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Halloween Decor and Party Planning Guide by WiwittPratama


									Halloween Decor and Party Planning Guide

Halloween has fast become one of America's most popular holidays, and it continues to
grow more and more each year. Today, the holiday known as Halloween is one of the
biggest days for parties. If you're thinking about planning a Halloween party this year,
there are several things you can do to make sure it's the spookiest and the most fun party
possible. First and foremost, you want to make sure you create a sense of ambiance in
your home that captures the Halloween spirit. Decorate the house with fake cobwebs,
spooky gravestones in the yard, and top it all off with some creepy music or sound
effects. This will guarantee that your house changes into a spooky place, making it the
perfect setting for the Halloween party.

When planning a party, you can't forget the food! There are some wonderfully scary
recipes available to give an ordinary party snack a new scary twist. Look for some recipes
for "blood red punch" and other great ideas such as bat shaped cookies. All of these
things really add to the effect. Keep in mind that lighting is very important, particularly
when it comes to Halloween. Try to keep the lights dim, and use some cool orange
colored string lights, or even black lights to give the house a creepy glow. Candles are
great, too, but be sure they are placed somewhere safe and away from areas where
children or pets can accidentally knock them down. Of course, we can't forget pumpkins!
Carve some faces into jack-o-lanterns and place them on the porch and in your home.

After you've prepared the decorations and drummed up some spooky snacks, you'll want
to come up with a theme for the party. You can make it a 70s or 80s theme, a witches and
wizards theme, a retro television show theme, or just about any other theme you wish. Or,
you can just make the Halloween party a "come as you are" theme, and be surprised at all
of the wonderful costume ideas people come up with. Play scary movies on your TV set
in the background for added ambience. Dry ice is another great idea that gives the house
a foggy feeling. Simply place the dry ice in a large cooler somewhere out of the way, and
fill it with water. The dry ice has a reaction similar to rolling fog and really makes
everything that much scarier. With a little planning you can have an excellent Halloween
party that everyone will remember for a long time.

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