October 2010 Staff Meeting Minutes

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					                              October 2010 Staff Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Kathy, Brandy, Libby, Rhonda, Cathy, Karen, Katy, Becky, Sue and Ann

Starting January 1st our staff meetings will run from 9:30-11:30 with the front desk meeting to follow.
Meetings will still be held the 1st Monday of the month unless otherwise notified. This will hopefully
create better patient flow for the rest of the day. Oakley will also be opened after the meetings from

The Dearborn County Country Club’s Ladies Night Out is this Thursday October 7th from 6-9pm. Brandy,
Kathy & Sue will be representing KJSC that evening. KJ asks that you wear black pants, black shoes, a
solid colored top & your black lab jacket. We will be selling discounted coupons that night (kind of
similar to groupon) in the following denominations:
     $30 gift card for $20
     $50 gift card for $30
     A MicroPeel/MicroPeel Plus for $50
     A Silk Peel/Vitalize Peel for $100
Ann will collect acrylic holders, table clothes, credit card swiper & slips, easel & KJSC sign. Katy will put
together brochures, business cards, various procedure books, & an email signup sheet. KJ will bring the
butler bags from her house.

Open House is just around the corner ladies!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the renovations will be complete & we
will have double the space but who knows. Katy will map out two different floor plans for incase we
have the extra space & incase we don’t.
      We will do the following demos: filler, permanent makeup, laser hair removal & Jane Iredale
        consult. If we have the extra space we will also do the following demos: Bellanina, Silk Peel,
        and Dermaplaning, hand peels, Sclerotherapy, Radiesse cheek/hand augment.
      We will raffle off 4 peel parties that evening. Please email Brandy any other gift ideas.
      Coupons: $25 off any procedure over $75; $10 a unit Botox with any procedure over $500; then
        the same groupons from the Dearborn County Country Club event as well as 10% off gift
      Brandy will contact the cake lady about making cupcakes again & Katy will talk with Beth about
        food (NO ROAST BEEF!!!).

The Christmas Party will be at Katy’s house on December 10th from 1pm-? Please bring a $10-15
Christmas related item for the gift exchange. Please wrap your gift in red wrapping paper or a red gift
bag. NO Kids!! Jacci & Diana have both been invited to attend. Katy will email directions to her house
when it gets closer.

Karen reviewed her documentation article & stated that we should not use our initials to document any
information whatsoever. You must sign your full name. If there is an error you just cross through the
item(s) once & sign your full name. Also the date & time needs to be documented. Karen will follow up
with the board of nursing to make sure these are the exact guidelines (KJ said all you do is go online &
fill out a form to do this) but for now please act as though they are.

Rhonda will be bringing the steamer over from Ohio to KY once the remodeling is complete. The woods
lamp will also be sent over for Karen to use during her h&ps.
The Fraxel will be stored in the Utility Room during renovations if you are looking for it.

KY ALARM (Peggy & Seege take note): When leaving the KY office at night you need to leave the office &
lock the back door from the outside then come in set the alarm & exit the front door locking it behind
you. Take your keys with you so you do not lock yourself out.

Technicians need to be responsible for when products are running low. Often times we get side tracked
when leaving the closet & forget to write a note for Peggy as to what we are low on. Becky will be
placing a clip board in the closet so that if we notice something is low it can be written down right then
and there.

All future events will have a technician event leader that will help organize the event. Katy will write a
protocol that will be used by the technician for organizing these events. They will be in charge of
making sure we have the right supplies & so forth.

Now through November 15th if you purchase an elastiderm you will receive a free makeup bag. Brandy
will send a message to our patients in regards to this special. It is while supplies last.

KJ has been presented with an offer to do a dinner & movie type segment to promote KJSC. It is fairly
expensive so KJ needs our feedback & who would feel comfortable being on TV. KJ needs any questions
you may have before tomorrow. Techs will need be able to commit to more time when running these
ads because business will pick up.

Libby will be bringing the hyfercator to the next meeting. She will be writing a protocol which will be
given to Karen for review.

Everyone needs to review the new ingredient in Redermic.

The CPR masks have been ordered.

The November staff meeting has been changed to Wednesday November 10th, 2010. It will be the same
time & place. Laurie from Allergan will be here to do training with the staff.

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