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 eps: onLInE PaYMEnt FoR aUStRIa
 eps online payment is the easy and safe way to pay offered by Austrian banks for online
 purchases. By connecting to eps, Wirecard gives you access to 2.5 million online banking
 customers of Austrian banks via your webstore.

 eps (electronic payment standard) is an online payment method provided to           at a GLancE
 customers of Austrian banks. eps online payment utilizes the established online
                                                                                     80% of all merchants in Aust-
 banking systems of nearly all Austrian banks.
                                                                                     ria use eps online payment in
                                                                                     their shops.
 It is one of the most popular means of payment for online shopping in Austria.
                                                                                     The benefits:
 Customers are redirected from the merchant’s webstore to the online banking
 window of their bank, right after selecting it.
                                                                                     ► No risk of fraud or default
                                                                                     ► Immediate shipping of goods
 After successfully logging on to their respective account using account num-
 ber and PIN, all relevant purchase data is uploaded from the shopping cart to
                                                                                     ► Solution developed and sup-
 the electronic payment system. Now all the buyer needs to do is authorize the
                                                                                        ported by banks
 transaction using a TAN.
                                                                                     ► Real-time notification of
                                                                                        payment authorization with
 This procedure saves customers the time-consuming and error-prone filling in of
                                                                                        guarantee of payment
 electronic payment forms. It facilitates the buying process and provides mer-
                                                                                     ► Payment made directly to
 chants with a guarantee for payment, as it is not possible to cancel any electro-
                                                                                        merchant’s account
 nic payments made with eps.

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                                                                                                            Status: 29.3.2011

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