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									PRINTING POLICY, effective 4/26/10

    Effective with the 2008-09 school year, the Wilson School District instituted a printing policy for
    Wilson School district computers and printers. It is the goal of the Wilson School District to provide
    the highest quality and most cost-efficient methods of printing documents. We are providing the
    following policy in an effort to encourage all district computer users to use district resources as cost-
    effectively and environmentally soundly as possible. All printers default to black and white. Due to
    the higher expense, color copies should only be made when printing in color enhances the
    educational value of the document.

Please take a few moments to review this policy:

       If the output total of your copy job exceeds 30, but is less than 100 black and white pages,
        please use one of the RISO or Oce’ high-speed copiers. It costs less than half per page
        compared to any laser or multi-function printers. If the document you are copying exceeds 100
        pages, please send this to Central Duplicating. Send any color copy jobs larger than 30 total
        pages to Central Duplicating.
        To send your job to Central Duplicating, fill out the NEW electronic e-mail form under the Forms
        and Docs link on the Intranet website under the District forms section and attach your electronic
        document. For jobs that cannot be sent electronically, fill out the electronic form and then send
        your original via inter-office mail.

       Any print job where the document is more than 30 pages in length, or 30 print copies of one
        document, will be blocked by the Equitracks printing program. Always evaluate whether or not
        you must print jobs of that size. Student e-mail and drop folders are a perfect place to make
        large documents available to your students and for students to turn in work. Many student
        assignments can be viewed and even corrected and returned electronically.

How else can you be more “green”? Don’t forget to use print preview before printing your document to
avoid document errors and reprinting! Better yet, determine if it is necessary to print at all - consider
emailing the document, or electronically storing the document rather than printing. With our Mimosa
email archiving and retrieval system in place, all emails are readily accessible, so emails that you need to
retain can be organized in your mailbox instead of printing a hard copy.

    HP Laser printers: for all service and supplies for district laser printers, please email Help Desk,
      stating the model, location and toner color needed.
    Multi-function printers (Ricoh, Konica): these machines are leased, and as part of the
      maintenance agreement, supplies and services are monitored by the vendor. Supplies are
      automatically sent to the location of the device. If service is needed, please call the phone
      number on the sticker on the machine. If for some reason you have a service or supply issue
      that is not quickly resolved by the vendor, please notify Help Desk.
    Oce’ Machines: Each building will have supplies delivered to their machine on a regular basis by
      Oce’. If you run out of supplies before the delivery, please give them a call.
    RISO Copiers: Building Secretaries have coupon books to order supplies when necessary. Please
      let them know if ink or masters are running low.
    Please be considerate of other printer users. If you see a message that toner is needed, please
      request it as indicated above so that the printer is always available for your building printing. If
      the printer is not working, please leave a note on the machine and email Help Desk (for the HP
      laser printers) or contact the Lease vendors (for the multi-functions and RISOs).

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