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									               Motorcycle Insurance From ACUITY

                              Ask Your Agent Which Plan Is Right for You

  Cycle-Pak II is a low cost motorcycle plan for experienced owners of larger motorcycles.
     Premium levels are reduced based on the assumption that the motorcycle is seldom used for

        about 4 months of the year. Coverages are in force for the full policy term.
    Drivers need to have 10 or more years experience driving automobiles and 4 or more years
        driving motorcycles.

  Cycle-Pak covers mopeds and motorcycles with less experienced drivers.
     Premiums assume a 3 month lay-up period, but coverages are in force for the full policy term.

        A 5 month lay-up option is available at a discount.
    Operators 16 years of age or older require a supporting ACUITY policy when a driver has
        less than 5 years auto driving experience.

  Harley-Davidson Cycles - All Harley-Davidson models are eligible for BOTH programs!

  Special Equipment and Accessories - When physical damage is purchased, coverage is automatically
          provided for trailers, sidecars, special equipment and accessories, regardless of whether they are
          made by the motorcycle's manufacturer.

  Safety Apparel - Motorcycle helmets and apparel designed for motorcycle safety are covered with no
          deductible for up to $500 if damaged in a covered collision loss. Higher limits are available.

                           ACUITY Knows Motorcycles!
Revised 6/11
                                                       Basic Coverages
 Liability - Helps protect you and your family from financial ruin if you are sued because of a motorcycle
         accident. Liability may be written on a combined single limit basis.

 Guest Passenger Liability - Premiums automatically include coverage for your legal liability for injury to
         passengers on the motorcycle.

 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverages protect you and your family against injuries caused
         by drivers who carry no insurance or not enough insurance.

 Medical Payments Coverage pays hospital and doctor bills arising out of a motorcycle accident no matter
         who is at fault.

 Physical Damage Coverage protects you against damage to your motorcycle. Comprehensive and
         Collision Coverages are written together.
 Experience Discount - A 10% discount applies to all coverages (Cycle-Pak only) if you have at least
         1 year's experience driving a motorcycle.

 Transfer Discount - A 10% discount applies to all Cycle-Pak II coverages if you are insured immediately
         prior to the effective date of a new ACUITY policy.

 Claims-Free Renewal Discount - Enjoy a 10% discount for Cycle-Pak II and a 15% discount for
         Cycle-Pak for having no claims at renewal.

 Driver Education Discount - A 10% discount applies to all coverages if the driver of the motorcycle has
         completed an approved motorcycle driver education course.

  Multi-Cycle Discount - When 2 or more cycles in 1 household are insured by ACUITY, a 5% discount
         applies to each coverage premium selected for each cycle.

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                         This is a summary of ACUITY coverages. Contractual coverage is as stated in the policy.
Revised 6/11            Not all coverages or options are available in all states. See your agent for more information.

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