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					                                      Dr. Shawn Sette
                                      One Davis Court
                                    Hurricane WV 25526
                                       (304) 562-3321
                                     (304) 562-0978 fax

 Please have clients call for a consultation in addition to you sending this referral form by
 fax or email. We will schedule surgery at the consult appointment. We would like to see
  fractures within 3 days to allow us a 24 hour period to work with our surgery schedule.

Referring Veterinarian Information:
Referring Hospital:                                     Doctor:

Business Phone:                         Fax:                      Email:

Best time and method to contact?
Client Information:
Owner’s Name:                                           Home Phone:
Address:                                                Work Phone:
                                                        Cell Phone:
Patient Information:
Name:                                                   Species:

Breed:                                                  Age:    Sex:
Patient History:
Description and Date of Injury:

Diagnostics performed and Treatment since injury:

Any Other Major Medical Conditions:

We prefer surgical cases be current on the following preventative care items and have at
least the minimum pre-anesthetic diagnostics prior to referral:
        Canine – DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, and Heartworm negative status
                or on prevention.
        Feline – FVRCP, Rabies, Feline Leukemia
        Pre-Anesthesia bloodwork minimums – Bun, Crea, ALT, ALP, and PCV
                within the past 6 months. We also suggest a T4/FT4 for all overweight
                                   Dr Shawn Sette
                                   One Davis Court
                                 Hurricane, WV 25526
                                   (304) 562-3321

                      Client Instructions for Orthopedic surgery
1.   Check with your regular family veterinarian to ensure your pet’s preventive care
     (vaccines and labwork) is up-to-date.
2.   Please call our office at 304-562-3321 to schedule a consult with Dr. Sette.
3.   During you consult, Dr. Sette will examine your pet, his/her history, labwork, and
     radiographs and discuss with you options for surgery. You will schedule with him the
     date for your pet’s surgery. (Note: Fractures need to be repaired within 5 days of the
     injury for best healing. Please arrange your consult as quickly as possible for allow for
     this timeframe).

Payment Policy:
Hurricane Animal Hospital requires a deposit when orthopedic surgeries are scheduled,
and balance paid in full at release of your pet (following surgery). Estimates for proposed
surgery will be provided to clients at time of consultation. We accept all major credit cards
and Care Credit. If other financial options need to be made please speak with Jennifer,
Hospital Manager, prior to consult appointment to make these arrangements.

Where we are located:
Just off the I-64 Interchange at Hurricane. Just behind Pizza Hut and Subway.

Dr. Sette -
Dr. Shawn Sette graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
in 1993. He spent his first 5 years working in emergency medicine and then in 1998
purchased Hurricane Animal Hospital. He has an exceptional interest and training in
orthopedic procedures. He is experienced in bone plating, cruciate repair, patellar luxation
repair, and fracture repair. Dr. Sette does recommend orthopedic repairs be performed by
a board certified specialist whenever possible and he can further discuss these options with
you if you are interested.

Candace Milam, RVT –
Candace has been working with Dr. Sette for the past 10 years and is the primary
technician who will be working with your pet. Candace has also studied physical
rehabilitation techniques and is available to provide this care for your pet following surgery.

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