ENC 3250 Syllabus Spring 2012 by fanzhongqing


									                                   ENC 3250 SYLLABUS

          Instructor:                       Robin Rudicell, PhD

          Email:                            rrudicell1@uwf.edu



        Campus Info: I teach online and classroom.

                                        English Dept.: Building 51, Room 133

                                         Do NOT leave messages on University phone in office

Office Hours:

 I am available for office hours via email every day. I generally do not respond to emails after about
9:30 pm. I will check email off and on during the day.

 eLearning Info: This course is ENC 3250: PROFESSIONAL WRITING; it will appear under the
College of Arts & Sciences heading online.

I. Required Materials:

  REQUIRED TEXTBOOK- (ALL assignments come directly from the

        Business Communication Today. Courtland Bovee/John
        Thill. Pearson, 2011. 11th EDITION ONLY> ISBN: 0-13-815539-9.

       In eLearning, click Content > Important Course Information to
       read/print this course Syllabus and our Assignment pages.

       Also read through each weekly page as posted under Weekly Sessions
       w/Course Assignments; as the semester progresses, read each
       subsequent Weekly Session


       You are willingly taking an ONLINE COURSE here at UWF; that means that YOU
       automatically acquired a student ArgoMail email account from UWF when you created
       your ArgoNet account. Your ArgoMail email address is your official email address for
       all UWF communications. Make sure that you check your email daily.

Student Email Address: Your student email consists of initials and numbers. These initials      mean
nothing to me. For this class you are required to set up your email so that you name appears on the
email. If you enter yourself as a contact on your UWF email and put your first and last name in the
Name block and your email address in the email block.

II. Course Description & Prerequisites:

Professional Writing is an advanced-level course relevant in business, industry, government,
and other institutional settings; major elements of written organizational communication
with emphasis on composition of letters, memos, proposals, resumes, reports, etc. with
professionalism, accuracy, and tact. (Gordon Rule Course: Wrtg) By integrating the course
Professional Writing into the technological environment via the internet, the instructor hopes
to provide opportunities for students to improve ability and effectiveness in (1) computer
knowledge and technology and (2) written communication skills.
Both ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 must be successfully completed with a grade
of C or better.

III. College of Business Grade Requirements:

COB and most other specific fields require a grade of at least a C in this
course for credit. Check with your advisor if you think you'll be at the low
end. I'll try to keep everyone informed of serious grade problems as we go

IV. Student Learning Outcomes:
(1) To achieve and present clear, organized, and well-polished documents in the most
common business formats, e.g., good news letters, bad news letters, persuasive letters,
various management styles, memos, email, resume / letter of application, proposal & report
writing, employment follow-up, by using the 3-step writing process of planning, writing and
completing business messages.

(2) To acknowledge and understand the complexities and foundations of the
communication sphere of social, personal, and employment situations in which we must
think, interact, and perform tasks.

(3) To possess skills and knowledge needed for effective communication in business,
industry, academic, and all other professional settings.

(4) To expertly follow directions, comprehend information, and listen (pay attention)
actively and effectively.

(5) To effectively and efficiently participate in dialogs and internet-based research and
technology by discovering and implementing online techniques for business writing or
Computer Mediated Communication.
(6) To achieve a thorough review of grammar and mechanics, as related to business
writing, as well as to achieve a thorough review of researching, evaluating and
communicating information from traditional and online/internet sources.

(7) To develop a certain amount of confidence in his or her own business writing and to
develop and/or polish basic communication and technology skills.

  V. Methodology:

I have never taken a class as a student on elearning. Please call or email or
chat with IT or seek help from knowledgeable students before you ask me.
Making your technology work with the University system is your
responsibility, NOT MINE. IT is available to you for any issue. If you have a
significant problem you can send me an incident number from IT at UWF.

Professional Writing is taught in a distance learning environment and is
conducted 100% online in the eLearning platform, meaning that ALL work is
done over the internet and via email. You will read, view and work on all
class lectures, handouts, discussions, examples, text/chapter highlights,
directions, and assignment guidelines and specifics in the eLearning platform
online. You will never be required to come to the physical campus for any

If this course is the first distance learning course you have taken, you may
notice that I assume a different role from that of the traditional lecture-type
instructor. My job is basically to provide the materials and guidelines for you
to teach yourself. Think of me as a mentor or facilitator. While I do
email and post updates, basically, you're on your own. I make the
assignments; you read the material and submit your papers. If the papers
follow the material, and you have reasonably good grammar skills, you're
well on your way. And of course, you can always email me with questions
along the way.

VI. Course Policies & Expectations-
Workload, Documents, Grading/Feedback, Late Work:

What I expect from you

      I expect a certain level of professionalism and participation. This means
      that your written work should be completed in a professional and timely
      manner. No matter what you do with your life, it is important that you know
      how to write; writing well will make you more successful in any career or job
      I expect you to work on time! Think of me as your employer and you are
      my employees who must adhere to strict deadlines when it comes to written
     When you hand in letters, reports and projects to your supervisor, the
      supervisor expects the work to be complete and ready to be used. When I
      grade your writing I expect you to present work that can acted on without
      any further editing.
     I expect you to devote considerable time to completing the
      requirements and assignments of the course. Online does not mean less
      work, believe me; it does allow more freedom in time management,
      I expect you to submit all required course work to our online course in
      eLearning (upload files, post messages, take quizzes (I will not require
      quizzes unless I have evidence that students are not reading and using the
      material), etc.); Work may be turned in via email only as a backup to a
      technology failure.
      I expect you to work only on the Weekly Sessions w/Assignments, Dropbox
      folders, Group forums, Quizzes, and Surveys that are open/available for you
      to access; if you can't click on it, then that assignment is NOT open
      yet, be patient.
     I expect you to complete and submit all writing assignments/documents
     I expect you to complete and submit all writing
      assignments/documents using the following files:
      .doc / .docx / .rtf, created in Microsoft Word; I can only open and
      respond in Word. IT can help with conversion issues. Do not ask me how to
      do conversions. Call or email or chat with IT.
      I expect you to complete and submit all writing assignments/documents
      using single-spacing unless otherwise noted by me in the assignment link.
      I expect you to complete and submit all writing
      assignments/documents using a 10-point or 12-point business
      appropriate font. Do not use italicized or handwritten style. Here are some
      common examples that make reading documents online/on a computer
      screen considerably easier:
       Arial â–ª Arial Narrow â–ª Tahoma â–ª Verdana â–
      ª Calibri
       Times New Roman *And many others *

      I expect your writing documents to accurately respond to the
      assignment specifics using the 11th edition of the textbook in your
      content, format, tone, clarity, organization, orderly sequence of ideas, unity
      and focus, logic, diction, and grammar & mechanics. Remember that
      pertinent CONTENT and CORRECT FORMAT (letter, email, or
      memo) will most heavily factor into the grading criteria specified for
      each individual assignment.
      I expect you to use appropriate spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph
      structure/style this means that before submitting work to the Dropbox
      folders, you are required to (step 1) RUN YOUR SPELL-CHECKER and
      to (step 2) READ PAPERS ALOUD.
      I expect you to read all writing assignment FEEDBACK FILES when I
      upload them along with your grade for the assignmentto their corresponding
      Dropbox folders; no exceptions. Since our assignments are cumulative, my
      feedback comments might help you avoid hefty point deductions on your
      next assignment. Plus, if you don't read them, I will stop returning your
      papers and no future grades will be granted until you catch up.

What YOU can expect from me
      You can expect me to be readily available for questions and comments via
      email or our online Office Hours Discussion forum; and you can expect me
      to deliver a prompt reply to emails throughout the day/evening until
      You can expect me to grade and return feedback files for any
      assignment approximately 7 days after the assignment's due date in the
      Fall/Spring terms. I work as quickly as I and will keep you posted on
      eLearning if I run behind.
      You can expect me to include pop-up Reviewing comments in every
      assignment feedback file, even if you received a perfect score; if you do not
      immediately see my colored pop-up comments when you open your feedback
      file, then go to View > Toolbars > checkmark Reviewing. If this doesn't
      work, you can print out the file and the comments will appear.
     On PAPER assignments you can expect me to provide detailed feedback
      on what works and doesn't work in your PAPER. I will use Track
      Changes in Word. i On your homework I will provide specific feedback on at
       least one of the practice pieces, and general feedback on the rest of the
       I will do most of my grading on the weekend. However DUE DATES
       for papers will be assigned according to the reading and assignment
       schedule so that the class keeps moving forward. I know that it is
       difficult to move forward in reading when you are still working on a
       paper from the previous chapter, but that will happen for each of the
       PAPER assignments. All papers are due at midnight of the due date
       (with a 4 hour grace period). I don't care how late you stay up doing
       your work.

        You can expect me to deduct late points when you fail to submit your
        assignments on time:

          ASSIGNMENTS WORTH 100pts > -25pt late penalty on the first day of the grace
       period; -50pt late penalty on the second day; no work will be accepted beyond the 2-day
       grace period.
         FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS UNDER 100pts> -13pt late penalty on the first day of the
       grace period; -27pt late penalty on the second day; no work will be accepted beyond the
       2-day grace period.
          NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED on the following assignments: optional Rough Drafts,
       Surveys, Quizzes, Class Discussions, or optional Extra Credit Opportunities.

VII. Academic Honesty/Plagiarism Policy:

As members of the University of West Florida, we commit ourselves to honesty. As we strive
for excellence in performance, integrity personal and institutional is our most precious
asset. Honesty in our academic work is vital, and we will not knowingly act in ways which
erode that integrity. Accordingly, we pledge not to cheat, nor to tolerate cheating, nor to
plagiarize the work of others. Finally, we accept adherence to this set of expectations for
academic conduct as a condition of membership in the UWF academic community.

       YOU MUST READ the full UWF plagiarism policy found on the following
       page: http://uwf.edu/cas/docs/plagiarism.htm
       YOU MUST READ the full UWF Student Code of
       Conduct: http://uwf.edu/osrr/documents/BOTApprovedStudentCodeofConduct-
      YOU MUST READ the full Academic Misconduct
       Policy: http://uwf.edu/academic/policies/misconduct/Academic_Misconduct_Policy_2
Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated! It will be reported to the UWF Office of Academic
Affairs- Academic Misconduct Committee and will result in a failing grade for the assignment
or the course, depending on the situation.

VIII. Grading Scale & Method:

Final grades are based on an absolute point total established by the
instructor. This is the standard UWF grading scale (percentages) converted
to a points system for our ENC 3250 online course: 1000 available
points in the Fall/Spring terms; 1000 available points in the Summer
term >> *available points are subject to change at any time and for any
semester, at the discretion of the instructor.

                       1000 pt GRADING SCALE
                       Grade Points        Grade         Points
                        A       940-1000     C+          770-799
                        A-      900-939      C           730-769
                        B+      870-899      C-          700-729
                        B       830-869      D+          670-699
                        B-      800-829      D           630-669
                                             F            <629

INCOMPLETE grades: Only under extreme circumstances or emergencies
will I give an incomplete. Incompletes require documentation for
consideration and must be arranged in advance; a grade of �I� is never
IX. Assignments, Schedule, and Available Points:

 For complete individual assignment explanations and details, look under in
the Content area online; each week contains a specific Assignment page.

X. Accommodations:

Students with a documented disability who require specific examination or
course related academic accommodations should contact the Student
Disability Resource Center (SDRC) by e-mail at sdrc@uwf.edu or by phone
at (850) 474-2387 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (850) 474-
2387      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. For more information, please
visit http://uwf.edu/sdrc/.

                Syllabus: Professional Writing Part II

Course Requirements

Reading, Group Discussion, Writing Exercises: in Business
Communication Today, Parts 1 – 5 & 7, Chapters 1- 15, 18 and 19,
11th Edition, Bovee   Each assignment will be posted in CONTENT and
turned in to DROP BOX. Group discussions will be posted in DISCUSSION on
e-Learning and conducted there. Each assignment has a deadline. I will not
accept a bundle of work at the end of the term, or at any time. You must
work through the course in a sequential and timely manner. The material
builds on previous sections. You may do reading and Test Your Knowledge
ahead, but I won’t accept papers turned in before the previous paper has
been graded.

Test Your Knowledge and Exercises and Group activities e-Learning
for 15 Weekly Assignments. (27 points for each chapter)

SUB Total                                                                     405

Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments will be posted in CONTENT and will be turned in to the
DROPBOX. Group writing projects will be done in DISCUSSION, and turned
in individually.

   1.   Routine or Positive Letter, 300 = 500 words                      50
   2.   Audience Focus/Group, 300 - 500 words                            50
   3.   Good News Letter        300 - 500 words                         100
   4.   Bad News Letter     300 - 500 words                             100
   5.   Research Project 1 650 - 1000                                   100
   6.   Resume                                                           50
   7.   Research Project 2l 650-1000                                    150

SUB TOTAL                                                                 600

SUB TOTAL from above                                                       405

TOTAL                                                                    1,005

Reading the Text

I selected Business Communication Today, along with other Professional Writing
instructors because it has everything.

       Covers all kinds of business writing
       Great examples
       Good detailed case studies to work from
       Exercises that provide skill building practice
       Real world examples and consequences

The text book is the basis of the class. Everything in this course will be in the book
except for some research in your research project, and your personal information that
you will use to refine your resume.
The exercises and practice I have selected are chosen for two reasons - the first to
have you engage with the material as in read it and show me you have read it. The
second is to apply the writing approaches and skills.

The book is available in E-format - so I understand - from the company, Pearson. I
also have heard that some of you have to wait for financial aid before you can
purchase the book. I have posted some or all of the first 3 chapters for you.

                         Schedule For Turning in Papers

Writing Assignments will be posted in CONTENT and will be turned in to the
DROPBOX. Group writing projects will be done in DISCUSSION and turned
in to the DROPBOX.

         Paper                                          Points           Due Dates

   1. Routine or Positive Letter                   50               1-29, Sun
      midnight (+4 hours)
   2. Good News Letter                            100               2-12,    Sun
      midnight (+4 hours)
   3. Audience Focus/Group                       100                2-26, Sun
      midnight (+4 hours)
   4. Bad News Letter                             100               3-11, Sun
      midnight (+4 hours)
   5. Research Report                             100                4-10, Tue*
   6. midnight (+4 hours)
   7. Resume                                       50               4-15, Sun
      midnight (+4 hours)
   8. Research Project or Prop                    100              4-28, Sat.
      midnight (+ 4)

SUB TOTAL                                          [600]

*Sunday, 4-8 is Easter so Paper is due Tuesday 4-10.


In an online class you are responsible for reading all emails from your
instructor and reading all of each email. The answers you are looking for
may be buried in here. If your issues aren't answered, please let me know.
Remember every post to elearning is public (to this class) except the DRJ
andOPBOX this is how it will be for you using work email and online group

Your individual emails to me are private, but in a business the receiver of
the email could do anything that person wanted to do with it. Everything
belongs to the business and is available to your supervisors and bosses and
possibly to many other professionals. Treat this class in the same way.

Using good subject lines and also making sure your name is clearly part of
the address line of each email you send is part of professionalism. How
would it look to send an email to your boss that didn't include your name in
the address line?

On the UWF gmail system you can set up a signature block for yourself. In
your UWF gmail open settings and scroll down until you find the choice for
setting up your signature.

ELearning: I have never used eLearning as a student. I do have a student
view. I use that to anticipate issues, but it doesn't always alert me things
that may be confusing to you. Please recognize that I want you to succeed
and will solve problems as they arise. ELearning occasionally goes down. If
that happens, send your assignements to me by email and then post the
assignment to the DROPBOX when eLearning comes back online. IT is your
resource for solving technical problems.

For example - in GROUP your team membership may listed under the
heading "Members." If you do not open the areas in the GROUP tab you will
not find the group you are assigned to. All of you have figured out Amazon,
games, many complex software products and websites. Before you ask -
read the screen before you and look at every area that you can open. Many
times the answer is there. After you have done that, and you can't figure it
out - then ask IT, me and/or other students.

I have taught online classes in several different formats. I have worked
professionally with offices, clients, court systems, editing formats etc. that
have gone paperless.

My techniques for posting assignments come from all these different
experiences. Every class, however, is different. This class is a work in
progress. I will do my best to clear up confusion and solve problems.

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