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					Title                 Subtitle         Edition          Author                          Short
                                                                          Publication Date Description
Discovering Statistics Using R                                                Mar-12 Watch Andy
                                                        Andy Field, Jeremy Miles and Zoe Field Field's introductory video to Di
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS Third Edition         Andy Field               2009 . . 'In this brilliant new edition Andy Field ha
Discovering Statistics Using SAS                                                  Miles
                                                        Andy Field and Jeremy 2010 . . . Hot on the heels of the 3rd edition of An
How to Design and Report Experiments                                             2002
                                                        Andy Field and Graham Hole`I strongly recommend this book. The all-im
                                                                               Apr-12 Research and Daniel Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology Fourth Edition Glynis M Breakwell, Jonathan A Smith Methods inB Wright has been s
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology                                    2003 . McGarty
                                                        S Alexander Haslam and Craig'The strength of this book is in the determ
                                       New Edition
A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using SPSS                                      2011 P Reise
                                                        Elliot T Berkman and Steven This book helps students develop a concept
                      Investigating New Behavior Paul Nestor and Russell K Schutt substantive research stories to illustra
Research Methods in Psychology Human Edition                                     2011 Using
                                                                                 2010 . Providing
Methods in Psychological Research Second Edition Annabel Ness Evans and Bryan Rooney an applied approach in this thoro
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                  Gregory J Privitera      2011 . An engaging introduction to statistics, the
                                                        Gregory Privitera 2011 The
Student Study Guide with SPSS Workbook for Statistics for theJ.Behavioral Sciences Study Guide to Accompany Statistics fo
                       and Correlation                  Jeremy                   2000 This
Applying Regression A Guide for Students and Researchers Miles and Mark Shevlin book takes a fresh look at applying regr
                                                        Renee                    2
Integrative Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences Ha and James Ha 011 Designed to engage students and lower the
                                                        Carla                    2007 The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology Willig and Wendy Stainton-Rogers
                                                        Roger                    2009 `I often.. wonder
The SAGE Handbook of Quantitative Methods in PsychologyE Millsap and Alberto Maydeu-Olivares to myself whether the fiel
Lab Manual for Psychological Research Edition                                  Apr-12 The Third Edition of the Lab Manual for Psy
                                                        Dawn M. McBride and J. Cooper Cutting
The Process of Research in Psychology  Second Edition Dawn M. McBride Apr-12 This introductory text provides a step-by-st
Research Methods and Design in Psychology                                        2011 This accessible introductory text addresses
                                                        Allen Goodwin, Paul Richardson and Emma Vine
                      Learning through assessment Penney
Test Yourself: Research Methods and Design in Psychology Upton and Dominic Upton 2011 Test Yourself: Research Methods and Desig
                      A                Second Edition Jonathan
Qualitative PsychologyPractical Guide to Research Methods A Smith                2007 Covering all the main qualitative approache
                      Theory, Method and                                          Flowers and often I Larkin
Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisResearch Jonathan A Smith, Paul2009 'It is notMichael can use "accessible" and "ph
                      A Practical Guide
Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology                Michael A Forrester 2010 Providing a complete introduction to qualit
Doing Your Qualitative Psychology Project                                     Mar-12 This book is C.E. Riley
                                                        Cath Sullivan, Stephen Gibson and Sarah for students who are about to e
Psychological Assessment                                                       Feb-12 This collection brings together
                                       Four-Volume Set Gregory J Boyle, Donald H Saklofske and Gerald Matthews the major inf
                      Effective Strategies                                    Dec-11 Each Davis and Carolyn Ann Licht
Your Graduate Training in Psychology for Success Peter Joseph Giordano, Stephen Fyear thousands of students are accept
The Design of Experiments in Neuroscience Edition Mary Harrington                2010 You are about to start on a great adventure
Psychometrics         An Introduction                                             Bacharach
                                                        Mike Furr and Verne R.2007 Focusing on the conceptual understanding o
                                       Fourth Edition Roger E Kirk
Experimental DesignProcedures for Behavioral Sciences                         Mar-12 This book serves as an ideal textbook and re
                      A Guide for Graduate Students Frederick T Leong and James T Austin
The Psychology Research HandbookSecond Edition and ResearchLAssistants 2005 A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide
                      Principles and Practice
Computational Modeling in Cognition                                               and Computational
                                                        Stephan Lewandowsky2011Simon Farrell Modelling in Psychology intr
                      Integrating Diversity with Quantitative, Qualitative, and2009 Focused on fully discussing what is consider
                                       Third PsychologyDonna M Mertens
Research and Evaluation in Education andEdition                                   Mixed Methods
                      A Practical Guide Human Participants
Running Behavioral Experiments with for Students Frank Ritter, Jong W.Nov-12    Kim, Jonathon H. Morgan and Richard A. Carlson
                      A Practical Approach Edition
Foundations of Psychological Testing   Third                                      A. McIntire and Robert L this text
                                                        Leslie A. Miller, Sandra2010 The Third Edition ofLovler offers a straigh
An EasyGuide to APA Style                                                        2011 Demystifying the R Gurung
                                                        Beth M Schwartz, R Eric Landrum and Regan Aprocess of writing in APA s
                      A Casebook Approach
Ethics for Psychologists                                                      Dec-11 Examines G Andrew F Benjamin
                                                        L Tien, Amy Davis, Thomas Arnold and the American Psychological Assoc
The SAGE Handbook of Social Cognition                                          Apr-12 The
                                                        Susan T Fiske and C Neil Macrae SAGE Handbook of Social Cognition is a
Persuasion                             Second
                      Theory and Research Edition Daniel J O'Keefe               2002 The Second Edition of this important book c
The SAGE Handbook of Identities                                                  2010 Increasingly, Mohanty
                                                        Margaret Wetherell and Chandra Talpadeidentities are the site for interd
Social Psychology Revisiting the Classic Studies                              S Alexander field of
                                                        Joanne R Smith and May-12 The Haslam social psychology is defined by a
Affect and Emotion A New Social Science Understanding   Margaret Wetherell Feb-12 In recent years there has been a huge surge
Test Yourself: Social Learning through assessment Penney Upton and Dominic Upton 2011 Test Yourself: Social Psychology provides es
Social Psychology                                                                2011 This
                                                        Jane Callaghan and Lisa Lazard introductory social psychology text add
Essential Social Psychology                                                      2010 The Second
                                       Second Edition Richard J Crisp and Rhiannon. N Turner Edition of the hugely successfu
                      Understanding and Addressing Social and Schneider, Jamie A Gruman and Larry M Coutts field of applied
Applied Social Psychology                                                     Dec-11
                                       Second Edition Frank W Practical Problems This is an introduction to the
Understanding the Psychology of Diversity Edition Bruce Evan Blaine Dec-12 Diversity is a term that incorporates social d
                      Living and Working Cultures        World                    Harris Bond and Cigdem arcane tome
Understanding Social Psychology Acrossin a ChangingPeter B Smith, Michael2006 `This book is not anKagitcibasi restricted
Introduction to Personality and Intelligence             Nick Haslam             2007 `The inclusion of the chapter on psychobiog
Diary Methods                                            John B Nezlek          Jul-12 Diary Methods is a key method used by soc
                                                         James J Blascovich, Eric Vanman, SAGE Library in Social and Personality P
Social Psychophysiology for Social and Personality Psychology                    2011 The Wendy Berry Mendes and Sally Dickers
                                                         Mike Furr
Scale Construction and Psychometrics for Social and Personality Psychology 2011 Providing conceptual and practical foundati
Implicit Measures for Social and Personality Psychology  Laurie A Rudman         2011 Increasingly used by behavioural and social
                                                         Rick H Hoyle
Structural Equation Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology               2011 Structural Equation Modeling offers a nonte
Multilevel Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology B Nezlek               2011 The volume begins with a rationale for mult
                       Collection of 5 Books             John B Nezlek
The SAGE Library of Methods in Social and Personality Psychology                 2011 The SAGE Library of Methods in Social and P
Psychology of Emotions                  Five-Volume Set Antony Manstead          2007 The psychology of emotion is an extraordin
Personality and Individual Differences                   Bere Mahoney            2011 This accessible introductory text covers cor
Self and Identity                                                                 F Baumeister
                                        Four-Volume Set Kathleen Vohs and Roy2011 Although the study of the 'Self' has been a m
                       Learning Individual Differences
Test Yourself: Personality andthrough assessment Penney Upton and Dominic Upton  2011 Test Yourself: Personality and Individual Dif
                                                                                 2011 Social psychology is the study of how norma
New Directions in Social PsychologyFive-Volume Set Roy F Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs
Psychology of Attitudes                                                       Apr-12 'The
                                        5-Volume Set Geoffrey Haddock and Greg Maioattitude concept is at the core of socia
Psychology of Close Relationships Five-Volume Set Harry T Reis                 Jun-12 Close relationships provide a fundamental c
                       Volume One
Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology                                        2011 This innovative two-volume handbook prov
                                                         Paul A M Van Lange, Arie W Kruglanski and E Tory Higgins
                       Volume Two
Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology                                        2011 This innovative two-volume handbook prov
                                                         Paul A M Van Lange, Arie W Kruglanski and E Tory Higgins
                                        Fourth Edition Mark L Knapp and John A Daly revised Fourth Edition of The SAGE Han
The SAGE Handbook of Interpersonal Communication                                 2011 The
                        of Persuasion Second Edition James
The SAGE HandbookDevelopments in Theory and Practice Price Dillard Oct-12
                                                         John F Dovidio,         2010 The Peter Glick and of Prejudice, Stereotyp
The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination Miles Hewstone, SAGE HandbookVictoria M Esses
Rethinking Relationships                                 Steve Duck              2010 Relationships are far more than emotional a
Encyclopedia of Human Relationships                      H                        Sprecher
                                        Three-Volume Set arry T Reis and Susan2009 What are the bases of human relationships?
                                                                                 2007 Not long
Encyclopedia of Social Psychology Two-Volume Set Roy F Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs ago, social psychology was a small
                                        Two-Volume Set John                      2010 The social psychology of groups forms an in
Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup RelationsM Levine and Michael A Hogg
                       Clinical and Biological Perspectives
Understanding Abnormal Psychology                        Pamilla Ramsden Nov-12 Presenting a thorough understanding of abn
                                        Second Edition
Clinical Psychology Science, Practice, and Culture Andrew M Pomerantz 2010 Updated and expanded and written in an ac
Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychology        Poul Rohleder        Apr-12 This textbook gives a clear and thought-pro
                       A Biopsychosical Perspective
Childhood Health Psychology                              Julie Turner-Cobb Nov-12
                       A Non-Mathematical Introduction hristine Dancey, John ReidyStatistics for the Health Sciences is a highly
Statistics for the Health Sciences                       C                    Mar-12 and Richard Rowe
Nutrition and Behaviour                                  Mike Green           Dec-12
Understanding AddictionConcepts, Theories and Models                          Ian Albery
                                                         Marcus Munafo and Nov-12
                                        Third Practice David F Marks, Michael Murray, Brian Evans and Emeebest-selling textbo
Health Psychology Theory, Research andEdition                                    2010 . The Third Edition of this Vida Estacio
Psychobiological Processes in Health and Illness         Kate Hamilton-West 2010 'A fantastic contribution to health psycholo
Psychology for Medicine                                                          2010 'As the
                                                         Susan Ayers and Richard De Visser fundamental importance of psycholo
Encyclopedia of Drug Policy                                                      James E. Hawdon
                                        Two-Volume Set Mark A.R Kleiman and 2011 In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon declare
The SAGE Handbook of Mental Health and Illness                                   2010 The SAGE Handbook of
                                                         David Pilgrim, Anne Rogers and Bernice Pescosolido Mental Health and I
Key Concepts in Mental Health           Second Edition David Pilgrim             2009 This book wins on two levels: not only is the
Encyclopedia of Health and Aging                         Kyriakos S Markides 2007 SAGE Reference is proud to announce the E
                       A Casebook
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology    Second Edition Linda Wilmshurst          2010 Providing an abundance of realistic cases ill
                        Coping, and forSecond Edition Virginia Hill Rice
Handbook of Stress, Implications Health  Nursing Research, Theory, and PracticeJan-12 This is the first comprehensive Handbook to
                                                                              Nov-12 Clinical psychology and Graham of research
Clinical Psychology Collection: I & IIEight-Volume SetMichael Barkham, Susan Llewelyn, Gillian Hardy is a vast area Turpin
Clinical Psychology I                                                         Nov-12 Clinical psychology and Graham of research
                                        Four-Volume Set Michael Barkham, Gillian Hardy, Susan Llewelyn is a vast area Turpin
Clinical Pyschology II                                                        Nov-12 Clinical psychology and Graham of research
                                        Four-Volume Set Michael Barkham, Gillian Hardy, Susan Llewelyn is a vast area Turpin
An Introduction to Child Development                                             2009 . The Second Edition of An Introduction to C
                                        Second Edition Thomas Keenan and Subhadra Evans
Child Development An Active Learning Approach                                    2010 Within
                                                         Joyce Munsch and Laura E Levine each chapter of this innovative, topi
Developmental Psychology the Classic Studies                                 May-12 This
                                                         Alan M Slater and Paul C Quinn book revisits classic studies in Developm
Handbook of Youth Mentoring             Second Edition                        Nov-12 The definitive reference on youth mentorin
The Development of Working Memory in Children Lucy Henry                       2011 Using the highly influential working memor
Child Language        Acquisition and Development Matthew Saxton               2010 Presented with the latest thinking and resea
Developmental Psychology                               Penney Upton            2011 Covering core topics such as the developme
                      Learning Psychology
Test Yourself: Developmentalthrough assessment Penney Upton and Dominic Upton  2011 Test Yourself: Developmental Psychology pr
The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Disorders                                   2011 Over the last four decades, breakthroughs i
                                                       Patricia Howlin, Tony Charman and Mohammad Ghaziuddin
The Autistic Spectrum                                  Jill Issues
                      Characteristics, Causes and PracticalBoucher             2008 'The author of this excellent new book state
Cognitive Development Infancy Through Adolescence Kathleen M Galotti           2010 Cognitive Development: Infancy Through Ad
Attention             Theory and Practice                                      2004 Proctor
                                                       Addie Johnson and Robert W'The book is well-organized and comprehen
                      The Psychology Second Edition Reid Hastie and Robyn 2010 In the Second Edition of Rational Choice in a
Rational Choice in an Uncertain World Judgement and Decision Making            M Dawes
Cognitive Psychology                                   Matthew Coxon        Feb-12 This accessible text addresses the core know
                      Learning through
Test Yourself: Cognitive Psychology assessment Penney Upton and Dominic Upton  2011 Test Yourself: Cognitive Psychology provide
                                        to the Edition Jay Friedenberg and Gordon Silverman
Cognitive Science An IntroductionSecondStudy of Mind                           2011
Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology   Second Edition Ronald T. Kellogg        2011 Integrating the latest developments in cogn
Memory                Foundations and Applications Bennett Schwartz            2010 Covering cognitive experiments, patients w
Encyclopedia of Perception             Two-Volume Set E Bruce Goldstein        2010 Because of the ease with which we perceive
Human Memory                           Four-Volume Set Chris Moulin            2011 Our capacity to store and retrieve informati
Perception                                                                     2010 D Smith
                                       Four-Volume Set Tom Troscianko and Alastair This collection brings together the major pa
Psycholinguistics                      Six-Volume Set Trevor A Harley          2010 The psychology of language, or psycholingu
Cognitive Science                      Six-Volume Set Koen Lamberts            2008 This new Major Work in a key area of psych
Attention                                                                      2009 Part of the
                                       Four-Volume Set Robert W Proctor and Lenore E Read SAGE Library in Cognitive and Ex
Judgement and Decision Making Four-Volume Set Nick K Chater                    2009 How do people decide what to do? What is
Essential Biological Psychology                        Jim Barnes           Nov-12 Biological processes play a central role in ps
Biological Psychology                                  Rob Sanders           Jun-12 This accessible text addresses the core know
                      Learning through
Test Yourself: Biological Psychology assessment Penney Upton and Dominic Upton 2011 Test Yourself: Biological Psychology provide
                                        to Biological  Bob Garrett
Brain & Behavior An IntroductionThird Edition Psychology                       2011 This engaging introduction to the field captu
                                       & Behavior:     Bob Garrett             2011 Prepared by Beth Powell (Smith College), th
Study Guide for Bob Garrettãs BrainThird EditionAn Introduction to Biological Psychology, Third Edition
Essential Evolutionary Psychology                      Simon Hampton           2009 . `It is refreshing, in the wake of the sometim
                      Neuroscience Perspectives concerning Human Behavior and Experience brings together current perspect
Evolutionary Psychology                                William J Ray        Mar-12 . This book
Neuropsychology                                                              Jan-12 Neuropsychology is a vast field, overlapping
                                       Six-Volume Set Alastair D Smith and Chris Moulin
                                       Second Edition Rowan                 Nov-12
Applied Psychology Research, Practice and New Directions Bayne and Gordon Jinks
                      Integrating Cultural and NeuroscienceHarre and Fathali M Moghaddam Century opened, the discipline o
Psychology for the Third Millennium                    Rom Perspectives Mar-12 As the 21st
                                       Second Edition Shane of Human Strengths ; Snyder, Lopez, and Pedrotti offer comprehe
                                                                        Cloth 2011 Paper 2010
Positive Psychology The Scientific and Practical ExplorationsJ. Lopez, C R Snyder and Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti
Essential PsychologyA Concise Introduction                                     2010 . `The distinctive contribution of this text is
                                                       Philip Banyard, Mark N. O. Davies, Christine Norman and Belinda Winde
                      Research and Application
Introduction to Forensic Psychology Third Edition                               M Bartol
                                                       Curt R Bartol and Anne2011 This book is a broad introduction to the fiel
                                       Third Edition   Curt R Bartol            M Bartol
Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behaviorand Anne2011 . A proven anthology that focuses on everyd
                      An IntroductionSecond Edition Practice R Clegg, Martin Kornberger and Tyrone Pitsis
Managing and Organizations              to Theory and Stewart                       . Informs, Fascinates, Inspires Readers to Ex
Consumer Behaviour pplications in Marketing                                    2008 'A wonderful (and very unusual) balance b
                                                       Robert East, Malcolm Wright. and Marc Vanhuele
Key Concepts in Sport Psychology                                               2011 This book provides a focused, Craig
                                                       John M D Kremer, Aidan Moran, Graham Walker and Cathyaccurate guid
Group Dynamics for Teams               Third Edition   Daniel Levi             2010 Grounded in psychological research but wit
Encyclopedia of Identity               Two-Volume Set Ronald L Jackson II      2010 No matter whether it is a discussion of natio
The SAGE Encyclopedia of TerrorismSecond Edition Gus Martin                    2011 The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Secon
Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture Three-Volume Set ale Southerton               2011 The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consume
                      From Career                      Glenn D.
Crime in a Psychological Context Criminals to Criminal CareersWalters          2011 This book examines the psychological const
Cross-Cultural Psychology                                                      2009 Best
                                       Four-Volume Set Peter B Smith and Deborah LThis four-volume set spans all areas of cross
Military Psychology                                                            2011 The discipline of
                                       Four-Volume Set Michael D Matthews and Janice H Laurence military psychology involve
Forensic Psychology                    Four-Volume Set Ray Bull                2010 Around the world, the popularity and impac
Political Psychology                   Four-Volume Set Howard Lavine           2010 Political psychology is an interdisciplinary fi
                     A Global Perspective
A History of Psychology                                Eric Shiraev            2010 A contemporary and engaging student frien
                                                                               2009 `Do read this book - it will
Critical Psychology An IntroductionSecond Edition Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky and Stephanie Austin refresh you if you
An Invitation to Social Construction Second Edition Kenneth J Gergen           2009 'Remains an authoritative overview of the f
Theoretical Psychology                 Eight-Volume SetHenderikus J Stam Jan-12 This eight-volume set brings together two f
                                       Four-Volume Set Henderikus J Stam Jan-12 Covering foundational works in theoretical
Theoretical Psychology - Classic Readings
Theoretical Psychology - Contemporary Readings Set Henderikus J Stam Jan-12 This four-volume collection picks up the sto
Improving Working Memory Students' Learning Tracy Packiam Alloway2010 Your working memory is the information yo
                     A Learning                                                2008 Dr Tracy Alloway has
Working Memory and Practical Guide for Teachers Susan E Gathercole and Tracy Packiam Alloway been awarded the pre
Child Maltreatment An IntroductionThird Edition                               Jul-12 Child Perrin
                                                       Cindy L. Miller-Perrin and Robin D.Maltreatment, Third Edition, by Cindy
Using Psychology in the Classroom                      Stephen James Minton  Feb-12 Psychology can be applied to understanding
                                       Five-Volume Set Neil J Salkind
SAGE Directions in Educational Psychology                                      2010 Educational psychology is a broad field char
                                       Second Edition Rita Smilkstein          2011 In this updated edition of the extraordinary
We're Born to LearnUsing the Brain's Natural Learning Process to Create Today's Curriculum
                                                       Sarah                Mar-12 The knowledge base about mentoring and c
SAGE Handbook of Mentoring and Coaching in Education Fletcher and Carol A Mullen
Self-esteem          A Guide for Teachers                                    Apr-12 Do
                                                       David Miller and Teresa Moran some of your pupils suffer from low or f
Autism                                                 Efrosini
                     Educational and Therapeutic ApproachesKalyva              2011 There are a number of different approaches
                     A Guide for Students and Practitioners
Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education Whitebread Dec-11 The importance of high quality early childho
                                                                               2004 `At first glance felt that this is a
Handbook of Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Peter Clough, Philip Garner, John T Pardeck Iand Francis Yuen book that
                                       Second Edition
The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Patient Workbook Robert R. Perkinson 2011 The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Patient Wo
The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook Edition Robert R. Perkinson 2011 The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook
CBT for Personality Disorders                                                  2011 This key
                                                       Henck van Bilsen and Brian Thomson new text on CBT for personality dis
International Case Studies in Mental Health                                   Jul-12 International
                                                       Senel Poyrazli and Chalmer E. Thompson Cases Studies in Mental Health
                     Skills and Applications Edition David Westbrook, Helen Kennerley and Joan KirkCognitive Behaviour The
An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy                                 2011 . An Introduction to
Cognitive Therapy in a Nutshell                                                2010 Cognitive
                                       Second Edition Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden Behavioural Therapy in a Nutshell
Cognitive Behaviour Therapies                          Windy Dryden          Jan-12 CBT has become more established as the th
                     An IntroductionThird Edition
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                                                Oct-12 In
                                                       Frank Wills and Diana Sanders their established introduction to contemp
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Case Studies                                     Dec-11 This
                                                       Mike Thomas and Mandy Drake book uniquely combines CBT with the D
CBT for Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder                                 2011 This and Mark Freeston
                                                       Andrew Wilkinson, Kevin Meares practical introduction helps trainees us
Solution-Focused Therapy               Third Edition   Bill O'Connell        Oct-12 Struggling with the intricacies of Solution-Fo
                     Text and Activities                                     N
Introduction to Counselling Skills Fourth Edition Richard Nelson-Jones ov-12 From leading skills expert Richard Nelson-Jo
                     A                 Third
Basic Counselling SkillsHelper's Manual Edition        Richard Nelson-Jones 2011 From leading skills expert Richard Nelson-Jo
                     A                 Third Edition   Robert Bor and Mary Watts Written by a team of leading trainers, pract
The Trainee HandbookGuide for Counselling & Psychotherapy Trainees             2010
Person-Centred Counselling in Actionhird Edition                               2007 Watch Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne's vid
                                                       Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne
                                        in Action
Standards and Ethics for CounsellingThird Edition      Tim Bond                2009 Since it first appeared in 1993, this highly ac
                                       Third Edition
The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy                           Jan-12 'At
                                                       Colin Feltham and Ian Horton about 700 pages and with contributions
Gestalt Counselling in Action          Third Edition   Petruska Clarkson       2004 SAGE celebrated the 20th Anniversary of th
                                       Third Edition
Integrative Counselling Skills in Action               Sue Culley and Tim Bond 2011 'As a counsellor, supervisor and trainer I fin
                      Therapy                                                  and Trainees in all mental
The Pocket Guide toA 'How to'of the Core Models Stephen Weatherhead2011Graeme Flaherty-Joneshealth professions nee
Dryden's Handbook of Individual TherapyEdition         Windy Dryden            2007 Seminars by Professor Windy Dryden. See t
                     The Facts are Friendly            Mick Cooper
Essential Research Findings in Counselling and Psychotherapy                   2008 Are some therapies more effective than oth
                                       Third Edition
Counselling ChildrenA Practical Introduction                                   2007 'Delightfully crafted and up-to-date. It is diff
                                                       Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard
                     The               Third Edition   Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard
Counselling Adolescents Proactive Approach for Young People                    2009 Filled with practical and effective approache
                     A and Psychotherapy Edition Allen E. Ivey
Theories of CounselingMulticultural Perspective                                2011 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy f
                                                       Alec Grant, Michael Townend, Jem Mills and Adrian Cockx the developm
Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy               2008 `An important contribution to
Doing Counselling Research             Second Edition John McLeod              2003 `This is a great starting point for anyone stu
A Short Introduction to Psychoanalysis                                         2011 The best simply got
                                       Second Edition Jane Milton, Caroline Polmear and Julia Fabriciusbetter. The first edition
Overcoming Obstacles in CBT                                                  Dec-11 While many textbooks explain the McDono
                                                       Craig Chigwedere, Yvonne Tone, Brian Fitzmaurice and Michaeltechniqu
CBT for Beginners                                                              2008 . 'Simmons and Griffiths provide a well thou
                                                       Jane Simmons and Rachel Griffiths
CBT with Children, Young People and Families                                  Dunsmuir and Vicki Curry
                                                        Peter Fuggle, SandraNov-12
                                      & Psychotherapy
Skills in Person-Centred Counselling Second Edition Janet Tolan               Jan-12 This book has already helped thousands of b
Introducing CBT for Older People                        Ken Laidlaw          Nov-12 Taking you step-by-step through the CBT pr
                      A Research                                             Nov-12 Sidestepping detailed theoretical debates a
Successful Qualitative Practical Guide for Beginners Victoria Clarke and Virginia Braun
Interviews in Qualitative Research                                              2010 Interviewing is used very widely in qualitati
                                                        Nigel King and Christine Horrocks
Qualitative Research                  Third Edition     David Silverman         2010 Lecturers, click here to request an electroni
Constructing Grounded Theory          Second Edition Kathy Charmaz           Nov-12 This is the second edition of Kathy Charmaz
Interpreting Qualitative Data         Fourth Edition David Silverman            2011 Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspect
Doing Qualitative Research            Third Edition     David Silverman         2009 Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspect
                                      Second Edition John Fox
Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models                       2008 The new Second Edition will extend coverag
                                      Fourth Statistics
Statistics for People Who (Think They) HateEdition Neil J Salkind               2010 Includes CD-Rom. The bestselling Statistics f
Statistics Alive!                     Second Edition Wendy J Steinberg          2010 Based on years of first-hand teaching exper
                                      Statistics Alive!
Student Study Guide to Accompany Second Edition Wendy J Steinberg               2011 This affordable student study guide and wo
Research Design in Social Research                      David de Vaus           2001 `With this book David de Vaus has written o
                      A               Second Edition Diana Ridley
The Literature Review Step-by-Step Guide for Students                          Jul-12 This second edition of Diana Ridley's bestse
Developing Effective Research Proposals Edition Keith F Punch                   2006 Successful research requires effective and th
                      A Practical Guide for Psychologists, Updated Edition 2011 A special update of the Second Edition of De
Decoding the Ethics Code              Updated Edition Celia B Fisher
                      A Proposal      Second                                    2011 Written by an author with proven success
Writing the NIH Grant Step-by-Step Guide Edition William Gerin, Christine Kapelewski, Jerome B Itinger and Tanya Spruill in
                      Theory, Method
Doing Q Methodological Research & Interpretation                             Mar-12 This
                                                        Simon Watts and Paul Stenner book provides a simple yet thorough in
                                      Third Edition     Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield you want to do better at university? W
Essential Study SkillsThe Complete Guide to Success at University            Mar-12 . Do
Writing for Academic Success                                                 Dec-11 Writing for Academic Success is a vital pract
                                      Second Edition Gail Craswell and Megan Poore
                        Very Practical Guide for Students
How to Read JournalAArticles in the Social Sciences Phillip Chong Ho Shon    Mar-12 'Shon's writing is engaging and entertaining
Catalogue Copy Contents                 Series            Imprint        Pages        Category
                      Why Is My Evil Lecturer Forcing Me to of statistical discovery Will the freeware R, Me? What the hell am
                                                                         992 pages Quantitative/Statistal Research (General),Resea
Discovering Statistics Using R takes students on a journey Learn Statistics?: WhatusingThis Chapter Tell a free, flexible and dyn
                      Preface Introduction WhatÆs even \ Goodbye \ How it Quantitative/Statistal Research (General)
                                                                         856 pages Use takes students through from Knowledge
Fully revised and restructured, this latest\edition is New?more accessible asTo now The Book \ What Background introductoryD
                       the Is My Evil Lecturer Forcing Statistics Using752 pages Quantitative/Statistal Research (General),Statis
                                                                           SPSS comes this brand new version for students using SAS
Hot on the heels ofWhyThird Edition of DiscoveringMe to Learn Statistics? \ Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Stati
                      PART ONE: DESIGNING AN EXPERIMENT defining the BeginResearch Methods in Psychology
                                                                         384 pages \ Planning an Experiment an appropriate meth
'I strongly recommend this book. The all-important steps of \ Before You research question and choosing \ Experimental Desig
                      in Psychology has been substantially and meticulously revised in itsand JonathanPsychology,Research env
                                                                         616 pages Wright Methods in A. Smith Research Quest
Research Methods PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Glynis M. Breakwell, Daniel B.ResearchFourth Edition. Continuing to offerMet
                      Introduction \ Research in Psychology: materials and features,. this book provides carefully integrated \
                                        SAGE range of support Objectives and
                                                                         520 pages Research Methods in Psychology
With a broad coverage and an extensive Foundations of Psychology seriesIdeals \ Research Methods \aExperimental Design un
                       through the \ Descriptive Statistics Chi-Squared Test \ Linear Correlation \ One-Research (General),Socio
                                                                         312 pages Quantitative/Statistal and Two Sample T-Tests
Walking the readerIntroduction steps of statistical tests\ and providing data sets and screen shots from SPSS, this student-frien
                      Preface stories to illustrate the presentation of research methods in Methods in Psychology
                                                                           Scientific Research each chapter, this textbook presents
Using substantive research Acknowledgments \ Uncommon Sense:528 pages Methods and Human Reasoning \ The Foundatio
                      Introduction to Research in Psychology \ Understanding theauthors Methods in Psychology
                                                                         408 pages Research Literature \ from student feedback f
Providing an applied approach in this thoroughly updated Second Edition , theResearchapply findings Research in Psychology:
                      SPSS Prefix: General Overview and Guide a Using pages Quantitative/Statistal Research (General),Psych
                                                                         736 learning about behaviour without requiring a strong b
This engaging introduction to statistics provides readers withfortool forSPSS \ Introduction to Statistics \ Why Summarize Dat
                      Introduction to Statistics Summarizing Data: chapter outlines and key(General),Research Methods Centr
                                                                         504 pages Psychology terms, essential statistical formula
This study guide includes a review of chapter\learning objectives, Tables, Graphs, and Distributions \ Summarizing Data:& Eval
                      PART ONE: I NEED TO DO REGRESSION simple model-building \ Building Models Research (General),Math
                                                                         272 pages Quantitative/Statistal with Regression and Corr
By introducing the reader to regression analysis through a ANALYSIS TOMORROWapproach, this book takes a fresh look at ap
                      PART statistical tests including selecting the appropriate test and the skills needed to interpret results, an
                                                                         432 pages Quantitative/Statistal Research (General),Math
Teaching students about ONE: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS \ Introduction to Statistics \ Definitions \ Frequency Distributions this
                      PART ONE: METHODS \ Christine Griffin & Andrew Bengry-Howell Ethnography coverageKagan, Mark Bur
                                                                         664 pages Research systematic Carolyn of the qualitativ
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology provides comprehensive andMethods in\ Psychology,Qualitative Re
                      PART ONE: DESIGN AND of quantitative methods in Causal Inference in Randomized and Non-randomized
                                                                         800 psychology. Each chapter covers a methodological to
This Handbook provides a unified treatmentINFERENCE \ Michael Sobelpages Research Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/
                      PART I. RESEARCH METHODS EXERCISES \ this 96 pages manual gives studentsPsychology,Study Skills in
                                                                          robust lab Research Methods in hands-on guidance and p
Packed full of useful exercises, checklists and how-to sections,Knowledge Exercise: What Do We Know and How Do We Know
                      PART ONE: a step-by-step explanation of how to design, START and present in Psychology,Study Skills in
                                                                         352 pages Research Methods research in psychology. Ear
This introductory text providesOVERVIEW OF THE RESEARCH PROCESS FROMconductTO FINISH \ Psychological Research: The
                      Introduction Designing Psychology Research Seriespages Crital methods. It provides concise coverage of
                                        Critical Thinking A Learning Matters publication\ Psychology,Psychology (General),Researc
                                                          in Psychology Studies \ Ethics
This accessible introductory text\addresses the core knowledge domain of researchLevels of Measurement \ Experimental De
                      Introduction \ Assessing Your... Psychology Matters pages learning andin Psychology,Research Succeed in
                                        Test Yourself Interest, provides essential Study
                                                          A Learning Series and Confidence \ practice through assessment for p
Test Yourself: Research Methods and Design in PsychologyCompetencepublication SkillsTips for Success: How to Methods in
                      Jonathan A Smith Introduction \ Peter Ashworth Conceptual Foundations of readers a step-by-step \ Ame
                                                                         288 pages Research Methods in Psychology
Covering all the main qualitative approaches now used in psychology, the Second Edition offers Qualitative Psychology guide
                       use "accessible" and "phenomenology" in the same sentence, but reading the new book, Interpretative P
                                                                         232 pages Qualitative Research (General),Research Metho
'It is not often I canPART ONE: DOING IPA: Theory and Method \ The Theoretical Foundations of IPA \ Planning an IPA Researc
                      Michael Forrester Introduction: This Book and How pages It \ PART Methods in Psychology,Qualitative w
                                                                         280 Psychology is more a 'how-to-do-it' RESEARCH QUES
Not just another research methods book, Doing Qualitative Research into Use Research ONE: FORMULATINGmanual, linked Re
                      Introduction and Aims of the Book \ Coming up232 pages Research Methods leads readers step-by-step
                                                                          with a Research is unique \ Planning and Ethics \ Managin
While there are a number of books on qualitative psychological research, this book Question as it in Psychology,Qualitative Re
                       VOLUME ONE: major influential publications in psychological assessment overin Psychology
                                        INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT \ Linda pagesResearch Donald the last Intelligence: serv
This collection brings together the SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology1872Gottfredson andMethodsSaklofske 20-30 years toFoun
                       cadre of in the Right Way \ 2. Maximizing Success pages Psychology (General),Study advice Psychology
                                                                         344 in Your Graduate Training \ 3. Setting Your Path:á Begi
A carefully selected1. Settlingauthors, all authorities in their respective areas, offer effective strategies andSkills in that directl
                      The Varieties Mary Harrington shows Ethics \ Getting Started \ Basic Research Designs a topic, designing
                                                                         280 students how to Neuroscience,Research Methods in
Using engaging, disarming prose,of Scientific Experience \neurosciencepages Behavioralgo about selecting \ Controlling Extra
                      Psychometrics and the of psychometric issues such Measurement: reliability, this textbook introduces psy
                                                                         368 as validity and Observable Behavior and Unobservabl
Focusing on the conceptual understandingImportance of Psychological pages Psychometrs
                      Research Strategies and most frequently cited 1056 pagesResearch Methods the most respected authors
                                                                          books in the field from one of in Psychology,Research Met
Highly anticipated new edition of one of thethe Control of Nuisance Variables \ Experimental Designs: An Overview \ Fundam
                      James T. Austin, Frederick T. L. entire research process, this book \ Douglas A. Psychology
                                                                          Research Research Methods efficiently equips advanced
A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to theIntroduction \ I.536 pages Planning quickly and inHershey, Joy M. Jacobs-Law
                      Introduction \ From Words to Models: models a Toolkit Basic Parameter:aEstimation about how model
                                                                          in psychology and provides clear idea Techniques \ Max
This book introduces the principles of using computationalBuilding 376 pages\ Cognitive Psychology (General),Research Meth
                      An Introduction to Research \ Evaluation \ Literature Review and Focusing the Research \ Experimental a
                                                                         552 pages Educational Research Methods,Research Meth
Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods and accompanied by a companion website, Donna Mertens carefully exp
                                                                         0 pages      Research Methods in Psychology,Research Met
This text provides a concrete roadmap for the design and implementation of experiments using human participants. It covers
                      PART ONE:OVERVIEW OF PSYCHOLOGICAL introduction Are field of psychological testing. Psychology
                                                                         632 \ What the Psychological Tests?: Why Should You Care
The Third Edition provides students with a clear and accessibleTESTING pagestoPsychometrs,Research Methods inThe primary
                      PART of writing in APA Style v. Format: this It224 guide StudyAudience and Why It Should Matter to Yo
                                                                          Matters to Your Skills in Psychology,Research Methods in
Demystifying the processONE: OVERVIEW \style and format,Why handypages presents precise examples (both writing examp
                      Introduction \ Resolving and engaging vignettes to pages \Ethal & Legal Issues inStandard \ Human Rela
                                                                         568 draw Competence: Ethical Psychology,Study Skills in
With full coverage of the APA code of ethicsEthical Issues: Ethical Standard 1 students into the material, Ethics2for Psychologis
                      C. Neil Macrae Revisiting the Sovereignty of Social Cognition: Finally Some Action \ Keith Payne over the
                                                                         592 pages Social Cognition,Psychology (General),Cognitive
The SAGE Handbook of Social Cognition is a landmark volume. Edited by two of the field's most eminent academicsControl, Ap
                      Preface Persuasion, persuasion theory An Advanced Daniel J O'Keefe Attitude \ Belief-Based of researchA
                                        Current Communication: and Functional Approaches to combines a discussion Models of
                                                                         384 pages Series
In this thorough and critical\treatment ofAttitudes and Actions \ research,TextCommunation and Media Studies (General),Adv
                      Introduction \ for interdisciplinary initiatives, and pages research is at the heart of many transdisciplina
                                                                          Identity Studies \ PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS \ Stephen Fro
Increasingly, identities are the siteMargaret Wetherell The Field of560identity Social Psychology (General),Cultural Theory,Soc
                      S. Alexander Haslam & a number of 'classic studies'pagesallSocial Studies in (General),History ofSteven J.
                                        Psychology: Revisiting the Introduction
                                                                         224 that students need to understand and \ Psycholo
The field of social psychology is defined byJoanne R. Smith AnClassic Studiesto ClassicPsychologySocial Psychology engage with
                      Introducing a huge surge of interest in Bodying Affect: Affective Psychology discover how people Figuring
                                                                         192 pages Scholars want to (General),Social Theory,Cultu
In recent years, there has been Affect: Lines of Argument \affect and emotion.Social Flows and Their Psychobiologicalare mov
                      Introduction \ Assessing Your... learning and practiceand Confidence \ in Psychology,Social Psychology (Ge
                                        Test Yourself Interest, Competencepages Study
                                                          A Learning Series
                                                                         144 through assessment for Success: How to Succeed It
Test Yourself: Social Psychology provides essential Psychology Matters publication SkillsTipsfor your psychology
                      Introduction \ Attitudes \ Attributions \ Stereotypes, Prejudice and Racism \with key chapters on understa
                                         text addresses A Learning Matters publication the subject, Social Influence: (General)
                                                          in core knowledge domains of
This introductory social psychologyCritical ThinkingthePsychology Seriespages Crital Psychology,Social PsychologyPersuasion \
                        an Self \ Attribution \ Social Cognition \ Attitudes \pages Processes \ Social(General) \ need an \ Interg
                                                                         472 Group in it. Psychology Influence
Social psychology isThe enormous discipline and it can be easy to get swampedSocial But does that mean you Prejudiceenormo
                                                                         504 pages Social Psychology (General),Applied Psychology
This student-friendly introduction to the field of applied social psychology focuses on understanding social and practical prob
                                                                         264 pages of prejudice attached to all
This wide-ranging textbook covers the cognitive and emotional underpinnings Social Psychology (General) forms of inequality
                      has been read critically and Psychology Program pages Social Psychology (General)
                                        SAGE Social put into context. A 336
                                                                         masterpiece' Geert Hofstede. Illustrating Psychology \ cu
'Every source cited PART ONE: ESTABLISHING THE FRAMEWORK \ Some Pressing-Questions for Cross-Cultural ways in whichIm
                      PART ONE: DESCRIBING PERSONALITY \ What Is336 pages textbooks or the rather advanced and Alternativ
                                        of personality in introductory psychology Personality
Unlike the often cursory treatmentSAGE Foundations of Psychology Personality? \ Trait Psychology \ Challenges nature of con
                      Introduction \ Designing Study of Methods Measures \ Personality Psychology
                                       The social and personality psychologists in Research Methods in Psychology,Research Met
                                                                          Social and their research. This volume Analyses of Diary
Diary methods is a key method used bySAGEaLibrary \ Diary-Levelin 168 pages Data Preparation \ Multilevelbegins with a ration
                       Social and Personality Psychology System: provides and Personality Interpreting an understanding of t
                                       The SAGE Nervous Methods in 128 pages Social Psychology (General),Research Methods
                                                                          Social Quantifying researchers with
The SAGE Library inIntroduction \ AutonomicLibrary ofMethodsObtaining,students and andPsychology Peripheral Physiologic
                      Introduction \ Core Principles, Best Methods in 160 Overview of Psychology (General),ResearchFormats a
                                       foundations in scale construction and psychometrics for producers \ Response Methods
                                                                          Social and Social Scale Construction
Providing conceptual and practical The SAGE Library of Practices and anpages Personality Psychology and consumers of socia
                      Introduction and socialAssessment Methods in 96 pages \ The ImplicitPsychology Test \ The Flexibility in
                                       Implicit scientists, \ EvaluativeSocial and Personality Association
                                                                            Priming investigating core psychological constructs of
Increasingly used by behaviouralto The SAGE Library ofimplicit measures affordSocial Psychology (General),Research Methodsw
                      Background Model Specification \ Methods inand Fitand Research Methods in Psychology,Research Met
                                       The SAGE Library of Estimation 120 pages (SEM) withPsychology on Interpretation \ M
                                                                          Social \ Modification, an emphasis
This book offers a non-technical\presentation of structural equation modelingPersonality Presentation andapplications in soci
                       with a rationale for SAGE Library of Methods Models: and Personality Psychology Coefficient Models: Som
                                       The multilevel modeling (MLM),Social Basics to discuss different Psychology,Research as c
                                                                            and goes Research Methods in
This volume begins Introduction \ Multilevel Random Coefficient in 120 pages on \ Multilevel Randomaspects of MLM suchMet
                       Methods in Social and Personality for Social in 656 pages Personality Psychologyavailable individually) pro
                                       The SAGE Library of Methods and Personality of fiveMethods in Furr Scale Construction
                                                                          Social and Research books (also
The SAGE Library ofJohn B Nezlek Multilevel Modeling Psychology is a new seriesPsychology \ Mike Psychology,Social Psychoa
                       scope of the Theoretical and Cognitive Psychology Perspectives \ PART readings with aTHEORY \ W of c
                                       SAGE Benchmarks in this collection pagesSocial Psychology EMOTION
Covering the entireVolume One: psychology of emotion,Psychology2104contains benchmarkONE:of EmotionscombinationJame
                      Acknowledgements Series editor's introduction individual differences: the history, philosophy and metho
                                       Critical Thinking A Learning Matters Individual differences: aims, methods
                                                         in of variation in \ publication
This accessible introductory text covers \core domainsPsychology Seriespages Crital Psychology,Personality and ethics \ Pers
                       VOLUME ONE: SAGE Library in AND SELF-ESTEEM \ most important contributions and Clarity of the Self-(
                                       SELF-CONCEPT Social Psychology     1648 pagesSocial Psychology (General),The Self,Sociology
This four-volume collection brings together a diverse assortment of theJennifer Campbell Self-Esteemin this area and include
                      Introduction \ Assessing Your... Psychology Matters pages Study SkillsTipsthrough assessment for
                                       Test Yourself Interest, Competence learning and
                                                         A Learning Series and Confidence \ in for Success: How to Succeed in
Test Yourself: Personality and Individual Differences provides essentialpublication practicePsychology,Personality psycholo
                        up from 1: GENERAL PRINCIPLES \ J.Psychology
                                       SAGE Library in Social A. Barg Psychology , published in 2002 to set out and explain the se
                                                                          2136 L. Chartrand The Unbearable Automaticity of Being \
This collection picksVOLUME Michael Hogg's influential set, Socialand T. pagesSocial Psychology (General),Marketing (Genera
                       VOLUME ONE: ATTITUDE CONTENT, This innovative pagesSocial provides the most PART ONE: WHAT AR
                                        of social psychology. Psychology  1968 publication Psychology (General),Attitudes
'The attitude concept is at the coreSAGE Library in Social STRUCTURE, FUNCTION AND MEASUREMENT \comprehensive collect
                                       THEORETICAL Social research that pagesInterpersonal Relations,Close Relationships,Fam
The field of close relationships produces Library indiverse Psychology can be daunting to access. Psychology of Close Relatio
                      Paul A. M. Van Lange,SocialW. comprehensive 568 pages ofTheories ofdevelopments
                                       SAGE Arie Psychology ProgramTory Higgins the major Social Psychology: An Introductio
This innovative two-volume Handbook provides aKruglanski and E.exploration Social Psychology (General) of social psycholog
                      Walter Mischel SAGE Social Psychology ProgramSwann, Jr Social Psychology (General) of S. Dweck Implici
                                       Self-Control a comprehensive exploration of the major developments
This innovative two-volume Handbook providesTheory \ William B.568 pages Self-Verification Theory \ Carol social psycholog
                      PART ONE: exciting overview APPROACHES \ Mark pages Interpersonal Communation,Relationships,Inte
                                                                          800 L. Knapp & John A. Daly Background and and postgrad
This clear, comprehensive and BASIC ISSUES ANDof the field of interpersonal communication offers researchers Current Trend
                      L. J. interdisciplinary approach, Dillard Affect and Persuasion interest toCrano Anti-Drug Campaigns \ Lij
                                                                           that will be of \ William psychologists (General)
This Handbook takes anShrum Advertising \ James covering issues896 pages Persuasion,Social Psychologyand public health p
                      PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF THE on the John F research, al Social Psychology (General),Polital Theory &The
                                                                          672 pages Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination: Th
This Handbook provides comprehensive coverage TOPIC \state of Dovidio etcritical analysis and promising avenues for further
                      Old and , noted human relationship scholar What Do Relationships Do , integratesBrisk Look at Research a
                                                                           professor, Steve Duck for You? A diverse systems of Rela
In Rethinking Relationships New Ways of Seeing Relationships: and232 pages Interpersonal Communation,Interpersonal thou
                      Cognitive Processes in Relationships: Accounts Approach and Avoidance Orientations Attribution Processe
                                                                          1904 everyday existence and are of deep interest to stude
Our relationships with other people influence virtually all aspects of our pagesCultural Studies (General),Gender & Sexuality S
                       psychology was a Daniel J. Christie \Jonathan Schooler, Daniel J.Psychology (General) Lange, a few J.
                                                                          /f0011248 pages Christie bent A.M. Van
Not long ago, socialJonathan Schooler,small field consisting of creative, energetic researchers \Paulon trying to studyDaniel ve
                      Action research Affirmative from across the spectrum, from group phenomena to phenomena influenced
                                                                          1048 pagesSocial Psychology (General),Interpersonal Relat
This two-volume encyclopedia covers concepts Action Ageism Allport, Gordon Ambivalent Sexism Anticonformity Anti-Semitis
                      Defining abnormal behaviour \ psychology for undergraduate Models of Abnormal Behaviour \ Psycholog
                                                                          360 pages Abnormal Psychology
Presenting a thorough understanding of abnormal Defining Abnormal Behaviour \students, this text focuses on the integratio
                      Defining written in an academic yet accessible 568 pagesSecond Psychology (General),Counselling and Psy
                                                                          style, the Clinal Edition of Clinical Psychology covers all s
Updated and expanded, andClinical Psychology \ Evolution of Clinical Psychology \ Current Controversies in Clinical Psycholog
                      Introduction \ Psychosocial and Critical Models 232 relatedHealth Psychology,Clinal Psychology and and h
                                                                          of Health, to health, illness and disability in clinical Chang
Giving a clear and thought-provoking introduction to the critical issues pages Illness and Disability \ Understanding (General),S
                                                                           of pages Health Psychology
Childhood Health Psychology is the first text dedicated to the topic288health psychology as it applies to children and adolesce
                      An Introduction to the Research and accessible ONE: AN on understanding THE RESEARCH health scienc
                                                                            textbook Nursing Research,Health Research Methods,Pu
Statistics for the Health Sciences is a highly readableProcess \ PART584 pagesINTRODUCTION TOstatistics for the PROCESS \ O
                                                                          312 field Health Psychology,Clinal Psychology (General),N
This student-friendly textbook gives a clear overview of this fascinatingpagesand a thorough introduction to the range of theo
                                                                          280 pages approaches from a range of disciplines, it trace
This is a truly multidisciplinary overview of the field. Accommodating differentHealth Psychology,Clinal Psychology (General),A
                       this ONE: HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY IN CONTEXT 616 pages Health Psychology,Publ Health essential for He
                                                                          \ Health and revised An Introduction \ The Macro-Social En
The Third Edition ofPARTbestselling textbook has been thoroughly updated Psychology: to make it even more Nursing,Publ cou
                      The Mind-Body Connection Changing Conceptualisations of Mind and to the Emerging Disciplines Psycho
                                                                          256 pages Psychobiology,Health Psychology,Health \ Sum
Psychobiological Processes in Health and Illness\is an accessible and engaging introduction Body \interrelationships between
                      Psychology and Medicine: covers all the psychology What Health Psychology,Biologal/Physiologal Psychol
                                                                          552 the reader needs to is psychology important? medic
This first-of-its-kind, comprehensive textbook Psychology and medicinepages is health? Whyknow as an undergraduateDiffere
                                                                          1008 pagesSocial Problems,Drug Related Crime,Drugs & re
In 1971, President Richard M Nixon declared drugs 'public enemy number one' and waged the 'war on drugs' after tests on Be
                      PART ONE: MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL DISORDER IN SOCIAL CONTEXT \ Editors' Introduction \ study,
                                                                          568 pages Mental Health,Other Health Specialties,Nursing
This landmark volume integrates the conceptual, empirical and evidence-based threads of mental health as an area ofAngus C
                      PART ONE: MENTAL HEALTHan extensive
                                       SAGE there AND MENTAL-HEALTH PROBLEMS \ Mental Health \some that are unexpecte
                                                                          of concepts presented (including Psychiatric Diagnosis \ P
'This book wins on two levels: not only isKey Concepts seriesrange 216 pages Psychiatr Nursing,Counselling Psychology,Psych
                                                                          680 pages health and and Aging 250 entries and relevant
This encyclopedia presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts onHealth Care aging. The (General),Gerontology,H
                      PART ONE: CASE FORMULATION: The Case of Terry pages Child child psychopathologies, and Adolescen
                                                                          384 and treating Formulation From Five Different Perspec
Providing an abundance of realistic cases illustrating issues in assessingHogan \ CasePsychopathology,Childrenthis casebook p
                      Stress, Coping and Health: A Conceptual Overview \pages Stress Management,Health their relevance to re
                                                                          624 Theories of Stress      health and Psychology / Behav
This is the first comprehensive handbook to examine the various models of stress, coping and Relationship to Health (Update
                                        research, on an international stage, pagesClinal Psychology (General)
Clinical psychology is a vast area ofSAGE Benchmarks in Psychology3328fundamentally addressing psychological problems or d
                                        research, on an international stage, pagesClinal Psychology (General)
Clinical psychology is a vast area ofSAGE Benchmarks in Psychology1664fundamentally addressing psychological problems or d
                                        research, on an international stage, pagesClinal Psychology (General)
Clinical psychology is a vast area ofSAGE Benchmarks in Psychology1664fundamentally addressing psychological problems or d
                      PART ONE: INTRODUCTION, THEORIES AND METHODS \ Principles of Developmental Psychology \ Theorie
                                       SAGE Foundations of Psychology series
                                                                          child development. It presents contemporary evidence in a
'This excellent book provides comprehensive coverage of topics in 424 pages Developmental Psychology (General),Child Dev
                      Issues and adolescent development seems to be an easy one in Development,Adolescence,Developmenta
                                                                          704 pages How which Study Children and Adolescents? \
Although the field of childin Child Development \ Theories of Development \ Child Do We to provide active learning opportun
                      Alan studies in Psychology: Revisiting the ClassicaStudies showing not onlyPsychologyshaped the Roger Ko
                                       Developmental Psychology with toview to Developmental how they (General),Cognitive
This book revisits classic M. Slater & Paul C. Quinn An Introduction240 pages Studies in Developmental Psychology \ field, but
                      Introduction \ Youth Mentoring in Contemporary PerspectiveScience ONE: FRAMEWORKS AND FOUNDA
                                       The SAGE is a state-of-the art Developmental \ PART
                                                                          600 pages Adolescence,Youth Work,Working with of best
The definitive Handbook of Youth MentoringProgram on Applied compilation of the research, practice and applicationParents
                    Introduction \ The Working& Explanations in How Development
                                       Discoveries Memory as a guide, thispages Developmental Psychology (General),Education
                                                                         384 Working provides a clear comparison of Memory and
Using the highly influential working memory framework Model \ Child Is textbook Memory Measured? \ Working the memory
                     latest thinking and research of how Language \ Can their Developmental Psychologytaken from a standin
                                                                         344 pages first language, readers are (General),Early Chil
Presented with the Landmarks in the Landscape on Child children acquireAnimals Acquire Human Language? Shakespeare's Ty
                    Series as the development \ attachment, Matters publication Psychology,DevelopmentalDevelopment,
                                       Critical Thinking A Learning social relations, Crital
                                                         in Psychology Seriespages cognitive Psychology \ Prenatal Psychology (G
Covering core topics such Editor's Introduction ofThemes and Theories in Developmentaland language development, and socia
                    Introduction \ Assessing Your... A Learning Series and practice SkillsTips for Success: How to Succeed in
                                       Test Yourself Interest, Competencepages Study
                                                         essential learning and Confidence \ assessment for psychology student
Test Yourself: Developmental Psychology provides Psychology Matters publication throughin Psychology,Developmental Psych
                    PART changes that have taken place in our knowledge and Clinal Psychology (General),Child Psychiatry,Ear
                                                                         592 pages understanding of developmental disorders, thi
Reflecting the enormous ONE: OVERVIEW \ Patricia Howlin, Tony Charman and Mohammad Ghaziuddin Introduction \ PART
                     volume which does AUTISM? \ The Subtypes Modelsubject covered, without being over-long Spectrum M
                                                                          the of Autism: Development,Autism,Special & alienating
'A most impressive PART ONE: WHAT IS justice to the complexity of424 pages ChildConcept and Definitions \ The or Inclusive E
                    Introduction and look at the cognitive abilities of infants, and Research children \ Infancy: Perception an
                                                                         536 pages Cognitive Development,Developmental Psycho
Cognitive Development is a dynamic Overview \ Major Theories, Frameworkspre-schoolers, Methodsand adolescents. It weav
                    With Kim-Phuong L Vu Historical Overview of Research on Attention : The Philosophical Period The Perio
                                                                         488 pages Attention
'The book is well-organized and comprehensive in covering the essential material. The inclusion of human factors material is
                    Thinking and Deciding \ the basic principles of 392 \ A General Framework for Judgment The Fundamen
                                                                          rationality Judgment behaviour in making
In the Second Edition , the authors compareWhat Is Decision-Making? pages with actual& Decision Making \decisions. The
                     addresses the core knowledge domain of to Cognitive Psychology \ focused and Reasoning Learning an
                                       Critical Thinking A Learning Matters pages Neuro-psychology,Cognitive Psychology (Gener
                                                         in Psychology Seriespsychology,
This accessible textSeries Editor's Introduction \ Introduction cognitivepublication withThinking coverage of the\central conc
                    Introduction \ Assessing Your... Psychology Matters pages Study assessment Success: How students. Itin
                                       Test Yourself Interest, Competence and Confidence \ in Psychology,Cognitive Succeed e
                                                         A Learning and136 practice through
Test Yourself: Cognitive Psychology provides essential learningSeries publication SkillsTips forfor psychologyto Psychology
                    Introduction: Exploring Inner Friedenberg and Gordon Silverman Is Cognitive Science? \ Representation
                                                                         544 pages Cognitive Psychology (General)
In this Second Edition of their landmark text, Jay Space \ A Brave New World \ Whatsurvey significant theoretical models of t
                    Introduction: Scope of Cognitive Psychology Core Concepts emotion PsychologyMethods \ Perception: Vis
                                                                         376 pages The Brain Research (General)
Integrating the latest developments in cognitive neuroscience, neuro-imaging,Cognitive and cognitive development, Ronald T
                    Introduction patients with memory disorders, the of Memory \ Working Memory Brain and the cognitiv
                                                                         504 pages the brain involved in memory,
Covering cognitive experiments, to the Study of Memory \ The Biologyareas ofMemory,Learning & the \ Episodic Memory \ Se
                    Abridged Contents: Absolute Pitch be affected 1280 Aftereffects Afterimage Ageingsuch Touch Ageing and
                                                                          by information from another sense, and as vision? How is
How can information from one sense, such as hearing,Action and Vision pagesPerception
                    VOLUME 1: CASES OFLibrary of fascinated cognitiveScoville Psychology
                                       SAGE MEMORY IMPAIRMENT \1744and neuropsychologists for decades Memory after gen
                                                                          W. pagesMemory,Psychology Recent and spawned Bila
Our capacity to store and retrieve information has Cognitive and Experimental and B. Milner Loss of(General)
                     VOLUME ONE: SAGE Library of CognitiveB. Barlow Single Units and Sensation: A from recent influential r
                                        in the SENSATION \ H. and Experimental Psychology Perception
                                                                         1680 pagesSensation &
Bringing together the major papersVISUALfield of perception, this collection includes articles rangingneuron doctrine for perc
                     VOLUME 1 psycholinguistics, isCognitive and Experimental Psychology field. This six-volume Psychology (G
                                       SAGE Library of a vast, fascinating and rapidly growing
                                                                         2528 and Meredith Shafto Aging and Language Productio
The psychology of language, or \ Part One: Production \ Deborah BurkepagesLanguage Development,Cognitive collection pro
                    Volume One: Perception by one ofin Psychology2602cognitive \ D H Hubel and T N Wiesel influential cla
                                       together - Object Europe's leading pagesCognitive Psychology upon highly
This major work has been brought SAGE BenchmarksRecognition - Categorizationscientists. Drawing (General) Receptive Fields
                    VOLUME 1: major works ATTENTION \ AAttention in pagesPsychology (General)
                                       SAGE OF on attention, including both classics50 Years
                                                                         1504 the First in the field and influential James Attention
This four-volume set covers theTHEORIESLibrary of Cognitive and Experimental Psychologyof Psychology \ W.recent studies. Ke
                    VOLUME 1: FOUNDATIONS \ Nick classic Half ExperimentalJudgment and Decision Making Research A. R
                                       SAGE Library the Chater and A1624 field of the past (General),Judgment & Decision his
                                                                          Century of Psychology
Judgement and Decision Making brings togetherof Cognitiveworks in thepagesPsychology50 years, both setting the field\inMak
                    PART ONE: NEURONS, NEUROTRANSMISSION AND COMMUNICATION \ with a solid grasp of the relationshi
                                                                         332 provides students How the Nervous System is Organi
Drawing on the latest exciting research, this clear and concise textbookpages Biologal/Physiologal Psychology (General),Beha
                     addresses the core knowledge domain of biologicalpublication with focused coverage and PainPsycholo
                                       Critical Thinking A Learning Matters pages Crital Psychology,Biologal/Physiologal \ Sensor
                                                         in Psychology Series psychology,
This accessible textIntroduction \ The Nervous System \ The Brain \ Sensory Systems I: Touch, Temperatureof the central conc
                    Introduction \ Assessing Your... Psychology Matters pagesthrough assessment Success: How students. in P
                                       Test Yourself Interest, Competence and Confidence \ in Psychology,Biologal/Physiologal
                                                         A Learning and practice Study
Test Yourself: Biological Psychology provides essential learningSeries publication SkillsTips for for psychologyto SucceedIt e
                    What Is Biopsychology? \ Communication within the Nervous the latest that biological psychology has to
                                                                         640 pages Biologal/Physiologal Psychology (General),Psyc
This engaging introduction to the field captures student interest and then teachesSystem \ The Functions of the Nervous Sys
                    What Is Biopsychology? \ Study Guide offers additional review and practice to help students Functions th
                                                                         400 pages Biologal/Physiologal Psychology (General),Psyc
Prepared by Beth Powell (Smith College), thisCommunication Within the Nervous System \ The Organization and succeed inof
                    Darwin's Argument and Three Problems: core theories, approaches andPsychology are the necessary fo
                                                                         280 pages Evolutionary findings that
Essential Evolutionary Psychology introduces students to theHeritability, Sexual Selection and Altruism \ What Is Evolutionary
                    PART ONE: INTRODUCTION concerning the manner in which human Evolutionary Perspective \ What evolv
                                                                          \ Introduction to an mind, behaviour and experience is Ev
This book brings together current perspectives AND BACKGROUND512 pages Evolutionary Psychology,Behavioral Neuroscien
                     VOLUME ONE: provides a set AND HISTORICAL ISSUES \ A. proved to be popular, influential and enduring,
                                       CONCEPTUAL of original sources that have Hughes Bennett
Neuropsychology , Six-Volume Set SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology2088 pagesNeuro-psychologyCases of Cerebral Tumour: Sy
                    PART new edition, with 11 Radford Applying Psychology \~Cl 978-0-85702-834-1~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-857
                                                                         264 pages Brian Clifford Research: The Ubiquitous Han
In this thoroughly revisedONE: CONTEXT \ Johnnew chapters and substantial updatesRto all others, Rowan Bayne and Gordon
                     opened, the discipline of METHODS \ Rom to be separating into two radically distinct domains. Qualita
                                                                         320 and Fathali Moghaddam Psychoneurology: The Progra
As the 21st centuryPART ONE: PRICIPLES ANDpsychology seemedHarrÚpages Psychology (General),Social Psychology (Genera
                    PART ONE: LOOKING AT psychology that covers topics such as hope, courage, altruism and more, the Psyc
                                                                         POSITIVE Social Psychology (General),Organizational Seco
Updated with the latest research in positivePSYCHOLOGY FROM A 616 pagesPERSPECTIVE \ Welcome to Positive Psychology \
                    PART ONE: WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT HUMAN BEINGS: THE Psychology (General)
                                                                         472 more FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN PSYCHOLOGY \ M
'Banyard and co have produced a highly enjoyable book that will be farpages palatable than many of its competitors' -. Patric
                    PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ of forensic psychology. While students most often associate forensic psycho
                                                                         576 pages Forens Psychology,Forens TWO: POLICE AND I
This book offers a broad introduction to the fieldForensic Psychology: Introduction and Overview \ PARTScience,Criminal Just
                    PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ that DeMatteo, Geoffrey research Psychology,Criminal Juste,Forens Scienc
                                                                         344 pages Forens in police and correctional psychology, th
This text is a dynamic forensic psychology readerDavidprovides cutting-edgeMarczyk, Daniel A Krauss and Jeffrey Burl Educatio
                     Edition : -Six new chapters for coverage of all essential topics, including: individuals, teams
                                                                         720 \ Managing Individuals \ Managing Teams groups, hu
New to the Second PART ONE: MANAGING PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONSpages Organization Studies (General) andand Groups
                    PART respected academic this book includes the psychological and social issues that students cover on the
                                                                         344 pages Consumer Marketing
Written by a trusted and ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Ideas and Explanations in Consumer Research \ PART TWO: CONSUMPTION P
                    PART ONE: INTRODUCINGConcepts series
                                       SAGE Key SPORT PSYCHOLOGY 232 pages Sociology teachers and researchers; each one d
                                                                         \ The History of Sport Psychology \ Practising Sport Psycho
The concise and authoritative entries in this volume have been selected by experienced of Sport,Sports Psychology,Sports Stu
                    PART ONE: CHARACTERISTICS OF TEAMS \ Understanding Group \ Defining Team Success \ quite simply,
                                                                          that underpin teamwork that will help them, PART TWO: P
The guide to improving readers' knowledge of the group dynamics 392 pages Teams Processes/Dynams,Occupational/Industr
                      it is a discussion of nationhood, Stephen Konieczka \Annettepopular culture, identity is Fritz \Oyvind Ihlen
                                                                         /f0011000 or Holba \Craig Maier \Janie a mainstay in eve
No matter whetherRichard Lanigan \Lawrence Frey, race, family, adolescence pages Psychology (General),Cultural Theory,Soc
                                                                         720 pages International edition of the original, highly reg
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism , Second Edition is a thoroughly updated and expandedRelations (General),Criminology (G
                                                                         1664 pagesCultural Studies (General),Consumer Psycholog
The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture covers consuming societies around the world, from the Age of Enlighten
                      the psychological constructs of Context \ Predatorpages Forens Psychology,Forens Science of this Booka
                                                                         288 \ lifestyle and includes topics such as psychopathy,
This book examinesUnderstanding Crime The Prime crime and the criminalCrime \ In Context \ The Organization & Investigati
                    P. Smith and D. SAGEIntroduction \ VOLUME ONE: particular emphasis(General),Cultural Studies (General)
                                       Best Benchmarks in Psychology1592 pagesPsychology on those areas in which the Towar
This four-volume set spans all areas of cross-cultural psychology, withBASIC ISSUES \ Theory and Method \ R.P. Rohneracclaim
                       by necessity, SAGE LibraryTRAINING AND PERFORMANCE \ PART ONE: AN on all subdisciplines of OF PS
                                       SELECTION, of Military and Strategic Studies hand, it draws Studies,Polital Psychology,Ap
                                                                         1496 the one
Military psychology,VOLUME ONE:is a heterogeneous field of inquiry. OnpagesMilitary & StrategHISTORICAL OVERVIEWpsycho
                     VOLUME ONE: SAGE Benchmarks in psychologyCRIME \ R. Akers Rationalof
                                       PSYCHOLOGICAL ACCOUNTS OF is rapidly increasing. One Choice, Deterrence, and Social
Around the world, the popularity and impact of forensicPsychology1512 pagesForens Psychologythe most active applied disci
                      is an interdisciplinary field in which psychological concepts and methods are used to Psychology (General
                                       SAGE Library of Political Science1656 pagesPolital Psychology,Applied test Harold about e
Political psychology VOLUME 1: THEORETICAL APPROACHES \ Introductory Essay \ Psychodynamic Theory \ theoriesD. Lassw
                       Understanding with a multinational \ Early Psychological Historydynamism of the during of psychology.
                                                                          book conveys the of \ Psychology
A contemporary and engaging textPsychology's History focus, this 560 pages Knowledge Psychology scienceMid-Millennium
                       PART ONE: CRITICAL OVERVIEWS \ for scholars496 pages Crital and Stephanie Austin analysis of comple
                                                                           interested in a sociopolitical
'An excellent book in all respects - compulsory readingDennis Fox, Isaac PrilleltenskyPsychology contextualCritical Psychology
                       Social overview of Revolution is now markedly more accessible. It and the Good \ Horizons ofMethodsI
                                                                           Constructing the Psychology (General),Research Human
'Remains an authoritativeConstruction:the field, butin the Making \ 200 pages Social Realwill be invaluable to students and sch
                        CLASSICS \ VOLUMEBenchmarks in Psychology3328 pagesPsychologal Theory & Systemsreading in theore
                                        SAGE ONE: four-volume OF to cover both the classic and \ Henderikus (General)
This Eight-Volume Set brings together the two THE ORIGINS setsA THEORETICAL PSYCHOLOGY contemporaryStam Introductio
                        VOLUME in theoretical psychology Psychology1616 pagesPsychologal Theory &authoritative and groundb
                                        THE ORIGINS OF A THEORETICAL PSYCHOLOGY \ collection is an Systems (General)
Covering foundational works ONE: SAGE Benchmarks inup to 1980, this four-volume Henderikus Stam Introduction \ PART O
                        VOLUME ONE: SAGE BenchmarksTHEORETICAL PSYCHOLOGY \ Henderikus StamSystems (General) enqu
                                        CONTEMPORARY in Psychology1848 pagesPsychologal Theory & legitimate form of
This four-volume collection picks up the story of theoretical psychology in the 1980s, as it becomes a Introduction \ PART ON
                       Our Brain's Post-It-Note \ memory can lead to significant Reading & InclusiveMathematical Disorder Psych
                                                                         136 pages Special Disorder \ Education,Educational \ Dys
Developing and improving children's working Diagnosing Working Memory \ improvements in their achievements at school a
                       What Is Working Memory? \ Working Memory 144 pages Special & Inclusive uses theory to inform good
                                                                          in Childhood \ Working Memory and Learning \ Children w
This coherent overview of the role played by working memory in learning during the school yearsEducation,Educational Psych
                       Preface \ History a thoroughly updated Maltreatment \ The Study of and Maltreatment: Theoretical an
                                                                         432 pages first textbook for undergraduate students and
Child Maltreatment, Third Edition , isand Definitions of Childnew edition of theCounselling ChildPsychotherapy (General),Deve
                       What is Psychology? \ The range of current and Self-Esteem Enhancement through Educational Practice \
                                                                         192 pages Educational Psychology,Classroom Managemen
Psychology can be applied to understanding a Self, Self-Esteem,issues and topics in teaching and educational practice. Starting
                        SECTION 1: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT \ Neil Thought pagesEducational journals to pull\together a collectio
                                        SAGE Library of Educational education and psychology Performance Elton Mcneil Viole
                                                                         2064 Aging and
Neil J Salkind has mined the rich and extensive backlist of SAGECharness& Practice HumanPsychology,Applied Psychology (Ge
                       James H Berry Forward: What the Book Is About learning Learningbrings new research results and applica
                                                         A Corwin Publication
                                                                         272 pages process Styles,Currulum Educators and the Re
This updated edition of the extraordinary book on This brain's natural Why Study the Brain? ExperiencedDevelopment,Learnin
                       leading source of \ Notes on Contributors covers national and Introduction \ PART ONE: OVERVIEWS OF
                                                                         568 pages Mentoring,Coaching,Professional Growth & De
This Handbook is a About the Editors ideas and information. It \ Editorial Advisors \international research on schools, higher e
                        theory, research about \ An Overview of Self-Esteem Theory and techniques that Model of Self-Esteem
                                                                         192 pages Resilience & Self-Esteem,Student Engagement
Using insights from What This Book Isand classroom practice, it provides strategies \ A Two-Dimensionalwill enhance the confi
                       Introduction approaches COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL APPROACHES \ A: Applied Behaviour Analysis \ B: spec
                                                                         200 children, young people and adults on the autistic TEA
There are a number of different \ PART ONE: and therapies available forpages Autist Spectrum Disorders,Special & Inclusive E
                       Introduction \ Emotional Development \ Social 184 pages Early Childhood Education,Developmental Psyc
                                                                          Development \ Play, and this quality crucially depends upo
The importance of high-quality early childhood education is now universally recognized Development and Learning \ Memory
                        that ONE: a book that I should buy. On reading a selection of the chapters I Dimensions of EBD: buy -it. Ea
                                                                         464 pages et al Themes and Education,Social Work Chil
'At first glance I feltPART this is CONTEXT AND TERMINOLOGIES \ Peter Clough Special & Inclusiverealized that I must A Concep
                       Chemical Use History \ Honesty \ Step One \ Step pages\ Step Three Abuse Counselling,Counselling andP
                                                                         152 Two Substance Step Four \ Step Five \ Relapse e
This workbook is for clients in 12-step treatment programmes, providing a space for them\to write down their thoughts Psych
                       Honesty \ through the recovery process of gambling \ Step One adheres to a \ Step Two for Gamblers \
                                                                         168 pages Substance Abuse Counselling,Addtive Disorders
This workbook takes the client Gambling History \ Honesty for Gamblers addiction. Itfor Gamblers 12-step approach to treatm
                       Personality Disorders shows \ CBT in how to use cognitiveProcess of CBT: From (CBT) to treat Problems P
                                                                         168 pages behavioural therapy Symptoms to the full ran
This uniquely practical introductory guideor Not? trainees the Front-Line \ The Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and a
                       Michael J. Stephens Foreword \ across \ Senel Poyrazli &Counselling Thompson and includes interviews
                                                                         360 pages Chalmer of countries Introduction \ Ladislav
This timely examination of mental-health treatmentPrefacethe globe focuses on a rangeE. and Psychotherapy (General),Coun
                        one Theory, Development and Current Status 448-pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and P
                                                                          of Christine Padesky, Co-Author of CBT \ The Therapeuti
'If you can only buyBasicCBT book, this is the gem you are looking for'CBT \ Distinctive Characteristics of Collaborative Case Co
                       The Components of Editionin a concise
                                        Counselling is a in a Nutshell \ 128 pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling to P
                                                                          Bonds \ Views the most widely Counselling as a Process
Cognitive Therapy in a Nutshell, SecondCounsellingNutshell introduction to one of \ Goals \ Tasks \ practised approachesandco
                       assembled a distinguished group Therapies in Britain: The Historical Context and Present Situation their v
                                                                         304 pages Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Cogn
'Windy Dryden has Sarah Marks Cognitive Behaviour of CBT specialists who provide clear and well-written chapters on \ Frank
                       PART ONE: 'It is particularly STRUCTURE \ CBT: A Developing Mode in tables, making the a very Disabilit
                                                                         312 pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Learning easy-to-
Praise for the previous edition:CBT THEORY AND useful that main points are summarised \ Formulation: At this Heart of CBT
                       Mandy Drake and Mike Thomas Principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy \ work Drake Client Micha
                                                                         264 pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy
'This text is more than a cook book representation of CBT - it shows how some real-world creativeMandycan be done' -Presen
                       PART ONE: INTRODUCING generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) have been Introducing Generalized Anxiety
                                                                         160 pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and P
'Several evidence-based CBT programmes for CBT FOR GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDER (GAD) \ developed. This book provides an
                       intricacies of solution-focused theory, skills or practice? to the Third learn \ Brief Therapy \ Foundations
                                        Brief Therapies series              Preface Wanting to Edition
Struggling with the Harvey Ratner Foreword \ Alasdair J Macdonald192 pages Brief Therapy more about providing brief, prac
                       editions: 'With every edition Who Are gets better and Helpers? \ Creating Communication Skills and Feeli
                                                                         320 pages Counselling useful adjunct to introductory cou
Praise for previous PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ this book Counsellors and better. Always aSkills,Counselling Training,Counsell
                       PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Who concise and 208 pages Counsellingof counselling skills. Theory, skills an
                                                                          to-the-point summary and Psychotherapy (General),Coun
'This is a back-to-basics, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, Are Counsellors and Helpers? \ What Are Basic Counselling Skills? \ Help
                       Sheelagh Trainee Handbook the Scene \ Ray Woolfe Mapping Trainingthe significant changes that have ta
                                                                         400 to take account of Routes into Working as a Therapis
Now in its Third Edition , TheStrawbridge Settinghas been fully updatedpages Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Coun
                       The Person-Centred Approach: A Contemporary Review and Basic Centred\Counselling
                                        Counselling in Action series     264 pages Person Theory Recent Developments in Perso
'If new to counselling, this is a "must have". If wondering whether to invest in this edition when there is a already a copy of th
                       FOREWORD \ Mick Cooper in Action has been the leading Counselling andWhat Is Counselling? \ Sources
                                        highly acclaimed ONE: THE        280 pages Introduction \ Psychotherapy (General),Coun
Since it first appeared in 1993, thisCounselling PART textseries BACKGROUND \guide to counselling ethics. Its discussion of a w
                         and ONE: COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY INpages Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Schoo
                                                                         736 CONTEXT \ Colin shown What are Counselling and
'At about 700 pagesPARTwith contributions from more than 100 authors, the editors haveFelthamconsiderable skill, not to me
                        for a clear and comprehensive introduction to Gestalt counselling need look \ The Healthy work and Its
                                        Gestalt \ Fundamentals of        216 pages Gestalt Counselling
'The reader lookingIntroduction to Counselling in Action seriesthe Gestalt Approach to Therapy no further. This Cycle can be
                       Learning Counselling find \in book series
                                        Counselling Overview: Introducing the Integrative Skillsand Psychotherapy (General),Coun
                                                                         224 pages Counselling Model \ my teaching as well \ su
'As a counsellor, supervisor and trainer, ISkills thisActionsuch an excellent resource. It is invaluable inThe Foundation Skillsas Th
                       Graeme Flaherty-Jones and Stephen Weatherhead Principles of this book promises to be the trainee's key
                                                                         272 pages Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Ment
'A brave, well wrought and extremely valuable pr cis of the major talking therapies,Therapy \ Claire Robson Motivational Inter
                       Colin Feltham The Cultural Context of British Psychotherapy \ Alessandra Lemma Psychodynamic and Cou
                                                                         584 pages Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)
'An important book, not to be missed by any serious counselling student or practitioner' - British Journal of Guidance Therapy
                       Introduction: The be more of Research \ The Outcomes Counselling Research Methods,Counselling Psy
                                                                            has a wonderful ability and Psychotherapy \ Does Orienta
'The publication of this book couldn't Challengetimely. Mick Cooper256 pagesof Counsellingto write about complex things in a
                       PART suggested techniques that can Goals for328 workingChildren \ The of different ages' Relationship \
                                                                           Counselling with children Child-Counsellor - Robyn M Co
'Replete with a wealth ofONE: COUNSELLING CHILDREN \be used when pages Children and Adolescent Counselling,School Gill
                       PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE YOUNG PERSON \ theoretically sound Adolescent Counselling,Social tec
                                                                         320 The Children and and rich The Influence of Childho
'Providing an excellent introduction to counselling young people that ispagesNature of Adolescence \in delivering practicalWo
                       PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION TO PART multicultural approach which is demonstrated in (General),Coun
                                                                         776 Influences, Present Trends, and Future Challenges in C
Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy fully integrates a ONE \ Past pages Counselling and Psychotherapy practice throug
                       Introduction \ development of cognitive therapy.. this book will be invaluable reading for both beginning
                                                                         256 pages Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Cognitive Develop
                       Doing Counselling Research \ or interested in counselling research. I thoroughly Methods
                                                                         228 pages Counselling Research \ The Research Second
'This is a great starting point for anyone studying Reading the Literature: Placing Research in Contextrecommend the Process:E
                       What Is The thoroughly \ Basics Second Therapy ProfessionsBrief History of Psychoanalysis \ Psychoanal
                                        Short Introductions Psychoanalytic Theory Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Psych
                                                                         224 pages A
'The best simply got better.Psychoanalysis? updatedof to theEdition retains all\the powerful features of the first including its r
                        successfully \ Problem Focus and Case Conceptualization the most important Therapy,Counselling Oppo
                                                                         248 pages Therapeutic Relationship: Obstacles and Skills
'This practical bookIntroduction highlights what I would consider to be among\Cognitive/Behaviourand difficult issues that fac
                       PART ONE: a well thought-out introduction Who subject area of standard CBT. Model \ Levels of Cognitio
                                                                         240 pages from CBT? \ The CBT This text should be on th
'Simmons and Griffiths provideCBT: WHAT IS IT? \ What Is CBT? \to the BenefitsCognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Psychiatr Social W
                                                                      240 pages THEIR CONTEXT
                      Introduction \ PART ONE: KNOWLEDGE OF CHILDREN AND Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Children and\Ado         Par
                        updated to address in Counselling & Psychotherapy SeriesCounselling and Psychotherapy (General),Perso
                                        Framework \ Empathy \ Empathic Understanding \ Congruence \ Congruence in Practice
                                                                      216 pages
'A classic text - nowThe TheoreticalSkills some key developments and debates in the contemporary person-centred field. Acce
                      PART ONE: through the cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) Cognitive/Behaviour Depression the essentialin
                                                                      208 pages process, this book demonstrates and Anxiety s
Taking the reader step-by-stepINTRODUCTION \ Introduction \ Introducing CBT with Older People \Therapy
                      Some Very Important and focusing on the coreThings You Needthis text about Qualitative Research, befo
                                                                        commonalities, to Methods in Psychology,Qualitative Re
Sidestepping detailed theoretical debatesStarting Information \ 10 272 pages ResearchKnowprovides students with a toolkit o
                      Introduction \ Philosophical Assumptions \ Designing an Interview Study \ Carrying out Qualitative Intervie
                                                                       different forms. The qualitative (General),Interviewing,Re
Interviewing is used widely in qualitative research and takes many 256 pages Qualitative Researchinterview is also a method
                      PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THE and revised464 \ David even more Research (General)
                                                                        to pages Silverman accessible Qualitative Research \ P
This hugely successful textbook has been fully updated THIRD EDITIONmake it QualitativeIntroducingand comprehensive than
                       of Invitation toIntroducingTheory \ and bestsellingpages ~Cl 978-0-85702-913-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-857
                                        Grounded Qualitative Methods series on grounded theory retains the accessible and en
                                                                      224 text
The Second EditionAn Kathy Charmaz's groundbreakingGathering Rich Data \ Conducting Interviews for Grounded Theory Stu
                      PART ONE: student new to qualitative research. In this exciting and major update of his bestselling, bench
                                                                      520 RESEARCH \ What Research (General)
This is the perfect book for anyTHEORY AND METHOD IN QUALITATIVE pages Qualitative Is Qualitative Research?: In Search o
                      PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ How a Use This Book pages Qualitative Research (General),QualitativeRese
                                                                      472 \ What You Can (and CanÆt) Do ask Qualitative Tech
Written in a lively, accessible style, this book providesto step-by-step guide to all the questions studentswithwhen beginning t
                       extends coverage to regression models such Analysis? \ Examining Data \ limited-dependent-variable-m
                                                                      688 pages Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quan
The Second EditionPART ONE: DATA CRAFT \ What Is Regression as: generalized linear models;Transforming Data \ PART TWO
                      PART ONE: YIPPEE! and difficult subject in a way that is informative, personable and clear. In the Fourth Ed
                                                                      472 pages Quantitative/Statistal Research (General),Resea
This text teaches an often intimidating I'M IN STATISTICS \ Statistics or Sadistics? It's up to You \ PART TWO: SIGMA FREUD A
                       Edition : @!twice as many chapter exercises. @!solutions provided to Review,in Psychology,Quantitative/
                                                                      632 pages Research Methods Vocabulary, and Symbols \
New to the Second PART ONE: PRELIMINARY INFORMATION: 'FIRST THINGS FIRST' \ Math the student for half of the exercises
                                                                      424 pages Research Methods in text will help students ge
This affordable student study guide and workbook to accompany Wendy Steinberg's Statistics Alive!Psychology,Quantitative/
                      PART for research design students and \ The Context think more about the planning and (General) rese
                                                                      296 pages Research Methods & Evaluation process of
'A wonderful opportunityONE: WHAT IS RESEARCH DESIGN?practitioners toof Design \ Tools for Research Design \ Causation a
                       of Diana Ridley's bestselling guideReview? The 208 pages Review At Different (PG),Literature Reviews,Res
                                       SAGE A Literature to the       Literature Literature step-by-step guide to Why Is It Impo
The Second EditionIntroduction: What IsStudy Skills Series literature review provides a Reviews Degree Levelsconducting a li
                      Introduction \ The Proposal: Readers, Expectations and FunctionsResearch Methods,Study research planni
                                                                      176 pages Social \ A General Framework Skills (General),
Keith F Punch's update of his indispensable guide includes: @! expanded sections covering research strategy, for Developing P
                       the Second Edition of Decoding BACKGROUND408 Code of includes Psychology: How Did We Get Here?
                                                                         A pages Ethal & Legal Issues 2010 American Psychologi
A special update of PART ONE: INTRODUCTION ANDthe Ethics Code,\this editionEthics for the latestin Psychology,Counselling E
                      The National Institutes of Heath and Biomedical Funding \ Mentoring and Collaborative Relationships \ Ty
                                                                      304 pages Health Psychology,Career Development,Health
Written by an author with proven success in obtaining NIH grants and in developing grant application workshops in university
                      a simple yet thorough introduction Methodology: The a research technique designed to capture the subje
                                                                      248 pages Research Methods (General),Research Method
This book provides PART ONE: THEORY \ Introducing Q to Q methodology, Inverted Factor Technique \ Theory & Q Methodolo
                      Overview \ Introduction \ Succeeding at university: pages steps toSkills (General),Studywith study to do
                                       SAGE Study Skills Series       472 quick Study success \ Places to Skills things
Essential Study Skills is a proven guide for every student wanting to achieve success at university. Packedgo and (UG) tips and\
                      Managing is a SAGE Study guide for any
                                       Writing Environment \ Fundamentals of student. Skills (General),Essays/Dissertations,Post
                                                                      264 pages Study If you seek to manage Academic Writing
Writing for Academic Success Yourvital practicalSkills Series postgraduateSolid Preparation \ Essentials of your writing effect
                      C Shon teachesSAGE Study Skills Trying to and graduate and Structural Writing Problems with Abstract To
                                         Book Reports \ Series        120 pages Study how to read social science
In this book, Phillip Serial Killers andadvanced undergraduatesFix MechanicalstudentsSkills (UG),Study Skills (PG) journal article
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             Cl 978-0-7619-4292-4         £84.00             Pa 978-0-7619-4293-1 £27.99
ve/Statistal Research (General),Sociologal Research Methods 978-1-4129-7406-6 £25.99
Methods in Psychology                                        Pa 978-1-4129-6049-6 £34.99
Methods in Psychology                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7788-3 £46.99
             Cl 978-1-4129-6931-4         £38.99
y (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)          Pa 978-1-4522-0334-8 £16.99
ve/Statistal Research (General),Mathemats & Statists         Pa 978-0-7619-6230-4 £28.99
ve/Statistal Research (General),Mathemats & Statists         Pa 978-1-4129-8744-8 £41.99
             Cl 978-1-4129-0780-4         £95.00
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Methods in Psychology,Study Skills in Psychology             Pa 978-1-4129-9932-8 £18.99
Methods in Psychology,Study Skills in Psychology             Pa 978-1-4129-9955-7 £29.99
 hology,Psychology (General),Research Methods in Psychology978-0-85725-469-6 £16.99
s in Psychology,Research Methods in Psychology               Pa 978-0-85725-665-2 £12.99
             Cl 978-1-4129-3083-3         £84.00             Pa 978-1-4129-3084-0 £27.99
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y (General),Study Skills in Psychology                       Pa 978-1-4129-9493-4 £18.99
                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-7432-5 £30.99
l Neuroscience,Research Methods in Psychology,Biologal/Physiologal Psychology (General)
             Cl 978-1-4129-2760-4         £68.00
             Cl 978-1-4129-7445-5         £39.99
             Cl 978-0-7619-3021-1         £97.00             Pa 978-0-7619-3022-8 £53.00
Psychology (General),Research Methods in Psychology          Pa 978-1-4129-7076-1 £32.99
al Research Methods,Research Methods in Psychology           Pa 978-1-4129-7190-4 £47.99
Methods in Psychology,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)Pa 978-1-4522-1742-0 £25.99
             Cl 978-1-4129-7639-8         £65.00
                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9124-7 £16.99
s in Psychology,Research Methods in Psychology,Psychology (General)
gal Issues in Psychology,Study Skills in Psychology          Pa 978-1-4129-7821-7 £25.99
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             Cl 978-0-85702-856-3         £75.00             Pa 978-0-85702-857-0 £24.99
s in Psychology,Social Psychology (General)                  Pa 978-0-85725-653-9 £12.99
 hology,Social Psychology (General)                          Pa 978-0-85725-280-7 £21.99
             Cl 978-1-84920-385-2         £78.00             Pa 978-1-84920-386-9 £25.99
chology (General),Applied Psychology (General)               Pa 978-1-4129-7638-1 £39.99
chology (General)                                            Pa 978-1-4522-0333-1 £31.99
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 hology,Personality                                      Pa 978-0-85725-114-5   £22.99
             Cl 978-1-4462-0118-3    £600.00
 s in Psychology,Personality                             Pa 978-0-85725-661-4   £12.99
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             Cl 978-1-4462-0207-4    £825.00 £750.00
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 nal Communation,Interpersonal Relations,Relationships Pa 978-1-4129-5876-9     £28.99
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hopathology,Children and Adolescent Counselling,Child Psychiatry                £25.99
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             Cl 978-1-4462-4701-3 £1,200.00 £1,100.00
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             Cl 978-1-84787-486-3    £675.00 £625.00
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elopment,Adolescence,Developmental Psychology (General) a 978-1-4129-6850-8     £52.00
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 hology,Developmental Psychology (General)                 Pa 978-0-85725-276-0 £19.99
 s in Psychology,Developmental Psychology (General)        Pa 978-0-85725-657-7 £12.99
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Development,Developmental Psychology (General)             Pa 978-1-4129-6666-5 £36.99
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 & Decision Making                                         Pa 978-1-4129-5903-2 £37.99
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 s in Psychology,Cognitive Psychology (General)            Pa 978-0-85725-669-0 £12.99
Psychology (General)                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7761-6 £49.99
Psychology (General)                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7785-2 £46.99
 earning & the Brain                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7253-6 £52.00
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 s in Psychology,Biologal/Physiologal Psychology (General) Pa 978-0-85725-649-2 £12.99
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 hysiologal Psychology (General),Psychobiology,Neuro-psychology,Neurophysiology £42.99
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 hysiologal Psychology (General),Psychobiology,Neurophysiology
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 85702-834-1~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-835-8~#26.99
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ychology,Forens Science,Criminal Juste                     Pa 978-1-4129-9175-9 £34.99
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ychology,Criminal Juste,Forens Science & Investigation (General)
 on Studies (General)
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 cesses/Dynams,Occupational/Industrial Psychology,Teamwork in Organizations £39.99
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                                                           Pa Deviance
ychology,Forens Science & Investigation (General),Sociology of978-1-4129-9608-2 £30.99
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g and Psychotherapy (General),Developmental Psychology Pa 978-1-4522-0579-3 - Children
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tyles,Currulum Development,Learning                     Pa 978-1-4129-7938-2 £25.99
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 Abuse Counselling,Counselling Psychology               Pa 978-1-4129-7922-1 £15.99
 Abuse Counselling,Addtive Disorders                    Pa 978-1-4129-7920-7 £15.99
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g and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Psychology,Social Work & Social Poly (General)
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 85702-913-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-914-0~#24.99
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 ve/Statistal Research (General),Research Methods in Psychology,Educational Research Methods
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Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/Statistal Research (General)
                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-9428-6 £16.99
Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/Statistal Research (General)
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 gal Issues in Psychology,Counselling Eths and the Law    Pa 978-1-4129-9437-8 £35.99
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ychology,Career Development,Health Psychology / Behavioral Medine
              Cl 978-1-84920-414-9       £75.00           Pa 978-1-84920-415-6 £24.99
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