Exhibition_Geismar_2012-Blumen by geismar


									Invitation and Programm
Floorplan with all the exhibited works

“Flowers” 2012 audio installation in 8 different languages   QR code
CD, Player, Tuner, Speaker
“Statements” 2012
24 invited people with short texts or statements about what is special or astonishing when visiting a foreign culture or
country but which could be normal for the others.
“Alarm” 1985
Handpainted and –scratched film with found footage and own films. Transferred from film to DVD.
DVD, beamer, player, speaker, 15 minutes, color and sound.
“normal and special” 2012
Key film for exhibition. Filmed in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Kiel.
DVD, beamer, player, speaker, 45 minutes, color and sound.

“Military”2000, “Fish Poem”2002, “Talking about New York”2000, “Animals and Flowers”2000,
Compialtion of different films
DVD, beamer, player, speaker, color and sound.
“life in a bottle” 2012
Installation with glass bottles, cut out drawings from cellophane and fish strings
“AQUA II” 2012
Installation with handpainted slides.
Slide projector, handpainted cellophane slides, timer
“life is not a chess game” 2012
Installation with wodden chess game. Performance with burning of the wodden chess game
“play with me” 2012
Installation wood, sand, plastic, military toys
“normal and special” 2012
Installation woodwith aluminium paper, drawings with dermatograph and magnetts
“Schiffe versenken” 2012
Interactive installation with prints, pencisl, wood, paint, table and chairs
“Red Stones” 2012
Red cellophane with stones, will change color during exhibition
“Fish Names” 2009
Audio installation in the staircase, voice by Akiko Uchiyama
“Submarine”, 2012
Aprons, drawings with dermatograph, light bulbs, cable

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