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					                            Procedures Manual
                      Lake Charles HOG Chapter 1686
                             Officially Adopted
                             February 1, 2007
                           By the Club Officers

The Procedures Manual was created and adopted to provide explanation
and clarification of certain functions of this HOG Chapter; it is not intended
to dictate procedures. It is the intent of the authors to maintain the
Procedures Manual as a living document. As succeeding officers adopt
new policies and procedures, or as the existing policies and procedures
are revised and updated, all changes are to be made and the new version

Club Officers recommend that all officers maintain a current draft of the
Procedures Manual in their files. All Primary Officers are to maintain hard
copies and to have them in their possession when attending any and all
officer and Club meetings.
Club Membership

HOG Chapter 1686 is comprised of members who obtain national HOG
membership as per national HOG guidelines.

After becoming either a full or associate national member, that member may
apply for local HOG membership by completing an application and paying dues.

Local HOG dues:
    Full Membership $20
    Associate Membership: $10
    No discounts are given for couples that are both full members. Every full
      member must pay $20.

Club Meetings

Official club meetings are held the first week-end of every month. Saturdays and
Sundays are alternated to accommodate those who work shifts.
     Odd numbered months are on Sundays; even numbered months are on
     Sunday meetings begin at 1:30 p.m.; Saturday meetings begin at
       10:00 a.m.

All meetings are open; anyone can attend.

Club Offices

Primary Offices:
      Assistant Director

Secondary Offices:
     Head Road Captain
     Safety Officer
     Membership Officer
     Activities Officer
     Ladies of Harley

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                           Page 2 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07
Primary officers make final decisions regarding all matters brought before the
board. Other officers and Club members provide input and make
recommendations to the Primary Officers.

In the event of a tie between the Primary Officers when deciding on an issue, it is
recommended that the Head Road Captain be designated as the 5 th vote.

Officer Meetings

Officers’ meetings at this time are held the Thursday prior to the monthly
meetings at a time designated by the current board. The place is determined and
announced to the membership prior to the meeting night.

Club members are invited to attend any officer’s meeting, especially if there is an
issue they wish to air to the officers. The monthly meeting is not the appropriate
time and place to address Club issues. If a member cannot attend the formal
officer’s meeting, they may speak with the primaries at an alternate agreed upon
time and place.

All officers are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible to facilitate a
smoothly run Club meeting. Attendance is particularly necessary if that officer
has business to discuss at the Club meeting.

The official agenda for the monthly meeting is set at the officers meetings.

Any officer who is unable to attend an officers’ meeting, and who intends to
speak at the monthly meeting, should contact the secretary so their information
can be added to the agenda.

Pride Points

Pride Points are awarded for attending meetings, rides, and participating actively
in the club in other ways.

The points are awarded as follows:
    Attending a monthly meeting – 1 point
    Attending a monthly ride - 1 point
    Participating in the Trash Bash – 1 point
    Other rides as allowed by the Primary Officers (Fur and Wildlife Festival,
      Blazin’ Bikes, for example) – 1 point
    Participation in three activities from January through December counts as
      1 Pride Point. Examples of “activities”: a/c installation at clubhouse,
      helping with club picnic, riding along with triathlon.

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                             Page 3 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07
Once 12 Pride Points are accumulated within one calendar year:
   The member is awarded a patch if it is their first year to reach 12 points;
   The member is awarded a rocker for each year after

Chapter Rides and Benefit Rides

Monthly ride dates and destinations are set at a special meeting conducted by
the Head Road Captain. All road captains, along with the Primary officers, attend
and approve the calendar. The membership is encouraged to submit suggestions
to the Head Road Captain prior to the meeting.

Monthly rides are on Saturdays with periodic exceptions decided at the yearly
planning meetings.

Monthly rides during Daylight Savings Time begin at 9:00. The rest of the year
rides begin at 10:00.

In accordance with the guidelines set by Harley-Davidson, no official club ride
(monthly ride) can include stopping at bars. Alcohol cannot be consumed during
the ride.

The ride is over when the pre-determined destination is reached.

It is recommended that a minimum of 4 Road Captains attend each ride. The
goal is to keep the groups as small as possible for safety reasons.

Once the calendar is set for the year, no changes to monthly rides can be made.
Exceptions are made only for safety issues such as weather.

Poker runs, Blazin’ Bikes, and similar rides should not be designated as a
monthly ride. It is too difficult to keep the group together in these situations, and,
they generally violate Harley-Davidson’s criteria for a club-sponsored ride due to
alcohol-related issues.

Benefit poker runs, Blazin’ Bikes, and similar activities are announced and
promoted within the Club. Members are encouraged to attend and participate
when they do not interfere with our monthly rides.

All HOG rides are closed rides.
     All visitors (non-members) MUST sign a waiver.
     If a minor is riding, the child’s parent/guardian must sign the waiver. The
      grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, etc., CANNOT sign for a minor.
     A visitor may participate in a maximum of three (3) rides within one
      calendar year.

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                                Page 4 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07
Monthly Ride Cancellations:
   No ride will be cancelled prior to the actual day.
   Either the Head Road Captain or a representative will arrive at the Harley
      Shop to determine if the ride is cancelled, and to announce the

Ladies of Harley
A designated auxiliary group within the Harley Owners Group.
    The coordinator is an officer of the club and is responsible for organizing
    Official meetings and rides that meet the Club Ride criteria – utilize road
      captains, have a specific destination, etc. – receive 1 Pride Point
    Other activities – movie, for example – are awarded 1 activity point. Three
      activity points equal 1 Pride Point

Road Captains

In order to obtain and maintain Road Captain status a current member MUST:
     attend training once each year. At this time the Road Captain will be given
       a gold shoulder lanyard.
     perform Road Captain duties for a minimum of three monthly rides within
       one calendar year.
     Head Road Captains are appointed yearly by the Primary Officers. The
       Head Road Captain shall be awarded a red lanyard and must adhere to
       the same rules as other Road Captains.
     No ride should be cancelled without consulting with the Head Road

Failure to comply will result in elimination from Road Captain status.


An official Lake Charles Harley Owners Group website has been established and
is maintained by the Club Webmaster.

The website is:

There is a monthly fee of $12.95 charged by Yahoo to keep the website running.

Anyone may advertise on the website. Non-members will be charged a fee:

Full page ad: $20/month
4x6 ad: $10/month
Business card size: $5/month

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                              Page 5 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07

When a meal is served a $5.00 donation is expected.


A fresh flower arrangement at a cost no greater than $35 will be sent to members
and their children only upon illness, surgery, etc. This is due to the large number
of members and their extended families. The cost could become prohibitive.

A plant at a cost no greater than $50 will be sent to funerals for members and
their children only. The rationale is the same as for hospitalizations.

Atta-Boy Awards

The purpose is to recognize current members who demonstrate outstanding
service to the club in one particular event, or who work behind the scenes to
keep the club running smoothly.

Frequency: at the discretion of the Primary Officers.

Club members may nominate; Primary Officers approve the recipient.

Primary Officers are ineligible. Any other officer or member is eligible.

The award is not to exceed $50. Examples of possible awards include but are not
limited to: a gift certificate to Lake Charles Harley-Davidson or a detail job by
Raymond Oliver.

Primary Offices

Refer to the official Harley-Davidson Handbook for general guidelines regarding
the offices.

Election of Officers

The election of the Primary Officers shall take place at the November meeting
each year.

All elected and appointed offices are for a one-year term only. Primary Officers
have the option to run for re-election; other officers may request to be considered
for additional terms.

Nominations for elected and appointed offices are to be advertised beginning in
August of each year. Advertising shall be in the form of verbal announcements at
meetings, postings on the website, articles in the newsletter, and emails.

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                                 Page 6 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07
Elections for Primary Officers are conducted by secret ballot. The ballots are to
be prepared in advance by the secretary. In the event that there is only one
nominee for each office, the voting will be by acclamation.

Secondary officers are to be appointed by the newly appointed Primary Officers
prior to December 31 of that year. This will ensure a smooth transition for the
new officers and the new year.

A planning meeting of all officers is to be held within the first 2 weeks of January
to set the Club calendar for the year. This is in addition to the monthly ride
schedule, although it may occur the same night.

Member of the Year Award

A Member of the Year shall be chosen by the Club membership by popular vote
each year.

Any Club member may be nominated.

The Member of the Year nomination shall take place at the November monthly
meeting. This is to allow time to have the member’s name added to the plaque
before the Harley-Davidson Christmas party.

As each member arrives and signs in they are given a blank ballot to write the
name of their nominee. They then place their nomination in a designated

The results are to be kept confidential until the Lake Charles Harley-Davidson
Christmas party when the Member of the Year is publicly announced. Their name
is added to the plaque maintained at the Club.

Appendix A – MDA Procedures

Date: make sure our ride is not same month as Cajun’s ride and does not conflict
with Billy’s racing schedule

Two months prior to the ride: contact appropriate law enforcement for the

One month prior to ride: visit Nina personally, not by phone or by email, and
remind her of the date, request door prizes, and ask Billy to do the poker hand.

Two weeks prior to ride – again pay a personal visit to Nina and remind her of
the date, the need for door prizes, and remind Billy he will do the poker hand.

One week prior: contact American Press and KPLC

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                              Page 7 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07
As bikes arrive: Line bikes up in two parallel rows (no staggering) in one lane to
ensure a smooth take-off and to eliminate gaps at take-off.

The 2007 officers recommend the following for the 2008 Ride:
    utilize an escort from the Harley Shop to a designated point such as Moss
      Bluff; and,
    that the destination be changed to Grand Casino Coushatta.

Lake Charles HOG Procedures                                            Page 8 of 8
Adopted 2/1/07
Revised 12/31/07

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