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              European Online Shoppers

Powered by:           September 2007
Methodology & Sample
•    7,036 Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATi) were conducted by Synovate on
     behalf of SPA and the EIAA in 9 EU countries and Norway
•    A sample size of 7036 provides accurate data to ± 0.8 – 1.1% at the 95% confidence
•    Fieldwork took place between 4th-25th September 2006
•    Interview length: 25-30 minutes
•    Results at the total level were weighted to take into account the different country’s
     population sizes. Using 2005 data from the UN the following weighting matrix was

     Country /                                                                        Sweden   Norway
                    UK     France   Germany   Italy   Spain   Belgium   Netherlands                     Denmark   Total

    Total weight   17.1%   17.3%    23.6%     16.7%   12.4%    3.0%        4.6%       2.6%     1.3%      1.5%     100%
Results: Online Shoppers – who shops online and
what do they buy?
•   78% of European internet users shop online
•   Online shoppers spend more time on the internet - nearly 12 hours online per week, compared
    to the European average of 11.
•   So far the online shopper has matured in line with local internet market maturity: as internet
    markets mature, the profile of the online shopper begins to reflect that of the mainstream
•   Travel tickets, holidays and books are still the items most commonly purchased online, but
    clothes have now overtaken CDs and DVDs in popularity both for online research and online
•   European online shoppers are now buying more from their browsing on the internet
       Concert/Festival tickets are currently seeing the highest conversion rate (75%)
       Travel tickets (72%), books (71%) and clothes (70%) are also enjoying high conversion rates
•   Increasing consumer confidence in specific retail sectors
       Mobile phones have seen the biggest growth in conversion rates year-on-year (+23%)
       Music downloads (+16%), car accessories (+15%) and home furnishings (+14%) also have
         significant growth rates
Online Shoppers – Age Profile

                [Base: Online Shoppers in Germany, the UK and Spain]
Shopping Results: Online Shoppers Spend More Time
Online than the Average Internet User
            Average Hours Spent Using the Internet in a Typical Week
 Q. In the last six months, how many purchases would you say you have made on-line?

Shopping Results: UK Buys Most Items Online

                                                                                      10 Items

                                               [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Shopping Results: Norway Spends the Most


                    [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Shopping Results: Most Popular Categories
        Product/service     Bought online              Researched     Researched online but
                                                         online     sometimes bought offline
 Travel tickets                 52%                          72%              39%
 Holidays                       38%                          70%              38%
 Books                          37%                          53%              33%
 Concert/Festival tickets       37%                          49%              28%
 Clothes                        31%                          45%              28%
 Electrical Goods               30%                          52%              39%
 CDs                            25%                          41%              27%
 DVDs                           22%                          32%              21%
 Theatre/Cinema tickets         21%                          36%              24%
 Music Downloads                20%                          38%              19%
 Insurance                      14%                          28%              16%
 Toys                           13%                          20%              14%
                                    [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Q. Have you ever researched/bought online or researched & bought off line any of the following products/services?

      Shopping Results: Interesting cross-market
      variation in purchases
Shopping Results: Europeans Use A Wide Range Of
Online Payment Methods

        January 2007, Trends “European Retailers Still Need To Offer Multiple Online Payment Methods”
Shopping Results: Male vs. Female
 • In general men by more items than women

                                 [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Shopping Results: Male vs. Female

                     [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Shopping Results: Male vs. Female
Shopping Results: Price Comparison remains a key
way to connect with online shoppers
               Price Comparison Websites – By Country

                           [Base: All Online Shoppers ]
Online Shoppers Visit Significantly More, Auction,
Banking and Finance…
                    Top Website Genres (%)

                           [Base: All internet users]
Leading Retailers across Europe
  UK                             FR                            DE              ES                 IT
  Amazon                         Fnac                          Amazon          El Corte Inglés    Internet Bookshop

  Tesco                          La Redoute                 Carrefour          Alice Classified

  Argos                                 OTTO            Compra Venta       Amazon                       Amazon                        Quelle          Segundamano        Media World

  John Lewis                     Rue du Commerce               T-Shop          Amazon   

  Woolworths UK                       Secondamano

  Currys                      Kijiji

  COMET                          3 Suisses                     ALDI            Fnac     

  Littlewoods                    Alapage                       BAUR            Kijiji   

 Based on unique users (excludes price comparison sites and ebay   )
Christmas news
•   According to IMRG, Internet sales in Britain peaked for the first time after surging more than 50%
    to £7.5bn in the run up to Christmas, with 25 million people now shopping online.

•   In a Christmas shopping survey conducted through Nielsen Netratings, Kelkoo found that in 2006,
    internet users planned to spend a greater part of their Christmas shopping time on the internet than
    on the high street
•   The average user planned to spend 4.5 hours online compared to just 3.5 hours on the high street

•   2006 saw further increases in online shopping — according to the FEVAD (Fédération de Vente à
    Distance) over two billion euros would be spent online (up from 1.7 billion euros in 2005)

•   One in 3 Germans buy some or all of their Christmas presents online and online shopping is
    particularly popular with households (Ipsos Market Research)

•   Amazon reported:
      600.000 products ordered online in Germany on 18th of December, - more
       than 7 products per second
      Sales increased 500% vs 2005
      most popular were LCD- and Plasma-TVs

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