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									                              REPUBLIC OF RWANDA

        “Empowering people with employable skills and entrepreneurship capacity”
                                   P. O. Box 2707
                               Tel: (+250)0255113365
                              E-mail: info@wda.gov.rw
                              Website: www.wda.gov.rw
                                  Kigali – Rwanda



The Workforce Development Authority (WDA) hereby invites national sealed bids
from eligible national bidders for the tender related to the acquisition of vertical
blinds to WDA head quarter located at Kicukiro District, near NIBOYI Sector office,
supplying of mini conference table for 4 people and maintaining of WDA old
furniture .This tender is composed by one indivisible lot :

Title of the tender : Acquisition of vertical blinds to WDA headquarter,
supplying of mini conference table for 4 people and maintaining of WDA old

Financing : WDA ordinary budget

The tender document may be obtained from the Workforce Development Authority
(WDA) headquarter office at Remera on any working day from August 27, 2010 at
7:00 o ‘clock upon presentation of a prepaid bank slip of a non refundable fee of ten
thousand (10, 000) Rwandan Francs on account 120.00.46 of “RRA” opened at the
“National Bank of Rwanda” for each tender.
All bids shall be accompanied by a bid security of 2% of bid price delivered by
banks or recognized insurance company.
Enquiries regarding this tender may be addressed to the Director General-WDA, P. O.
Box 2707 Kigali, Tel : (+250)0255113365, E-mail: info@wda.gov.rw
Well printed bids, properly bound and presented in four copies, one of which is the
original must reach the WDA head quarter at Remera not later than September 29
,2010 at 09 :00 am, bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their
representatives who may choose to attend at WDA headquarter on September
29,2010, at 09 :30 am. Late bids will be rejected.
Participation is open on equal condition to all companies/individuals specialized in
the field and the interested bidders must present the following documents:
a) Certified copy of trading licence;
b) Original or certified copy of certificate delivered by Social security funds, till valid
c) Original or a certified copy of tax clearance certificate, till valid
d) Proof of purchase of tender document
e) Certificates of good completion of similar supplies/ tenders
e) Bid guarantee of 2% of bid price
f ) a copy of this tender document signed on each paper by the legal representative of
the company with stamp of the company.
The copies shall be put into envelopes and these envelopes shall also be put in outer
envelope, the last one should be addressed to Director General –WDA and clearly
marked :
To the Director General, WDA
Title of the tender: Acquisition of vertical blinds to WDA headquarter, supply
of conference table for 4 people and maintaining of WDA old furniture
Tender number: No005/F/2010-2011/0P/WDA
To be only opened in public session

Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Law N° 12/2007 of 27/03/2007 on
Public Procurement

Done at Kigali on August 26th, 2010

Director General, WDA

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