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Hardware Solutions
Prepared by: Brian Fuller
Last Updated 11/10/2009

Computer Workstations

HP xw4600 Workstation (FL914UT)

The HP Workstation we chose for this project is a mid range business workstation from HP. This system
provides excellent processing power with an Intel Dual Core Processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and enough
hard drive space for all of the business applications that will be on this system. We will be acquiring a
total of ten of these workstations, 8 for the ABC Medical Library’s computer lab, while the other two are
for the employees that Mrs. Kathleen Brown currently employees.

HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC (FN022UT)

For the companies President Kathleen Brown, we decided that she might want to be more mobile with
her computing needs. Therefore we chose a HP notebook PC that will provide her with the mobility of
managing ABC Medical Library from anywhere in her company or even at home. The HP notebook has
an Intel Dual Core Processor, with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and a 320mb hard drive so she can store all the
files she needs on the go.


 Zebra S4M Direct thermal / Thermal Transfer 6" (152 mm)/sec. 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) Label Printer

 For all orders that are processed through the system we are designing for ABC Medical Library, there
 will need to be a shipping label that needs to be printed. Since ABC ships out about 50 orders a day,
 this label printer will provide a fast and efficient way to print out the labels for each order once they
 are processed and ready to be shipped.

 XEROX WorkCenter series M20i MFC / All-In-One Monochrome Laser Printer

 For daily office printing and copying the Xerox machine is a must have for every business. This
 multifunction / All-In-One printer provides printing from any office computer, copying of any
 document that might need duplicating, scanning documents that might need to be digitalized, as well
 as faxing documents to customers and or other business partners. Capable of producing 22 pages per
 minute at 600x600 dpi this is a must have printer for any small business.

 HP LaserJet P2035n CE462A Workgroup Monochrome Laser Printer

 For the ABC Medical Library computer lab we will acquire one of these HP Laser printers for members
 to use while they research in the computer lab. We will also be providing an additional one of these
 printers for the shipping and receiving department so they can print out customer invoices and or
 packing lists. A total of two of these HP laser printers will be provided to you.

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Figmentum Networking
13645 w Bluemound Rd
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Hardware Solutions
Prepared by: Brian Fuller
Last Updated 11/10/2009

 Cisco Small Business ESW 540P ESW-540-24P-K9 10/100/1000Mbps Switch

 All computer hardware will need to be connected to a network, for that we use a switch to provide
 connectivity between all your hardware. Cisco Systems is the world’s leading provider in networking
 technology. This switch will provide ABC medical Library with enough ports for every device in the
 company. This switch has built in remote management via a web browser application that will allow
 Figmentum Networking to remotely service and or manage your switch should the need occur.

 Cisco 2811 Voice Bundle Router

 For our router solution the Cisco 2811 is a great solution as it combines not only the needed routing
 services for your network, it also provides a Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) server directly on the
 router. This will reduce the need to have a dedicated server for your phone system and will allow for
 you to make not only internal calls, but calls outside of the company as well.

 HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server

 The HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server is a server that will provide you enough horsepower for your
 database server, your file server, and or any other servers you might need in the future. This server is
 powered by a Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor, 8 gigabytes of Ram, and enough hard drives not only to
 provide enough storage but to also data redundancy. This server will provide enough speed to ensure
 that you can place all orders threw the server in a quick manner and will allow for all products to get
 out on time.


  Cisco Unified IP Phone 521G - VoIP phone

  With the Voice Over IP solution Figmentum Networking is providing, there is also the need to
  purchase phones that will be compatible with that system. Seven of these phones will be provided to
  ensure fast and effective communication threw the company.

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Figmentum Networking
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   Hardware Solutions
  Prepared by: Brian Fuller
  Last Updated 11/10/2009


   Windows 7 Professional Operating System

   Windows 7 provides an enhanced user experience, and ease of use. This is Microsoft’s latest
   operating system, since there are no compatibility concerns with current applications we felt that
   ABC Medical Library will benefit strongly from an OS that will not have to be upgraded for several
   years. This operating system comes pre installed on all of the HP workstations we will be
   purchasing for ABC Medical Library.

   Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

   Windows Server 2008 will provide tons of tools that will benefit your company. Active Directory
   will secure your whole system with a single sign-on for all of your users, including your customers
   whom come in and use your computer lab. We can even set active directory up to make sure that
   the customer is an active customer. This is the Operating system that will also be hosting your
   database, and file server. You will be able to setup drives to be shared across the network that will
   allow the employees of ABC Medical Library to add, or modify files that are stored on the server.
   This will also provide a central backup point for all of ABC’s important data.

   Firebird Database 2.1.3 Open Source

   This Database software is an Open Source platform that is free of cost. This will provide the
   storage of all of the customer data and order information that is processed daily at ABC Medical

   Microsoft Office Small Business 2007

   ABC Medical Library will also need some productivity software. Figmentimum Networking will be
   providing eleven licenses for Microsoft Office Small Business 2007. This package includes Word,
   Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher.

   Backup Solution

   Off-Site Backup Storage Server (Steadfast Networks, Chicago, IL)

   Figmentum Networking will also be providing a back up leased serer provided by Steadfast
   Networks, located in Chicago Illinois. This server will provide as an offsite backup for all of your
   customer data and important documents.

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