
                                                                      Advanced PolymersBridge Trading Estate
  749              Mr.    S.                                          Advanced Power Conversion Ltd
                                     Martensson05/11/2001Financial Director       Unit B5 Armstrong Mall
10807              Mr.    M.         Davis                            Advanced Power Conversion PLC
                                                           Financial Director     Unit B5 Armstrong Mall
   65              Mr.    M.         Warner                           Advanced Precision Tools Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director       Pepperbox Works
 6183   Chris Faulds                                                              22 The Slipway
                                                02/04/2004Consultant Advanced Resource Managers Ltd
 8991   K A Fulbrook                                                  Advanced Sheet Metal Road
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       6-8 Albany Ltd
  750              Ms     Jill R.    Latham                           Advanced Deacon Trading Ltd
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary Surface Coatings Estate
  469                     Valerie    Witton                           Advanced Unit 4
                                                01/11/2001Company Secretary Technology Machines Ltd
    7   Mr E Lewis Mr     E. J.      Lewis                            Advent      12 High Street
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Electronics Ltd
10296   Mr D Powles                             02/04/2004                        Unit 4 Mackley Ind Estate
                                                                      AE Adams Henfield Ltd
10201   Mr C Edwards                                                  AEL Crystals Ltd D, Aurtech 2
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director       Module
  752               Mr.   A.                                          Aercon      Aercon Buildings
                                     Freemantle05/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Group Ltd
 1716               Mr.   C.                                          Aerocontracts Ltd House
                                     Prentice 10/01/2002Managing Director         Gatwick
 1427               Mr.   D.         Murphy                           Aeroflex
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director Hose & Engineering Ltd
 1428               Mr.   I. C.      Toll                             Aeroform
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
  128               Mr.   A.         Peach                            Aerogen
                                                21/08/2001Managing Director Co. Ltd
    8               Mr    D.         Hooper                           Aeromaritime Uk Ltd
                                                28/08/2001Managing Director
  470               Mr.   I.                                          Aeromech Ltd
                                     Chambers 01/11/2001Financial Director
 1429               Mr.   A.         Blyth                            Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director       Fleets Point
  543   J P Mulhern                             02/04/2004                        1St Floor 114-116
                                                                      Aeropark Developments Ltd Lodge Road
   13               Mr.   B.         Harpur                           Aeropia
                                                23/08/2001Financial Director      Aeropia House
10042   Mr PJ Eldred                            02/04/2004Director                Unit 4d, Gatwick Metro Centre
                                                                      Aerosea Shipping Ltd
    8               Mr.   P.         Tate                             Aerosol
                                                04/02/2002Financial Controller Research & Development Ltd
 9765   Ian McKennan                                                  Aerosole International Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Financial Director      Station Road
 9544               Mr    A                                           Aerosystems International Ltd
                                     Middleton 07/11/2001Contracts Manager        Alvington
 1717               Ms               Jay
                          Jacqueline A.                               Aeslite Ltd
                                                18/01/2002Company Secretary 8 Wilton Road
    9               Mr                A.
                          ChristopherWaight                           AFF Fabrication Services Ltd
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary Abbey Fruit Park, Grange Road
 1718               Mr    H.         Desclos                          Africagraph Ltd
                                                10/01/2002Managing Director
10248   Mr DJ Dalton                            02/04/2004                        Imberhorne Lane
                                                                      Afris Eurogage Ltd
  137               Mr    D. J.      Dalton                           Afriso
                                                25/02/2002Financial Director Eurogauge Ltd
 4248   Mr K Willis                             02/04/2004                        67-69
                                                                      AG Benfield Ltd Castle Way
 2211   Mr AG Nicholls                          02/04/2004                        Unit 1 Hythe
                                                                      AG Precision Engineer Works
 7516               Mr    T          Owen                             A-Gas
                                                30/01/2002Financial Director Ltd Banyard Road

                                           Page 5

 1719             Mr.     A. G.        Jagger                            Agemore
                                                    18/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
  471             Mr.     G. A.        Hamilton                          Agil Ltd
                                                    01/11/2001Managing Director       Hercules 2
  472             Mr.     R. B.        Tait                              Agmet
                                                    01/11/2001Managing Director Ltd (E S L Europe)
 7517             Mr      I            Parsons                           Agresso St
                                                    30/01/2002Financial Director Ltd George's Hall
10202   Mr GB Kallmann                                                   Agriemach Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       Wayfarers
 9970   Mr N Freece                                 02/04/2004Director                Tanhouse Farm, Rusper Road
                                                                         Agritask Construction Ltd
 1720             Mrs.    J. A.        Gillingham                        Agron
                                                    10/01/2002Managing DirectorManufacturing Co. Ltd
  754             Mr.     T.           Barker                            Agtool
                                                    05/11/2001Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
10668             Mr      M            Evans                             AIB Ltd      Thames Bridge House
  757             Ms      Barbara J.   White                             Air & Hydraulic 29E, Services Ltd
                                                    05/11/2001Company Secretary UnitHose Parham Drive
  138             Mr      Garry J.     Anscomb                           Air Conditioning Direct Ltd
                                                    25/02/2002Company Secretary 8 Gorings Mead
10143   Mr SW Sherlock                                                   Air Containers Ltd Road
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       Durban
 9201   E S Forknall                                                     Air Control Industries Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       Silver Street
 1430             Mr      J.        Gomm                                 Air Cool     28-30
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director 2000 Ltd Station Road
 1721             Mr      Grahame J.Bullimore                            Air Design 31 Laird Court
                                                    18/01/2002Company Secretary Specialists Ltd
10564             Miss    E         Kirby                                              Ltd
                                                                         Air Improve4 City Business Centre
 1722             Mr      A.        Boyd                                 Air Pollution Control Ltd
                                                    18/01/2002Managing Director
  129             Mr      M.        Gregory                              Air SalvageThe Barn Basingstoke Road
                                                    21/08/2001Managing Director        International Ltd
 9952             Mr      MJ        Elliott                              Air Systems & Products Limited
                                                    10/01/2002Company Secretary 57 South Street
  473             Mr.     C.        Buck                                 Air Transport Avionics Ltd
                                                    01/11/2001Managing Director
   11   Mr J Sims Mr      J.        Sims                                 Air Vent     Unit 1, Davenport Gate
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director Technology
   15             Mr      Kevin J.  Newell                               Air World Unit 2, The
                                                    23/08/2001Company Secretary International Faraday Centre
   14             Mr      K. W.     Medwell                              Airbrush The Airbrush & Spray Centre
                                                    23/08/2001Managing Director & Spray Centre Ltd
  781             Mr.     S.        Ford                                 Airclean
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director LtdPO Box 147PO Box 147
  474             Mr.     R. L.     Rowles                               AirCo Metals Ltd Business Park
                                                    01/11/2001Managing Director       Falcon
 1723             Mr      C.        Haslett                              Aircom
                                                    10/01/2002Managing Director Education
  139             Ms      Karen J. Hood                                  Aircon Installations Horsham Court
                                                    25/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 25, Ltd
 1431             Mr      T.        Porter                               Aircraft     4 Whitemoor
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director Ground Equipment Supply Ltd
 1724             Mr      P.        Midgeley                             Airedale 2nd Floor Air Conditioning
                                                    18/01/2002Managing Director International 3, Westminster Ct
   10             Mr      L. S.     Huish                                Airflow      Unit 2, Queensway
                                                    28/08/2001Managing Director (Nicoll Ventilators) Ltd
10823             Mr.     C.        Ramsden                              Airheat      West
                                                               Managing Director Wessex Portway Industrial Estate
 1725             Mr.     T.        Rice                                 Airmat       Stanhope
                                                    18/01/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd House
 1433             Mr      W. G.     Craggs                               Air-O-DuctsUnit 10, Ltd
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director         Group Drewitt Industrial Es
 1434             Mr.     G.        Alfrey                               Airofreem Ltd
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director
  475             Mr      Michael   Wong                                 Airport Services Ltd
                                                    01/11/2001Company Secretary 21 Willow Road
  544   G P Smith                                   02/04/2004                        Gaters Mill
                                                                         Airspares Management Ltd
10453                                                                                 35 City Industrail Park
                                                                         Airsys Communications Technology Ltd
 1435              Mr     I. R.        Kirby                             Airwheel
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
10374   Mr T Vickers                                                     AJ ThermosensorsMartletts Way
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       Unit 1, Ltd
 1726              Mr.    C. G.        Claisse                           Ajax Magnethermic Europe Ltd
                                                    18/01/2002Managing Director
 1437              Mr.    R.           High                              Akron        107b Ltd
                                                    18/01/2002Managing DirectorMachinery Bournemouth International
 1727              Mr     M. S.        Clark                             Akzo
                                                    03/01/2002Financial DirectorNobel Chemicals Ltd
 8820   N K Jackson                                                      Alan Cobham Engineering Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Financial Director      Holland Way
 1439              Mr.    A. J.        Courtenay                         Alan Courtenay Ltd
                                                    12/12/2001Managing Director       11-12 Fleetsbridge Business Ce
 1021              Mr.    B.           Griffiths                         Alan Griffiths & Partners
                                                    19/11/2001Company Secretary PO Box 1265Ltd
 1022              Mrs.   J.           Fleming                           Alan Hadley Ltd House
                                                    19/11/2001Managing Director       Fenton
 1728              Mr     Tiffany J.   Evans                             Alarms Controls & Hollands
                                                    18/01/2002Company Secretary 42 The Electronic Systems Ins
 1729              Ms     Joan M.      Rowe                              Alarmtronic Ltd
                                                    10/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 4
 1440              Mr.    B. R.        Curtis                            Alberice
                                                    12/12/2001Financial Director Meters Ltd
 7519              Mr     J            Bardwell                          Albert E James & Son Ltd
                                                    30/01/2002Sales Director          Barrow Mill
  476              Mr.    I.           Quinlan                           Albert       Sefton Park
                                                    01/11/2001Financial Director Fisher Group P.L.C. The
 1316   John Price                                                       A            Lime Tree Way
                                                    02/04/2004H R Director lberto Culver Co UK Ltd

                                               Page 6

 1730               Mr    Matthew L. Crook                           Albion Joinery
                                                10/01/2002Company Secretary Albion Works
 1731               Mr.   L.         Salbage                         Alcatel     Units 2-5
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director Telecom Ltd Frimley Business Par
  545   D Spender                               02/04/2004                       Peel Street
                                                                     Alden Sheetmetal Fabrications Ltd
  477              Mr.    A. C.      Everill                         Alder Precision Engineering Ltd
                                                01/11/2001Managing Director      Unit 6
 1441              Mr     B.         Elliot                          Alderbury Old Road
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director Forge
 1442              Mr     A.         Palmer                          Alderney Thrush Road
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director Plating Ltd
10826              Mr     T.         Douglas                         Aldershot 59 Victoria Road
                                                           Managing Director Business Machines Ltd
  141              Mr     Ashley                                     Aldridge 12 Railway Approach
                                     Aldridge 25/02/2002Company Secretary & Trillwood Ltd
 3948              M
        Mr A Comrie r.    A. R.      Comrie                          Alexander Comrie & Sons Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director      Unit 8
 2546   Mr SA Gorys                             02/04/2004                       Afl House
                                                                     Alexander Francis Ltd
 7206   Keith Sansome                           02/04/2004                       3 The Precinct
                                                                     Alexander Keen Estate Agents
   16              Mr
        Mr R Davison      R. N.                                      Alexir Packaging LtdRoad
                                     Davison 02/04/2004Managing Director         Faraday
  641              Mr.    S.         Hite                            Alfa Laval Flow
                                                04/02/2002Financial Director     Somerset House
 5618   Ms Linda Mather                                              Alfa Laval Limited
                                                02/04/2004Car Fleet AdministratorAlfa House
 1443              Mr.    P.         Verralls                        Alfatronix
                                                12/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
 3609   Mr M Willshire                          02/04/2004                       Unit 7
                                                                     Alform Extrusions Ltd
  981              Mr     N.                                         Alfred      Brook House
                                     Stomley 04/02/2002Managing DirectorMcAlpine Construction Ltd (South
  782              Mr.    M. J.                                      Alfred      Invicta Works
                                     Wellbelove 18/02/2002Managing DirectorReader & Co. Ltd
 1732              Mr.    H.                                         Alice Soundtech34D Hobbs Industrial Esta
                                     Thomas 18/01/2002Managing Director          Unit P.L.C.
10162   Mr R Robinson                           02/04/2004Partner    Alinco Ltd 22 Albert Drive
   17              Mr.    N. R.      Turner                          Alitec Europe
                                                23/08/2001Managing Director
   12   Mr J Horne Mr.    J. R.      Horne                           Aljac Engineering Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director
  758              Ms     Helen S. Tudgay                            All About Unit
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary Signs 19, Ordnance Ct
 8825   S Chatman                               02/04/2004                       29 Ravenscourt
                                                                     All Bright Cleaning Services Road
 9994   Mr M Rattue                             02/04/2004                       6 Stoneleigh
                                                                     All Freon Services Ltd Park Road
  478              Mrs.   L.         Rapley                          All Gear Unit 8 (1990) Ltd
                                                01/11/2001Company Secretary Services Hogwood Farm
 7520              Mr     AM                                         All Mass Cater Systems Ltd
                                     Bigwood 30/01/2002Financial Director CladdingHouse, Cater Road
 2798   Mr Dickson                              02/04/2004                         Nursing Home
                                                                     All Seasons19-21 Victoria Road North
 9267   K C Eagle                               02/04/2004Director               The Dell, 23 Charles Road
                                                                     All Way Surfacing & Construction Ltd
10249   Mr P Hayes                                                   Allan Hayes Engineering 8 D
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director      Units 8C and Ltd
   18              Mr     R. J.                                      Alldales    Little Cross, Church Street
                                     Edwards 23/08/2001Managing Director Drive Systems Ltd
 8728   G L Brown                                                    Alldays     Winterstoke Road
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Peacock & Co Ltd
 1733              Mr.    F.                                         Allegro Microsystems Europe Ltd
                                     Windover 18/01/2002Company Secretary Balfour House
   11   Ms V Allen Ms     Violet I.  Allen                           Allen Bros Albert Road Junction
                                                02/04/2004Company Secretary (Southsea) Ltd
 1734              Mr     R.         Topp                            Allen ConcreteWillow Lane
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director      38
 1735              Mr.    J.         Salmon                          Allen Fencing Ltd
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director
 9692   Mr Collins                                                   Allied      Unit 2 19
                                                02/04/2004Fleet Manager (Tooling) Ltd Willis Way
  433              Ms     June M.    Parker                          Allied Business Consultants (GB)
                                                17/01/2002Company Secretary 7 West Downs Close Ltd
 1736              Mr.    J. V.      Styan                           Allmat      Kenley Treatment Works
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director(East Surrey) Ltd
  577   Ms A M Barnes                                                Allos Enterprises Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Company Secretary Gravel Lane
10830              Mr     J.         Price                           Allpoint    Witch Lane
                                                           Managing Director Packaging Ltd Industrial Estate
 4067              Mr
        Mr D Harnett      K          Taylor                          Allport Packaging Ltd
                                                02/04/2004Administration Manager Chase Road
 1737              Mr     W.         Tyler                           All-Signs Sandycombe Road
                                                18/01/2002Managing Director Group
10832              Mr.    R.         Slade                           Allslade    Makingsteel Works
                                                           Managing Director P.L.C.
   13              Mr                Allsopp
                          Gerald A. R.                               Allsopp Helikites Silent Bird
                                                28/08/2001Company Secretary Southend Farm Control
   14              Mr                                                Allspeed Units Graphics Ltd
                          Michael D. Foreman 28/08/2001Company Secretary Signs & 4 & 5, Palmerston Busine
 1444              Mr     D.         Petch                           Alltype     Howgare
                                                14/12/2001Managing Director Fencing Ltd Road
 1445              Ms     Brenda M. Humm                             Allways     470 Chickerell Road
                                                14/12/2001Company SecretaryRemovals Ltd
  546   M D Taylor                              02/04/2004                       Duncan
                                                                     Almar Eng Co Ltd Road
 1738              Mr     Meena                                      Alpha Business Support Ltd
                                     Shasore 18/01/2002Company Secretary Cavendish House
 1446              Mr     K.         Wood                            Alpha Dot Ltd 6
                                                14/12/2001Managing Director      Unit
  760              Ms                                                Alpha Glass Fibres Ltd
                          Heather B. Thorsby 05/11/2001Company Secretary Fitzherbert Road

                                           Page 7

10117   C Riley                                                                    Unit
                                                 02/04/2004Proprietor Alpha Glazing 9 Colebrook Way
  761               Mrs    A          Giles                           Alpha Laboratories Ltd
                                                 05/11/2001Company Secretary
10838               Mr     C.         Papakyriacou                    Alpha MicroSpringfield House
                                                            Managing Director       Components Ltd
10250   Mr B Rossiter                            02/04/2004                        The
                                                                      Alpha Office LtdBirches Ind Estate
  479               Mr     Stephen West                               Alpha Omega Ltd
                                                 01/11/2001Company Secretary Belmont Farm, Studd Green
 1447               Mr.    K.         Putman                          Alpha Precision Engineering (Poole) Ltd
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director       Units 7-8 Alpha Centre
 1448               Mr.    M.         Stubbs                          Alpha Supplies
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director       Honeystreet Mill
 1739               Mr                Bharwani 10/01/2002Company Secretary 55 Nutfield Road
                           Mohamedali N.                              Alphachem Ltd
10837               Mr     P.         Canning                         Alpha-Meric
                                                            Managing Director      Caxton Close
10393               Mr     M.                                         Alphameric Bishopsgate House
                                      McClaren 21/08/2001Managing Director         P.L.C.
 1740               Ms     Claire L. Minikin                          Alphameric Solutions
                                                 18/01/2002Company Secretary Bishopgate House
 1449               Mr.    J.                                         Alpunch Unit Ltd
                                      Townsend 14/12/2001Managing Director Tooling6 Station Industrial Esta
  480               Mr.    G.                                         Alrad        Alder Ltd
                                      Alderton 01/11/2001Financial DirectorInstrumentsHouse
10839               Mr     C.         Larkin                          Alresford Unit 2
                                                            Managing Director Ceramics
 1450               Mr.    A.         Cake                            Alsonic
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
  547   J B Tarrant                              02/04/2004                        10-12 Botley Road
                                                                      Altodigital South Ltd
  130               Mr     R.         Smith                           Alton Bolt     Wilsom Road
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director &2Tool Co Ltd
  131               Mr     L.         Smith                           Alton MotorUnits 1-4
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director        Factors
   12               Mr     K. M.      Rajgor                          Alton Tool & Fasteners Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director       Unit E6, West Ham Industrial E
 8826   Mr Docking                               02/04/2004           Altonjet LtdWallisdown Road
 1741               Mr.    B.                                         Aluminium Inductors Ltd
                                      Martindale 10/01/2002Managing Director
  762               Mr.    M. J.                                      Alusett
                                      Etherington05/11/2001Managing Director Ltd Units F & G Wykeham Industrial
10842               Mrs.   C.         Harris                          Alverstoke
                                                            Company Secretary Precision Tools Ltd
 1742               Mr.    G.                                         Amag         Wyvern House
                                      Romagna 10/01/2002Managing DirectorUK Ltd (Aluminium Ranshofen Walzwer
10843               Mr     A. D.      Parnum                          Amba         Park House
                                                            Managing DirectorDockside Technology Ltd
 7521               Mr     EH         Baldwin                         Amba         Unit 5
                                                 30/01/2002Managing DirectorMedical LtdBonville
   13               Mr     Philip     Bullen                          Ambassador Interior Systems Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Dummer Down Farm
 9817                                            11/04/2001                        Empress Road
                                                                      Amber Doors Ltd
  784                Ms    Maureen Colyer                             Amber Langis Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Company Secretary Dene Yard
 1743                Mr                                               Amberhurst Ltd
                           Joseph R. McDonnell 18/01/2002Company Secretary Charter House
 5858   Mr John Bradley                          02/04/2004                        26 Palmerston Drive
                                                                      Amberlea Logistics
  436                Mr.   F. C. S.                                   Amberley 185-187
                                      Andrews 17/01/2002Managing Director Stores LtdCopnor Road
 9108   A K Bunn                                                      Ambersil W
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Ltd yld Road
10336   Mrs FL Smith                                                  Ambex
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Ltd The Old Lifeboat House
  481                Mr                                               Ambitron Unit 4
                           Gregory M.Leadbitter 01/11/2001Company Secretary Components Ltd
 1744                Mr    R.         Fraser                          Amec DevelopmentsTower
                                                 18/01/2002Managing Director       Tolworth Ltd
   20                Mr    P.         English                         Amega        Units
                                                 23/08/2001Managing Director Graphics 13-14, Rayleigh Court
   15                Mr.   P. F.      Hall                            Amega        ACAL
                                                 28/08/2001Managing Director Group Ltd House
 1451                Mr.   C.         Cuff                            Amenco
                                                 14/12/2001Financial Director (Poole) Ltd
 1745                Mr    J.                                         American St. Georges Business Centre
                                      Coombes 18/01/2002Managing Director Software (U K) Ltd
 1305   Chris Phillips                                                Amerind Bilsten
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Controller Limited House
 1452                Mr    S. R.      Hart                            Amesbury Transport Ltd
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director
 1746                Mr                                               Ametco       76 Elm Road
                           Gregory J. Grzesiczek 18/01/2002Company Secretary(Valves) Ltd
  765                Mr.   R.         Beard                           Amey Plastics Ltd Amey Industrial Estate
                                                 05/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 6
 1453                Mr.   A.         Smith                           Amfax
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director Ltd Unit 3
 1747                Mr    Michael B. Friedler                        Amipak
                                                 10/01/2002Company SecretaryLtd16-18 Factory Lane
   22                Mr.   R.         Sisman                          Amorim       Amorim House
                                                 23/08/2001Financial Director Industrial Solutions
 6195   Gary Metherell                           02/04/2004Director                157-161 Kingston
                                                                      AMP Electrical Supplies Ltd Road
   67                Mr    A.         Parrish                         Ampex Great Britain Ltd
                                                 21/082001 Company Secretary Ampex House
  766                Mr    C.         Matti                           Amphenol (t/a Spectra-Strip)
                                                 05/11/2001Managing Director       21-23 Romsey Industrial Estate
 1748                Mr    R.         Cox                             Amsys
                                                 18/01/2002Managing Director P.L.C.Byron House
 9545   A E Mansfield                                                 Amtec & Co Sec Road
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Precision Ltd

                                            Page 8

 9819                                              30/07/2001                         Oakley Road
                                                                         Amtred Limited
 1749               Mr.    N.          Rabin                             Analog
                                                   18/01/2002Managing Director Devices Ltd
 2800   Mr A Osman                                 02/04/2004                         Nevil
                                                                         ANC Portsmouth Shute Road
 1750               Ms               B
                           Margaret R. urrows                            Anchor Press Ltd
                                                              Company Secretary 60-62 Red Lion Road
  785               Mr.    A.        Gupta                               Anco Software Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director        Unit 7 Millside Industrial Est
 1751               Mr.    C.        Cutcliffe                           Anderman
                                                   09/01/2002Company Secretary & Co. Ltd
   14               Mr.    P. R.     Anders                              Anders
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director Elite Ltd
  132               Mr.    C.        Anderson                            Andersons Powells Farm Barn
                                                   21/08/2001Managing Director
10118   A R Collister                                                    Andolite
                                                   02/04/2004Managing Director LtdUnit 21 Northside
10119   A J Clark                                                        Andover West Portway
                                                   02/04/2004Managing Director Glass Works Ltd Ind Estate
  482               Mr     Gerard     Marcy                              Andover Unit Products
                                                   01/11/2001Company Secretary Natural7b, Apollo House
 3953   Mr D BennettMr     David A. Bennett                              Andover Speedwell House
                                                   02/04/2004Company Secretary Norton International Ltd
   16               Ms     Anita E.   Campbell                           Andover Unit
                                                   28/08/2001Company Secretary Rubber1Stamp Service Ltd
   17               Mr                C.
                           Leonard A. Fuller                             Andover Unit 75, Columbus Way
                                                   28/08/2001Company Secretary Trailers Ltd
 1263               Mr     P.         Baker                              Andreas Stihl House
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director Stihl Ltd
 1752               Mr     David J. W.Gordon                             Andress 91-93 Waddon
                                                   10/01/2002Company Secretary Printing Co. Ltd New Road
 7338   A Page                                                           Andrew       90b Walcot Street
                                                   02/04/2004Managing Director Page Entertainments Ltd
 1753               Ms                Tucker
                           Catherine A.                                  Andrew       58 Portsmouth Road
                                                   09/01/2002Company SecretaryTucker Ltd
 7522               Mr     NK         Wright                             Andrews The Agents Ltd
                                                   30/01/2002Financial Director Estate Clockhouse, Bath Hill
 1754               Mr     John       Andrews                            Andrews Hindhead Ltd
                                                   09/01/2002Company Secretary of The Garden Machine Centre
 9820                                              30/07/2001            Andyplast Manor Farm Road
 9821                                              30/07/2001                         Canterbury Avenue
                                                                         Angelo's Carpets
 2181   Mr D Mayling                               02/04/2004                         Shuttleworth Road
                                                                         Anglian Fastners Ltd
 3619   Mr Bob Matthews                            02/04/2004                         Bldg 602, Orange
                                                                         Anglo American Airmotive LtdZone
10685               Mr     N          Jordan                             Anglo American PLC
 7523               Mr     MO         Simmonds                           Anix Group Challenge House
                                                   30/01/2002Financial Director       Ltd
   15               Mr.    G.         Bartlett                           Anna Valley Electronics Ltd
                                                   04/02/2002Company Secretary
 7524               Mr     DA         Hooper                             Annex        Unit 1 Lawerence Drive
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director(Interconnect)
  767               Mr     D.         Gates                              Annicom Unit 21, Highview
                                                   05/11/2001Managing Director
10394               Mr     D. M.      Miles                              Ansa It
                                                   21/08/2001Managing Director        16 Enterprise Unit
  768               Ms     Margaret A.Porter                             Antalis Ltd
                                                   05/11/2001Company Secretary Crow Arch Lane Industrial Esta
 9010   A Willliams                                02/04/2004Director                 25
                                                                         Antel (UK) Ltd Woolsbridge Industrial Park
 9526   A Barker                                                         Anthony Barker (Packaging) Ltd
                                                   02/04/2004Chairman & Managing Abpac House, Wessex Way
 1454               Mr.    A.          Best                              Anthony
                                                   14/12/2001Managing Director Best Dynamics Ltd
 3625   Mr Malcolm Seal                            02/04/2004Director                 Laurel House
                                                                         Anthony Ward Partnership
 7525               Mr     Brian       Russell     30/01/2002                         Unit 8-9 Commercial, Days Rd
                                                                         Anti-Friction Componants Ltd
 1755               Ms     Christine   Taylorson                         Antique      Hunterswood Farm
                                                   09/01/2002Company SecretaryBuildings Ltd
 1455               Mrs.   J. E.       Reed                              Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co. Ltd
                                                   14/12/2001Financial Director       Unit 3
 3967   Mr D Jerram Mr     David P.    Jerram                            Antruck
                                                   02/04/2004Company SecretaryLtd16 Park Road
 9953   Mr P.J.Frewer                              02/04/2004Director                 Jayes Park Courtyard
                                                                         Anvil Innovations Limited
 1756               Mr.    P. R.       Smith                             Anville      Laser House
                                                   09/01/2002Managing Director Instruments
 6197   Graham Fox                                                       Anycircuits Unit 2E Portchester Park
                                                   02/04/2004Managing Director        Ltd
  769               Mr                Hall
                           Charles E. A.                                 Anytronics Units
                                                   05/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd 5 & 6, Hillside Industri
 7526               Mr     MI         Bishop                             Apak         Apac
                                                   30/01/2002Financial DirectorSystems House, Badmington Court
 3921   Mr A Rose Mr.      A.         Rose                               APAS         Unit 4 Shamrock Quay
                                                   02/04/2004Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
 7527               Mr     RL         Maggs                              Apec Ltd Armstrong Way
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director
 1456               Mr.    E.         Hill                               Apek Design & Developments Ltd
                                                   14/12/2001Managing Director        Ferndown Industrial Estate
 8422   P A Whyatt                                                       Apex
                                                   02/04/2004Managing Director        300 Hotwell Road
 9822                                              30/07/2001                         Park Road
                                                                         Apex Ashhalt & Paving Co Ltd
  483              Mr.     D. G.       Sherwin                           Apex Fasteners Ltd
                                                   01/11/2001Managing Director
 1757              Mr      Peter E.    Alderson                          Apollo Colour Repro Ltd
                                                   09/01/2002Company Secretary Alexander House
10695              Mr.     S. J.       Skinner                           Apollo
                                                              Financial Director Fire Detectors Ltd

                                               Page 9

 9795   Mr Steven Skinner                                             Apollo       36 Brookside Road
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Fire Detectors Ltds
  484               Mr      W.        Pieri                           Apparatus & Instrument Co. Ltd (t/a AICO
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director       AICO House
   17               Mrs.    J.        Appleton                        Appleton 5a Herald Indust Est
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Signs
  772               Ms      Suzanne   Marlow                          Applied      Festing Buildings
                                                 05/11/2001Company SecretaryHydro Mechanics Ltd
 2170   Mr I Redman                              02/04/2004                        Foundary
                                                                      Applied Materials Ltd Lane
  485               Mr.     P. A.      Lewis                          Applied      3 Mercury House
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director Measurements Ltd
 1758               Mr      D.                                        Applied
                                       Gregson 10/01/2002Managing Director Photophysics Ltd
  486               Mr.     K.         Travell                        Applied
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director Rubber Linings Ltd
 1458               Mr.     S. D.      Hyne                           Applied      Unit Trolley Ltd
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director Truck & 32
  487               Mr.     G.         Francis                        Applied      Unit 5
                                                 01/11/2001Financial Director Weighing Southview Park
  773               Mr.     M.         Lewis                          Apricorn Unit 4 Ltd
                                                 05/11/2001Managing Director Systems & 5
  143               Mr.     S.         Davies                         APV Systems
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director
 1759               Mr.     R. A.                09/01/2002Managing Director
                                       Stempfer SEng                  Aqua Blue Designs
 1459               Mr      J. D.      Bell                           Aqua Hydraulics Road
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director       Watt Ltd
 1760               Ms      Mildred    Porter                         Aquabuild Walkers Garden Leisure
                                                 09/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
 1761               Ms      Julia                                     Aquafan 47 Down Street
                                       Justesen 09/01/2002Company Secretary Cooling Towers Ltd
 1460               Mr.     M. J.                                     Aquaflex
                                       Crossman 14/12/2001Managing Director Ltd
 1762               Mr      B. P.                                     Aquair       Menin Works
                                       Chappell 09/01/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd
 1763               Mr      I.         Owen                           Aquajoy 4 Dudley Dr
                                                 09/01/2002Managing Director
  774               Ms      Susan E. Stadie                           Aqualibrium Limited
                                                 05/11/2001Company Secretary 2A Highfield Road
  775               Mr.     I.         Steele                         Aqua-Marine Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
                                                 05/11/2001Managing Director
 3286   Mr J Hamilton                            02/04/2004                        20 Ltd
                                                                      Aqua-NouveauBasingstoke Enterprise Cent
  488               Mr.     R. M.      Goodall                        Aquatech
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director (U K) Ltd
 1764               Ms      Ruby M. Clearey                           Aquatreat Stanley House
                                                 09/01/2002Company Secretary Chemicals Ltd
 1765               Ms                                                Aquazoo
                            Paulette Verrinder 10/01/2002Company Secretary 1058 Whitgift Centre
 1766               Mr.     J.         Devlin                         Aramark Unit
                                                 09/01/2002Managing Director P.L.C. 19d Barwell Business Park
  489               Mr      B.         Duncan                         Arben
                                                 01/11/2001Managing DirectorSheet Metal Ltd
 7528               Ms      J                                         Arc          Wesley Hall
                                       Beecham 30/01/2002Administrator Micrographics Ltd
  490               Mr.     B.         Rae                            ARC Property Group Ltd
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director
 1461               Mr.     D. B.                                     Arcall P.L.C.
                                       Woollard 14/12/2001Managing Director
  776               Mr.
        Mr M C McGrath      M. C.                                     Archfact Unit 10 Pipers Wood Ind Estate
                                       McGrath 02/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
  144               Mr      Nicola D. Stern                           Architectural Contract Services
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Stable Cottage Industries
  578   C P Houghton                                                  Architecture PThomas Street
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director      St L B Ltd
10218   D S Caniford                                                  Archive      Unit 9-12 Farriday Park
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Systems Marketing Ltd
 7529   S Martin                                 02/04/2004Director                 Ltd
                                                                      Arco M T MP O Box 6, Second Way
  491               Mr      Clive D.                                  Arcus Data Security Ltd
                                       Drysdale 01/11/2001Company Secretary 102 Buckingham Avenue
 4009   Mr P D LeechMr.     P. D.      Leech                          Arena        Unit 2 Flanders Industrial Par
                                                 02/04/2004Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
  492               Mr.     A.         Brown                          Arete Software Ltd
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director       7 Milbanke Court
10624               Mr      P          Burns                          Argolin Ltd Longmoor Road
 4052   Mr P FarrellMr.     P.         Farrell                        Argonaut Unit 13
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Powder Coating Ltd
   18               Mr      L.         Lane                           Argosy       44 Services
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Coffee Rownhams Lane
 1767               Mr.     T.         Neve                           ARi Industries (UK)Park
                                                 09/01/2002Managing Director       Albany Ltd
 4057   Mr R Doe Mr.        R.         Doe                            Ariana       Unit 13 Westwood Court
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Developments Ltd
  493               Mr      Paul       Roach                          Arizona      Microchip House, 505
                                                 01/11/2001Company SecretaryMicrochip Technology LtdEskdale R
 1462               Mr.     M. J.                                     Arjo UK
                                       Whitehead 14/12/2001Managing Director Merchants
10704               Mr.     A.         Dungate                        Arjo Wiggins Appleton Holdings Ltd
                                                            Company Secretary Gateway House
  494               Mr                                                Ark Forwarding 13,
                            Maxwell J. Hickson 01/11/2001Company Secretary Unit Ltd Britannia Industrial
10560               Mr      M          Easter               Director               Hallam
                                                                      Arkay Precision LtdWay
  495               Mr.     M.         Lawson                         Arlen E
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director F A
 7340   H Morris                                 02/04/2004Director                Kings
                                                                      Armadillo UK Ltd Court
  496               Mr.     A.                                        Armagard Ltd
                                       Johnston 01/11/2001Managing Director
  600   S F Farrow                                                    Armfield Bridge House
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Ltd

                                            Page 10

 4542   Hazel Whitehurst                        02/04/2004           Armida Ltd Wilton House
 9823                                                                             Athelstan Road
                                                                     Armour Preservation Ltd
  497              Mr.     J. W. N. Lowes                            Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems
                                                01/11/2001Managing Director
 4432   Finance Director                        02/04/2004                        West Quay Road
                                                                     Arran Controls Ltd
  498              Mr.     D.         Norton                         Arrow Components Ltd
                                                02/11/2001Managing Director
 1463              Mr.     A. V.      Wood                           Arrow Radiators6
                                                14/12/2001Managing Director       Unit Ltd
 1464              Mr      M.                                        Art Electric International House
                                      Spooner 14/12/2001Managing Director                       Ltd
   18              Mr.     P. C.                                     Artec Engineering Ltd
                                      Johnson 28/08/2001Managing Director
10345   MR R. EvansMr      R          Evans     02/04/2004                        Riverside
                                                                     Artech Circuits Ltd Ind Estate
  982              Mr                 Hayes
                           Catherine S.                              Arthur Hayes
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary 1070 Whitgift Centre
  499              Mr.     L. G.      Rodwell                        Arto Chemicals House
                                                02/11/2001Company Secretary Arto Ltd
  145              Mr      Philip H. Ng                              Arun Circuits Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Units E1 & E2
   24              Mr                                                Arun Electronics Ltd
                           Frank W. Dowsett 23/08/2001Company Secretary Ashgrove Industrial Park
   25              Mr.     J. R.      Carver                         Arun Pumps LtdD7
                                                23/08/2001Managing Director       Unit
10376   Mr G Lavender                                                Arunfabs U
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Ltd nit 3 Hazelwood Trading Est
 4125              Mrs
        Mrs P Meaden       P          Meaden 02/04/2004                           Gorcombe Farm
                                                                     As You Like It
  788              Mr.     A.         Sinclair                       Ascom        Unit 5 Swan Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Better PackagesBusiness Park
 1768              Mr      P.         Taylor                         Ascom Hasler Ltd
                                                10/01/2002Company Secretary
  500              Mr.     R.         Field                          Ascot Metal Finishers Ltd
                                                02/11/2001Managing Director
10377              Mr
        Mr Phil North      Phil       North     02/04/2004                        Woods
                                                                     Ascot Systems Ltd Way
 1769              Mr      H.         Zohdy                          Ash &
                                                09/01/2002Managing DirectorCo. 1a Warren Road
 1770              Mr      D.         Dehaas                         Ash Mechanical Works, Star Lane
                                                09/01/2002Managing Director       Star Service
  133              Mr      J.         Fitch                          Ashbourne 1 Ashley Ltd Cottage
                                                21/08/2001Managing Director       Surgical Farm
  777              Mr                 Firrell
                           Catherine K.                              Ashby Guion Associates Ltd
                                                10/11/2001Company Secretary 1 The Broadway
 1465              Mr.     P.                                        Ashcroft
                                      Maddocks 14/12/2001Managing Director Agencies Ltd
10219   J E Lockie                              02/04/2004Director                Mitchell Ltd
                                                                     Ashdale Eng Hants Close
10707              Mr.     J.         Lockie                         Ashdale
                                                           Managing Director Engineering (Hampshire) Ltd
   26              Mr.     D.         King                 
                                                23/08/2001Managing Director       Avalon Court
 9824                                                                             Graham Road
                                                                     Ashe Construction (s/hampton) Ltd
 9109   J Ashfield                              02/04/2004           Ashfields Unit 4 St Andrews Trading Est
 1466                Mr    D. S.      Quinlan                        Ashlea       Unit 5
                                                14/12/2001Managing Director Components Ltd
 1771                Mr.   M. P.      Harvey                         Ashtead Camphill Co. Ltd
                                                09/01/2002Managing Director EngineeringIndustrial Estate
 1772                Mr.   A.                                        Ashtead Ashtead House, Business Park 8
                                      Anderson 11/01/2002Financial Director Group P.L.C.
   27                Mr    G. B.      Burnett                        Ashtead
                                                20/12/2001Managing Director Plant Hire Co. Ltd
 4038   Mr E F EastonMr.   E. F.      Easton                         Ashton       Satco
                                                02/04/2004Managing Director Products House
 7532                Mr    PJ         McDowell 30/01/2002Director                 Unit Oak Lane
                                                                     Ashworth Frazer9(South Western) Ltd
  501                Mr    R.                                        ASI Office Systems Ltd
                                      Wozniak 02/11/2001Managing Director
   20                Ms                                              Aspecs       Rear Ltd
                           Hazel M. Horsfield 04/02/2002Company SecretaryOf WoodOf 1
11950   Jeremy Tweddle                          20/04/2004                        2 The Square
                                                                     Aspect Communications UK Ltd
 1773                Mr                                              AssiDoman Forest & Court Ltd
                           Robin H. Wheatley 09/01/2002Company Secretary The Barn,TimberFarm
 1467                Mr.   G. R.      Squires                        Associated Kemdent Works Ltd
                                                14/12/2001Financial Director      Dental Products
  778                Mr.   R.                                        Associated WestfieldResources Ltd Hill
                                      Wilkinson 10/11/2001Managing Director       Polymer House, Knowle
 1774                Mr               Challen
                           Michael S. J.                             Associated Safes Ltd
                                                09/01/2002Company Secretary 59 London Road
10220   Ms J I Pittfield                                             Associated Cholderton Road
                                                02/04/2004Financial Director      Toys Ltd
  502                Mr.   A.                                        Association of International
                                      DeCourcy 02/11/2001Company Secretary Global House Courier & E
 8729                Mr    S                                         Astec        30-31 Lynx Crescent
                                      Wainwright28/11/2001Financial Director Microflow Ltd
 1329   Terry Noone                                                  Astec        Astec House
                                                02/04/2004Financial Director Projects Ltd
  779                Mr    D.         Wardell                        Astech Electronics Ltd
                                                10/11/2001Company Secretary Astech House
 7182   Mr Evans                                02/04/2004                        13a/bThe Services Ltd
                                                                     Astech EnvironmentalSunrise Business Park
 1776                Mr    B          Davis                          Aster Building Services Street
                                                09/01/2002Managing Director       25 Windsor Ltd
 1777                Mr.   R. M.      Clarke                         Aston Electronic Designs Ltd
                                                09/01/2002Managing Director
 1355   Ken Williams Mr    Ken                                       Astral (UK) Limited
                                      Williams 02/04/2004Business DevelopmentUnits 30-32, Palmerston Busine

                                           Page 11

   19              Mr     P.          Pagdin                          Astro       Astro Ltd
                                                 21/09/2001Financial DirectorTechnologyHouse
  503              Mr.    J.          Hopkins                         Astro-Med Astro-Med House
                                                 02/11/2001Company Secretary Inc
  780              Mr.    T.          Pope                            Astronics Unit
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director Ltd 3
   23              Mr     Nicholas    Cook                            ATC Lasham Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Lasham Airfield/lasham
 3924              Ms
        Ms Judith Joyce   Judith M.   Joyce                           Atec Hampshire Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Company Secretary Peel Street
   21              Mr.    R.          George                          A-Tec
                                                 21/09/2001Managing DirectorPlastics Ltd
10584              Mr     M           Michel-tur                      Atempo      Bracknell Beeches
 1778              Ms.    G.          Harris                          Atkins Holdings Ltd
                                                 03/01/2002Company Secretary Cedars Cottage
 1468              Mr.    C. R.       Atkinson                        Atkinson Moat Works
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director Equipment Ltd
 3925   Mr J Baker Mr     J.          Baker                           Atlantic    Peel Street
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Refrigeration Ltd
10224   R J Lewin                                                     Atlantic Zeiser Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Company Secretary Central Way
10634              Ms     M           Velasco                                     7 East Drive
                                                                      Atlasiam International Ltd
 1779              Mr.    K.          Nilsson                         Atom Tech Ltd
                                                 09/01/2002Managing Director
10395              Mr     G.          Hall                            Atrium      Atrium House
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director Environmental Ltd
  504              Mr.    I. J.       Harley                          Audio &     Unit (Recording) Ltd
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Design 3
  782              Mr.    J. P.       Sills                           Audio Visual Material Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director      AVM House
 1469              Mr                 Haze                            Austin
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director& McLean Ltd
 1470              Mr.    D.          Austin                          Austin      Moran House
                                                 14/12/2001Managing DirectorElectrical (Swindon) Ltd
   28              Mr     K.          Bull                            Austin       & Co. Ltd
                                                 20/12/2001Managing DirectorLuceElm Trees House
 5619   Mr Geoff Gibson                                               Austin      Station PLC
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Reed GroupRoad
  505              Mr     R.          Austin                          Austin's
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director      413 London Road
   29              Mr.    C. G.       Austin                          Austintel Premium House
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director (Europe) Ltd
  506              Ms                                                 Austral Equipment Ltd
                          Sarah L. Holbeche 02/11/2001Company Secretary Stratfield House
10251   Mr DR North                                                   Autarky     Charlwoods
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Machine Co LtdIndustrial Estate
 3933   Mr C Swan Mr.     C.          Swan                            Autela
                                                 02/04/2004Managing DirectorComponents Ltd
 1780              Mr.    S. J.       Hughes                          Auto Aero Manufacturing (a division of H
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director
10600              Mr     J           Savage                                      Brook
                                                                      Auto Inspect Ltd House
  783              Mr     David       Wright                          Auto Leads Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary 25 Woolmer Way
10396              Mr.    J.          Drust                           Autodesk
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director Ltd
 1781              Mr     David       Lyons                           Autoeurope Engineering Ltd
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 1, Betchworth Works
 1783              Mr     R.          Kent                            Autohoods Ltd D3, Barwell Business Park
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director      Unit
 1784              Miss   J.          French                          Automated Document Retrieval Systems Ltd
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary Caxton House
 1471              Mr     N.          Winchcombe                      Automated Automation House
                                                 14/12/2001Managing Director      Entry Systems
 1785              Mr     D. H.                                       Automated Unit 11 St. Control (MNFG) Co. L
                                      Williams 07/01/2002Managing Director        Process & Georges Industrial
  507              Mr     M.                     02/11/2001Managing Director
                                      Kondrollochis                               Douglas House
                                                                      Automatic Contouring Systems Ltd
 8719   R J Kendall                                                   Automatic Industrial Machines Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director      Unit 6 Concorde Drive
  784              Mr.    K. J.       Burr                            Automatic Tooling & Services Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Financial Director     Honeysuckle Cottage
10057   Mr G Holland                             02/04/2004                        Tooling Co Ltd
                                                                      Automatics Homelthorpe Avenue
 1786              Ms     Patricia E. Hodder                          Automation Alloys Ltd
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary Silver Wing Industrial Park
   68              Mr     B. C.       Tapp                            AutomationMarbaix House
                                                 28/11/2001Financial Director      Ltd
10145   Mr TF Ryan                                                    Automotive Durban Road Industrial Est
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director       Patterns Ltd
 1787              Mr     J.          Haggis                          Autoplates 79
                                                 09/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd Brighton Road
10227   T Keen                                                        Autoprint R
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Ltd oyce Close
  508              Mr     I.          Hedges                          Autosound Unit 5, The Old Mill
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director
  146              Mrs.   B.                                          Autostart Unit 2 Eastmead Industrial Est
                                      Dugdale 25/02/2002Company Secretary (Southern) Ltd
 1472              Mr     A.                                          Avalon      Unit 19
                                      Salansan 14/12/2001Managing Director Design & Print
   24              Mr     Brian J.    Green                           Avatar Interactive House, Sycamore Park
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary WeltonLtd
 1473              Mr.    D.          Harris                          Avco Technologies
                                                 09/01/2002Managing Director
 7534              Mr     AC          Thorne     30/01/2002Director               Unit1
                                                                      Avdon Bristol Ltd Longbrook Trading Estate
 1474              Mr     B           Cooper                          Avent Engineering Farmhouse
                                                 14/12/2001Central Services Director
  509              Mr     D.          Clarke                          Avenue      3 David
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Coatings Road
10723              Mr     Stephen M.Dalley                            Aver Electronics & Computing Ltd
                                                            Company Secretary Charwell House, Buisness Centr

                                            Page 12

 7341   C Rhodes                                                      Avery Knight & Bowlers Engineering Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director       33-35 James St West
  785               Mr      Cecilla L. Prescott                       Avialec International Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Avialec House, Unit 1
  510               Mr.     A. M.      Fleming                        Aviation
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Enterprises Ltd
 9427   G Francis                                                     Avimo        Lisieux
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director Europe Ltd Way
 7535              Mr       MF         Coupe     30/01/2002Director                Unit 12,
                                                                      Avon Armour Ltd 1-2 Portview Road
 7536              Mr       JG         Jeffery   30/01/2002Director                Nova Hse,195 South Liberty Lne
                                                                      Avon Barrier Co. Ltd.
 7537              Mr       S          Brewer    30/10/2001Director                68 Churchill Road
                                                                      Avon Combined Electrical Services Ltd
 1788              Ms       Felicity                                  Avon Commercial Ltd
                                       Aitchison 07/01/2002Company Secretary 242A Canbury Park Road
10590              Mr       T          Roach                                       Unit 6
                                                                      Avon Fabrications
 8317   P D Weaver                               02/04/2004Director                1a Barton Road
                                                                      Avon Graphic Supplies) Ltd
 7538              Mr       MA         Rushin    30/10/2001Director                30 Vale Lane,
                                                                      Avon Group Manufacturing Ltd
 7539              Mr       AW         Healing                        Avon         King Square
                                                 30/10/2001Financial DirectorHealth Authority House
 7540              Mr       MJ                                        Avon Imaging Ltd
                                       Gwyther 30/10/2001Managing Director         The Media Centre
 7342   J S Hobhouse                                                  Avon Industries 11 Avon House
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director       Unit (Bath) Ltd
 1475              Mr                                                 Avon Packers Ltd
                            Roger J. Coveney 14/12/2001Company Secretary Salisbury Road
 7343   D N Stannard                             02/04/2004Director                15 Argyle Street
                                                                      Avon Production (Bath) Ltd
 1476              Mr.      T.         Stead                          Avon         Manvers
                                                 14/12/2001Financial DirectorRubber P.L.C. House
 7344   T Parson                                                      Avon Steel Midsomer Norton Business Park
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director       Co Ltd
 1477              Mr.      L. M.                                     Avonwood Developments Ltd
                                       Thomas 14/12/2001Financial Director
 1303   Berlinda Conroy                                               AVX
                                                 02/04/2004Fleet Controller LimitedAdmiral House
 1478              Mr.      A.         Ward                           Award        Unit 4
                                                 14/12/2001Managing DirectorEngineering (Swindon) Ltd
10030   Mr NA Battye                                                  AWW
                                                 02/04/2004Managing DirectorUK Dairy House, The Street
 9999   Mr T Ford                                                     Axent        Apex House
                                                 02/04/2004UK sales Director Technologies Ltd
 1789              Mr.      D.                                        Axsia        Albany Park Howmar
                                       Welland 07/01/2002Financial Director Howmar (formerlyEstate Internatio
 1479              Mr       F.                   14/12/2001Managing Director Indentification Ltd Hundred Business
                                       Van Eekeren                    Axxess       8 Shrivenham
 1790              Mr       N. A.                                     A-Z Group Ltd Box 4Darby House
                                       Bamford 11/01/2002Managing Director         PO
  786              Ms                                                 Azdec Ltd
                            Cheryl C. Domone 10/11/2001Company Secretary 32 Gladstone Road
   23              Ms       Linda                                     Aztec Circuits Ltd
                                       Underhill 21/09/2001Company Secretary Unit 1
 6202   Nigel J Davenport                                             Aztec Computer Services
                                                 02/04/2004Sales Director          7-9 Wayte Street
  787              Mr.      I. D.      Stride                         Aztec
                                                 10/11/2001Financial Director Maintenance Brokers Ltd
 3191   Mr Peter Snow                            02/04/2004                        55 Services
                                                                      Aztec PropertyWinkfield Road
 1791              Mr       S.         Liu                            Azure Leisure Pools
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director       150 London Road
  511              Mr.      D. A.      Brown                          B&B
                                                 02/11/2001Financial Director Attachments Ltd
  789              Ms       Margaret A.Bowles                         B & D Manufacturing Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary 15 Albert Road
  790              Mr.      R. S.      Hill                           B&G
                                                 10/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd
 1480              Mr       R          Smith     14/12/2001Owner                   14 Chalwyn Ind Estate
                                                                      B & P Engineering (Poole) Ltd
 4402   Mr J Farquharson                         02/04/2004                        Bussey
                                                                      B & W Feeds Ltd Stool Farm
  148              Mr       M.         Davies                         B&W
                                                 25/02/2002Financial Director Loudspeakers Ltd
  442              Mr       J. E.      Moore                          BAE
                                                 17/01/2002Financial Director Systems Power & Control Ltd
 1792              Mr.      A.                                        B A K Mouldings Ltd
                                       Attwater 11/01/2002Managing Director
10512              Mr       S          Ballard                        BCM          2 Cotmandene
  512              Mr       B.                                        BCM          14 Plantagenet House
                                       Rebbettes 02/11/2001Managing DirectorS Tradeplan Ltd
  797              Mr.      J. R.                                     B C R Sheet Metal Ltd
                                       Wallace 10/11/2001Company Secretary Units 1-6
   27              Mr       Brian T.   Webb      21/09/2001                        Prospect
                                                                      B D C Systems Ltd Farm
10744              Mr       B.         Lightburn                      B D L Contract & Designs P.L.C.
                                                            Managing Director      Sheiling House
 9695              Mr       A          Clasby    31/07/2001Director                14 Ltd
                                                                      B D L SystemsDenmark Lane
   36              Mr.      W. H.      Bassett                        BDM
                                                 20/12/2001Managing DirectorFastenings
  513              Mr       S.         Watson                         B D S Computer P.L.C.
                                                 02/11/2001Company Secretary
 3976              Ms
        Ms L A Goodwin                                                B F T Fire
                            Lesley A. Goodwin 02/04/2004Company Secretary Bridgers Farm
   34              Ms                                                 B G T Automatics Paragon Court
                            Carol A. Naismith 04/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 2, Ltd
 8992   R S Rowe                                                      B H C Manager Cumberland Drive
                                                 02/04/2004Sales & MarketingAerovox Ltd
 1481              Mr.      P. A.                                     B I S Valves
                                       Gardiner 14/12/2001Managing Director        Units 17 & 19 Kingfisher Park

                                             Page 13

 1482                 Mr     D.                                          B J Galvanising Cobham Road
                                          Croombs 14/12/2001Managing Director         106 Co. Ltd
 9110   B Harding                                   02/04/2004                         Building Services
                                                                         B J HardingJasalee, standard Road
  514                 Mr     K. R.        Martin                         B K I Welding Co. Express Way
                                                    02/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 2, Ltd
  515                 Mr.    A.           Astle                          BMH
                                                    02/11/2001Managing DirectorLimitedBabcock House
 1793                 Mr.    R.           Jowitt                         BML          Unit 4 Perrywood
                                                    11/01/2002Managing Director(Office Computers) LtdBusiness Park
   73                 Mr     Ejaz         Ahmed                          B M P Building Ltd
                                                    28/11/2001Company Secretary Glebe House
   29                 Mr.    J. V.                                       BMT
                                          Lambert 21/09/2001Managing DirectorReliability Consultants Ltd
10228   K A Niblett                                                      B N D Abrasives Parnell Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 2& TapesCourt
  789                 Mr.    W. R.        Nicholls                       BOB
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director(Packaging) Ltd
10400                 Mr     C.                                          BOC          The Priestley Centre
                                          Lambert 21/08/2001Financial Director Gases Ltd
 1795                 Mr     M.                                          B P A Group Ltd
                                          Campbell 11/01/2002Managing Director
  516                 Mr.    P. E.                  02/11/2001Financial Director P.L.C.
                                          Sydney-Smith                   BPB          Langley Park House
 1483                 Mr     J.                                          B P E Signs Co. Ltd
                                          Laverack 14/12/2001Managing Director        18-20 Victoria Place
 1796                 Ms     Daphne R.                                   B P Hydraulics (Farnborough)
                                          Silvester 09/01/2002Company Secretary Catteshall Works Ltd
 1797                 Mr.    V. P.        Bootes                         BPR          Units 11 & 12 The Ashway Centr
                                                    07/01/2002Managing DirectorPrecision Toolmakers Ltd
  517                 Mr.    N.                     02/11/2001Financial Director (Wokingham) LtdBusiness Park
                                          Sharma-Burford                 BRC          11 Mulberry
 7541                 Mr     G                                           B R Hodgson Ltd
                                          Valentine 30/10/2001Managing Director       Naishcombe House,
 7542                 Mr     CS                                          BRK          Gordano Gate
                                          Burrows 30/10/2001Financial Director Brands Europe Ltd
  815                 Ms     Myra J.                                     B R S Fire Unit 17, Extinguishers ltd
                                          Saunders 10/11/2001Company Secretary Alarms &Abbey Enterprise Cent
 7543                 Mr     AG           Baird                          BSC          Unit1,Stoke View Buisiness Prk
                                                    30/10/2001Financial Director L Communications (Southeast) Ltd
  817                 Mr     A.                                          B S L Ltd Unit F4, Railway Triangle Indu
                                          Whetstone 08/11/2001Managing Director
 1484                 Mr     P.                                          B S S (UK) Unit A4, Euroway Industrial Es
                                          Donovan 14/12/2001Managing Director
 7546   S Seven                                                          B S S (Weighing) Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       156-158 Wells Road
 1798              Mr.       B.                     07/01/2002Managing Director
                                          Connaughton                    B T C Machinery Sales Ltd
 1799              Mr.       S.           Chopra                         B T S Ltd B T S House
                                                    07/01/2002Managing Director
 1800              Ms        Diana E.     Merritt                        B T U (Poolservices) Ltd
                                                    07/01/2002Company Secretary Wyevale Garden Centre
  819              Mr.       P.           Franklin                       B T U Europe Ltd
                                                    08/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 14
  823              Mr.       A. W.                                       BVC
                                          Harrison 02/11/2001Financial Director - bivac (a division of D.D. Lamson
  824              Mr.       R.           Clarke                         BVM
                                                    02/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd
 7346   C J Jenkins                                 02/04/2004Partner                 Unit 18, Church
                                                                         B W S Security Systems Farm Business
 1023              Ms        Phyllis M.   MacKlin                        B. & P. Macklin 91, Third Street
                                                    19/11/2001Company Secretary Unit Ltd (B & P Controls Divi
  796              Mr.       B. M.        Stock                          B.C. &
                                                    10/11/2001Managing Director E.C. Marketing Ltd
  838              Ms        Doreen M.    Sacree                         B.E. Chaplin Southgate Street
                                                    02/11/2001Company Secretary 6 (Gunmakers) Ltd
  805              Ms        Carol A.                                    B.G.T. Automatics Ltd
                                          Naismith 10/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 2, Paragon Court
   45              Mr        Andrew C.    Wales                          B.J.N. Roofing Ltd
                                                    20/12/2001Company Secretary Gladstone House
  791              Mr.       B. L.        Barnes                         B.L. Barnes Engineering Ltd
                                                    10/11/2001Managing Director
   39              Mr        M.                                          B.O.C.       Victoria House
                                          Sweeney 04/02/2002Financial Director Distribution Services
   51              Mr.       R. G.        Smith                          B.S. Instruments Ltd
                                                    10/09/2001Managing Director
  818              Mr        Peter R.     Little                         B.T.C. Thermal Construction
                                                    08/11/2001Company Secretary Winchester Hill Ltd
 1801              Ms        Carol A.     Rose                           B.T.U. (Supplies) Ltd
                                                    07/01/2002Company Secretary 38 Weyside Road
10726              Mrs.      S.           David                          Bacardi      West Bay
                                                               Managing Director Martini Ltd Road
10022   Mr DE Sherwood                              02/04/2004                        Foundation Court
                                                                         Bachy Soletanche Holdings Ltd]
10727              Mr.       R. A.        Deter                          Bacou-Dalloz UK
                                                               Managing Director
 1802              Ms        Frances      Everett                        Baddeley 23-31 Dennett Road
                                                    11/01/2002Company Secretary Reynolds & Dix Ltd
  529              Mr        John         Inglis                         BAE Systems Avionics Ltd
                                                    15/03/2002Services Controller     Christopher Martin Road
 7549              Mr        MJ           Bye                            Bailey       22-24 South Liberty Lane,
                                                    30/10/2001Financial Director Caravans Ltd
10298   Mr J Leigh-Pemberton                        02/04/2004                        Unit 23, Horsham Court
                                                                         Bailey Dairy Products Ltd
10058   Mr A Attwater                                                    BAK Mouldings Ltd
                                                    02/04/2004Managing Director       34 Ormside Way
 6073   Mr Chas Bellamy                             02/04/2004                        809
                                                                         Baker & Baker Christchurch Road
 1803              Mr        Brian E.                                    Baker Thompson Ltd
                                          Thompson 11/01/2002Company Secretary 371 Selsdon Road
 7552              Mr        AJ           Baker                          Bakers       New Abbatoir
                                                    30/10/2001Managing Director of Nailsea Ltd
10468              Mr        A.           Stephenson                     Baldor UK LtdMintmotion Centre

                                                Page 14

  518              Mr.      R.         Stidwell                       Baldwins Industrial Services P.L.C.
                                                 02/11/2001Financial Director      Churchill House
 1804              Mr.      J.         Moore                          Balfour
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director Kilpatrick Ltd (Projects & Insta
10728              Mr.      B.         Grimes                         Ballast
                                                            Managing Director P.L.C. (South-West Region)
 1485              Mr       Edward E.                       C         Ballast Tools (UK) Ltd
                                       Williams 16/01/2002a ompany Secretary Unit 4, County Park Business C
   25              Mr.      B.         Grimes                         Ballast
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Wiltshier P.L.C. (South-West Reg
  519              Mr       Lee G.     Lovejoy                        Ballcock Broad Lane
                                                 02/11/2001Company Secretary & Bits Ltd
 1805              Mr       J.                                        Balloons 22
                                       Hounsham 07/01/2002Managing Director Print Hammond Road
  520              Mrs                                                BalTec       BalTec
                                       Boorman 02/11/2001Financial Controller(UK) Ltd House
  788              Mr.      M.                                        Baltimore Technologies Ltd
                                       Williams 10/11/2001Financial Director
   31              Mr.      C.                                        Bancroft 5 Bolney Grange Business Park
                                       Hinchey 20/12/2001Managing Director & Co.
 3999              Mr
        Mr M Igarashi       M.         Igarashi                       Bandai
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director UK LtdJellicoe House, Botleigh Grang
  521              Mr       M. J. W. Cutting                          Bandsaw Fairacres
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Service Ltd Industrial Estate
   69              Mr.      K.                                        Bang
                                       Robertson 28/11/2001Managing Director       5th Floor Network House
  522              Mr.      D.                   0                    Bang &       Unit U K Ltd
                                       Mottershead 8/11/2001Managing Director Olufsen 630 Winnersh Triangle
 4335   Mr D Banks                               02/04/2004           Bank Sails 372 Brook Lane
  523              Mr       David      Tew                            Banking Unit 2, Woodley Park Estate
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Automation Ltd
10686              Mr       M          Taylor                                      1
                                                                      Banks & Co Carnegie Road
10229   B A Budd                                 02/04/2004Director                The Workshop
                                                                      Banner Joinery Co. Ltd
  524              Mr                  Meadows 08/11/2001Company Secretary Heath Works
                            Louisa J. D. V.                           Bar Billiards Ltd
   32              Mr                                                 Bar Code
                            Shauna C. Thompson 20/12/2001Company Secretary Generations Ltd
 1806              Ms                  M
                            Elizabeth A. arcel                        Bar Code Nikon House
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary Systems Ltd
 1487              Mr                                       C         Bar Tech Unit C1D, (Infra-red Division
                            Fiona K. Barsanti 16/01/2002A ompany Secretary Systems LtdEuropa Industrial Pa
  548   A G Stubbington                          02/04/2004           Baram Ltd Parkgate Business Centre
 1488              Mr       C.                              M         Barchem 1
                                       Baron-Fox 16/01/2002A anaging Director Ltd1-12 High Street
 1807              Mr.      M. C.      Davis                          Barclays Millenium House
                                                 11/01/2002Managing Director Sales Financing
10204   Mr T Hay                                                      Bard Ltd Forest House
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director
 7561              Mr       CR         Wride                          Barden       Unit2 Badmington Rd
                                                 30/10/2001Financial Director Network Engineering Ltd Trade Est
  525              Mr.      K.                                        Barenson Deseronto Co. Ltd
                                       Barnicle 08/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Estate
10230   M Donavan                                02/04/2004           Bargain Box  Danebury
   70              Mr.      S.         Russell                        Barlow
                                                 28/11/2001Managing Director Fasteners (a division of Serco-Ry
10733              Mr       J. K.      Hay                            Barlow       Unit Ltd
                                                            Managing Director Handling15, South Hampshire Indus
  565   Ms C P Taylor                                                 Barlow Sheetmetal Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 2b Wessex Gate
 1808              Ms                                                 Barn Glass Group Ltd
                            Yvonne M. Delaiche 07/01/2002Company Secretary 7 Sandiford Road
   24              Mr.      A. R.      Barnett                        Barnbrook Systems Ltd
                                                 21/09/2001Managing Director
 7565              Mr       RB         Derrick   30/10/2001Director                Unit9&10 Birchills Trading Est
                                                                      Barnbury Enterprise Ltd
10536              Mr       J.         Rigden                                      219b
                                                                      Barnes & Elliot Preston Road
   25              Mr       Allan      Haigh                          Barnes       Unit F3,
                                                 21/09/2001Managing Director & Elliott Ltd Fareham Heights
 6213   Mr Maurice Barnes                        02/04/2004Partner                 106 Contractors
                                                                      Barnes Building Purbrook Gardens
 6214   Mr Brian Barnes                          02/04/2004Director                Unit 10, Ltd
                                                                      Barnes EngineeringMitchell Way
  792              Ms       Karen      Barnes                         Barnes Martin Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 1c
   33              Mr.      P.         White                          Barong       Birches Industrial Estate
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director Windows Ltd
 9429   David M Barratt                          02/04/2004                        The Smithy
                                                                      Barratt & Canniford
10094   Mr G Finch                                                    Barretts     Portsmouth Road
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director Garden Buildings Ltd
 4522   Mr Moors                                 02/04/2004                        24A Edward
                                                                      Barretts Glass Centre Road
  526              Ms       Jenny C. Gillies                          Barrie A. Barn Elms
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Gillies Ltd Farm
 7572              Mr       GM         Dunfield 30/10/2001Director                  Hampers Ltd
                                                                      Barrs CourtUnit 7 Aldermoor Way
 7577              Mr       GA         Joyner                         Bart SpicesYork Road
                                                 30/10/2001Personnel Director       Ltd
10186   Mr RJ Parker                                                  Bartholomews Holdings Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Company Secretary Portfield
 1490              Mr.      H.                              M         Bartlett
                                       Carpenter 16/01/2002A anaging Director Engineering Ltd
 1810              Ms       Doreen E. Barton                          Barton Electrical Ltd
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary Leondore House
10146   Mr I Challen                                                  Barton Instrument Systems
                                                 02/04/2004Company Secretary 3 Steyning Way Ltd
 4242   Mr Mark Pearce                                                Barton Peverill College
                                                 02/04/2004Resources Director      Cedar Road

                                             Page 15

10397             Mr      D.         Somner                           Basic Electronics Ltd Road
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director       18 Epsom
  793             Mr.     G. A.      Hill                             Basingstoke PressHouse The Loddon Centr
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director       Digital (75) Ltd
   26             Mr      A.         Cole                             Basingstoke Pressure Vessel & Pipework
                                                 21/09/2001Managing Director       Brunel Way
   28             Mr      Lynda M.   McFadden                         Basover Gweedore
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Construction Ltd
  795             Mr      V.         Stobart                          Bass Stobart Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director
  794                                                                 Bassaire
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
  527              Mr                                                 Bastion      Claremont
                          Marita R. A.Harrigan 08/11/2001Company SecretarySecurity Ltd House
  590   A K Smith                                                     Batchelor Smith Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director &228 Havant Road
 7347   R M Mawditt                              02/04/2004Director                Combe Park
                                                                      Bath Institute of Medical Engineering Lt
 7348   C D White                                                     Bath Press Lower Bristol Road
                                                 02/04/2004Financial Director      Ltd
 7349   F L Hewetson                                                  Bath SteamSt Peters Co. Ltd
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director        Laundry Terrace
 9546   D H Batten                               02/04/2004                        13 Gold
                                                                      Battens Solicitors Croft
   34              Mr.    D.          Martin                          Baty International
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director
 1491              Mr.    K.          Palmer                M         Baumann
                                                 16/01/2002A anaging Director Springs & Pressings (U K) Ltd
 1492              Mr.    P. L.       Burton     No Mail              Baumer       33-36 Shrivenham Hundred Busin
                                                            Managing Director Electric Ltd
 1811              Mr.    M.          Webb                            Baur Test Equipment Ltd
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director       Faraday House
  528              Mrs.   H.          Allen                           Baxa Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Glendale Park
   71              Mr.    A.                                          Bayham
                                      Madigan 28/11/2001Financial Director Ltd
 7585              Mr     RF          Wright     30/10/2001Director                1 Thornbury
                                                                      Baylis Distribution Ltd Office Park
  529              Mr     Jonathan M. Bolton                          Baynton B T N House
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Thompson Networks Ltd
   35              Mr.    I.          Page                            Bazen        127
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director& Page Whyke Lane
 1493              Mr.    B. A.       Malandrinos           M         Baz-Roll
                                                 16/01/2002A anaging Director Products Ltd
10518              Mr     S.          Ballard                         BCM Ltd 2 Cotmandene
  798              Mr     N. A.                                       BDEC
                                      Bamford 10/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd PO Box 4
 2979   Mr Baker                                                      BDO Stoy Hayward
                                                 02/04/2004Practice Manager        Park House
 4244   Mr D Trew                                02/04/2004                        23 West Lane
                                                                      Be Consultants
10031   Mr M Vint                                                     BEAB
                                                 02/04/2004Managing Director       1 Station View
  151              Mr     Michael     Bryant                          Beach Compix Ltd
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Hambrook Hall
10745              Mr.    F. C.       Eliet                           Beacon       Omega Services Ltd
                                                            Managing Director Highspeed Park
 1494              Mr     D. C. L.    Ballam                M         Beacon
                                                 16/01/2002A anaging Director Hill Brick Co. Ltd
 1861   Mr C Shaw                                05/04/2004                        Beacon House
                                                                      Beacon Packaging Ltd
10630              Mr     B           Ambridge                                     Unit
                                                                      Beales Food Ltd6 60 Dolphin Road
   37              Ms                 B
                          Christine M. arton                          Beam Microsystems Ltd
                                                 20/12/2001Company Secretary Longlands Road
  530              Mr.    L. J.       Austen                          Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director       St. Florian House
 7589              Mr     RS          Lewis      30/10/2001Director                4 High Street
                                                                      Beaufort Western Ltd
  800              Mr     M.          Maton                           Beaumont (UK) Ltd Industrial Estate
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director       Romsey
 4051              Mr.    D.                                          Beaumont Stainless Steels Ltd
                                      Dalrymple 22/08/2001Managing Director        Units 15-17
 1812              Mr     G.          Bevan                           Beaver       Units
                                                 07/01/2002Managing Director HardwareB2
 7591              Mr     RG          Halliday                        Beaver       267 Southmead Road
                                                 30/10/2001Managing Director Maintenance Ltd
 1813              Mr.    B.                                          Beazer
                                      Thomson 11/01/2002Managing Director Homes Reigate Ltd
 5814   Mr D Newdick                                                  Beck & Officer
                                                                                   Burnham Road
                                                 05/04/2004Central Purchasing Pollitzer Engineering Ltd
  134              Mr     P.          Beel                            Beckworth Technical Plating Ltd
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director       Unit 16
  531              Mr.    P. A.       Mills                           Bedford
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary & Soar Ltd
 3377   Mrs M Churchill                          05/04/2004                        1 Frazer Road
                                                                      Beech Builders
  532              Mr.    M.          Curran                          Beer Seller Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director
10506              Mr     A           Bott                            Beercock, Wiles & Wick Estate Agents
                                                            Regional Valuer
10000   Mr CRK Begley                                                              Advance Works
                                                 05/04/2004Secretary Begley Patten Engineering Ltd
  533              Mr     G.          Tait                            Belarus      PO Box 3315
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director Tractors Ltd
  801              Mr     George N. H.           10/11/2001Company Secretary Scents Ltd
                                      Bailey-Leigh                    Belgrovia 15-17 Lansdown Road
 1495              Mr.    R.          Vessey                M         Bell Plastics Ltd
                                                 17/01/2002a anaging Director
 1496              Mr.    R.          Bell       No Mail              Bell Steel Unit 21 Techno of Bell Estate
                                                            Managing Director Fabrications (partTrading Si
 4138   Mr A Bell                                05/04/2004                        5 Vale Croft
                                                                      Bellco Operable Walls Ltd

                                           Page 16

  791               Mr      K         Gale                             Bellegrove Ceramics P.L.C. Salisbury Ro
                                                 26/01/2002Financial Director      Bellegrove House,
  534               Mr      P.        Edgar                            Bells Valves
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director
 7592               Mr      MJ        Reeves                           Belvedere House Carpet Contractors Ltd
                                                 30/10/2001Financial Director      Chapel Lane, Fishponds
 5624   Mrs G Gee                                                      Bemrose UK Limited
                                                 05/04/2004Car Fleet AdministratorWayzgoose Drive
   38               Mr      P. A.     Sidney                           Benderry 3
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director Ltd6 Chartwell Road
 7593               Mr      PR        Wright                           Benson      Carlton Lodge,
                                                 30/10/2001Managing Director Bros (Bristol) Ltd 90 Glocester Rd
  535               Mr.     G.                                         Bentham
                                      Hammond 08/11/2001Managing Director Instruments Ltd
  802               Mr      Adrian R. Bainton                          Bepco Group Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary Lynchford Lane
  536               Mr      Sidney F. Neale                            Bering Heating 9, Station Industrial Est
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary UnitSupplies Ltd
  537               Mr      P.        Griffin                          Berks Extinguisher Services
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director       48 Ardingly
  538               Ms      Louise                                     Berkshire 29-31 Meadow Road
                                      Peacock 08/11/2001Company Secretary Bearings & Transmissions Ltd
  539               Ms                                                 Berkshire Swan Gate
                            Susan S. Basketfield 08/11/2001Company Secretary Labels Ltd
  540               Mrs.    M.                                         Berkshire I & M Works
                                      Scotchmer 08/11/2001Company Secretary Metal Fabrications (I & M) Ltd
  541               Ms                                                 Berkshire 3 Factory
                            Joyce P. Sturgeon 08/11/2001Company Secretary Metal Finishers Ltd
 1814               Mr      Arthur K. Easlea                           Berkshire 10 Hollycombe
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary Ores & Chemicals Ltd
  542               Mr.     G.        Hoyle                            Berkshire Newspaper House
                                                 08/11/2001Managing Director Press Ltd
  543               Ms      Janet H. Lester                            Berkshire
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Telephone Systems Ltd
  431               Mr.     P.        Webb                             Bernard     Unit 15
                                                 26/10/2001Managing Director Webb Ltd
 1815               Mr.     R. D.     Burch                            BeronworthSystems House Ltd
                                                 11/01/2002Managing Director        Standby Systems
 1816               Mr      Bryan P. Barnett                           Besco Abrasives Ltd
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary 7 Farncombe Street
   40               Mr      M.                                         Best Group14 St Michaels Road
                                      Jennings 20/12/2001Managing Director          Companies Ltd
 7594               Mr      SE        Cuff       30/10/2001Director                23 Berkeley Square
                                                                       Best People (South West) Ltd
 7595               Mr      WJ        Best                             Best Pneumatics 6&7 Short Way
                                                 30/10/2001Managing Director       Units Ltd
  803               Mr.     I.        Haddon                           Best Power Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director
10750                                                       Sir        Beta Ltd Merton House
 1817               Mr.     N.        Garrett                          Beta Winding Wires
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary The Kilns
   32               Mr      Peter     Gaut                             Bettamore The Riding
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Foods Ltd School
 7188   Mr John Loosemore                        05/04/2004                        Properties (Weymouth) Ltd
                                                                       Betterment St Avondale Road
   28               Mr.     P.                                         Bettis U
                                      Vaughan 21/09/2001Managing Director K Ltd (Actuators & Controls)
 7596               Mr      SR        Rous                             Bevan       35 Services Incorporated Ltd
                                                 30/10/2001Managing DirectorAshfordColston Avenue
   41               Mr      J.                                         Bevin BevinRiver Road
                                      Hollister 20/12/2001Managing Director         & Co. Ltd
  804               Mr.     B. B.     Jones                            Bevington Engineering Ltd
                                                 10/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 1
10753               Mr      C.        Brooks                           Bewley      Field House
                                                            Managing Director Homes P.L.C. Barn
10266   Mr D Lawrence                            05/04/2004            BF Group LtdHurstwood Grange
 1818               Mr.     D.        Cooper                           BGS Systems Ltd Gate
                                                 11/01/2002Managing Director       Bridge
   42               Mr.     A. R.                                      Biblios
                                      Wagstaff 20/12/2001Managing Director Publishers Distribution Services
 1819               Mr.     J.        Walker                           Bibra International
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary
 7597               Mr      EN                                         Bicknell    Merstham Road
                                      Thomas 30/10/2001Managing Director Construction Ltd
10398               Mr.     M. J.     Read                             Biddles
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director Ltd Woodbridge Park Estate
 7615   S J Pole                                 05/04/2004Director                Jubilee House,
                                                                       Bideem Maintenance Ltd Jubilee Way
  806               Mr      P.                                         Bi-Fold     Unit 4,
                                      Graham 10/11/2001Managing Director Rolfe Ltd Calcot Mount
10538               Mr      D.        Hogger                           Big Ben     Parham Drive
   43               Mr      C. P.     Bignell                          Bignell     Unit Instruments Ltd
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director Surgical E8
 2827   Mr Harris                                05/04/2004            Bi-Lingua 2 Kelmscott Gardens
10132   Mr M H Billington                                              Billington Units E1
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Export Ltd and E2
 1497               Mr      J. D. M.                        M          Bindon      Station Works
                                      Lawrence 17/01/2002a anaging Director Engineering Co. Ltd
10756               Mr.     A.        Hicks                            Biocompatibles Hydron Ltd
                                                            Financial Director
  807               Mr.     W.        Pelling                          BioMerieux Grafton House
                                                 10/11/2001Financial Director      UK Ltd
  544               Mr      P. D.     Bishop                           Bishop Sports & Leisure Ltd
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Bishop House
   44               Mr      N. G.     Bishop                           Bishop's 1-2 St. Pancras
                                                 20/12/2001Managing Director Move (Chichester) Ltd
 7616   A M DaviesMr        A         Davies     05/04/2004Director                Trading Co.Ltd
                                                                       Bishopston 193 Glouchester Road
10095   Mr B Matthews                                                  Bisley      Queens Road
                                                 05/04/2004Managing DirectorOffice Equipment Ltd

                                            Page 17

 1498               Mr.     S.        Goodwin               F          Bituminous Road Facilities Ltd
                                                 17/01/2002a inancial Director
10759               Mrs.    M.        Ariss                            Blackburn
                                                            Company Secretary Engineering Ltd
10758               Mr      Peter     Haynes                           Blackburne Meadow Cottage Farm
                                                            Managing Director       & Haynes
 9430   R D Lloyd                                                      Blackdown Tauntfield, South Road
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director        Estates Ltd
 1820              Ms       Deirdre P. Booker                          Blackdown Labels
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary The Cross
 1821              Ms       Patricia             07/01/2002Company Secretary Chemicals Road
                                       Charles-Hunt                    Blackfast 78 Coombe
 3657   Mr Stuart Morris                         05/04/2004            Blackmore LtdLongmead Industrial Estate
 8915   D Randle                                                       Blackmore Vale Farm Cream Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Financial Director       Wincombe Lane
10399              Mr       T.         Knight                          Blacks       9-10 Phoenix Ct
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director Outdoor Leisure Ltd
  808              Mr.      R.                                         Blackwater Unit 3B
                                       Routledge 10/11/2001Managing Director        Hydraulics Ltd
 1500              Mr.      P.         Kellard              M          Blakell
                                                 17/01/2002a anaging Director Ambotech Ltd
 3659   Mr. T Roberts                                                                District Chamber of Trade
                                                 05/04/2004Chairman Blandford &C/o Roberts Electrical
 8821   A R Shergold                             05/04/2004Director                 Blandford Heights
                                                                       Blandford Repair Services LtdInd Estate
   46              Mr.      M.         Gale                            Blastreat
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director (Arundel) Ltd
 1501              Mr       M.         Meyjes                          Blenkins
                                                 18/01/2002Managing Director Precision Engineering Ltd
 1822              Ms.      J. H.      Bassett                         Blitz Creative Co.
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary
11943   Joanne Bloomfield                        20/04/2004                         Broad
                                                                       Bloomfield Group Town Lodge
 8233   David Green                              05/04/2004            Blue Gem Hawkesworth Road
10479              Mr       A.         Eyles                           Blue MarlinCircus Mews House
  153              Mr       A. K.      Dawes                           Blue Prince Mushrooms Ltd
                                                 25/02/2002Financial Director
  545              Mr       R.         Partlett                        Bluebird
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Packaging Machines Ltd
   72              Ms.      A.         House                           Bluecol Brands Ltd
                                                 28/11/2001Company Secretary
   35              Mr       David                                      Bluecrest 221 London
                                       Jennings 04/02/2002Company Secretary Properties LtdRoad
 3663   Mr Howard MrMason   H          Mason                           Blundell Harling & Road
                                                 05/04/2004Company Accountant Albany Magpie Ltd
 7345   J Simmonds                                                     BMT Defence Services Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Financial Director       Maritime House
  546              Mr       E.         Page                            Bob Burge Unit
                                                 08/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd 18, Trident Industrial Es
  792              Mr.      A.                                         BOC Edwards Chemical Management Ltd
                                       Springall 18/02/2002Managing Director
 1502              Mr.      B.         Rice                            Bohan
                                                 18/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 7617   John TaylorMr       J          Taylor                                       Unit 1, Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Chairman Boing InternationalThe Old Malthouse
 9146   A Dudley                                                       Boley &      The Drive
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Skuse Ltd
10053   Mr D T Price                                                   Bominflot 36
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Ltd Bridge Street
 1824              Mr       Colin W. Evans                             Bondford 7
                                                 07/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd-11 Claremont Road
 1503              Mr       C.         Blizzard                        Bondline The Courtyard
                                                 18/01/2002Managing Director Electronics Ltd
   47              Mr       C. R.      Phillips                        Bonds        Rumbolds Ltd
                                                 10/09/2001Managing DirectorO'Euston RoadHill
10649              Mr       N          Vadgama              Manager BonSai Plastics Plasware House
 7350    R Hill                                  05/04/2004Director                 First Ltd
                                                                       Bookcraft (Bath) Avenue
10401              Mr.      S. T. W. Murray                            Borax
                                                 21/08/2001Managing DirectorEurope Ltd
  601   D N Stratford                                                  Borcombe PrintersPark Ind Estate
                                                 05/04/2004Financial Director       Abbey PLC
10540              Mr       N.         Elwell                                        Ltd
                                                                       Bordengate11 Marlborough Street
  547              Mr.      R. G.                                      Borer Data Gotelee House
                                       Chapman 09/11/2001Managing Director          Systems Ltd
  548              Mr.      M. A.                                      Borolabs
                                       Greenwood09/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
 7333   Chris Somers                             05/04/2004                         Knightcott
                                                                       Boulters of Banwell Ltd
  809              Ms                                                  Boundstone Engraving Ltd
                            Freda R. Dawson 10/11/2001Company Secretary 127 Lynchford Road
10768              Mr.      D.         Price                           Bourdon-Haenni LtdHouse
                                                            Managing Director       Stafford
10096   Mr B R Chester                           05/04/2004                         Bourne House
                                                                       Bourne Publicity Ltd
 5626   Mr E Wong                                                      Boustead Garrick House
                                                 05/04/2004Executive Director PLC
 1826              Mr       Brian F.   Mobbs                           Bowater Carolyn
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary Europe LtdHouse
 1827              Ms                                                  Bowden Brickworks House
                            Nicola J. Bowden 11/01/2002Company Secretary Bros Ltd
 9112   B T Bowering                                                   Bowerings Animal Feeds Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Mananing Director        The Docks
10565              Mr       A          Reed                                         D
                                                                       Bowlplex Ltd ean Park House
 1828              Mr       Eric W.    Geal                            Bowlrite
                                                 31/01/2002Company Secretary LtdCharrington Bowl
 9700   D A Boucher                                                    Bowmill      20-25 Morris
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Engineering Ltd Road

                                            Page 18

 1829               Mr     Clive R.    Cooke                         Bowtech 5a Manor Way
                                                31/01/2002Company Secretary Electronics International Ltd
   30               Mr.    M. P.       Bowyer                        Bowyer
                                                21/09/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
10513               Mr     C           Sayer                                      Midland House
                                                           Chairman Boxall Sayer Ltd
 1504               Mr     D. J.       Furnell                       Boyland
                                                23/01/2002Financial Director (Joinery) Ltd
  794               Mr.    J.          Day                           Brachers
                                                18/02/2002Company Secretary Somerfield House
  549               Mr     Sylvia R. H.Annison                       Bracknell 2 Bullbrook
                                                09/11/2001Company Secretary Fireworks LtdRow
10231   S J Bradbury                                                 Bradec       Bradec House
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director (Andover) Ltd
   48               Mr.    J. P.      Muller                         Bradley      Ham Bridge Trading Estate
                                                10/09/2001Financial Director Glass Ltd
 7618   E Leggot Mr        E          Leggot    05/04/2004Director                Bristol & West
                                                                     Bradleys Estate Agents Building
 3980   Mr P Gray Mr.      P.         Bray                           Braeaire Unit Anex Engineering)
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director Ltd (t/a18
 1830               Mr     S.         Flett                          Bragman Unit 4
                                                31/01/2002Managing Director Flett LtdThe Garth Road Industri
  812               Mr     J.         Moore                          Brake Direct Ltd
                                                10/11/2001Company Secretary
  813               Mrs.   S.                                        Bramdean Old Park Road
                                      Hutchings 10/11/2001Company Secretary Structures Ltd
  795               Mr.    J.         Ellison                        Bramwell Unit 51b Crayford Industrial E
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Furniture Ltd
10232   B Wise                                                       Brandcare Group Ltd Gate Ind Estate
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director      10 Tower
10520               Mr     S.         Gibbs                                       179a Security Ltd
                                                                     Branded ConceptLondon Road
 1831               Mr.    M.         James                          Brandt       8th Floor
                                                11/01/2002Managing Director Computers Systems Ltd
 7619   A Dowden Mr        A                                         Brandwells Park House, Church Lane
                                      Dowden 12/11/2001Managing Director          Construction Co. Ltd
 7620   P Ifold     Mr     P          Ifold     12/11/2001Director                Parson Street
                                                                     Bray & Slaughter Ltd
   41               Mr                 R.
                           ChristopherStill                          Brazier Interior Systems Ltd
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary Medino House
 9203   A J White                                                    Brecknell PO & co Ltd
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director WilllisBox 10 Station Works
 1505               Mr     E. A.      Symes                          Bredy Agricentre (Dorset) Ltd
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director       Louds Mill
 1832               Ms                                               Brewpack 2
                           Susan E. Sheridan 31/01/2002Company Secretary LtdSky Business Park
10463               Mr     T.         Williams                       Brian Huntly Sheep Pen Lane
 1024               Mr.    L.         Reece                          Brian Reece Scientific Ltd
                                                19/11/2001Company Secretary
   43               Ms     Sonia L. Brickell                         Brickell Swimming Pools
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary 84a Oakley Lane
  550               Mr.    A.         Stacey                         Bridge       Frys
                                                09/11/2001Managing Director Boats LtdIsland
  551               Mr.    R.                                        Bridge       The Arena
                                      Carpenter 09/11/2001Managing Director Marketing Support Services Ltd
  552               Mr.    M. J.                                     Bridgelock Engineering & Marketing Ltd
                                      Donnelly 09/11/2001Managing Director
 9611   G MacSporran                                                 Bridport     The Court
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director (UK) Ltd
  796               Mr.    N.         Pybus                          Brightwell Brightwell Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Dispensers Industrial Estate
 1506               Ms                 A.
                           Maureen B.Harley                          Brimor Engineering Ltd
                                                23/01/2002Company Secretary Blandford Heights
 1833               Mrs.   J. A.      Smith                          Brink & Thomas Engineering Ltd
                                                11/01/2002Company Secretary
 7621               Mr     MJ         Pearce    30/10/2001Director                Brislington
                                                                     Brislington House Ltd House, Bath Road
 7622   R J Isaacs Mr      RJ         Isaacs                         Bristol       Electrical Ltd
                                                12/11/2001Managing DirectorAuto357 Bath Road
 1507               Mr.    G.                                        Bristol      Unit Ltd
                                      Bultitude 23/01/2002Managing DirectorBatteries 18 Axis Industrial Estate
 7624   A S Lord                                                     Bristol      Fourth Way
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director Bending Sanoh Ltd
 7625               Mr
        J A Adlington      JA         Adlington 12/11/2001Director                 Glass Ltd
                                                                     Bristol Blue Great Western Dock
 7627   J F Gibbs Mr       JF         Gibbs                          Bristol      Weavers Mill, Crew Hole
                                                12/11/2001Financial Director Carpet Manufacturing Co. Ltd Road
 7628   C Coletto Mr       C          Coletto                        Bristol      Unit 2 Riverisde Business Prk
                                                12/11/2001Financial Director Catering Butchers Plc
 7631   P N GibsonMr       PN         Gibson                         Bristol      James Welfare Association
                                                12/11/2001Financial Director ContributoryTudor House
 7634   R E Smith Mr       RE         Smith                          Bristol       Sales (Market) Centre
                                                12/11/2001Managing DirectorFruitWholesale Fruit Ltd
 7637               M
        Mr Croutear r                 Croutear 12/11/2001                         1 Beach Road West
                                                                     Bristol Industrial & Research Associates
 7640   Dawn DeanDawn                 Dean      12/11/2001                        Clue House
                                                                     Bristol Office Machines Ltd
 8730   M G Fox                                                      Bristol      Fox Overall
                                                05/04/2004Managing DirectorOilskin &House Co Ltd
 7644   M A Britton Mr     MA         Britton                        Bristol      3-15 Heber Street
                                                12/11/2001Managing DirectorPowerwash
 7645   T G PearceMr       TG         Pearce                         Bristol      7 Seddon Road
                                                12/11/2001Managing DirectorSecurity & Property Management
 7646   Dave SalterMr      Dave       Salter    12/11/2001                        543-551
                                                                     Bristol Tile Co. Ltd Fishponds Road
 7647   C S Levan Mr       CS         Levan                          Bristol      & Gauge Engineering Ltd
                                                12/11/2001Managing DirectorTool Church Road
10402               Mr.    R.         Dendle                         Britannic Genesis House
                                                21/08/2001Managing Director Telecom Co. Ltd
 1835               Mr.    A. D.      Spence                         Britannic Britannic
                                                31/01/2002Managing Director Travel Ltd House
   44               Mr.    A.                                        Britax Contour Ltd
                                      Bridgeman 04/02/2002Managing Director

                                            Page 19

10233              Mr     C          Pegg                             Britax Excelsior Ltd
                                                 03/12/2001Administration Manager Churchill Way West
 6226   Mr Mike Riddle                                                Britax       Castle
                                                 05/04/2004Financial Director Wingard LtdTrading Estate
 1836              Mr     Jonathan Brierley                           Britcast
                                                 31/01/2002Company SecretaryLtd78 Smithbrook Kilns
 9113   K J Stenning                             05/04/2004Director                PO Box
                                                                      Brithene Films Ltd 23
   74              Mr.    R.          Dugard                          British
                                                 07/11/2001Managing Director& General Tube Co.
10205   Mr M Pledger                                                  British      Unit 1A Branch Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Branch Manager Central Electrical CoDepot
10777              Mr.    N. A.       Bamford                         British
                                                            Managing DirectorDefence Equipment Catalogue
 1508              Mr.    S.          Romeo                           British
                                                 23/01/2002Managing DirectorDiamond Wire Die Co. Ltd
  553              Mr     Colin E. R. Barrett                         British Estate Services Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Company Secretary 132 Bath Road
 7649              Mr     PG          Adams      30/01/2002Director                Portview Ltd
                                                                      British Seed Houses Road
  602   Ms J E Hatch                                                  British Teleflower Service Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 35 Romsey Ind Estate
  554              Mr     Charles J. Jones                            British Wall Tie Association
                                                 09/11/2001Company Secretary
   45              Col.   J. M.       Evans                           Britorion PO
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd Box 98
  555              Mrs.   J.          Wise                            Broadbear Bros Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Managing Director
   49              Mr.    K.                                          Broadbridge Precision Engineering Ltd
                                      Hollamby 10/09/2001Managing Director
 1837              Mr                                                 Broadcast Sandy Farm,
                          Raymond Stevens 30/01/2002Company Secretary Equipment LtdSands Road
   31              Mr     J. J.       Barnett                         Broadcast Technology LtdRoyce Close
                                                 21/09/2001Financial Director      Sopwith Park,
 9701   Mark Pratt                               05/04/2004                        57 Hatchpond Road
                                                                      Broadview Blinds Ltd
 7655              Mr
        P R Thornell      PR                                          Broadway (Bristol) Engineering Co. Ltd
                                      Thornell 12/11/2001Managing Director         Knapps Lane
  798              Mr     W. M.       Davis                           Broanmain Vincent Works
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director       Ltd (Thermo Plastic Division)
 1838              Mr.    F. T.       Fuller                          Broderick
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director Structures Ltd
 1839              Mr     N.                                          Brodersen Control Systems Ltd
                                      Brodersen 30/01/2002Managing Director        Unit 11, Canbury Business Park
10622              Mr     S           Ball                            Brody Entertainment Ltd
                                                            Managing Director      The Pavillion
 1840              Mr     Brian                                       Brooklands Museum Picture
                                      Cookson 30/01/2002Company Secretary The Clubhouse Library
 1509              Mrs.
        Mrs S Harfield    S. I.       Harfield                        Brooks & Coates Gravel Pits
                                                 23/01/2002Company Secretary Webb Engineering Ltd t/a (Relia
10234   J A Coggins                                                   Brooks       Northway
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Crownhill Patternmakers Ltd
  556              Mr     J.          Brooks                          Brooks       The Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Managing Director PartnersPaddocks
 9412   J Showering                                                   Brothers Anglo Trading
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Drinks Co Ltd Estate
10781                                                       Sir       Brown & Son
 1841             Mr      Ronald D. Watson                            Brown Bros Paper Ltd
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary 168-170 South Street
 7658   M A Brown Mr      MA          Brown                           Browns       170 St Johns Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director Electrical (Bristol)Lane
10515             Mr      MD          Heathcote             Director               Browse
                                                                      Browse Ladieswear Ltd
 4030             Mr.     D.          Banks                           Bruce
                                                 21/08/2001Managing DirectorBanks Sails Ltd
 1510             Mr      R. G.                                       Bruhn        1 Allenby
                                      Cowlishaw 23/01/2002Managing DirectorNewtech Ltd Road
 1511             Mr.     A.          King                            Brunel Holdings P.L.C.
                                                 23/01/2002Company Secretary Brunel House
 7681   S Dobbins Mr      S           Dobbins 12/11/2001Director                   22 Dragon Ltd
                                                                      Brunel Training Group Court
  816                                                                 Brunswick Units 4-5
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary Technologies Europe Ltd
10235   M D Brunton                              05/04/2004Director                Thruxton Down House
                                                                      Brunton Business Publications Ltd
  557               Mr.   C. R.       Arnold                          Brush Wellman Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Company Secretary
 1917   Mr M Stevens                             05/04/2004                        9 Stratfield
                                                                      Brymor Contractors Park
 1357               Mr
        Darren Carson     Darren      Carson     24/01/2002                        Unit
                                                                      BT Rolatruc Ltd 1A, Mead Street
 1842               Mr    S.          Moore                           B-Tech International Ltd
                                                 15/01/2002Company Secretary Vulcan House
 1843               Mr.   J. P.                                       Buchanan & Curwen (Leatherhead) Ltd
                                      Hoveman 15/01/2002Managing Director          Fairfield Works
 9421   J C Russell                              05/04/2004Director                Mill Lane, Ltd
                                                                      Buckeye InternationalLopen
  558               Mr.   T. E.                                       Bucks        Britannia Foundry
                                      Bravington 09/11/2001Managing DirectorDie Casting Co. Ltd
 1844               Ms    Margaret A.Bird                             Budd & Bird Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary 165 King Charles Road
 1845               Mr    Andrew                                      Buildspan
                                      Critchley 30/01/2002Company Secretary 69-73 James Road
 8834   E B Bulger                               05/04/2004Partner                 Higher Woolcombe
                                                                      Bulger Builders
 1846               Ms    Sarah C. Egerton                            Bulk Storage & Process Systems Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary Colekitchen Lane
 1847               Mr.   M. J.                                       Bullough
                                      Dunkerton 15/01/2002Company Secretary P.L.C.
 1848               Mr.   A. J.       Wordsworth                      Bunten       PO Box Ltd
                                                 15/01/2002Managing Director & Lancaster278
 1849               Mr.   A.          Ball                            Bunzl
                                                 30/01/2002Financial Director Catering (part of Bunzl Disposable

                                            Page 20

   47             Mr        Maya K.    Patel                           Burall Infocard Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Company Secretary 10 London Road
 1512             Mr.       R.         Latham                          Burford     Unit &
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director Controls18 Instrumentation Ltd
   52             Mr        P.         Callaghan                       Burgess Unit 3, Ltd
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director FastenersConsort Way
  820             Ms        Rosemary   Bush                            Burmarc Unit 12
                                                  08/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
 7351   P Kelly                                                        Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Ltd
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director      Camden Mill
 1850                Mr.    P.         Dipre                           Burrows
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Communications Ltd
 1513                Mr.    P. W.      Burt                            Burt Steel Ltd
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director
 1313   Jackie Bannister                                               Burton      65-68 High
                                                  05/04/2004Financial Director Daily Mail Ltd Street
  559                Mr.    A. V. S.   Sharpe                          Burtons     Columbia
                                                  09/11/2001Managing Director Biscuits Ltd Centre
 7733   P Green                                                        Bush &      Golden Valley
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Wilton Valves Ltd Lane
10206   Mr B Hillier                                                   Bush Nelson PLC
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director      Stephenson Way
 6232   Mr Tim Kingsbury                          05/04/2004Director               28 Marmion Road
                                                                       Bushnell Porter
 4275   Stephanie Hobson                          05/04/2004                        Medical Business Centre
                                                                       Business & 9 Headlands Business Park
   53                Mr                                                Business 2-6 The Broadway
                            John M. S. Quartley 10/09/2001Company Secretary Bureau Ltd
 1851                Ms     Sheila     Batty                           Business Connaught Business Centre
                                                  15/01/2002Company Secretary Care
 6233   Mr Pete Cleverley                         05/04/2004                       Unit F3 Solutions
                                                                       Business ComputerRailway Triangle
 7352   C J Macey                                                      Business Forms DirectHouse
                                                  05/04/2004Financial Director     Enterprise Ltd
 4276   Mr Howard Neal                                                 Business Hollybrook Road
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Information Management Ltd
10577                Ms     V          Caton                                       Unit 20 Lynx crescent
                                                                       Business Link Express Ltd
 9114   M Holman Mr         M          Holman                          Business Link Somerset Ltd
                                                  07/11/2001Finance Director       West Quay Business Centre
 1852                Ms.    R.         French                          Business Fifth Floor
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Link Surrey
  560                Mr     Kenneth A. Darvall                         Business 4 Acre Road
                                                  09/11/2001Company Secretary Moves Ltd
  561                Mr     A.                                         Business
                                       Johnson 09/11/2001Managing Director Resources
  549   Ms B L BoxallMs     BL         Boxall     13/08/2002                       1 Leyton Property Maintenance
                                                                       Business Services & Road
  550   Ms E M BishopMs     E M Bishop            05/04/2004                       10 West Links
                                                                       Business Solutions UK LtdTollgate
 1985   Mrs J P Wileman                           05/04/2004                       Leigh Limited
                                                                       Business SynergyHouse
 1853                Ms                                                Business 185 Upper Selsdon
                            Sheila A. Donoghue 15/01/2002Company Secretary Systems Design Ltd Road
 1854                Mr     Matthew M.Elboz                            Business 52 Hazon Way
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary World Communications Ltd
 1855                Mr.    R. P.      Butcher                         Butcher
                                                  15/01/2002Company SecretaryBros Ltd (Butbro Welding Product
 1856                Mr     D.                                         Butler      Kings Mill
                                       Kennedy 15/01/2002Financial Director Service Group UK
  822                Mr.    D. E.                 08/11/2001Managing Director Rubber Ltd
                                       Winterbottom                    Butser
 9431   N J Gamblen                               05/04/2004Director                Jones & Co
                                                                       Butterworth3 Hammet Ltd
 1857                Mr     Anthony J. Button                          Button Carpets Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary 1 Cambridge Place
  562                Mr.    G.         Loader                          Button
                                                  09/11/2001Managing Director Fronts (London) Ltd
   54                Miss   C. M.      Brooker                         Buxactic The Winnows, Home Farm
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director Ltd
 1858                Mr     Kevin R. Carr                              Buxton Homes (South East) Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary Cedar House
   57                Mr     C.         Mills                           C&A         66
                                                  10/09/2001Managing DirectorElectricsWhyke Lane
 4283   Mr CB Clarke                              05/04/2004                       Unit
                                                                       C & C Rewinds 7, Test Valley Business C
  826                Mr     R.         Sands                           C&C         Roystan House
                                                  02/11/2001Managing DirectorTechnology Ltd
 1514                Mr     C.         Hudson                          C&H         25a Eastcott
                                                  23/01/2002Managing DirectorRefrigeration Ltd Hill
10632                Mr     C          Davies                                      Clay Lane
                                                                       C & J Marine Textiles
 1859                Mr.    N.                                         C & L Developments Ltd
                                       Anderson 30/01/2002Managing Director        The Tyrrell Building
   58                Ms     Hazel P. Carter                            C & M Fire Unit 26, City Business Centre
                                                  10/09/2001Company Secretary Alarms & Electrical Contracto
  563                Mr     Roger                                      C 2 C Systems Ltd
                                       Underhill 09/11/2001Company Secretary 6 Richfield Place
  155                Mr.    D.         Myers                           CAE
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director(UK) P.L.C.
  833                Mr.    P. J.      Figgins                         C B F (Aluminium Treatments) Ltd
                                                  02/11/2001Managing Director
 1860                Mr     A.         Irving                          CCM         Linden
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director (Flintex Ltd)Lea House
 4053                Mr     S.                                         CCS
                                       Thomas 22/08/2001Managing DirectorLtd Unit 5, Lulworth Business Cent
 8835                Mr     P          Fry                             C G Fry     The Green
                                                  07/11/2001Managing Director & Son Ltd
   61                Mr     Simon A. Rye                               C G S Manufacturing
                                                  10/09/2001Company Secretary 1b-1c, Modern Moulds Business
10891                Mr     C.         Oram                            CHS         Shaw Porter House
                                                             Managing DirectorEnvironmental Services Ltd
10615                Ms     K          Holt                                        3 Ltd
                                                                       C H Seymour Fisher Street

                                            Page 21

 1515               Mr.    G. H. S.                                   C I Automation Ltd
                                      Williams 23/01/2002Managing Director         Shaftesbury Centre
 1516               Dr.    G. M.      Roberts                         C I Electronics Ltd
                                                 23/01/2002Company Secretary
 1517               Mr.    J.                                         C J Products Ltd
                                      Herlinger 23/01/2002Managing Director        Fiveways House
 3983   Mr P Silva Mr      P.         Silva                           CJR
                                                 29/11/2001Financial Director Propulsion Ltd
  842               Ms     Caroline                                   C K B Trading Ltd
                                      Girdlestone02/11/2001Company Secretary Envisage House
  844               Mr     M.         Nixon                           C L Automation Ltd
                                                 02/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 6 Headlands Business Park
   69               Mr.    P. B. T.                                   C L C Group Ltd
                                      Armitage 04/02/2002Managing Director
  163               Ms     Karen J.   Howes                           C L D Distribution Ltd
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Lady Lee House
10405               Mr.    P.         Carter                          C L I Connect Ltd
                                                 21/08/2001Financial Director
 1518               Mrs.   L.         Moore                           CML          Compton
                                                 23/01/2002Financial Director (Metalfab) Ltd Mill
   70               Mr     J. W.      Carn                            C M Precision (T.P.) Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director
10236   J W Carn                                 05/04/2004Director                15/16 Brunel Gate
                                                                      C M Precision (Turned Parts) Ltd
 4065               Ms     Sheila A. Ross                             C M S Information Systems Ltd
                                                 28/08/2001Company Secretary 67-69 High Street
   67               Mr     G. K.      Eade                            CMT
                                                 17/09/2001Managing DirectorS Ltd  Unit C
 9547   J C McKee                                                     C N Unwin Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       Willow House, Artillery Road
  165               Mr     B.         Goble                           CNX
                                                 25/02/2002Managing DirectorLtd Unit M4, Rudford Indust Est
10951               Mr     A.         Bowyer                          C P Films 13 Acorn Business Centre
                                                           Managing Director
   83               Mr.    R.         Lord                            CPG
                                                 04/02/2002Managing DirectorLogistics Ltd
  564               Mr     G.         Guide                           CPK          C P K House, Colndale Road
                                                 09/11/2001Financial Director (Industrial Finishers) Ltd
  862               Mr     William J. Arnold                          C P K Construction
                                                 01/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 5, Cluster Industrial Est
  863               Mr.    O. M.      Holmes                          C P L (Electronics) Ltd
                                                 01/11/2001Company Secretary
  565               Mr.    D.         Cairns                          C P L Plastics Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Managing Director
  566               Mr     Allen F.   Lewis                           C P Rose 17 Willow Road
                                                 09/11/2001Company Secretary (Engineering) Co. Ltd
  864               Mr.    B. J.      Boag                            CPV
                                                 01/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd Woodington Mill
   48               Mr     D.         Wooton                          CRM          72 Mytchett Road
                                                 24/01/2002Managing Director Associates
  866               Mr.    R. W.      Parsley                         CRM
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director Saw Co. Ltd
10967               Mr     S.         Lewis                           CRS          Provincial
                                                           Managing DirectorSolutions Ltd House
10968               Mr     K.         White                           CRS          45a Stoke Road
                                                           Managing DirectorSpecialised Building Services Ltd
 7737   C A Wadham                                                    C R Windows (Avon) Ltd Hill
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       77 Nagshead
 8993   G Guillerne                              05/04/2004Director   C S I P Ltd 69 St Thomas Street
 1519               Mr.    P.         Lloyd                           CSM          Unit 9 Ltd
                                                 23/01/2002Managing DirectorElectronicsSandford Lane Industria
  567               Mr     M.                                         CTC
                                      Newnham 09/11/2001Managing Director
10970               Mr     A.         Waren                           C T Composites2 (Automotive Division)
                                                           Managing Director       Unit UK
   61               Mr     Dudley T. Cooper                           C T F (Pest Control) Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary 11 Langley Park Road
  869               Mr     I.         Page                            C T L Components Ltd
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director       Newman Lane
   84               Mr     C.         Rickard                         C T MouldsUnit 25 Mackley Industrial Est
                                                 19/09/2001Managing Director        Ltd
 1520               Mr                                                C W Associates
                           Colin W. Woodward 23/01/2002Company Secretary 11 Parmiter Road
 7740   A C Jones                                                     C W Jones 10 Vale Lane
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       (Flooring) Ltd
  814               Mr.    R.         Bradley                         C. Brewer
                                                 10/11/2001Company Secretary & Sons Ltd
  208               Mr     M. J.                                      C. Fletcher 13 Park Co. Ltd
                                      Fletcher 30/01/2002Managing Director         Sons & Road
 1264               Mr     P. W.      Begent                          C. Pillow Boscombe Forge
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director & Son Ltd
 1265               Mr     C. A.      Jones                           C. QuitmanUllswater Crescent
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director       Ltd
  144               Mr     Ross H.    Sellers                         C.A. Goodwin Ltd
                                                 11/09/2001Company Secretary Redkiln Way
 1862               Mr.    D.         Whiting                         C.C.T.
                                                 15/01/2002Managing Director Pipe Freezing Ltd
 1001               Mr     G. S.      Colwell                         C.D. Jordans & Sons Ltd Dundas Lane
                                                 06/11/2001Managing Director       Dundas Spur,
 1521               Mr     I.         Cooper                          C.E. Bazley7a St. Andrews Trading Estate
                                                 23/01/2002Managing Director        Gas
 1266               Mr.    W.         Pile                            C.F. Sparrowhawk Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director
  568               Mr     Brian      Neale                           C.F.C. Group Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Company Secretary Commercial House
  983               Mrs.   I.         Munday                          C.H. Munday Ltd House
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director       Oxford
 1863               Mr     V.         Chang                           C.I.T. (Holidays) Ltd
                                                 15/01/2002Financial Controller    Marco Polo House
  136               Mr.    R.         Scott                           C.J. Fox Shoreham Airport
                                                 11/09/2001Managing Director
 3978   Mr M W Iies Mr     Mark W. Iles                               C.L.C.       Vincent
                                                 29/11/2001Financial Director Group Ltd Avenue

                                           Page 22

 4060             Mr.      L.         Sucharov                        C.M. Beasby
                                                 22/08/2001Managing Director      Ashurst Lo
  801             Mr.      T.         Mulliner                        C.S. Furniture Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director
   60             Mr.      V.         Watts                           C.S.P.
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 1522             Ms       Hazel A.   Collins                         C.S.W. Tiling Ltd
                                                 23/01/2002Company Secretary 22/24, Nuffield Road
  569             Mrs.     T. A.      Walters                         C.Y. Finishes Ltd
                                                 09/11/2001Financial Director
  570             Mr.      P.         Friar                           Cabcon
                                                 09/11/2001Managing Director (UK) Ltd
  571             Mr.      J.         Andrews                         Cabian      Unit 8
                                                 09/11/2001Managing Director Electrical Ltd
10474             Mr       C.         Thatcher                                    Riverside House
                                                                      Cable Accessories Energy
  452             Ms       Angela     Green                           Cable Check Systems
                                                 17/01/2002Company Secretary Quay Lane
   33             Mr       D.         Platt                           Cable       Consort Ct
                                                 21/09/2001Managing DirectorConnect
 1523             Mr.      P.         Lodge                           Cable
                                                 23/01/2002Managing DirectorFirst Ltd
11951   Mark Burchfield                          20/04/2004                       Unit 2 Brewery
                                                                      Cablecom Networking Ltd Court
 8731   A P Auty                                                      Cabletec Interconnect Road
                                                 05/04/2004Financial Director     Sunnyside Components Systems
  572             Mr.      R.                                         Cabletron Systems Ltd
                                      Sangster 06/11/2001Managing Director        Nexus House, Newbury Business
 7741   Colin Moxham                             05/04/2004                       Portview Trading
                                                                      Cabot Industrial Landscapes Estate
 7744   K W Lloyd                                                     Cadbury Smallway
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Garden Centre Ltd
 1524             Mr.      C. D.      Parry                           Cadillac    Unit 1
                                                 23/01/2002Managing Director Plastic Ltd
 4044             Ms       Anne       Hood                            Cadnam Southampton
                                                 22/08/2001Company Secretary Metalcraft Ltd Road
  825             Mr.      G.         David                           Cadogan Cadogan
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Travel Ltd House
   55             Mr       K.         Fisher                          CadonmainMarlborough Road
                                                 10/09/2001Managing Director       Ltd (t/a Salesmark)
 1865             Mrs.     S.         Annis                           Cador Technical Services
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary Madeira Road
  573             Mr.      P. R.      Chen                            Cafco
                                                 06/11/2001Managing DirectorAutomotive Ltd
  574             Mr       Peter N. Tilbury                           Cala (Payroll Preparation) Ltd
                                                 06/11/2001Company Secretary 112 Crescent Road
 1866             Mr.      S. J.      Phillips                        Calago
                                                 15/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 1525             Mr.      G.         Geeves                          Caleva
                                                 23/01/2002Managing Director Process Solutions Ltd
 1867             Mr       M.         Hume                            Calibration Systems Ltd Centre
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director      The Service
  135             Mr.      D.                                         Calibre
                                      Langridge 21/08/2001Managing Director Ltd Unit 11
  575             Mr       Peter L.                                   California Unit 6, The Business Centre
                                      Hamblin 06/11/2001Company Secretary Kleindienst Ltd
 1868             Mrs.     P.         Vermes                          Callog Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary Second Floor
10859             Mr       Janet S. M Intosh                          Calmac      Unit 10, Quay Lane Industrial
                                                            Company SecretaryMetal Finishers Ltd
 1526             Ms       Ellen                                      Calmore Unit 4, 28 Blackmoor Road
                                      Schmidt 23/01/2002Company Secretary Machinery Co. Ltd
 1527             Mr.      M.         Board                           Calne
                                                 23/01/2002Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
 7793   H B Deacon                               05/04/2004Director               Unit
                                                                      Camaction Ltd 21 Hither Grn Ind Est
 1869             Ms       Audrey                                     Camberley Glass Ltd
                                      Predgen 30/01/2002Company Secretary 453 London Road
 1870             Ms       Pauline                                    Camberley Printers Ltd
                                      Woodford 30/01/2002Company Secretary 357 London Road
   50             Mr       C.         Bridges                         Cambridge Capacitors Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director
  576             Mr.      S.                                         Cambridge Centennial Court
                                      MacQueen 06/11/2001Managing Director        Parallel Processing
 2390   Mr Tom Ghibaldan                         05/04/2004                       Residential
                                                                      Cambridge 11 Western Road
 1871             Mr       David                                      Cambridge-Lee (UK) Ltd
                                      Mulholland 30/01/2002Company Secretary 1 Camphill Industrial Estate
  577             Ms       Beryl      Baker                           Came Automation Ltd
                                                 06/11/2001Company Secretary Head Office
   56             Mr.      K.         Myers                           Cameo
                                                 10/09/2001Managing Director Hotel Signs (a division of Woodcon
 1528             Mr       R. C.      Jones                           Cameo       29 Haviland Road
                                                 23/01/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd
 7794   D A Cameron                                                   Cameron St Johns Street
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director Balloons Ltd
  578             Mrs.     S. D.      Birch                           Campbell Parr House
                                                            Managing Director Birch Executive Recruitment
   75             Ms       Diana E. Shirley                           Camrose Unit D4, Brunswick
                                                 28/11/2001Company Secretary Air Conditioning Ltd Place
 7795   J A Webb                                 05/04/2004Director               Units 4-7 The Radnor Bus Ctr
                                                                      Canada Farm Catering Ltd
  579             Mr.      N.                                         Canatron
                                      Thomas 06/11/2001Managing Director Transformers Ltd
 1529             Mr.      P. A.                                      Canford
                                      Cherrett 23/01/2002Managing Director Hill Engineering Ltd
 7353   John Nash                                05/04/2004                       21 Brass
                                                                      Cannon Clarke Ltd Mill Enterprise Ctre
 1872             Mr                                                  Cannon      Abbey Business Park
                           Jeremy P. Hopkins 30/01/2002Company SecretaryDavis Commercial Interiors Ltd
   52             Mrs      P          Dowdall                         Cannon      Unit 13
                                                 04/02/2002Financial Director Technologies Ltd
 1873             Mr       B.                                         Canon        Ltd
                                      Sturrock 30/01/2002Financial Director (UK)Canon House

                                           Page 23

10060   Mr R Davis                            05/04/2004                         Darby House
                                                                     Canusa Systems Ltd
10514             Mr     S         Bunyan                            Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
  580             Mr.    A.        Phillips                          Capaign
                                                06/11/2001Managing Director Direct Ltd
 4259   Mr K Abraham                            05/04/2004                       Unit Sea Air Communications
                                                                     CAPCOM Land 14 The New Forest Centre
 1530             Mr     J.         Grew                             Capital      Marketing
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director CityPYT HouseLtd
  802             Mr     S.                                          Capital     Paragon House
                                    Wentzell 18/02/2002Managing Director Cleaning (Kent) Ltd
 3282             Mr     D                                           Capital     Unit Systems
                                    Hawkins 07/11/2001Managing Director Security 15 Bakers Yard
   53             Mr     John F.    Toner                            Cap-It-All 149D Pack
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary Closures Ltd Lane
 1874             Mr     Shaheen Y.Lilani                            Capitan     Capitan House
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary(Europe) Ltd
  581             Mr     C.         Lee                              Capree
                                                06/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
10863                                                      Sir                   Unit Evingar Trading
                                                                     Capstan Screws4& Fastenings Ltd Estate
   34              Mr    Joanne                                      Captain     Unit 7, Ltd
                                    Coleman 21/09/2001Company SecretaryPackagingDairy Building
 3926   Mr M Toti Mr     M.         Toti                             Captec
                                                03/12/2001Managing Director Ltd Sirius House
10469              Mr    N.         Sims                                         Hanover Ltd
                                                                     Captiva Software UKHouse
 3917              Mr
        Mr T A Quigley   T. A.      Quigley                          Car Link Unit 3, The Crosshouse Centre
                                                30/11/2001Managing Director Communications Ltd
  582              Ms               A                                Car Wash 1 Sherring Clo
                         Margaret D. mbrose 06/11/2001Company Secretary UK Ltd
  583              Mr.   J. D.                                       Cara London Ltd
                                    Somerville 06/11/2001Managing Director
 1875              Mr.   K.                                          Caradon Caradon House
                                    Richardson30/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
  584              Mr.   S. U.                                       Card Professionals Ltd House
                                    Ellis-Bolton06/11/2001Managing Director      Cedarmount
10592              Mr    T          Playford                         Carewatch Carrton House
 1531              Mr.   J.         Carter                           Carford
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Catering Equipment Ltd
 1876              Mr                                                Cariad Ltd
                         William E. Skelding 30/01/2002Company Secretary Aromatherapy Supplies
   54              Ms               Barnes
                         Jacqueline M.                               Carisway St. Margarets
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary Cleaning Consultants Ltd
  827              Mr.   G.                                          Carlo Gavazzi UK Springlakes Industrial
                                    Megretron 02/11/2001Managing Director        Unit 7 Ltd
  561   B M Beer         BM         Beer                             Carlton Civil Eng Ltd
                                                13/08/2002Company Secretary Sunnyside View
 1877              Mr.   R. A.                                       Carlton     5 Twin Bridges Business Park
                                    Lawrence 15/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Services Ltd
  158              Ms    Deborah Stocker                             Carlton Spray Finishes Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Ditchling Common Industrial Es
10470              Mr    J.         Stickley                                     69 Cloche Way
                                                                     Carnival Digital Graphics
  606   M E Davis        ME         Davis                            Caroway Station Yard
                                                13/08/2002Company Secretary Contractors Ltd
  828              Mr.   G.         Gould                            Caroway Jubilee Works
                                                02/11/2001Managing Director Fabrications Ltd
  803              Mr.   M.         Cook                             Carrier     United Technologies House
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Air Conditioning
 1532              Mr    C.         Hyder                            Carrington Caunter Ltd Centre
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director      The Saxon
   59              Mr.   C. R.      Marks                            Carringworth Ltd Mackleys Industrial E
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director      Unit 5-9
  829              Ms    Linda      Carroll                          Carroll & Willow Cottage
                                                02/11/2001Company Secretary Son (Fleet) Ltd
 1878              Mr                                                Carroll Tools Ltd
                         Douglas Ballantyne 15/01/2002Company Secretary 16-18 Factory Lane
  804              Mr.   J. F.      Morgan                           Cartem
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 6244   Mr G J Carter                                                Carter       Ltd
                                                05/04/2004Managing DirectorGold27 Landport Terrace
 1533              Mr    Alan J.    Carter                           Carter Pumps
                                                23/01/2002Company Secretary Hopton Industrial Estate
10573              Mr    R          Carter                           Carters     19-29 Preston Road
 8732   M A Bowyer                                                   Cartodraft ServicesHouse
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director     Abatec Ltd
  830              Mr.   W. B.                                       Cartographical Services Ltd
                                    Bucknall 02/11/2001Managing Director         North Common
 9956              Mr    A          Cox                              Carville
                                                10/01/2002Managing Director LtdStation Road
  831              Mr.   D.                                          Casco       Castlelock House
                                    Williams 02/11/2001Managing Director Preston International Ltd
 8916   J T Carter                                                   Case &      Motcombe
                                                05/04/2004Technical Director Sons Ltd
  159              Mr    B. O.      Casey                            Casey
                                                25/02/2002Managing Director& Co. Unit 14
  806              Mr.   P.         Stone                            Cash
                                                18/02/2002Financial DirectorBases
10237   A J Cassedy                             05/04/2004Director               Thruxton Down House
                                                                     Cassedy Russell Design Consultants Ltd
 1879              Mr.   H. W.                                       Castelco Castle Works
                                    Schneider 29/01/2002Managing Director (Great Britain) Ltd
 8822   A J Alsop                               05/04/2004Director               Station Road
                                                                     Casterbridge Furniture Ltd
  585              Mr.   P.         Falk                             Castle
                                                06/11/2001Financial Director Care-tech Ltd
 1534              Mr.   T.         Primett                          Castle
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Engineering (Portland) Ltd
 8832   G Johnston                              05/04/2004Director               214 Malvern
                                                                     Castle Information Ltd Road

                                         Page 24

 1535                Mr.   I.        Griffiths                     Castle
                                              23/01/2002Managing Director Metals Ltd
  586                Mr.   L.        Thomas                        Castle
                                              06/11/2001Financial Director Microwave Ltd
 9340   P C Steels                            05/04/2004Director               Neroche House, Factory Lane
                                                                   Castle Neroche (Interiors) Ltd
   35                Mr    L. J.     Warren                        Cat Pumps 1 Fleet Business Park
                                              21/09/2001Managing Director      (UK) Ltd
 1880                Mr                                            Catcom      150 Bordesley Road
                           Thomas Griessner 29/01/2002Company SecretaryCommunication Ltd
  587                Mr.   C. J.     Cornish                       CaterbridgeUnit 17
                                              06/11/2001Managing Director       Ltd
 1881                Mr                                            Caterham 89a Gloucester Road
                           David C. Kingsley 15/01/2002Company Secretary Surgical Supplies Ltd
  588                Ms                                            Catering 537 Ipswich Road
                           Eileen P. Halkyard 06/11/2001Company Secretary Installation & Service Ltd
10187   Mr B Burns                            05/04/2004                       Terminus Road
                                                                   Cathedral Works Organisation Ltd
 1882              Mr.     N. P.     Day                           Cattron-Theimeg (UK) Industrial Estate
                                              29/01/2002Managing Director      Riverdene Ltd
 6245   Mr & Mrs Watton                                                        10 Villiers
                                              05/04/2004Proprietor Causeway Carriers Road
 1536              Mr.     T. E.     Hilder                        Cavendish Software Ltd
                                              23/01/2002Managing Director
  589              Mr.     A. R.     Cawley                        Cawley      PO Industrial
                                              06/11/2001Managing Director Marine Box 12 Ltd
 4254   Mr MJ Goody                           05/04/2004                       Portlink House
                                                                   CD Couriers Ltd
  590              Ms      Janet S. Enright                        Cedar Concrete Services Ltd
                                              06/11/2001Company Secretary
10636              Ms      L         James                                     2440 The
                                                                   Cedar Systems Ltd Quadrant
   60              Ms.     D.        Blay                          Cedes        Ltd
                                              10/09/2001Managing Director (UK)Brook Farmhouse
  591              Ms      Susan E. Wood                           Cee Relays Ltd
                                              06/11/2001Company Secretary 87c Whitby Road
 1883              Mr.     G.        Poulain                       CEEP
                                              15/01/2002Managing DirectorLtd Unit 7 Haslemere Industrial Es
  551              Ms
        Ms C A Chafe       C A Chafe          13/08/2002                       19 Mitchell Point
                                                                   CEI Electrical Ltd
   76              Ms      Sheila M. Griffin                       Ceiling Grids Ltd
                                              07/11/2001Company Secretary 5 Gastons Wood Est
  834              Mr.     R.        Mier                          Celab
                                              02/11/2001Financial Director Ltd
  592              Mr      S.        Livesey                       Celloglas Unit 12c, Exeter Way
                                              05/11/2001Managing Director Speciality Products
  835              Mr.     T.        Forster                       Cellular    Nyewood Industries
                                              02/11/2001Managing Director Developments Ltd
10874              Mr      R.        Salter                        Celtic Audio Ltd London Road
                                                         Managing Director     113
   60   Mr P Lymn Mr       P.        Lymn                          Cemco        L
                                              04/02/2002Managing Director F S 1 Silverthorne Way
 1884              Ms                                              Cemplas Holbrook House
                           Tracey M. Blencowe 15/01/2002Company Secretary Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs
 9200   M Vivian                              05/04/2004Director               Centaur House
                                                                   Centaur Services Ltd
10272   Mr DJ Nicholls                        05/04/2004           Centeon Ltd Centeon House
  288   Mr I Churcher                                              CenterpriseLimetree WayLtd
                                              05/04/2004Finance Director        International
 1537              Mr      T.        Walker                        Central     Units 3-7
                                              23/01/2002Managing Director Spares Ltd
10482              Mr      M.        Williams                                  Rebuilds & Industrial Estate
                                                                   Centriplant Little Mead Tank Co Ltd
 1886              Mrs.    E.                                      Centura     Sharwood House
                                     Underwood29/01/2002Managing Director Foods Ltd
10877                                                    Sir                    Ltd
                                                                   CeoTronics1 Highview
 1881   Mrs Jacqui Hodge                                           Ceratech 1 Omega Ltd
                                              05/04/2004Company Secretary Electronics Park
 9204   H R Davies                                                 Cerdic      Beaching
                                              05/04/2004Managing Director Foundries Ltd Close
10586              Mr      A         Morris                                    98-110 High
                                                                   Cerebra Recruitment LtdStreet
  593              Mr      Terence W.Godfray                       Certes Security P.L.C.
                                              05/11/2001Company Secretary 878 Plymouth Road
  836              Mr.     A.                                      Cetec       Coopers House
                                     Marchant 02/11/2001Managing DirectorConsultancy Ltd
 1538              Mr.     J.        Weaver                        Cetrek
                                              23/01/2002Managing Director
10589              Mr      B         Seymur                        Cetronic Unit 51
 1887              Mr      Glesni Y. Pratt                         Cevac Ltd
                                              29/01/2002Company Secretary Hildene
  247   Terry Ikle                                                 CFS Group plc
                                              05/04/2004Company Secretary CFS House, Intec Business Est
10017   Shirley Woodley                                            CGC         Unit E Grovebell Ind Estate
                                              05/04/2004Office Manager Technology Ltd
 1539              Mr.     P.        Cheney                        Chainey 5 Rosamond Avenue
                                              23/01/2002Managing Director Plant
 3704   Mr T Garnett                          05/04/2004                       Chaldon House
                                                                   Chaldon International Ltd
  333              Mr      Simon J. Oldroyd                        Chalie Richards & Co Ltd
                                              05/10/2001Company Secretary 2 Grove House
 4362   John Challis                          05/04/2004                       61 The
                                                                   Challis Bright & Co Avenue
 9403   Ursula Hague                          05/04/2004                       Ltd
                                                                   Chalon UK Old Hambridge Mill
 1540              Mr.     T. R.     Long                          Chalwyn
                                              23/01/2002Financial Director Equipment
   61              Mr      D.        Bailey                        Chambers MedicalBeresford Gate, South
                                              04/02/2002Managing Director      Unit 5, Care Ltd
 8795   D Davies                              05/04/2004Director               Wisteria Works,
                                                                   Champion Processes Ltd Station Road

                                            Page 25

  807               Mr     A. R.      Cope                            Chandlers Building Supplies Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director        The Broyle
  594               Mr     D.         Hammond                         Change       12 High Street
                                                05/11/2001Managing Director Plus Plus Ltd
  595               Mr.    M.         Edmonds                         Channel
                                                05/11/2001Managing Director Electric Equipment Ltd
  837               Ms     Rosemary   Elborough                       Channel 9 Petersfield Ltd
                                                02/11/2001Company Secretary Safety SystemsBusiness Park
  552   R R Ransom         RR         Ransom    13/08/2002            Chantacre LtdLocks Farm
  808               Mr     G. H.      Mason                           Chapman & Smith Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director        Safir Works
 1888               Mr.    A. M.      Shepherd                        Charles
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director Austen Pumps Ltd
 4222   Mrs T Charles                           05/04/2004                         27 Pershore Close
                                                                      Charles Design Associates
 1541               Mr.    R. W.      Hanks                           Charles
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Lighting Ltd
  596               Mr.    M.                                         Charlie
                                      Bridgeman 05/11/2001Managing Director Brown's Auto Centres Ltd
   62               Mr     M.         Jones                           Charlton North
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director IronworkHeath Farm
 4039               Mr.    R. F.      Quaife                          Charntec Unit 4
                                                22/08/2001Managing Director Electronics Ltd
 1889               Mr.    R. H.                                      Charter      Unit 4 Unicorn Trading Estate
                                      Osborne 15/01/2002Managing Director Chemicals International Ltd
 1890               Mr     Ryan C. Say                                Chartland Chartland Ltd
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary Electronics House
10761               Mr.    T.         Hauxwell                        Chas.
                                                           Financial Director A. Blatchford & Sons Ltd
 3710   Mr KC Jesty                             05/04/2004                         Unit 2
                                                                      Chase Freight LtdBessemer Close
 1891               Mr     M.                                         Chasmood Unit 8
                                      Beckwith 15/01/2002Managing Director
  839               Mr     R.                                         Chassis      16 Botley Road
                                      Gibbons 02/11/2001Managing Director Development Ltd
10027   Mr DJ Chatfield                         05/04/2004                         Newton House
                                                                      Chatfield Applied Research Lab Ltd
   63               Mr     B. K.      Wood                            ChatsworthMulberry Industrial Estate
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director         Forge Ltd
 1331   Nigel Savage                                                  Chattem Guerry House
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director (UK) Limited
10207   Mr I Jaggard                                                  Check        3-4 Satellite
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director Technology Ltd Business Village
 1542               Mr                                                CheckmateSt. Andrews Ind Estate
                           D. W. G. Ackerman 23/01/2002Managing Director            Devices Ltd
 1543               Mr     J.         Hicks                           Chelmix Unit 1-2, Kendrick Trading Est
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Concrete Ltd
 1893               Mr.    S                                          Chelsea
                                      Fletcher 29/01/2002Financial Controller Instruments Ltd
 9269   J A Griffin                                                   Chemega Ltd Transport Dept
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director       The
10208   Mrs J Graham                            05/04/2004                         Unit A2
                                                                      Chemigraphic Ltd The Fleming Centre
 6118   Mr G L Robbins                          05/04/2004Director                 Avonbank Studio
                                                                      Cheshire Robbins Design Group
   36               Mr.    T.                                         Chesim
                                      Dismore 21/09/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
  661               Mr.    G.         Beall                           Chess        Unit
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Systems 7
 1544               Mr.    D. J.      Pearce                          Chester
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Jefferies Ltd
   64               Mr     I.         Bradley                         Cheverel
                                                19/09/2001Managing Director Optoelectronics Ltd
   65               Mr     R.                   19/09/2001Managing Director
                                      Calloway-Lewis                  Chichester Canvas
10188   Mr MJ Carter                                                  Chichester Joinery Ltd
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director        Unit 12, Gravel Lane
  161               Ms     Bridget R. Bridger                         Chichester Vinnetrow Road
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Tractors Ltd
 4226   Mark Adams                              05/04/2004                         Beaulieu Nursery
                                                                      Chichester Trees & Shrubs
   64               Mr     William M. Rea                             Childsplay 585 Southleigh
                                                04/02/2002Company Secretary Emsworth Ltd Road
 3712   Mr Walker                               05/04/2004                         Southwell Business Park
                                                                      Chilport Security
  597               Mr     P.         Mutton                          Chiltern
                                                05/11/2001Managing Director Signs  1 Aldin Avenue North
 4227   Mrs Sylvia Waite                        05/04/2004                         Chilworth Ltd
                                                                      Chilworth TechnologyScience Park
   37               Mr.    C.         Ford                            Chimflue U
                                                21/09/2001Managing Director Ltd nit 5 Viscount Court
  598               Mrs.   J.         Friend                          China Trading Co.
                                                05/11/2001Financial Controller     Whitehouse Farm
  599               Mr     Richard    Wells                           Chingford Unit 1
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary Technical Coating Ltd
 6253   Mr Neil Shaw                            05/04/2004Partner     Chinneck Shaw11 Milton Road
 1894               Mr                T.
                           Leonard R. Leeson                          Chitter Chatter Telecom
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary 92 North EndLtd
10121   Mrs AM Elliott                          05/04/2004                         Unit Tools Ltd
                                                                      Chivott MachineC1 Rudford Ind Est
   65               Mr.    I.         Bray                            Chloride
                                                04/02/2002Financial Director Power Protection
 1545               Mr.    L. S.      Malina                          Cholcroft Ltd shley Lodge
                                                23/01/2002Financial Director       A
 6120   R Green                                 05/04/2004Proprietor Chores        80 Halstock Crescent
  600               Mr.    B. C.      Cowan                           Chr Hansen (UK) Ltd
                                                05/11/2001Managing Director
  553   C S Proudlock      CS         Proudlock 13/08/2002                         Hazel Cottage
                                                                      Chris Proudlock Ltd
 4297   Mr I Hooper                             05/04/2004                         Wallington House
                                                                      Christianson Hooper Norman Ltd

                                            Page 26

 1358              Mr
        David Whitaker   D         Whitaker     24/01/2002                        212-218 London Road
                                                                     Christie Intruder Alarms
 3715   Mr C J Adams                                                               J Adams
                                                05/04/2004Proprieter ChristopherOld Library House
  840              Ms.   S. M.       Clover                          Chromatone
                                                02/11/2001Company Secretary 64-66 Somers Road
10061   Mr W Phelan                                                  Chrome Salbrook Road
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director Print Ltd
 1546              Mr.   J.          Smith                           Chubb
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Electronic Security Ltd
 4230   Mr PL Jones                             05/04/2004                        W Churches & Son Ltd
                                                                     Churches Building Services
  841              Ms                Newman 02/11/2001Company Secretary Fire Security Ltd
                         Patricia M. J.                              Churches Monks Brook Industrial Park
  601              Ms    Angela B. Pearce                            Churchill Unit 12, Station Industrial Es
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary Controls Ltd
 7802   A J Chater                                                   Churngold Surfacing Ltd
                                                05/04/2004Financial Director      Northway
 1895              Mr    Philippe    Kohler                          Ciat (UK) 5
                                                29/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd Byfleet Tech Centre
10894              Mr    J.          Housden                         CIBA Vision (UK) Ltd
                                                           Managing Director
  554   P R Thirkettle   PR          Thirkettle 13/08/2002                        Park West
                                                                     Cibavision UK Ltd
 1547              Ms.   M.                                          Cifer Data Systems Ltd
                                     Goddard 23/01/2002Managing Director
10660              Mr    S           Mason                                        Queensbury House
                                                                     Circle Computer Group Ltd
  566   M Wareham        M                                           Circuit      Units 1-2 Co Ltd
                                     Wareham 13/08/2002Financial Director eng MarketingSilverthorne Way
10895              Mr    Carl        Hill                            Circuit Supply
                                                           Company Secretary 28 Aston Road
10133   Mr EM Irving                                                 Ciretech Unit 4 Huffwood Trading Estate
                                                05/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
  602              Mr                                                Cistermiser Ltd
                         Dennis L. Spencer 05/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 1, Woodley Park Estate
10675              Mr    J           Namihas                                      Unit 8 Ltd
                                                                     CIT Intern. FreightPerth Trading Est
 1548              Mr.   D.          Chang                           Citronic
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 7803              Mr    R           Davies                          City Engineering (Bristol) Ltd
                                                23/11/2001Managing Director       7 Maggs Lane
 4579   Mrs Khon                                05/04/2004                        B3
                                                                     CK Coffee Ltd Blackmoor Road
 1896              Ms    Patricia A. Fisher                          Clapro Ltd
                                                29/01/2002Company Secretary 2a Sussex Road
10379   Mr R Taylor                             05/04/2004                        Woods Way
                                                                     Clare instruments Ltd
10301   Mr M Sturt Mr    M           Sturt      05/04/2004                        23 Star Road
                                                                     Claremont Press Ltd
 9522   J J Ensall                              05/04/2004Director                Parkwood Estate
                                                                     Clares Merchandise Equipment Ltd
  603              Mr.   K. D.       Frowen                          Claridge
                                                05/11/2001Financial Director Presswork Co. Ltd
 1897              Mr.   P. I.       Carre                           Clark &      Unit 19
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director Fenn Ltd (Incorporating G. Jacks
 7355   A R Jones Mr     A           Jones                           Clark Business Ferry Road
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director       Old Products Ltd
 1898              Mr.   G.          Butler                          Clark Electric Clutch & Controls Ltd
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director       Bourne Works
 1549   Mr D ClarkeMr    D. A.       Clarke                          Clarke       Old Sarum
                                                24/01/2002Financial Director Instruments Ltd Airfield
 7805              Mr    GD          Osborne 23/11/2001Director                   Silverthorne Lane
                                                                     Clarks Wood Co Ltd
  604              Mr    A.          Warren                          Classic Colours Ltd
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary 66-72 Katesgrove Lane
  843              Mr    A.          Hay                             Classic
                                                02/11/2001Managing Director Loo's Litnnets
  605              Mr.   P.                                          Claude       Fenton House
                                     Graham 05/11/2001Managing Director Fenton (Construction) Ltd
  606              Mr.   J.          Fenton                          Claude Fenton Plant Hire Ltd
                                                05/11/2001Company Secretary
 7806              Mr    IM                                          Claverham Bishops Road
                                     Whybrow 30/01/2002Financial Director         Ltd
   66              Mr.   R. E.       Barker                          Claybrook Computing Ltd
                                                17/09/2001Managing Director       Sutherland House
 1899              Mr.   R. A.       Wolf                            Claygate
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director Chemicals Ltd
 1900              Ms    Judy V.     Brain                           Cleaford 46 Hazell
                                                29/01/2002Company Secretary Services LtdRoad
  845              Mr.   P. C.       Crane                           Clean        Unit &
                                                02/11/2001Managing DirectorChemical 25 Supplies Ltd
 1901              Mr    J           Lessels    29/01/2002Partner                 Cleanco
                                                                     Clean Connections House
 6261   Nick Roberts                            05/04/2004                        Ltd
                                                                     Cleanaway Walton Road
 1902              Mr    John E.     Dixon                           Clean-Be A
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd T I House
  607              Mr    S           Guthrie                         Cleaning Unit 3, Ltd
                                                05/11/2001Managing Director Logistics Barcley House
  846              Ms    Helen E. Noyce                              Cleaning Orchard House
                                                02/11/2001Company Secretary Supplies Direct Ltd
 1903              Mr.   C. S.       Mence                           Cleanline
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
 1904              Mr    R.          Keeble                M         Cleanscreen Computer Services
                                                17/01/2002a anaging Director      6 Woodmere Avenue
 4010              Mr.   P.          Weston                          Cleansing Service Group Ltd
                                                21/08/2001Financial Director
10452              Mr    K           Druce                           Clearfinish Ltd Gatwick Road
                                                           Managing Director      43
 9115   A M Lindley                                                  Clearwater Plc
                                                05/04/2004Company Secretary Clearwater House
  528              Mrs   Deborah George                              Clearwater Technology Ltd
                                                15/03/2002Senior Administrator 4 Minster Court

                                         Page 27

  847             Mr.      D.        Milne                            Clearway Unit A
                                                 02/11/2001Managing Director Plastics Ltd
 1905             Mrs.     A.        Spear                  C         Clement Clement House
                                                 17/01/2002a ompany Secretary Windows Group Ltd
10238   R J Poyser                               05/04/2004Director                North Ltd
                                                                      Clements Eng CoWay
 2112   Mr D Harwood                             05/04/2004Partner                 Victory Business Centre
                                                                      Clements Technical Recruitments
 1906               Mr.    M. J.      Elliott                         Clenaware Systems Ltd
                                                 29/01/2002Financial Director
  114   Mr I Gilson Mr     Ian        Gilson                          Clenmay Maintenance Services Ltd
                                                 13/08/2002Financial Director      Runsford St George
 8720   A R Goode                                05/04/2004Director                Elton House
                                                                      Clevedon Newspapers Ltd
 1907               Mr                                                Cleveland Cleveland
                           Michael J. Hammond 29/01/2002Company Secretary Joinery Ltd Place
 1908               Mr.    C.                                         Click Precision Engineers Ltd
                                      Chatterley 29/01/2002Managing Director       Pembroke House
10062   Mr CK Murphy                             05/04/2004                        76 Components Ltd
                                                                      Cliff Electronic Holmethorpe Avenue
   41               Mr     G. D.      Coupe                           Clifford     1 Royal
                                                 23/01/2002Managing Director Coupe Ltd Close
 1910               Mr.    M. L.                                      Clifford Partitioning Co. Ltd
                                      Hawkins 23/01/2002Company Secretary Champion House
 4208   Mr C Taylor                              05/04/2004                        Clift
                                                                      Clift Courtiers House, George Street
 7379   D C Wall                                 05/04/2004Partner                 The
                                                                      Clifton Lodge Old Vicarage
10033   Mr P Green                               05/04/2004                        Holmcroft Nursery
                                                                      Clinical Engineering Consultants Ltd
 1359               Mr
        Richard Galvin     R          Galvin     24/01/2002                        Dumpers
                                                                      Clive Barford Limited Drove
 9116   C J Brueford                                                  Clive Brueford Engineering Ltd Ind Park
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       Unit 8-9 Sedgemount
 7807               Mrs    L          Welling                         Clockwork 9 Portland Square
                                                 30/01/2002Financial Controller Cleaning Ltd
 3596   Susie Ashmore                            05/04/2004                        Southbrook House
                                                                      Close Invoice Finance Limited
 1911               Mr.    R. C.      Broad                           Clough       Suprete House
                                                 29/01/2002Managing Director (Croydon) Ltd
  555   Ms B G BurnsMs     BG         Burns      05/04/2004                        Unit
                                                                      Cluett Burns Ltd6 Solent Ind Estate
    1               Mr.    R. W.      Garrett                         Clyde Combustions Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary
10044   Mr M Dye                                 05/04/2004                        Hunters Lodge
                                                                      CNC Vacuum Processes Ltd
   72               Ms                Gear
                           Stephanie L.                               Coastal      Eagle House
                                                 04/02/2002Company SecretaryLeisure (UK) Ltd
 6125   R Gooden                                 05/04/2004Director                Services
                                                                      Coastal Lift Drewitt House
 1550               Mr     T. P.                                      Coastal      11 Airfield
                                      Barnetson 24/01/2002Managing Director Woodcraft LtdWay
 6127   Mr J Ball                                05/04/2004Director                Unit 10
                                                                      Coastline Produce Ltd
    2               Mr     S. P.      Chase                           Coated       Orchard
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director Screens Ltd House
 9117               M
        M I Tolchard r     M                                          Coates       Unit Ltd
                                      Tolchard 07/11/2001Managing Director Fencing 3 Barhams Close
 6128   Anthony CobbMr     A          Cobb                            Cobb         6 Allens Lane
                                                 07/11/2001Sales Director Bros (Sovereign Kitchens) Ltd
 3725   Mr Ken Colmer                            05/04/2004           Cobham Plc   Brook Road
 1360               M
        Iqbal Ahmed r      I          Ahmed                           Cobra BeerAlexander House
                                                 24/01/2002Area Manager             Ltd
 6129   Gary Banks                               05/04/2004Director                66 Ensbury (Dorset) Ltd
                                                                      Cobsen-Davies RoofingPark Road
10661               Ms     C          Price                                        South Ltd
                                                                      Cobweb SolutionsBarn
 7811               Mr     Paul       Tasmin     08/11/2001                         Productions
                                                                      Cod SteaksUnit 18 Albion Dockside Est
    3               Mr                Barnes
                           Jeremy J. K.                               Codan (U.K.) Ltd
                                                 28/01/2002Company Secretary Gostrey House
  608               Ms                                                Codegate Unit
                           Linda M. Churcher 05/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd 3, The Sapphire Centre
  609               Mrs.   M.                                         Coditex      Unit 2b
                                      Quinsac 05/11/2001Managing Director Electronics Ltd
 6131   Mrs P Sheppard                                                Coffeeman The Courtyard
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       Vending Ltd
 7808               Mr     BR         Mounty     30/10/2001Director   Coffetek Ltd Unit 25 Portishead Bus Park
 5576   Mr Philip Yetman                         05/04/2004                        & Hampshire Terrace
                                                                      Coffin Mew 17Clover
    4               Mr     M.         Riley                           Cognition 84 Coombe Road
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director Solutions P.L.C.
   68               Mr     C.                                         Coin Acceptors Europe Centre
                                      Bjorkstravd17/09/2001Managing Director       4 Felbridge Ltd
 9205   C M Hailes                                                    Coin-Age 5 Millfield
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director (Bristol) LtdTrading Estate
    5               Mr     M.         Hickey                          Coinford 145-147 Godstone Road
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 9206   M R Throup                               05/04/2004Director                Millfield Industrial Estate
                                                                      Coker Engineering Ltd
10209   Mr S St John                                                  Colas Ltd Wallage Lane
                                                 05/04/2004Marketing Manager
 2247               Mr     R          Howells                         Cold Chain 291 Tarring Road
                                                 04/12/2001Financial Director      Instruments Ltd
 3726   Mr E Garland                             05/04/2004                        51-53
                                                                      Cold Service Ltd Sterte Avenue West
 7809               Mr     ST         Wilson     30/10/2001Director                13-15 West Street
                                                                      Coldharbour Systems Ltd
   69               Mr.    S. B.      Holroyd                         ColdstreamOlympus House
                                                 17/09/2001Managing Director        Engineering
  848               Ms     Louise     May                             Cole &       Bridge
                                                 01/11/2001Managing Director Mason Ltd House

                                             Page 28

 8242              Ms       Sally       Andrews  30/01/2002                        Gordano Gate
                                                                       Coleman UK Plc
  166              Mr       J. A.       Greenway                       Coles Bros 1-3 Stephenson Way
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director        Crawley Ltd
    6              Mr       M.          Rogerson                       Colets      T
                                                 28/01/2002Managing DirectorPiling he Old Village Hall
 1551              Ms       Yvonne R.   Clark                          Colin Clark & Sons Ltd
                                                 24/01/2002Company Secretary Manor Farm(Little Angus But
10580              Mr       C           Hookey                                     Wilson House
                                                                       Colin Hookey & Partners
 9207              Mr
        Roger Bulcock       Roger       Bulcock                        Colin        Engineering Ltd
                                                 28/11/2001Supply Manager Mear Combe Wood
 5724   Mr Paul Vennard                                                Collett, Dickenson, Pearce & Ptnrs
                                                 05/04/2004Fleet Manager           33-34 Soho Square
10491              Mrs      A.         Collingwood                                 46-48 Victoria
                                                                       Collingwood-Batchelor LtdRoad
    7              Mr       R. F.                                      Collins     Domec
                                       Chapple 28/01/2002Managing Director & Day Ltd House
  459              Ms       Sally A.                                   Collins Tyre Services (Portsmouth) Ltd
                                       Elverson 17/01/2002Company Secretary 468 London Road
 5725   Mr Darren Bedford                        05/04/2004                         Insurance Brokers
                                                                       Colonnade Halifax House, Ferguson Street
 8796   S Calder                                 05/04/2004Director                Formal House
                                                                       Colony Private Label Ltd
  812              Mr.      P. J.                                      Colorcon F
                                       Parsons 18/02/2002Company Secretary Ltdlagship House
 1552              Mr.      E. A.      Hall                            Colorgraphic Communications Ltd
                                                 24/01/2002Managing Director       Peach Tree House
  610              Mr.      G.         Smith                           Colorific
                                                 05/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
   70              Mr                   D.
                            ChristopherDowling                         Colorscope Printers Ltd
                                                 17/09/2001Company Secretary Charlwoods Road
  611              Ms                                                  Colorsport Nine
                            Nicole R. Thorogood 05/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd Mile Ride
 1847   Mrs J Hyland                             05/04/2004                        43 Woolmer
                                                                       Colour Graphic Arts Ltd Way
 5705   Mr P Baron                                                      Manager International Limited
                                                 05/04/2004Purchasing ColourCareRiverside House
    8              Mr.      C. E. F.                                   Colour-Therm Ltd
                                       Shepherd 28/01/2002Managing Director
 1553                                                                  Colson      Unit 4 Argyle
                                                 24/01/2002Financial Director Engineering Ltd Commercial Centr
    9             Mr.       K.                                         Colsteels
                                       Neumann 28/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 1554             Mrs       G          Mears                           Colston     Brunel Park
                                                 24/01/2002Financial Controller Manufacturing (Engineering) Co.
10908             Mr.       S.         West                            Colt International Ltd
                                                            Financial Director
   71             Mr        J. R.                                      Columbia Fleming Way
                                       Edwards 17/09/2001Managing Director Finishing Ltd
  612             Mr                                                   Columns 37A St. Peters Avenue
                            James H. Williamson 05/11/2001Company Secretary Design Ltd
10910             Mr        C.         Goddard                         Colval      Unit 1A,
                                                            Managing DirectorEngineering Bury Farm
   10             Mr.       H. A.      Streets                         Colvin Holdings P.L.C.
                                                 28/01/2002Company Secretary
 7810   Roger Matthews                           05/04/2004                        Armstrong Way
                                                                       Comasec Yate Ltd
   11             Mr        B.         Warren                          Combe       4th Floor, A
                                                 28/01/2002Financial Director International LtdM P House
 9335   Dan Cook                                                       Combined Edge Tools Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       Sabre Engineering Works
  613             Ms                                                   Combined William Hartley Close
                            Susan A. Edwards 05/11/2001Company Secretary Industrial Services (Group Mana
10911             Mr        S.         Otterway                        Comdel      Unit
                                                            Managing Director Europa 3, The Rose Estate
   13             Mr.       P.         Streak                          Comenco
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director Design Engineering Co. Ltd
 3298   Mrs Guest                                05/04/2004                        Whitney Road
                                                                       Commercial & General Interiors
  664                                                                  Commercial Aerospace Services Co. Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Financial Director      Aviation Centre
   14               Mr      A.         Ricks                           Commercial Interior Co. Ltd
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director       Adams House
  526               Mr      A                                          Commercial Ltd
                                       Hindmarsh 13/03/2002Managing Director       Commercial House
   38               Mr      I.         Hiscutt                         Commercial Printers Portsmouth Ltd
                                                 21/09/2001Managing Director       39 Park Way
 7812   D T Kelly                                                      Commercial Spares Distributors Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       Barton Manor
   15               Mr      A.                                         Commercial Trading Co. Ltd (C T C)
                                       Greenhalgh28/01/2002Managing Director       Unit D6
 7813   D J Hart                                                       Commercial Transfer Ltd
                                                 05/04/2004Managing Director       14/16 Dixon Road
  460            Ms                    Hewson 17/01/2002Company Secretary Standard Services (Solent) Ltd
                            Jacqueline F.                              Commercial Vehicle Way
 4592   Mr G Timms                               19/10/2001                        Gundrymoor Industrial Estate
                                                                       Comms (UK) Ltd
 1555            Mr.        T.         Christie                        Communication 1a Woodland Industrial Es
                                                 24/01/2002Managing Director       Unit Aerials Ltd
 1556            Mr         LW                   24/01/2002Managing Director
                                       Lois Wakeman                                Horsemans
                                                                       Communication Arts Hill Barn
   16            Mr.        E.         Miller                          Communication G Argent Court
                                                 28/01/2002Managing Director       Unit Installations Ltd
10912            Mr         G.         Carter                          Communications Systems (International) L
                                                            Managing Director      Portsmouth Enterprise Centre
   72            Mr         P.         Staples                         Communications Wholesale (Sussex) Ltd
                                                 17/09/2001Managing Director       31 Brighton Road
  462            Ms         Ellen I.   Amos                            Comovend Ltd
                                                 17/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 4, Warrior Business Centr
  850            Mr                                                    Compact Blueprint
                            Malcolm P. Fletcher 01/11/2001Company Secretary Lighting Ltd1700
   17            Mr.        R. J.      Matthews No Mail                Compass Cowley House
                                                            Managing Director Group P.L.C.

                                             Page 29

  525             Mr        V          Machin                          Compass Purchasing Ltd
                                                  13/03/2002Supply Chain Manager 72-80 Gatehouse Road
   18             Mr        M.                                         Competitive Cleaners Ltd
                                       Williamson 28/01/2002Managing Director     Unit 12, Boundary Business Cen
   73             Mr.       K.         Gale                            Complete Systems House
                                                  17/09/2001Managing Director Business Systems Ltd
   74             Mr.       R. W.                                      Component4Moulders Industrials
                                       Harrison 17/09/2001Managing Director          & 5 Teville
  614             Mr.       C. R.      Ealding                         Components Electronics & Lighting
                                                  05/11/2001Managing Director
 4220   David Smith                                                    Composite StructuresHouse
                                                  05/04/2004Financial Controller  Eastleigh
  851                                                                  Composite Thruxton Airfield
                                                  01/11/2001Company Secretary Technology Ltd
 6272   P Lane                                    05/04/2004Director              The Building Services Ltd
                                                                       Comprehensive Earl
  615               Mr      William H. Moore                           Comprehensive Cable Installations
                                                  05/11/2001Company Secretary 108 New Greenham Park
  137               Mr.     K.         Parrish                         Compsoft P.L.C.
                                                  21/08/2001Managing Director     Equinox House
   75               Mr.     W.                                         Compstock Eagle Trading Estate
                                       McKnight 10/09/2001Managing Director        International
  616               Mr      Leslie                                     Compucat The Mews
                                       Richmond 05/11/2001Company Secretary Europe Ltd
10916               Mr.     T.         Greco                           CompuprintAnglesey House
                                                             Managing Director     Genicom International
 4171   Dr CA Bubbia                              05/04/2004                      Ashurst Lodge
                                                                       Computational Mechanics International
  813               Mr.     S.         Weeks                           Computer 2000
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director     Langbourne House
10645               Mr      M          Bhatti                                     495-499 Oxford
                                                                       Computer Care South Ltd Road
   19               Mr      M.                                         Computer Intelligence Ltd Centre
                                       Jennings 28/01/2002Managing Director       The Quadrant
  852               Mr      R.         Green                           Computer Junction (solent) Ltd
                                                  01/11/2001Managing Director     276 Arundel Street
  617               Mr      J.         Hale                            Computer Optical Products
                                                  07/11/2001Managing Director
  618               Mrs.    M. A.      Adaway                          Computer
                                                  07/11/2001Company Secretary Recognition Systems Ltd
  619               Mr      Charles H. Fielding                        Computer
                                                  07/11/2001Company Secretary Resale Brokers Ltd
   20               Mr.     J. J.      Aherne                          Computer Services House
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director     Wandle Ltd
   21               Ms      Barbara A. Firth                           Computer Devonshire
                                                  28/01/2002Company Secretary Software Ltd House
  620               Mr.     P.         Wilson                          Computer Truck1International Ltd
                                                  07/11/2001Managing Director     Unit Lakeside Industrial Est
  621               Mr      I.                                         Computer Valley Systems Industrial Estat
                                       Alderton 07/11/2001Managing Director       Turnpike Road
   78               Mr.     T.         Eden                            Computermail Ltd Court, Moniton Trading E
                                                  28/11/2001Managing Director     Maple
 7816               Mr      Ross       Clarke                           Manager The Ltd
                                                  07/12/2001Purchasing Computershare Pavilions
  853               Ms      Fiona J.   Haines                          Comswitch (europe) Ltd
                                                  01/11/2001Company Secretary 19 The Hundred
  622               Mr.     R. A.      Daden                           Comtec
                                                  07/11/2001Managing Director
 7358   P K Strelczak                                                  Comtec     8/9 Avon Buildings
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Business Systems Plc
   22               Mr      S.         Roberts                         Comtrex 2 Gatwick Metro Centre
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director Systems Corporation Ltd
   26               Mr.     L. J.                                      Con Mech Group Ltd
                                       Chapman 28/01/2002Managing Director        Cleary Court
   24               Mr.     R. C.      Gerrard                         Cona Ltd Unit 3
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director
   23               Mr      J. A.      Broom                           Conair     Prospect House, Archipelago
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director Group Ltd
10922               Mr.     M.         Bractenbury                     Conbury Units 1 & Ltd
                                                             Managing Director Consultants 2
 7818   M C Burnell                               05/04/2004Director              Monarch
                                                                       Concab Electrical LtdHouse
 8797   R D Griffin                                                    Concargo Ltd Mixon Crescent
                                                  05/04/2004Technical Director    Old
   39               Mr      G. W.      Gustar                          Concept Unit 9 Shamrock Enterprise Cen
                                                  21/09/2001Managing Director (Design & Engineering) Ltd
  623               Mr      Michael G. Hope                            Concept Unit 7, Woodlands Business Par
                                                  07/11/2001Company Secretary Engineering Ltd
 7359   P W Thomson                                                    Concept 3rd Floor Suite
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Publishing Ltd
   25               Mr.     D.         Naisbitt                        Concoat Alasan House
                                                  28/01/2002Financial Director Ltd
  814               Mr.     A.         Green                           Concord
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director Lighting
 7820   B P Beard                                                      Concrete Unit 7 & Systems Bus
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Machinery8 Satellite Ltd Park
10924               Mr.     J.         Fairley                         Concrete Association House
                                                             Company Secretary Repair Association
   76               Mr.     D. A.      Dalton                          Condale Independent Business Park
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director Plastics Ltd
   74               M
        Mr R Turner r       R.         Turner                          Conder     Pullman House, Barton Park
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Products Ltd
   75               M
        Mr R Turner r       R.         Turner                          Conder      L
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director S TKingsley House, Ganders Park
   40               Mr      A. R.      Chrissti                        Conditionaire Systems (Portsmouth) Ltd
                                                  21/09/2001Managing Director
 3731   Miss Diane Porter                         05/04/2004                      Condor
                                                                       Condor Ferries Ltd House
   76               Mr
        Mr G Critchlow                                                 Connaught Cleaning Centre
                            Geoffrey D.Critchlow 04/02/2002Company Secretary The ApexServices Ltd
   77   Mr C SimpsonMr.     C.                                         Connaught Gower House
                                       Simpson 04/02/2002Managing Director         Training Ltd
 1557               Mr      J.         Brazier                         Connections A.M.L.
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director     Unit 8, Newtown Business Park

                                            Page 30

  624              Mr      N.        Roach                              Consilium Kelpatrick Road
                                                  07/11/2001Company Secretary Construction Ltd
  466              Mr      D.        Burden                             Constab Unit 4, Victory
                                                  17/01/2002Managing Director Addative PolimusTrading Estate
 7842   D K Smithies                                                    Construction & Real West Street
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director       190/192 Estate Ltd
   77              Mr.     J. V.                                        ConsumersPO Box 28C U C House
                                      Fitzpatrick 10/09/2001Managing Director        Utility Costs Ltd
   28              Mr      A. V.                                        Contarnex Europe Ltd Way
                                      Turpeinen 28/01/2002Managing Director         252 Martin
 9797                                             21/11/2001            Contax Ltd Little Park Farm Road
10929              Mr      A.         Watts                             Contec      144-148
                                                             Managing Director Enterprises Ash Road
   29              Mr.     M.                                           Contec       Ltd
                                      Townsend 28/01/2002Managing Director U KUnit 13 Lockbie
   30              Mr      M.         Xenakis                           Contimex 15 South Lane
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director Co. Ltd
 7360   N Bender                                                        Continental Bath Brewery
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director       Venues Ltd
   31              Mr      Charles D. Hill                              Continental Waterways Ltd
                                                  24/01/2002Company Secretary Upper Hankley Cottage
   41   Mr J Burbridge                            20/04/2004            Contisteel (Southern) Ltd
10477              Mr      N          Foster                                        Unit 2 Fosters
                                                                        Contour Electronics Ltd Bus Park
 3900              Ms
        Ms F M Sheridan                                                 Contract Unit Ltd
                           Fiona M. Sheridan 03/12/2001Company Secretary Cables4A, Empress Park
   32              Mr      C. E.                                        Control     Tollers Farm
                                      Cleanthi 28/01/2002Managing Director Energy Costs Ltd
10239   P L Turtle                                                      Control Techniques Dynamics Ltd
                                                  05/04/2004Company Secretary South Way
 5669   Ms Jane Jacks                             05/04/2004                        St Giles PLC
                                                                        Control Techniques Technology
 9990   Mr JA Churn                                                     Control Valve Maintenance (Staines)
                                                  05/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 3B, Crabtree Road Ltd
 1558              Mr.     P. J.      Earner                            Controlled Packaging Services Ltd
                                                  24/01/2002Financial Director
  625              Mr.     D.                                           Controls Greenacres
                                      McQuillan 07/11/2001Managing Director & Connectors Ltd
  815              Mr      Raymond C.                                   Contromec Installations Ltd
                                      Williams 18/02/2002Company Secretary Contromec House, Unit 102
  167              Mr      S. D.      Cooke                             Cooke       Units 9
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director International
 8994   P Cooknell                                                      Cooknell 17 Cambridge
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Electronics Ltd Road
   34              Ms      Lynette                                      Cool Air    1
                                      Cushing 24/01/2002Company Secretary Co. 4 Seaforth Avenue
   42   Mr R Aspoa Mr      R.         Asopa                             Coolers     12 Brunel Way
                                                  29/11/2001Managing Director & Condensers Ltd
   78              Mr      J.         Radford                           Coolheat D
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd ovedale House
 7843   R G Counsell                                                    Cooling     Airways,
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director Services LtdMidlands Way
  854              Ms      M                                            CoolmationUnit 7
                                      Edmunds 01/11/2001Financial Manager           Ltd
 8984   B K Bryant                                05/04/2004Director                Unit 17 Sandford Lane Ind Est
                                                                        Cool-Tec Services Ltd
  626              Mr      Alan R.                                      Co-ordinated Control Systems Business Pa
                                      Harrison 07/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 17, WoodlandsLtd
10252   Mr AD Dawson                              05/04/2004                        CEC House
                                                                        Co-Ordinated Engineering Consultants
 4156   Mr Tony Gard                              05/04/2004                        The Station Mill
                                                                        Copicat Creative
 1332   Peter Rumham                              05/04/2004Director                Smitham Bridge Road
                                                                        Copressor Products International Ltd
   35              Mr      M.         Rivers                            Copyquest Ltd Kew Road
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director       98
 1560              Mr      A.                                           Copystore Ltd
                                      Hindmarch 24/01/2002Managing Director         24-26 Cricklade Road
  168              Mr      Peter R. Clarke                              Coralfoam 12
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary Ltd Petworth Ind Est
10303              Mr      PI         Peckham 17/01/2002a               Cordek Ltd Spring Copse Business Park
   36              Mr      J.         Grey                              Cores       42 Vulcan
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director& Tubes Ltd Way
  856              Mr.     S. D.      Hunt                              Corewire
                                                  01/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
   37              Mr      B.         Coren                             Corich      Old Gunn
                                                  28/01/2002Managing Director Computing LtdCt
   44              Mr.     G.         Allen                             Corintech Ashford Mill
                                                  26/09/2001Company Secretary Ltd
10373   Mr MP Greenaway                                                 Cormon
                                                  05/04/2004Managing Director LtdUnit 8, Riverbank Bus Centre
 4389   Mr N Morant                               05/04/2004                        Clenston Ltd
                                                                        Cormorant Ventures Manor
 4011              Mr      N.                                           Corrosion Defence Ltd
                                      Johnston 21/08/2001Managing Director          Unit 17A, Bury Farm
10164   Mr SR Gregory                             05/04/2004                        27 Victoria Gardens
                                                                        Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
 4159   Miss Janice Ward                          05/04/2004                         Industries Ltd
                                                                        Corrotherm2-4 Canute Road
  857              Mrs.    A.         Barnes                            Corrugated Plastic Hightown Industrial Es
                                                  01/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 21 Products Ltd
 4043              Mr      D. M.      Green                             Cortursel N
                                                  22/08/2001Company Secretary Ltd ew Road
 5671   Mr P Fagg                                                       Cory Environmental Ltd Street
                                                  05/04/2004Personnel Director      25 Wellington
   38              Mr.     S. J.                                        Cory Towage Ltd Court
                                      Hollinshead24/01/2002Financial Director       Cleary
10505              Mr      S          Sheppard                          Manager Unit 2 Central
                                                             Operations Cosalt International Ltd Ind Est
 3739   Mr T V Primett                                                  Cosens      Perryfield House
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director Engineering Ltd

                                            Page 31

   39              Mr.     D. Q.                                       Cosmic
                                       Ralphson 24/01/2002Managing Director (Addlestone) Ltd
   79              Mr      Brian G. C. Price                           Cosmic     Worting House
                                                  28/11/2001Company SecretarySoftware Ltd
 5707   Mr Mick Mutimer                                                Cossor Electronics Limited
                                                  15/04/2004Fleet & Materials Manager Pinnacles, Elizabeth Way
 1361   Roy NelsonMr       R           Nelson     15/04/2004                      Connaught House, 1 Dukes
                                                                       Costain Construction Management Ltd Court
 1561              Mr      R. H. E.                                    Cotswold The Daniel Gooch Building
                                       Manners 24/01/2002Managing Director Design & Manufacturing Ltd
 4013              Mr.     P.                                          Cotswold 13 Lower Northam Road
                                       Attwood 21/08/2001Managing Director Outdoor Ltd
 1562              Mr      D.          Ellison                         Cotswold Westmead Drive
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director Packaging Group Ltd
 1911   Mr Graham Bird                            15/04/2004                      11 Stratfield
                                                                       Cougar Automation Ltd Park
 1563              Mr      Barry       Coulton                         Coulton    17 Somerford Business Park
                                                  24/01/2002Company SecretaryInstrumentation Ltd
 7847   M C Wragg                                                                 20 Elmdale Road
                                                  15/04/2004Directors Counterpoint Consulting Ltd
10945              Mr      G.          Martin                          Country    The Boundary
                                                             Managing Director Cures (Pest Control) Ltd
 9478   R Parry                                                        County     Lovelace Works, High Street
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director Beverage Services Ltd
10946              Mrs.    W.          Hepburn                         County     7 Fairway Business Centre
                                                             Managing Director Business Technology Ltd
  858              Mr.     G.          Brazier                         County     Broxhead Works
                                                  01/11/2001Managing Director Carding Engineering Ltd
 5586   Mr JWD Humphrey                           15/04/2004                      Unit Oak
                                                                       County Caterers6Ltd Park Estate
   40              Mr.     J.          White                           County
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director Club Ltd
 7848   D A Cape                                                                  Unit 72 Station Road
                                                  15/04/2004Directors County Engineering Services Ltd workshops
 7849   N Steele                                                       County     Units
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director Flair Ltd 3-4 Simplex Ind Est
  859              Ms      Brenda      Elkins                          County Glass Ltd
                                                  01/11/2001Company Secretary 3-4, Wessex Industrial Estate
  817              Mr      J.          Mazierski 18/02/2002Director               Heritage House
                                                                       County Heritage Services
 6280   Quentin Hylands                           15/04/2004Partner               Unit 7 Portsmouth Ent Ctre
                                                                       County Shopfittings
  818              Mr.     R. N.       Gooch                           Courtin
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director & Warner Ltd
 4165   Mr N Hoskins                              15/04/2004                      Courtyard House
                                                                       Courtyard Business Development
   82              Mr.     G. K.       Day                             Cove Plastics Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director
   42              Mr.     B.          Bidston                         Coveford
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director Data Systems Ltd
   45              Mr.     K.                                          Covelward Ltd (t/a Road Runner Despatch)
                                       Edwards 26/09/2001Managing Director
 3744   Mr Hamish Gracie                          15/04/2004                      Sharp Road
                                                                       Coventry-Gauge Limited
   43              Mr      T           Stanly                          Coverad Ltd Leapale Road
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director Designate
 4168   Mr R Cowley                               15/04/2004                      86 Sandy
                                                                       Cowley Construction Lane
 6137   D Cowling                                 15/04/2004Partner               Sun
                                                                       Cowling & West Alliance House
   44              Mr      P.          Sparks                          Cozens-Smith LtdCranleigh Works
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director     Unit 4 (t/a Cozens-Smith)
 5588   Mr Terry Seddon                           15/04/2004                      40
                                                                       CPT Services Spring Vale
  819              Mr.     A.          Long                            Cradle     Centuryan Place
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director Runways International (a division
10957              Mr.     S.          Moore                           Craftec
                                                             Managing Director    4/5 Knights Court
  820              Mr      K.                                          Craftsmen Colour Tovil Hill
                                       Edmunds 18/02/2002Managing Director        21-25 Ltd
 1565              Mr      P.                                          Craftwood Construction Road
                                       Farnham 24/01/2002Managing Director        2 Wolterton Ltd
 9704   P Farnum                                  15/04/2004Director              Bostnick Farm
                                                                       Craftwood Interiors Ltd
   78              Mr      G.          Tyzack                          Crailcrest Coach House
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director Ltd
 8859   D J Kempley                               15/04/2004Director              Unit 17 Old
                                                                       Cranborne Foods Ltd Market Centre
  821              Mr.     A. G.                                       Crane      Steam Crane Wharf
                                       McConchie18/02/2002Managing Director& Rowbury Ltd
  169              Mr      David                  25/02/2002Company Secretary 1 Clayton Manor Ltd
                                       Campbell-James                  Crane Telecommunications
10028   Mrs MJ Rowley                             15/04/2004                      Cedar Cottage
                                                                       Cranesafe Ltd
  627              Mr.     D.          Davies                          Craufurd
                                                  07/11/2001Financial Director Engineering Ltd
  865              Mr.     J.                                          Crawford
                                       Simmonds 01/11/2001Managing Director Hansford & Kimber Ltd
   79              Mr      W. W.                                       Crawley Units 3-7, The Bell
                                       Huntington 10/09/2001Managing Director Industrial Press Ltd Centre
   80              Mr.     N. A.                                       Crawley
                                       Thompson 10/09/2001Managing Director Mechanical Handling Ltd
  822              Mr.     P.                                          Cray Metal Finishers Ltd
                                       Hodgson 18/02/2002Managing Director        Unit D1 Riverside Industrial E
  823              Mr      R. A.       Topliss                         Crayford Unit Ltd
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director Tubes 33, Acorn Industrial Park
 1566              Mr.     P. G. H.    Burt                            Craythorne West Tessier
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director      & de Quay House
 4031              Mr.     A.                                          Crazy Horses Promotions
                                       Stevenson 21/08/2001Managing Director      Unit 23 Universal Marina
  628              Ms      Judith E. Walker                            Creative C C S House, Bishops
                                                  07/11/2001Company Secretary Computing Solutions Ltd Gate
 7854   B H Lewy                                                                  CVA House
                                                  15/04/2004Directors Creative Video Associates Ltd

                                           Page 32

   81               Mr    P. V.       Bertrand                       Credowan Ltd
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director
   46               Mr.   R. A.       Wooster                        Creed-Miles & Co Ltd
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director      Albany Boathouse
  629               Mr.   J.          Walker                         Crellon     3 The Business Centre
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director Microsystems
 3965   Mr K HobbsMr      K.          Hobbs                          Crescent Brunswick
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Shipping Ltd House
 1567               Mr    A. C.       Dashwood                       Crest Flowline Ltd
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director
 9413   C M Hares                                                    Crest Home Improvements Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director      Crowne Trading Estate
   47               Mr.   S           Howse                          Crest       Crest House
                                                24/01/2002General ManagerNicholson Properties Ltd
   82               Mr    R.          Mower                          Cresta      Cresta Ltd
                                                19/09/2001Managing Director Supply Co. House
 1833               Mr
        Mr.A.Townsend     A                                          Crime       Lymington Bottom Road
                                      Townsend 15/04/2004Managing DirectorDetection Systems
   83               Ms    Patricia    Gaunt                          Crimptech Unit N5, Riverside
                                                19/09/2001Company Secretary International Ltd Industrial
   46               Mr.   D.          Capper                         Critchley Flowlyne House
                                                26/09/2001Managing Director Label Technology Ltd
 1362   Bob Dent Mr       B           Dent                           CRM         17 Arnside Road
                                                15/04/2004Sales Manager Saw Compant Ltd
 7855   P J Brookbank                           15/04/2004Director               Unit 7A Parnell Road
                                                                     Croft Engineering Ltd
   50               Mr    B. W.       Crooks                         Croma       Watchmoor Trade
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Industrial Supplies Ltd Centre
10240   M Gregory                                                    Cromwell Unit Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Tools 2 Print Close
 9227   N L Manley                                                   Cronite     Blacknell
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Castings Ltd Lane
 5592   Mr Mark Glyde                           15/04/2004                       Whitedale Farm
                                                                     Crop Management Services
10241   M A Thornton                            15/04/2004Director               Unit 4 Darby Gate
                                                                     Cross Country Eng (1987) Ltd
10963               Mr.   M.          Flax                           Cross       Millbank House
                                                           Managing DirectorLink Manufacturing Ltd
 7361   P H Tozer                                                    Cross       Midford Road
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director Manufacturing Co (1938) Ltd
 6283   Mr Mark Allen                                                Crossview Services Centre
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director      Challenge
  630               Mr    Digby       Lall                           Crouchcliff Unit
                                                07/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd A1
   81               Mr.   J. P.       Ribault                        Crouzet
                                                28/11/2001Managing Director LtdIntec 3
   51               Mr    Kevin J.    Newell                         Crown Hall Estates Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Company Secretary 6A Mead Row
   52               Mr.   D.          Hyslop                         Crown       Watermill House
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Tools & Fixings Ltd
10642               Mr    V           Parry                                      Bramley
                                                                     Crownlift Trucks Ltd
   53               Mr.   D.          Allway                         CrowthorneUnit 13
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Numerical Control Ltd
   65               Mr.   A. D.                                      Croydex
                                      Hammond 11/02/2002Financial Director Co. Ltd
   55               Ms    Anita M.    Bishop                         Croydon 114-118 Whitehorse
                                                28/01/2002Company Secretary Cleaning Supplies Ltd Road
   56               Mr    R.                                         Croydon Unit 4, Supplies
                                      Wolland 28/01/2002Managing Director ComputerBroadfield Close
   57               Mr    E. J.                                      Croydon 2 Bridge Parade
                                      Marshalll 28/01/2002Managing Director Electro-Platers Ltd
   58               Mr    R. D.       Gemell                         Croydon 429 Brighton Road
                                                28/01/2002Managing Director Industries Ltd (t/a R D G Medica
   59               Mr.   M.          Kosky                          Croylek
                                                28/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 1568               Mr.   T.                                         Cruisair
                                      Goldsmith 24/01/2002Managing Director UK Ltd
 1569               Mr.   J.          Lee                            Crydom      Riverside
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director International House
 1570               Mr.   M.          Jamson                         Crydom
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director Magnetics Ltd
 4179   Mr MJ Cryer                             15/04/2004                       38
                                                                     Cryer & Sons Bedford Place
 9567   D J Smith                                                    Cryil W     8 Wycliffe Road
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Hinchcliffe
  868               Mr.   D.          Pike                           Crystal
                                                01/11/2001Managing Director Finishes Ltd
 3750   Mr Rob Johnson                                               CS-Interglass Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director      Westbury
 1821   Mr.J.Mew                                15/04/2004           CSS         11-13 Guildford Road
 1333   Birgit Bradbury                         15/04/2004                       Wingate House
                                                                     Cudd Bentley Partnership Ltd
 5593   Mr David Rees                           15/04/2004                       17 Stour Road
                                                                     Cultural Fluency Training & Dev Ltd
 1571               Mr    Martin C.   Cumberland                     Cumberland Reinforcements Ltd
                                                24/01/2002Company Secretary St. George's Avenue
   62               Mr.   R. J.       Eyres                          Cummins
                                                30/01/2002Company Secretary Engine Co. Ltd
   63               Mr.   A.                                         Cuno Ltd Unit 21 Woking Business Park
                                      McElevey 30/01/2002Managing Director
 9270   J A Czamuszewic                                              Cuprinol Adderwell
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director Ltd
10972               Mr    I.          Colmer                         Curbridge Engineering Ltd
                                                           Managing Director     Unit 5, Bury Farm
 7879   P E LawrenceMr    P                                          Cursor      2 Charnwood House
                                      Lawrence 15/04/2004Managing Director Graphics Ltd
   85               Mr.   G.                                         Curtis
                                      Primack 19/09/2001Managing DirectorClothing Ltd
 4054               Mr    T.          Strong                         Curtis      Westwood Business
                                                22/08/2001Managing DirectorHolt (Southampton) Ltd Park
  870               Mr    David A.    Hoare                          Curtiss & Quartre
                                                01/11/2001Company Secretary Sons Ltd Maine Road

                                           Page 33

   47             Mr.        S.        King                              Custom     Custom House
                                                    26/09/2001Managing Director Accessories Europe Ltd
10976                                                          Sir                  Lennox Road
                                                                         Custom Card-IBS (incorporating Specialit
   64               Mr        N.                                         Custom
                                         Hawkins 30/01/2002Managing Director Carpet Co. Ltd
   48               Mr.       C. J.      Pearce                          Custom
                                                    26/09/2001Managing Director Coils
  871               Mr        S.         Bell                            Custom
                                                    01/11/2001Managing Director Covers (1984) Ltd
10979                                                          Sir       Custom Interconnect Ltd
 4184   Mr D Haddow                                 15/04/2004                      209 Solent Business Centre
                                                                         Custom Lifts Ltd
 1572               Mr        T.         Rance                           Custom     15 Fleetsbridge Business Centr
                                                    24/01/2002Managing Director Metalforms Ltd
 1573               Mr        A. G.      Witts                           Custom
                                                    24/01/2002Managing Director Micro Products Ltd
10269   R A Coleman                                                      Custom     Units 1&2 Ludgershall
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director Moulds & Mouldings Ltd Bus.Park
 1574               Ms.       V.                                         Custom
                                         Easterling 24/01/2002Financial Director Transformers Ltd
 7881   C M Coldwell                                                     Customer Interface Pavillion
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director     Bradley Ltd
   65               Mr        M.         White                           Cuteview 7
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd Frimley Road
  824               Mr.       B. M.      Ainley                          Cutform    Unit 6 Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director Holdings Phoenix Industrial Esta
 1575               Mr        Michael J. Wilkins                         CX Access Systems Ltd
                                                    24/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 5
  872               Mr        Reza       Afshar                          Cybercan Unit
                                                    01/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd C21
  631               Mr        Stuart K. Box                              Cybertronix Ltd
                                                    07/11/2001Company Secretary 110 London Street
10982               Mr.       P.         Davenport                       Cycle Works Ltd
                                                               Managing Director
 8838   P J Meech                                                        Cygnus     30 Prince of
                                                    15/04/2004Financial Director Instruments Ltd Wales Road
 3322   Ms Sally Brown                              15/04/2004           Cylink Ltd Slington House
 7882   J R Fredericks                                                   Cymap
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director Ltd Equity & Law Building
 4186   Mr N Rohatgi                                15/04/2004                      19
                                                                         Cynar UK Ltd Barbe Baker Avenue
  632               Mr.       R. L.      Hughes                          Cyphermet Ltd
                                                    07/11/2001Managing Director
   87               Mr        D.         Allan                           D&A        Unit
                                                    19/09/2001Managing DirectorPlastics A3
   70               Mr        S.                                         D&D        158 High Street
                                         Edwards 30/01/2002Managing DirectorConferences & Event Management Ltd
 7884   C Drew                                      15/04/2004Partner               The
                                                                         D & G Flooring Old Drawing Office
 1577               Mr        G.                                         D&G        Access House,
                                         Stevens 24/01/2002Managing DirectorScaffolding Co. Ltd Upton Road
 1578               Mr        A. J.      Draper                          D&H        100 Ltd
                                                    24/01/2002Managing DirectorCastings Cobham Road
   71               Mr        N.         Davies                          D & J Removals Ltd 18
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director     Suite 36,
 4188   Mr M Wallbridge                             15/04/2004                      24 Mitchell
                                                                         D & M Electrical Ltd Point
   89               Mr        D.                                         D&R        Unit 1, Old
                                         Horsman 19/09/2001Managing DirectorStructures Ltd Park Farm
  556               Ms
        Ms I J Benham         IJ         Benham 15/04/2004                          Precision
                                                                         D A Benham Eng Ltd House
10637               Ms        D          Clark                                      53 Market Place
                                                                         D A C Stationary
 6285   Cathy Wilson                                15/04/2004Director              Unit
                                                                         D A Plastics Ltd D Paulsgrove Ind Ctre
   90               Mrs.      D. K.      Roy                             DAS        Unit Ltd
                                                    19/09/2001Managing DirectorAir Cargo1 Tilgate Forest Business
 8798   D J Chapman                                                      D C Components Ltd
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director     Locking Farm Ind Estate
  633               Mr.       J.                                         DDC        Mill Reef House
                                         Gasking 07/11/2001Managing Director(United Kingdom) Ltd
   90               Mr.       T.                                         DFD
                                         Kolsaker 30/01/2002Managing DirectorInstruments
  475               Mr        D. G.                                      DGS        189-191 New
                                         Stevens 17/01/2002Managing DirectorAbrasives Division Road
 3792   Mr R W Moffett M.B.E.                       15/04/2004Owner                 Hilltop House
                                                                         D H (Wessex)
 1579               Mr        C.         Harris                          DHS         Supply Co. Ltd
                                                    24/01/2002Managing DirectorTool Haymoor Road
 8839   D J Chutter                                 15/04/2004Director               Ltd
                                                                         D J ChutterGunville Lane
  103               Mr.       D.         Gardner MBE                     D J G Exhibition34 Grace Business Centre
                                                    29/01/2002Managing Director     Unit Freight Services Ltd
 9409   D A Halls                                   15/04/2004Director               Co Ltd
                                                                         D J Miles &Porlock House
 8799   D J Patch                                   15/04/2004Director              Tottertown House
                                                                         D J Patch Plastering Ltd
  477               Mrs.      D.                                         DKW
                                         Iacobucci 17/01/2002Financial Director Engineering Ltd
 6562   Calvin Roper                                15/04/2004Director              Unit B Builder) Ltd
                                                                         D M Habens (The 10 Rodney Road
10473               Mr        D.         Braddon                                    Unit 71
                                                                         D M N Installation Ltd
  884               Mr.       C. H.                                      DMS        Belbins
                                         Bumstead 13/08/2002Financial Director technologiesBusiness Park
  885               Mr.       J.         Reeve                           DNA         Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Managing DirectorU.K. The Long Barn
  889               Mr        Neil W.    Davey                           D R Cooker Hoods Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Company Secretary Elica House
 9548   D R Jones                                                        D R Jones Yeovil
                                                                                    9 Artillery
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec Ltd Road

                                              Page 34

  634              Ms     Suzanne L.Gleed                            D S G Services (Textiles) Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Company Secretary 87 Yeovil Road
  116              Mr.    D.        Murray                           DSK          Marlborough House
                                                30/01/2002Managing DirectorTechnology International Ltd
11028              Mr     I.        Hartnall                         D T I ActionWest Farm Ltd
                                                           Managing Director        Hardware
  123              Mr     M. W.     Dorsett                          D V Automation Ltd Business Park
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       43 Barwell
   69              Mr.    A.        Buckley                          D. & A.
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 4070              Mr.    R. W.     Bowler                           D. Bowler & Sons Ltd
                                                28/08/2001Managing Director
  635              Ms     Katherine Brant                            D. Brant Lakeside Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Company Secretary ReclamationGarden Centre
  531              Mr     D.        Kelleher                         D. Kelleher Unit 9, Kingscroft Court
                                                17/01/2002Managing Director       Flooring Ltd
  636              Mr.    C.        Shortland                        D.B. Marine
                                                07/11/2001Company Secretary
 1580              Mr.    D. C.     Allen                            D.C. Allen (Engineering) Ltd
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director
  164              Mr     G.        Clifton                          D.G. CliftonHigh Street
                                                25/02/2002Managing Director
  476              Mr     D.        Stevens                          D.G.S.       189-191 New Road
                                                17/01/2002Managing Director Grinding Wheels & Machines Ltd
10403              Mr     R. H.     Payne                            D.H. Bryant33 Station Road
                                                21/08/2001Managing Director        Ltd
  984              Mr     D. J.     Mills                            D.J. Mills
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director Management Ltd
 2857   Mr Lacobucci                            15/04/2004                        Quartermaine
                                                                     D.K.W Engineering Ltd Road
 1581              Mr.    D. J.       Piper                          D.P. Seals Ltd 6
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director       Unit
   30              Mr     D. R.       Bailey                         D.R. Bailey Ltd
                                                20/12/2001Managing Director
  637              Mr     G. P.       Richard                        D.R.M.       Petrie House
                                                07/11/2001Managing Director Electronics Ltd
  892              Mr.    A. K.       Robb                           D.S.D.
                                                06/11/2001Financial Director Ltd
 1913              Ms     Anne        Hoyle                          D.W. Burns & Partner Ltd
                                                29/01/2002Company Secretary Royden House
  638              Mr.    P. M.                                      Daco Scientific Ltd House
                                      Kerrison 07/11/2001Managing Director        Vulcan
  171              Mr     Olwen V. Martin                            Daconair 6
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Ltd0 Parsonage Road
   66              Mr     H.          Uehara                         Daikin       Daikin
                                                30/01/2002Managing DirectorEurope N VHouse
   67              Mr.    K.          Lott                           Dairy Crest Dairy Crest House
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director        Ltd
  639              Mr                 I.
                          Anthony G. Walker                          Dairy Ingredients (UK) Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Company Secretary 1st Floor George 5th Place
   68              Mr     C.          Dulake                         Dale Fencing Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Stonecott Nurseries
 1582              Mr     J.          Daler                          Daler-Rowney Ltd
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director       Westminster Road
 1583              Mr.    T.          Taylor                         Dalgety      Upper
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director Arable LtdQuemerford Mill
  873              Mr     J. A.                                      Dalkia       Baltic House
                                      Arrowsmith01/11/2001Managing DirectorEnergy & Technical Services Ltd
   82              Mr.    L.          Dallago                        Dalmec
                                                21/082001 Managing Director Ltd2 Ringway Centre
 7362   Julian Bryant                           15/04/2004                         Engineering Ltd
                                                                     Damar CivilUnits 16-19 Mill Road
 2858   Mr Walling                              15/04/2004                        International House
                                                                     Danamere Financial Services Ltd
 7888              Mr     P                                          Danco International Plc Centre
                                      Cummings 07/12/2001Transport Manager        The Pavillion
   88              Mr     M.                                         Dando        Old Customs House
                                      Fitch-Roy 19/09/2001Managing Director Drilling International Ltd
 1584              Mr     S.          Grace                          Danebury Unit 4, Yeomans Industrial Par
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director Electric Ltd
10165   Mr H Rikkert                                                 Danielson Ltd Albert Drive
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       21
   72              Ms     Patricia A. Hebden                         Dankfern 11
                                                28/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd Tait Road
 2876   Mr Williams                             15/04/2004                        Nebo Road
                                                                     Danline International Ltd
 7889   D H Jones                                                    Dantec       Garonor Way
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Electronics Ltd
 1585              Ms     Vivien N. Hares                            Darglow Unit 1
                                                24/01/2002Company Secretary Engineering Ltd
 3758   Mrs M Hook                              15/04/2004Joint M.D. Darlena Ltd21-25 Sherborne Close
  416   M Forder                                                     Dart          plc
                                                15/04/2004Finance DirectorGroup Building 470
  640              Mr.    D.          Norris                         Dart Resourcing Group
                                                07/11/2001Financial Director      MDA House
  825              Mr.    M.          Root                           Dartford Unit 68C
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Engraving & Screen Printing Ltd
 7363   M W Osborne                             15/04/2004Director                Units Plc
                                                                     Dartington Foods5, 6 & 7 New Rock Ind Es
 7883   P J Asplin                                                   DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Co Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       DAS House, Quay Side
  874   Ms A S Belk                                                  Dasic International Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Company Secretary
 4195   Mr N Harris                             15/04/2004                        Eagle
                                                                     Dasic Marine Ltd Close
  641              Mr     R.          Fagan                          Data Cell Ltd
                                                07/11/2001Financial Director      Falcon Business Park
 8800   N Bishop                                                     Data Communications Associates (UK) Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director      Strowlands
   66              Mr.    P. A. S.    Boxall                         Data Dialogue (Rapidcrystal Ltd)
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director
  642              M
        Mrs H Harris rs   H           Harris    15/04/2004Buyer      Data Display (UK) Ltd

                                          Page 35

 9435   Marie Scriven                                                 Data Encryption Systems Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Company Secretary Sulver Street House
 9981              Mr     DH        Lord                              Data Loop Ltd
                                                04/12/2001Managing Director       Beare Green Court
 4196   Mr JFT Beard                            15/04/2004                        Unit 6, Fareham Business Ctr
                                                                      Data Southern Enterprises Ltd
  643              Mrs.   J.         Waters                           Data Systems (Computers) Ltd
                                                06/11/2001Managing Director
10987              Mr.    S.         Rudd                             DataCard
                                                           Managing Director Ltd
10990              Mr     D.         Fletcher                         Datakinetics Ltd
                                                           Managing Director      21 Green Lane
   91              Mr     D.                                          Datalux     11 Pelham Court
                                     McKenzie 19/09/2001Managing Director Europe Ltd
 1586              Mr     B.         Savage                           Dataman Station Road
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director Programmers Ltd
 9257              Mr     S          Manley                           Data-Path Office Network Services Ltd
                                                03/01/2002General Manager         5 Manor Buildings, New Street
  644              Mr     Ramanpal K.Dhesi                            Dataplex 129 Bath Ltd
                                                06/11/2001Company Secretary Computers Road
   74              Mr.    C. I.      Bale                             Datastripe Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director
  645              Mr.    R.         Allatt                           Datentechnik Intercom Ltd
                                                06/11/2001Company Secretary Guildgate House
   75              Mr.    K.         King                             Datoc
                                                28/01/2002Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
10991              Mr.    A.         Sills                            Datum
                                                           Managing Director Automation Ltd
   67              Mr.    S.                                          Datum
                                     Langrish 11/02/2002Managing Director Precision Tooling Ltd
   76              Mr     M.         Sayer                            Datum       169 Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director SystemsRichmond Road
10147   Mr JR Harmer                            15/04/2004                        74 Barnham
                                                                      DAU Components Ltd Road
 9271   D J Lucey                               15/04/2004Director                 Ltd
                                                                      Dave LuceyLeys Tyning
 3759   Mr D Course                             15/04/2004                         Engineering Services Ltd
                                                                      Davian Site81 Magna Road
10769              Mr.    R.         Bowler                           David Bowler & Sons Ltd
                                                           Managing Director      Hardley Industrial Estate
 4197   Mr Simon Mew                            15/04/2004                        Banquet House
                                                                      David Cotton Catering Ltd
 7890   D A Fear                                                      David Fear Rupert House
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       Electrical Contractors Ltd
 1025              Mrs.   D. C.      Gould                            David        Papers Ltd
                                                19/11/2001Financial Director John Unit 1a Middlegreen Trading Es
  826              Mr                Lord
                          Jeremy J. R.                                David Price Racing Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 19-21
 4198   Mr M Thomas                             15/04/2004                        372 Shirley Road
                                                                      David Thomas & Company
 1026              Ms     Sheila Y. Price                             David W. 414 Bath Road
                                                19/11/2001Company Secretary Price (Glass) Ltd
  827              Mr.    J. D.      Tong                             Davies      Dartford Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Turner & Co freight Terminal
 3979   Mr G Lines Mr.    G.         Lines                            Davies,     Suite Co.
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director Turner & 30 Ltd
   79              Mr.    R.         Davis                            Davis Industrial (Filters) Ltd
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director
10994              Mr.    D.         Valentine                        Davtrend U
                                                           Managing Director Ltd nit 7A
   80              Mr     A. C.      Morse                            Dawood Dawood P.L.C.
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director ConsultantsHouse
   81              Mr     S.                                          Daws
                                     Cresswell 29/01/2002Financial Director (Engineering) Ltd
10995              Mr     Maurice J. Rowles                           Dax Printing Co. 3 &
                                                           Company Secretary Units Ltd 4, Trinder House
 1587              Mr.    M.         Doo                              Dayfold
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director P.L.C.Dayfold House
 4190   Mr T Cocks                              15/04/2004                        1st Software
                                                                      DDS ComputerFloor, Croxley House
11002              Mr     Paul       Hollingworth                     De La       De La Rue House
                                                           Financial Director Rue International
11941   Mr S Mckenna                            20/04/2004            De Luxe Ltd The Alexander Bell Centre
 1588              Mr.    R.         Collins                          De Marchi Engineering
                                                23/01/2002Managing Director       Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
 3762   Mr Kevin Horton                                               Deacon      Royal London House
                                                15/04/2004General Manager Insurance Services Ltd
10997              Mr.    V.         Ramsden                          Deacons
                                                           Company Secretary Brokerage (Deacons Boatyard Ltd)
 2403   Mr T Ford                               15/04/2004                        1 The
                                                                      Dean & CompanyParade
  431   K MacIntosh                                                   Dean        Endeavour House
                                                15/04/2004Finance Director & Dyball Ltd
   49              Mr     A. G.      Allwood                          Dean &
                                                26/09/2001Managing Director Tranter Ltd
  829              Mr.    T. R.      Smith                            Dean &      Mole Business Park 3
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Wood Ltd
 1589              Ms     Gillian    Deane                            Deane Computer Services
                                                23/01/2002Company Secretary Pounbury House
 6159   Mr P House                                                    Deburring Centre Ltd Close
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       20 Liberty
  878   M G Penfold                                                   Deco-Rollex Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director      PO Box 2
   92              Ms     Jean K.    Wells                            Decra Roof Systems (UK) Ltd
                                                19/09/2001Company Secretary Unit 7
   68              Mr.    J. F.                                       Deep Sea Seals Ltd
                                     Cousins 11/02/2002Managing Director
   82              Mr     S.         Peploe                           Deewall     10a Guildford Road
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Commercial Interiors Ltd
 2864   Mr Daly                                 15/04/2004                        Unit F5, Railway Triangle
                                                                      Degree Environmental Services Ltd
  646              Mr.    D. E.                                       Dejay Distribution Business Centre
                                     Jefferson 06/11/2001Managing Director        9 The Ltd

                                           Page 36

  405   A Fisher                                                       DEK         11 Albany Road
                                                 15/04/2004Finance Director Printing Machines Ltd
  879              Mr.      L.        Harris                           Del Industrial Fastenings Ltd
                                                 06/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 1
 5714                                                                  Del         Del Monte House, Ltd.,
                                                 30/01/2002Facilities Office Monte Foods InternationalLondon Road
 9016   M Hill                                   15/04/2004                        73 Condor Desserts
                                                                       Delafields Hand Made Close
   83               Mr      G.                                         Delavale
                                       Burrows 30/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 7891   D S Paul                                                       Delkor
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director Ltd Winterfield Road
 2865   Mrs Kirsty Gibson                        15/04/2004                        Ashton
                                                                       Deloitte & Touche House
   84               Mr      J.         Barnes                          Delrac
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 9341   I N Forrest                                                    Delta Civil Engineering Co Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director       Newtown Road
 3989   Mr K Veal Mr.       K.         Veal                            Delta Pipework Services Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director       17 Hazel Road
10605               Mr      R          Adams                                       Brue
                                                                       Deltaform Ltd Avenue
 6292   John Dilley                                                    DeltagroomUnit C Highgrove Ind Park
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director
  647               Mr      David      Cutter                          Delta-Impact Ltd
                                                 02/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 4, Delta House
   93               Mr      E. P.                                      Deltom      Jubilee Estate
                                       Delgado 19/09/2001Managing Director Computer Supplies Ltd
   85               Mr.     J.                                         Delvaux
                                       Atkinson 30/01/2002Managing Director LtdCoronation House
11006               Mr      J. T.      Hughes                          Demolition & SalvageRoad
                                                            Managing Director      Ackwarth Ltd
   86               Mr.     B.                                         Demountable Partitions Ltd
                                       McCauley 29/01/2002Managing Director        Unit 4
  830               Mr.     J.                                         Dempson Hermitage Mills
                                       Katzauer 18/02/2002Managing Director Packaging Ltd
10122   Mr DE Rogers                             15/04/2004Partner                 Unit 17
                                                                       Denber International Rubber Co
 7921   S F Hall                                                       Denholm Shipping Service Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director      Avonmouth Dock
 3773               Mr      B          Curtis                          Denley King Building Consultancy
                                                 03/01/2002Company Secretary 45 Commercial Road Ltd
   69               Mrs.    J.         Hucker                          Dennard
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
  175               Mr      T. W.      Hodge                           Dennis &
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Robinson Ltd (t/a Manhattan Fur
 1591               Mr.     J.         Roberts                         Dents
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director(a division of Dewhurst Dent P.L.C
10680               Mr      G          Lewis                           Denver Bell2 Ely Road
  985               Mr      R.         Head                            Denys       68 Wrecclesham Hill
                                                 18/02/2002Managing DirectorE. Head Ltd
  648               Miss    S          Jolly                           Depeche Mode Laboratories
                                                 12/11/2001Business Development8 Chestnut Close Ltd
  649               Mr      B. A.      Jenkins                         Depperdale (Fire Engineering) Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director
  831               Mr      B.         Reader                          Deproco Units
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director (UK) LtdR & S, Orchard Business
  447               Mr.     D. W.      Smith                           Derek
                                                 25/02/2002Managing DirectorSmith & Sons (Electrical Contracto
  650               Mr.     B. D.      Trew                            Design
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director & Artwork Services Ltd
   87               Mr      Alan       Fish                            Design Metalcraft Co. Ltd
                                                 29/01/2002Company Secretary 14-40 Sanderstead Road
   94               Mr      Derek J. Stone                             Designer Workshop, Products Ltd
                                                            Company Secretary ConservatoryMarivale Farm
   88               Mr                                                 Despec
                            Stephen Headdey 29/01/2002Company SecretarySupplies LtdTrade Only
   50               Mr.     D.         Wosley                          DeVal
                                                 26/09/2001Managing DirectorLtd
  449   P Maher                                                        Deverill
                                                 15/04/2004Finance Director plc Itec House
  880               Mr.     M. J.      Baker                           Devlin      Unit D1
                                                 06/11/2001Managing DirectorElectronics Ltd
   51               Mr      B.                                         Devro
                                       Robinson 26/09/2001Managing DirectorAlarms
  651               Mr.     M.         Napier                          Devron      Berkshire House
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director Computer Services Ltd
  652               Mr      John D.    McKie                           Dewatering Services Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Company Secretary The Triangle
   89               Mr      R. T.                29/01/2002Managing Director International Ltd
                                       Morgan-Grenville                Dexam
 8860   R l Martin                                                     Dextra      Unit 17 Brickfields
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Lighting Systems Plc Bus Park
 4191               Mr      G          Love                                         Partners
                                                 03/01/2002Principal DG Love & Rockstone Place
 7887   T N Kanafani                             15/04/2004Director                Unit 2 Quarry Farm
                                                                       DHL Bathroom Supplies Ltd
   91               Mr      J.         Pinson                          Diac Ltd
                                                            Managing Director
  881               Mr.     D.         Cawkell                         Diagnosys Ltd
                                                 06/11/2001Managing Director       Systems House
  882               Mr                                                 Diak Technical Export Mews
                            Richard M. Richardson06/11/2001Company Secretary 5 Horsefair Ltd
   92               Mr.     D. F.      Smith                           Dial-A-Style5-7 Linkfield Corner
                                                 29/01/2002Managing Director
 1592               Mr      R.                                         Dialog
                                       Pudelko 04/02/2002Managing DirectorSemiconductor Ltd
 6163   Stuart Hooper                                                    Manager 48 Supplies
                                                 15/04/2004WarehouseDialstat Office Willis Way
 4036               Mr.     B. J.      Calvert                         Diametric Diametric House
                                                            Managing Director Technical Ltd
  832               Mr.     D.         Hitch                           Diamond Diamond Works
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Printed Products Ltd

                                               Page 37

 7923   Keith Paice                              15/04/2004                       Diamonite Industrial Park
                                                                      Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings Ltd
   93               Ms                 Armstrong 29/01/2002Company Secretary Dunster Printers Ltd
                            Veronica M. T.                            Dicker & Drake Road
   94               Mr.     W.                                        Digby &     Farnham
                                       Richardson30/01/2002Managing Director Nelson Ltd Business Park
   95               Mr      Martin                                    Digicourse Unit
                                       Decamp 29/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd 1
   96               Mr.     M.         Parker                         Digital     2 Silverglade Business Park
                                                 30/01/2002Managing DirectorAudio Research Ltd
  883               Ms.     L.                                        Digital     13 Headlands Business Park
                                       Carrigan 06/11/2001Financial Director Interfaces Ltd
  653               Mr      D.         Jenkins                        Digital     167a & Imaging
                                                 12/11/2001Managing DirectorPublishingDukes Ride
  176               Mr      G.                                        Digitel     9 Arlington Avenue
                                       Aldridge 25/02/2002Managing DirectorTelecom Services
  654               Mr      R. K.      Dillon                         Dillon Technology International Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director      Minster Court
   95               Mr      C. A.                                     Din Fasteners Ltd
                                       Flanagan 13/08/2002Managing Director       The Stables
 1593               Mr                                                Dine-In Catering Ltd
                            James A. Donnelly 04/02/2002Company Secretary 506 Wallisdown Road
 1319   Lesley Ingram                                                 Dionex      4 Albany Court
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Controller(UK) Ltd
   98               Mr      D.         Wright                         Direct      Unit 17, Detergents
                                                 17/10/2001Managing DirectorChemicals & Eagle Trading Estate
   99               Mr      C.         Cooley                         Direct      12 Skerne Road
                                                 30/01/2002Managing DirectorCorporate Design Ltd
  833               Mr.     J.                                        Direct      Unit 2 Swan Business Park
                                       Stephens 11/02/2002Managing DirectorMetal Services Ltd
10406               Mr.     L.         Bithell                        Direction Air Conditioning Ltd
                                                 22/08/2001Financial Director     Direction House
 6318   Mr M Brooks                                                   Discount 62a Green Road
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Supplies
  177               Mr                  R.
                            ChristopherBaynes                         Disctronics Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Southwater Business Park
  655               Mr.     J.         Levell                         Diskel
                                                 12/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd
  656               Mr      Harold E. Case                            Distributed 12 Langley Business Court
                                                 12/11/2001Company Secretary Micro Storage Technologies L
  657               Mr.     P. J.      Leahy                          Distributed Micro Technology Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director      Sandhurst House
 2141   Mr John Denton                           15/04/2004                       Howard House
                                                                      Distributed Technology Ltd
  102               Mr.     J. M.      O'Neil                         Distrupol
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
   96               Mr      L. D. M.   Pepler                         Ditchling Consort
                                                 13/08/2002Managing Director Press Ltd Way
  834               Mr.     A. C.                                     Ditton      Phoenix House
                                       Scrivens 11/02/2002Managing DirectorElectrical Contracts Ltd
   70               Mr                 Tappenden11/02/2002Company Secretary (t/a Portswood Road
                            Frederick W.                              Divitec Ltd 85 November Express)
 6319   Mr David R Webb                          15/04/2004Partner                299 Lymington Road
                                                                      Dixon Stewart Webb
10005   Mr DJ Mills                                                   DJ Mills    15 Church Street
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Management Ltd
 4192   Mr Scott Thomson                         15/04/2004                       Unit 2, Brunel Gate
                                                                      DLC International Ltd
  138               Mr      M. I.      Smith                          Documanagement Ltd House
                                                 22/08/2001Managing Director      Unit 6 Micro
 9272   J Digiacomo                                                   Document Solutions International Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director     Apex House
10063   Mr JJ Francis                            15/04/2004                       56
                                                                      Doeflex PLC Homethorpe Avenue
  658               Mr      R.         Duncan                         Doig Spring & Engineering Co. Ltd
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director
 1594               Mr      Peter      Dokic                          Dokic Joinery
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 1, Porte Marsh Industrial
 3776   Mr MD Priest                                                  Dolphin     Unit 3
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Disinfection Company Ltd
 9706   R Michell                                                     Dolphin     Fleets Lane
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director Packaging Materials Ltd
 1312   Hamish Mavleod                           15/04/2004                       The Crescent
                                                                      Dolphin Telecommunications
  178               Mr      Shiela M. Willis                          Domian      The Bungalow
                                                 25/02/2002Company SecretaryElectronics Ltd
  104               Ms                                                Donair Refrigeration
                            Michelle Tomlinson 30/01/2002Company Secretary Vitznau & Air Conditioning
  105               Mr.     S.                   30/01/2002Managing Director
                                       Carnegie-Brown                 Done Information Ltd
  106               Mr.     I. K.                                     Donland Foundation House
                                       Johnson 30/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 1595               Ms      Tessie M. Sabey                           Donlevy Eclipse Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Packaging Works
  835               Mr.     G.         Watson                         Doree       International House
                                                 11/02/2002Managing DirectorBonner International
10338   Mr P Beaney                                                   Doric Ceilings and Plastics Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Company Secretary 1 Station Parade
 5663   Mrs Nicola Cronin                                             Dorling Kindersley Holdings PLC
                                                 15/04/2004Group Office Manager 9 Henrietta Street
  108               Mr      E.                                        Dorling     Dorling
                                       Johnston 17/10/2002Managing Director Print Ltd House
 1596               Mr.     R. G.      Eynon                          Dorron      Dunkirk Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Farm
 8840   T M Perry                                                     Dorset      Poundbury West Trading Est
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Aluminium Products Ltd
 8841   T A Crabb                                                     Dorset      Romans
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Cereals Ltd Building
 3787   Mr Gary A Kendall                                             Dorset Manager Thomas Street
                                                                                  57 St
                                                 15/04/2004Sales & Marketing Evening Echo
   71               Mr                                                Dorset Flint & Stoneblocks Ltd
                            Patrick D. Langdown 11/02/2002Company Secretary Forsyte Suite, Lancol House
 1598               Mr      Michael A. Tombs                          Dorset Glass Co. Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary 5159 Nuffield Road

                                            Page 38

 1599                Mr.     R. V. C.   Culpan                         Dorset
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Lake Shipyard Ltd
 3665   Mr Lifford                                                      Manager c/o Bournemouth
                                                  15/04/2004Purchasing Dorset Technology Centre University
 1600              Mr.      K.          Crosby                         Dorset
                                                  04/02/2002Financial Director Tube Co. Ltd
 6326   Keith Watson                                                   Dorset       4
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director WebbKingsbridge Road
 4526   Mr Rod Sait                               15/04/2004                        78 Alma Road
                                                                       Dorset Window Company
 1970   Mr A L G Ransley                          15/04/2004                        Unit
                                                                       Dorwin Limited 1 Forge Works
 6327   Mr D Porter                               15/04/2004Director                Units 13/14
                                                                       Double D Distributors 865 Ringwood Road
  887              Mr       No          Details                        Doughty Crow Arch Lane
                                                  06/11/2001Company Secretary Engineering Ltd
   52              Mr.      B.                                         Dougland Little Park Farm
                                        Richards 26/09/2001Managing Director Support Services Ltd
 3789   Mr N Small                                                     Douglas Brook Limited
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director CanopiesRoad
  659              Mr       D. R.                                      Douglas Wards Farm
                                        Stammers 12/11/2001Managing Director Industrial Ltd Industrial Estate
  660              Mr       Peter M. F. Baldock                        Douglas Douglas Ltd
                                                  12/11/2001Company Secretary InstrumentsHouse
   97              Mr       M.          Walker                         Douglas-Kenn Victoria Way
                                                  13/08/2002Managing Director       20 (Sports) Ltd
  109              Mr.      L.          Aubry                          Doux Poultry Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director
  661              Mr       M.                                         Doves
                                        Marriage 12/11/2001Managing DirectorFarm Foods Ltd
  662              Mr.      M.                                         Dowling      Unit 1 Thames House
                                        Woodward 12/11/2001Managing Director (Metal Finishers) Ltd
 1601              Mr       R.          Spurr                          Downing Spanbourn Avenue
                                                  04/02/2002Company Secretary Rudman & Bent P.L.C.
   98              Mr       Maurice L. Rapson                          Downland Unit 1, Kingley Centre
                                                  13/08/2002Company Secretary Reprographics Ltd
  110              Mr       R.                                         Downs        1 Tattenham Grove
                                        Anderson 30/01/2002Managing Director Mower Services Ltd
 1334   Sue Scott                                                      DPA Corporate Communications Ltd
                                                  15/04/2004Financial Director      The Old Malt House
10120   Mr DR Bailey                                                   DR Bailey Ltd Airfield Ind Estate
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director       Ford
10656              Ms       S           Elston                                      26-28
                                                                       Dr S P Kidman St Albans Crescent
  111              Mr       P.          Patel                          Dragoco Unit Britain) Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Financial Controller (Great 4
  888              Mr.      M. P. J.    Holmes                         Dragonair Heating Ltd
                                                  06/11/2001Managing Director       Units 7-8 Dragon Industrial Ce
   99              Mr       J.          Walker                         Drakes       Unit 3, Independent Business P
                                                             Managing Director Plumbing Supplys
  469   T McGowan                                                      Draper       Hursley Ltd
                                                  15/04/2004Finance Manager Tools GroupRoad
  663              Ms       Kathleen A.Maracz                          Drew Packaging Ltd
                                                  12/11/2001Company Secretary Kelpatrick Road
 1602              Mr       R.          Drewitt                        Drewlec
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd865 Ringwood Road
 9569   E J Lever                                 15/04/2004Director                865 Ringwood Road
                                                                       Drewsons Décor Ltd
  101              Mr       A.          Streeter                       Drey Precision Ltd
                                                             Managing Director      11-12 Priestley Way
  113              Mr.      T.          Jones                          Drill Service (Horley) Ltd
                                                  29/01/2002Managing Director
 2870   Mr Walmsley                               15/04/2004                        100 Sunnymead Drive
                                                                       Drinkmaster Portsmouth
 1603              Ms       Pauline F. Driver                          Driver Engineering Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Company Secretary 778 Wimborne Road
 3973              Mr.
        Mr R V Henderson    R. V.                                      Drix Plastics Ltd3 Stanton Industrial Esta
                                        Henderson 15/04/2004Managing Director       Unit
 1604              Mr       D.          Stewart                        Drogher Unit
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Press 4
  114              Mr.      W.          Divisi                         Dropsa       Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director UK Unit 6 Egham Business Village
  836              Mr.      D.                                         Droweny 15A Euro
                                        Firmager 26/01/2002Managing Director Controls LtdBusiness Park
  115              Ms       Gillian A. Cox                             Drum Interior Systems Clo
                                                  29/01/2002Company Secretary 2 ThatchersLtd
  891              Mr.      A. E.       Merralls                       Drum Laundry Services Ltd
                                                  06/11/2001Managing Director
 4193   Mr S Carroll                              15/04/2004           DSI          The Square
 3793   Mr B D S Moore                            15/04/2004                        262 Ringwood
                                                                       DSM Design Consultants Rd
  102              Mr       T.          Clarke                         D-smoke 4
                                                             Managing Director Ltd Dorks Road
 3794   Mr Simon Richardson                                            DTG Recruitment Ltd
                                                                                    850 Wimborne Road
                                                  15/04/2004Operation & Financial Director
 3795   Mrs Long                                  15/04/2004                        Cabot Ltd
                                                                       DUC International Lane
  473   A R Cox                                                        Ducal
                                                  15/04/2004Financial Director Ltd East Anton
  664              Mr.      D.                                         Duckworth & Kent (Reading) Ltd
                                        Gleeson 12/11/2001Managing Director
  117              Mr       N.          Danks                          Ductaire Unit G
                                                  29/01/2002Managing Director Fabrications Ltd
   74              Mr       Alan J.     Duncan                         Dukes & Wildern Mill, Hedge
                                                  11/02/2002Company Secretary Botley Agriculture Ltd End Retail
 7364   R M Yarker                                15/04/2004Director                The White House
                                                                       Dukes Norton Management Ltd
  118              Mr.      H. J.       Brechtmann                     Dula (UK)
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
 9266   G A Mason                                 15/04/2004Director                Chapel Street
                                                                       Dulverton Laundry Ltd
10472              Mr       D.          John                                        P O Box 222
                                                                       Duncan Hamilton & Co

                                              Page 39

  837               Mr.      P.          Gubb                             Duncan
                                                    26/01/2002Managing Director Web Offset Ltd
  119               Mr.      G.                                           Dundec      Unit 10 Boundary Business Cour
                                         Williamson 29/01/2002Managing Director Contracts Ltd
11030               Mr       M.          Holding                          Dunham-Bush Ltd
                                                               Managing Director
 1364               Mr       D                                              Buyer
                                         Greaves 24/01/2002Senior Eng.Dunlop Tyres LtdPurchasing Dept
  665               Mr.      P.          Smith                            Dupaul
                                                    12/11/2001Managing Director Engineering (Aerospace) Ltd
  666               Mr       P. J.       Barnes                           Durable     Units
                                                    12/11/2001Managing Director Barkley 10-12 Southview Park
 1605               Mr.      J.          Dale                             Durable
                                                    04/02/2002Managing Director Business Systems Ltd
 9869   Finance Director                            15/04/2004            Durastic LtdWest Bay Road
  838               Mr       David L. Durey                               Durey Castings Ltd
                                                    26/01/2002Company Secretary Hawley Road
  121               Mr.      M.          Allen                            Durst (U.K.) Ltd
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director
  122               Ms       Elizabeth Z.Wiles                            Dust Control Services Ltd
                                                    29/01/2002Company Secretary Brocus House
  893               Mr.      P. C.       Crane                            Duvals
                                                    06/11/2001Managing Director of Romsey Ltd
  124               Mr       S.          Tiller                           DVF GroupHickleys Ct
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director
10189   Mr WH Warren Davis                                                DW Plastics Ltd
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director       Chandler Road
 6287   G Sutton                                                                      Unit
                                                    15/04/2004Secretary DWS Glazing 3 Warren Ave Ind Est
11032               Mr.      P.          Donnelly                         Dyadic      Riverside
                                                               Managing Director Systems Ltd View
 1606               Mr.      A.          Goswell                          Dymag       Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
                                                    04/02/2002Managing Director Racing UK Ltd
10620               Mr       M           Travis                                       Unit 3 Bridgers Farm
                                                                          Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd
  839               Mr.      G.          Wood                             Dynamic Blake House,
                                                    26/01/2002Financial Director Logic Limited Schooner Court
 7928   S J Barratt                                                       Dynamic Dynamic
                                                    15/04/2004Managing Director Storage LtdHouse
  667               Mr                    J.                              Dynamic Unit 2, Argonaut Park
                             Anthony W.Wootton 12/11/2001Company Secretary World Cargo
 4137   Mr S Houlston                               15/04/2004                        Unit 6
                                                                          Dynisco (UK) Ltd Silver Birch Business P
   83               Mr       O.          D'Silva                          Dynopack Ltd 1 The Trident Centre
                                                    03/01/2002Managing Director       Unit
  126               Mr       J. J. C.    Fulford                          Dytecna C72 Barwell Business Park
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 9871   Finance Director                            15/04/2004            E & M ReaderCandy Lane
   53               Mr.      D.          Gower                            E & P Plastics & Engineering Ltd
                                                    26/09/2001Managing Director
10407               Mr       I.          Perce                            EAC         Old Ltd
                                                    22/08/2001Managing DirectorServices Portsmouth Road
  103               Mr.      B.          Hills                            EAO
                                                               Financial Director Ltd Highland House
10185   Mr BE Allman                                                      E Allman and Co Ltd
                                                    15/04/2004General Manager         Allman Business Park
  128               Mr       T.          Sweet                            EBC         Unit 18, Boundary Business Cou
                                                    29/01/2002Managing DirectorInternational Ltd
 7929   John Smith                                  15/04/2004                        Unit Ltd
                                                                          E C Computers 9 & 10 Falconsgate
  129               Mr       J.          Keki                             ECD         26c Brighton Road
                                                    29/01/2002Managing DirectorMagnetics Ltd
 8918   J H Clements                                15/04/2004Director                16c Wincombe Business Park
                                                                          E C Electricals Ltd
  133               Mr.      J.          Higgins                          ECS         Eton House
                                                    30/01/2002Financial Director United Kingdom P.L.C.
  108               Mr.      D.                                           EDG         The Mews
                                         Gallaway 20/09/2001Managing DirectorInternational Ltd
   55               Mr       E. G.                                        EGG         7 Alpha Road
                                         Goulding 26/09/2001Managing DirectorPrecision Engineering
 7930   T G Lethaby                                                       E G TuckerLittle George Street
                                                    15/04/2004Financial Director       Ltd
  137               Mr       R. F.       Evans                            EHP         14-16 Tudor Close
                                                    30/01/2002Managing DirectorTechnical Services Ltd
  139               Mr.      J. F.       Archer                           EIW         Staveley of Staveley Industr
                                                    29/01/2002Financial Director H S (a divsion House
   78               Mr.      O. W.                                        E M C Projects Ltd
                                         Cockram 11/02/2002Company Secretary Holly Grove Farm
  152               Mr.      R.          Parker                           EML
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director       Albany Boathouse
  907               Mr                                                    E M R C 5 West
                             Shashin Kothawala 06/11/2001Company Secretary Europe Links
 1607               Ms       Eileen M. Flack                              E M W Maintenance
                                                    04/02/2002Company Secretary Units 47-49, Woodcock Estate
  840               Mr.      D.                                           E Plan      E Plan Estate
                                         Wellbelove 11/02/2002Managing Director Shopfitting Services Ltd
  668               Mr       R           Chung      12/11/2001Manager E Q S Ltd 10 Progress Business Centre
  185               Mr.      C.                                           ERG         Enviro-centre
                                         Moreton 25/02/2002Financial Director Environmental Resource Group P.L.C
  115               Mr       Keith J.    Russell                          E R G Process Plant Ltd
                                                    20/09/2001Company Secretary Enviro-centre
   61               Mr.      D.          Gibson                           ESA
                                                    24/09/2001Financial Director B Automation Ltd
 9273   N S Harper                                  15/04/2004Director                6 Wallbridge Ind
                                                                          E S L Health & Comfort Ltd Estate
   80               Mr       D.          Sully                            E S S Group nit 3, Mitchell Point
                                                    11/02/2002Managing Director       U
  166               Mr.      S.          Hulme                            E S Video
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director
 9669   J L Rogers                                  15/04/2004Director    E V B O LtdSomerford Road

                                              Page 40

11080               Mr     B.        Green                             E V Engineering Ltd
                                                             Managing Director     6A Aysgarth Road
 1608               Mr     E.        Beard                             E W Beard 155 Victoria Road
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director      (Land) Ltd
 2874   Mr B Allman                               15/04/2004                        Co. Limited
                                                                       E. Allman &Birdham Road
  238               Mr.    M. J.      Brown                            E. Williams Unit 3 (Hampshire) Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Financial Controller    Plating
  841               Mr.    E.         Olley                            E.E. Olley & Sons Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director      Dartford Trade Park
  842               Mr     M. A.      Breen                            E.F. Breen Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director      Lucerne Street
   89               Mr.    N.                                          E.H. Stock (Engineering) Ltd
                                      Severgrini 18/02/2002Financial Director
 1914               Ms     Valerie A. Masters                C         E.J. Churchill Gunmakers
                                                  17/01/2002a ompany Secretary Ockley Road Ltd
  843               Mr     J.         Piper                            E.J. Group Ltd Cement Works
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director      Old
  844               Mr.    J. M.      Savill                           E.O. Culverwell LtdWorks
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director      Malling
 1915               Mr                                                 E.R. Armfield Ltd
                           David E. Hinchliffe 29/01/2002Company Secretary Survey House
  672               Mr.    J. R.                                       E.R. Edwards & Sons Ltd
                                      Edwards 18/02/2002Managing Director
  911               Mr.    A.                                          E.R.F.
                                      Combellack06/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd Asquith House
  161               Mr     John M.                                     E.S.B.I.    122 London Road
                                      Illingworth 30/01/2002Financial Director Engineering (UK) Ltd
 1609               Mr.    J. E.      Bailey                           E.T. Bailey Engineering Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director
 1610               Mr.    R. I.                                       Eagland Unit 2 Tools Ltd
                                      Eagland 04/02/2002Managing Director Machine Lyme Regis Industrial E
  894               Mr.    B. D.                                       Eagle Airfield Equipment Ltd
                                      Edwards 06/11/2001Managing Director
 9570   Rick Ashton                               15/04/2004                       4 Cranleigh Road
                                                                       Eagle Hobourne Security Services Ltd
 9208   A A Morgan                                                     Eagle Marking Systems Ltd
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director      Great Weston Road
  127               Mr     K. P.      Clegg                            Earth Anchors Ltd
                                                  29/01/2002Managing Director
 4047               Mr.    W. B.      Clarke                           Earth Data Ltd
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director
  669               Mr     T          Dicker      12/11/2001Director               Lavender House
                                                                       Earthing Equipment Supplies (southern) L
 1611               Mr     A.         East                             East Bros (Timber) Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director      Sawmills
 7693   Mr P M Ayres                                                                & County Road
                                                  15/04/2004Manager Eastbourne8 Saffrons Community Transport
11035               Mr     D.         Fairey                           Eastleigh Southampton Road
                                                             Managing Director Wrought Iron Works Scroll Gate
 1612               Mr.    S.         Mold                             Eastom
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Masonry UK Ltd
 7365               Mr     H          Garrett     03/01/2002Director               Units
                                                                       Easy Forms Ltd 9 & 10 Haydon Ind Estate
  104               Mrs.   E.         Michaels                         Easy Pools UK Ltd
                                                             Managing Director
  670               Mr.    P.         Eaton                            Eaton        Ltd
                                                  12/11/2001Managing DirectorBerryFarley Farms
  895               Mr.    J. R.                                       Eberhardt Co. Ltd (t/a Eberhardt Signs)
                                      Eberhardt 06/11/2001Managing Director
  896               Mr                                                 Eberspacher (U K) Ltd
                           Harry S. Bradshaw 06/11/2001Company Secretary Headlands Business Park
  182               Mr     Julian     Dixon                            Ebony Jewellers Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary 20 South Street
  130               Mr                Proctor
                           Richard C. P.                               Echo International Health Services Ltd
                                                  29/01/2002Company Secretary Ullswater Crescent
 9414   P R Masters                                                    Eclipse     Eclipse
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director (UK) Ltd House
 7933   J A Graham                                15/04/2004Director               474d Bath Road
                                                                       Eclipse Contract Services Ltd
 2157   Ms Kate Laberton                          15/04/2004                       Penman
                                                                       ECM Electronics Ltd House
 2878   Mr Peter Crump                            15/04/2004           Ecocleen 108 Stakes Road
  131               Mr     D.         Butcher                          Econocom U K Ltd House
                                                  30/01/2002Financial Controller   Merevale
  105               Mr.    K.                                          Economatics (Industrial) Ltd
                                      Oxspring 20/09/2001Financial Director        Unit 9 The Bell Centre
  671               Mr.    D.         Cramer                           Economos U.K. Ltd House
                                                  12/11/2001Managing Director      Seal Jet
10364   Mr RD Twentyman                                                Econotech Ltd
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director      Broomers Hill Park
  132               Mr.    A. P. S.                                    Econotest Engineering Ltd Farm
                                      Kirchem 30/01/2002Managing Director          Unit 2 Downside
  897               Mr     Ian                                         Ecophon O
                                      Croysdill 06/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd ld Brick Kiln
  898   Ms S ParfittMs     Susan O. Parfitt                            Edale Ltd
                                                  15/04/2004Company Secretary Budds Lane
10537               Mr     T.         Baldwin                                      Truleigh Manor
                                                                       Edburton Contractors Ltd Farm
  106               Mr     J.         Cole                             Eden River Unit C,Ltd
                                                  20/09/2001Managing Director      Press Charlwoods Business Ce
  134               Mr     M.         Adams                            Eden Scientific Ltd Row
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director      1 Beech
10166   Mr DE Galloway                                                 EDG SB The Mews
                                                  15/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
  107               Mrs.   Alice      Lindell                          Edgcumbe Tea & Coffee Co Ltd
                                                  20/09/2001Managing Director      Wicks House
 2879   Mr Reis                                   15/04/2004                       8 Whitwell Road
                                                                       Editors' E-News
   54               Mr     K.         Lowe                             Edmunson Electrical Ltd Court
                                                  26/09/2001Managing Director      Unit 1 Pelican
  152               Mr.    D. R.      Baker                            Edward      Creteangle
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director Benton Co. LtdWorks

                                             Page 41

 2880   Mr Caush                                 15/04/2004                        11 & Associates
                                                                      Edward CaushSouthdown Road
  832              Mr      Clifford J. Knowles                        Edward       1 Park & Sons
                                                 02/11/2001Company SecretaryCavendishCourt Ltd
 2881   Mr Price                                 15/04/2004                        The Old Treasury
                                                                      Edward Leask, Chartered Accountants
 9209   D M Larcombe                             15/04/2004Director                Millford
                                                                      Edwards Pearson Ltd
  136              Mr      D.         O'donughue                      Edwin        1a Haslemere
                                                 29/01/2002Managing DirectorStorey Builders Ltd Road
  557   P J Carr                                                      Effast       Trinity Bus Centre
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director UK Ltd
 2882   Mr Smith-Hamblin                         15/04/2004                        20 Sandpipers
                                                                      Effective Communications (Europe) Ltd
10067   Mr WS Bryan                              15/04/2004                         Pumps UK Ltd
                                                                      Egger Turo Fountain House
10481              Mr      R.         Egglestone                                   C
                                                                      Egglestones harlecote Mews
  138              Mr      A.         McColl                          Eiderhow Ltd
                                                 29/01/2002Financial Director      2ND Floor, Europe House
 7366   D W Hammond                              15/04/2004Director                Units 10
                                                                      Eimeldingen UK Ltd & 11 The Maltings
 8801   P T Otway                                                     Eka Chemicals Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director       304 Worle Parkway
  140              Mr.     D. W.      Parker                          Ekman        Ekman Cleave
                                                 30/01/2002Financial Director Cleave Group Ltd House
  900              Ms      Regina     Gasson                          Elaborate 84a Queens
                                                 06/11/2001Company Secretary Creations Ltd Road
 6301   Nick Holmes                              15/04/2004Director                Unit Dragon Ind Est
                                                                      Elan - Dragonair7Ltd
   56              Mr      A. G.      Bible                           Elan Digital Elan House
                                                 26/09/2001Managing Director        Systems Ltd
  901              Mr      Dean       Smith      06/11/2001                        Unit
                                                                      Elan Sales Ltd 13, Greatbridge Industria
11042              Mr      E.W.       Hird                            Elanco       Kingsclere Road
                                                            Managing Director Animal Health Ltd
  141              Mr.     T. E.      Lane                            Eland Engineering Co. Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director
 1613              Mr.     C. J.                                      Elbmar
                                      Comens 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd Unit 5 Oppenheimer Centre
 3801   Mr E Potts                                                                 Unit 5
                                                 15/04/2004Sales Dept Elcontrol Limited
 2884   Mr Clark Mr                   Clark      15/04/2004                        The Armoury
                                                                      Eldair Engineering Ltd
 1615              Mr      M. A.      Clarke                          Eldridge,
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Pope & Co. P.L.C.
  902              Mr.     H. D.      Rixon                           Electrical
                                                 06/11/2001Managing Director & Mechanical Devices Ltd
  672              Mr.     T.         Mace                            Electrical
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director Power Specialists (Reading) L
   85              Mrs.    P.         Griggs                          Electrical
                                                 03/01/2002Company Secretary Steam & Mining Equipment Ltd
  142              Mr      Malcolm Starr                              Electrical 7 The Broadway
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary Supplies (Thames Ditton) Ltd
  673              Mr.     W. B. A. Oliver                            Electro      Eros House
                                                 13/11/2001Managing Director Mechanical Systems Ltd
  145              Mr                  W.
                           ChristopherMiller                          Electro Refrigeration Services
                                                 30/01/2002Company Secretary Mulberry House
  845              Mr.     D.         Salmon                          ElectrobaseUnit 7
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director        Ltd
  903              Mr      Eric J.    Eeles                           Electrocraft Laboratories Ltd
                                                 06/11/2001Company Secretary Liss Research Centre
  674              Mr.     D.         Miller                          Electrohome Europe Ltd
                                                 13/11/2001Managing Director       Imagepoint
  143              Mr.     T. L.      Vincent                         Electron
                                                 30/01/2002Financial Director Beam Processes Ltd
 1616              Mr      P.         Guard                           Electronic Micro15
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director       Unit Systems Ltd
 4022              Mr      D.         Sully                           Electronic Sales Services Ltd
                                                 21/08/2001Managing Director       37-38 Mitchell Point
 1617                                                                 Electronic Technicians Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Financial Director
10098   Mr D Tuckman                                                  Electronic Visuals Ltd Business Cntre
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director       25 Bundary
  846            Mr.       S.         Mann                            Electrosonic Ltd Mill
                                                 11/02/2002Financial Director      Hawley
11048                                                       Sir       Electrospeed
   57              Mr.     M. H.                                      ElectrousticUnit 3 Galileo Park
                                      Edwards 26/09/2001Managing Director           Ltd
 9995   Mr MD Longland                           15/04/2004                        Unit
                                                                      Electrovalue Ltd5, Beta Way
 3594   Keith Johnson                                                 ElecttronicaPark View House
                                                 15/04/2004Finance Director         (UK) Ltd
  109              Mr      D.         Beaven                          Ele-Flex Quarry Lane
                                                 20/09/2001Managing Director Ltd
 8919   D G Alexander                            15/04/2004Director                The Old
                                                                      Element Books Ltd School House
 4032              Mr      T.                                         Elephant Lands Ltd
                                      Richardson21/08/2001Managing Director BoatyardEnd Road
  147              Mr.     J. C.      Mellor                          Elga Environmental Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director
11050              Mr.     J. S. C.   Goodale                         Elgamec U
                                                            Managing Director Ltd nit 10 Enterprise Estate
  675              Mr.     D. J.                                      Elgee Plastics Ltd
                                      Simmonds 13/11/2001Managing Director
 1618              Mr      B. C.                                      Elgin Plumbing Supplies Ltd Trading Estate
                                      Donaghy 04/02/2002Managing Director          Headlands Grove
  148              Ms                                                 Elite Cleaning Services Ltd
                           Angela M. Montalto 30/01/2002Company Secretary 107 Kingsmead Avenue
10497              Mr      M.         Kachhwaha                                    Unit 50a
                                                                      Elite Interfaces Ltd
 4469   Andy Jones                               15/04/2004                        Unit
                                                                      Elliot Sargent 4 Rushington Ind Est

                                            Page 42

11051               Mr.    S. G.      Mason Elliott                   Elliott Brothers Ltd Wharf
                                                            Managing Director       Millbank
  904               Mr     John M.                                    Elliott Turbo Machinery Ltd
                                      Bowsher 23/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 120, Thorneycroft Industr
 9415   K B Ellis                                                     Ellis &       Station Road
                                                 15/04/2004Managing DirectorCo (Restoration & Building) Ltd
  149              Mr      S.         Cronin                          Ellis Miller Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director        Market House
  847              Mr      P.         Pearce                          Ellis Printers Ltd
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director        Orchard Printing Works
11053              Mr.     J. A.      Arrowsmith                      Ellis Tylin Suite 4 Radio House
                                                            Managing Director Ltd
  110              Mr      M. E.      Ells                            Ells MachineryThe Rise
                                                 20/09/2001Managing Director        49 (Spark Erosion)
  906              Mr      P.         Musson                          Elmcabin Unit
                                                 23/11/2001Managing Director Ltd 9A, Fitzherbert Spur
  676              Mr      Jayantha   Amerasinga                      Elmcrest 4
                                                 13/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd 2 Kenavon Dr
11055              Ms      Celia M.   Earl                            Elmdene Rodney Road
                                                            Company Secretary International Ltd
10253   Mrs F Bannister                          15/04/2004                         Berkley House
                                                                      Elmhurst Consultants Ltd
10148   Mr M Breen                                                    El-O-Matic Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004General Manager          16-17 Beeding Close
 1805   Mr Damien Buxton                         15/04/2004           Elta Fans Ltd Barnes Wallis Road
  150              Mr.     M. C.                                      Eltron        Eltron
                                      Balmain 30/01/2002Financial Director Chromalox House
  484              Mr.     P. P.                 17/01/2002Managing Director Hall Ltd
                                      Wallace-Stock                   Elvetham
11096              Ms      K          Perry                                         Leon House
                                                                      Emap Communications
 3806   Mr M J Wood                                                   EMC Projects Limited Farm
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director        Holly Grove
10307              Mr
        Mr EL Marshall     EL         Marshall 15/04/2004                           Blatchford oad
                                                                      Emcel Filters Ltd
10621              Mr                 McCarthy                                       Power Services Ltd
                                                                      EmergencyMaple House
 2887   Mr Turner                                15/04/2004                         32 Portsmouth Enterprise Ctr
                                                                      Emery Worldwide
  151              Mr      A.         Newton                          Emessem Solenoid Co. Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director        3 & 4, Capital Park
 1619              Mr.     J.         King                            Emexco Unit 1
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 7935   W R Howis                                                     Empire        22 Osprey
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Security Ltd Court
  677              Mr      Terry J.                                   Empower Unit 1
                                      Branston 13/11/2001Company Secretary Electronics Ltd
 9872   Finance Director                         15/04/2004                         Empress Road
                                                                      Empress Joinery
 2888   Mr Tierney                               15/04/2004                         11
                                                                      Ems Editorial The Old Flour Mill
  139              Mr      L.         Colwill                         Emsar          Ltd
                                                 22/08/2001Financial Director (UK)Station Approach
   58              Mr.     R. F.      Terry                           Emsworth Engineering (Hants) Ltd
                                                 26/09/2001Managing Director
11061              Mr.     A. W.      Chappell                        Emsworth Shipyard Ltd
                                                            Managing Director
  111              Mr.     N.                                         Enak
                                      Mackintosh20/09/2001Financial DirectorLtd
 9670   G E England                                                   Enco Engineering Somerford Business Park
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director        Unit 5 (Hants) Ltd
10347   MR P Field Mr      Philip     Feld       15/04/2004                         3 Russells
                                                                      Encoder Technology Close
11062              Mr.     D.         Rickard                         Encon         Unit 41
                                                            Managing DirectorInsulation Fareham
10068   Mr S Dore                                15/04/2004                         Malbrough House
                                                                      Encore Computer UK Ltd
  112              Mr      Paul A.                                    Encore Products Southern Ltd
                                      Hayward 20/09/2001Company Secretary Park Farm
  153              Mr      S.                                         End DesignUnit 37, Bookham Industrial Pa
                                      Greenwood30/01/2002Managing Director           Ltd
  154              Mr      C.         White                           Endeavour 88 Rosebery Road
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director        Supplies Ltd
  140              Mr.     G. P.      Lennon                          EngelmannBuckham House
                                                 22/08/2001Financial Director        & Buckham Ltd
  155              Mr      R.                                         Engineering Carbon Products Ltd
                                      Rollinson 30/01/2002Managing Director         67 Church Road
   59              Mr      J. K.      Baker                           Engineering Connections Ltd
                                                 24/09/2001Managing Director        Watt Close
  156              Mr      R. J.      Wilton                          Engineering Projects Ltd
                                                 30/01/2002Managing Director        The Manor House
 8995   P B Morison                                                   Engineering Suppliers Associates Ltd
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director        14 Cambridge Road
 4407   Ms CP Lawes                              15/04/2004                         61
                                                                      England & Co West Borough
 1620              Mr.     L.         Walker                          English       East Cliff Farm
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Ceramics
  113              Mr      J. H.      Gent                            English       Cocking Sawmills
                                                 20/09/2001Managing Director Woodlands Timber Ltd
11064                                                       Sir       Enham Industries
 1621              Mr.     P. J.                                      Ensign
                                      Thompsett 04/02/2002Managing Director Network Systems
 3956              Mr
        Mr R A Angel       R. A.      Angel                           Ensign        34
                                                 15/04/2004Managing Director Press City Industrial Park
 1365   Kevin Jack Mr      K          Jack                            Ensinger Waterberry Drive
                                                 15/04/2004Regional Manager Limited
 9671   A F Bray                                                      Ensto         Enterprise Way
                                                 15/04/2004Financial Director Briticent Ltd
 1309   Doug Cheke                               15/04/2004Director   Ensys Ltd Unit 10, Rivermead Rstate
   60              Mr.     P.         Hainer                          Entec
                                                 24/09/2001Financial Director (Pollution Control) Ltd

                                            Page 43

  157              Mr.        A.                                     Entecon
                                     Ford-Young30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
10210   Mr P Topps                              15/04/2004                        Stone House
                                                                     Enterprise Software Systems Ltd
 5681   Mrs Hilary Marriott                     15/04/2004                        PLC
                                                                     EnterprisesEnterprise House
  114              Ms.     C. M. F.  Wood                            Entheos Unit Ltd
                                                20/09/2001Financial Director EuropeD1 & D2
  158              Mr.     A. D.     Karmy                           Enthone-OMI (UK) Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Financial Director
  908              Mr.     R.        Wilson                          Envirocare Services Ltd
                                                23/11/2001Managing Director
  678              Mr.     R. C.     Storey                          Environmental Equipments Ltd
                                                13/11/2001Managing Director
  909              Mr      Gary C.   Betts                           Envirosound Ltd
                                                23/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 8, Murrell Green Business
10029   Mr U Matuck                             15/04/2004           EPE UK Ltd   Unit D Weyvern Place
   79              Mr.     G. R.     Ozzard                          Epec Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director
  159              Mr      R.        Worrall                         Eplon Engineering& 6 Leatherhead Industr
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Unit 5 Co. Ltd
11069              Mr      P.        Canning                         EPoS Direct axton Close
                                                           Managing Director      C
  160              Mr.     R.        Barrow                          Epsom
                                                30/01/2002Financial Director Glass Industries Ltd
 1623              Mr.     S.        Hussey                          Equinox 1 Castle Gate
                                                04/02/2002Financial Director International Ltd Business Park
  910              Mr      D.        Crook                           Equinox Eqiunox
                                                23/11/2001Managing Director Solutions House
10604              Mr      N         Ledger                                       1 Stable Court
                                                                     Equip Technology Ltd
11070                                                      Sir                    Unit M
                                                                     Eraser International Ltd
 4370   Mr G Payne                              15/04/2004                        1st Floor
                                                                     Eric Robinson & Co Offices
  679              Mr.     J. E.                                     Erico Europa (G.B.) Ltd
                                     Groenevelt 13/11/2001Managing Director
  680              Mr.     G. T.     Smith                           Erif (UK) Unit 2
                                                13/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
 9873   Finance Director                        15/04/2004                        Lower Vicarage
                                                                     Ernest Ireland Construction Road
  681              Mr.     I.                                        Esmerk
                                     Coutinho 13/11/2001Managing Director Information Ltd
 8397   Mrs S A Harmsworth                                           Espa International (UK) Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       21 East Street
  162              Mr      R.        Egli                            Espera       Europa
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Scales Ltd House
  163              Mr.     J.        Legg                            Ess &        Packaging House, Tilt Works
                                                30/01/2002Managing DirectorJay Converters Ltd
 8721   D C Stokes                                                   Essential PO Box 49
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Computing Ltd
  164              Mr      Darrell   Turner                          Essential 166 Station Road
                                                30/01/2002Company Secretary Information Systems Ltd
 8996   S J Wilson                              15/04/2004Director                16-18 Cambridge Road
                                                                     Essential Screen Print Ltd
 7939   Myscho Wedmid                                                Essential Unit 3 Co. Operative Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Transport Manager Trading Lodge Causeway Estate
 7940   A J Cheetham                                                 Essilor
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director Ltd Cooper Road
   81              Ms      Susan C. Moore                            Estate & 25 Five Acres Close
                                                11/02/2002Company Secretary Country Sports Equipment Ltd
  165              Mr.     D.        Corbett                         Estec Environmental Ltd (a subsidiary of
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Old Pump House, Elmer Works
  485              Ms      Deborah M.Morgan                          E-Teck Ltd
                                                17/01/2002Company Secretary Runfold Buildings
  167              Mr.     J.                                        Etherington's Electrical Services Ltd
                                     Etherington30/01/2002Managing Director       Sidney House
 1624              Mr      R. M. J.  Keene                           Ethos Candles Ltd Fields Industrial Estat
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director       Quarry
  682              Mr      E.        Simms                           Eton Racing Boats Street
                                                13/11/2001Managing Director       Brocas
11074              Mr      G.        Neal                            Euclid
                                                           Managing DirectorLtd Parklands Business Park
  116              Mr      R.                                        Euro Baguettes (UK) Ltd (t/a Euro Mouldi
                                     Dawson 20/09/2001Financial Director          Timberlaine Trading Estate
 1625              Mr      A.        Manton                          Euro Fasteners UK Ltd
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director       Unit 4, 20 Albany Road
  187              Mr      Brian C. Miller                           Euro Louvre Systems
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary 10 Thorgate Road
  117              Mr      E.        Carter                          Euro Moulds Ltd10, Borers Yard
                                                20/09/2001Managing Director       Unit
 9672   R D Hopkins                                                  Euro Office 399 North West Ind Are
                                                15/04/2004Financial Director      Equipment Ltd
10408              Mr      P.        Parker                          Euro Surgical Ltd Business Centre
                                                22/08/2001Managing Director       Merrow
  591   Ms P A Warren                                                Euroace The Yard, 16a Hamilton Road
                                                15/04/2004Company Secretary Developments Ltd
 4391   Mr J Edward                             15/04/2004                        Third Floor
                                                                     Eurocall Telemarketing Ltd
11075                                                      Sir                    27
                                                                     Eurochem Ltd Focus303
  519   Mr Paul Blackburn                                            Eurodis      Reigate
                                                15/04/2004Financial Controller Electron plcHill House
 1626              Mr      S.        Braily                          Eurofayre Ltd
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director       Hudds Mill House
  141              Mr      T.                                        Eurofire
                                     Edwards 22/08/2001Managing Director UK12 Fontwell Dr
  169              Mr      W.        Willis                          Euroforest Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Mead House
  683              Mr      Alan J.   McMinn                          Eurograde Unit Ltd
                                                13/11/2001Company Secretary Plant3, Viscount Industrial Es
  170              Mr      A.        Attard                          Eurograv S
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Ltdprint Industrial Estate

                                             Page 44

  186              Mr        P.                                         Eurolink 6-10
                                        Burgess 25/02/2002Managing Director VendingJunction Road
  171              Mr.       N. F.                                      Eurolux    Eurolux House
                                        Strickland 30/01/2002Managing Director International Ltd
 3809   Mr B Speight                               15/04/2004Director              60 Seafield
                                                                        Europa Management Road
  118              Mr.       R.                                         Europat    Jaygee House
                                        Brewster 20/09/2001Managing Director Auto Products Ltd
11077              Mr.       J.         Fairley                         European Association House
                                                              Company Secretary Association for passive Fire Pr
 6341   Kevin Kersley                              15/04/2004                      European Charter Ltd
                                                                        European Aviation Air Aviation House
 1627              Mr        G.         Lee                             European DataCornbrash Park
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director     3C Systems Ltd
 9707   A J Gammell                                15/04/2004Director              32 Factory Road
                                                                        European Electronic Systems Ltd
 7941   P J Pothecary                                                   European Friction Industries
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director     Enterprise House
   62              Mr.       R. N.                                      European Marine & Machinery Agencies
                                        Jackson 24/09/2001Managing Director
10625              Mr        N          Woods                                      33 Boltro Road
                                                                        European Travel Insurance Services
10278   Mr A Wilson                                                     Europharm Ladyface House Dominium Way
                                                   15/04/2004Financial Director     Ltd
 1628              Mr.       P.         Quinn                           Europlex Technologies (U.K.) Ltd
                                                   04/02/2002Financial Director    Unit 11
  684              Mrs.      V. A.      Boakes                          Europower Europower House
                                                   13/11/2001Managing Director      Management Ltd
 9258   D Murrell                                                       Euroquartz Ltd
                                                   15/04/2004Commercial Director Blacknell Lane Ind Estate
  685              Mr.       M.         Telford                         Euroquipment Ltd
                                                   13/11/2001Financial Director
 1629              Mr        L. R. P.                                   Eurosoft 3 Ltd
                                        Richards 04/02/2002Managing Director (UK)St Stephens Road
  172              Mr        S.                                         Eurostat 17
                                        Mercado 30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd St. Andrews Road
 7943   T J Evans                                  15/04/2004Director              3 Hide
                                                                        Euro-Stress Ltd Market
  913   Mr Collins Mr        M. E.      Collins                         EuroTec Eurohm Works
                                                   15/04/2004Company Secretary International P.L.C.
  174              Mr.       C.                                         Euro-Tech (Export) Ltd
                                        Smallwood 30/01/2002Managing Director
 1630              Mr        G.                                         Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd
                                        Compiani 04/02/2002Managing Director       59 Azura Close
10149   Mr R Lee                                                        Eurotek    Southern Cross
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director Office Furniture LtdTrading Estate
  188              Mr.       M.         Elliot                          Eurotherm Drives Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Financial Director
  686              Mr.       V.                                         Eurotherm Gauging Systems Ltd
                                        Chambers 13/11/2001Managing Director
  189              Mr.       J. A.      Hyttner                         Eurotherm Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Financial Director
  175              Mr.       P.         Tucker                          Eurovib    Goodwood House
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director (Acoustic Products) Ltd
   63              Mr        A. W.      Wilson                          Evans      Harbour Road
                                                   24/09/2001Managing DirectorBrush Machines Ltd
 9874   Finance Director                           15/04/2004                      Mead Crescent
                                                                        Evans Construction
 2892   Mr Smith                                   15/04/2004                      Pendower House
                                                                        Evans Pearce
  119              Mr        R. A.      Leggett                         Evasafe Farren Court
                                                   20/09/2001Managing Director Products Ltd
 4409   Dr J Evemy                                 15/04/2004                      St
                                                                        Evatacon Ltd Michaels Business Centre
10409              Mr        A.         Strong                          Eve Group P.L.C.
                                                   22/08/2001Financial Director    Moorfield House
 3811   Mr R Huckle                                15/04/2004Partner               9 Poole
                                                                        Eveleigh & Huckle Road
 9875   Finance Director                           15/04/2004                      Rockstone lane
                                                                        Evergreen Preservation
  120              Mr        G.                                         Exact WeldUnit 8E
                                        Pearson 19/09/2001Managing Director         (GB) Ltd
   64              Mr        K.         Green                           Excellence The Old Hatchery
                                                   24/09/2001Financial Controller   P.L.C.
10348   Mr F Finch                                                      Excellon Unit U4
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director UK
 9571   Maureen Hall                               15/04/2004                      Exchequer Grange
                                                                        Exchequer Software Ltd
  687              Mr.       J.                                         Executive Facilities House
                                        Bolsover 13/11/2001Managing Director       St. Ives (Maidenhead) Ltd
 2893   Mr Peter Vallender                         15/04/2004                      4 Spring
                                                                        Executive Homes Garden Lane
 6307   Brian Lomas                                                     Executive Shadows Ltd
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director     Highland House
11081              Mr.       N.         Johnston                        Executives DolphinLtd
                                                              Managing Director     Online House
 1631              Mr        J.         Bull                            Exedos     The Shaftesbury
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director Computer Services Centre
  177              Mr        M. T.      Connor                          Ex-Eltronics (UK) Ltd
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director     Grove House
 8802   R S Clark                                                       Exeter     21 Coker Road
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director & Bristol G E S Ltd
 6342   G Mooney                                                        Exiflex    Unit
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director (UK) Ltd 6 Hughes Business Centre
  688              Mr        R.         Tully                           ExpansionsNew Inn
                                                   13/11/2001Managing Director       International
 8803   P J Davie                                                       Expedite Unit 28 Lynx Crescent
                                                   15/04/2004Managing Director Total Office Solutions Ltd
  178              Mr.       D.                                         Expert
                                        Ancketill 30/01/2002Managing Director Heat Treatments (Chessington)
   65              Mr        Stephen T. James                           Expert Heat Treatments (Gosport)
                                                   24/09/2001Company Secretary Cranbourne Industrial Estate
   66              Mr.       J. A.      McCall                          Expertwise PO Box 209
                                                   24/09/2001Managing Director      Ltd

                                             Page 45

 6343   Mr J R Burdge                           15/04/2004Director                Unit 7, 11-15 Francis Avenue
                                                                     Expo Data Technology Services Ltd
  180              Mr.    C.        Owler                            Expo
                                                30/01/2002Financial DirectorTelektron Safety Systems Ltd
  179              Mr     C. D.     Hensher                          Exportmaster Systems Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       33 St. Peter's Street
 1335   Lorna Hodson                                                 Express Heron Road
                                                15/04/2004Financial Controller & Echo Publications Ltd
  121              Mr     G.                                         Express
                                     Waymark 11/09/2001Managing Director 2000
  181              Mr     S.                                         Express 147 Orchard Way
                                     Deamer 30/01/2002Managing Director Cleaning Services
 3901              Mr
        Mr P Halladay     P.                                         Express Unit B3, Empress
                                     Halladay 15/04/2004Managing Director Welding Supplies LtdPark
  182              Mr     M.         Shaver                          Express 1 Trovers Way
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Windows
  689              Ms                                                Expressions East Crescent
                          Linda A. Chandler 13/11/2001Company Secretary 1 Technology Controls Ltd
 1336   Marjorie Butler                                              Expro North Sea Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Admin Co-Ordinator Reading Bridge House
 1633              Mr     A.         Church                          Extracair 250 Bournemouth Road
                                                16/01/2002Managing Director Installations Ltd
  183              Mr.    N. R. G. Wren                              Extraspace Sutton Business Centre
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Industries Ltd
 4470   Mr S Thorn                              15/04/2004                        Unit 4 Holton
                                                                     Extreme Exhibitions Ltd Heath Trading Es
11083              Mr.    M. J.      Lane                            Exxon
                                                           Managing DirectorMobil Chemical Ltd
  690              Mr     Simon C. Pestell                           Eyesite (Reading) Ltd
                                                13/11/2001Company Secretary 132 Friar Street
 9144   B R Bicknell                                                 F & B Construction Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Chairman & Managing West End
  691              Ms     Carolyn J. Chew                            F & C Electric Luff
                                                13/11/2001Company Secretary 45 Ltd Close
  122              Mr.    R. S.      Norden                          F & P Supplies 14B Birches Industrial Es
                                                11/09/2001Managing Director       Unit
  191              Mr.    D.                    30/01/2002Managing DirectorIndustrialA
                                     Fountain-Barber                 F&W          Unit Supplies Ltd
11084                                                      Sir                    The Old
                                                                     F A A C (U.K.) Ltd Brick Kiln
10012   Mr CR Whitbourn                                              F and W Hookstile Lane
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director Industrial Supplies Ltd
 2036   Mr W Strang                             15/04/2004                        Queens Road
                                                                     F C Brown (Steel Equipment) Ltd
 9708   N P Brown                                                    F C X Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
                                                15/04/2004Managing Director       17 Balena Close
 1634             Mr      D.         Cuff                            F Cuff       The
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director& Sons Joinery Works
  692             Mrs.    G. L.      Driver                          F D L Power Jupiter House
                                                13/11/2001Company Secretary 1 Solutions
  197             Mr      B.         Adams                           F D S Advanced2, Lansbury Estate
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director       Unit Systems Ltd
  198             Mr.     W. H.      Davis                           FDTS
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director LtdHighfield Works
  199             Dr.     P.         Lyons                           F E A Ltd Forge House
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director
  920             Mr      P. A.      Orrell                          FGF          Central Works
                                                23/11/2001Financial Director (Southern) Ltd
 8997   G M Leighton                            15/04/2004Director                Albany Court, Albany
                                                                     F G P Precision Engineering Ltd Road
 9709   M Cummings                              15/04/2004Director                Unit
                                                                     F H Cummings 5 Factory Road
  693             Mr.     G.                                         FHD
                                     Wingrove 13/11/2001Managing DirectorFurnaces Ltd
 1635             Mr.     E.                                         FMA
                                     Leadbetter 04/02/2002Managing DirectorLtd
11118             Mr.     S.         Ellis                           F M Image Management Ltd
                                                           Managing Director
 1636             Mr.     R. E.                                      FSL
                                     Hemburrow04/02/2002Financial DirectorBells
  694             Mr      B.                                         F V C.
                                     Withington 13/11/2001Managing DirectorComBridge View House
 1916             Mr.     N. G.      Bullet                          F. Bullett
                                                29/01/2002Managing Director & Co. Ltd
   86             Mr      R.                                         F. Daines Jaygee House
                                     Brewster 19/09/2001Managing Director Ltd
  986             Mr      G.         Lupton                          F. Jahn      Burgoine Quay
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director & Co. Ltd
 1917             Mr      David R. Clover                            F.A. Clover & Son Ltd
                                                29/01/2002Company Secretary Bardolph Road
  242             Mr.     F. C.      Lane                            F.C. Lane Electronics Ltd
                                                20/12/2001Managing Director       Slinfold Lodge
 1637             Mrs.    N. E.                                      F.E. Beaumont Ltd
                                     Newgarth 04/02/2002Financial Director
  445             Ms                                                 F.E. Slater Unit 5 & 16,
                          Pamela J. Cherrett 25/02/2002Company Secretary (Poole) Ltd Manor Park, 35 Wi
 1638             Mr      D. G.      Collier                         F.G. Collier 29-35 Edward Street
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director       & Son Ltd
 1268             Mr.     A.                                         F.L. Smidth Ltd
                                     Kristensen 04/02/2002Managing Director
   87             Mr.     S.         Ellis                           F.M. Image Management Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director
  358             Ms      Gertrude J.Shaw                            F.W. Shaw & Sons Building
                                                03/10/2001Company Secretary 3 Tudor (Worthing) Ltd
  184             Mr      G. M.      Sharp                           Fabricated Aluminium Services Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director
  186             Mr.     T.                                         Fabris
                                     Downes 30/01/2002Financial Director Lane Ltd
  185             Mr      S.         Bailey                          Fabrisign 42
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd Lower Addiscombe Road
  695             Ms      Susan      Smith                           Fabrite Plastics Ltd
                                                13/11/2001Company Secretary 10 Wellar Drive
  187             Mr.     R.                                         Facom        Bridge
                                     Mistovski 30/01/2002Managing Director Tools Ltd Wharf

                                           Page 46

 3993               M
        Mr P Nutting r        P.            Nutting                          Facsimile 54 Bridge Road
                                                        15/04/2004Managing Director Engineering
  188               Mr.       V.                                             Factorprime Ltd
                                            Von Dewitz30/01/2002Managing Director        12 Mitcham Industrial Estate
 3975               Mr
        Mr S J Whatley        S. J.                                          Factory     24-26 Imperial Avenue
                                            Whatley 15/04/2004Managing Director Improvements Supplies Ltd
  189               Mr        R. G.         Fairall                          Fairalls    44-46 High Street
                                                        30/01/2002Managing Director Builders Merchants Ltd
 3966   Mr A BligheMr         A.            Blighe                           Fairchild Fairchild House
                                                        15/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
   67               Mr.       L.            Niers                            Fairey
                                                        24/09/2001Managing DirectorArlon Ltd
   82               Mr.       R.            Everitt                          Fairey      Unit 40
                                                        11/02/2002Financial Director Microfiltrex Ltd
  190               Mr        M. J.                                          Fairfield   1 Broomhall Road
                                            Packwood 24/01/2002Managing Director Engraving Co. Ltd
  914               Mr        Simon J.                                       Fairfield   Station Road
                                            Bickerstaffe23/11/2001Managing Director Graphics Ltd
  915               Mr        D. B.         Joyce                            Falcon      Unit 8
                                                        23/11/2001Managing Director Precision Engineering
11087               Mr        D.            Joyce                            Falcon      Victory Close
                                                                   Managing Director Precision Ltd
 7947   N M Adams                                                            Falcon      Victoria
                                                        15/04/2004Managing Director Services LtdTerrace
 1307   David Miller                                                                      Children
                                                        15/04/2004Chairman Families forThe Vale House
 9342   D H Blunn                                                            Fans        Commerce Way
                                                        15/04/2004Financial Director& Blowers Ltd
  192               Mr.       S.            Paskell                          Fans &      Unit 6 Brookmead Industrial Es
                                                        24/01/2002Managing Director Spares Croydon
  916               Mr.       S.            Paskell                          Fans &      Unit 32 Romsey Industrial Esta
                                                        23/11/2001Managing Director Spares Romsey
  193               Mr.       M.            Webb                             Faraday Faraday House
                                                        30/01/2002Managing Director House Group Ltd
   68               Ms        Patricia M.   Boullin                          Fareham Units 19 & 25
                                                        24/09/2001Company Secretary Electroplating Co. Ltd
   69               Mr        Peter                                          Fareham Unit
                                            Faulkner 24/09/2001Company Secretary Repro 7
  696               Mr        H. G.                                          Farm Energy & Control Business Ltd
                                            Crabtree 13/11/2001Managing Director         Pingewood Services Estate
 1639               Mr        F.                                             Farm        U
                                            Woodman 04/02/2002Financial DirectorPower nit 1
  194               Mr        J. H.         Hall                             Farm Supplies (Dorking) Ltd
                                                        24/01/2002Managing Director
 3816   Mr Mathew Judge                                                      Farndale 51 Christchurch Road
                                                        15/04/2004Managing Director Hammond (Healthwise) Ltd
 7949   P M Lewis                                       15/04/2004Director               Units & Co Bristol Vale Est
                                                                             Farrington Lewis 1 & 2 Ltd
 9017   M F Ephson                                      15/04/2004Director               33 Uddens Trading Est
                                                                             Farrow & Ball Ltd
 1640               Mr        A. J. R.      Price                            Fass Security Ltd
                                                        04/02/2002Managing Director      Parkdale House
  680               Mr        S. J.         Harding                          Fast Track Tooling Ltd
                                                        18/02/2002Managing Director      Unit 9
 3909   Mr A W TylerMr.       A. W.         Tyler                            Fastener Unit 6 City Commerce Centre
                                                        19/04/2004Managing Director Distributors Ltd
  697               Mr.       T. I.         Halliday                         Fastener
                                                        13/11/2001Managing Director Stock Ltd
  195               Mr        P.                                             Fastsigns 36
                                            Beneson 30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd High Street
  196               Mr.       M.                                             Faupel      Faupel House
                                            Harrison 30/01/2002Financial Director Trading Group P.L.C.
 4223   Mr MJ Chase                                     19/04/2004                       2 Dibles
                                                                             FE Chase & Son LtdRoad
 3817   Mr Simon Clunie-Curtis                                               Feature     95 Bournemouth Road
                                                        19/04/2004Managing Director Films Limited
  851               Mr.       A.            Peglar                           Felcon
                                                        11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd 11 Euro Business Park
 1641               Mr        M.                                             Feldaroll Unit 17-21a
                                            Beresford 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 1337   David Yates                                                          Feltham Mandarin Limited
                                                        19/04/2004General Manager ConstructionCourt
  124               Mr        R.            Brame                            Fencourt Unit K Riverside Industrial Es
                                                        11/09/2001Managing Director Printers Ltd
 9118   C J Tinnion                                                          Fenland Axe Road
                                                        19/04/2004Financial Director Sheepskin Co Ltd
  917               Mr.       C.            Light                            Fenns
                                                        23/11/2001Managing Director(Farnborough) Ltd
  698               Mr        James S.      Fenton                           Fenton Hadley Contracts Ltd
                                                        14/11/2001Company Secretary Arrowhead Road
  142               Mr        S.            Bowen                            Fenwood 135a Ltd
                                                        22/08/2001Managing Director Bowen Winchester Road
  918               Mr.       T.                                             Fenwood 2 Kingstons
                                            Grainger 23/11/2001Managing Director Systems Ltd Estate
  699               Mr        R.            Scoton                           Fericon     Unit 12
                                                        14/11/2001Financial Director Press Ltd
  919               Mr.       P.            Scott                            Fern Howard Ltd
                                                        23/11/2001Managing Director      Unit 5
10349   Mr R SlaterMr         R             Slatter     19/04/2004                       Ltd
                                                                             Ferrabyrne Fort Road Ind Estate
 1642               Mr        S.            Ferrari                          Ferrari     Unit &
                                                        04/02/2002Managing Director Stainless89 Alloys Ltd
  700               Mr.       G.            Moffett                          Ferro Metal & Chemical Corporation Ltd
                                                        14/11/2001Managing Director
   83               Mr.       M.                                             Festo Ltd Automation House
                                            Flaherty 11/02/2002Managing Director
 6309   Brian Bazley                                                                     Unit C2
                                                        19/04/2004Manager FF Courier ExpressRailway Triangle
 1643               Mr        M.            Ashby                            Fibaflo
                                                        04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd Holton Heath Trading Park
   84               Mr        Edward J.     Hailey                           Fibernet Rosalind
                                                        11/02/2002Company Secretary Group plc Hse, Jays Close
10599               Mr        I             White                                        Avonmouth Way
                                                                             Fibre Technologies International

                                                  Page 47

 3994   Mr R MooreMr.       R.         Moore                         Fibretech (GRP)V Willments Industrial Es
                                                19/04/2004Financial Director       Unit Ltd
  190             Ms        Tessa J.   White                         Field Electronics Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Winston Business Centre
 1644             Mr        L. H.      Newing                        Field Engineering (Poole) Ltd
                                                04/02/2002Managing Director
11098             Mr        P.         Naisbitt                      Field International (UK) Ltd House
                                                           Managing Director       Units 5-6, Field
11099                                                      Sir       Field Packaging
   70              Mr      P.         Naisbitt                       Field Supplies Sea Road
                                                24/09/2001Managing Director        60 Ltd
10410              Lord    B.         Powell                         Fieldguard Ltd
                                                22/08/2001Managing Director        Clandon Manor Farm
  852              Mr.     A. L.      Ede                            Fileder Filter Systems Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Company Secretary Orchard Business Centre
10498              Mr      S.         Ellson                                       10
                                                                     Filer Knapper Bridge Street
10167   Mr R Lang                                                    Filofax
                                                19/04/2004Managing Director UK Unit 3 Victoria Gardens
 9539   C R Fortino                             19/04/2004Director                 14
                                                                     Filos (UK) Ltd Bottings Industrial Estate
 4580   Mr Ken Haxby-Thompson                   19/04/2004           Filtakleen C1 Blackmoor Road
10168   Mrs LA Sanders                          19/04/2004                         Unit 2 Paynes
                                                                     Filter Screen Supply Ltd Place farm
   71              Mr.     J.                                        Filters
                                      Robinson 24/09/2001Financial Director for Industry Ltd
   85              Mr      Vincent J. Conner                         Financial Suite 4, Hillbrow House
                                                11/02/2002Company Secretary Management Systems (UK) P.L.C
  853              Mr.     S.         Hoare                          Findlay
                                                11/02/2002Financial Director Publications Ltd
  125              Mr      P. R.      Tyler                          Fine Cut
                                                11/09/2001Managing Director International Ltd
  921              Mr      David B. Lee                              Fine English Toiletries Ltd
                                                23/11/2001Company Secretary 15/17
10339   Mr VW Botting                           19/04/2004                         Chartwell Road
                                                                     Finecast Precision Castings Ltd
 9876   Finance Director                        19/04/2004                         Chambers Close
                                                                     Finest Scoffolding
 7332   B A Finnamore                                                Finnamore Associates Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Managing Director        Somerset House
 9877   Finance Director                        19/04/2004                         King George
                                                                     Finnegan Flooring Ltd Avenue
  200              Mr      Anthony P. Daniels                        Finspong 954 Brighton
                                                24/01/2002Company Secretary Aluminium Ltd Road
  201              Miss    L.                                        Fire &        Rowhurst
                                      Quinnell 24/01/2002Managing DirectorIron Gallery LtdForge
 3820   Mr Creasey                              19/04/2004                         10 Station Road
                                                                     Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Co
  203              Mr      S. D.                                     Fire Protection ServicesRoad
                                      Ballatine 30/01/2002Managing Director        215 London SE
  202              Mr      J.                                        Fireking
                                      Rowland 30/01/2002Managing Director LtdSefton Lodge
   86              Mr.     W.         Butcher                        Firespray Unit 5, Coltwood
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director International Ltd Business Cent
 3913              Mr
        Mr M Maloney       M.                                        First Base Southampton Ltd
                                      Maloney 19/04/2004Financial Director         Enterprise House
 6344   Hugh Slavin                             19/04/2004Director                 1 Ventura Centre
                                                                     First Call Communications
10549              Mr      M          Tuff                                         3-4 Byron Place
                                                                     First Call Communications Ltd
  204              Mr      S.                                        First Choice Components Ltd
                                      Worsley 24/01/2002Managing Director          18 Sanderstead Court Avenue
 4528   Mr Peter Hurst                                                             9 Hughes & Doors
                                                19/04/2004Proprietor First Choice WindowsBusiness Centre
 1338   Sue Jiggins                                                  First City 13-15 Folgate Street
                                                19/04/2004Financial Controller Insurance Brokers Ltd
 7951   D C Ord                                                      First Corporate Shipping Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Managing Director        St Andrews House
11105              Mr.     D. L.      Mayer                          First Degree Software Systems Ltd
                                                           Managing Director       28 Oakwood Close
11106              Mr      Martin A. Judd                            First Design Connections
                                                           Company Secretary 21 Mint Road Ltd
 3951   Mr J Main Mr       J.         Main                           First DrinksImperial Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Managing Director         Brands House
 2461   Mrs Kate Miles                                               First Inertia 2 Columbus Drive
                                                19/04/2004Financial Controller     Switch Limited
11108              Mr.     G.         Wood                           First Inertia Switch Ltd
                                                           Managing Director
 9099   D M Nield                                                    First Stop Computer Group Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Fianncial Director       Hook Rise South
  126              Mr      J.         Day                            First Worldwide Shipping Ltd
                                                11/09/2001Managing Director        Blackfriars House
11109              Mr      R.         Quinn                          Fischer       Unit 6, Stratfield Park
                                                           Managing Director Connectors Ltd
   72              Mr.     R. L.      Scruby                         Fischer       Dept K
                                                24/09/2001Managing Director Instrumentation (GB) Ltd
10150   Mr K Jackson                                                 Fisher        Heath Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Managing DirectorRosemountPlace
 6345              Mr
        Eric Champion      E          Champion 19/04/2004Director    Fix A Door Ltd1 Library Road
  205              Mr      G          Walker                         Fixings       Brighton Road
                                                24/01/2002Managing Director & Power Tool Center
 2626   Mr Andy Gregory                         19/04/2004                         Sovereign Direct
                                                                     Fixings & Power ToolsHouse
  567   T J Porter                                                   Flair Ltd
                                                19/04/2004Company Secretary Hazelton Interchange
  926              Mr.     D.         Harris                         Flame         Unit 8
                                                23/11/2001Managing DirectorCheater International Ltd
  206              Mr      Norman J. Roberts                         Flatau, Dick & Co. Ltd
                                                30/01/2002Company Secretary Downsview House
 9878                                           05/06/2001                         Ashley
                                                                     Flatlite Roofing LtdCrescent

                                             Page 48

11113               Mr      M.         Shoebridge                       Fleet Microsystems Ltd Road
                                                             Managing Director       108 Queens
  207               Ms      Eileen M.  Kirby                            Fleetwood 62-66 Leatherhead Road
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary Fengate Co. Ltd
  143               Mr      M.         Griffiths                        Fletchers Omega Park
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director Packaging (a division of Miram
 1645               Mr.     I. D.                                       Flexian
                                       Williams 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd Unit 1 Landford Common
  701               Mr.     P. F.      Hughes                           Flexible
                                                  14/11/2001Managing Director Hose Supplies Ltd
  927               Mr.     J. S.                                       Flexible
                                       Trotman 23/11/2001Managing Director Mouldings (a division of Sincla
10151   Mr DG Jack                                                      Flexible     30 Sudley Road
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director Tech Solutions Ltd
  127               Mr      A.         Squires                          Flexiprint 1
                                                  11/09/2001Managing Director Ltd Aspen Court, Marlborough Roa
   73               Mr                                                  Flexitec     4 Mitchell Close
                            Graham Westerling 24/09/2001Managing Director Structures Ltd
  702               Mrs.    J.                    14/11/2001Managing Director Audio Guides Ltd
                                       Strangewayes-booth               Flexleigh Scotlands House
 9018   R H Clark                                                       Flight Refuelling Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director        Brook Road
  928               Mr      M. D.      Soffe                            Flite Electronics LtdHouse Farm
                                                  23/11/2001Managing Director        Church
  703               Mr.     K. P.      Murphy                           Floating     Highview House
                                                  14/11/2001Managing Director Point Systems UK Ltd
  209               Ms                                                  Flo-Code McMillan House
                            Cicely M. Thorball 30/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
  128               Mr      C.                                          Flomotion Ltd 2
                                       Stephens 11/09/2001Managing Director          Unit
11115               Mr      John S.    Upson                            Floreat Construction Ltd
                                                             Company Secretary 2 Main Road
10273               Mr
        Mr RG Partlett      RG         Partlett   19/04/2004                         Unit Ltd
                                                                        Flotronic Pumps8A Ricebridge Works
 1646               Mr.     P. C.                                       Flow FormsColburn House
                                       Hayman 04/02/2002Managing Director             (Wiltshire) Ltd
  704               Mr.     M. R.      Scott                            Flowdata 8 Galaxy House
                                                  14/11/2001Managing Director Systems Ltd
 7953   R B Thorner                               19/04/2004Director                 Old Ltd
                                                                        Flower & HayesMills House
 1647               Mr      D.         Bell                             Flowplant
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Manufacturing
  929               Mr.     G.                    23/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
                                       Hollingshead                     FlowSeal
 1912   Mr A Parks Mr       A          Parks      19/04/2004Director                 Europe Road
                                                                        Flowtronex 2 Relay Ltd
  930               Ms      Jill M.    Floyd                            Floyd's Office Equipment Road
                                                  23/11/2001Company Secretary 139 LynchfordLtd
 5668   Mr D Griffiths                                                  FLS Aerospace Ltd Hangar, Long Border Rd
                                                  19/04/2004Transport Manager        Diamond
  705               Mr      G.         King                             Fluid Controls Ltd Minerva House
                                                  14/11/2001Managing Director        Unit 4,
  129               Mr.     P. F.                                       Fluid Equipment (Adelphi) Ltd
                                       Cockburn 11/09/2001Managing Director          Olympus House
 1648               Ms      Christine Parker                            Fluid Equipment International Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Company Secretary 10 Blandford Heights Industria
 5871   Ron Hancocks                              19/04/2004                          Components
                                                                        Fluid Power14 The Oakwood Centre
  492               Mr      L.         Avery                            Fluidair
                                                  17/01/2002Managing Director        20 Mitchell Close
  130               Mr      N. J.      Howick                           Fluorotech Dispersions Ltd
                                                  11/09/2001Managing Director        Unit 11
  191               Mr      P.         Cullen                           Flush With Success Fm
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director        Evenvale
 3826   Mr B Wigley                               19/04/2004                         12 Enterprise (UK)
                                                                        Flux Pumps International Park Ltd
10211   Mr A Leppard                                                    FMX Ltd Westfield House
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director
  210               Mr.     M. W.                                       Focal Signs Ltd
                                       Padberg 24/01/2002Managing Director
 6119   Mr Mark Hurst                             19/04/2004Owner                    Park House
                                                                        Focus Catering Equipment
 6347   Mrs Peggy Fulford                         19/04/2004                         Folgate House
                                                                        Folgate Insurance Co
  211               Mr.     G. S.      Desborough                       Fone-Alarm Installations Ltd
                                                  24/01/2002Managing Director
   88               Mr.     G          Essen                            Food         Food Broker Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Project Director Brokers (Holdings)House
  706               Mrs.    M. L.      Sharp                            Food Handling Systems
                                                  14/11/2001Company Secretary Lion House Ltd
  707               Mr      Ian W.     Darroch                          Food Industry Supplies Ltd
                                                  14/11/2001Company Secretary 129 New Greenham Park
  212               Mr      G.                                          Food Systems Wolsey Road
                                       Sheppard 30/01/2002Managing Director          15 Plus
   74               Mr                                                  Force Dredging Systems Uk Ltd
                            Lesile N. Freestone 21/09/2001Company Secretary 26 Scratchface Lane
  931               Mr.     K.         Salmon                           Force Technologies Ltd
                                                  23/11/2001Managing Director        Unit 18
 9221   R J Banks                                                       Ford Bros Civil Engineering & Surfacing
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director        Unit 10 Cheddar Business Park
 9019   R W Ford                                                        Ford Civil 26 Thorne Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director Engineering Way
  132               Mr                 Slayford 11/09/2001Company Secretary Unit 4, Block B
                            Catherine F.                                Ford Electroplating Ltd
11122               Mrs.    A.         Dyer                             Fordahl       Ltd
                                                             Managing Director GBHardly Industrial Estate
  131               Mr      D. J.      French                           Fordamin Co. Ltd
                                                  11/09/2001Financial Director       Free Wharf
  133               Mr      AJ         Baxter                           Fordingbridge Plc Road
                                                  11/09/2001Financial Director       Arundel
10100   Mr M Blanford                             19/04/2004                         Units 23-24
                                                                        Fordway Solutions Ltd Boundary Business
  134               Mr      J.                                          Foremost 19 Arndale
                                       Watkins 11/09/2001Managing Director Circuits Ltd Road

                                            Page 49

  213                Mr        R.         Eklof                           Foresight F G Ltd
                                                     24/01/2002Managing Director EEnterprise Court
   89                Mr        M.         Lilly                           Forest      71 High Street
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director 2000 Ltd
  932                Ms                              23/11/2001Company Secretary 7 Compton Road
                               Gillian M. Creyke-Nabney                   Forest China Co (Stoke) Ltd
 3829   Mr J Black                                                        Forest      112-114 Cobham Road
                                                     19/04/2004Managing Director Packaging Ltd
  214                Mr        J.         Baker                           Forestdale Business Services Ltd
                                                     23/01/2002Managing Director      Unit 10
 1649                Mr        P.         Hockey                          Foretell    99 Group
                                                     04/02/2002Managing Director Media Holdenhurst Road
   90                Mr        D.         Hillman                         Forklift    112 Deacon Road
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director Chargers
  144                Mr        M.                                         Form Fill 17 Newman Lane
                                          Cashmore 22/08/2001Managing Director Seal Ltd
  215                Mrs.      C. M.                                      Format      Format House
                                          Webster 30/01/2002Managing Director International Ltd
  708                Mr        P.                                         Formech
                                          Vukovich 14/11/2001Managing Director International Ltd
 9879                                                05/06/2001                       First
                                                                          Formerton Ltd Avenue
 1650               Mr.        C.                                         Formet
                                          Priestland 04/02/2002Managing Director Industries Ltd
  709               Mr.        N.                                         Formold Ruscombe Park
                                          Ballentine 14/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
   91               Mr         K.                                         Formscape Beech House
                                          Bloodworth11/02/2002Managing Director       Software
  135               Mr         N.         Martin                          Forson      Commerce Way
                                                     11/09/2001Managing Director Design & Engineering Co. Ltd
 4014               Mr.        E.                                         Fort Dodge Animal Health
                                          De Santos 21/08/2001Managing Director
  216               Mr         A.                                         Fort Wheelbarrows Ltd
                                          Valentine 30/01/2002Managing Director       Old Woking
  933               Ms         Anne B.    Harris                          Forum Computers Ltd
                                                     23/11/2001Company Secretary 8 Clarendon Road
10065                Holland
        Miss AlisonMiss        Alison     Holland    19/04/2004                       41-51 Brighton Road
                                                                          Forum Holdings Ltd
  710               Mr.        E. A. L.   Sulley                          Fosplant division of
                                                     14/11/2001Managing Director (a Weir Bank C E D Technology
 9274   J G Smart                                                         Foster      Marston
                                                     19/04/2004Financial Director Yeoman Ltd House
  217               Mr         George     Daniels                         Foundation Foundation House
                                                     30/01/2002Financial Director     Developments Ltd
 7955   M M Halmkin                                                       Fountain Brockley Combe
                                                     19/04/2004Financial Director Timber Products Ltd
  218               Mr.        S.         Pullen                          Fountains The Ltd
                                                     30/01/2002Financial Controller DirectOffice
 1651               Mrs.       L.         Ashton                          Four-Most 936 Wimborne Road
                                                     04/02/2002Company Secretary Catering Equipment Services Lt
  711               Mr         J.                                         Fourth       Europe Ltd
                                          Wolfenden 14/11/2001Managing Director ShiftFourth Shift House
 3830   Mr Dave Bent                                                      Fowler Welch LtdMarsh Road
                                                     19/04/2004Fleet Manager          West
 9517   Jack Hudson                                                       Fox Bros Co Box
                                                     19/04/2004Managing Director & P OLtd No 2, Tonedale Mills
 2038   Mr W Fry                                     19/04/2004                       Bridge Road
                                                                          Fox Engineering Co (Bisley) Ltd
  219               Mr         J.         Thurner                         Fox Engineering Co. (Bisley) Ltd
                                                     30/01/2002Managing Director
  193               Mr.        P. G.                                      Foxboro
                                          Grabaskey 25/02/2002Financial Controller Great Britain Ltd
 9996   Mr A Millard                                 19/04/2004                       Delta House
                                                                          Foxhall Engineering Ltd
 9983   RC Hallett                                   19/04/2004                       Pixham
                                                                          FP UK Holdings LtdEnd
 4029   Mr David Quest                               19/04/2004           FPD SAVILLS Wessex House
 9673   P Richardson                                                      FRA Services Ltd
                                                     19/04/2004Financial Director     Bournemouth Airport
  220               Mr.        R. E.      Haas                            Francis     The Stables
                                                     17/01/2002Managing Director & Francis Ltd Works
 1652               Mr         J. W. R. Bugler                            Francis     11 Ltd
                                                     04/02/2002Managing Director BuglerHogshill Street
  712               Mr         David W. J.Barrett                         Francis     11 Armour Road
                                                     14/11/2001Company SecretaryContractors Ltd
  344               Mr         G. B. N.   Pitcher                         Frank Sandells & Sons (Worthing) Ltd
                                                     04/10/2001Managing Director      Sandell House
 9880   Financial Director                           19/04/2004                       Armada Close
                                                                          Franklin Croft Ceramics
 4289   Miss Anna Ferrett                                                 Franklin Lloyd Cullen & Stone
                                                     19/04/2004Adminstrator           Cobland House
  221               Mr         T.         Fraser                          Fraser      25 Kew Foot Road
                                                     30/01/2002Managing Director Label Co. Ltd
  713               Mr         Peter A. Fraser                            Frasers     135 Cremyll Ltd
                                                     14/11/2001Company SecretaryOffice Supplies Road
 1327   Robert Burge                                                      Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd
                                                     19/04/2004Financial Director     Stonebridge House
   77               Mr         M.                                         Frecol       Services Ltd
                                          Freeman 21/09/2001Managing DirectorAuto106 Connaught Road
 1653               Mr.        F. S.      Allen                           Fred Allen Products
                                                     04/02/2002Managing Director
 1918               Mr         John F.    Bone                            Frederick Masterbaker Works
                                                     29/01/2002Company Secretary Bone & Co. Ltd
 9355   T N Brayne                                   19/04/2004Director               Shudrick
                                                                          Frederick Theak Ltd Lane
10666               Mr         T          Price                 MD        Freecom Europa House
 6316   Paul Needham                                 19/04/2004Partner    Freeflow 29 Waverley Road
 1368   Jacob Wood rM          J          Wood       19/04/2004                       Unit 3 Sterling
                                                                          Freeman Distribution Ltd Park
 4416   Mrs Jane Freeman                             19/04/2004                       Bourton
                                                                          Freeman Foods Ltd Mill

                                               Page 50

 3955               Mr.
        Mr D Freeston        D.         Freeston                       Freeston Water Treatment Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Financial Director
  137               Mrs.     D. J.      Pizzie                         Freestyle Unit 51, Rowfant Business Cent
                                                  11/09/2001Managing Director Interiors Ltd
10411               Mr.      C.         Guest                          Freeze
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director Pack Group Ltd
 6549   Andrew Bearryton                                               Freight     C4/C5 Railway Triangle Ind Est
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director Transport Ltd
  855               Mr.      P.         Farren                         Freightflow International Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Financial Director
 3833   Mr J Freire                                                    Freire      Independent Financial Planning
                                                  19/04/2004Financial Advisor & Freire
 4041               Mr.      D.         Moir                           Frenstar
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director Ltd
 9437   G Woodcock                                19/04/2004           Freshday 1 Castleman Road
10275   Mr ARG Hardy                                                   Freshfield Lane Brickworks Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director      Freshfield Lane
  224               Mr       P. H.      Frewer                         Frewer      1&3
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director Brothers Ltd
 8842   C R Anderson                                                   Friary Press LtdRadio Station
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director      Old
 2902   Mr Grandison                              19/04/2004                       Robinson Way
                                                                       Frictec Limited
 1654               Mr.      J. A.      Cavill                         Friction
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Linings Ltd
 9275   M J West                                                       Frome ToolDirector Ltd
                                                                                     & Guage
                                                  19/04/2004Chairman & Managing Manor Road
  225               Ms       Judith     Bartram                        Fromson Canada Road
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary Construction Co. Ltd
 7957   J Gould                                                        Frontec     Merchants House
                                                  19/04/2004Financial Director (UK) Ltd
10212   Mr S Gaffer                                                    Frontier-Pitts Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director      Crompton House
 4040   Mr S Mummery                                                   Fruition    Shedfield Dairy
                                                  20/04/2004Managing Director Technology Ltd
 5651   Mr Alan Christie                                               FSL Bells Hartham Park
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
 4406   Mr Stephen Fudge                          19/04/2004                       Leygh
                                                                       Fudges Bakery
11948   Duncan Bott                               20/04/2004                       Thorney
                                                                       Fuel Cell Markets Weir House
 1655               Mr       R.                                        Fuelboss The Maltings
                                        Coombe 04/02/2002Managing Director Air Conditioning
 1656               Mr.      M. D.      Lynch     No Mail              Fugro
                                                             Managing DirectorGeos Gemini House
   92               Mr       Peter A.   Pringle                        Fulcrum 3 Saxon Gate
                                                  11/02/2002Company Secretary Software Ltd
  194               Mr.      A. W.      Briggs                         Fulfillment Consultants Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director      Unit 9
 1657               Mr.      M.         Bishop                         Fullact
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd Oak Tree Cottage
  226               Mr.      M.         Crocker                        Fullduplex ComputerHouse
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director      Berkeley Professionals Ltd
   78               Mr.      R.         Hawker                         Fuller's
                                                  19/09/2001Managing Director Precision Engineering co. Ltd
  195               Ms       Sharon     McHale                         Funnell's 10 North Street
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary Furnishing (Storrington) Ltd
  227               Mr       B.         Noyes                          Furby Woodware Ltd Road
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director      46 Station
  937               Mr.      G.         Weston                         Furneaux
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director Riddall Co. Ltd
  228               Mr       P. S.                                     Furness Withy & Co. Ltd
                                        Edwards 23/01/2002Finance Director         Furness House
 7371   Ken Mculloch                              19/04/2004                       Beaufort Court
                                                                       Future Publishing Ltd
  229               Mr       R.                                        Futurecom 35 Brigstock Road
                                        Kahn Lodhi23/01/2002Managing Director       (London) Ltd
10123   Mr A Hollingshead                                              Futuremedia PLC House, Arundel Road
                                                  19/04/2004Marketing Manager      Media
 6551   Gary Newman                                                    FuturemostRobinson Way
                                                  19/04/2004Sales Director           Windows
  230               Mr       A.                                        Futures     600 Purley Way
                                        Blackmore 23/01/2002Managing Director Supplies & Support Services Ltd
 3837   Mr D F Eaton                              19/04/2004Director               Freight House
                                                                       FW Eaton Road Haulage Ltd
  938               Mr       S. J.      Bailey                         Fyffes Group Ltd
                                                  26/11/2001Company Secretary
  940               Mr.      G. A.                                     G&B
                                        McBrown 26/11/2001Managing DirectorElectronic Designs Ltd
 9881   Financial Director                        19/04/2004                       Ampthill Road
                                                                       G & B Texturing
 1658               Mr       J. G.                                     G&T         Newopaul
                                        Bareham 31/01/2002Managing DirectorPackaging Ltd Way
  139               Mr       R.         Latham                         GBD         17 Equipment Services
                                                  11/09/2001Managing DirectorSigns &Lloyd Goring Close Ltd
  239               Mr.      L.                                        GBL
                                        Malcolm 30/01/2002Managing Director
  714               Mr.      E. A.      Clarke                         GCD         Shirley
                                                  14/11/2001Managing DirectorSecurity Ltd House
  942               Mr       G.         Bushill                        G D Engineering Ltd
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director      Unit 22, Bellvue Enterprise Ce
 7959   C Green                                   19/04/2004Director               Tower
                                                                       G D S Publishing Hosue
   93               Mr.      A. F.                                     G E L Engineering Ltd
                                        Norman 11/02/2002Managing Director
 4348   Mr Farley                                 19/04/2004                       Tower View
                                                                       G Farwell Ltd
 2903   Mr Jacobs                                 19/04/2004                         & Associates
                                                                       G J Jacobs The Chestnuts
  572   R E Skerton                                                    G J Smith The Dolphins
                                                  19/04/2004Company Secretary bros Ltd
 9882   Financial Director                        19/04/2004           G Klinko Matheson Road

                                              Page 51

  928   Tim Relleen                                19/04/2004Director               Drake Road
                                                                        G L Plant Ltd
 9883   Financial Director                         19/04/2004           G M BuildersHoneysuckle Road
 1027              Mr.       M.          Clayton                        GMD         Dec House
                                                   19/11/2001Managing Director Mouldings Ltd
  688              Mr        T.          Tugwell                        GMS         Guildford Road
                                                   18/02/2002Managing DirectorElectrical Contractors
  248              Mr        J.          Brat                           G N Netcom (UK) Ltd House
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director      Runnymede
  948              Mr.       D. J.       Coates                         G N Nettest (UK) Ltd
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary York House
 2905   Mr K Hutchison                                                   Manager Alchorne Place
                                                   19/04/2004Operations G R P Material Supplies Ltd
  198              Ms                                                   G R S Engineering Co. (Sussex)
                             Jennifer K. Goddard 25/02/2002Company Secretary Wiston Business ParkLtd
  265              Mr        G. R.                                      G S Airmatics Ltd Road
                                         Southwood30/01/2002Managing Director       60 Park
  955              Mr        John                  26/11/2001Company Secretary Leith House
                                         Suntees-Chapman                G T 85 Ltd
11179              Mr        D.          Grenfell                       G T I Computers PortsmouthBusiness Cen
                                                              Managing Director     Unit 219, Victory Ltd
 1028              Mr        G.                                         GTK          Ltd
                                         Stolliday 19/11/2001Managing Director(U K)Unit 1 Maxdata Centre
 1029              Mr.       E. L.       Farmer                         GTS         G T S House
                                                   19/11/2001Managing DirectorFlexible Materials Ltd
  431              Ms        June E.     Charlett                       G. Sait Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Company Secretary 9 Cobham Road
 1269              Mr.       T. R. H.                                   G.A. Stanley Palmer Ltd
                                         Wheeler 04/02/2002Financial Director
 3970              Mr.
        Mr C A Wedderburn    C. A.                 1                    G.A. Wedderburn & Co. Ltd
                                         Wedderburn 9/04/2004Managing Director
  689              Mr.       S.          Fisher                         G.C. Pillinger & Co. (Engineers) Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Financial Director
  196              Mr.       G. H.       Taylor                         G.D. Rectifiers Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Managing Director
 1659              Mr        A.                                         G.E. Bridge123-125 Old Christchurch Road
                                         Waeschle 31/01/2002Managing Director        & Co. Ltd
  971              Mr        G.          Heard                          G.E. Heard Marshlands Road
                                                   27/11/2001Managing Director       & Sons
 4003              Mr
        Mr D J Vallence      D. J.                                      G.F. JamesUnit 4, Solent Industrial Esta
                                         Vallence 19/04/2004Managing Director        (Pattern Makers) Ltd
 1030              Mr.       G. T.       Brown                          G.H. Marshall Ltd
                                                   19/11/2001Managing Director
 1271              Mr        G. E.                                      G.H. Plummer & Co.Works
                                         Robinson 04/02/2002Managing Director       Foundry Ltd
  244              Mr        M. E.                                      G.J. Durafencing
                                         Mogford 30/01/2002Managing Director        Silverlands Park Nursery
 3930              Mr
        Mr P B Johnson       P. B.                                      G.J. Johnson & Sons Ltd
                                         Johnson 19/04/2004Managing Director
  987              Mr        T.          Bulleid                        G.N. Nettest Ltd Nordic House
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director      Great
 9884   Financial Director                         19/04/2004                       Shirley CoLtd
                                                                        GA Wedderburn & Road
  939              Ms        Nicola      Bisset                         Gabare
                                                   26/11/2001Company SecretaryLtdWinnall Valley Road
   79              Mr        P.          Wilson                         Gable        Ltd
                                                   19/09/2001Managing Director(U K)17-19 Station Road
 1660              Mr.       S.          Meller                         Gage Technique International Ltd
                                                   31/01/2002Managing Director      PO Box 30
 9617   Simon Morgan                               19/04/2004           Gainpeak LtdArrowsmith Court
  857              Mr        K.C.        Charie                         Gala Coffee & Tea
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director      Mill House
  231              Mr        P. R.                                      Gallaher Members Ltd
                                         Burchell 30/01/2002Financial Director InternationalHill
 7372   B C Galsworthy                                                  Galsworthy Twerton Mill
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director      Graphics Ltd
10412              Mr        B. H.                                      Gamble
                                         Wakeford 22/08/2001Financial Director Jarvis Plant Ltd
   80              Mr.       G.          Nieddu                         Gan Engineering Ltd
                                                   19/09/2001Managing Director
  715              Mr.       J.                                         Gandlake Gandlake House
                                         Gandley 14/11/2001Managing Director Computer Services
  941              Mr.       M.          Beale                          Gang-Nail SystemsEstate
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director      Christy Ltd
  233              Mr        H.          Morgan                Godstone Road
                                                   23/01/2002Managing Director      58a
  234              Mr.       P.          Salter                         Gardencast Ltd
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director
 7979   R H Gill                                                        Gardiner PO Box Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director Sons & Co259
10609              Mr        J           Gardner                        Gardner 124-126 The Hornet
  235              Mr.       R.                    30/01/2002Managing Director Services Camphill Industrial Est
                                         Paul-Gardner                   Gardner Unit 7 Ltd
 4399   Mr G Weekes                                19/04/2004                       679 Media Services
                                                                        Gareth WeekesWimborne Road Ltd
  236              Mr        G.                                         Garico      71 Gloucester Road
                                         Swinoga 23/01/2002Managing Director Craft Ltd
  716              Mr.       H. J.                                      Garingdell SystemsDeseronto Wharf
                                         Highfield 14/11/2001Managing Director      Unit B3 Ltd
11144              Mr        Andrew R. Etkind                           Garmin      The Quadrangle
                                                              Company Secretary(Europe) Ltd
  237              Mr        R.          Garrick                        Garrick     The Sussex
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director International LtdBarn
  717              Ms        Marilyn     Erbe                           Garval (UK) Ltd
                                                   14/11/2001Company Secretary Briar Field House
 1661              Mr        J.          Coates                         Gary Duncan Merchanting Ltd Park
                                                   31/01/2002Managing Director      Unit 12, Kingfisher
   81              Mr        Paul S.     Hurst                          Gas Force 2 Havant Services Ltd
                                                   19/09/2001Company Secretary Technical Road
 1662              Mr.       A.          Watson                         Gas Link
                                                   31/01/2002Managing Director Ltd

                                             Page 52

 3982   Mr P Harmon Mr       P.        Harmon                             Gas Service Agents Ltd Road
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director       39-43 Harrison
  238               Mr       Robert A. Allan                              Gas Turbine & 1, Milton Yard
                                                    30/01/2002Company Secretary UnitGenerators Ltd
11145               Mrs.     K.        Hughes                             Gascoigne
                                                               Company Secretary Melotte (UK) Ltd
 2039   Mr Duncan Tolmie                            19/04/2004                        Unit 8,
                                                                          Gate-A-Mation Ltd Boundary Business Cent
 3328   Mr Adam Warren                              19/04/2004            GBC (UK) LtdRutherford Road
   82               Mr       G.          Haskett                          GCS Computer Services Ltd
                                                    19/09/2001Managing Director       Gibson House, 7a
10169   Mr GH Taylor                                                      GD Rectifiers Ltd Gardens
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director       Victoria
  943               Mr.      B.                                           Gedye
                                         Anderson 26/11/2001Managing Director & Partners Ltd
 9573   G H Cox                                                           Geeantee Wholesale Ltd
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director       407-409 Wimborne Road
 2540   Mr A Blackburn                              19/04/2004                        Camomile House
                                                                          Gelpke & Bate Ltd
10190   Mrs J Cass                                  19/04/2004                        Scientific House
                                                                          Gemini Dataloggers UK Ltd
  945               Mr.      W.          Manuel                           Gemma
                                                    26/11/2001Managing Director Group Ltd
10288               Mr
        W F Oloughlin        W                                            Gemma Linmar House
                                         Oloughlin 19/04/2004Financial Director International Ltd
11154               Mr.      P.          Tate                             Gemplus Ltd
                                                               Financial Director
 3592   Christine Sawyer                            19/04/2004                        Lennox
                                                                          Gems Sensors Ltd Road
 4599   Mr Mark Falkingham                                                Gencel
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director Group Gencel House
10134   Mr AG Dawes                                 19/04/2004                        Brookers Road
                                                                          Gencor Beverley
 5710   Mr T Eagling                                                      General Trailers Green,
                                                    19/04/2004Human Resources Manager(UK) Ltd Toftwood
  718               Mr       Steven      Levitt                           Generation Metals
                                                    14/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 3 International Ltd
10489               Mr       M.          Porton                                       The PLC
                                                                          Genesis Capital Quadrant
10276   Mr R Heywood                                                      Genesis Merlin House
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director Motivation Ltd
  946               Ms.      A.          Jones                            Genicom U
                                                    26/11/2001Financial Controller Ltd nit B13 Armstrong Mall
10124   Mr D Connor                                                       Gennor      15 Nineveh Shipyward
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director and Co (Chemicals) Ltd
  988               Mr.      M. G.                                        Geo Kingsbury Holdings Ltd
                                         Kingsbury 18/02/2002Managing Director
10196               Mr
        Mr David Burden      David       Burden     19/04/2004                        Osborn House
                                                                          Geoffery Osborne Ltd
  140               Mr       S.          Finch                            GeoLogistics Ltd
                                                    11/09/2001Managing Director
 8843   C E Harding                                                       George      North Square
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director & Harding Dorchester Ltd
 3842   Mr Steve Bicknell                           19/04/2004                        Elliott Road
                                                                          George & Harding Ltd
 9439   M T Davies                                                        George Bros (Builders) Ltd
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec Green
 3918               Mr.
        Mr A Woolridge       A.                                           George
                                         Woolridge 19/04/2004Managing Director Downer & Sons Ltd
  281               Mr       S.                     23/01/2002Managing Director Harrison Ltd
                                         Godfrey-Isaacs                   George      3 Butter Hill
 2770   Mr N Lambert                                19/04/2004                        3 St & Son
                                                                          George LambertMargarets Cottages
  989               Mr       A. N.       Moghul                           George      Glebe International Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director LancasterHouse
 1031               Mr       ChristopherBone                              George      733A Old Bath Ltd
                                                    19/11/2001Company SecretaryLines (Merchants) Road
  224               Mr       David J. Leech                               George      26-28 Grosvenor Instruments
                                                               Company SecretaryPotter & Co. (MusicalRoad
 1272               Ms                                                    George      Ivy & Co. Ltd
                             Christina T.Coppard 04/02/2002Company SecretarySands Mill Lane
  365               Mr       Joanne M. Sims                               George
                                                    03/10/2001Company SecretarySims (Racing Boats)
  403               Ms                   Browning 27/09/2001Company Secretary 74 Sandymount Avenue
                             Stephanie A. L.                              Gerald Toynbee (Contractors) Ltd
 9120   A I Crichton                                19/04/2004Director                78 Wembdon Ltd
                                                                          Gerber Foods Soft DrinksRoad
  242               Mr.      G.                                           Gestalt     31 Portugal
                                         Norman 30/01/2002Managing Director Technology Ltd Road
 7981   N J Gough                                                         Gibbon      Temple
                                                    19/04/2004Managing Director Finecal Ltd Trading Estate
  719               Mr       H.          Jones                            Gibbs
                                                    14/11/2001Financial Director & Dandy P.L.C.
 6362   Mr Hunt                                     19/04/2004Partner                 Unit Foods
                                                                          Gibsons Frozen 12 Airfield Way
 2911   Mr Stuart Brydon                            19/04/2004                        Unit A2 Imber Crt Trading Est
                                                                          Gieves & Hawkes Ltd
  294               Mr       M.          Lewis                            Giles W. Slaugham Park
                                                    25/02/2002Company Secretary Pritchard-Gordon (Shipowning) L
 9202   Mr D Gill                                   19/04/2004                        111 Ltd
                                                                          Gill EngineeringWickham Road
   83               Mr.      M.          Gill                             Gill Instruments Ltd Park
                                                    19/09/2001Managing Director       Saltmarsh
  243               Mr       S. J.                                        Gillett &   Unit 9A Twin Bridges
                                         Coombes 23/01/2002Managing Director Johnston (Croydon) Ltd Business
 3846   Mrs D F Hooper                                                                Commerce & Industry
                                                    19/04/2004Secretary Gillingham (Dorset) Chamber of
  720               Mr.      S. A.                                        Gilson      Unit 3 Sandleford Farm
                                         Johnson 14/11/2001Financial Director Engineering (Newbury) Ltd
10413               Mr       H. M.       Girvan                           Girvan      Supplies
                                                    22/08/2001Managing Director Roll 28a Castle Street
 2912   Mr Williams                                 19/04/2004                        126 St Vincent Road
                                                                          GJK Defence Systems

                                              Page 53

 3847   Mr G Rayner                                                    GJR Advertising Ltd House
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director      Ebenezer
 9020   B J Henderson                             19/04/2004Director   Glandel LtdBeaconhill Lane
  245               Mr       D.                                        Glanville Unit 18
                                        Glanville 23/01/2002Managing Director Metal Spinning Co. Ltd
  141               Mr       G.         Fuller                         Gleam       52-54 Valeting) Ltd
                                                  11/09/2001Managing Director Clean (CarSouth Farm Road
   94               Mr.      J.         Gault                          Glen Dimplex Heating Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director
  721               Ms       Sandra A. Green                           Glendining Unit 5, Chiltern Enterprise Ce
                                                  14/11/2001Company Secretary Signs Ltd
  722               Mr.      J.         D'Arcy                         Glentworth Molly Millars Bridge Ltd
                                                  14/11/2001Managing Director      Precision Engineering
  246               Mr       G.         Young                          Global      8-10 Contracts P.L.C.
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Cleaning High Street
 4573   Mr Robin Cobby                            19/04/2004                       25 Blackmoor Road
                                                                       Global Filters Ltd
 6553   Ian Garcias                               19/04/2004Director               415 Import Road
                                                                       Global Intec GECopnor & Export Co
10640               Mr       B          Sacranie                                   Global House
                                                                       Global Pharmaceuticals
 7373   P K Banerji                                                    Global      Summerhaze Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Technical Director Software Services Barn
 9885   Financial Director                        19/04/2004                       Westbury
                                                                       Globe Refurbishers Road
10594               Mr       N          Clark                                      The
                                                                       Globetec 2000 Coach House
  142               Mr                  K
                             Raymond J. leiner                         Gloria Plc
                                                  11/09/2001Company Secretary Unit 2, Sheddingdean Business
  247               Mrs.     D.         Hudson                         Glotel      Unit 1b, Surrey P.L.C
                                                  30/01/2002Managing DirectorAccounting Systems Technology Cen
 3850   Mr G Lovelace                                                              Suite 1
                                                  19/04/2004Proprietor Glove Cellular Accessories
  949               Mr.      R.         Goble                          Goble       Churchills Yard
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director& Cross (Engineering) Ltd
  143               Mr       J.                                        Gochers 4 Alma Street
                                        Anderson 14/09/2001Managing Director Laundry Ltd
 2102   Mrs Anne Nash                                                  Goddard Harvey Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Financial Director & Blacknest
   84               Mr       I.                                        Goddard Albany
                                        Goddard 19/09/2001Managing Director Joinery Business Centre
 6364   Adrian Goddard                            19/04/2004Partner    Goddards 36a Bargates
  249               Ms       Beverley A.Gomm                           Gomm Metal Developments Ltd
                                                  30/01/2002Company Secretary Manor Way
 9356   Ian Bayer                                                      Gooch       Cornhill Factory
                                                  19/04/2004Financial Director & Housego Plc
 6325   Mr Todd Sadler                                                              Emporium
                                                  19/04/2004Proprietor Good Food Hurn Court Farm
 7982   P Wilson                                  19/04/2004Partner                Unit 2 Netham Industrial Est
                                                                       Good Morning Disposables
10682               Mr       B          Lynn                                       P O Box
                                                                       Good Publicity Ltd 2528
 7210   Crispin Goodall                           19/04/2004                       The
                                                                       Goodall James Old Warehouse
 2704   Mr D Sadler                               19/04/2004                        of Chichester
                                                                       GoodrowesQuarry Lane Ltd
  145               Mr.      A. E.                                     Goodwood Metalcraft Ltd
                                        Gardner 11/09/2001Financial Director
 3593   Paul Marsh                                                     Gordian Strapping Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Finance Director       Gordian House
  250               Mr.      S.         Wrate                          Gordon      Caxton
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director Press Ltd House
 9276   J C Smith                                 19/04/2004Director               Cerney House
                                                                       Gordon Smith (Surfacing) Ltd
  503               Mr       V.         Cush                           Gosport     Harbour Road
                                                  17/01/2002Company Secretary Boatyard Ltd
  950               Mr.      B.         Morgan                         Gosport
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director Metal Treatments Ltd
 2103   Mr T Gould                                19/04/2004                       Unit 8-10 Kerridge
                                                                       Gould & Williams Engineers Industrial
 3996               Mr
        Mr D C Matthews                                                Gould Electronics Ltd
                             Donald C. Matthews 19/04/2004Company Secretary
  251               Mr       D. T.      Lloyd                          Govette     431 Brighton
                                                  23/01/2002Managing Director Windows Ltd Road
  252               Mr.      J. G.                                     Gowllands Ltd
                                        Gowlland 23/01/2002Managing Director
 1032               Mr       D. H.      Gray                           Gowrings P.L.C.Grange
                                                  19/11/2001Financial Director     The
   87               Mr       A.         Cluett                         Goyen       Unit Co. (UK) Ltd
                                                  21/082001 Managing Director Controls 3B Beechwood
10350   Mr Perry                                                       GP Director Unit 14 Arndale Road
                                                  19/04/2004Joint Managing Products UK Ltd
   85               Mr       S.         Cleary                         GracelandsUnit 3, Queensway
                                                  19/09/2001Managing Director       Ltd
 2916   Mr Wilding                                19/04/2004                       Unit & Co Limited
                                                                       Graham Tatford5 Jackson Close
  442               Mr       W.         Hayden                         Graham Lancing busniess
                                                  26/10/2001Financial Director Wood Structural Ltd park
 1033               Mr.      A.         Grant                          Grant Plant (Maidenhead) Ltd
                                                  19/11/2001Managing Director
 3854   Mr Colin Rouse                            19/04/2004Partner                82 High Street
                                                                       Grapevine Communications
  858               Ms.      E.         Cannon                         Graphic      Services (Brighton) Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director ArtUnits 3A-3C
 2627   Mr BE Dennett                             19/04/2004                        Services Ltd
                                                                       Graphic ArtGraphic Corner
   86               Mr       R. S.      Smith                          Graphic     17a Sea
                                                  19/09/2001Managing Director Designs LtdGr Avenue
  255               Mr       D.         Gunter                         Graphic     Hersham
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Metal Co. Trading Est
 7374   B R Crouch                                                     Graphics Roseberry
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director Interface Ltd Road

                                             Page 54

  256               Mr       I.                                         Gravurequip Ltd
                                         Patterson 30/01/2002Managing Director
  257               Mr       P. S.       Bates                          Grayshott Pottery
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director
  559   Ms G Hemmings                                                   Great Marsh Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Company Secretary Eling Terminal
  259               Ms       Susan                                      Green Circle Air Conditioning
                                         Vaughan 30/01/2002Company Secretary 78 Dorking Road Ltd
 7984   N J Ashcroft                                                    Green & Co SecSt
                                                   19/04/2004Managing DirectorUmbrella Ltd Michaels Hill
  258               Mr       V.                                         Greenberg Glass Ltd Glass Centre
                                         Greenberg 23/01/2002Managing Director       Unit 1, The
 6367   Mrs Seabright                                                   Greendale Seaforth House
                                                   19/04/2004Financial Controller Construction Ltd
   87               Mr       A.          Haines                         Greenham Marine
                                                   19/09/2001Managing Director       Kings Saltern Road
  260               Mr       K.          Hawker                         Greenhawk24 Darracott Clo
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director        Groundworks Ltd
 4562   Mr Frank O'Brien                                                Greenshields JCB Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Commercial Director Gravel Hill Roadark
  145               Mr       D.          Flynn                          Greentec Anna Livia Doors
                                                   22/08/2001Managing Director Insulations &House
  261               Mr.      R.                                         Greenway Electronic Products Ltd
                                         Sammons 23/01/2002Managing Director
 7985   D A Templeton                              19/04/2004Director                64-65 North
                                                                        Greetlake Services Ltd Road
11171               Mr.      W.          Walton-green                   Gresham Sopwith Hse
                                                              Managing Director Computing P.L.C.
 2040   Mr J Sloane                                19/04/2004                        104 Maybury
                                                                        Gresham Engineering Road
  262               Mr.      J.          Sloane                         Gresham
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director Engineering (a division of Hydra
11173               Mr       L.          Phillips                       Griffin      87 Fleet
                                                              Managing DirectorCardwell Ltd Road
 2306   Mr G Griffiths                                                  Griffiths    Wyvern House
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director & Neilson Ltd
 4033               Mr       J. H.       Gifford                        Griffon      PO Box 7
                                                   22/08/2001Managing Director Hovercraft Ltd
 1034               Mr.      J.          Grimes                         Grimes Industrial Machinery & Equipment
                                                   19/11/2001Company Secretary
  263               Mr.      K.          Spittles                       Grind-All
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director Precision Ltd
   97               Mr       Alan D.     Deves                          Grist Construction Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Company Secretary 19-21 Archers Road
   89               Mr       F. W.                                      Groove       West Street
                                         Robinson 19/09/2001Managing Director Associates Ltd
   98               Mr       P.          Black                          Group        Unit 8 Belgrave Industrial Est
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director4 Total Security
 8894   R McCanless                                19/04/2004Director                Marshall House
                                                                        Grove Cleaning Services Ltd
 9106   D Grove                                                         Grove & Co Sec (UK) Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Managing DirectorInternationalHill Way
 4495   Mr Tim Robinson                                                 GRP          Unit
                                                   19/04/2004Finance Director Profiles 10, Hughes Business Cent
  953               Mr       Brian D. Grubb                             Grubb & Forest Road
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary Banks Ltd
  954               Mr       Colin C.    Gray                           Grydon Ltd (Robotic Systems)
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary 113 London Road
 2918   Mrs Rusher                                 19/04/2004                        Bridger's
                                                                        GSF Sandylight Ltd Farm
 8924   Peter Swan                                                      Director Coldharbour
                                                   19/04/2004Operations Guarantee Laundries Ltd
  266               Mr       J.                                         Guardian 20-22 Sydenham Road
                                         Finegan 23/01/2002Managing Director Alarms Ltd
 7986   J Vian                                                          Guardian Safe (Manufacturing) Co Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Chairman & Managing 5 Axis Hawkfield Bus Park
 7987   R Mamuda                                   19/04/2004Director                Unit 13 Montpelier Central
                                                                        Guild Property Maintenance Ltd
10414               Mr.      B. D.                                      Guildford
                                         Johnston 22/08/2001Managing Director Auto Services Ltd
  267               Mrs.     C. M.                                      Guildford Victoria Farm
                                         Wetherall 30/01/2002Managing Director Tool Supplies Ltd
   90               Mr       A.          Hare                           Gullair
                                                   19/09/2001Managing Director Ltd Unit 6, Fort Fareham Business
  199               Mr.      K.                                         Gumbrells
                                         Gumbrell 25/02/2002Company Secretary P.L.C.
 9886   Financial Director                         19/04/2004           Guttaclean Portsmouth Road
  560   G P Backhurst                                                   Guttering Waterside
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director Services LtdHouse
 9887   Financial Director                         19/04/2004                        Hulton Close
                                                                        Gyles ConstructionLtd
 6560   John Hughes                                19/04/2004Director                 (Demolition) Ltd
                                                                        H & B PlantAckworth Road
  148               Mr.      R. G.       Homer                          H&B          Odyssey
                                                   14/09/2001Managing DirectorSensors Ltd House
 2192   Mr A P Johanson                            19/04/2004                        133 Royal George Road
                                                                        H & D Technology
   91               Mr.      P.                                         H&R          12 The & Finishers
                                         Beadgley 19/09/2001Managing DirectorFabrications Tanneries Ltd
11196               Mr.      A. C.       Robinson                       H&S
                                                              Managing DirectorAviation Ltd
 1035               Mr       Clifford A. Harry                          H & S Precision Engineers
                                                   19/11/2001Company Secretary 27 Salt Hill WayLtd
  270               Mr       B.                                         HAM          St. Nicholas House
                                         Greenwood30/01/2002Managing DirectorDredging Ltd
10152   Mr PE Homer                      19/04/2004SL04                 H and B Odyssey
                                                              Company Secretary Sensors LtdHouse
  201               Mr.      C.                                         HBM          HBM House
                                         Bollman 25/02/2002Managing DirectorNetwork Technology P.L.C.
  105               Mr       R.          Sala                           H C R P.L.C.
                                                   11/02/2002Company Secretary Copenhagen Court
 7990   C R Cloke                                  19/04/2004Director                49-51 Downend
                                                                        H E Iles (Central Press) Ltd Road

                                              Page 55

 9888   Financial Director                        19/04/2004            H E Penfold Wilton Road
 9889   Financial Director                        19/04/2004                         and Son
                                                                        H E ShotterCoates Road
 2400   Mr R Ellis                                19/04/2004                        90 Brighton
                                                                        H Ellis Roderick & SonsRoad
  579   Mrs J J Williams                                                H G Bruce Nelson Road
                                                  19/04/2004Company Secretary & Partners Ltd
 9890   Financial Director                        19/04/2004            H G Lane LtdSpring Road
  990               Mr       A.         Dwelly                          HGS         Unit Supplies
                                                  04/02/2002Managing DirectorCleaning F
 9121   R Parker                                                        H I S Ltd Pearl House
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director
   95               Mr       A.                                         HMG         Faraday Park
                                        Whitewick 18/09/2001Managing Director Coatings (South) Ltd
 9122   A J Raine                                                       H M Plant Ltd Castlefields Ind Est
                                                  19/04/2004Financial director      38
 7376   G R Penhey                                19/04/2004Director                The Yard
                                                                        H Mealing & Sons
 6979   Kathryn Cooke                             19/04/2004            H Monfared165 Albert Road
  206               Sir      Gawaine Baillie                            HPC
                                                  25/02/2002Managing DirectorCompressed Air Systems
 8722   I Harper                                                        HRD
                                                  19/04/2004Managing DirectorLtd Shearwater House
   97               Mr       K.         Watling                         HSP         Walter House
                                                  18/09/2001Managing DirectorPlastics P.L.C.
 1036               Ms       Sonia      Hawkes                          H T Howard & Co. The
                                                  19/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 15,Ltd Business Village
  991               Mr       D.                                         HWL         9
                                        Johncey 04/02/2002Managing DirectorSigns 9-105 Canterbury Road
 8998   D J Smith                                                       H W Smith 24Son (Contracting) Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director       & Cambridge Road
  925               Mr.      N.         Fisher                          H. Fisher 9-10 Highbury Building
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director Distributors & Factors (Fareha
 3932   Mr H Kimber Mr.      H.         Kimber                          H. Kimber (Friction) Ltd
                                                  19/04/2004Managing Director
10444               Mr       J. T. D.   Webber                          H. Webber Bridge House
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director       & Sons Ltd
  154               Mr       Michael A. Davies                          H.D. Instrument Services
                                                  14/09/2001Company Secretary 14 Star Road Ltd
 1919               Mrs.     A.         Gilliver                        H.G. Brunner Ltd
                                                  28/01/2002Company Secretary
  859               Miss     L. D.      Gerron                          H.G. Lesser & R.F. Pavey (Importers) Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Financial Director      Leonard House
  860               Mr.      C. P.      Cook                            H.J. Fletcher & Newman Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director       Unit 10a Ellis Way
 1037               Mr.      S.         Hanney                          H.M. Plant Ltd
                                                  19/11/2001Financial Director
  978               Mr       A.                   27/11/2001Managing Director (Hampshire Metal Finishers)
                                        Balabanovic                     H.M.F.      Newman Lane
  899               Mr.      S. A.      Evans                           H.N. Edwards & Partners Ltd
                                                             Managing Director
 1273               Mr       R.         Pearce                          H.R. Pearce & Co.Egham Business Village
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director       Unit 9, (Tools) Ltd
 4050               Mr                  T
                             Susan E. H. wallin                         H.T.D. Ltd
                                                  22/08/2001Company Secretary Unit N
  924               Ms       Alison J. Fisher                           H.W. Fisher & Son Road
                                                  26/11/2001Company Secretary 22 Elms(Aldershot) Ltd
  446               Mr.      D. J.      Smith                           H.W. Smith & Son (Contracting) Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director
  992               Mr.      L.                                         H.W.L.      Rapier House
                                        Johncey 04/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
10545               Mr       P          Duff                            Hac-Tac Ltd Unit 1
  146               Mrs.     J.                                         Hagner      Rockall House
                                        Simpson 11/09/2001Managing Director Photometric Instruments Ltd
 6563   S P Harfield                                                                18 Carshalton Avenue
                                                  19/04/2004Proprietor Haigs Associate Surveyors
 3858   Mrs Lynda Phillips                        19/04/2004Partner                 7 - Stephens Court
                                                                        Haines WattsSt Chartered Accountants
  268               Mr       Nicholas D.Crisell                         Halcyon Unit E, Ltd
                                                  23/01/2002Company Secretary Paper Co.Menin Works
10658               Ms       L          Rawlingson                                  36
                                                                        Halesway Ltd East Street
 1038               Mr       A.                                         Halewood Tapes
                                        Halewood 19/11/2001Managing Director        Fountain House South
 3228   Mr Binks                                  19/04/2004                        Wolseley Centre
                                                                        Hall & Company
  699   Mr John Chilvers                                                Manager Blandford St
                                                  19/04/2004Operations Hall & Woodhouse Ltd Mary
 6372   Karen Russell                             19/04/2004Partner                 61 Southampton Road
                                                                        Halliday Russell & Co
   99               Mr.      P. G.      Jones                           Halmatic P
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd ortchester Ship Yard
11182               Mr.      N.         Grey                            Hama        Unit 4 Cherrywood
                                                             Managing DirectorP V A C Ltd
  957               Mr.      R.         Bevan                           Hamble
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director Ropes & Rigging Ltd
 3234   Mr Martin Goodman                         19/04/2004                        2 Lancer House, Hussar
                                                                        Hambleside Design & Marketing Ltd Court
 2658   Mr R Hamilton                             19/04/2004                        Unit 21
                                                                        Hamilton Designs Ltd
  271               Mr       D.         Pickles                         Hamilton 23 Long Garden
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Grant Software LtdWalk
  146               Mr       T. R.      Hall                            Hamilton 3 Consultants Ltd
                                                  22/08/2001Managing Director Hall& 4 The Windmills
 1883   Mrs Madeline Dowding                      19/04/2004                        5 Oriel Business
                                                                        Hamlet Computer Group Ltd Park
 1039               Mr       Mohammad I.                                Hamlin Architectural Systems Ltd
                                        Chaudry 19/11/2001Company Secretary Units 48-49, Youngs Industrial
  272               Ms.      J.         Loss                            Hamm
                                                  30/01/2002Managing Director Court Farm

                                              Page 56

 3236   Mr Fritz Johnson                           19/04/2004                       Hammer Ltd
                                                                         Hammer Distribution House
  958                Ms       Gaynor    Chen                             Hampshire Auto Electrical Ltd
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary Unit B, Wykeham Industrial Est
11186                Mrs.     J. A.     Fowler                           Hampshire Bolt & Tool Supplies Ltd
                                                              Financial Director
 9891   Financial Director                         19/04/2004                       Building Road
                                                                         Hampshire KathleenServices
  100                Mr       Kevin P. Bevis                             Hampshire Catering Equipment Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 16, Solent Ind Est
11188                Mr       P.        Younger                          Hampshire Brambles House
                                                              Managing Director     Cosmetics Ltd
  959                Mr.      P.                                         Hampshire 1 Cross House Ltd
                                        Reynolds 26/11/2001Managing Director        Hose Services Centre
  960                Mrs.     L.        Child                            Hampshire Insulations
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary The HangerProducts
   88                Ms       Jennifer  Froud                            Hampshire Interiors Ltd
                                                   21/082001 Company Secretary 36 Gloucester Drive
  147                Mr       A. G.     Oldham                           Hampshire Jetpac Works
                                                   11/09/2001Managing Director      Mouldings
  147                Mr       B.        Collins                          Hampshire Mapledene Services Ltd
                                                   22/08/2001Managing Director      Packaging House
  101                Mr       Udham K. Atwal                             Hampshire Polythene Manufacturing Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Company Secretary 2 Queensway
  961                Mr       Julian G. Hase                             Hampshire Tile 1, Hollybush Industrial P
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary AreaWarehouse Ltd
 1040                Mr       J. R.     Fieldon                          Hampton Doveton House
                                                   19/11/2001Managing Director (Environmental Sytems) Ltd
10381   Mr M Willett                                                     Hanatek 10
                                                   19/04/2004Company Secretary Ltd Sunny Close
 1041                Mr       Neil B.   Guthrie                          Hanatomic Units 1 & 2, Support Ltd
                                                   19/11/2001Company Secretary Engineering The Old Mill
11938   Mr Andrew Elsey                            20/04/2004                       2 Sandown Centre
                                                                         Hand Print Projects
  963                Mr.      P.        Selby                            Handling
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director Aids Ltd
 1042                Mr.      J.                                         Hane Instruments Ltd
                                        Hutchins 19/11/2001Managing Director
 1043                Mr.      C. F.     Dopson                           Hankoe
                                                   19/11/2001Managing Director Advanced Surface Treatments Ltd
  861                Mr       D. G.                                      Hanover Hanover House
                                        Williams 11/02/2002Managing Director Displays Ltd
  965                Ms                                                  Hanover 5 Beck Industrial Estate
                              Brenda M. Hemmings 26/11/2001Company Secretary Transmissions
 9734   Graham Tunks                               19/04/2004                       Turnkey House
                                                                         Hansatech Surface Electronics Ltd
   92                Mr       J.        Toms                             Hansol     Unit
                                                   19/09/2001Managing Director Europe 7 & 8, Ancells Ct
11198                Mr       B.        Bennett                          Hanson     Burnley Marine
                                                              Managing Director AggregatesWharf Ltd (incorporat
  273                Mr       K.        Vaux                             Hanson     9th Floor Ltd
                                                   23/01/2002Financial Director White GroupWettern House
 1044                Mr.      A. G.                                      Hanteck
                                        Maclean 19/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
  274                Mr.      T. A.                                      Happy      Unit 3
                                        Croxford 30/01/2002Managing Director Pet Products Ltd
   89                Mr.      D.        Neylon                           Harbour
                                                   22/08/2001Financial Director Tubes Ltd
  275                Mr       J.        Durant                           Harbourne Products Ltd
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director      Longmead Industrial Estate
10254   Mr A Piolet                                                      Harbruc    Harbruc House
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director Engineering Co Ltd
  276                Mr.      E. G.                                      Harcross
                                        Crossweller30/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
 7996   Richard Perkins                                                  Harding    Avonmouth Contractors) Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Transport Manager Bros (Shipping Way
 1045                Ms       Rosalind Buckingham                        Harding    14 Willow Road
                                                   19/11/2001Company SecretaryMorshead & Co. Ltd
  277                Ms       Karen     Champness                        Hardware 5 London Ltd
                                                   30/01/2002Company Secretary Associates Road
  278                Mr                                                  Hardware 18 Haycroft Road
                              Ronald A. Shannon 30/01/2002Company Secretary Broking Services Ltd
 3861   Mrs Enid Hill                                                    Hardy Fabrics Limited
                                                   19/04/2004Export Representative 541 Blandford Road
 2924   Mr Carding                                 19/04/2004                       Murrills House
                                                                         Hare Carding Advertising Ltd
 6565   Jim Clifford                               19/04/2004Director               100 Fawcett Road
                                                                         Harford Specialised Services Ltd
  149                Mr       R. R.     Andrew                           HargreavesRustington HouseLtd
                                                   14/09/2001Managing Director       Construction Co
 7997   N W Millen                                                       Harlequin Units 1-2 Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director ColourprintBlackfield
 9735   A Barr                                                           Harmon (Form Tools) Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Commercial Manager 1 Cowley Road
 8048   R H Russett                                                      Harold     Sussex Street
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director A Russett Ltd
  510                Mr       G.        Ellis                            Harpers    135 Stubbington Lane
                                                   17/01/2002Managing Director Weybridge
 8049   K M Harris                                                       Harrier    Unit 2 Kings
                                                   04/12/2001Managing Director Pneumatics Ltd Park Avenue
  279                Mr       B.                                         Harris
                                        Richardson23/01/2002Managing Director& Bailey Ltd
 8050   D M Harris                                                       Harris      Manufacturing Ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Managing DirectorBros 88-90 High Street
 1046                Mr.      B. G. J.  Harris                           Harris     Clifford
                                                   20/11/2001Managing DirectorSprings Ltd House, The Industrial
 4372   Mr H Harris-Evans                          19/04/2004                       9 & Co
                                                                         Harris-Evans High Street
 3256   Miss Cherie Warwick                        19/04/2004                       22-26 Commercial Road
                                                                         Harrison Cowley Ltd
  280                Mr       J.                   23/01/2002Managing Director Europac Ltd
                                        Iannidinardo                     Harrison Stayton House
 3257   Mr Arthur Harrison                         19/04/2004                       2 Rodney
                                                                         Harrison Industrial LtdRoad

                                              Page 57

  862             Mr         G.        Watson                          Harrison, International
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Lennon & Hoy House
  993             Mr.        P.        Knox                            Harrocell U
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Ltd nit 15e
 9618   D Howard                                                       Harry       Manor Works
                                                 19/04/2004Financial DirectorJ Palmer (Broadstone) Ltd
  512               Ms                 Molay
                           Jacqueline V.                               Hart Models Ltd
                                                 17/01/2002Company Secretary The Cricket Green
 6380   S Hart                                   19/04/2004Partner                 Unit 10 Airfield Road
                                                                       Hart Printing Services
  200               Mr     M.          Gunn                            Hartington Fine Arts Ltd Road
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director       Marlborough
  994               Mr.    A. G.                                       Hartley
                                       Constable 18/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 8052   Miss Jo Dennis                                                 Hartnell    Somerset
                                                 19/04/2004Fleet Adminstrator Taylor Cook House
 2926   Mr Colley                                19/04/2004            Harvest     23 Katana House
 4236   Mr H Brown                               19/04/2004                        18 Contractors
                                                                       Harvey Brown Bronte Way
 8054   J L Olive                                                      Harvey      19 Common
                                                 19/04/2004Financial Director Shopfitters Ltd Road
  995               Mr     M.                                          Harvey      26 Bonehurst Road
                                       Rollinson 04/02/2002Managing Director Waddington
 6569   Mark Gower                                                     Harwin Plc
                                                 19/04/2004Site Services Manager Fitzherbert Road
 1580   Miss Sarah Cooper                                              HAS
                                                 19/04/2004Accounts Department Hambleden House
 1047               Mr.    B. L.                                       Hasco
                                       Stephens 20/11/2001Managing Director Hydraulics Ltd
  996               Mr     Andrew G. P.                                Haselden
                                       Haselden 18/02/2002Company Secretary Manufacturing Co.
  997               Mrs.   D. A.       Mowe                            Haslemere Printed Circuits Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Financial Director
 1048               Mr                 Taylor
                           Neville S. D.                               Hatch Mansfield Agencies Ltd
                                                 20/11/2001Company Secretary Old Bank House
  998               Mr.    D.                                          Hatfield    Kimpton Trading Estate
                                       Lawrance 04/02/2002Financial Director Machine Tool Co. Ltd
 3268               Mr     D                                           Hatton
                                       Ferguson 19/11/2001Facilities Manager Gases Tipnor Wharf
 1318   Kevin Porter                                                   Havant      141 London Ltd
                                                 19/04/2004Financial Director Construction CoRoad
 2931   Mr Watling                               19/04/2004                        Walter House,
                                                                       Havant Signs & Plastics Kingscroft Court
  103               Ms     Karen E. Theed                              Haven Industries Ltd
                                                 11/02/2002Company Secretary 182 Portsmouth Road
10415               Mr.                                                HAWCO
                           M. P. G. Bruinvels 22/08/2001Financial Director Ltd
10416               Mr     Robert      Burn                            Hawco       Merrow Business Centre
                                                 22/08/2001Managing Director Refrigeration Ltd
  104               Mr     M.          Burke                           Hawke
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director       26 Campbell Court
 8055   K Hawkins                                                      Hawkins Oakdale Court
                                                 19/04/2004Managing Director Insulation Ltd
  150               Mr.    J. A. J.    Dinning                         Hawksley
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director & Sons Ltd
  969               Mr.    A.                                          Haworth
                                       Haworth 26/11/2001Managing Director Castings Ltd
  970               Mr     G.          Jenkins                         Hawson
                                                 27/11/2001Managing Director Ltd (t/a Hawson Garner)
 4037   Mr R P Haycock                                                 Haycock Holdings House
                                                 19/04/2004Vice President          Oxford
 9021   R C Cooke                                                      Haydon      4 Ltd
                                                 19/04/2004Financial Director & CoCedar Park
  151               Mr.    P. A. B.    Hayes                           Hayes        Ltd
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director(UK)PO Box 238Unit 7, Eagle Estate
10504               Mr     D           Wells                           Hayes Burcombe
 3199   Mr J Barrett                             19/04/2004                        2A Staunton Avenue
                                                                       Hayling Builders
 1001               Mr     D.          Butler                          Haynes      Policrom Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Graphic Arts House, Station Road
10629               Mr     D           Beckley                         Hays Plc Hays House
  152               Mr.    D. E.       Green                           Hayward Green Aviation
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director & Aviation House Ltd
  153               Mr.    P. J.       Stone                           Hazelwood Unit 12
                                                 14/09/2001Financial Director      Press Ltd
  723   Mrs Sharon MacGregor                                           Manager VHB Ltd
                                                 19/04/2004Purchasing Hazelwood Holland Nurseries
10170   Mr PD Davenport                                                HCD Research Ltd
                                                 19/04/2004Managing Director       179 Junction Road
  155               Mr.    M.          Panton                          Headset Unit 5
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director Services Ltd
 1003               Mr     P.          Healy                           Healy Refrigeration &Downs Metro Centre
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director       5 Epsom Air Conditioning S
 5608   Mr Paul Russell                          19/04/2004                        122 Agents
                                                                       Hearnes Estate Old Christhchurch Road
10191   Mr D Wheeler                                                   Heason      Claremont Lodge
                                                 19/04/2004Managing Director Technologies Group
 9441   S A Hiscock                                                    Heat Radiation Ltd
                                                 19/04/2004Financial Director      Belvedere Trading Estate
 4150   Mr A. Miles                              19/04/2004                        Old Barn Farm
                                                                       Heating & Cooling ServicesRoad
 7381   P Phipps                                                       Hebron      33 Oldfield Road
                                                 19/04/2004Financial Director & Medlock Limited
 1004               Mr.    R.                                          Hedsorboard
                                       Humphries 18/02/2002Financial Director      13th Fl Tolworth Tower
 1005               Mr.    G. G.       Rice                            Heery       Balfour Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Managing DirectorInternational House
 1049               Ms     Catherine G.Young                           Heian UK Broadway Ltd
                                                 20/11/2001Company Secretary Distributors House
10171   Mr MP Smith                                                    Heidenhain 200 London Road
                                                 19/04/2004Managing Director        GB Ltd

                                             Page 58

 1274               Mr.      R.                    04/02/2002Managing Director Rubinstein Ltd
                                         Newton-Jones                   Helena
  156               Mr                                                  Helo (UK) 3
                             Fiona C. L. Bateman 14/09/2001Company Secretary LtdThe Felbridge Centre
  863               Mr       Alastair R. Deards                         Helvar Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Company Secretary Hawley Mill
10523               Mr       R.          Newbold                                     Hemdean
                                                                        Hemdean Builders House
 6385   P H McLaughlin                             19/04/2004Partner                 Building 105E East
                                                                        Hemel Technical Publications
  972               Mr       R.                                         Henderson Bearings
                                         Henderson 27/11/2001Managing Director
  973               Mr       T.                                         Henderson-Bostwick Industrial Doors Ltd
                                         Jacques 27/11/2001Managing Director         Crow House
 1050               Mrs.     J.          Taylor                         Henley
                                                   20/11/2001Managing Director Marketing Services Ltd
  974   Mr B E JamesMr.      B. E.       James                          Henleycraft Burrfield Ind Estate
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director       Ltd
 1339   Roula Dicarlo                                                   Henlys Medical Supplies ltd
                                                   19/04/2004Fleet Manager           Brownfields
  106               Mr.      G.                                         Henry        S
                                         Shennan 18/09/2001Managing DirectorJones t. Andrews House
 8844   R M Kennett                                                     Henry Ling The
                                                   19/04/2004Company Secretary Ltd Dorset Press
 9123   P Melbourne                                                     Henry        20 Monmouth Street
                                                   19/04/2004Financial Director W Pollard & Sons Ltd
 1051               Mr.      P.          Henzi                          Hensal
                                                   20/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
 9540   D N Brettell                                                    Henshaw Southgate Road
                                                   19/04/2004Managing Director Inflatables Ltd
 1006               Mr       H. J.       Hickey                         Henton       Unit 14, Thorpe Industrial Est
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director Guarding Ltd
  154               M
        Mr N A Pool r.       N. A. H.    Pool                           Herbert
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director Pool Ltd
 8804   H W Johnston                               20/04/2004Director                Heritage Manufacturing Ltd
                                                                        Heritage Bathrooms World
 9550   D A Stark                                                       Heron        Forge Works, Limington
                                                   20/04/2004Managing DirectorConstruction Co Ltd
 1340   Anne Bell                                                       Herts        1 Fore Street
                                                   20/04/2004Office Manager & Essex Newspapers Ltd
  202               Mr       W. J.       Palmer                         Hesco
                                                   25/02/2002Managing Director Ltd 67 Victoria Road
 9022   H M Ritchie                                20/04/2004Director   Heyco Ltd Uddens Trading Estate
  975               Mr.      D.          Monds                          Heypac
                                                   27/11/2001Managing Director LtdUnit 3 The Royston Centre
 2932   Mr Kamm                                    20/04/2004                        Furzehall Farm
                                                                        HGP Planning Consultancy Ltd
 3384   Mr Richard Taylor                          20/04/2004                        c/o Good
                                                                        Hi Q Tyre Services Year GB
 1007               Mr       K.          Duck                           Hickory      22 Foley Road
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director Industries (UK) Ltd
 2935   Mr Andrade                                 20/04/2004                        18 Avon Dale Road
                                                                        Hidden Systems
  976               Mr.      S.          Wood                           Hi-Draw PO Box 2
                                                   27/11/2001Managing Director Machinery Ltd
 1052               Ms       Audrey                                     Hidrostal 4
                                         Jackson 20/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd/5, The Galloway Centre
 3877   Paul Nichols                                                    Higar Engineering
                                                   20/04/2004Transport Manager       & Automation Co. Ltd
 1053               Ms.      J.          Levy                           High &       Old School House
                                                   20/11/2001Managing Director Mighty Ltd
 8920   M I Hughes                                                      High Tension Wires Ltd
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director       Station Road
  864               Mr.      D.          Pierce                         High Voltage Maintenance Services Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Financial Director      Unit 9 Swan Business Park
  514               Mr       James I. Lang                              Higher Level Systems Ltd
                                                   17/01/2002Company Secretary Bridge
 1054               Mr.      A. G.       Jones                          Highfield
                                                   20/11/2001Managing Director Executive Search & Selection
 4509   Mr Peter Wildridge                         20/04/2004The Manager             1A
                                                                        Highway GlassCrow Arch Lane Ind Est
 3248   Mr Glanjavian                              20/04/2004                        31 Queens Terrace
                                                                        Hi-Grade Computers PLC
10213   Mr R Radford                                                    Hilge Pumps Ltd House
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director       Hilge
 1008               Mr       Stephen J. Rouse                           Hilka Tools (UK) Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Company Secretary 1 Roebuck Place, Roebuck Road
 3251   Mr Hill                                    20/04/2004           Hill & Co 2 Grosvenor Road
 1009               Mr       R. R.       Hill                           Hill Cutter Grinding Services Ltd
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director       Bishops Place
 8061   A I Greenwood                              20/04/2004Director                St Andrews Road
                                                                        Hill Leigh (Timber Products) Ltd
 9344   P E Thorne                                                      Hill Leigh Brue Way, Walrow Ind Estate
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
 1010               Mr.      H. F.       Wylie                          Hillaldam Coburn Ltd
                                                   04/02/2002Financial Director      Unit 6 Wyvern Estate
   93               Mr.      N.          Pike                           Hillcrest
                                                   18/09/2001Managing Director Machinery & Engineering (Portc
  749   J Short                                                         Hillier      Ampfield
                                                   20/04/2004Finance Director Nurseries Ltd House
  865               Mr       C.          Roberts                        Hillreed     Hillreed House
                                                   11/02/2002Financial Director Holdings Ltd
 3255   Mr Hill                                    20/04/2004                        18
                                                                        Hills HardwareTangier Road
 1055               Mr.      D. F.       Turk                           Hill's Rubber Co. Ltd
                                                   20/11/2001Managing Director
  977               Mr.      P.          Malley                         Hilti (Gt
                                                   27/11/2001Financial Director Britain) Ltd
 1011               Mr.      R. C.       Banks                          Hilton Banks Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director
   94               Mr       D           Hilton                         Hilton Engineering Plastics Ltd
                                                   18/09/2001Managing Director       9 Hampshire Farm

                                              Page 59

 5758   Ms Jeanette Cowley                                                Hinkins & New
                                                     20/04/2004Accounts DepartmentFrewinBarclay House
 7382   D M Williams                                                      Hinton      High Street
                                                     20/04/2004Managing Director Poultry Ltd
10340               Mr        Paul        Wickham 02/08/2001                          Lancing Business
                                                                          Hippo Marine Products Ltd Park
 1012               Mr.       M.          Flynn                           Hiross
                                                     18/02/2002Financial Director Ltd Unit C70 Barwell Business Park
 1013               Mr.       M. J.       Legg                            Hitachi
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Seiki UK Ltd
  866               Mr.       S.          Cooper                          Hi-Tec
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director Spray Ltd
 1014               Mr.       C.          Chu                             Hitech      Hitech House
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Batteries Ltd
  203               Mr        Val S. J.   Capon                           Hi-Tech     Fortune Business
                                                     25/02/2002Company Secretary Security Services LtdPark
  204               Mr.       C. J. J.    Austin                          Hitek Power Ltd
                                                     25/02/2002Managing Director
10446               Mr        P           Citron                Partner               758
                                                                          HLF Berry & CoOldham Road
 8854   W Haskins                                                         Hobbycraft Ham Lane
                                                     20/04/2004Managing Director      Group Ltd
 3779   Mrs V Ward                                                        Hobsons Dorsetfield Limited West
                                                     20/04/2004Finance Director       12 Blackhill Road
 9674   A J Osman                                    20/04/2004Director               261 Lymington Road
                                                                          Hoburne Development Co Ltd
  867               Mr        L.          Forrest                         Hochtief The Granery, Hermitage Court
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director (UK) Construction Ltd
 1015               Mr.       A.          Peel                            Hockway
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 8723   I Hoddell                                    20/04/2004                       Tickton
                                                                          Hoddell Associates Lodge
10644               Mr                    Hodgekinson                                 Unit 20 21
                                                                          Hodgekinson Stationers
 1056               Mr.       S.          Taylor                          Hofmann Balancing Techniques Ltd
                                                     20/11/2001Financial Director
 1016               Mr        J.          Harmsworth                      Holborn     394 Co. Ltd
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director AsphaltLeatherhead Road
 6573   Mr Duncan Matthews                           20/04/2004                       Norway
                                                                          Holbrooks Printers Road
   90               Mr.       P. A.                  22/08/2001Managing Director Plastics Ltd
                                          van Wyngaarden                  Holloid
 2939   Mr Derek Holloway                            20/04/2004                       2 Portsmouth
                                                                          Holloway Iliffe & Mitchell Road
10450               Mr        D           Singh                 Director              1
                                                                          Homechoice a Goodmayes Road
  518               Mr        D. R.                                       Home-Key Ltd 1-3, Admiral Park Estate
                                          Roulston 17/01/2002Managing Director        Unit
  868               Mr        A. R.       Laing                           HomewarmHomewarm House
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director        Ltd
 4477   Mr David Underwood                                                Homewood330 Holdenhurst Road
                                                     20/04/2004Finance Director        Classic Designs
   70   Martin Stringer                                                   Honeywell Bournemouth Int Airport
                                                     20/04/2004Finance Manager
  979               Mr.       J. R.                                       Hood Sailmakers Ltd
                                          Channon 27/11/2001Managing Director
 3883   Mrs M Cooper                                 20/04/2004Partner    Hooke Court Hooke
 1057               Mr        J.          Hope                            Hope Technical Developments Ltd
                                                     20/11/2001Managing Director      High Street
 9541   W I Hopkins                                                       Hopkins Bros (Building Contractors) Ltd
                                                     20/04/2004Chairman & Managing The Tythings Commercial Centre
 1058               Ms        Anne                                        Hopkinson 25 High Street
                                          Hopkinson 20/11/2001Company Secretary Associates Ltd
 7297   John Horace                                  20/04/2004Partner                204 Trinity Road
                                                                          Horace Architects
  693               Mr        B. E.       Stally                          Horace      72 Park
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Fuller Ltd Street
 8065   D Wilson                                                          Horizon     Willment Way
                                                     20/04/2004Managing Director Mechanical Services (Int) Ltd
 1017               Mr.       J. E.       Novis                           Horley
                                                     04/02/2002Managing Director Metal Productions Ltd
  694               Mr        M. T. E.                                    Horley
                                          Northfield 18/02/2002Financial Director Services Group Ltd
 9357   A W White                                                         Horlicks    Hort Bridge
                                                     20/04/2004Financial Director Farms & Dairies Ltd
 9277   W P Herring                                                       Hornbeam Ivy Ltd Works
                                                     20/04/2004Managing Director      Braeside
10365               Miss
        Miss Sharon Bennett   Sharon      Bennett    20/04/2004                       Broomers Park
                                                                          Horse Health Products UK Ltd
 1020               Mr.       R. C. F.                                    Horsell
                                          Ainsworth 18/02/2002Managing Director Electrics Ltd
  157               Mr        B. O.       Casey                           Horsham Unit 14
                                                     14/09/2001Managing Director Engineering Services Ltd
  205               Ms        Diane S.                                    Horsham 60A Queen Street
                                          Hubbard 25/02/2002Company Secretary Machine Tools Ltd
11942   Mr G E Horsley                               20/04/2004                       P
                                                                          Horsleys Ltd O Box 119
 7383   J R Edwards                                  20/04/2004Director               Locksbrook Road
                                                                          Horstman Defence Systems Ltd
 7384   K F Yates                                                         Horstmann Newbridge
                                                     20/04/2004Financial Director      Controls Ltd
 1021               Mr        J. C.       Page                            Horton      121 Malden Road
                                                     04/02/2002Managing Director Electrical Wholesale
  869               Mr.       C.                                          Horton
                                          Trollope 11/02/2002Managing Director Kirby Paper Mills Ltd
   96               Mr        N.          Warn                            Horwood Po Box 3
                                                     18/09/2001Managing Director International Ltd
11947   Robin Pearce                                 20/04/2004                       Crown Chambers
                                                                          Hostmead Developments Ltd
 1022               Mr        V.          Bowles                          Hot Water HireBelmont Road
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director      28 Co. Ltd
 1023               Mr.       M.                                          Hotfrost
                                          Prentice 18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd

                                                Page 60

 6391   Mr Paul Galpin                                                Hotline Promotions Business Park
                                                 20/04/2004Sales Director         8 Silver
 2541   Mrs P Woolford                           20/04/2004                       6 Perrywood Business Park
                                                                      Hounsfield Test Equipment Ltd
 4027               Mr.      A.                                       Hounsham No-8 Talisman Businces Center
                                       Hounsham 21/08/2001Managing Director       Mechanical Services
  158               Mr       E.        Eubank                         Hourcover Ltd
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director      2 Thorgate Road
  148               Mr       M.        Spice                          House
                                                 22/08/2001Managing Director of Dorchester
  980               Mr       Barrie M. Goehler                        Houseguard Security Systems
                                                 27/11/2001Company Secretary 52 Peabody Road Ltd
  981               Mr.      L.                                       Hovair
                                       Wallace 27/11/2001Financial Director Systems (a division of Air-Log Lt
 4007               Mr                                                Howard      Service House
                             Andrew D. Edwards 21/08/2001Company SecretaryDavies Paper Co. Ltd
  159               Mr       Peter L.  Howard                         Howard      Unit 5
                                                 14/09/2001Company SecretaryElectrical Ltd
 2941   Mr Smith                                 20/04/2004                       2 Hillbrow
                                                                      Howard Smith & Co House
  107               Mr.      R.        Brown                          Howard      Unit (Andover) Ltd
                                                 11/02/2002Company SecretaryTenens C2
 9892   Financial Director                       20/04/2004                       Southern
                                                                      Howden Joinery Ltd Road
 5643   Mr Rawden Saunders                                             Manager
                                                 20/04/2004Operations HRP Ltd Rougham Industrial Estate
10418               Mr       I. R.                                    HSOP         Processing
                                       Hamilton 22/08/2001Managing DirectorTextShortlands Services
 1026               Mr.      J.        Burns                          HTTP        Jessup House
                                                 04/02/2002Managing DirectorSoftware
 1059               Mr       W.        Hale                           Hubner
                                                 20/11/2001Managing Director Elektromaschinen A.G.
 1027               Mr       R.        Golding                        Hudson      Guardian
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Electrical LtdHouse
 2942   Craig Stevens                            20/04/2004                       Flathouse Quay
                                                                      Huelin -Renouf Shipping
 7385   B L Greenham                                                  Huggett     Twerton Mill
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director Electrical Ltd
  775   Colin Fisher                                                  Hugh        Alder Hill Plc
                                                 20/04/2004Finance Director Symons GroupPark
 9893   Financial Director                       20/04/2004                       Park Road
                                                                      Hughes Brickwork Ltd
 2943   Mr Downham                               20/04/2004                       Malt
                                                                      Hughes Ellard House
 1028               Mrs.     C.        Hughes                         Hughes      8 Wilton Gardens
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director Environmental Services Ltd
 1029               Mr.      S.        Hughes                         Hughes
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director Static Control Systems
 1030               Mr.      S. J.     Hughes                         Hughes
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director Wynne Ltd
 1371   Neal Rosam  Mr       N         Rosam                          Huhtamaki Rowner
                                                 20/04/2004Regional Account Manager LtdRoad
 1341   Ron Solman                                                    Human       Unit H
                                                 20/04/2004Financial ControllerFocus International Ltd
 1031               Mr.      S.        English                        Humphries Unit 2 Services Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director      Video Willow Business Centre
10069   Mr DJ Moon                               20/04/2004                       Hyland Kingston Road
                                                                      Hunter and 201-205Ltd
 1060               Mr.      A.        White                          Hunter      Unit 3 Central Estate
                                                 20/11/2001Financial Director Electronic Components Ltd
 9210   D J Cochrane                                                  Huntrose Jarman
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director UK Ltd Way
 8068   S P Parnell                                                   Hurst Parnell & Co Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director      The Wholesale Fruit Centre
 1061               Mr.      S.                                       Hurst       Unit Thatcham Business Villa
                                       Hodgson 20/11/2001Financial DirectorPublishing6Ltd
 6395   C A Hutchings                                                 Hutchings Bros (Seafood & Game) Road
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director      R/O 1101 Christchurch Ltd
  160               Mr       J. W.                                    Hutchings Healthcare Ltd
                                       Hutchings 14/09/2001Managing Director      18-20, The Business Prk
 6396   Tony Piggott                             20/04/2004Partner                Unit
                                                                      Hutton Supplies 5 Hughes Business Park
 6579   Mr P Hungerford                                               HWC Ltd Paulsgrove Industrial Estate
                                                 20/04/2004Sales Director
 1062               Ms       Rachel    Moore                          Hycon Ltd
                                                 20/11/2001Company Secretary Unit F, Bridge Farm
 1342   Chris Pullen (Mrs)                                            Hyder Consulting Limited
                                                 20/04/2004Car Fleet Manager      The Surrey Research Park
  161               Mr.      A. J.                                    Hydrachem Ltd
                                       Hacking 14/09/2001Managing Director
 3929               M
        Mr D J Grieb r.      D. J.     Grieb                          Hydralon
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
  162               Mr.      D.        McBain                         Hydraquip Unit 2 Raleigh Court, Discover
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director
  163               Mrs.     J.        Hart                           Hydro-Dynamic Products P.L.C.
                                                 14/09/2001Financial Director
  247               Mr       M.                                       Hydroflow Gillmans Industrial Estate
                                       McNamara 25/02/2002Company Secretary Europe Ltd
  150               Mr       James A. Reid                            Hydrosphere UK Ltd
                                                            Company Secretary Units C & D, Westend Court
  164               Mr.      A.        Hicks                          Hygienic Unit 8
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director Valve & Fittings Ltd
 1063               Mr.      W. H.                                    Hygiplas Parlaunt House
                                       Prichard 20/11/2001Managing Director (Containers) Ltd
10419               Mr       T. J.                                    Hygood
                                       Goodman 11/01/2002Managing Director LtdWoodlands Road
 1372   John Hyland Mr       J         Hyland    20/04/2004Director               Furzehill
                                                                      Hyland Edgar Driver Farm
 1872   Mrs G Benson                             20/04/2004                       6 Frederick
                                                                      Hyperion Systems Ltd Sanger Road
 1064               Ms.      N.        Asmar                          Hypertec Ltd nits 1-3
                                                 20/11/2001Financial Director     U
 3941               M
        Mr B Grinter r.      B.        Grinter                        Hyphose U
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director Ltd nit 1 Trinity Industrial Esta

                                             Page 61

   98              Mr.    G.        Lovatt                           Hyster
                                                18/09/2001Managing Director EuropeFlagship House
 1065              Mr.    R. R.     Tatham                           Hytec Electronics Ltd
                                                20/11/2001Managing Director
 8070   M J Beaumont                                                 Hytech       Unit 36
                                                20/04/2004Managing Director Water Ltd Southfield Road Est
 1032              Mr.    M. D.                                      Hy-Ten
                                     Shattock 04/02/2002Financial Director Reinforcement Co. Ltd
  165              Mr                                                I B G Immucor 4,
                          Graham J. Smallridge 14/09/2001Company Secretary UnitLtd Riverside Business Cen
  870              Mr.    A.         Day                             ICEL         Hollingworth
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director (Maidstone) Ltd Court, Turkey Mil
   99              Mrs.                         18/09/2001Company Secretary
                                     Harcourt-Morris                 I C P Coatings Ltd
   91              Mr     David R. Lowin                             I D E C Electronics Ltd
                                                22/08/2001Company Secretary Unit 2, Beachwood
  982              Mr.    D. W.      Stiff                           I E I Building ServicesHouse
                                                27/11/2001Financial Director      Greytown & Maintenance
  109              Mr.    J.         Hainey                          I E S Arran Unit A Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director       Controls
 1066              Mr.    R.         Malin                           I EntertainmentFloor, Gingers Court
                                                20/11/2001Managing Director       1st Network Ltd
 1067              Mr     I.                                         I N I Environmental Services Ltd
                                     Woodward 20/11/2001Managing Director         77 Westwood Glen
 1068              Mr     Lynda                                      I P C Joinery Ltd
                                     Robinson 20/11/2001Company Secretary Wyfield Manor
  176              Mr.    J.         Bhabra                          I Q C International Ltd
                                                17/09/2001Managing Director       PO Box 1024Stoneybridge Farm
10541              Mr     M.         Shaw                                          Solutions
                                                                     I S L Office 14-16 Southampton Road
  151              Mr.    A. C.      Sibley                          I S T Rees
                                                           Managing Director
 1069              Mr.    K. M.      Long                            ITEM
                                                20/11/2001Managing Director Group Burnham House
  252              Mr.    J. R.      Adams                           I T L Impex Shelley House
                                                25/02/2002Managing Director        Ltd
 1070              Mr.    P. R.      Forster                         I T S Ceilings & Partitions
                                                20/11/2001Company Secretary
 1071              Mr.    M. C.      Brown                           I T S Ltd
                                                21/11/2001Company Secretary PO Box 331
  104              Mr     B.         Hoerle                          ITW-         Unit 9
                                                18/09/2001Managing Director Padlocker Brunel Gate
  177              Mr.    G.         Stewart                         I T W Spit
                                                17/09/2001Financial Controller
  248              Mr     Paul A.    Rose                            I.C.S. Electronics
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Unit V Ltd
 4153   Mr D. Jupp                              20/04/2004           I.G.T.       Woodside Road
  983              Mr     Ian M.     Sutton                          I.M. Products Ltd (incorporating Souther
                                                27/11/2001Company Secretary London Hill
 1033              Mr.    D.                                         I.M.E.S      Hurst
                                     Edwards 18/02/2002Managing Director (UK) Ltd House
  108              Mr.    K.                                         IAC
                                     Beveridge 11/02/2002Financial Director       I A C House
 1920              Mr     T.                                         Ian Allan Riverdene Business Park
                                     Saunders 28/01/2002Managing Director Publishing Ltd
 9278   S L Hart                                                     Ian Fellows 37 Lower Keyford
                                                20/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec
 3834   Mr I Fretten                                                 Ian          & Partners
                                                20/04/2004Senior Partner Fretten The Saxon Centre
 3386   Mr I Smith                              20/04/2004                        81c Hollow Lane
                                                                     Ian Smith Builders
 8073   Keith Tovey                                                  Ian Williams W House, Quarry House
                                                20/04/2004Board Adminstrator      I Ltd
 1034              Mrs.   S.                                         Ibris Refrigeration
                                     Whitman 18/02/2002Company Secretary Westfield Road, Slyfield Ind E
  166              Mr     Stephen P. Hardy                           Ibstock Brick West Hoathly
                                                14/09/2001Company Secretary West Hoathly Brickworks
 3153   Miss Kelly Head                         20/04/2004                        Units
                                                                     I-BUS Phoenix 2 & 3
  167              Mr     A.                                         ICAM Ltd
                                     Williamson 14/09/2001Managing Director
10192   Mr TM Sloan                                                  ICS Advent Ben Turner Industrial Estate
                                                20/04/2004Managing Director        Europe Ltd
  168              Mr     R.         Rose                            Ideal Offices P.L.C. Court
                                                14/09/2001Financial Director      10 Raleigh
10351   MrsC PocockMrs    Carol      Pocock                          IEC Engineering Ltd
                                                20/04/2004Company Secretary Brookside Avenue
 2946   Andy Wannacott                                               IGG Component Technology
                                                20/04/2004Company Secretary Waterside House Ltd
  101              Mr     I.         Masson                          IKM Network Communications Ltd
                                                18/09/2001Managing Director       220 Fleet Road
 9551   Linda Retter                                                 Ilchester Somerton Road
                                                20/04/2004Company Secretary Cheese Co Ltd
 8075   S P Wring                               20/04/2004Director                 Plc
                                                                     IlluminationSound & Light Specialists
   92              Mr     J. D.      Young                           Ilsley &     Unit 1 Esme House
                                                22/08/2001Managing Director Challis Engineering Ltd
 1035              Mr                                                Image Ceilings Ltd
                          Michael J. Bialkowski 04/02/2002Company Secretary 47 Longdown Lane North
10002   Mr M House                                                   Image        7-9 First
                                                20/04/2004Sales Engineer Industries LtdQuarter
 1036              Mr     P. C.      Vivian                          Image        Power
                                                04/02/2002Managing DirectorPublicity House
 1072              Mr     Peter J.   Wood                            Image Store Ltd
                                                21/11/2001Company Secretary Image Store House
10679              Mr     J          Allpass                                      Albury Court
                                                                     Imago Publishing Ltd
 9336   S R Wright                                                   Imco Plastics LtdWorks, Beckery New Road
                                                20/04/2004Managing Director       Imco
  169              Mr.    A. J.      Smith                           IMPAC Europe Ltd
                                                17/09/2001Company Secretary Drayton House
  110              Ms     Ann M. J. Proctor                          Impact Litho Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Company Secretary Units L1/L2/L3, Impact House

                                          Page 62

  697             Mr       D. P.     Barker                         Impact       Unit 10, (Surrey) Ltd
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director Power ToolsTrowers Way
 1073             Mr       A.        Quadri                         Imperial     43 Russell Street
                                               21/11/2001Managing Director Computers Ltd
  984             Mr.      E.        Newman                         Impulse      Crabtree Ltd
                                               27/11/2001Managing Director Engineering House
  534   Chris Hoy                              20/04/2004                        G1 Systems UK Ltd
                                                                    IMS Connector Cumberland Business Centre
 8078   Karen Ainsworth                        20/04/2004                        1 The Brooms
                                                                    Inbis Technology Ltd
  170               Mr     Andrew C. Myers                          Independent Pump Services
                                               17/09/2001Company Secretary Adur Boatyard Ltd (part of S
 1038               Mr     Richard                                  Indepth      Westmead House
                                     Norman 04/02/2002Managing Director Hygiene Services Ltd
  985               Ms     Sheila M. Turner                         Index Communications Meetings Services
                                               27/11/2001Company Secretary Crown House
 1039               Mr               C
                           Jimmy H. Y. hung                         Index Computer Systems
                                               18/02/2002Company Secretary Dolphin HouseLtd
  986               Mr.    B.                                       Index Fabrications (Southampton) Ltd
                                     Swaffield 27/11/2001Managing Director
  111               Mr.    A.        Cecil                          Index Plastics LimitedClose
                                               11/02/2002Managing Director       3 Onslow
 1074               Mr.    W. C.                                    Index Security Systems Ltd
                                     Sheppard 21/11/2001Managing Director        Oxford Works
 9739   M B Evans                                                   Inductoheat15 Factory Road
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director        Banyard Ltd
   93               Mr.    P.                                       Indumat
                                     Holdcroft 22/08/2001Managing Director Systems Ltd
 1040               Mr     J.        King                           Indus International Ltd
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director       Britannia Wharf
  580   K J Beveridge                                               Industrial I A C House
                                               20/04/2004Company Secretary Acoustics Co Ltd
 1041               Mr.    R. V.                                    Industrial Masters House
                                     Husband 04/02/2002Managing Director Air Systems (London) Ltd
 8079   G Moore                                20/04/2004Director                Unit1/2 Springwater Park
                                                                    Industrial Automation Systems Ltd
 1042               Mr     D.                                       Industrial 59 Cranes Equipment Ltd
                                     De-Lord 18/02/2002Managing Director Chemicals &Park
 1075               Mr.    M. B.                                    Industrial Portland Business Ltd
                                     Woodhall 21/11/2001Managing Director Design Consultancy Centre
  987               Mr.    B. D.     Winter                         Industrial Units 2B & 4B
                                               27/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Plastics Ltd
 1043               Mr.    M. E.                                    Industrial
                                     Goddard 18/02/2002Managing Director Gas Springs Ltd
 3968               Mr
        Mr L J Bryant      L. J.     Bryant                         Industrial 2-2a Dyer Road
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director Roofing & Cladding (Southern)
 3889   Mr F Osborn                                                 Industrial Higher (Wimborne)
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director SuppliersMerley Lane Ltd
 1044               Mr     D.                                       Inflata-fun 6 Greenacre
                                     Goodhall 18/02/2002Managing Director
10277   Mr TJ Smartt                                                Information The Old Hospital Ltd
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director       Publications Inter
  171               Mr.    B.        Webb                           Infranor
                                               17/09/2001Managing Director LtdUnit C
 1045               Mr     M. A.     Glass                          Ingram       Catteshall
                                               04/02/2002Managing Director & Glass Ltd Lane
 3946               Mr.
        Mr A Makepeace     A.                                       Initial GWS
                                     Makepeace20/04/2004Managing Director
  102               Mr     C.        Heyton                         Initial Shorrock Security Ltd
                                               18/09/2001Managing Director
 2574   Mr D J Wardell                         20/04/2004                        Tuscany
                                                                    Inkon Printers Ltd Way
10671               Mr     J         Harrison                                    T
                                                                    Inline UK Ltdhe Base Daux Road
 1076               Ms.    G.                                       Innodeda Ltd
                                     Townsend 21/11/2001Financial Director
10154   Mr J Joyce                                                  Innovative Measurement Tech
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director       49 Christchurch Crescent
 1077               Mr.    S.                  21/11/2001Financial Director UK Ltd
                                     Hoekemeijer                    Inprise      8 Pavilions
 1078               Mr.    P.                                       Input Ltd Cornwall House
                                     Connolly 21/11/2001Managing Director
 1079               Mr.    B.                                       Inrange      Enterprise House, Foundation P
                                     Moroney 21/11/2001Managing Director Technologies Ltd
 1046               Mrs.   L.        Unger                          Insaf Ltd Park Works
                                               18/02/2002Financial Director
 3894   Mr J Dennis                            20/04/2004Director                Unit 2
                                                                    Insight Management Solutions
 6400   Dr N McGill                                                 Insight      31
                                               20/04/2004Managing Director MedicalSt Leonards Road
  112               Ms     Carole J. Greig                          Install Ocean Ltd
                                               11/02/2002Company Secretary 5 Omega Park
 1080               Mr.    R.                                       Instalrite
                                     Jackson 21/11/2001Managing Director Plastics Ltd
  172               Mr     C.        Hughes                         Instant      12 Dukes Court
                                               17/09/2001Managing Director Image Group Ltd
 1047               Mrs.   M. J.     Tyler                          Institute    Canterbury Attorneys
                                               04/02/2002Company Secretaryof Trade Mark House
10366   Mr GA Instone                          20/04/2004                        Charity Farm
                                                                    Instone Air Services Ltd
 1081               Mr.    T.        Butterly                       Instrument Plastics Ltd
                                               21/11/2001Managing Director       Unit 35-37
10023   Mr AR Eagle                            20/04/2004                        The
                                                                    Insystems Ltd White House
 1048               Mr     A.        Mullen                         Intama
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd The Courtyard
  113               Ms     Wendy J. Belfield                        Intandem Watton Lane,
                                               11/02/2002Company Secretary Systems Ltd Station Road
 2373   Mr J Philips                           20/04/2004           Intaplas LtdCharlwood Place
 1082               Mr.    G.        Mould                          Intavent
                                               21/11/2001Managing Director Orthofix Ltd
  173               Mr.    A. J.     Stocks                         Intavia
                                               17/09/2001Managing Director Ltd The Brunel Centre

                                           Page 63

10572               Mr     K          Adams                                        Unit
                                                                      Intec Systems 2
  174               Mr.    D. A.      Bennett                         Intech       Intech
                                                 17/09/2001Managing DirectorTapes Ltd House
 8845   C D Griffiths                                                 Integrated Photomatrix Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Financial Director      Paceycombe Way
 1083               Mr                                                Integrix
                           Susan A. McIntosh 21/11/2001Company SecretaryLtd 62 Wood Lane
  103               Ms                                                Intellisol
                           Barbara J. Anderson 18/09/2001Company Secretary 8 Windsor Way
 4066               Mr     J.         Greep                           Interact     Rushington Business
                                                 28/08/2001Managing Director Technical Services Ltd Park
 7389   P T Haskins                                                   Interaction Associates LtdPlace
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director       18 Monmouth
 9799   Sandy Ewans                                                   Interasco (UK) Ltd Floor Goodyear House
                                                 20/04/2004Fleet Manager           Ground
 8815   E Chandler                               20/04/2004Director                Station Road
                                                                      Interblock Manufacturing Ltd
 8081   M K Akerman                              20/04/2004Director                Unit 1-2 Bonville Business Ctr
                                                                      Interchange Services Ltd
  989               Mr.    J.         Bowen                           Intercole
                                                 27/11/2001Managing Director Systems Ltd
 1049               Mr.    M. H.      Trafford                        Inter-Continental Fuels Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary Jeffery House
  798   Mrs Montgomery                                                IntereuropeHigh Walls Services plc
                                                 20/04/2004Finance Director         Technology
 1084               Mr     Neil J.                                    Interface Crowthorne Business Estate
                                      Johnstone 21/11/2001Company Secretary Force Measurements Ltd
 1050               Mr     R.         Green                           Interfic
                                                 04/02/2002Financial Director Engineering Ltd
 1051               Mr     N          Withall                         Interleaf Brooklands Business Park
                                                 18/02/2002Financial Director (UK) Ltd
 8855   P S Clarke                                                    Intermedia Kingsland House
                                                 20/04/2004Chairman & Managing Supplies Ltd
 7390   S Bell                                   20/04/2004Director                16-18 Queen Square
                                                                      International Computer Entertainment Ltd
 1085               Mrs.   R.                                         International Data Estate
                                      Stevens 21/11/2001Financial Director         6 Station
 9023   D W Miller                                                    International Data Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director       105 Kingfisher Ind Estate
 3897   Mr Mark London                                                             Harwell Road
                                                 20/04/2004PA To MD International Engineering Company Ltd
  990               Mr.    M. R.      Head                            International Gas Apparatus Ltd Park
                                                 27/11/2001Managing Director       Blackbushe Business
 9124   J A Biles                                20/04/2004Director                Bristol Road
                                                                      International Gas Detectors Ltd
 7392   G J Freeman                              20/04/2004Director                24-31 Fourth Avenue
                                                                      International Graphic Studios Ltd
  991               Mr.    J.         Pidduck                         International Marketers (London) Ltd
                                                 27/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 7
 1052               Mr.    P.                    0                    International Meehanite Metal Co. Ltd
                                      Kemppainen4/02/2002Managing Director         IMMCO House
10013   Mr GF Elkin                              20/04/2004                        The Courtyard
                                                                      International Process Tech Ltd
 1054               Mr.    T.         Ashton                          International Spares plc
                                                 18/02/2002Financial Director
 1086   Mr L Hawken                              20/04/2004                        339 Yorktown Road
                                                                      Internet Services Ltd
  609   M Fay                                                         Interplan H
                                                 20/04/2004Financial Director Ltd unstrete House
 1087               Mr.    E.         Arnett                          Interquad
                                                 21/11/2001Managing Director Distribution Ltd
  249               Mr.    D. L.      Cooper                          Interserve Premier House
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Project Services
 1055               Miss   C.                                         Intersil
                                      Mcginnley 18/02/2002Managing Director        Riverside Way
  115               Mr     F. G.      Taylor                          Interworld (UK)
                                                            Managing Director      Avenue Road
 2950   Mr Lee Miller                            20/04/2004           Intex GroupUnit M4 Hazleton Interchange
  992               Mr     I.                                         Intimex      Rooks Farm
                                      Walverton 27/11/2001Managing Director Holdings Ltd
 1056               Mr.    P.                                         Intuitive    Gostrey House
                                      Westwood 18/02/2002Managing Director Solutions Ltd
  250               Mr.    D.                                         Invensys
                                      Anderson 25/02/2002Managing Director Energy Systems Ltd
  251               Mr.    J.         Carter                          Invensys
                                                 25/02/2002Company Secretary Flow Control (UK) Ltd
  993               Mr     N.         Gore                            Invensys 11 The Quadrangle
                                                 27/11/2001Managing Director Metering Systems Ltd
  872               Mrs.   J.                                         Invicta Valves Ltd
                                      Anderton 11/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 10
  175               Mr     D. T.      Martin                          Ionic Components Ltd
                                                 17/09/2001Managing Director       Unit C, Industrial Estate
 8072   S J Prendville                                                IOP Publishing LtdHouse
                                                 20/04/2004Financial Director      Direac
 7386   M D Johnston                                                  IPL Information Processing
                                                 20/04/2004Commercial Director Eveleigh House Ltd
10125   Mr J Bhabra                                                   IQC International Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director       PO Box 1024
 3900   Mr A Webb                                                     Iracroft Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Company Accountant Blandford Heights Industrial E
 6403   John Sweetman                            20/04/2004Partner                 Unit 9 Yeomans Ind Park
                                                                      Ironage of Bournemouth
10664               Mr     R          Shepherd                                     7 Riverside
                                                                      IRP Management
 1088               Mr.    J.                    21/11/2001Managing Director (Fleet Works) Ltd
                                      Haddon-Wight                    Irvin Bros
 1057               Mr     Martin I. Clay                             Isday Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Company Secretary 72 Leas Road
10601               Mr     P          Teale                                        9 Ranmore Road
                                                                      Isis Computer & Electronics (uk) Ltd
 1058               Mr.    G. H.                                      Isis Informatics Ltd
                                      Herrington 04/02/2002Managing Director

                                            Page 64

 1059              Mr.       V.         Sodin                            Iskra UK
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 9345   D Shute                                                          Isleport     2 Isleport
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director Foods Ltd Business Park
  603   P R Little                                                       Isoclad
                                                    20/04/2004Financial Director Ltd Winchester Hill
 8805   P F Dunnage                                                      Isopad
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director Ltd Oldmixon Industrial Estate
 3902   Ms Jane Twomey                                                   ITE          Sandbourne Holdings
                                                    20/04/2004Chief ExecutiveTraining Group
10153   Mr JR Adams                                                      ITL Impex Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director       Shelley House
 4303   Mr M Luff                                   20/04/2004                        Richmond Court
                                                                         J & B Hopkins Ltd
  180              Mr.       K.         House                            J & D Autos Ltd
                                                    17/09/2001Managing Director
 9896   Financial Director                          20/04/2004                        Mowbray Road
                                                                         J & D Builders
 7334   J R Scanlan                                                      J & L Industrial Paint ServicesInd Estate
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director       Unit 21 Knightcott
  994              Mr        D.         Fuller                           J & L Polymers Ltd
                                                    27/11/2001Managing Director       The Forge
 9897   Financial Director                          20/04/2004           J A Alfaro Priory Road
 9898   Financial Director                          20/04/2004           J A BowersBryanston Road
  995              Mr        D. E.      Penn                             J A Training Ltd
                                                    27/11/2001Managing Director       Stanhope House
  701              Mr.       J. L.      Stubberfield                     J B J Techniques Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director       Unit 28
 9211   M J Wheaton                                 20/04/2004Director                Chard Junction
                                                                         J B Wheaton & Sons Ltd
 9895   Financial Director                          20/04/2004                        M
                                                                         J Blackwood illais Road
 9614   A J Palmer                                                       J C & R H The Old Brewery
                                                    20/04/2004Chairman & ManagingPalmer Ltd
 9899   Financial Director                          20/04/2004                         Son
                                                                         J C Holly & Adelaide Road
  253              Mr        J.         Daly                             J D Electronic Services Unifax Building
                                                    25/02/2002Managing Director       Units 5 & 6,
 1061              Mrs.      N. J.      Egan                             JED          529 Kingston Road
                                                    04/02/2002Financial Director Insulations Ltd
 9900   Financial Director                          20/04/2004           J Frith      Park Road
  181              Mr.       R. W.                                       J G Auto Jaygee House
                                        Brewster 17/09/2001Managing Director (Valves) Ltd
 1062              Mr        J.                                          J G F Machinery
                                        Faulkner 18/02/2002Managing Director          Windamoore Farm
 9442   David J Gliddon                                                  J Gliddon &Bank Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director & CoSonsStreet
 1063              Mr.       J.         Harle                            J H Plant
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 1064              Mr.       J.         Zammit-Lewis                     J L Conference Links Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director
 1065              Mr.       L.                                          J L F Electro-Mechanical Ltd
                                        Woolnough04/02/2002Managing Director
 3935   Mr Longhurst                                20/04/2004                        24 Factory Road
                                                                         J Looker Printers Limited
  592   J F Moorhead                                                     J M Automatics Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Company Secretary Unit 14 Limberline Est
 1089              Mr.       A.         Bew                              JMC          Communications House
                                                    21/11/2001Managing DirectorCompak Ltd
 9407   R M Southcombe                              20/04/2004Director                 Co Ltd
                                                                         J M Reed &Kingsbury Episcopi
10533              Mr        J.         Nicholas                         J Nicholas Emblem House
 1066              Miss      J. O.      Bunce                            J O B Export/Import Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Company Secretary
 9901   Financial Director                          20/04/2004                          & Maintenance Services
                                                                         J P BuildingBotany Bay Road
 3912   Mr J Pearson                                20/04/2004                        16a Chalwyn Industrial Estate
                                                                         J P Displays and Exhibitions
  568   Ms L J Puncher                                                   J P Electrcial Lovedean Lane
                                                    20/04/2004Company Secretary 10Services Ltd
 8090   M Pool                                                           J P Services (South West) Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Company Secretary 284 Fishponds Road
  255              Mr        Roy E.                                      J R Finishright Ltd
                                        Meekings 25/02/2002Company Secretary Foundry Lane
 1090              Ms.       J.                                          J R M Rewinds
                                        Robbins 21/11/2001Company Secretary Reform Road
  873              Mr        D.                                          J R Stedman Ltd High Street
                                        Meadows 11/02/2002Managing Director           85-87
  256              Mr.       J. E.                                       J S Humidifiers P.L.C.
                                        Goodliffe 25/02/2002Financial Director
 1091              Mr.       J. F.                                       J T L Systems Kingfisher Court
                                        Harkness 21/11/2001Managing Director          41 Ltd
 6884   Mr Robert Short                             20/04/2004Director                Hamworthy Wharf
                                                                         J T Sydenham & Co Ltd
 8092   M J Woodward                                                     J V Barrett & Co Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director       St Ivel Way
 8093   David Baker                                                       Manager 71 Winterstoke Road
                                                    20/04/2004Purchasing J W Arrowsmith Ltd
 9279   J R Bolt                                                         J W Singer Cork Street
                                                    20/04/2004Finanical Director       & Sons Ltd
  264              Mr        C. M.      Keay                             J. & B.      226 Whitehorse Road
                                                    23/01/2002Managing Director Groves Ltd
  449              Mr        John N. B. Jnr                              J. & N. Burrows (Havant) Ltd
                                                    17/01/2002Company Secretary 12a Clarendon Road
 1921              Mrs.      J. I.                                       J. Bathgate Ltd
                                        Bathgate 28/01/2002Company Secretary PO Box 334
  874              Mr.       S. W.      Clubb                            J. Clubb
                                                    11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
  905              Mr        Richard J. Ellis                            J. Ellis & Headley Mill
                                                    28/11/2001Company Secretary Sons (Bordon) Ltd

                                                Page 65

  703              Mr        J. H.                                      J. Floris
                                         Bodenham 18/02/2002Managing Director LtdLawson Hunt Industrial Estate
  967              Mr        Peter W. H.Jelley                          J. Harris Vale Works
                                                   28/11/2001Company Secretary & Co. (Engineers) Ltd
 1067              Miss      K.                                         J. Hutchinson (Fuels) Ltd
                                         Hutchinson04/02/2002Managing Director        74 Church Street
 1092              Mr        J.          Pratley                        J. Pratley Sons Ltd
                                                   21/11/2001Managing Director &Pingemead Farm
  179              Mr        J.                                         J.A.C.        Unit Grinding Co. Ltd
                                         Stearman 17/09/2001Managing DirectorPrecision2, Roberts Warehouse
   80              Mr.       K. R.       Passingham                     J.B. Corrie
                                                              Company Secretary & Co. Ltd
 1068              Mr        J. C.                                      J.C.M.        57 Surbiton
                                         McMahon 18/02/2002Managing Director Locksmiths Ltd Road
   75              Mr.       J. E.       Foster                         J.E. Foster Solent House
                                                   21/09/2001Managing Director        (Electrical) Ltd
  314              Mr.       T. M.                                      J.F. Poynter Ltd (t/a Maxim Lamps Works)
                                         Standing 09/10/2001Financial Director
 1275              Mr.       P. J.       Shelton                        J.G. Shelton & Co.Farm
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director        Chase Ltd
  197              Mr                    Wheeler 25/02/2002Company Secretary Sussex Ltd
                             Richard D. H.                              J.H. & F.W. Green House
  308              Mr.       J.          Harle                          J.H. Plant Ltd
                                                   09/10/2001Managing Director
  998              Mr.       S.          James                          J.J. Systems O Box 7304
                                                   28/11/2001Managing Director        P
  455              Mrs.      D.          Carter                         J.L. Carter 26 Longmoor Road
                                                   17/01/2002Company Secretary & Son
   32              Ms        Jennifer J. Bussell                        J.M. Bussell Ltd Farm Way
                                                   18/09/2001Company Secretary Harts(Argosy Removals & Stor
  182              Mr.       J. P.                                      J.P. PumpsMeadow Brook Industrial Centre
                                         Staddon 17/09/2001Managing Director           Ltd
 1922              Mr.       J. R.       Barrett              M         J.R. Barrett Ltd
                                                   17/01/2002a anaging Director
  723              Mr        Mohammed    Afzal                          J.S. Bloor Unit 7, Fulmar
                                                   16/11/2001Company Secretary (Newbury) Ltd House
 1663              Mr        R.          Dodson                         J.S. Bloor (Swindon) Ltd
                                                   31/01/2002Managing Director        Rivermead Industrial Estate
  724              Ms        Anne        Brewer                         J.S. Drew 856 Plymouth
                                                   16/11/2001Company Secretary (Engravers) LtdRoad
   77              Mr        M.          Challis                        J.T. Davies & Sons Ltd
                                                   28/01/2002Managing Director
10443              Mr.       A. J.       Warsop                         J.T. Warsop Jnr & Co. Ltd
                                                              Managing Director       Delta Works
  120              Mr        C. R.       Dunn                           J.W. Dunn (Printers) Ltd Road
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director        10 Sandiford
 1093              Mr.       H.                                         Jac (UK)
                                         Reinartz 21/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
 1069              Ms        Coral M. Truman                            Jaceymoves Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Company Secretary 21 Prospect Road
 1070              Mr.       P. C.                                      Jack Knight (Developments) Ltd
                                         Gibbons 18/02/2002Managing Director
 9902   Financial Director                         20/04/2004           Jack M Smith  Knighton Road
 1071              Mr        A.          Bowers                         Jackson 90-92 Southbridge Road
                                                   04/02/2002Managing Director Computers Ltd
 9024   J E Leader                                                      Jacksons 79 Condor Close
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director of Picadilly Ltd
  875              Mr.       D. M.       Smith                          Jacob         Riverside Industrial
                                                   11/02/2002Financial Director White (Packaging) Ltd Estate
  876              Mr.       B.                                         Jacob,        Unit D4 Riverside Industrial
                                         Edwards 11/02/2002Managing Director White (Hospital Equipment) Ltd E
 5678   Mrs L Bannerton                                                 Jacobs Engineering Ltd
                                                   20/04/2004Car Fleet AdministratorKnollys House
  178              Mr        D. E.       Young                          Jacobs,
                                                   17/09/2001Managing Director Young & Westbury
 8861   J Wallis                                                        Jacon
                                                   20/04/2004Managing DirectorLtd Unit 1 Brickfields Ind Est
 1094              Mr        K. R.       Weston                         Jacquet       Tower Works
                                                   21/11/2001Managing Director Western Engineering
 1072              Mr        P.          Weger                          Jagenberg (London) Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director        Beech House
  525              Ms        Anne E.                                    James & Bartons
                                         Burridge 17/01/2002Company Secretary Beeching Yard
 6408   R A Lees                                   20/04/2004Partner    James & Sons  Equity Chambers
  725              Mr        G.          Denton                         James         Foundation House
                                                   16/11/2001Managing Director A. Girdler (Reading) Ltd
   50              Mr        J. B.                                      James         Great Oddynes
                                         Hawkins 10/09/2001Managing Director Bruce & Co. (London) Ltd
 3254   Ms Debbie Hillyard                         20/04/2004                         Unit 5
                                                                        James Hill Engineering Ltd
  253              Mr.       M. J.                                      James
                                         McGuiness30/01/2002Managing Director S. Graham Co. Ltd
 9553   Roy Hare                                   20/04/2004                         Halfway & Co Ltd
                                                                        James Wellbeloved House Farm
 8660   Will Gavan                                                      Jani-King 150 London Road
                                                   20/04/2004Managing Director (GB) Ltd
 1095              Mr        Leslie                                     Janson Bridging (UK) Charles House
                                         Hodgson 21/11/2001Company Secretary First Floor,Ltd
 1096              Mr.       A.          Gay                            Jarvis
                                                   22/11/2001Managing DirectorHoldings Ltd
  878              Mr        S.          Rice                           Jarvis Porter Health Care
                                                   11/02/2002Financial Controller
 4374   Mr MT Vincent                              20/04/2004                         8B Carlton Crescent
                                                                        Jasper & Vincent
 9125   G R Bentley                                                     Jasun         Unit 2b
                                                   20/04/2004Financial Director Filtration Ltd & 2c Yeo Road
 1074              Mr.       S.          Irvine                         Jaytee        Jaytee House
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director Seafoods Ltd
 4152   Mr J Leask                                 20/04/2004                         Blackhill
                                                                        JBL Feed Screws Ltd
 8085   J A Bryant-Pearson                         20/04/2004Director                 The
                                                                        JBP Associates White House

                                              Page 66

10193   Mrs JC Booth                                                     JCB DevelopmentsBusiness Centre
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      17 City Ltd
 8087   J Warfield                                  20/04/2004Director               Unit 11 Dragon
                                                                         JCW Air Conditioning Ltd Court
10524               Mr        N          Jones                                        Ltd
                                                                         JDS Group Berkeley Road
  105               Mr.       I.         Wheeler                         Jeda Engineering Ltd
                                                    18/09/2001Managing Director
 1097               Mr.       S. M.      Lawlor                          Jekyll Electronic Technology Ltd
                                                    22/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 3 Zephyr House
  997               Mr.       C.         Smith                           Jena (UK) Ltd 17 Romsey Industrial Esta
                                                    28/11/2001Financial Director     Unit
 4002   Mr S Nycs Mr.         S.         Nycs                            Jenison      Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director Uk Broad Oak
 1075               Mr.       B.         Menzies                         Jenkins
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 4114   Miss J Wilde                                20/04/2004                       J W A House
                                                                         Jenny Wilde Associates
10214   Mr E Hazelwood                              20/04/2004Director               Kingston House
                                                                         Jeppesen UK Ltd
 1076               Mr.       S. H.      Jerrard                         Jerrard     Arcadia
                                                    04/02/2002Managing Director Bros P.L.C. House
10464               Mr        D.         Trew                                        140-142 Cheltenham Road
                                                                         Jesters Comedy Club Ltd
 1098               Mr.       A. A. J.   White                           Jet-Lube
                                                    22/11/2001Managing Director (UK) Ltd
 9903   Financial Director                          20/04/2004           Jewson      ST Annes Road
  999               Ms        Susan M. Mealey                            Jm Circuits Ltd
                                                    28/11/2001Company Secretary Wolfe Mead
 8089   S L Clarke                                                       JNC EnterprisesQ1b Worthy Road
                                                    20/04/2004Financial Director     Unit Ltd
 9346   J R Bird                                                         Jo Bird     Factory
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director & Co Ltd Lane
  704               Mr.       F.         McGuigan                        Johann      Gatton Park Business Centre
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director A. Krause UK Ltd
 1923               Mr.       C.         Weeden                          John Artis Ltd
                                                    28/01/2002Financial Director
 2702   Mr D Hobson                                 20/04/2004                       Gravel Lane
                                                                         John C Lillywhite Ltd
 1664               Mr        G.         Walker                          John CarterSalt Lane Ltd
                                                    31/01/2002Financial Director       (Salt Lane)
 1924               Mr        C. J.      Castle                M         John Castle (London) Ltd
                                                    17/01/2002a anaging Director
 2249               Mr        M          Davies     03/12/2001Partner                57A High Street
                                                                         John Connor Press Associates
   43   Mr High     Mr.       K.         High                            John Corby Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Financial Director
  726               Ms        Jennifer   Darvell                         John Darvell Packaging Ltd
                                                    16/11/2001Company Secretary Unit C, Dradstone Industrial E
  573   Ms P Dollin                                                      John Dollin Printing Services Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Company Secretary Plot 5 Evingar Trading Est
  107               Mr.       D. P.      Pym                             John Dore & Co. Ltd
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director
11360               Mr        G          Fletcher              Director               Partners Barn
                                                                         John Eke &Yew Tree Ltd
 9904   Financial Director                          20/04/2004           John F HeneyMidanbury Lane
  727               Mrs.      B. M.      Lambert                         John George & Sons Ltd
                                                    16/11/2001Company Secretary
  879               Mr.       I. W.      Davidson                        John Gosnell & Co. Ltd
                                                    11/02/2002Financial Director
 3909   Mr R J Gretton FCA                          20/04/2004                       9 & Co
                                                                         John Gretton Brook Lane
 9905                                               05/06/2001                       Hilldown Road
                                                                         John Hobden Ltd
 8094   K J Hodgson                                                      John Hodgson Distribution Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Victoria Terrace
 1016              Mr         J.         Kirk                            John Kirk 145 Guildford
                                                    22/11/2001Managing Director Supplies Ltd Road
 8095   T Blackmore-Squires                                              John Lampier & Son LtdHall
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Edgecombe
 8856   J N Lee                                     20/04/2004Director                Sons (Ferndown)
                                                                         John Lee &11 Fernlea Close Ltd
  120              Mr         A.         Packham                         John Loader Ltd Mill
                                                    17/09/2001Managing Director      Station
 8096   C A Best                                                         John Moores & Son (Bristol) Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      18 Clothier Road
 8097   R J Yeandle                                                      John Perkins (Bristol) Ltd Ind Ctre
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Unit 4 Ridgeway
  383              Mr.        D. J. R.   Pipe                            John Pipe Ltd
                                                    25/02/2002Managing Director
 9675   J R Reid                                                         John Reid & sons (Strucsteel) Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Technical Director     Strucsteel House
 8098   M J Somers                                                       John Somers & Sons (Bristol Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Brook Road
 9416   P B Barkwill                                                     John Wainwright & Co Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Downside
 8806   A M Bass                                                         John West (Contractors) Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      West Leigh, 91 High Street
10200   Mr CJ Dicks                                 20/04/2004                        and Sons Ltd
                                                                         John Wiley Baffins Lane
 4115   Mr J E Wilkinson                                                 John Wilkinson Ltd
                                                    20/04/2004Managing Director      Unit 3 Carvers Industrial Esta
 1099              Mr.        W. C.      Strachan                        Johnson
                                                    22/11/2001Managing Director & Johnson Medical
 1904   Ms Annette Moore                            20/04/2004                       2-3 The
                                                                         Johnson Controls Briars
 9126   J Gibbons                                                        Johnson Bath Road
                                                    20/04/2004Company Secretary Elevanja Ltd
  254              Mr         T.         Johnson                         Johnson's SuppliesHouse
                                                    25/02/2002Managing Director      Matbro Ltd
 2124              Mr
        Mr John Anscombe      John       Anscombe   20/04/2004                       Curtis Road
                                                                         Johnston Engineering Ltd

                                                Page 67

  705              Mr        D. M.      Hamilton                       Johnston Group P.L.C.
                                                  18/02/2002Financial Director      Johnston House
 1100              Mrs.      J. D.      Jordan                         Jomanda
                                                  22/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
 5679   Mrs M Robinson                                                 Jones & Brother
                                                  20/04/2004Car Fleet AdministratorShepley Street
 1101              Mr        R.         Males                          Jones        Unit 1 Ltd
                                                  22/11/2001Managing Director& Hoffman Old Kiln Industrial Est
 9025   J L Jones                                 20/04/2004                        Henbury Grange
                                                                       Jones Construction Services
 1079              Mr.       C. A.      Jones                          Jones
                                                  18/02/2002Managing DirectorIndustrial Fasteners Ltd
 1080              Mr        S.                                        Jontor       48 St Andrews Road
                                        Sherman 18/02/2002Managing DirectorEngineering Ltd
 8101   R T Hudson                                                     Jordan       21 St Thomas Street
                                                  20/04/2004Managing Director Publishing
 8102   A T Harper                                                     Joseph Colman Coachyard
                                                                                    The &
                                                  20/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec Son Ltd
 5822   Ms Kathy Selleck                                               Joshua
                                                  20/04/2004Office Manager          Wells Point
10352   Mrs VerneyMrs                   Verney    20/04/2004                        Artex Avenue
                                                                       JS Humidifiers PLC
 2204   Mr Tony Mackley                           20/04/2004                         & Co Ltd
                                                                       JT MackleyBankside House
10040   Mr AJ Warsop                                                   JT Warsp Delta Works
                                                  20/04/2004Company Secretary JNR and Co Ltd
 1081              Mr        B.         Mackay                         June Productions Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director       Toftrees
 1082              Mr.       D.         Harle                          Juno Roplasto Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director       Wellington House
 1083              Mr        G. R.      Clark                          Jupiter      21 The Waldrons
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director Associates Ltd
 1084              Mr        D. I.      Field                          Jura-Spray Wandle Trading Estate
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director       Ltd
 6415   Graham Bliss                              20/04/2004Director                Improvements
                                                                       Just Home 181A Barrack Road
 1002              Mr        Michael F. Fry                            Just Ice     2-3, Bell House
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary(UK) Ltd
 9906                                             05/06/2001                        Bassett
                                                                       Just Jointing Ltd Avenue
 1003              Ms        Hilda M. Mitchell                         Just-In Fabrications Ltd
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary London Hill
  880              Mr        M.         Russell                        K&H          Unit 7, Crayside Industrial Es
                                                  11/02/2002Managing DirectorPackaging Ltd
  107              Ms                             1                    K & N Finishers Ltd
                             Helga M. Webb-Jones7/09/2001Company Secretary Castle Trading Estate
 1085              Mr        J. R.      Kyle                           K&N          Unit
                                                  18/02/2002Managing DirectorPress Ltd10
 1102              Mr        S. K.      Griffiths                      K & S Signs
                                                  22/11/2001Managing Director       The Long Barn
 2956   Mr Hunter                                 20/04/2004                        40 Fernhurst Close
                                                                       K + B Marketing Ltd
 1086              Mr.       C.                                        KCS          Whitecliff House
                                        Rattigan 18/02/2002Managing DirectorManagement Systems Ltd
 9212   C J Slade                                 20/04/2004                         & Sons Building Contractors
                                                                       K D J SladeBack Street
  184              Mr        E. H.      Brooker                        K D Partitioning Floor, LynnLtd
                                                  17/09/2001Managing Director       2nd & Ceilings House
 1103              Mr        D. J.      Dyson                          KEC
                                                  22/11/2001Managing DirectorLtd Orpheus House
 1087              Mr        G.                                        K F Group P.L.C.
                                        Kraftman 18/02/2002Managing Director        11th Floor Tolworth Tower
 1010              Mr        Keith                                     K G Sprayers Holder Road
                                        Robinson 28/11/2001Company Secretary 3a (Aldershot) Ltd
 2957   Mr K G W Chippindall-Higgins              20/04/2004                        5 Beechworth
                                                                       K G W Chippindall-Higgin Road
 1088              Mr        R.         Dennis                         K J Engineering 4
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director       Unit Ltd
  108              Mr.       J. M.                                     K J M Replacement Windows Ltd Park
                                        Creasey 17/09/2001Managing Director         Unit 9 Mylen Business
 1089              Mr.       J.         Lawton                         K K Balers Ltd
                                                  04/02/2002Managing Director       Victory House
 9907                                             05/06/2001                        Bitterne Road West
                                                                       K M Eldridge Building Contractors Ltd
  881              Mr        P.         Hiscox                         KMH          Unit 9, Britannia
                                                  11/02/2002Managing DirectorCommunications Ltd Business Par
 9410   M Sully                                   20/04/2004           KMS          Station Works, Lower Marsh
  110              Mr        K.         Price                          K P Janitorial Supplies
                                                  17/09/2001Managing Director       Unit 6, Redfields Industrial E
 8105   K P Wilton                                                     K P Wilton 11-12 Ltd
                                                  20/04/2004Chairman & Managing & Son Brighton Place
 1104              Mr        Derek      Parkin                         K R P Power Source UK Ltd
                                                  22/11/2001Company Secretary 2 The Galloway Centre
 1090              Ms.       E.                                        KSR
                                        Hielcher 18/02/2002Managing DirectorKuebler (UK) Level Measurement & C
 3918   Mrs K M Jones                             20/04/2004Propietor K T Associates3 Avon Park
 1091              Mr.       T.         Baker                          K T B Engineering Ltd
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director
  240              Mr        Kathleen Q.Lacey                          K. Lacey Unit 4
                                                  11/01/2002Company Secretary (Engineers & Designers) Ltd
 1105              Mr.       B. E.      Turner                         K.B.G.
                                                  22/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
  183              Mr        J.         Blundell                       K.C. Office The Relocation Centre, Blenhei
                                                  17/09/2001Managing Director       Services Ltd
  116              Mr.       K.         D'Mellow                       K.C.D.       Unit 2c
                                                             Managing Director Ultra Precision Ltd
 3974              M
        Mr G Sparks r.       G.         Sparks                         K.E.S.
                                                  20/04/2004Managing DirectorPower & Light Ltd
  728              Mr.       K. H.      Benz                           K.H. Benz Group
                                                  16/11/2001Managing Director       Karthia
  706              Mr        B.                                        K.J. Lovering & Co. Ltd
                                        Lovering 18/02/2002Managing Director        Kingfisher House

                                              Page 68

 1093                Mr.     P.        McGlone                        K.P. Manufacturing Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director      Unit 18A
 2958   Mrs Kay Evans                            20/04/2004                       Anmore House, Soake Road
                                                                      K2 Computer Solutions Limited
 2700   Mr D Hillier                             20/04/2004                       1
                                                                      Kahrs UK LtdTimberlaine Industrial Est
 8107   Miss Ruth Doughty                        20/04/2004                       43 Queen
                                                                      Kaisen Consulting Ltd Square
 1106                Mr.     P.        Stephan                        Kaldair
                                                 22/11/2001Financial Director Ltd Kaldair House
10587                Mr      S         Jeffries                                   Frome House
                                                                      Kallender Jeffries Financial Services Lt
 1094                Mr      K         Law                            Kalligraphic11 Gatwick Metro Centre
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director       Design Ltd
 1095                Mr.     M.        Rutt                           Kalsep
                                                 18/02/2002Financial Director Ltd
 1107                Mr.     B.        Dymock                         Kalvex      4A Canal Estate
                                                 22/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
10045   Mr R Payne                               20/04/2004           Kamino LtdUnit 3B
 1004                Mr.     D.        Pullen                         Kamtek      PO Box 9
                                                 28/11/2001Managing Director Surveys
 1108                Mr      Yosuke    Fukuda                         Kanebo      Utac House
                                                 22/11/2001Company SecretaryCosmetics U K Ltd
 1005                Ms      Alison    Hastings                       Kaptifast Unit
                                                 28/11/2001Company Secretary UK Ltd5
 1097                Mr      D.        Floyd                          Karnclark 6
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director LtdCentral Avenue
 1109                Mr      Anthony Head                             Kavanagh Amber House
                                                 22/11/2001Company Secretary Systems Ltd
 1110                Ms                E
                             Florence M. vans                         Kay Jay     137 Marlborough Road
                                                 22/11/2001Company SecretaryCee (Contractors) Ltd
 1006                Mr      J. H.     Forster                        Kaye Office Supplies Ltd
                                                 28/11/2001Company Secretary Hart House
 3913   Mrs Brenda Whitbread                     20/04/2004                       Engineering Divison
                                                                      KCI Medical Ltd
10055   Mr PM Brown                              20/04/2004                       Whitecliff House
                                                                      KCS Management Systems PLC
 1007                Mr.     M. B.     Crump                          Kea-Flex
                                                 28/11/2001Managing Director Mouldings Ltd
10155   Mr KR Tremble                                                 Kedek
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director Ltd Heath Place
  186                Mr.     R. C.     Ede                            Keden       Units
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director Products 3-7 Jubilee Industrial E
 1098                Mr      J.        Ward                           Keenmark Ltd Lane
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director      Hurst
  593   D E Keeping                                                   Keeping 112 Eastney Road
                                                 20/04/2004Company Secretary Eng Services Marine Ltd
 3914   Mr P Edwards                                                  Keith       Nettle Tree Farm
                                                 20/04/2004General ManagerBanyard Tree Surgeons
 1099                Mr.     K. C.     Payne                          Keith Payne Products Ltd
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director      Hewitt's Industrial Estate
  460                Mr.     S. F.     Bowes                          Keith Spicer Ltd
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director
 1111                Mr      G.        Clements                       Keithley    The Minster
                                                 22/11/2001Managing Director Instruments Inc
10215   Mr PR Brooks                             20/04/2004                       Kelgray House
                                                                      Kelgray Products Ltd
 8109   S M Kelland                                                   Kellands LtdDirector
                                                 20/04/2004Chairman & Managing Clifton Heights
   94                Mr.     M.        Hole                           Keller (UK) The Centre
                                                 22/08/2001Managing Director      Ltd
 3911   Mr E Boyle Mr.       E.        Boyle                          Keller Bryant & Co. Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Managing Director
 8111   R A Sowman                                                    Kelly Bros (Road Markings) Ltd
                                                 20/04/2004Financial Director     13-15 Station Road
 1100                Mr      P.        Hampton                        Kelly Services (UK) Ltd
                                                 18/02/2002Managing Director
 1101                Mr      R.        Down                           Kelly's     Westfield Road
                                                 18/02/2002Managing DirectorRemovals & Storage (Guildford) L
 3334   Mr Tubbs                                 30/04/2004                       London Road, Hatch
                                                                      Kelvin Engineering (Basingstoke) Ltd
 8986   R D Kemp                                                      Kemp        Ltd
                                                 30/04/2004Managing DirectorSailsUnit 2 Sandford Lane Ind Est
 9908                                            05/06/2001           Kemp Stroud Botley Road
 3984             Mr.
        Mr C H Packham      C. H.                                     Kempsafe Ltd
                                        Packham 30/04/2004Managing Director
 1112             Ms        Susan                                     Kemtronix Churn Road
                                        Widdowson22/11/2001Company Secretary (UK) Ltd
 8114   N J Biggs                                30/04/2004Director               High Street
                                                                      Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd
 7393   K L Wheeler                              30/04/2004MD                     Westfeild Ind Estate
                                                                      Ken Wheeler Catering Equipment
  882             Mr.       R.          Ellis                         Kenard
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
  117             Ms                    E.
                            Caroline R. Whiffen                       Kenbe Reproductions (Emjay Holdings
                                                            Company Secretary Unit 25, City Industrial Park Ltd)
 1008             Mr.       W. B.       Clarke                        Kenda
                                                 28/11/2001Managing Director Electronic Systems Ltd (The Kenda
 1102             Mr.       S.          Kenda                         Kenda       Regency
                                                 04/02/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd House
 6936   R Kendall                                30/04/2004Director               Kendalls Wharf
                                                                      Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd
 8115   Chris Hodges                             30/04/2004                       Glentworth Court
                                                                      Kendall Kingscott Partnership
  187             Mr        D.          Kendall                       Kendall     Unit 6/7, Ham
                                                 14/09/2001Managing Director Machinery UK LtdLa Farm
  237             Ms        Lois K.     Loydell                       Kendrick's 13 Ocean Parade
                                                 11/01/2002Company Secretary Holdings Ltd
 1113             Mr.       S.          Lowe                          Kenlowe
                                                 22/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
 1114             Ms        Sarah L. Reid                             Kenmont 125 Southampton
                                                 22/11/2001Company Secretary Engineering Co. Ltd Street

                                            Page 69

 1103             Mr         S.         Kennedy                       Kennedy 219 Wickham Road
                                                           Managing Director Demolition and Dismantling Ltd
 1115             Mr.        E. D.      Hamilton                      Kennet       Unit A Arial
                                                22/11/2001Managing Director Packagings Ltd Business Park
 1116             Mr         A. J.      House                         Kennet       Kennet House
                                                22/11/2001Managing Director Refrigeration
 1846   Mr G Few                                30/04/2004                         29 Litho Ltd
                                                                      Kent Edwards Woolmer Way
  883               Mr    G. J.      Mulhall                          Kent Laminators35, Acorn Industrial Park
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director        Unit Ltd
 1117               Mr.   J.                                          Kenta S.r.l. Lister House
                                     Dearson 23/11/2001Managing Director
 1104               Mr.   D.         Cain                             Kenter       Finch's Yard
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Plastic Mouldings Ltd
 1118               Ms                                                Kentwood Unit 5, Redmoor
                          Vivienne P.Sheasby 23/11/2001Company Secretary Electronics Ltd Row Farm
 1009               Mr.   A.                                          Kenure       2-3 Springlakes
                                     Blackburn 28/11/2001Managing Director Developments Ltd Estate
10627               Mr    N          Wainwright                                    New Lane
                                                                      Kenwood Appliances Plc
  118               Mr    A.         Blackburn                        Kenya        2-3 Spring
                                                           Managing DirectorDevelopment Lakes
 1105               Mr.   A.         Mughal                           Kenyard A & D House
                                                           Managing Director Distributors Ltd
 1119               Mr.   W.         Hextall                          Kepner-Tregoe Ltd House
                                                23/11/2001Managing Director        Bentley
  119                                                                 Kern Ltd
                                                           Company Secretary
 7394   R A Billett                             30/04/2004Director                 1 Bath
                                                                      Kernel Tweaks Ltd& West Buildings
 1106               Mr    T. B.      Tutin                            Kestrel      178 Brighton Road
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Electronic Components Ltd
 1120               Mr    James A. Short                              Key Radio Venus House
                                                23/11/2001Company Secretary Systems Ltd
 9555   Philip Layzell                                                Key Scaffolding Ltd Road
                                                30/04/2004Finance Controller       30 Garrett
   95               Mr.   R. J.                                       Key Training Solution Ltd
                                     Eighteen 22/08/2001Managing Director          Key House
 9280   A Pettengale                                                  Keyford      Olympic House
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Precision Engineering (Frome)
11361               Mr    R          Nevines               Director                Harbour Surveyors
                                                                      Keygrove Chartered Lights
 8119   S J Underwood                           30/04/2004Director                 Environment
                                                                      Keyplan Engineering Ltd House
10034   Mr N M Williams                                               Kinetic      10 The Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Needlecraft Pines
 1012               Mr.   G.                                          Kinetico     Unit 6A
                                     Audemard 28/11/2001Managing Director Industrial Ltd
 1855   Mr R Cox                                30/04/2004            Kinetrol LtdFarnham Trading Estate
 2968   Mr Painter                              30/04/2004                         Procrown Investment Ltd
                                                                      King & Company
 8121   B L Underhill                                                 King Plastics Ltd Own House
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director        Kings
 1015               Mr    N.         Rogers                           King Uk
                                                28/11/2001Managing Director LtdAlchorne Place
  260               Mr    Peter T.   Oliver                           Kings Cross Truck Co. Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary 41 Leighlands
 1014               Mr.   B. J.      Peake                            Kings Worthy Foundry Co. Ltd
                                                28/11/2001Managing Director
 8122   D Spencer                                                                  Commercial Stationers Printers
                                                30/04/2004Proprietor Kingsdown Unit A Dean Street
 9420   N Shutler                               30/04/2004Director                 Cary Court
                                                                      Kingsmoor Packaging Ltd
 1109               Mrs.  J.         Palmer                           Kingston 19 Cambridge Road
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Masonry
 1110               Mr    Mohammad A.                                 Kingston 52 Kinsgate
                                     Pourghazi 18/02/2002Company Secretary Printers Ltd Road
 1111               Mr    C. R.      Halsey                           Kingston The Tile Shop
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director Tile Co. Ltd
 8124   R Kinneir                                                     Kinneir      5 Design Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director DufortHost Street
10597               Mr    I          Kirk                                          The Granary
                                                                      Kirk International
 1112               Mr.   S.         Goddard                          Kirk Michael & Partners LtdMews
                                                           Managing Director       Unit 1 Churchill
 1113               Mr    M.         Brewer                           Kirkwood 16 Manor Drive North
                                                           Managing Director Systems Ltd
 1114               Mr    R.         Garner                           Kirtasha 82 Ltd
                                                           Managing Director StoneHeathfield Road
 2084   Mr Chris North                                                Operations Mill Lane
                                                30/04/2004Logistics & Kistler Instruments Ltd
 4566   Mr Bill Ford                            30/04/2004            Kitchen AliaEbblake Industrial Estate
 9909                                           05/06/2001                         Town Quay
                                                                      Kitchens Direct Ltd
 4571   Mrs Joanne Moxham                       30/04/2004            Kiwi DesignEbblake Industrial Estate
 1115               Mr    L.                                          Klassic      9 Church Meadow
                                     Watkins 18/02/2002Managing Director Computer Trading Ltd
 9676   D M Withrington                                               Kleenair Airfield Road
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Maintenance Services Ltd
 1121               Mr.   S.         Griffin                          Klockner
                                                23/11/2001Managing Director Pentaplast Ltd
 4496   Mr K Gilson                             30/04/2004                         Eastern
                                                                      KNG DevelopmentsBusiness Park
 1116               Mr.   P. J.      Knight                           Knight
                                                           Managing Director& Butler Ltd
 1017               Mr    Derek      Knight                           Knight & Castle Road
                                                28/11/2001Company Secretary Pridham Engineering Ltd
  109               Mr    N.         Pary                             Knight        Industrials Road
                                                17/09/2001Managing DirectorLight118 Station Ltd
   96               Mr    Hanspeter Kulb                              Knitter-Switch UK Ltd
                                                22/08/2001Company Secretary Ringway House, Bell Road

                                              Page 70

 1117             Mr         T.        Foy                              KnowHow Sytems Ltd
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director       Stadium House
 1018             Mr.        D.        Williams                         Knowledge Software Ltd
                                                  28/11/2001Managing Director
10173   Mr AK Grant-Salmon                                              Knowles 73 Victoria Road
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Europe
 1019             Mr         Charles A. Bruce                           Kohler Packaging
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary Railway Triangle
 1122             Mrs.       A.         Reece                           Kollmorgen Hightech
                                                  22/11/2001Financial Controller
 8128   Mrs Pat Monks                             30/04/2004                        129 Cumberland Road
                                                                        Komex Clarke Bond Ltd
  261             Mr         J.         Holmes                          Komfort     Gatwick Intl. Distribution
                                                  25/02/2002Financial Director Office Environment P.L.C. Cen
  581   C J Thompson                                                    Kommunicate Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Company Secretary Sheridan House
  535             Ms         Wendy T. Truran                            Komputroniques Ltd
                                                  17/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 3, Shogun House, 12 Davis
 8104   R K Gerken                                                      KPR Engineering Ltd Road
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director       Claverham
  122             Mr.        R. J.      McCallum                        Kremlin
                                                             Managing Director Spray Painting Equipment Ltd
  123             Mr         S.         Keast                           Kresta      3a Centre
                                                             Managing Director ServicePowerscourt Road
 1123             Mr         Paul A.    Lacy                            Kronos Systems Ltd
                                                  22/11/2001Company Secretary Fairfield House
 9347   C J Perry                                                       Kruger      Isleport Business Park
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Tissue (Consumer) Ltd
 1118             Mr.        M.                                         Krupp       V D M House
                                        Boneham 18/02/2002Managing DirectorV D M UK Ltd
 1124             Mr         C.         Black                           Kudos       55 Ltd
                                                  22/11/2001Managing DirectorThame Suttons Business Park
  239             Ms         Victoria   Kuhr                            Kuhr Engineering Ltd
                                                  11/01/2002Company Secretary Ivy Arch Road
   97             Mr.        B.                                         Kulite Sensors Ltd
                                        Waterworth22/08/2001Managing Director       Kulite House
 1119             Mr         D.J.       Hwang                           Kumho       7th Floor
                                                             Managing Director (UK) Ltd
  862   C Diprose                                                       Kynoch      34a Walworth Road
                                                  30/04/2004Finance Director Group plc
10566             Mr         C          Waters                                      Beacontree Plaza
                                                                        Kyocera Electronics (uk) Ltd
 9910                                             05/06/2001                        Deacon Crescent
                                                                        L & F Builders
  884              Mr.       A.                                         L&M
                                        Youseman 11/02/2002Managing DirectorInjection Moulders Ltd
  241              Mr.       R.                                         L & S Communications Ltd
                                        Lomasney 11/01/2002Managing Director
  264              Mr        R.                                         L & S Printing Co. Ltd
                                        Lomasney 25/02/2002Managing Director
 9911                                             05/06/2001                         Ltd
                                                                        L A Pearce Wolseley Road
 3365   Mr Smith                                  30/04/2004            L C Smith 5 Homefield Way
 9912                                             05/06/2001                        Flamborough
                                                                        L G M Building Services Close
 1121              Mr.       A.         Francis                         L G Products Ltd 382
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director       Po Box
 9913                                             05/06/2001            L J RoofingSpringford Road
  134              Mr        L.         Smith                           L J S Precision Products Ltd
                                                             Managing Director
 3523   Mike Sandalls                             30/04/2004                        96a Winter
                                                                        L J Sandalls & Son Ltd Road
 1122              Mr        R.         Dancy                           LMD         47 Chichele
                                                             Managing DirectorContractors Ltd Road
  119              Mr        E.         Read                            L M Technical Southampton Road
                                                  17/09/2001Managing Director       33 Services Ltd
  253              Ms        Marilyn R. Pocock                          L P Flex Ranch House
                                                  14/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
 9222   G C Luxon                                 30/04/2004Director                Unit 3 Cheddar
                                                                        L P M Building Services LtdBusiness Park
  123              Mr.       L. S.      Bailey                          L R Insulations Ltd
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director
 1125              Mr        Kerry J.   Tuckett                         L T Tools 43
                                                  22/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd Bradford Road
 1123              Mr        J. C.      Wilkinson                       L. & S.      Protection Systems
                                                             Managing Director Fire 7a Rathbone SquareLtd
 1126              Mr.       J.         Uppal                           L. Hodge
                                                  23/11/2001Managing Director (Engineers) Ltd
  468              Ms        Christine Parker                           L. Sterling 10 Blandford Heights
                                                  04/03/2002Company Secretary (Fluid Equipment) Ltd Industria
 3935              Mr.
        Mr K C Kittow        K. C.      Kittow                          L.C. Kittow & Co. Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director
  135              Mr.       C.         Lewis                           L.M.A.      LMA House
                                                             Managing Director Ltd (Incorporated Practitioners i
 8724   G M Kear                                                        Labcaire 175 Kenn
                                                  30/04/2004Financial Director Systems LtdRoad
 1124              Ms.       M.         Hart                            Labdata
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director Instrument Services Ltd
 1125              Mr        D.         Hercock                         Label       8 Bath House Road
                                                             Financial DirectorExpress
 1127              Ms        Karen      Barrie                          Label Spec Ltd
                                                  23/11/2001Company Secretary Unit B12, Acre Business Park
 1128              Mr.       F.         Pulman                          Label-Form Ltd
                                                  23/11/2001Managing Director
 9127   D P Nunn                                                        Labelling Packaging Services Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director & Brue Avenue
 1129              Mr.       D. A.      Holmes                          Laboratory Facilities Ltd
                                                  23/11/2001Managing Director
 9026   B Morris                                  30/04/2004Director                15 Riverside Park
                                                                        Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd
 1321   Mark Molner                                                     LabSysyems George's Court
                                                  30/04/2004Financial Controller    St

                                             Page 71

  262               Mr     D.           Burbidge                           Lafarge     Sussex Manor Business
                                                     25/02/2002Financial Controller Braas Technical Centers Park
 2514   Mrs Laura Edgar                              30/04/2004            Lagap       37 Woolmer Way
 1126               Mr     D.           Whiteman                           Laker Security Ltd
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director       1-3 Parkgate Road
 7298   Keith Hale                                   30/04/2004Director                Anders Square
                                                                           Lakeside Construction Ltd
10628               Mr     M            Davey                                           Ltd
                                                                           Lakesmere Ring tower Centre
  124               Mr.    V.           Hilliard                           Laleham Sycamore Park
                                                                Managing Director Healthcare Ltd
  125               Mr.    J.           Flanders                           Lambert
                                                                Financial Director Bros Haulage Ltd
  885               Mr.    I. J.        Lappin                             Lamex
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director Software P.L.C.
10136   Mr J H Hester                                30/04/2004                        Myrtle Ltd
                                                                           Lamina DielectricsLane
  152               Mr.    S. P.        Austen                             Laminated Profiles Ltd
                                                                Financial Director
  709               Mr     M.           Donoghue                           Lamonde Project House
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Research Ltd
 9223   M Cooke                                      30/04/2004Director                4 Saxon Place
                                                                           Lancer Scott Ltd
  263               Mr.    V. A.        Crowle                             Lancy       Enviro-centre
                                                     25/02/2002Managing DirectorWater Engineering Ltd
  569   Vivian Hart                                  20/04/2004                        Business Solutions Ltd
                                                                           Landscape 16a Westfield Ind Estate
 1130               Mr     R.           Hampson                            Landscape Frilsham Nursery
                                                     23/11/2001Financial Director      Group Ltd
  126               Mr     D.           Curtis                             Landtecnics (SE) Ltd Copse
                                                                Managing Director      Clarefield
 1131               Ms     Valerie A.   Driver                             Lane Telecommunications Ltd
                                                     23/11/2001Company Secretary Lane House
 1132               Mr.    R.           Littledale                         Langcet
                                                     23/11/2001Financial Director Ltd3 The Pavilion
  886               Mr     A.           Sanjee                             Langley     Unit 21
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd
 1129               Mr.    M. A.        Rhodes                             Langrex
                                                                Managing Director Supplies Ltd
 2964   Mr Ison                                      30/04/2004                        Langstone House
                                                                           Langstone Construction Co Ltd
 2166   Mr A Lang                                    30/04/2004                        217 Preston Road
                                                                           Languard Alarms
 3939   Mr J W ShoneMr.    J. W.        Shone                              Lankester
                                                     30/04/2004Company Secretary Steels Ltd
 1130               Mr     R. H.        Deacon                             Lansart     Regency Terrace
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Engraving Co. Ltd Industrial Est
  111               Mr.    R.           Woods                              LansdowneUnit 3D Ltd
                                                     17/09/2001Managing Director        Cartmel
  883   Mr M Neame                                                         Lapland      Ltd
                                                     30/04/2004Managing Director UKCyberia House
10483               Mr     S.           Mcginn                                         1b Business Village
                                                                           Larch Computer Services Ltd
  536               Mr.    K.           Rouse                              Larderfresh
                                                     17/01/2002Managing Director
 1131               Mr     P.           Hurley                             Laser Instrumentation Lane
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director       11 Jubilee Ltd
 9027   M Hatcher                                                          Laser Profiles (Southern) Ltd
                                                                                       Unit 3
                                                     30/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec Ariel Park
 1132               Mr     J. A.        Wiseman                            Laurence Unit 4
                                                                Managing Director Industrial Oil Services Ltd
  887               Mr     K.           Bowry                              Lawrence &Lawster Ltd
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director         Tester House
 8807   P R Smith                                                          Lawrence-Allen Ltd
                                                     30/04/2004Managing Director       61 Gazelle Road
 3952               Mr.
        Mr T R Swales      T. R.        Swales                             Lawson
                                                     30/04/2004Managing Director H.I.S. Ltd
 4309   Mr M Rust                                    30/04/2004                        4 Grosvenor
                                                                           Lawton Advertising Ltd Square
  243               Mr     Alan         Armitage                           Laymead Unit 2, Ltd
                                                     11/01/2002Company Secretary NorthernForest Barn Farm
 1134               Mrs.   M. A.        Payne                              Lazawood Ltd Bank Works
                                                     18/02/2002Financial Director      Crew
  244               Mr     Howard       Jones                              Lazer Partitions
                                                     14/01/2002Company Secretary 16 Decoy Road
 1135               Mr.    L.           Lazarus                            Lazgill
                                                     18/02/2002Managing DirectorLtd
 2969   Mr Ward                                      30/04/2004                        Milton House
                                                                           LD Property Management
 1136               Mr     Peter      Shepperd                             Le Lien
                                                                Financial Director Ltd Unit 12, Burstow Park Farm
 1137               Mr     C.         Lane                                 Le Maitre 6
                                                                Managing Director Ltd Forval Close
  128               Mr     Timothy C. Whelan                               Leach International UK
                                                                Company Secretary West Links Ltd
  112               Mr.    A.         Dawkins                              LeadAtom Europe Ltd
                                                     17/09/2001Managing Director       Unit 1
 1138               Mrs.   S.         Walker                               Leaf Reprographic House
                                                                Financial Director     Chapel
 3924   Ms K Lindsey                                                       Leaps       H Q Ltd
                                                     30/04/2004Managing Director& BoundsThe Royal School of Signal
10677               Mr     M            Dunsford                                       Waterbridge Ltd
                                                                           Lear Browne & DunsfordCourt
 1139               Mr     M.           Moldau                             Leather     Park House
                                                     18/02/2002Managing Director Studio Ltd
 3925   Mr D Trenchard                               30/04/2004                        Building 105
                                                                           Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage
  888               Mr     K. C.        Webster                            Lecol Engineering Ltd
                                                     11/02/2002Managing Director       Units 1 & 2
 1133               Mr.    C. J. G.     Smith                              Lee CooperLee Cooper House
                                                     23/11/2001Financial Director       Group Ltd
  113               Mr.    E.           Ruffell                            Lee Filters
                                                     17/09/2001Managing Director

                                              Page 72

 4293   Mr L Peck                              30/04/2004                         Rownhams House
                                                                     Lee Peck Communications
 1134              Mr.    M.        Johnston                         Lee Spring Ltd
                                               23/11/2001Managing Director
10421              Mr.    A.        Skidmore                         Leedsheath Ltd
                                               11/01/2002Managing Director
 1135              Mr.    R.        Powell                           Lego U K
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary Ltd
 1376              Mr
        Peter Andrew      P         Andrew     30/04/2004BDM         Leisure Link Unit 1, Nelson Ind Estate
10382   Mr D Royal                                                   Lemo         12
                                               30/04/2004Office Manager UK Ltd North Street
 9914                                          05/06/2001            Len TrueickExeter Close
  114             Mr.     P.         Farren                          Lenham
                                               17/09/2001Financial Director Storage (Southern) Ltd
  265             Ms      Yvonne                                     Lennox       Beeding Close
                                     Gamblin 25/02/2002Company SecretaryHouse Holdings Ltd
 1141             Mr      I.         Chan                            Lenpack Pretoria Road
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director
  890             Mr.     W. R.      Nicholls                        Leonard
                                               11/02/2002Managing Director Gould & Co. Ltd
 9147   M E Ashborn                                                  Leonard 456a Ewell Road
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director M Ashborn Ltd
 1136             Ms      Valerie A. Goswell                         Leonardo Science Systems Ltd
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary Computer& Technology Centre
10404             Mr      E.         Narioo                          Les Caves de Pyrene Ltd
                                                          Managing Director       Pew Corner, Old Portsmouth Roa
 1137             Ms      Angela     Pole                            Leslie Pole (Tooling & Pressing)
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary 5C - 5F, Canal WharfLtd
 1142             Mrs.    L.         Freshney                        Lester       The Old Spread
                                                          Financial Director Bowden (1898) Ltd Eagle
 1143             Mr      J.         Beresford                       Lester       Unit D
                                                          Managing DirectorControl Systems Ltd
  115             Mr.     B.         Laney                           Lethaby
                                               17/09/2001Managing Director Numbering Systems Ltd
 1144             Mr      B.                                         Levelstate Systems Ltd
                                     Wescott 18/02/2002Managing Director          7 Bentley Industrial Centre
  891             Mr.     T.                                         Lewes        The Mill
                                     Kennedy 11/02/2002Managing Director Design Contracts Ltd
 6425   Tim Lewis                              30/04/2004Director                 (Investments
                                                                     Lewis & Co 8 Park Place & Pensions)
  129             Mr.     H.         Holt                            Lewmar
                                                          Financial Director Ltd
 1145             Mr      G.         Reddin                          Liberty      Willett Road
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director Printers (A.R. & R.F. Reddin) Lt
 1146             Mr      C.         Pitman                          Liftwise
                                                          Financial Controller LtdChallenge House
 1147             Mr      M.         Piercy                          Light InnovationKingston Road
                                                          Managing Director       362 Ltd
 9915                                          05/06/2001                         Princes Street
                                                                     Light Tech Ltd
 9028   M T Harkins                                                  Lightening 44 New Construction Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Company Secretary ElectricalBorough
  116              Mr     P.                                         Lightfoot Unit D2 Premier Business Centr
                                     Kavanagh 17/09/2001Managing Director Refrigeration Co. Ltd
 1148              Mr     P. A.      Thomas                          Lighting     Faraday House
                                                          Managing Director & General Ltd
 4061              Mr.    K.                                         Lightning L.E.C. House
                                     Lightning 22/08/2001Managing Director Electrical Construction Ltd
 8636   P Thompson                                                   Lightning Unit 4c Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director Electrical Gatwick Metro Centre
 1149              Mr     John P.    Bottle                          Lignum       3rd Floor, Suffolk House
                                                          Company SecretaryInternational Hardwoods Ltd
 1138              Mr     A. R. M. Breton                            Lilleshall Old
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary P.L.C. Drummers House
  246              Ms     Doris C. Blissett                          Lillywhite 106 Sea Ltd
                                               14/01/2002Company Secretary Wellvance Road
 1139              Mr     T. J.      Hadden                          Limitorque Trinity House
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary Corportation (Europe)
 1150              Mrs.   R.         Linch                           Linair Fabrications Ltd
                                                          Managing Director
10616              Mr     M          Livings                                      68 Westbury Hill
                                                                     Linaker Western Ltd
  130              Mr.    R.         Gogerty                         Linatex
                                                          Managing Director Ltd Wilkinson House
 1151              Mrs    S                                          Lincad Ltd Unit 8, Cornwall House
                                     Saywood 18/02/2002Financial Controller
 1932   Mr B.K. Brown                          30/04/2004                         Eelmoor Road
                                                                     Lincoln Floor Maintenance Ltd
 2972   Mr David Baker                         30/04/2004                         Unit
                                                                     Linda's Pantry E3 Hilton Business Centre
  131              Mr.    A. J.      Steel                           Linde Cryogenics Ltd
                                                          Managing Director
   98              Mr     P. J.                                      Linde Holdings Ltd
                                     Simmonds 22/08/2001Company Secretary
 8192   C J Dixon                                                    Lindman Co   Tower
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director & Ltd Sec Lane
 1140              Mr.    C.                                         Lindner      Unit 7
                                     Bryceson 23/11/2001Managing Director Recycling
 1152              Mr     P. G.      Young                           Linecraft Gordon House
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director
 5683   Richard Newman                         30/04/2004                         Cathedral Works
                                                                     Linford Group Ltd
 9916                                          05/06/2001                         Castle & Development Ltd
                                                                     Link Management Way
 7377   Mr S J Metcalfe                        30/04/2004Partner     Link Tools 159 Brookfarm Drive
   99             Mr      Roland C. Faires                           Link Up      The Cart
                                               22/08/2001Company SecretaryInternational Shed
  132             Ms      Janet A. Collinson                         Linkwell     41 Gordon
                                                          Company Secretary Systems Ltd Road
  117             Mr      P.                                         Linnet       135 The Commercial Centre
                                     Hainsworth17/09/2001Managing DirectorTechnology Ltd

                                          Page 73

  247             Mr         Richard    Lindsey                           Lintec Antennas -
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 22, Martlets Trading Esta
  892             Mr         G. S. G.   Brown                             Linton
                                                    11/02/2002Financial Director Park P.L.C.
  133             Mr.        C.         Wilson                            Lipco Engineering House
                                                               Managing Director      Forest Co. Ltd
 9917                                               05/06/2001                         Contract Flooring
                                                                          Lipscombe Monks Way
  267                Mr.     J. W.      Holdaway                          Lipton Ltd
                                                    25/02/2002Company Secretary Brooke House
10312   Miss N WintonMiss    N          Winton      30/04/2004                        Unit 2 Tristar
                                                                          Lismore Instruments Ltd Centre
  893                Mr.     M.         Hammond                           Litho Supplies (Wessex) Ltd
                                                    11/02/2002Managing Director       The Alders Industrial Estate
  268                Mr.     B.         May                               Littlehampton Book Services Ltd
                                                    25/02/2002Financial Director
  248                Mrs.    C.         Wadey                             Littlehampton Welding Ltd
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Riverside Works
  249                Ms      Jane M.    Leaney                            Livingstone Semi-Conductor
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Victoria Gardens Seals Ltd
  902   Mr Tim Llewellyn                            30/04/2004                        16-20 South Street
                                                                          Llewellyn Management Services Ltd
 1141                Mr      Brett      Davenport                         Lloyd Davenport Ltd
                                                    23/11/2001Company Secretary 10 Kingfisher Court
  118                Mr.     P.         Smith                             Lloyd       Forum House
                                                    17/09/2001Financial DirectorInstruments Ltd
 1153                Mr.     R.         Lloyd                             Lloyd-DoyleRussell House
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director         Ltd
 4290   Mr C Lewis                                  30/04/2004            LMA Ltd 1-3 Paynes Road
 1154                Ms      Maureen A.Moir                               Lock Alarm & Safe Co. Ltd
                                                               Company Secretary Unit 1, Charlwood Place
 7623   Mr Murrell                                  30/04/2004                        12
                                                                          Lockhave Ltd Windsor Road
 2689   Mr R Hodgson                                30/04/2004                         Products
                                                                          Loft Centre Quarry Lane
 4144   Mr Peter Coe                                30/04/2004            Logic       Guild House
10174   Mr CJ Hine                                                        Logicon Systems
                                                    30/04/2004Profit Centre Manager Kendal House
 3934   Mr R Cullen                                                                   The Copier
                                                    30/04/2004Proprietor Logik Copying SystemsCentre
  137                Mr.     J.         Keighley                          Loma Systems Ltd
                                                               Managing Director
10511                Mr      G          Stark                                         Blagrave Street
                                                                          London & European Title Insurance Servic
10422                Mr.     C. R.      Parker                            London      Meadow View House
                                                    11/01/2002Managing Director & Scottish Spirits Ltd
 1156                Mr      D.         Casey                             London      Station Approach
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director Concrete Ltd
 1157                Mr.     F.         Chaplin                           London
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director Engineers Pattern Co. Ltd
 1158                Mr      G. P.      Cox                               London      24a Distributors
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director HosieryGander Green Lane
 2977   Mr Leach                                    30/04/2004                        2 Downley
                                                                          Long & Marshall Ltd Road
  121                Mr      P. J.      Arrigoni                          Longar      Unit 4, Colebrook Way
                                                    10/09/2001Managing Director Industries Ltd
  122                Mr      E. J.      Humphrey                          Longfield Unit N, Hunting
                                                    10/09/2001Managing Director Instruments Ltd Gate
 7395   A D Fisher                                  30/04/2004Director                6 Riverside
                                                                          Longreach Group Plc Business Park
 1159                Mr.     P.         Green                             Longs
                                                    13/08/2002Managing DirectorLtd
 1160                Mr.     G.         Larking                           Lonmet       (t/a 6
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director Ltd Unit London Metal Co.)
  269                Mr      C.         Murray                            Lorlin Electronics Ltd Industrial Estate
                                                    25/02/2002Managing Director       Harwood
 1142                Mr.     C. K.      Campbell                          Lorne Laboratories Ltd Estate
                                                    23/11/2001Managing Director       7 Tavistock
 1161                Mr.     C. A.      Kennedy                           Loughboro Designs Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director
 8987   I L Farnes                                                        Louis Hamilton Construction Ltd
                                                    30/04/2004Managing Director       9 Leanne Business Centre
 8197   M T Churm                                                         Lowe        19 Clothier Road
                                                    30/04/2004Financial Director& Fletcher (Southern) Ltd
 1162                Mr                 H
                             Roger H. M. ughes                            Lowenbrau (UK) Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Company Secretary 22 The Quadrant
  251                Ms      Sally      Sclater                           Lower Sparr Farm Ltd
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Skiff Lane
  252                Ms      Margaret P.Lowes                             Lowes Fabrication Ltd
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Ditchling Common Industrial Es
 6948   Mr Graham Harper                                                  LPW         Unit 5 Limberline Spur
                                                    30/04/2004Regional Sales Ltd (Southern)
 9259   A P Stirling                                30/04/2004Director                North Ltd
                                                                          Lubborn CheesesStreet
 1163                Mr      J. F.      Lucas                             Lucas       Lucas House
                                                    18/02/2002Managing DirectorDesign & Print Ltd
  896                Mr      M.         Lessey                            Lucchesi Unit Ltd
                                                    11/02/2002Managing Director Carins103
 2978   Mr Kinneavy                                 30/04/2004                        25
                                                                          Luke ECR Ltd Barnes Wallis Road
 1164                Mr      B. J.      Lukes                             Lukes
                                                    13/08/2002Managing DirectorEngineering Co. Ltd
 1143                Mr.     Q. J.      Rijke                             Lumberg
                                                    23/11/2001Company Secretary U K Ltd
  138                Mr      H. G.      Durrant                           Lumic
                                                               Managing DirectorLtd First Floor, The Doughty Build
 5662   Ms Geraldine Bland                                                Luminations PLC House
                                                    30/04/2004Fleet Management        Steeple
  254                Mr.     W. G.      Lee                               Lund Bros & Co. Ltd
                                                    14/01/2002Managing Director
 1165                Mr      M.         Lundie                            Lundie      Unit Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director Brothers 15

                                              Page 74

  594   D N Fletcher                                                Lundy Electronics & Systems Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Company Secretary Warrior House
 1880   Mr.N.Morris                            30/04/2004           Lunelle Ltd Sutton House, Weyside Park
  897              Mr      B. J.     Fowler                         Lunnons Kingston & Co.
                                               11/02/2002Managing Director (W. LunnonHouse Ltd)
 1166              Mr.     P. J.     Bradley                        Lurgi (U.K.)Duke's Court
                                               18/02/2002Managing Director       Ltd
 1144              Mr.     H. C.                                    Luxfoto
                                     Schagar 23/11/2001Managing Director Ltd Unit A3
  100              Mr.     N.        Tavare                         Luxonic     Unit P.L.C.
                                               22/08/2001Managing Director Lighting15, Basingstoke Enterpris
 4045              Mr      J.        Templeman                      Lydfield    Meadow Ltd
                                               22/08/2001Managing Director ConstructionHouse
 4071              Mr      N.        Lee                            Lyndhurst Printing Co. Ltd
                                               28/08/2001Managing Director      Hardley Industrial Estate
10015   Mr P Rossiter                                               Lynwood Rugged Systems Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Finance Director       Lynwood House
 4444   Mrs Sue Wicks                                                           Unit
                                               30/04/2004Proprietor Lynwood Signs 1A
  139              Mr      David J. Wilson                          Lynx Packaging Ltd
                                                          Company Secretary Witch Lane Ind Est
 8199   C Lyons                                                                 Pixash Business Centre
                                               30/04/2004Proprietor Lyons Vending Services
  258              Mr.     D.                                       M&H
                                     Manders 14/01/2002Managing DirectorMachining Ltd
 9677   J R James                                                   M & J James (Contractors) Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director      70 Hurn Way
 2580   Mr N J Sloane                          30/04/2004                       28 Station Approach
                                                                    M & M Metal Fabrications Ltd
  259              Mrs.    S. D.     Wyatt                          M&P         Units A1
                                               14/01/2002Managing DirectorLighting Ltd & B
 2660   Mr P Newton                            30/04/2004                       24 Construction
                                                                    M & P Newton Large Acres Ltd
 9918                                          05/06/2001           M A Lane Newtown Road
 9919   Finance Director                       30/04/2004           M A ParkesMilbury Crescent
 1167              Mr      S.        Tyler                          MAS
                                               13/08/2002Managing DirectorE Ltd Challenge House
  533   Frances Maryon     Frances Maryon                           M and W 43 North
                                               30/04/2004Fleet Administrator Mack Ltd Street
  582   K R Smith                                                   MBA         Westgate
                                               30/04/2004Financial Director Systems Ltd Chambers
  153              Mr      M. W.     Bailey                         M B Components Ltd
                                                          Managing Director
 9444   S A Merchant                                                MBH         Frobisher Way
                                               30/04/2004Financial Director Industrial Services Ltd
  157              Mr      T.        Dawson                         M C Truck & Bus Ltd
                                                          Managing Director     Test Lane
 1145              Mr      Hansjorg Brudermann                      M D C Max Daetwyler U
                                               23/11/2001Company Secretary Station Yard K Ltd
 1168              Mr      A.                                       MDF
                                     Johnsston 13/08/2002Managing DirectorLtd Little Orchard
 8932   Alan Wells                                                  M D Guy Son (Verwood) Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director & Unit 7 Enterprise Park
  342              Mr.     M. D.     Priest                         MDP         Unit 14
                                               25/02/2002Managing DirectorSheetmetal Engineering Ltd
 1146              Mrs.    V.        Smith                          M E C Signs Ltd
                                               26/11/2001Financial Controller   Boxshall Crt
 1169              Mr      J. D.     Miller                         MEW         21 Derring Road
                                               13/08/2002Managing Director (Engineering) Ltd
  350              Mr.     J.                                       MF&
                                     Robinson 25/02/2002Financial Director T Ltd
  164              Mr
        Mr M Clitheroe     M.                                       M F D International Lodge
                                     Clitheroe 30/04/2004Company Secretary MontfortLtd
 1170              Ms      Nina      Harvey                         M G A Network Services Ltd
                                               18/02/2002Company Secretary Longfellow House
  898              Mr      M.        Jeffes                         MGB         The Industrial Mid Kent Stee
                                               11/02/2002Managing DirectorFabrication Ltd (t/aEstate
  165              Mr                                               M G Metals Ltd
                           Graham Blackburn 13/08/2002Company Secretary Unit B1
 9920                                          05/06/2001                       Millbrook Road
                                                                    M G Roofing & Guttering East
10425              Mr.     D. G.     Allen                          MHH
                                               11/01/2002Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
10101   Miss J D Follett                                            M Hamburger and Sons Ltd
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director      Tannery Lane
 1147              Mr      R.        Kenyon                         MIR         U
                                               26/11/2001Financial DirectorUK Ltd nit 2
 2071   Mr Mike Revell                         30/04/2004                        & Sons Ltd
                                                                    M J Clancy Blackwater Way
  352              Mr.     M.        Pulman                         M J P Electronics C C51 Winfrith Techology
                                               25/02/2002Managing Director      Block Ltd
  172              Mr      F.        Erand                          M J S Contact Lenses
                                                          Managing Director     3 Brunel Way
10447              Mr      K         Hardwick             Director  M K Optics 3 Blacksmiths Close
 1148              Mr                H.                             M K Tool Die Ltd
                           Edward W. McCarthy 26/11/2001Company Secretary & 19 Spackmans Way
  550              Mr      M.        Liney                          M L (UK)
                                                          Managing Director Ltd
 9029   B Smith                                                     M L Aviation Ltd Road
                                               30/04/2004Managing Director      Brook
 9921                                          05/06/2001                       Lordswood Gardens
                                                                    M L C Building Maintenance
  173              Mrs.    J.        Anderson                       M M Bindings International Ltd
                                                          Managing Director
  102              Mr.     N. A.     Lee                            MMM         Westlands House
                                               22/08/2001Managing Director Consultancy Group Ltd
10502              Mr      A.        Tatam                                      St johns Road
                                                                    M Parker and Sons Ltd
 6963   P S Webb                                                    M R Electrical Services Enterprise Ctr
                                               30/04/2004Company Secretary 2 Challenge Ltd

                                           Page 75

 9922                                               05/06/2001                        Claremont
                                                                          M R Osborn Roofing Road
  134             Mr.        K. J.      Rawnson                           MRT
                                                    10/09/2001Managing DirectorCastings Ltd
 1149             Mr         N.         Lancaster                         MSG         Summit
                                                    26/11/2001Managing DirectorComputers Chambers
  273             Mr.        K.         Jones                             MTC
                                                    15/01/2002Company Secretary Andamooka
 1173             Mrs.       N.         Fores                             MTV         Unit 9
                                                    18/02/2002Managing DirectorTelecom (Distribution) P.L.C.
 8225   J Whittaker                                 30/04/2004Director                Ropemaker Court
                                                                          M V M Planning Ltd
 8226   Fred Steer                                  30/04/2004                        6th Floor, Embasy House
                                                                          M V M Recruitment Ltd
 9742   C Hunt                                                            MVM         Units 7, 8 & 9 Dawkins Road
                                                    30/04/2004Managing Director Sheetmetal Fabrications Ltd
 1174               Mr.      M.          Webb                             M W Test Equipment Ltd
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director       Faraday House
 1175               Mr       C. A.       Bruce                            M Y Holdings P.L.C.
                                                    18/02/2002Financial Director      Windlebrook House
 9129   A Askew                                                           M Y Plastics Ltd Lane Trading Est
                                                    30/04/2004Managing Director       Colley
 1378               Ms
        Frances Maryon       F           Maryon                           M&W Mack43 North Street
                                                    30/04/2004Fleet Administrator      Limited
 1926               Mr                                         C          M. Armitage (Selsdon) Road
                             Colin W. C.Chapman 17/01/2002a ompany Secretary 37 Junction Ltd
 1150               Mr       Nargis B. Butt                               M. Grovic Son Works
                                                    26/11/2001Company Secretary &Sack Ltd
  269               Miss     J. D.       Follett                          M. Hamburger & Sons Ltd
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director
10885               Mr       M. A.       Cherrington                      M.A. Cherrington Ltd House
                                                               Managing Director      Haydown
  270               Mr       M.          Luck                             M.A. Luck & Co.
                                                    25/02/2002Managing Director       Old Forge Cottage
  181               Mr.      A. F.                                        M.G. Duff 1 Timberlaine Estate
                                         Seabrook 25/02/2002Managing Director International Ltd
 1665               Mr       J.          Hooker                           M.J. Fry
                                                    31/01/2002Managing Director Ltd1 Allens Lane
  711               Mr       D.                                           M.M.L.      Matchless (E.D.M.)
                                         Smithers 18/02/2002Financial Director Manufacturing Works Ltd
 1176               Mr.      A.          Skinner                          M.R. Supplies Ltd Beddington Trading Park
                                                    13/08/2002Managing Director       Unit 1
 1666               Mr       D. W.       Frise                            M.S. Frise & Sons Ltd
                                                    31/01/2002Managing Director       The Old Tannery
  241               Mr       Q. P.       Davis                            M.S. George Ltd
                                                    30/01/2002Managing Director       Merevale House
 4019               Mr.      M           Todd       21/08/2001                        10 Mitchell Point
                                                                          M.T.B. Engineering Services Ltd
  178               Mr.      J.          Green                            M.T.H.
                                                               Managing Director Ltd
  140               Mr.      N.          Hunt                             M4 Data
                                                               Financial Director Ltd
 4560   Mr Ray Mabbett                              30/04/2004                        2 Dale Valley Road
                                                                          Mabbett Accountancy
11944   Mike Monypenny                              20/04/2004                        Crystal
                                                                          Macey Controls LtdHavel House
 1177               Mr.      A.          Lees                             Machineair Engineering Ltd
                                                    18/02/2002Managing Director
10535               Mr       I.          Shaw                                         107 High Street
                                                                          Mackenzie Ward Research Ltd
  141               Mr       M.          Poulter                          Maclellen The Old Hatchery
                                                               Managing Director
 3362               Mr
        Mr Alan Lewis        A           Lewis                            MacMillian Press Road
                                                    30/04/2004Central Services Manager Ltd
11946   Timothy Goulding                            20/04/2004                        Metro Ltd
                                                                          Macob (Southern)House
  255               Mr.      M. R.       Smith                            Macro       The
                                                    14/01/2002Financial Director 4 P.L.C Orangery
  543               Mr       R.                                           Macro Developments (Portsmouth) Ltd
                                         Bannister 17/01/2002Company Secretary 2 Limberline Estate
10368               Whitehouse
        Mrs Marian Mrs       Marian      Whitehouse 30/04/2004            Maddison LtdWalnut Tree Yard
 1379   Bob HastingsMr       B           Hastings 30/04/2004Fleet Manager             Wexham
                                                                          Madge Networks Ltd Springs
 1151               Mr                                                    Madico Graphic Films
                             Alan G. K. Wallace 26/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 9, Cordwallis Park
  256               Mrs.     S.          Kear                             Maestri-Kear (U K) Ltd
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Winterpit Lane
 1178               Mr       T.          Sanderson                        Maestro
                                                               Managing Director Records Ltd
 2021   Mr Kevin McGee                              30/04/2004                        15 Ltd
                                                                          Maga ControlsRiverside Park
 8229   S M Low                                                           Magna       3 Systems (UK) Ltd
                                                    30/04/2004Managing Director MirrorYork Road
 1179               Mr.      R. L.       Gibbard                          Magnetic
                                                               Managing Director Separations Ltd
 8230   S W Phillips                                30/04/2004Director                Y
                                                                          Magnum Ltd ard Brook Estate
 1152               Mr       David       Walsh                            Magus International Ltd
                                                    26/11/2001Company Secretary Silwood Park
 3939   Mr B Maidman                                30/04/2004Partner                 106c North Storage
                                                                          Maidmans Removals &West Ind Area
  257               Mr.      A. J.       Hobden                           Maidment Unit N8
                                                    14/01/2002Company Secretary Tanker Services Ltd
10175   Mr LB Fitzgerald                            30/04/2004                        Braybon Business Park
                                                                          Mail International Ltd
 2225   Mr Carl Addington                           30/04/2004                        Beach
                                                                          Main Systems Ltd Road
 1797   Mrs I Williams                              30/04/2004            Mainbell Finchdean
  143               Ms       Christine S.Milne                            Mainline 19 Medway Drive
                                                               Company Secretary Industrial Products Ltd
 4037               Mr.      S. N.       Harley                           Mainstay
                                                    22/08/2001Managing Director Supplies Ltd

                                               Page 76

 8231   R J Dalley                                30/04/2004Director                96 Wick Road
                                                                        Major Investigation & Security Services
 1180              Mr      P.         Nichols                           Major Micros Ltd
                                                             Managing Director      Unit D17, Barwell Business Par
 1667              Mr      M. F.      Cole                              Malcolm
                                                  31/01/2002Managing Director Cole Ltd
 1181              Mr.     K.         Cross                             Malden
                                                             Managing Director Electronics Ltd
 1182              Mr      S. G.      Branch                            Mallard
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director Roofing Group Ltd
10216   Mr G Treacy                                                     Maltaward Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director       British Rail Goodsyard
10337   Mr Neil Barnard                           30/04/2004                        Blenheim
                                                                        Manhattan Furniture Road
 1153              Mr.     H.         Rice                              Manhattan Skyline Ltd
                                                  26/11/2001Financial Director      Unit 5 Bracknell Business Cent
 1183              Mr      A. G.      Mann                              Mann Avionics Ltd Airport
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director       Fairoaks
 2067   Mr Kevin Hulin                            30/04/2004                        Unit Fabrications Estate
                                                                        Mann McGowan9, SpringlakesLtd
 2107   Mr WJ Redpath                             30/04/2004                        Unit 9
                                                                        Manned PrecisionWield Industries
 9923                                             05/06/2001                        Chafen Road
                                                                        Manor Ceilings
10501              Mr      I.         Shearer                                        Press
                                                                        Manor ParkUnit 7 & 8
10423              Mr      K.         Major                             Manor       The Cannery,
                                                  11/01/2002Managing DirectorReproductions Ltd Cannery Ln
  144              Mr.     P.         Horley                            Mansell     Roman House
                                                             Financial Director P.L.C.
 9348   C D Brueford                                                    Manuflex E
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Ltdvercreech Way
 1154              Mr                                                   Map 80
                           Anthony S. Watkins 26/11/2001Company SecretarySystems LtdUnit 3, Kestrel Business Park
 3910   Mr R SaitchMr.     R.         Saitch                            Marathon
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Microfilming Ltd
 1185              Mr      C. R.      Beauvais                          Marathon 35 Upper High Street
                                                             Managing Director Window Co.
  145              Mr.     G.         Brooker                           Marbaix     Marbaix House
                                                             Managing Director Holdings Ltd
 1668              Mr.     P.         Coley                             Marc Chantal UK Ltd
                                                  31/01/2002Managing Director
  124              Mr      L.                                           Marc Precision Engineering Ltd
                                      Cameron 10/09/2001Managing Director
  146              Mr      J.         Mearns                            MarchwoodUnit 2
                                                             Managing Director       Technologies
10255   Mr R J Hilbourne                          30/04/2004                        The Old Barn
                                                                        Marco Wighing Systems Ltd
 3941   Diane Wolverson                                                             2 Nimrod Way
                                                  30/04/2004Personnel Marden Edwards Limited
 1186              Ms      Margery Searle                               Margnor 53 Fairlands
                                                  18/02/2002Company Secretary (Fasteners) Ltd Avenue
 4020              Ms      Carol A. Newton                              Maricom Firefly House
                                                  21/08/2001Company Secretary Marine Communication & Electroni
 3943   Mr John Friend                                                  Marilake Building 97
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Instruments Ltd
 1343   Matt Stone                                30/04/2004Director                Outlook House
                                                                        Marina Developments PLC
 4024              Mr.     J.         Fuller                            Marine      111 Saltmakers House
                                                  21/08/2001Managing Director & Industrial Fastenings Ltd
  147              Mr      Terence G.Stubington                         Marine Concepts Ltd
                                                             Company Secretary Concept Ct
  125              Mr      C. E.                                        Marine      Queensway
                                      Livingstone10/09/2001Managing Director Data Ltd
  148              Mr.     M.         Whitlock                          Marine      14 Westwood Court
                                                             Managing Director Electronic Supplies (J.M. Whitloc
 1155              Ms                 Holubowicz26/11/2001Company Secretary Marven HouseFluids Handling)
                           Marilyn-Jeanne                               Marine Ventures Ltd (MV
 2581   Mr JN Smith                               30/04/2004                        Redfields
                                                                        Maris Interiors PLC Business Park
 1669              Mr      M.                                           Mark Dowland Marine Ltd
                                      Dowland 31/01/2002Managing Director           Unit 4-5
 4287   Mr M Eslick                               30/04/2004                         Graphics
                                                                        Mark EslickUnit 5, Creative Workshops
 1156              Mr.     P.         Gillett                           MarketpointOsprey House
                                                  26/11/2001Managing Director        (Europe) Ltd
10280   Mr TR Jackson                                                   Marlow      Aberdeen House
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Industries Europe
10424              Mr      B. M.      Ross                              Marquees Ltd (t/a Guildford Shades)
                                                  11/01/2002Managing Director
  149              Mr      D. H.      Willis                            Marquis
                                                             Managing Director Motor Homes
 1188              Mr      Geoffrey Mathews                             Marriott    Station
                                                             Company Secretary& Price LtdHouse
 1157              Mr.     R.         Black                             Marsden Unit 16 Machine Group Ltd
                                                  26/11/2001Financial Director Weighing Suttons Business Park
  126              Mr.     G. E.      Marsh                             Marsh
                                                  10/09/2001Managing DirectorPlant Holdings Ltd
 8999   C R Pegrum                                                      Martech Unit 10 Granby Court
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Systems (Weymouth) Ltd
 1189              Mr      P.         Shepherd                          Martin      53 (Wholesale)
                                                             Managing DirectorFarmer Stonecot Hill Ltd
  254              Mr.     S.         Grant                             Martin      Grant House
                                                  23/01/2002Managing DirectorGrant Homes Ltd
  260              Mr.     T.         Connor                            Martin,
                                                  14/01/2002Managing Director Smith, Foster Ltd
 1190              Mr      J. K.      Walter                            Martini     Laurel Cottage
                                                  18/02/2002Managing Director (UK) Lighting Ltd
  150              Mr      S.         Wills                             Martlets    Winnell Manor Road
                                                             Managing Director Airpower Ltd
  151              Mr      J.         Kristiansen                       Mascot
                                                             Managing Director UK
 1191              Mr.     B. F.      Mason                             Mason       Carolyn House
                                                             Managing Director Chemical Co. Ltd

                                            Page 77

 4151   Mr D D'Orton Gibson                        30/04/2004                       27b Bailey
                                                                        Mason Rental Agency Gate
  261              Ms                                                   Mast Systems Ltd
                              Barbara P. MacWhirter14/01/2002Company Secretary Metro House
 8234   M J Cast                                                        Mastek      Alma Court
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director (UK) Systems Ltd
 1158              Mr         A.         Barr                           Mastermoulders Ltd
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director
  152              Mr.        B. J.      Smyth                          Mastiff Electronic
                                                              Company Secretary Unit E Systems Ltd
 2990   Mr Malt                                    30/04/2004                       1590 Parkway
                                                                        Matchmaker Personnel Ltd
 1380   Ed Wright Mr          E          Wright    30/04/2004Team Leader            1450 Parkway
                                                                        Matchtech Engineering Limited
  262              Mr         J.         Hunt                           Matek       Genesis House
                                                   14/01/2002Financial Director Business Media Ltd
 1192              Mr.        A.         Stefanik                       Material    Inspection House
                                                              Managing Director Measurements Ltd
  595   Ms B J Gingell                                                  Material    28 Fitzherbert
                                                   30/04/2004Company Secretary Productions Ltd Road
10281   Mr R Whitecombe                            30/04/2004                       Victoria House
                                                                        Materials and Methods Ltd
10195   Mrs L Shute                                30/04/2004           Matform Ltd Leigh Road
10678              Mr         A          King                                       6 St Aldates
                                                                        Mathews Comfort Holdings Ltd
 9743   M G Ford-Home                                                   Mathmos Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Director     Sterte Avenue
 8236   H R Symonds                                                     Matki
                                                   30/04/2004Financial DirectorPlc Churchwood Road
 2992   Miss Amanda Storey                         30/04/2004                       Anchorage Road
                                                                        Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd
  153              Mr         M.         Batty                          Matra Systems (UK) Ltd
                                                              Company Secretary Home Farm
  154              Mr         David G. Buckley                          Matrix (Highlands) Ltd
                                                              Company Secretary Prospect Place
 1159              Mr         David C. Evans                            Matrix Plastics Edinburgh Avenue
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary 141Ltd
 9031   T M Frampton                               30/04/2004Director               Frampton's
                                                                        Matrod Frampton Ltd Yard
 1160              Mr                                                   Matrox (UK) Ltd
                              Craig A. Wheeler 13/11/2004Company Secretary Sefton Park
 8238   H C Etheridge                                                   Matthew Whitchurch Lane
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Director Clark Brands Ltd
  424              Mr         M.                                        Matthew The Hermatidge, Alders Avenue
                                         Wadsworth26/09/2001Managing Director Wadsworth
 5798   Mr Martin Spurrier                         30/04/2004                        Goodman
                                                                        Matthews &46 Bow Lane
10554              Mr         M          Cave                           Mauell Ltd
 8239   G T Perry                                                       Maurice     Fourth Way
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Director Lay Distributors Ltd
 1161              Mr         M.         Payne                          Maurice     12 Colour Print
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director PayneExeter Way Ltd
 8240   W J Sharman                                                     Maxhunt Unit 10-11 Yelverton Road
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
 8241   M H Goldie                                 30/04/2004Director               1 Woodland
                                                                        Maxim Construction Ltd Court
 2442   Mr Mark Murray                             30/04/2004                       42 Bond Street
                                                                        Maxim Training Consultants Ltd
  713              Mr.        T. W.      Kim                            Maxon       Regent House
                                                   18/02/2002Financial Director Systems Inc.
 1194              Mr         B.                                        Maxoptix Maxoptix House
                                         Blanchard 18/02/2002Managing Director (Europe) Ltd
  271              Ms         Andrea S. Lamb                            Maxwells Emsworth Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Company Secretary ofStation Works
 5791   Mr R C Lawrence                                                 Maxxion Chawston
                                                   30/04/2004Fleet Supervisor
 8272              Mr         MW         Clegg                          Mayborn Chandof 5000, Chapel Street
                                                   30/01/2002Managing Director Florists Sundries Ltd
  127              Mr.        M.         Usher                          Mayco
                                                   10/09/2001Managing Director Ltd Unit C
  155              Mrs.       J.         Mayer                          Mayer       Victoria (UK) Ltd
                                                              Managing DirectorInternational House
 9924                                              05/06/2001                       Portswood Road
                                                                        Mayflower Interiors & Storage Ltd
 1162             Mr.         R.         White                          Maysmith Unit 9 Woodlands
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director Engineering Co. LtdBusiness Park
 6968   R A Martin                                 30/04/2004                       Hill House
                                                                        McAndrew Martin Partnership
 8227   G P Hunt Mr           K          Hill                           McArthur Group
                                                   30/04/2004Group Transport ManagerFoundry Lane, Deep Pit Road
  714              Mr         J.                                        McAyman Ltd 9, Felbridge Centre
                                         Chapman 18/02/2002Managing Director        Unit
 5792   Mr C Donoghue                                                   McCann McCann Erickson Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Company Secretary Erickson Advertising House
 4376   Angela Scouller                            30/04/2004                       5
                                                                        McCarrahers College Place
  945   Mr Colin Cross                                                  McCarthy &Homelife House
                                                   30/04/2004Fleet Manager           Stone plc
 1163              Mr         Ronald P. McEvoy                          McEvoy      1a Cordwallis Road
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary & Rowley Services Ltd
 2995   Mr McGrath                                 30/04/2004                       Gunstore Road
                                                                        McGrath Orthopaedics Ltd
 5793   Mr Simpson                                 30/04/2004                       2 Seafield House
                                                                        McGregor Construction (Highlands) Ltd
 9925                                              05/06/2001                       Lodge Ltd
                                                                        MCL Construction Road
 1195             Mr.         R. S.      Gould                          Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director
 3949   Mr P McMullen                                                   McMullen 372 Charminster Road
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
 2252   Ms Natasha Brooker                         30/04/2004                       Overdean Drive
                                                                        MCS Crawley Ltd

                                              Page 78

10567              Mr     B         Izzard                                        4
                                                                      MDRC GroupTelford Road
10176   Mr J Findlay                                                  Mead Fluid Victoria Gardens
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director       Dynamics
 8273              Mr     IR                                          Mead UK 500
                                      Gatehouse 30/01/2002Managing Director Ltd Woodward Avenue
 8274   P Watkin                                30/04/2004Partner                 24
                                                                      Meade King Orchard Street
 1196              Mr.    J.          Saunders                        Meadows Castlebank House
                                                           Managing Director Wye Container Groupage Ltd
 1164              Mr.    D.          Davies                          Measurement Systems Ltd
                                                26/11/2001Managing Director       16 Kingfisher Court
 3336   Mrs Sharon Cook                                               Measurements Group UK Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Company Secretary Stroudley Road
 1197              Mr.    D. W.       Ivins                           Meatec
                                                           Managing Director Ltd
  263              Mr     Anthony J. Ogilvie                          Mecmesin Newton
                                                14/01/2002Company Secretary Limited House, Spring Copse Bus
 1198              Mr.    P.          Barker                          Medalrose Services Ltd
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director
  158              Ms     Elena       Kondratova                      Medconsult Ltd
                                                           Company Secretary 23 Collingwood
 1199              Mr     R.          Wilkins                         Medezine 7
                                                           Managing Director LtdStation Approach
 1381              Mr
        Robert Baynes     R           Baynes    30/04/2004Director                5&6 Talisman Business Centre
                                                                      Medhurst Computers Limited
 1200              Mr     C.                                          Media       12 Distribution Ltd
                                      Broadbent 18/02/2002Managing DirectorAspectsSkerne Road
  343              Ms     Bridget     Case                            Median Systems Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 26
  264              Mr.    J.          Ward                            Medic-Aid Ltd
                                                14/01/2002Financial Director
 1201              Mr     C.          Pine                            Medical     Unit 15, Service Centre Ltd
                                                           Managing Director InnovationsBoundary Business Ct
  344              Mr.    P.          Jeyes                           Medical-Matrix Technology Ltd
                                                25/02/2002Managing Director       Lime Tree Lodge
 1202              Mr.    S.          Smith                           Medicom Churston House
                                                18/02/2002Managing Director UK Ltd
 1203              Mr     G.          Yaxley                          Medirad Fairfield House
                                                           Managing Director Services Ltd
 8276   J Stephens                              30/04/2004Director                17 Potland House
                                                                      Medisure Affinity Services Ltd
 9926                                           05/06/2001                        Priory Road
                                                                      Medway Building Services
  901             Mr.     C. E.       Graves                          Medway
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director Insulations Ltd
 1204             Mr.     C.                                          Mega UK Hookstile Trading Estate
                                      Whitbourn 18/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
 9032   P E Green                                                     Meggitt     Parrs
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director (UK) Ltd House
 9596   Matthew Inskip                          30/04/2004                        Faraday Ltd
                                                                      Meggitt Marsh & Co House
 1165              Mr     Juergen Sachs                               Meiko U Baden House, 2 Blackthorne Cre
                                                26/11/2001Company Secretary K Ltd
 1166              Mr.    P.                                          Melitta
                                      Hopkins 26/11/2001Managing Director System Service (UK) Ltd
  265              Mr     N. J.       Beaven                          Melnei      Unit F4
                                                14/01/2002Managing Director Engineering
  346              Mr     R. N.       Cass                            Melson
                                                25/02/2002Managing Director Wingate Ltd
 8277   J A Pickford                                                  Mendip      Peartree
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Plywood Ltd Industrial Estate
 1167              Ms     Hazel E. Inman                              Menrad      Unit 4
                                                26/11/2001Company SecretaryOptics Ltd
 8725   J W Rees                                                      Menvier     175 Kenn
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Secruity Ltd Road
 1205              Mr     H. L.       Flahive                         Mer Products Ltd
                                                           Managing Director      Whitehead House
 8278   P A Wills                                                     Mercator 5 Mead Systems Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Computer Court
  347              Mr.    R.                                          Merck
                                      O'Connell 25/02/2002Managing DirectorLtd Merck House
10654              Ms     L           Barnes                                      5 Saxon
                                                                      Mercury Claims Ltd Gate
  272              Mr.    B. J.                                       Mercury 36 Carpenters
                                      Richards 25/02/2002Managing Director Products (South) Ltd
 1168              Ms     Jennifer A. Eales                           Mergewise Ltd
                                                26/11/2001Company Secretary 61C High Street
10492              Mr     R.          Lotz                            Meridian 9-17 Crompton Way
  159              Miss   M.          McAnally                        Meridian Television Ltd
                                                           Managing Director BroadcastingCentre
  128              Mr     Noel        Pope                            Merityre West Way
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director Specialists Ltd
 8279   N B Guthrie                                                   Merlett     Unit 2 Beaches
                                                30/04/2004Financial Director Plastics (UK) Ltd Industrial Est
  160              Mr     M.          Sheppard                        Merlin      Unit G
                                                           Managing DirectorAccessories Ltd
 1169              Mr     Taketoshi Igarashi                          Merlin Aerials Ltd
                                                26/11/2001Company Secretary Venture House
  348              Mr     J.          Hartop                          Merlin      Unit 4,
                                                25/02/2002Managing DirectorEquipment Cabot Business Village
 9033   C R Snare                                                     Mermaid 70/72 Cobham Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director Marine EngineersRoad
 1170              Mr     K. R.                                       Merris
                                      Johnson 28/11/2001Managing DirectorDevelopment Engineers Ltd
  161              Mr.    R.          Houghton                        Merrychef Ltd
                                                           Managing Director
  979   Mr M Dinnis                                                   Merrydown Horam Manor
                                                30/04/2004Finance Director        plc
10083   Mr T Bonnett                                                  Messer      Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Publicity Manager UK Cedar House
10091   Mr BAJ Mayhew                           30/04/2004                        7 Fosters
                                                                      Meta Scientific Ltd Grove

                                             Page 79

  162               Mrs.     L.         Herdman                          Metal Fab UK Ltd
                                                              Managing Director
 9349   W B Close                                                        Metal Units Commerce
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director & Co Sec Ltd Way
 3952   Administration Manager                     30/04/2004                         3 Cedar Park
                                                                         Metalex Products Ltd
  902               Mr.      J.         Hall                             Metalock Unit 92
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director Industrial Services Ltd
  596   Ms P J White                                                     Metatec
                                                   30/04/2004Company Secretary LtdFitzherbert Road
  266               Mr.      J. P.      Skelton                          Metcraft
                                                   14/01/2002Company Secretary Ltd
  349               Mr.      A. R.      Yelland                          Metelec      Unit 2
                                                   25/02/2002Managing Director (JEP Engineering Ltd)
 8280   I J Brookes                                30/04/2004Director                 31-33 Corn Street
                                                                         Methven Career Development Ltd
  163               Ms       Rosemary Weeks                              Metric Tool & Die Ltd
                                                              Company Secretary 10a Havant Road
  101               Mr       P.                                          Metrix       Precision
                                        Rummer 22/08/2001Managing DirectorElectronics LtdEnterprise House
 1206               Mr       P.         Ingram                           Metrodata Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director        Blenheim House
 1207               Mr       A. M.      Morton                           Metrode
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director Products Ltd
10451               Mr       R          Hughes                Director                94
                                                                         Metrohm UK Bangor Road
 1171               Mr       Eric M.                                     Metropolitan Stone (UK) Ltd
                                        Meecham 28/11/2001Company Secretary Market House
 1172               Mr.      C. G.      Beeton                           Metrum
                                                   28/11/2001Managing Director Information Storage Ltd
 9128   M J Tracey                                                       MH JoineryUnits 22 &Ltd Axe Road
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director         Products 23
 3953   Mr R Coggan                                                      MHC Consulting Services LtdRoad
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        20-22 Wellington
 3954   Mr MW Woolley                                                    Mical-Data Limited
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        7 Saulfland Place
 1208               Mr.      T. S.      Holding                          Mice Technical Graphics Ltd Park
                                                              Managing Director       Ullswater Business
 4249   Mr M Bennett                               30/04/2004                         10 Andes Close
                                                                         Michael Bennett & Associates
 8281               Mr       MJ         Bolton     30/01/2002                         Units 14-15
                                                                         Michael Bolton Flooring Hanham Bus Park
 3001   Mr McClelland                              30/04/2004                         63 Queens Way
                                                                         Michael Edwards Photographers
 1209               Mr       M.         Jordan                           Michael      Station Approach
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director Jordan Caravans Ltd
10104   Mr JS Smith                                                      Michael      Oaks Road
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director Smith Engineers Ltd
 5606   Paul Nelson                                30/04/2004                         177 Old Christchurch Road
                                                                         Michaels Property Agents
10426               Mr       A. M.      Mickle                           Mickle       Goose Green
                                                   11/01/2002Managing Director Laboratory Engineering Co. Ltd
 8282   M G Barnfield                                                    Mickleburgh Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        1-7 Stokes Croft
 1212               Mr       Ramesh U.Gohil                              Micro Anvika Ltd
                                                              Company Secretary 2152 Whitgift Centre
  875               Ms       M                                           Micro
                                        Godding 01/11/2001Financial Director Electronic Services Ltd
  547               Mr       A.         Smith                            Micro Movements Ltd
                                                              Managing Director       The Centre
  167               Mr       Michael V. Male                             Micro Nav 1a
                                                              Company Secretary Ltd Kingsbury Lane
 1213               Mr       J.         Murray                           Micro Survey Property Systems Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director        Eagle House
 1214               Mr       J.                                          Microcut Compton Place
                                        Rathbone 11/02/2002Managing Director Machine Tools Ltd
 5867   Steve Voller                                                     Microdata International Limited
                                                   30/04/2004Finance Director         6 The Oakwood Centre
  166               Mr.      R.         Sherwood                         Micromill Electronics House
                                                              Financial Director      Leydene Ltd
  168               Mr.      C.         Clements                         MicrosenseMeon House
                                                              Managing Director        Systems Ltd
 2007   Mr M Bruinvels                             30/04/2004                          Ltd
                                                                         Microtherm Merrow Business Centre
  129               Mr       J. P.                                       Microturbo Ltd
                                        Gallagher 10/09/2001Financial Director
 8283               Mr       EC                                          Microwave Amplifiers Ltd
                                        Richardson30/01/2002Financial Director        4 High Street
  903               Mr.      B. W.      Prior                            Mid Kent Chiltern Works
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd
 8284               Mr       R                                           Middlebrook Mushrooms Ltd
                                        Huntington 30/01/2002Financial Director       Stock Lane
 9337   Eric Talintyre                             30/04/2004                         Ashcott Road
                                                                         Middleton Engineering Ltd
 3006   Mr Oughton                                 30/04/2004                         14 Holcot
                                                                         Midrange Millenium Lane
 9927                                              18/07/2001                         Mansel Road West
                                                                         Mike Davies French Polisher
 6370   Mr M Hall                                  30/04/2004Partner                  16-17 Sea Vixen
                                                                         Mike Hall Quality Produce Industrial Est
 9446   S V Stacey                                                       Mike Stacey Ltd Road
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        Station
 8285   M J Spencer                                                      Mike Walker Distribution Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        Clutton Hill Estate
 3949   Mr F BrownMr.        F.         Brown                            Mikuni       Unit 5
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Director Heating Ltd
 6442   Mrs Riach                                  30/04/2004                         120 Matchams
                                                                         Mildren Construction Ltd Lane
 1215               Mr       D. C.      Browning                         Milford      3 Chapel Lane
                                                              Managing Director Glassworks Ltd
  170               Mr.      S.         Mansfield                        Milgo        Langdata House
                                                              Financial DirectorSolutions
 3958   Ms P Brown                                 30/04/2004                         Militair House
                                                                         Militair Aviation Limited

                                              Page 80

10084   Mr PJ Robertson                               30/04/2004                      Bancroft Place
                                                                         Milk Products Holdings Europe Ltd
 1217             Ms          Gillian M. Mills                           Millennium 10 South Close Green
                                                              Company Secretary Global Ltd
  267             Mr.         L. P.      Alston                          Millennium Ltd Box 2000
                                                   14/01/2002Managing Director        PO
 9928                                              18/07/2001                         Portsmouth Road
                                                                         Millennium Mosaics
  130              Mr         R.        Milton                           Miltools
                                                   10/09/2001Managing Director        The Sanderson Centre
 1218              Mr         A. P.                                      Minatol
                                        Warnock 11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
10046   Mr JM Nichols                              30/04/2004            Mindex Ltd Melita House
  131              Mr         R.        Atthill                          Minilec
                                                   10/09/2001Managing Director Engineering Ltd
  574   I D McLean                                                       Mining       The Mill House
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Director & Chemical Products Ltd
 1173              Dr.        R. G. R. Sellers                           Minitubes Unit 1 Herschel Industrial Cen
                                                   26/11/2001Managing Director
  351              Mr         Aidan M. Keever                            Minster      Gundrymore Trading Estate
                                                   25/02/2002Company SecretaryFuels Ltd
10633              Miss       M         Greenlees                        Mios Ltd 16 Didcot Road
 7399   S J Fisher                                                       Mirage        Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director InksUnit A, Coombe End
 9929                                              18/072001                          The Grove
                                                                         Misselbrook Partnership
 1219               Mr.       M.        Wicken                           Mitchanol
                                                              Managing Director International Ltd
 6975   Mark Perryer                                                                  212 London Road
                                                   30/04/2004Manager Mitchell & Perryer
 6445   Mr Mitchell                                                      Mitchell     5 Albion
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director Carpets Ltd Close
 5600   Mr John Reynolds                                                 Mitchells of 77 Poole Road
                                                   30/04/2004Branch Manager           Westbourne
  273               Mr.       M.        Talman                           Mitec Telecom Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Managing Director
 8287               Mr        R         Thornton 30/10/2001                            Plc
                                                                         Mitie GroupThe Stable Block
 1220               Mr.       A.                                         Mitre
                                        Lawrence 11/02/2002Financial DirectorFurnishing Group Ltd
 1221               Mr.       K.        Okano                            Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Enginee
                                                              Managing Director       Leon House
 4494   Ms Christine Hooper                                              MJ Fry
                                                   30/04/2004Finance Director Ltd 1 Allens Lane
 3010   Mrs Pilgrim                                30/04/2004                         Clifton House, Brunel Way
                                                                         MJS Contact Lenses
10102   Mr P Bridgman                              30/04/2004                         St Andrews House
                                                                         MK International Ltd
 6977   Steve Street                               30/04/2004Director                 5-6 Dartmouth
                                                                         MKC Project Solutions Ltd Buildings
 3960   Mr M Fenton                                30/04/2004Owner                    13 Avon
                                                                         MKM International Road
 6961   M Liney                                                          ML (UK) 7
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director Ltd Kettering Terrace
 6978   Jane Riddell                                                     MMD (Shipping Services) Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Personnel Manager Flathouse Quays
 1222               Mrs.      V.        Wilton-Middlemass                Mobile
                                                              Managing Director Sensory Testing Services Ltd
 1223               Mr.       M. E.     Smith                            Mobile       Chervil House
                                                              Managing Director Telecom P.L.C.
 1224               Mr.       L.        Devereux                         Mobilex      Unit 2 Downside Farm
                                                              Managing Director Exhibitions Ltd
  175               Ms        Janice P. Stott                            Modatec Building 32
                                                              Company Secretary Ltd
 1174               Mr        S.        Pfeil                            MODCOMP Ltd House
                                                   28/11/2001Financial Controller     Acorn
 8288               Mr        DG                                         Modern       456 Badminton Road
                                        Beacham 30/10/2001Managing Director Engineering (Bristol) Ltd
 1225               Mr.       P.        Tingle                           Modern
                                                              Managing Director Labelling Methods Ltd
  274               Mr        T. J.                                      Modern       Commerce Ltd
                                        Pumphrey 25/02/2002Managing Director Mould & Tools Way
 1226               Mr.       H. F. D.  Sturges                          Modo
                                                              Financial Director Merchants Ltd
  176               Mr        A. G.     Dudman                           Modular
                                                              Managing Director Hydraulic Systems Ltd
  904               Mr                                                   Modus        Albion Works, Orbital One
                              R. W. J. Keneston 11/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Co. Ltd
 5701   Mr K R Brown                                                     Moeller      PO Limited
                                                   30/04/2004Fleet Administrator ElectricBox 35, Gatehouse Close
10003   Mr BD Williams                                                   MOJ Machines Ltd Nonsuch Industrial Par
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        Unit 24
  353               Mr.       J.        Penn                             Molbry
                                                   25/02/2002Managing Director Turned Parts
 1344   Andy Selby                                                       Molex Premise Networks Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Financial Controller     Network House
 1227               Mr        V.        Fenton                           Mollart      Chessington
                                                              Financial Director Engineering Ltd Industrial Estate
 8289               Mr        MP        East       30/10/2001Director                 25 Hockeys Lane
                                                                         Monarch Lithogravue Ltd
 1228               Mr.       T.        Simon                            Mondas       Rosemount House
                                                              Managing Director Information Technology Ltd
 9597   D H Smallridge                                                   Monkwell Monkwell House
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director Ltd
10073   Mr D Nierman                                                     Monotype Systems Ltd Business Park
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director        9 Perrywood
 8726   V M Griffiths                              30/04/2004Director                 63 Teignmouth Road
                                                                         Monsoon Marketing Ltd
 1013   R Bowman                                                         Montagu Ventures Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Finance Director         John Montagu Building
 1175               Mr.       C. D.                                      Montrose
                                        Ainsworth 28/11/2001Managing Director Fasteners Ltd

                                                  Page 81

 1231               Mr.     J. A.     Collier                           Monument Tools Ltd
                                                             Managing Director
  905               Mr.     N.        Martin                            Moody       Cuckfield House
                                                  11/02/2002Financial Director International Ltd
 3012   Mr Roger Bailey                           30/04/2004                        11 The Avenue
                                                                        Moore & Blatch
  270               Mr      Alan        Holder                          Moore & St. Ltd
                                                  14/01/2002Company Secretary TillyerJohn's Street
10217   Mr R Stockholm                                                  Moore       1 Lloyds Court
                                                  30/04/2004General Manager Industries Europe
  354               Mrs.    K.          Wall                            Mooremead Leisure Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director       Moormead House
  132               Mr      I. O. W.    Moore                           Moorepay Ltd
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director       Palmerston House
 1232               Mr.     A.          Ward                            Moore's     Evic Works
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director (Evic) Glassworks Ltd
 9598   V J Roberts                                                     Moores      Wallisdown Road
                                                  30/04/2004Financial Director (Wallisdown) Ltd
 9034   T L Moore                                                       Moors       The Farm
                                                  30/04/2004Managing DirectorContractors LtdShop
 1176               Mr      John A.                                     Moran Laundry D3, Fairacres
                                        Emerson 28/11/2001Company Secretary Unit Service Ltd Industrial
  133               Mr      R.                                          Morgan
                                        McMahon 10/09/2001Managing Director Contract Furniture
 1233               Mr.     D.          Morgan                          Morgan      Half Engineering
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director GeneralWay Farm & Metal Worke
10534               Mr      M.          Neville                                     The White Cottage
                                                                        Morgan Nevill Ltd
  177               Mr      J.          Brown                           Morganite Special Carbons Ltd
                                                             Managing Director
 3014   Mr Perry                                  30/04/2004                        Station House
                                                                        Morris Crocker
 3964   Mr R P Morris                             30/04/2004                        Jonsen
                                                                        Morris Lane & Co House
  154               Mr.     D. J.       Vallance                        Morris      Highfield Industrial Estate
                                                             Managing DirectorSinger Ltd
  356               Mr      P.          Rook                            Morris
                                                  25/02/2002Managing DirectorSwain Engineering Ltd
  276               Ms      Anne L.     Hubner                          Morrison 11 Studios Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary ScottStephenson Way
10516               Mr      D           Gordon               Director               117 T-Wing
                                                                        Mortgage Analysis Centre Ltd
 3965   Mr S Morton                                                     Morton      Image House
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director Presentation Ltd
 1234               Mr.     J.          Payne                           Moseley Unit 4
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director Wheel Washers Ltd
 1177               Mr.     P.          Cullen                          Moss Construction Southern Ltd
                                                  28/11/2001Managing Director       Swan House
 3967   Mr R Wallis                                                     Mostyn      Avon Works
                                                  30/04/2004Financial ControllerGroup Limited
  357               Mr.     P.          Levein                          Mostyns Avon Works
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director Ltd
  358               Mr      R.          Brewer                          Motile Projects Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary
 1178               Mr.     J.          Wilson                          Motorola
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary Imperium
  271               Mr      Alastair D. Seyler                          Moulded Unit Products Ltd
                                                  15/01/2002Company Secretary Acrylic 4, Brook Farm
 1179               Mr      Leslie E. Beckley                           Moulded Unit 15, The Western Centre
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary Cords & Cables Ltd
  588   A R Caesar                                                      Moulds Builders Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Company Secretary Greenford Farm
 1235               Mr.     J.                                          Mounsey North Weylands
                                        Mounsey 11/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Ltd Industrial Esta
 8292               Mr                  Quinlon                         MountstevensFishponds Trading Estate
 1236               Mr      G.          Rance                           Movawall Surrey Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director Systems House
10103   Mr C Hickford                             30/04/2004            MPG Ltd The Gresham Press
 1237               Mr      Tony S.     Ryan                            MR Dental 4 Manor Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Company Secretary Supplies Way
 4504   Mrs J Helliwell                                                 MR Glass Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Finance Director        35-36 Banbury Road
10651                                                                   MRG Group   Bridge Works
  272              Mr       Loraine     Hemmingway                      MSF Ltd
                                                  15/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 3, Priestley Way
  906              Mr.      B.          Tuck                            Mulhead Unit &
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director Design3A Services Ltd
 1238              Mr.      B.          Smith                           Multigerm (UK) Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director       Sandy Farm
  179              Mr.      A.          Thompson                        Multikwik
                                                             Managing Director Ltd
  180              Mr.      P.          Cheng                           Multitone Communication Systems Ltd
                                                             Financial Director     Multitone House
 3969   Mr B F Izzard                                                   Municipal &Municipal House
                                                  30/04/2004Chairman/Managing Director Repair Co Ltd
 1982   Mr Martin Simpson                                               Murata      Oak House
                                                  30/04/2004Accounts Manager Electronics UK Limited
 1240              Mr       M.          Smart                           Muratec 1 Ltd
                                                  11/02/2002Managing Director (UK)Stoke Road
  279              Mr.      J.                                          Murray      Unit C
                                        Underhill 25/02/2002Managing Director Equipment Co. Ltd
  359              Mr       Cyril       Gee                             Music Forte Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary Unit 7, Fleetsbridge Business
 9930                                             18/07/2001                        Crowther Close
                                                                        N & N Property Maintenance
10448                Ms     J           Carter                          N&          78a
                                                             Office Manager P Roofing Upper Aughton Road
 9678   T B Oldrey                                                      N F F Precision Ltd
                                                  30/04/2004Managing Director       4 Enterprise Way
 1241                Ms.    C.          Evans                           N F I Ltd PO Box 58
                                                  11/02/2002Financial Director

                                                Page 82

 9447   G T Stead                                                       N G Stodgell Ltd House
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director      Elley
 9542   Thomas Case                                30/04/2004                       21
                                                                        N H Case Ltd Bennetts Field
10662             Mr         N          Barr                            N J Barr 8 Bridgeland Street
  563   I G Smith                                                       N J Doyne 2 Inhurst Cottages
                                                   30/04/2004Company Secretary Ltd
 6089   Mr McDougal                                30/04/2004Owner                  16a Essex
                                                                        N K McDougall Signs Road
  364             Mr         W.                                         NPD
                                        Nattrass 25/02/2002Managing DirectorFoodwrap2 Cowley Road
 8913   J Tye                                      30/04/2004Director               Portland Port
                                                                        N P I Services (UK) Ltd Business Ctre
 9931                                              18/07/2001           N S StarleyHadrian Way
  365              Mr.       E.                                         N T E Vacuum Technology Ltd
                                        Kennedy 25/02/2002Managing Director
  280              Mr.       M.                                         N.E.T.      The Manor
                                        Burrows 25/02/2002Financial Director Europe Ltd
 1276              Mr.       H. C.      Smith                           N.S.R.
                                                              Managing Director Punches Ltd
 8293   Keith Holbrook                             30/04/2004                       Naishcombe House
                                                                        Naishcombe House Developments Ltd
  135              Mr.       M. J.      Platt                           Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals
                                                   10/09/2001Company Secretary PO Box 123
  136              Mr        G.                    1                    Nale Industries Ltd
                                        Montgomery 0/09/2001Financial Director      7 Regents Court
 1180              Mr.       L. P.      Naples                          Naples Coombe Ltd
                                                   28/11/2001Company Secretary
 2740   Mr P Haggar                                30/04/2004                       Equipment Installations
                                                                        NAS Retail Unit 15, Midhurst Road
 8294   R T Morse                                                       Nash Fisher Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Managing Director      Nover's Hill
 1242              Mr        I.         Dodd                            Nation      Unit 1, Shawlands Court
                                                              Managing Director Water Treatments
 1181              Dr.       B.                                         National Unit 50
                                        Mciness 28/11/2001Managing Director Packaging Group P.L.C.
 6981   Mr Shane Moore                                                  National Packing Plc
                                                   30/04/2004Sales Office Manager Unit 37 South Hants Bus Park
  274              Mr.       G. W.                                      National Spectrum House
                                        Paterson 15/01/2002Managing Director Printing Ink Co. Ltd
 5764   Mr E Annendale                                                  National Trust for Scotland
                                                   30/04/2004Head of Administration28 Charlotte Square
 1182              Mr        John J.                                    Nationwide Paper
                                        Greenan 28/11/2001Company Secretary Unit 3 Traders Ltd
 5896   Mr Richard Hunt                            30/04/2004                       25E Brockhampton Lane
                                                                        Navitron Systems Ltd
 1243              Mr.       P.         Mann                            NBS Technologies Technical Centre
                                                              Managing Director     Byfleet Limited
10647              Mr        N          Comley                Director  NCINC Ltd Four Oaks
 1183              Mr        Kenneth    Pike                            Ncube (UK) Ltd
                                                   26/11/2001Company Secretary The Atrium The Grange
10016   Mr TA Polak                                                     Neale       43 Downing Street
                                                   30/04/2004Managing DirectorConsulting Engineers Ltd
 4004              Mr.       P.         Daw                             Neatafan U
                                                   21/08/2001Managing Director Ltd nit 12 Solent Ind. Estate
  275              Mr        Cindy L.                                   Nebo Ltd
                                        Swanston 02/01/2002Company Secretary Unit 23, Eastmead Industrial E
  360              Mr        D.         Robert                          Necchi/Bobco Ltd
                                                   25/02/2002Company Secretary 2 Stewart Mews
 3354   Mrs Wendy Burnett                                               Neles Jamesbury Ltd
                                                   30/04/2004Personnel Manager 2 Linden Wood
  103              Ms        Nina C.    Stokes                          Neon Networks
                                                   22/08/2001Company Secretary Hermitage House
  183              Mr.       J.         Stephens                        Neptune
                                                              Managing Director Outdoor Furniture Ltd
  717              Mr        M. L.      Braime                          Nera Satellite Services Ltd
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director
  361              Mr.       A.                                         Netfault
                                        Unsworth 25/02/2002Managing Director LtdWillow House
 1184              Mr        A.         Jones                           NetmanageCentennial Court
                                                   28/11/2001Managing Director       Inc (eSolutions group)
 1245              Mr        P.         Caudell                         Netwise     Kingsmead
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd House
 8295              Mr        DA         Joyce      30/10/2001Director               Unit 2 Burnett Business
                                                                        Network Commercial Systems Ltd Park
 1246              Mr        G.         Griffith                        Network Unit 3, Minster
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director Connections Ltd Court
  184              Mr.       T. R.      Spickett                        Network
                                                              Managing Director Selection Ltd
 3971   Mr Jerry Lucas                             30/04/2004                       Kingsland House
                                                                        Network Telex
 2046   Miss Jackie Fuller                         30/04/2004                       Planet House
                                                                        NEU Engineering Ltd
 1247              Mr.       D. G.      Moore                           Neu International Ltd
                                                   11/02/2002Managing Director      Lion House
  718              Mr.       D.         Sharpe                          Neville     Unit 19
                                                   18/02/2002Managing Director & More Ltd
 3972   Mr Waring                                  30/04/2004                       8 New Fields
                                                                        Neville Russell
 2383   Mr R A Hopkins                             30/04/2004                       37 & Co
                                                                        Neville RussellFredrick Place
 1185              Mr.       A.         Spitz                           New &
                                                   28/11/2001Managing Director Lingwood Ltd
 8296   E M ParsonsMr        EM                                         New Century Security Ltd
                                        Parsons 30/04/2004Financial Director        157 South Liberty Lane
 6450   Mr Morgan                                  30/04/2004                       Schools of Motoring
                                                                        New Driver 13A Moor Road
  185              Mr        Henry J.   Richardson                      New Forest Farm Machinery
                                                              Company Secretary Salisbury Road Ltd
  362              Mr.       P. D.                                      New Forest Instrument Control Ltd
                                        Stimpson 25/02/2002Managing Director

                                             Page 83

 9557   P Strickland                            30/04/2004Director                21 Buckland & Windows Ltd
                                                                      New Life ConservatoriesRoad
 1070                                                      Transport Manager GroupLook House
                                                2002 re-start         New Look New Plc
  554              Mr      Olwyn      Salter                          New Splint 9 Murrell
                                                           Company Secretary P.L.C. Green Business Park
 1186              Mr      P. E.      King                            Newbury
                                                28/11/2001Financial Director Electronics Ltd
10282   Mr S Willcocks                          30/04/2004                        67 Sussex Road
                                                                      Newcroft Glazing Systems Ltd
  276              Mr
        Mr Mike Everest    Mike       Everest                         Newell      5 The Courtyard
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director & Budge Ltd
 1187              Mr                  J.
                           ChristopherCunningham                      Newgate 71 Reading
                                                28/11/2001Company Secretary Systems Ltd Road
  137              Mr      K.         Welsh                           Newgate 6
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director Welding Supplies Ltd
10503              Mr      K          McCarthy                        Newlyn
                                                           Managing Director
 2452   Mr J McCarthy                           30/04/2004                        Newman House
                                                                      Newman Business Solutions
  277              Mr.     R. S.      Mason                           Newmark
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary Precision Metal Finishes Ltd
 1080   Mr J Pfeil                                                    Newsquest 34 London Road
                                                30/04/2004Finance Director        plc
 1188              Mr      Nicholas E.Segal                           Next Control Systems Ride
                                                28/11/2001Company Secretary 222 Dukes Ltd
 1249              Mr      M.         Clark                           Nexus       Marchimont
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director Connections Ltd House
 4449   Mr T Rodgers                            30/04/2004                        4 Enterprise Way
                                                                      NFF Precision Ltd
  186              Ms      Karen E. Harding                           Nicera European Yeoman
                                                           Company Secretary Unit 5,Works LtdIndustrial Park
 1670              Mr.     H.         Zarb                            Nicholas Unit Son Ltd
                                                31/01/2002Managing Director Bray & 10 The Old Yarn Mills
 1250              Mr      N.         Jackson                         Nicholas 26 Holmethorpe Avenue
                                                           Managing Director Jackson Ltd
 7400   T J Turpin                              30/04/2004Director                30 Brock Street
                                                                      Nicholas Pearson Associates Ltd
 1251              Mr.     G.         Duff                            Nicholson PlasticsRail Goods Yard
                                                           Managing Director      British Ltd
 3899              Mr
        Mr C R Rhodes      C. R.      Rhodes                          Nicholsons Unit 4, Imperial Park
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director       Advanced Model Makers Ltd
 8809   J M Dickson                                                   Nickel-Electro Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director       Oldmixon Crescent
  155              Mr.     J. B.      Nicol                           Nicol &     1 Linden House
                                                           Managing Director Sandeman Advertising Ltd
 3922   Mr N I Gee Mr      N. I.      Gee                             Nigel Gee & Associates Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director
  138              Ms      Natalie J. Winant                          Nimbus      Edison House
                                                10/09/2001Company SecretaryPartners Ltd
 1252              Mr.     C.         Nimmo                           Nimmo
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director Packaging Systems Ltd
 1253              Mr.     A.                                         Nitre Furnishing Group Ltd South Industri
                                      Lawrence 11/02/2002Financial Director       1/HQ3 Hook Rise
 1254              Mr      N.         Ando                            Nittan
                                                30/01/2002Managing Director(U K) Ltd
 1189              Mr.     J.         Gray                            Nitto U     U
                                                11/02/2002Managing Director K Ltd nits 1 & 2 Berkshire Business
 1190              Mr.     G.         Nixon                           Nixon &
                                                28/11/2001Managing Director Whittick Ltd
 5760   Mr A J Bishop                                                 NNC Limited Div
                                                30/04/2004Head of AdministrationBooths Hall, Chelford Road
  139              Mr      W.                                         Noble       Unit Ltd
                                      Gallagher 10/09/2001Managing DirectorPolythene9-11, Prince Close
 3988   Mr J Nolan Mr      J.         Nolan                           Nolan       Devas
                                                30/04/2004Managing DirectorDavis Ltd House
 1277              Mr.     C.         Capel                           Noma        Ltd
                                                11/02/2002Managing DirectorLitesSouthey House
 8299   Mark Clutterbuck                                              Manager Portland
                                                30/04/2004Purchasing Nomix-Chipman Ltd Building
 3974   Mr T B Oldrey                                                 Non         98 Cobham Road
                                                30/04/2004Senior Partner Ferrous Fabrications
 2263   Mr Peter Allan                          30/04/2004                        Unit 16,17,18
                                                                      Nor Cal Engineering Ltd Pelham Court
 9932                                           18/07/2001                        Pointout Roofing Contractors
                                                                      Norbrid Building andRoad
 6454   M W Northey                                                                Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Manager Norco GRPUnits 7 & 8, 565 Blandford Rd
  278             Mr       L. H.      Norris                          Norcon (Norris) Ltd
                                                15/01/2001Company Secretary
  187             Mr       C.         Harris                          Nor-cote Unit 7 Warrior Park
                                                           Company Secretary International
10548             Mr       M          Baine                                       Unit 7
                                                                      Nor-Cote UK Ltd Warrior Park
  140             Mr       D.         Dunbar                          Norcroft    1 Imperial
                                                10/09/2001Managing Director Dynamics LtdCourt
  279             Mr       Andrew L. Lamb                             Nordell Ltd
                                                15/01/2002Company Secretary Units 4 & 5, Teville Industria
10259   Mr RL Farquhar                                                Nordic       Ltd
                                                30/04/2004Managing Director AeroControl Tower Road
 1278             Mr       I.         Read                            Nordic
                                                           Managing Director Saunas Ltd
  188             Mr       Stephen W.Kew                              Nordiko
                                                           Company SecretaryLtdNew Lane
  907             Mr.      A.                                         Nordist
                                      Redmond 11/02/2002Managing Director Ltd The Broyle
 9350   Mr Gair                                                       Norian (UK)Commerce Way
                                                30/04/2004Works Director           Ltd
  280             Mr       M.         Whitby                          NormalglenThe Sussex Barn Shiprods
                                                15/01/2002Managing Director        Ltd
  729             Mrs.     I. M.      Watson                          Norman Lion Ltd
                                                16/11/2001Company Secretary BartleetHouse
 6985   I Hall                                                        Norman Wright BuildingWarren Avenue
                                                30/04/2004Joint Managing Director The Estate, Contractors

                                           Page 84

 1279               Mr      J.        Beck                              North East Slag Cement Ltd
                                                            Managing Director       97 Godstone Road
 1280               Mr      H. P.     Esch                              North Marine ShippingHood Road
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director        10a Robin Ltd
 1096   Mr Les Hicks                                                    Northamber plc Park Avenue
                                                 30/04/2004Finance Director         1 Lion
 6455   Steve Day                                30/04/2004Senior Buyer             Nortec House
                                                                        Northey Technologies Ltd
 7401   M J Selway                                                      Norton      Wells Road
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director Green Farm Enterprises
  189               Mr.     K. C.      Howe                             Norton
                                                            Managing Director Precision Ltd
 1281               Mr.     T.         Norton                           Norton
                                                            Managing Director Presses (Hydraulic) Ltd
 9281   T A Stickting                                                   Notts Industries (Frome) Ltd
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director        Carley Works
 5741   Mrs P Waters                             30/04/2004Buyer        Novartis Station Road
 1282               Mr.     J.         Moss                             Novatec Unit 8B Camphill Industrial Es
                                                            Managing Director Engineering Ltd
 5708   Mr Ian Patterson                                                NP          473
                                                 30/04/2004Sales Manager Aerospace Foleshill Road
 1056   Mr G Bolt                                                       NSB         Systems plc
                                                 30/04/2004Finance Director Retail Norden House
 9933                                            18/07/2001                         Bitterne
                                                                        NTC Construction Road West
 2533   Mr Kevin Holland                         30/04/2004             Nu Glass Euro Business Park
  190              Mr.      M          Diaper                           Nuance
                                                            Facilities Manager Global Traders Ltd
  908              Mr       A. W.      Lucas                            Nubal
                                                 11/02/2002Managing DirectorElectronics Ltd
 8300   M J NapperMr        MJ         Napper                           Nuclear     Crusader House
                                                 12/11/2001Managing Director Decommissioning Ltd
  281              Ms                                                   Nu-Key
                            Margaret A.McMahon 30/04/2004Company Secretary(Countplace) Ltd
 9213   C R Duncan                                                      Numatic Millfield Road
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director International Ltd
10618              Mr       D          Stewart                          Nuncio      20 Parkway
 6456   Mr Peter L Winter                                               Nu-Tech Engineering Business
                                                 30/04/2004National Sales Manager NewtonServices Park
  366              Mr       C.         Baker                            Nu-Tech Unit 14
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director Engineering Services Ltd
  367              Mr.      C.         Baker                            Nu-Tech Unit 5
                                                 25/02/2002Managing Director Precision Ltd
 1283              Mr       P.         Bowers                           Nuvotem The Courtyard, Sevenacres
                                                            Managing Director
 8301              Mr       J          Bassett                          Nylaplas Engineering Ltd Road Trading Est
                                                 12/11/2001Sales Engineer           18 Southfield
10035   Mr M Ward                                30/04/2004                         Wallis House
                                                                        Nynas Naphthenics Ltd
 1191              Mr.      F. N.      Patton                           OCA         PO
                                                 28/11/2001Managing DirectorS Ltd Box 228
 1192              Mr       R.         Bailey                           O K I Semiconductor (UK) Ltd
                                                 28/11/2001Managing Director        3 Eaton Gate
  141              Mr.      M.         Hedges                           OKW         Unit 6
                                                 10/09/2001Managing Director Enclosures Ltd
10428              Mr       R.         Rose                             OLC
                                                 11/01/2002Managing DirectorLtd 990 Walnut tree close
  290              Mr.      C. G. R. Oldham                             'O' Rings
                                                            Managing Director Ltd
 4028              Mr       D.                                          O.C. Interiors 8, Swanwick Business Cent
                                       Whicher 21/08/2001Managing Director          Unit
 1285              Mr       P.         Try                              O.T.M.
                                                            Managing Director Servo Mechanism Ltd
 6457   Mr Neil Farncombe                        30/04/2004                         62-64 Nuffield Road
                                                                        Oakdale Printing Company
 3023   Mr Hilton                                30/04/2004                         Asset
                                                                        Oakpark SercurityHouse
 8302   N D Sims                                 30/04/2004Director                 7 Park Street
                                                                        Oakwood Design Consultants Ltd
  191              Ms       Vicki      Moncaster                        Oakwood Falcon House
                                                            Company Secretary Technical Services Ltd
 1286              Ms       Janette M. Lucas                            Oastwell Beechurst
                                                            Company Secretary Ltd
 3982   Mr CG Barton                                                    Obsidian Premier House
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director International
  282              Mr.      M.                                          Ocean       11-12
                                       Strevons 15/01/2002Managing Director Colour Ltd Riverside Business Centr
 8303   P R Harris                                                      Ocean       187 Whiteladies
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director Estate Agents Ltd Road
 3985              Mr
        Mr R Bickett        R.         Bicket                           Ocean       Centurion Industrial Est
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director Safety Ltd
 2585   Ms CM Hogan                              30/04/2004                         Unit Ltd
                                                                        Ocean Systems 15, Redfields Industrial
 9408   C J Apin                                                        Ocmis       Higher Burrow
                                                 30/04/2004Managing Director Irrigation (UK) Ltd
  156              Mr.      J.         Brownlee                         Octave      The Barn
                                                            Managing Director Associates Ltd
 8304   M Monks                                  30/04/2004Director                 Dove Lane
                                                                        Octavius Hunt Ltd
 1287              Mr       M.         Ring                             Odyssey 2 Hurlands Ltd
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Technologies Business Centre
  283              Mr.      R. W.      Birchall                         Oetiker
                                                 15/01/2002Managing Director U K Ltd (Sales & Warehouse)
 1288              Mr.      P.         Spear                            Off The     Unit 9
                                                 11/02/2002Managing Director Wall Furnishings Ltd
 1289              Mr       J.         Hogg                             Office      84 The Street
                                                 11/02/2002Managing DirectorEquipment Workshop
 1290              Ms       Gillian J. Wheller                          Officescape Barnett Ltd
                                                            Company Secretary 3Projects Lane
10427              Mr       B          Coward                           Offshore
                                                 11/01/2002Managing Director Systems Ltd

                                             Page 85

  284              Mr       Philip C.                                   Ogden Cargo Ltd
                                        Harnden 15/01/2002Company Secretary Kelvin House
  555              Ms       Sylvia M.   Smith                           O'heal
                                                             Company Secretary Unit 23, Highcroft Estate
 1193              Mr.      R. N.                                       Oil Plus
                                        Beaumont 28/11/2001Managing Director Ltd
  192              Ms       Pauline C.  Cation                          OilanHeat 161 High Street
                                                             Company Secretary (Maintenance) Ltd
 4321   Mrs Carol Castle                          14/05/2004                        Eagle Close
                                                                        OK International Ltd
 9131   M E Daske                                 14/05/2004Director                 Sheepskin Ltd
                                                                        Old English3 Pedwill Hill
 2655   Mr C Oldham                               14/05/2004                        Jetpac Works, Gravel Lane
                                                                        Oldham Seals Group
 8306   J L Tucker                                                      Oldland     Units 1,
                                                  14/05/2004Managing Director C N C Ltd 3 & 4 Barton Hill
 9934                                             18/072001                         Archery Road
                                                                        Oliphant Construction
  285               Ms                                                  Oliver Product Developments Ltd
                            Suzanne R.Coldrick 15/01/2002Company Secretary Water Lane
  368               Ms                  T
                            Georgina D. ichy                            Olympia 5 Queens Road
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary Triumph Manufacturing Ltd
  287               Mr.     J. R.                                       Omeg Ltd
                                        Harrison 15/01/2002Company Secretary (Potentiometers & Switches)
  286               Ms      Jessica M. Nelson                           Omega       6 Systems Ltd
                                                  15/01/2002Company SecretaryLaserRaleigh Court
10177   Mrs H Shakespeare                         14/05/2004                        Unit Ltd
                                                                        Omega Sussex 4B Braybon Bus Park
 8307   K Parker                                  14/05/2004                        Collett Way
                                                                        Omicron Engineering
 3380   Mr Hilton                                 14/05/2004                        24 Blenheim Road
                                                                        Omnico Plastics
 1292               Ms      Patricia F. Howard                          Omnipole 281 Addiscombe Road
                                                             Company Secretary (UK) Ltd
  369               Mr      Peter A. Bones                              Omnitest 1
                                                  25/02/2002Company Secretary Ltd0 Whittle Road
 7487   Mrs Sarah Knight                          14/05/2004                        Rede House
                                                                        Omron Healthcare UK Ltd
 9986   BG Jones                                                        Omya        Curtis Road
                                                  14/05/2004Financial Director UK Ltd
 1293               Mr      G.          Lipmen                          One To      Unit W5, Lambs Business Park
                                                             Managing Director One Office Solutions Ltd
10681               Mr      Y           Ali                                         805 Oxford
                                                                        O'Neill Modern Media Avenue
 1304   Chris Betts                                                     Onix Measurement Limited
                                                  14/05/2004Managing Director       King's Worthy
 1326   Paul Hodgkinson                                                  Manager Factory One
                                                  14/05/2004Purchasing Onix Process AAnalysis
  104               Mr.     J.                                          Onyx Components Ltd
                                        Scaysbrook22/08/2001Company Secretary Unit 10 Bakers Yard
  281               Mr.     D.          Ramus                           Opas (Southern) Ltd
                                                  25/02/2002Managing Director
  288               Mr.     R. J.       Lotz                            Opasco
                                                  15/01/2002Managing Director Ltd
 8308   J Gibson                                  14/05/2004Partner                 Zeta House
                                                                        Open Connections
 7402   A J Garnett                               14/05/2004Director                The
                                                                        Open World Ltd Old Malthouse
  142               Mr      G.          Ward                            Openwindows Ltd
                                                  10/09/2001Managing Director       Eagleside House
 1294               Mr      J.          De Paulahanika                  Operandi 62 St. Peters Road
                                                             Managing Director
 1194               Mr.     A. J.       Bartlett                        Optex (Europe) Ltd
                                                  28/11/2001Company Secretary
 1295               Ms      Carole A. Stonard                           Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd
                                                             Company Secretary Unit 39, Neville Court
10050   Mr R Kitson                                                     Optical     Godstone
                                                  14/05/2004Managing Director Surfaces Ltd Road
 1297               Mr.     M. V.                                       Optichrome Computer Systems Ltd
                                        Godding 11/02/2002Financial Director
 1298               Mr.     M.                                          Optichrome Ltd
                                        Godding 11/02/2002Financial Director
  289               Ms      Jan         Albers                          Optigas
                                                  15/01/2002Company SecretaryLtdUnit 19/20
10369               Mr
        Mr Kevin Asher      Kevin       Asher     14/05/2004                        Water Lane
                                                                        Optima Co Ltd
 4132   Mr P Gillbe                               14/05/2004                        8 Graphite
                                                                        Optomen Television Square
 1382               Mr
        Muhammed Saied      M           Saied     14/05/2004                        Opus
                                                                        Opus Telecom House
 1195               Mr.     G.          Carson                          ORGA        255 Wharfedale Road
                                                  28/11/2001Managing Director Card Systems (UK) Ltd