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									TO:          G & H Printing

FROM:        John Bieber, Editor of "Der Kurier"

DATE:        August 29, 2002

SUBJ:        September 2002 issue of "Der Kurier"

Enclosed is copy for the September issue of "Der Kurier," the newsletter of the
Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society. It runs 20 pages.

There is also a double-sided insert announcing our 20th anniversary banquet.
Copy is in the paper clip, together with a sample of the paper color we would like
you to use.

We will need 620 copies.

Please insert the usual graphics on the first and last pages.

There is a special request for this issue: In the last issue, there were two
photos, and the quality of reproduction was extremely poor. I called G&H and a
gentleman told me (I did not retain his name) that results would be much better if
I printed the photos at 300 dpi instead of 600 dpi on my laser printer.

This issue includes one of the same photos on page 48, now printed at 300 dpi.
Would you please check the quality of reproduction of this photo. If it’s
poor, do not delay printing. Instead substitute the “alternate page 48”
without the photo, which I have enclosed with this packet.

I have no knowledge of printing methods and am relying on G&H to help make
“Der Kurier” a quality publication.

If there are any questions or problems, you can reach me at 302-831-2240
(office) or 302-798-7210 (home).

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