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Edward J. Tuccio Is The Founder Of Tuccio Development, Inc


Edward J. Tuccio has founded Tuccio Development, Inc. a renowned residential development company.

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									   Edward J. Tuccio

      Founder Of
Tuccio Development,Inc.
      Professional Achievments
 Edward J. Tuccio is the Chief Financial Officer of Tuccio
Development, Inc. He founded this residential development
company to develop residential property and build single family

Structured and negotiated and financed deals with various banking
institutions and also priced homes with top realtors.

Successfully established 11 new, multi-home subdivisions through
extensive meetings and negotiating.
 Work At Tuccio Development
 Ed Tuccio maximized real estate asset utilization by
coordinating sharing of space among the different business

Maintained day to day contact with local management and
oversaw all aspects of selecting development team, building
design, permitting and construction.
          Skills and Expertise

He achieved assigned sales targets and awarded top sales
executive at Lehman Brothers, Inc.

Edward J. Tuccio has more than 15 years of experience in
structuring, analyzing, sourcing and negotiating highly
complex transactions.

He has exceptional ability       to   access   and   quantify
opportunities and risks.
       About Edward J. Tuccio

Successful and seasoned real estate professional with special
expertise in commercial and residential real estate finances,
portfolio management and operations.

 Founder of Tuccio Development, Inc. and has been
successfully handling the operations of the company
with high standards of quality and integrity since 1996.

He is a Ridgefield hockey coach and Ridgefield baseball
coach and also likes playing golf.
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