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Oscail Online Registration 2011 email 5Aug2011


									     O S C A I L

                   Oscail Online Registration for academic year 2011/2012
                   Commences from 15th August upto 26th August, 2011

Dear Student,

Welcome to the 2011/2012 presentation of Oscail’s programmes. Programmes will
commence on the 26th September, 2011. This letter aims to provide you with information
on how to register for the coming year. The procedure for registering online is set out in
the Step by Step Guide, available at the following link under the section titled ‘Study
Essentials’ Please read this guide thoroughly prior
to registering online. You must also ensure that you have no outstanding fees due from a
previous year as access will be blocked if this is the case.

To begin registering, go to the online registration link available on the same page as above, , and click online registration. Please ensure that you
follow all the steps in the Guide provided.

Should you experience any difficulties in registering, the following online registration support
helplines are available:

Monday – Friday from 10.00a.m to 12.30p.m. and 2.30 to 4.00p.m.
Tel: 01-7005813, 7005483, 7007730, 7008384 or Email:

Checklist for Registering
The following is a checklist to ensure you have registered correctly:

1. Ensure that you have your username and password to hand.
2. Have you selected your study centre?
3. Have you agreed to the Rules and Regulations?
4. Have you selected and saved, your modules?
5. If you are repeating a module have you selected the correct attendance type?
   (This should be G for Retaking module)
6. Have you paid your fees electronically or requested a Bank Giro Form?
7. Have you printed your statement of registration?
8. Have you added your delivery address for course materials?
   (Undergraduate programmes only)

Fee information can be viewed on the DCU Finance Office website at
Oscail have introduced installment payments for our students with 60% due when you register
and the balance due for payment on 20th January 2012. Therefore the amount shown on the
online registration system will be the 60% of your total fee. If you wish to pay your fees in full,
you can input the appropriate figure into the system.
All students on all programmes pay fees to DCU through the online system. There is a daily limit
of €1500 on payments made by Laser that students should be aware of.

If your employer has agreed to sponsor your fees you should use the ‘Invoice Request Form’
which can be found at . Upon completion of this form,
you should return it directly to: DCU Fees Office, DCU, Dublin 9.

Once you register online you are liable for the full fees pertaining to the modules you have
registered for. This debt remains with the University and fees are non-fundable. Failure to pay
fees will result in delay/restricted access to the resources for your course. Registration should be
completed by 26th August to ensure all supports are in place for course commencement.

Undergraduate Course Materials
As your course materials will be despatched to you by An Post courier, you may wish to provide
an additional address for the mailing of these materials as they will be delivered during business
hours and must be signed for. This address will be used for this purpose only. You can enter this
address during the online registration process. All available text will also be on Moodle from the
26 September, 2011. Other information about tutorial schedules and access to online services
will be posted on the Oscail website at the beginning of the academic year.

Postgraduate Course Materials:
Postgraduate students will be able to access their materials on-line through Moodle from 26th
September 2011.

Graduates: Those of you who have completed your studies and are due to graduate this year
should disregard this correspondence. Congratulations on attaining your award and details on
graduation will be sent to eligible students directly from their university of registration.

Finally, it is important that you check the Oscail website, and your student
email account on a weekly basis for any updates. Also, please ensure that your DCU mailbox is
maintained and kept clear of all but vital messages at all times to allow you to receive messages
from Oscail. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding the above.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Brennan
Programme Support Administrator

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