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					Mrs. J. Anderson
201 Bengal Blvd.
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
August 25, 2011

Students of my class wishing to receive Extra Credit
201 Bengal Blvd.
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Dear Students:

I am writing to inform you of the method for earning Extra Credit in my class. To earn extra credit you
will write a Business/Formal letter to your parents using correct grammar. In the first paragraph, you
will need to state to your parent(s) the reason you are writing this letter. In your case, your purpose for
writing is to inform your parent(s) of your current grade, circumstances surrounding your grade, and steps
you will take to improve your grade.

In the second paragraph to your parents, you will need to tell your parents exactly what your current grade
is, percentage and letter. You will also need to explain your grade. Some examples of explanations for a
BAD grade might be: I did not study for the test we had, or I forgot to do two assignments, or I slept
during class on the day we took notes, or I didn’t read chapters 12-19 and so I failed the quiz. Some
examples of explanations for a GOOD grade: I studied hard for that test we took over The Crucible, or I
have turned in every single assignment, or I read all of the assigned readings and took notes. Your
reasons/explanations in this paragraph will be representative of the current grade report. This paragraph is
where you explain what YOU have done/not done. Absolutely no discussion of other people besides you
is to be done in this paragraph.

The third and final paragraph of your letter is the action you will take. In this paragraph you will explain
what your plans are to improve your grade. YOU MUST INCLUDE a sentence that writing this letter,
attaching your grade report to it and getting your parent’s signature on it will give you extra credit.
Besides that sentence, you will need to include AT LEAST TWO other methods for
improving/maintaining your grade. Examples of these methods: before the test next week I will read the
entire book and study my study guide, or I will stay awake during class, or I will continue to read all of
the assigned readings, or I will continue to study at least 15 minutes each evening. Your methods in this
paragraph will be representative of the current grade report.

Now that you are aware of the format for the assignment, it is my hope that you will complete it each
time. Correct grammar and formatting are requirements. Grade reports will be given every three weeks as
well as from time to time between those points. Letters must be signed by a parent and returned within
three days (you have two evenings to complete them) in order to get credit.


Mrs. J. Anderson
            Business/Formal letter for Extra Credit Checklist

 Correct formatting: spacing, alignment, headers, current date, salutation,
  closing, etc.

 Correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.

 Opening paragraph states purpose for writing

 Second paragraph states current letter grade and percentage

 Second paragraph states reasons/explanations for current grade

 Second paragraph does not reference any other person besides me

 Third paragraph states the methods of how I will improve my grade (or if I
  have a good grade, I state how I intend to maintain that grade)

 My parent has signed the letter

 I have signed the letter

 Grade report is stapled to the letter

 The letter is returned by the third day after receiving the grade report (you
  have two evenings to complete it)

 This letter is written specifically for this grade report (you did not just
  reprint a former letter)

   Not meeting the above checklist for every letter/grade report I turn in means
   I may not receive any extra credit…DOUBLE CHECK your assignment

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