Business Plan by fanzhongqing


									BLUE Consulting

           ERP Systems
       Information Systems
            IS Auditing
Scope of Company
   ERP systems – SAP
        Program development
        Program modification
        Layout set development
        Automation of existing functions
        Integration of existing software
        Bar coding from SAP
   CO, FI, MM, PM, PS, SD modules
   SAP Auditing (SAP authorisations etc.)
Task List
   Decide on members and member share.
   Decide on name, logo, colours etc.
   Create preliminary fund for initial start-up costs (can be reconciled
   Register CC – name consulting.
        For general IT consulting, hardware and software.
   Open current account in CC name.
   Decide between prospective members on initial business focus and
    each members contribution.
   Assessing individual members’ initial break-even requirements, (should
    the need arise) and reaching consensus on a solution.
   Investigate the potential for future work from existing business
    relationships e.g. Deloitte and Touche, CALTEX.
   Design.
        Business cards, letter-heads, etc.
   Secure e-mail address & website.
Prospective Members
   Ashley Pillay.
        Bus. Sc., SAP certified, FI & CO modules.
   Sidesh Maharaj.
        BCom., CISA, SAP auditing experience.
   Deven Naidoo.
        SAP certified, ABAP/4 & SAP script, visual basic.
   Andrew Fisher. – Not Confirmed
        SAP certified, MM PM & PS, network admin.
Set up Costs
   Office space rental
   Office furniture/equipment
   Workstations and peripheral devices
   Network & communication
   Presentation equipment
   Securing website domain name
   Fitting costs
   Explore option of a virtual office
Recruitment Program
   Advertising
   Skills definition and requirements
   Assessment & selection
   Interviews & aptitude tests (for potential employees)
   Employment status
   Training of new hires
   Monitoring and control of staff and initial expenditure
   Total plan cost
   Forecasted expenditure
   Member requirements and prior commitments
   Minimum income required
   Deadline to next project
   Calculate members contribution
   Representation
   Image
   Skills
   Scope
   Plan
   Future
Areas of Concern
   SAP basis skills
   HR, QM, AM modules
   Integration skills
   Member commitments
   Documentation plan
   No company goodwill
Strong Points
   Black empowerment
   Specialized skills base
   Flexibility
   Scalable backend
   Efficient operations model
Short-term Goals
   Tenders & Proposals
   Team-up as BE company
   Expand skills base
   Aggressive marketing
   Develop reputation
   Gain sustainable contract or part thereof
Mid-Term Goals
   Fully fledged SAP Implementation and Maintenance Company
   Acknowledged throughout our specialized industry
   Skills base reputed as among the best in the business
   Scope & Ability to equal and exceed that of competitors
   Develop Platform to launch new business areas
Long-term Goals
   Move development backend to India
   Global competitor with and international reputation
   Multi-facet company across all areas of information systems
   Generate Forex revenue
   Establish infrastructure to:
        Minimize cost to company globally
        Skills pool availability to sustain backend
        Scalable backend to the extent of tendering for anything and everything
   Expand company scope well beyond the realms of IT

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