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									Plastic Surgery:
Cosmetic Procedures

          Cosmetic Surgery is a science.
            Creating beauty is an art.


   W      e offer a wide variety of services
          designed to help patients meet their
   aesthetic goals. Below are of a few of the
   procedures we perform.
   Facial Cosmetic Surgery:
   •	Blepharoplasties	(eyelids)
   •	Face	Lifts,	Platysmaplasties
   •	Rhinoplasty	(corrective	and	aesthetic)
   •	Otoplasties
   Body Contouring:
   •	Brachioplasties	(arm	reduction)
   •	Breast	Augmentation/Mastopexy	(lift)
   •	Liposuction,	Abdominoplasties,	Thigh	Lift
   •	 Body	Contouring	After	Massive	Weight	Loss
   Non-invasive Rejuvenation:
   •	Botox,	Fillers,	Injectables
   •	Chemical	Peels,	Laser	Resurfacing,	
   •	Hair	Reduction
   •	Sclerotherapy
   •	Skin	care

                    •	Breast	surgery		
                      (augmentation,	breast	lift)
                    •	Body	contouring
                    •	Facial	resurfacing	and	

Linda G. Phillips, M.D.*†
Truman	G.	Blocker,	Jr.,	M.D.	Distinguished	
Professor	of	Surgery;	Chief,	Division	of	
Plastic	Surgery
(409)	772-1257;

                   •	Breast	surgery		
                     (augmentation,	breast	lift)
                   •	Body	contouring
                   •	Facial	aesthetic	surgery	
                     (eyelid	surgery,		
                     rhinoplasty,	face	lift)

John D. Bauer, M.D.*†
Assistant	Professor
Stephen	R.	Lewis,	M.D.	Professor	in	Plastic	Surgery
(409)	772-1255;

                   •	Facial	aesthetic	surgery	
                     (eyelid	surgery,		
                     rhinoplasty,	face	lift)
                   •	Craniofacial	surgery

Eric L. Cole, M.D.*†
Assistant	Professor
(409)	772-1255;	
                     •	Breast	surgery		
                       (reconstruction,	reduction,		
                       augmentation,	breast	lift)
                     •	Microsurgery

Karen L. Powers, M.D.
Assistant	Professor
(409)	772-1255;

                     •	Hand	surgery
                     •	Aesthetic	surgery

Andrew Y. Zhang, M.D.
Assistant	Professor
(409)	772-1255;

 *	Certified	by	the	American	Board	of	Plastic	
   Surgery	and	Member	of	the	American	Society	
   of	Plastic	Surgeons
 †	Participant	in	the	Maintenance	of	Certification	


 •	Galveston–University	Hospital	Clinics	(UHC)	
   at	1005	Harborside	Drive,	just	east	of	11th	St.,	
   Galveston,	TX	77555,	(409)	772-2222
 •	Victory	Lakes–Surgical	Specialty	Care	Clinic	
   at	Victory	Lakes,	2240	Gulf	Freeway,	
   Suite	2.101Q,	League	City,	TX	77573
   (832)	505-1800
 Call	us	today	to	discover	the	new	you.	Or	visit	
 us	at:		
 Payment	for	cosmetic	surgery	is	due	in	full	
 prior	to	the	procedure.	Estimates	may	be	
 given over the phone for services performed
 in	the	outpatient	clinic.	However,	the	final	
 quote is not determined until patients meet
 with	the	surgeon	and/or	nursing	staff.
 Janie Copado
 Galveston	Financial	and	Insurance	Consultant
 (409)	772-0149
 Felicia Franklin
 Victory	Lakes	Financial	and	Insurance	Consultant
 (832)	505-1800
 Contact Information:
 UTMB	Division	of	Plastic	Surgery
 301	University	Boulevard,	Route	0724
 Galveston,	Texas	77555-0724
 Phone:	(409)	772-1255
 FAX:	(409)	772-1872
 For	an	appointment	call	the	Division	of	
 Plastic	Surgery	at	(409)	772-6784	or	contact	
 our	skin	care	specialist	at	(409)	772-0149.


This	symbol	designates	surgeons	who	are	active	members	of	
the	American	Society	of	Plastic	and	Reconstructive	Surgeons,	
Inc.	They	are	certified	in	the	specialty	of	plastic	surgery	by	the	
American	Board	of	Plastic	Surgery	and	are	dedicated	to	the	
highest	standards	of	patient	welfare	and	surgical	excellence.

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