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Online payment _Screen Shots_


									         The Guide on Online Payment @

In order to buy online, you are required to sign in as a registered User. If you are already a
registered user, enter your E-Mail Address & Password, in the Panel as shown below -

However, if you’re new here, you will need to register yourself online, starting from this
Panel shown here –

After sign in, you will be able to do e-shopping with online payment to complete your

The Cart system allows you to add or adjust your basket of shopping items, until you are
ready to check-out.

The Checkout is a simple 4-step process:

   (1) Delivery Info

   (2) Payment Info

   (3) Confirmation

   (4) Finished

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          The Guide on Online Payment @

Sample of the Checkout screen

Click on ‘Checkout’ to proceed to the Delivery & Billing side.

Sample of the Payment Info screen

Click ‘Continue’, after Billing Address, etc are satisfactory. Coupon code will entitle you to
discount, if you are given one by our Promotion Campaign.

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         The Guide on Online Payment @

Sample of the Order Confirmation screen

After editing (if needed) & reading the important notice, click ‘Confirm Order’.

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         The Guide on Online Payment @

Sample of the Paypal screen

The Total Amount Payable is shown on the top right.

You have the options to either use your Paypal account or Credit Card to make online

Continue with the Paypal Login if you choose to use Paypal, otherwise click on ‘Continue’
[Don’t have a Paypal account?]

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         The Guide on Online Payment @

Sample of the Credit Card screen

To complete the Credit Card payment, do provide all the information under ‘Enter your
billing information’, and click ‘Review Order and Continue’.

We hope that you have been enlightened and look forward to your
e-shopping with us !

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