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					William Allen  Seth Baylor  Andrea Buescher  Christie Clark
 Executive Summary
 Company Description and Organization
 Strategic Focus
 Situational Analysis
 Market-Product Focus
 Marketing Program
 Finanacial Data and Projections
 Appendix I - Advertisements
     Executive Summary
Target    Market
  Consumers   under age 25, specifically
   children and college students
       ads, Radio ads, Television
Promotional     Strategies
  Displays,   contests, free samples
 Company Description and
Company name - Italiamerica
Headquarters in Evansville, IN
Hired marketing team for new
  Team: William Allen, Seth Baylor,
   Andrea Buescher, Christie Clark
        Strategic Focus
 To   satisfy our customers with a great-
   tasting, convenient, and unique pizza
             Strategic Focus
  To produce a quality product with healthy ingredients
  To satisfy the tastes of young-minded consumers
  To become a profitable competitor in the frozen pizza
  To create a recognizable brand name
  To lead the industry in innovation
  To operate with a socially responsible attitude
         Strategic Focus
Competitive   Advantage

  Our  product will offer a new way to
   enjoy pizza at a competitive price.
 Situational Analysis - SWOT
 New   approach to pizza market
 Wide variety of toppings to satisfy our
  target’s needs
 Our bagel is a healthier alternative to
  pizza crust
 Situational Analysis - SWOT
 Unknown   company with no credibility or
  brand loyalty
   Other    companies are considered staple
 Higher    production costs
   Can’t   afford to buy in bulk
  Situational Analysis - SWOT
  Value gap in the frozen pizza industry
  Offer environmentally-friendly packaging
  Create a kids’ activity pack to include with          each
  Economy is weakening
     Consumers   are looking to spend less and may be
      looking to alternatives to existing name brand
Situational Analysis - SWOT
    Totino’s Party Pizzas and Pizza Rolls
    Heinz Bagel Bites
    Nestle’s Hot Pockets
    All other frozen pizza producers
  Substitutes  for pizza
  Health-conscious trend may deter consumers
   from all sorts of pizza products
    Market-Product Focus
Marketing   and Product Objectives
 Create awareness
 Create brand loyalty
Market-Product Focus
                              Perceptual Map                         A = Hot Pockes
                                                                     B = Bagel Bites
                3.5                                                  C = Party Pizzas
                                                                     D = Pizza Rolls

                                       B                 Se rie s1
                1.5                            C,D



                      0   1        2       3         4
      Market-Product Focus
Points   of Difference
  Wide   variety of toppings
    Macaroni   & Cheese, Cheeseburger, Meatball, Philly
    Possibility of expansion into breakfast or dessert
  Full-size   bagel
    Unlike    any of our competitors
    Fresh    ingredients and bagel foundation
          Product Strategy

Promotional   Strategy
  Set  up sample tables in grocery stores
  Set up displays at college campuses
  Offer samples to college clubs and
  Put an advertisement in college newspaper
  Give coupons to apartment complexes to pass
   out to college-age residents
         Product Strategy
Promotional   Strategy
  Create  a contest for kids to win a pizza-
   bagel party for their class
  Offer samples to Sunday School groups
  Offer samples to Daycare Providers
  Direct Mail advertisements
      Marketing Program
Brand   and Label
 Grow  into a recognizable brand name
  and build brand loyalty
 Must be suitable for children and easy
  for them to say and remember
         Marketing Program
Price   Strategy
  We  cannot afford a lower price because our
   production costs are higher
  We could consider selling at a slightly higher
   price, but that may interfere with our desired
  Our best strategy is to sell our product at the
   same price as our competitors but to promote
   the fact that our packages contain more
   product so the customer is getting a good deal.
Financial Data and Projections
 Pizza Bagel Financial Statements 2009
Production costs in terms of cost in per
 unit ($3.25) @ 1 million units
Container/Box: .06
Labeling: .04
Shipping: .25
Labor: .45
Material: .20
Total Production costs: $1.00
Financial Data and Projections
 Marketing  Costs in terms of cost in per unit
  ($3.25) @ 1 million Units
 TV ads:
 Magazine Ads:
 Direct Mail:
 Product development:
 Reserve Funds:
 Total Marketing Costs: $.30
 Tax: $.23
Financial Data and Projections
Total Costs: $1.30
Gross Margin: $1.95   per can
Sales Tax: $.23
Net Income: $1.72

Sales Objective per year estimated at 3
 million units
Total Estimated Revenue: $5,160,000
                   Creative Brief

   Objective:   To create brand awareness and increase consumer
                 information of product

   Target:      Persons age 5- 25 and their mothers

   Beliefs:     Pizza is junk food
                       Creative Brief
   Message
   Theme:        Pizza Bagels are a fulfilling, healthy, and quick option
               among frozen pizza items.

                    Support:          Pizza Bagels are larger, healthier, and
                      easier to cook than some of its competitors.

                    Bonus: An  original variety of flavors and a kid’s activity
                      pack included

   Slogan:        The Happy, Healthy Pizza… on a Bagel.

   Call to Action: Available at

   Medium:        Direct Mail, Magazine Ads (News4U, Evansville Moms), TV

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