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					Average Cost of a UK Wedding Drops Again in 2012

Figures released this week reveal that the average amount of money being
spent on a UK wedding has dropped for the second year running.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, May 11, 2012 -- Figures released this week by reveal that in the UK the average cost of
a wedding has continued to decline, dropping to the lowest figure for
several years. The figures show that the average cost of a wedding in the
UK is now around just £14,500, which is a significant decrease of 10% on
figures from 2011. These figures are based on a survey of over 1,600
wedding insurance policies purchased to cover weddings taking place in

The total figure on average being spent on a wedding in the UK is now
£14,441, which includes approximately £3,000 being spent on the
honeymoon. This means that the basic cost of a wedding is £11,441, of
which the biggest expenditure is the reception, costing up to around
£4000. Other major purchases include the bride's dress, the flowers and
the photographer.

The figures gathered by show that the
average sum those couples based in London are still spending on their
wedding is considerably more than the national average, with up to a 42%
difference. Conversely those in the north of England are spending up to
about 12% less than the UK average. At £12,666 the lowest cost weddings
in the UK are currently in Northern Ireland.

Managing Director, Adam Leyton said, 'Whilst it is good to see that in
spite of the increased financial pressures many people are still choosing
to celebrate their wedding in style, what we are seeing is a growing
trend towards either more savvy shopping, looking for the best deals
available, and even exploring DIY options where feasible.'

As the U.K.'s economy continues to shrink and families experience growing
financial pressure, it is not unsurprising that the average cost of a
wedding continues to decline. However, it would also seem that couples
are increasingly taking added precautions such as purchasing wedding
insurance policies, and doing so much earlier than in previous years.

With many scare stories appearing both in the news and online about
weddings which have had to be indefinitely postponed because of major
service providers going out of business at the last minute, purchasing a
suitable wedding insurance policy is now an essential part of planning a
wedding. With a basic policy costing as little as £20 and covering almost
every aspect of the wedding, it is reassuring to see more people
protecting what is often one of the most expensive purchases of their

'One of the myths we have come across in talking with our customers is
that should anything go wrong their existing policies such as health
insurance, home insurance and credit card protection insurance will help
to cover any unexpected costs or losses,' said Mr Leyton. 'Unfortunately
this is not true, and the vast majority of the money committed to
planning a wedding is still very much at risk unless an appropriate
wedding insurance policy has been purchased.'

More information on the study and the regional breakdown of wedding spend
across the UK can be found on the website:

Established in 2009, is the UK&'s leading
wedding insurance comparison website and helps provide couples with an
easy comparison of products from a range of major insurance providers.
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Established in 2009, we offer a wedding insurance comparison website for
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Description: Figures released this week reveal that the average amount of money being spent on a UK wedding has dropped for the second year running.