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                                                  web page building for beginners 4
                                                                  By Ted Dupuie

  web page building for beginners 4
 by: Ted Dupuie

Page ranking by search engines such as Google are not only overrated but unusually explained by
“experts” in the SEO field. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is needed to get your
website placed at the top of a web search. I have no truck with someone wanting to get their pages
placed in the number one or two spot from a search, but page ranking has nothing to do with that
whatsoever and I can assure the reader that I can prove this to anyone with a computer. In fact, if you
will just do a search for “writing critic” you will find www.homewriters.com near the top and since I own
that site, I can explain to everyone how it got there and why. But at one time, I had four out of the top
five spots on Google for this very same search. And by the way, my pages had no rank at all when
they were first placed in the top positions by Google and Yahoo!

Let me explain that first of all, nobody ever does a search for the keywords writing critic, and getting a
top position isn’t all that hard because the ranking Google uses just doesn’t count the keywords as
anything very important. Next let me explain that if you do a search using the one keyword “online” that
the competition is out of this world with over a half a billion pages coming up on Google or Yahoo.
Then let me tell you that to be listed at the top of that search you will have a ranking of ten, the top
ranking Google has to offer. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the ranking numbesr you have
are classification numbers based on competition in the field for the keyword and it is the way Google,
and I’m sure other engines and directories, weed out the pages that need not be brought up at the time
of the search. My point is, that it is useless to try and get a ten ranking on a website that sells uses
toilet paper, because first of all there is no competition, and secondly Google wouldn’t waste their time
ranking your site that high just to mess up their indexing methods.

So forget ranking unless you know what the rank of the competition has and use that as an ultimate
goal for your perfectionist ideas, but do not count on it meaning everything I hear it is supposed to.
Most of the thinking on this subject is ludicrous, and can be proven by doing some simple searches. I
find that many searches bring the number one site in with a seven ranking while the next site down is
ranked five, then a four, then a zero and the next a six, five, seven, etc. Google is famous for mixing in
small players with big boys and African sites with Chinese to give the researcher the best shot at
satisfaction. And I like that, as apposed to Yahoo’s last five hundred URL’s being owned by one

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company. I have written complaints of spamming to Yahoo, but have never seen anything done about
it, while Google does a fair job of weeding out the bums that try to ruin it for the rest of us.

This article can be copied and reprinted anywhere as long as it is intact and includes the author’s bio

Ted Dupuie owns a home based publishing company that only publishes his work, which includes
diets, an investment strategy, and 8 websites, plus a family newsletter. He is also a writing critic with
top ten placement on Google and Yahoo!

www.saquoyah.com - www.homewriters.com - www.free-diet.biz

This article can be copied and reprinted anywhere as long as it is intact with the author’s bio.

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                                                       Web Page Design Tool
                                                                By Victoria

 If you are looking for a web page design tool then there are a few things you will need figure out, such

How experienced you are in web page design What is the purpose of the web page you’ll be designing
 How detailed will your page need to be How experienced you are using HTML editors What kind of a
budget are you working with

How experienced you are in web page design? I ask this because some web page design tools are
built for the novice while others are built for the experienced. As you might imagine a web page design
tool for the more experienced will have many more features than those that are created for the
beginning web page designer.

If you are new to designing a web page then they are many things you will need to learn about how a
web page is laid out and the things you can do with a web page. My suggestion for the novice is to
find a web page design tool that provides step by step instructions and allows you to point and click to
design your web page.

Next we have to decide why we are building a web page. Though this seems like a silly question it
makes a difference in whether we can use a simple web page design tool or if we need one with more
tools and options. Most of the web page design tools provided by many of the internet service
providers are find for a simple profile type web page, but if you are going to use your web page to
make money over the internet then you will need a web page design tool that is a bit more

That brings us to our next point, how detailed will our web page need to be. Again, if you are just
starting out and you don’t have a whole lot going on your page then you can use a very simple web
page design tool versus a complicated HTML editor.

If you don’t have much experience then you will want to find a web page design tool that is simple to
use yet will allow you to create a professional looking page. Most web page design tool or HTML
editors will require a basic knowledge of HTML code and how to lay out a web page, if you are brand
knew to building a web page then you’re going to have to either spend some time studying HTML code
or find a step by step type web page design tool. In the beginning I would suggest starting off with the
simpler web page design tool then work your way into the more complex ones after you have some
experience building web pages.

Cost is another issue to consider. A web page design tool price will range from free to a few hundred
dollars. A warning about free web page design tools, most of the ones you find will have many
limitations and you will soon find yourself looking from a new program. But there is also no reason to
go out and purchase the most expensive web page design tool out there. You can find a number of
them at a very reasonable price that will do everything you will need to do.

Remember, when choosing a web page design tool think about how much help you will need, how
detailed your web page will be and what your budget is. Happy Web Page Designing.

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