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									Pilot run of Electronic Payment
  in the Academic Secretariat

             Mrs. Lucia Tse
           Academic Secretariat
I. Pilot Run in the AS
 Payment of Application fee for admission via Web
  starting from March 1999. Applications can be
  completed in one go via web.
[PolyU received around 28,000 direct applications to full-
  time degree, postgraduate and part-time (degree & sub-
  degree) programmes annually.]
[This is made possible because starting from 1999 admission
  exercise application to all full-time degree, postgraduate
  and part-time programmes (except those through JUPAS
  & JASPIC) can be submitted electronically via PolyU’s
  web site.]
II. Current Procedures for
    Payment of Application Fee
1. Method:
   • cash payment at any branch office of Hang
     Seng Bank (using the pay-in slip issued with
     the application form).
   • Payment by Phone Service (PPS).
   • bank draft or money order if the applicant is
[Personal cheque & cash are not accepted]
II. Current Procedures for
    Payment of Application Fee
2. Attach the application fee receipt to the
   application form and return them (by mail or in
   person) to the Academic Secretariat. Application
   will not be further processed without the
   application fee receipt.
3. Even when the application is submitted
   electronically via web, the application fee receipt
   needs to be sent in separately by post before the
   application is complete.
  III. Benefits
• Applicants can complete and submit the application for
  admission with payment of application fee in one go at
  their own computer terminal with web connection even
  after non-office hours.
• There is no need for AS to match the application form
  received via Web with the application fee receipt which
  is submitted separately.
• Processing of the application can be done without any
IV. Exploring Other Possible
    Application Areas

•   Payment for tuition fee/caution money.
•   Payment for replacement of student identity card.
•   Payment for on-line subject registration activities.
•   Payment for re-assessment fees.
•   Payment for appeal fee.
•   Payment for transcript fee.
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