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					Pharmacy Grand Rounds –                                                                Pharmacy
       Anticoagulation Reversal
            Registration Form
                                                                                      Grand Rounds
             March 22, 2012

ORGANIZATION                                                                       (Continuing Education for
                                                                                         Pharmacists &
ADDRESS                                                                                Pharmacy Techs)

                                                                                     Videoconference &
                   /                                                                  Teleconference
PHONE                       FAX


          Videoconference Location
                                                Michigan Center for Rural Health

___ Please contact me about participating via
audio LIVE for our facility.
                                                Michigan State University

           Please mail, fax or email
             Registration Form to:
                                                East Lansing, MI 48824

    The Michigan Center for Rural Health
                                                B-218 West Fee Hall

          Michigan State University
              B-218 West Fee Hall
            East Lansing, MI 48824
      (517) 355-8250; (517) 432-0007 Fax

                                                                                       March 22, 2012
         12:00-1:00 pm EST                         (Pradaxa®) and Rivaroxaban                Required Forms:
                                                   (Xarelto®)                                Pharmacists: Each participant must fill
    Pharmacy Grand Rounds                                                                    out an attendance form, evaluation and
                                                Co-sponsored by: Michigan Center for         complete a quiz. Originals need to be
         Via Videoconference &                  Rural Health, Munson Medical Center &        sent. You must attend the entire
             Teleconference                     REMEC Telehealth Network                     presentation. Partial credit will not be
Date: March 22, 2012                            Don’t have videoconference
                                                capabilities at your facility?               All forms are available at the Michigan
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST                       We can arrange for your clinic or hospital   Center for Rural Health website
                                                to listen LIVE via audio to the     Click on the
Title: Anticoagulation Reversal                 presentation.                                Education tab on the left and then the
                                                These arrangements need to be made           Pharmacists GR link.
Presenter: Philip DiMondo, BCPS, PharmD         early to reserve an audio line.
Munson Medical Center                                                                        Cost: There is no cost to participate in
                                                Accreditation:                               the videoconference presentation.
Target Population: Pharmacists and              Pharmacists: Certified through Michigan      Participants who choose to listen via
pharmacy techs and other health care            Department of Community Health-              teleconference (LIVE audio) may have a
providers in hospital, clinic, long term        Bureau of Health Professions. This           long distance charge. You will need to
nursing facility and home care settings.        program is approved for one hour.            contact Phyllis at least 3-4 days prior to
                                                # 53912003.                                  the program to make arrangements.
After attending this presentation, the          Please Note: Certificates are emailed        To Register: Please fax, mail or email
attendee will be able to:                       within 4-6 weeks of the event pending        registration form to:
                                                successfully passing program quiz              The Michigan Center for Rural Health
   Describe the differences in anti-           (required for pharmacists) and returning             Michigan State University
    coagulants in regards to MOA and            all required forms (attendance form,                    B-218 West Fee Hall
    antidotes                                   evaluation, & quiz).                                   East Lansing, MI 48824
                                                                                                         Fax: 517-432-0007
    Distinguish between 3 and 4 factor         Please return your paperwork as soon as
    Prothrombin Complex Concentrates            possible to:                                 For More Information: Please contact
    (PCC)                                           Michigan Center for Rural Health         Phyllis (517) 355-8250 or (517) 355-
                                                           B-218 West Fee Hall               7979 or email
   Examine literature supporting the use               Michigan State University
    of PCC’s in anti-coagulated patients (Off            East Lansing, MI 48842                Please note: The planning committee and
    Label)                                                                                    speaker do not have a conflict of interest for
                                                Presentation handouts: available on            this presentation. There is no commercial
   Analyze data regarding reversal of our      the website 2-3 days prior to the grand                  support for this event.
    newest anticoagulants; Dabigatran           round.

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