; Magento Development Outsourcing to India An Interesting and Cost-Effective Business Propositions for Global Companies
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Magento Development Outsourcing to India An Interesting and Cost-Effective Business Propositions for Global Companies


This article provides information about how hiring Magento developers India is an interesting proposition for American, European and Australian companies. Besides this, we also concluded that it is ideal for ecommerce solution seekers to avail professional Magento development services in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

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									  Magento Development Outsourcing to India: An Interesting and Cost-Effective
                 Business Propositions for Global Companies

In last few decades, India has emerged as a leading destination for web and web-related
development tasks. The reasons being, abundance of talent, quick turnaround time and low
development costs. This comes as an interesting proposition for the companies operating especially
in Americas, Europe and Australia where web development costs are sky-high. Instead of expanding
their staff in-house, they prefer to outsource their IT operations to India. The trend of outsourcing
open source development and customization has also become tremendously popular. The current
scenario is that most American, European and Australian companies operating online outsource their
Magento development related tasks to India. This is to ensure eye-catching designs, high level of
functionality and enhanced user experience at much lower prices.

Launched on March 31, 2008, Magento is an open source ecommerce software platform that is more
powerful, efficient and flexible than other applications in its class. Built using the Zend Framework,
its development and customization requires a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS and
understanding about PHP and MySQL. Besides this, one should be familiar with the Model View
Controller (MVC) design pattern to work on it.

As it is an open source shopping cart web application and those familiar with related technologies
such as HTML, CSS, MVC, PHP and MySQL can have it run in no time. However, Magento
customization is not an easy task and requires higher level of skills and understanding. This is
where comes in the knowledge and experience of Magento professionals. They help your online
business in achieving maximum efficiency by making it more functional, advanced and interactive
using other Magento tools, features and components.

Magento developers India offer many benefits for businesses seeking effective ecommerce
solutions. They can create visually appealing designs for online stores making the shopping
experience of visitors more enjoyable. Creating customized theme in tandem with the nature of your
business requires high level of technical knowhow as well as creativity. Magento professionals keep
a check on the latest developments in this field and thus, incorporate the latest features in your
ecommerce website.

Another benefit of seeking professional help is that business owners can control multiple online
stores and websites through one single administrative panel which makes management easier. The
developers can also integrate multiple payment and currency options on one single page. This in
turn expands the scope of your business giving you the flexibility to target wider audience enabling
them to place orders from their location in their currency.

Magento is an SEO friendly ecommerce platform. Magento developers India can play a vital role
in making it friendlier and easier to search on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Use of
Meta tags, crucial keywords, xml code and separate category pages further increases its rank on
search engines. Besides this, the professionals also help you upgrade and expand your existing

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