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newsletter march 2010 by fanzhongqing


									                                Swiss Life Network • March 2010

Leadership is action,
not position.
           Donald H. McGannon

Dear Reader
                            We have started at full speed into 2010, with a
                            firm focus on delivering improved solutions, per-
                            formance and service to all our business partners.

                 As Swiss Life and our network partners we are
                 constantly working to improve our employee
                 benefit solutions, this issue includes informa-
tion about awards won by several partners for outstanding delivery
and performance.

We are also proud to launch an enhanced expatriate solution to
meet your needs for comprehensive, efficient and flexible solutions
for your mobile employees. We are confident that it sets new stand-
ards in the global employee benefits market.

Furthermore, to ensure that we continue to deliver in future, we
are pleased to announce that we will be inviting you to participate
in a survey later this year. Your input and feedback matters and we
appreciate it greatly.

Our ongoing ability to deliver is founded on our long-standing re-
lationships with our network partners. So we are delighted that
2010 sees three partners celebrating major anniversaries of coop-
eration with the Swiss Life Network, together totalling 50 years.

Thank you for your ongoing trust. We look forward to continuing
to be your global employee benefit “delivery service” of first choice.

                                                                  Yours sincerely
                                                                 Margrit Schmid

2 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                     Table of Content


We care about your leadership                                                                                            4

Partner News
Australia Hannover Life Re delivers additional improvements to its group insurance solutions                             6
China Interview with Anne Wan, Manager of the Marketing R & D Division of Ping An                                        7
South Africa Major plans for social security and healthcare reform                                                       8
Czech Republic Kooperativa named “Insurance Company of the Year 2009”                                                   10
Finland Ilmarinen wins “Best Pension Fund in Finland” award for 2009                                                    11
Ireland Irish Life now “Best in the world at plain English”                                                             12
Hungary UNION Biztosító wins two awards in 2009                                                                         14
Norway Vital Forsikring wins “Best Pension Fund in Norway” award for 2009                                               15
UK Unum wins awards for group insurance in 2009                                                                         16

Network News
Swiss Life launches an improved expat solution: Swiss Life Expat Select                                                 18
Swiss Life introduces service standards together with its network partners                                              20

Country News
Czech Republic Major reforms to social security system                                                                  21

Network Anniversaries
Three Swiss Life Network partners celebrate major Network anniversaries                                                 22

Upcoming Events
Swiss Life Network Employee Benefits Conference 2010                                                                    23

List of Swiss Life Network Partners
Network partners and branch offices                                                                                     24

                                                                             March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 3

We care about your leadership
                      By Carmen del Carpio, Head Business/Product Development & Marketing at Corporate Solutions,
                      Swiss Life Swiss Life is a strong and customer-oriented partner for all its stakeholders.
                      Together with our network partners, we are dedicated to providing products and
                      services that help our clients achieve, improve, and maintain leading positions in
                      their markets. With our focus on the success of our clients and business partners,
                      Swiss Life solutions are the essential instruments to help you achieve your goals
                      and realise your ambitions.

Good employee benefit solutions enhance corporate               Swiss Life Expat Select: meeting the complex require-
performance and leadership It has never been more cru-          ments of mobile employees Swiss Life is proud to an-
cial for employers to provide appropriate employee ben-         nounce an improved expatriate solution called Swiss Life
efits - and not just because of rising awareness of insuf-      Expat Select for multinational companies. The new solu-
ficient state-provided benefits in future. It is a fact that    tion covers five areas: retirement, death, disability, health
good employee benefits have a direct and positive impact        and assistance.
on employee performance, and thus on the corporate bot-
tom line. They also help to boost the attraction and reten-     Unique in the market, Swiss Life is the only one-stop shop
tion of key staff, thus assisting you to achieve and main-      provider offering five different modules in a single pack-
tain leadership in your business and markets.                   age. Swiss Life Expat Select is highly flexible and can be
                                                                tailored to the specific needs of each client. The five core
There is no denying, however, that employee benefits are        components (retirement, death, disability, health and
complex, particularly for multinationals. Even in major cor-    assistance) can be individually selected on a stand-alone
porations, employee benefits are rarely a core competence.      basis in any combination. Furthermore, clients benefit from
This is where the services of Swiss Life and its global Swiss   simple web-supported services and a single point of contact.
Life Network come in. We act as your expert partner, deal-
ing with all employee benefit-related issues so that you can    Swiss Life Expat Select has been specially designed to meet
concentrate on your core business.                              the sophisticated expatriate requirements of today’s mo-
                                                                bile workforce, and presents an excellent employee recruit-
Together with the Swiss Life Network, we have a proven          ment and retention tool for multinational companies. With
track-record of providing leading companies around the          this improved solution, Swiss Life is clearly aiming to set
world with efficient, cost-effective and fully compliant em-    the benchmark for expatriate solutions. Our approach is
ployee benefit solutions. Our success in this field is based    to work closely with each client to construct exactly the
on our worldwide network of leading life, health and pen-       comprehensive, modular expatriate solution they need to
sion providers, and on our creation of an ongoing stream        fit their specific expatriate requirements, thereby contrib-
of innovative and tailored solutions to meet your needs.        uting actively to supporting their leadership.

Swiss Life launches improved solutions and services             Please turn to page 18 for more information on the new
in 2010 The Swiss Life Network is dedicated to providing        Swiss Life Expat Select.
our multinational company clients with top-quality em-
ployee benefit solutions worldwide. To achieve this, we are
continuously developing new products and services to meet
the constantly-changing needs of the market. Here are some
of the initiatives due for launch in 2010.

4 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010

Customer-centricity: a new CRM administration tool            Feedback: Do the solutions and services provided
to further optimise client service Swiss Life is current-     by Swiss Life and its network partners meet your ex-
ly evaluating a comprehensive new CRM system that will        pectations? While we continuously investigate new solu-
replace the present tool. Featuring many new functionali-     tions and are at the forefront of global employee benefit
ties, the new system will focus even more on customer re-     developments, we also need formal feedback on our solu-
lationship management (CRM), while also serving busi-         tions. To help us continue to improve our services, and to
ness partners. Our new solution will meet all stakeholders’   understand in detail what clients, brokers, network part-
needs and can be scaled up and adapted as business devel-     ners and other business partners expect from us, we plan
ops. The new CRM tool is expected to be up and running        to run a new survey this summer. Your input and feedback
by autumn 2010.                                               matters very much to us, so thank you in advance for your
                                                              input. We look forward to publishing the results in the
                                                              September issue of this newsletter.

                                                              As the quote on the cover of this newsletter says: “Leader-
                                                              ship is all about action, not position.”

                                                                              March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 5
Partner News


Hannover Life Re delivers additional
improvements to its group insurance
Hannover Life Re has announced further product and system enhancements to its group life and group
income protection insurance offerings – continuing to take a lead in the market. The improvements ensure
that cover remains competitive, affordable, simple to understand, is easily accessible, and can be tailored
to meet individual client’s needs.

Some of the latest product enhancements available to          Improved automatic acceptance limits Higher levels
Hannover Life Re clients are set out below:                   of automatic cover will now be granted to employer groups
                                                              in order to reduce the administrative burden for both em-
Increased maximum insurance age The maximum in-               ployers and their highest-earning employees.
surable age for death and total and permanent disabili-
ty (TPD) has been extended to age 70 to reflect higher re-    Cover after ceasing employment When members leave
tirement ages.                                                their employer they can now keep their death and TPD
                                                              cover through Hannover Life Re’s new TPD continuation
Rise in maximum cover A maximum of AUD 3 million              option.
is now available for TPD and terminal illness cover whilst
the amount of death cover remains unlimited. For group        Improved systems and services In addition to the cur-
income protection (GIP) cover, a monthly benefit of           rent on-line claims and underwriting tracking facility for
AUD 30,000 is now available, depending upon the bene-         employers, Hannover Life Re is in the final stages of devel-
fit period selected.                                          oping a new interactive facility that will allow members
                                                              to apply for additional cover and be accepted on-line. Ad-
Simplified overseas cover Unrestricted overseas cover is      ditionally, where medical evidence is required, Hannover
provided to all members travelling overseas for business or   Life Re now offers a mobile collection service that makes
personal reasons for up to three years.                       it easier to provide blood and other medical information.

Extended employer-approved leave Continued cover
can now be provided for up to two years to any employee
who is granted approved leave by their employer.

Unlimited rehabilitation benefits For GIP cover, there
is now no limit to the amount of rehabilitation benefit       For more information
Hannover Life Re will pay to assist a member to be rehabil-   Please contact Ms. Kristine Nugent, Hannover Life Re
itated, subject to prior approval.                            E-mail:
                                                              Phone: +61 2 9251 6911
Accidental cover whilst underwriting Hannover Life Re
now offers a maximum death and TPD benefit of up
to AUD 1.5 million, and a monthly GIP benefit of up to
AUD 15,000 during the underwriting period.

6 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                             Partner News

Anne Wan, Manager, Marketing
R&D Division at Ping An Annuity
Insurance Company, China


Anne Wan is always in the swim
As Manager of the Marketing R&D Division of Ping An in China for the past two years, Anne Wan is an
expert at keeping afloat both a busy office and a young family in the bustling city of Shanghai.

Anne has been with Ping An for ten years, and in her cur-        As with any job, there are numerous challenges to meet
rent position for the past two. She starts each morning          and master. Anne says the greatest of these is to perform
with a hearty breakfast of corn cob, potato, steamed bread       her tasks with a high level of efficiency and keep the cus-
and yoghourt, after which, fortified for the day, she leaves     tomers satisfied – especially since team members frequent-
home at 7:40 and joins the stream of commuters taking            ly change, and the internal process is complicated.
the shuttle bus to work.
                                                                 Fortunately, there’s nothing that can keep Anne down, and
Anne begins her workday by checking her mailbox, before          at the end of most days, she still finds time and energy for
plunging into a busy programme of emails, telephone calls,       her favourite hobby: swimming with her infant son, now
meetings and discussions with her team of four and other         two years old.
colleagues. There’s also an occasional business trip.

Lunch in the company dining room provides a welcome
break, when Anne enjoys typical Chinese food: rice and two
courses, sometimes with noodles. Then she dives back into
work for the afternoon, resurfacing to return home at 18:30.     Ping An Insurance Company of China Established in 1988
                                                                 in Shenzhen, China, Ping An has been listed on the Hong
Asked what she likes best about her job, Anne replies: “I love   Kong stock exchange since 2004 and on the Shanghai stock
to communicate and keep learning from others with dif-           exchange since March 2007. As part of the Ping An Insur-
ferent backgrounds.” She adds: “It’s so interesting to find      ance (Group) Company of China, the company provides
that there are many different ideas and solutions for the        financial services including insurance, banking and invest-
same thing. I get a lot of satisfaction from working with        ment management to over 39 million individuals and ap-
colleagues from network partners world-wide, and at the          proximately 2 million corporate customers. Ping An ranks
same time with those in our nationwide Ping An branches.”        second in China’s life insurance market, and has been a
                                                                 member of the Swiss Life Network since 2005.

                                                                                 March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 7
Partner News

South Africa

Major plans for social security and
healthcare reform
With over five million working South Africans not saving for retirement, and a large proportion of the pop-
ulation poorly equipped to cope with the risks of disability, unemployment and death, the government is
working on a programme to introduce social security reforms and is also looking carefully at healthcare.

Social security in South Africa refers mainly to social as-   National Health Insurance (NHI) Healthcare is current-
sistance and social insurance. The current social assist-     ly provided by the public and private sector, with the major-
ance programme is fully funded by the state, and provides     ity of people using the public sector since private medical
grants to the elderly, children, and the disabled below a     schemes are beyond their financial means. The government
certain income. Social insurance refers to contributory       is now proposing to:
schemes mainly covering people in formal employment.
                                                              • Create a publicly administered and funded National
These schemes include pension, disability, survivors’, un-
                                                                Health Insurance Fund
employment and employment injury benefits.
                                                              • Expand health coverage to all South Africans
However, with millions either outside or poorly covered       • Provide comprehensive coverage of health services
by the current set-up, the government plans to introduce      • Deliver healthcare publicly and privately
a comprehensive social security system to protect the in-     • Promote social solidarity
come security of the workforce.                               • Save on excessive administrative costs

                                                              Momentum’s position Momentum is fully supportive of
                                                              the social security and healthcare reforms and is contribut-
                                                              ing to the process by engaging with policymakers, organ-
                                                              ised labour and other industry players, mostly through
The new system will be based on four tiers:                   the Association for Savings & Investment SA (ASISA).

                                                              Momentum believes that it is important to thorough-
                                                              ly assess the potential impacts of the reforms prior to
              Tier 3 Voluntary private provision
                                                              full implementation, and takes the view that careful and
                                                              phased implementation is required if the reform objec-
                                                              tives are to be achieved. The company is committed to
         Tier 2 (mandatory) Private sector benefit            ensuring that the most up-to-date information on the
            provision via accredited institutions             reforms is shared with clients, in order to maximise their
                                                              potential benefits.

     Tier 1 (mandatory) National Social Security Fund
                                                              Slow going – with more emphasis on health The
       Basic retirement, death and disability benefits        social security reform process has slowed considerably.
                                                              However further papers, covering both social security
                                                              and healthcare, are expected in the first half of 2010.
              Tier 0 Social assistance grants:                Momentum anticipates that in future, greater attention
   State old age pension, children’s and disability grants    will be given to healthcare reform and the establishment
                                                              of the NHI scheme.

8 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                                        Partner News

New group benefits division at Momentum In light
of the proposed social security reforms, Momentum has
consolidated its various employee benefits divisions into a
single new group benefits division with the focus on:

• Providing the best possible solutions to meet clients’ needs
• Simplicity, transparency, value for money and ease of use
• Outstanding service

Etienne de Waal has been appointed Chief Executive
Officer of the division. He is a qualified actuary with over
15 years of experience in the employee benefits industry.

                                                                        For further information
                                                                        please visit
                                                                        or contact Mr. Nazeem Khan, Momentum BenefitsAtWork
                                                                        Phone +27 11 282 48 49

                                                                         Comprehensive employee benef its?
                                                                         Expatriate solutions?
                                                                         Medical insurance?

  Whatever employee benefit solution you need, it has to be the best. At the Swiss Life Network we help
  you attract and retain the best people. Because as a global leader for comprehensive international employee
  benefits, we take care of all your risk, retirement, and medical plan needs with totally customized, flexible,
  and cost-effective solutions. What’s more, you benefit from our unique Swiss dedication to quality and long-
  term relationships. So make the right choice. And make sure you get the best.

                                                                                            March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 9
               Partner News

               Czech Republic

               Kooperativa named
               “Insurance Company of the Year ’09”
               Kooperativa’s high-quality services continue to bring in many awards. In 2009, Kooperativa came first in the
               “Insurance Company of the Year” category, second in the “Most Dynamic Insurance Company of the Year”
               category, and third in the “Life Insurance Company of the Year” category in the “Bank of 2009” competition.

               Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s. Vienna Insurance Group was           a market share of 29%. It is a universal insurance company
               awarded the title “Insurance Company of the Year” for the         offering a full range of services and all standard types of
               second year running. The decisive factors in the eyes of the      insurance for both individuals and companies, from small
               jury were the company’s broad and diversified product port-       businesses to large industrial corporations.
               folio, as well as its efficient country-wide sales network. The
               second largest insurance company in the Czech Republic
               was also successful in two other categories. It garnered a sil-
               ver award for the category “Most Dynamic Insurance Com-
               pany” of the year, and bronze for the category “Life Insur-
               ance Company of 2009” for its product Perspektiva 6 BN.
                                                                                 For more information
               Founded in 1991 as the first commercial insurance compa-          please visit
               ny in the former Czechoslovakia, Kooperativa now ranks            or contact Mr. Michal Dlhoplolcek, Kooperativa
               second in the life insurance market with a market share of        E-mail:
               13.17% and second in the non-life insurance market with           Phone: +420 221 000 172

Martin Diviš, CEO of Kooperativa,
receives the prestigious award
“Insurance Company of the Year 2009”

               10 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                             Partner News

      Timo Ritakallio, Deputy CEO of
      Ilmarinen receiving the
      prestigious IPE award 2009


Ilmarinen wins “Best Pension Fund
in Finland” award for ’09
At the ninth annual IPE European Pension Fund Awards held in Dublin in November 2009,
Swiss Life Network partner Ilmarinen won the IPE country award for Best Pension Fund in Finland.

Ilmarinen’s submission for the award was selected by a           Around 500 guests from the European pensions industry
panel of independent judges appointed by Investment &            attended the IPE Awards, including Irish Prime Minister
Pensions Europe. During the awards event, the following          Brian Cowen. Now in their ninth year, the IPE European
key points about the fund were highlighted:                      Pension Fund Awards recognise excellence across Europe.
                                                                 A total of 38 awards were presented during the ceremony
• 85% of fund assets are internally managed for                  to pension funds from over 30 countries.
  the long term
• In-house hedge fund capacity allows lower fees
• By taking more risk the fund can outperform

The award was presented to Timo Ritakallio, Deputy CEO
of Ilmarinen, Head of Investments, during the ceremony,          For more information
who said he values the award greatly. ”We have been very         please visit
successful in the competition in previous years as well, in-     or contact Mr. Timo Ritakallio, Ilmarinen
cluding the last one, when we were also chosen as Finland’s      E-mail:
Best Pension Fund. I am really very happy for the recogni-       Phone: +358 10 284 38 38
tion given to our work, and the credit for it goes to our pro-
fessional investment team,” says Mr. Ritalkallio.

                                                                               March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 11
 Partner News

                                                   Gerry Hassett, CEO Irish Life
                                                   Retail (left), accepting the award
                                                   from comedian Lenny Henry

“Winning the Plain English Campaign’s
award tells us we’re going in the right

 12 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                             Partner News


Irish Life now “Best in the world at
plain English”
Irish Life is proud to announce that they have been declared the overall winner of the Plain English
Campaign’s 30th Anniversary Award, for their outstanding commitment to clarity and honesty in their
customer communications.

The Plain English Campaign is an independent body set
                                                                The plain English journey of Irish Life
up in the UK to promote transparency and jargon-free
                                                                Irish Life was the first financial company in Ireland to sign
language. It is recognised around the world as the leading
                                                                the Plain English Campaign’s Honesty Mark declaration,
authority in this area.
                                                                and submitted its first document for review in March 1998.
                                                                Since then, Irish Life has received 180 Crystal Marks for its
Irish Life was picked out as the best organisation at living
                                                                product literature, of which 100 are Honesty Crystal Marks.
up to the principles of plain English during the 30 years
since the Plain English Campaign started. Irish Life            • In 2005, Irish Life became the first financial services in-
was selected ahead of 12,000 other organisations from             stitution in both Ireland and the UK to be awarded the
80 countries because of the clear and concise information         Honesty Mark for its entire product literature range.
it has consistently given to its customers.                     • In 2007, Business in the Community Ireland recognised
                                                                  Irish Life for inspiring excellence through its own plain
What is the Plain English Campaign? The Plain Eng-                English campaign.
lish Campaign is an independent organisation that lob-          • In 2009, Irish Life’s new website was awarded the Plain
bies for crystal-clear language. It started in 1979, when the     English Internet Crystal Mark.
founder, Chrissie Maher, shredded hundreds of govern-
ment forms in Parliament Square, London, to protest the
difficulty of understanding them. The Crystal Mark, the or-
ganisation’s seal of approval for the clarity of a document,
was launched in 1990.

How are documents judged? Once product literature is
written it is sent to the Plain English Campaign for review.
The Plain English Campaign sends it to a panel of adults
to see if they understand what has been written, and after
further examination, if it meets the standard, it is award-
ed a Crystal Mark.
                                                                For more information
“At Irish Life we are committed to using plain English          please visit
in all our communications. We have invested in train-           or contact Mr. Damian Fadden, Irish Life
ing over 470 of our customer service staff to use plain         E-mail:
English, and we have a ‘plain English champion’ in each         Phone: +353 1 704 12 72
team”, explains Gerry Hassett, Chief Executive Irish Life
Retail. “Our aim is to give our customers clear and con-
cise information that they can understand the first time
they read it. We’re not there yet, but we are working hard-
er than ever to get there. Winning the Plain English Cam-
paign’s award tells us we’re going in the right direction!”

                                                                               March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 13
Partner News


UNION Biztosító wins two awards in ’09
UNION Biztosító has won two Superbrand awards for its consumer brands in 2009. The awards panel,
comprising 14 marketing and communications experts, selected the Hungarian Superbrands of 2009 from
over 3,000 candidates.

Miklos Zsoldos, CEO of UNION, said, “The Superbrand
                                                               UNION Biztosító is a member of the Austrian
award marks an important milestone for UNION Biztosító,
                                                               Vienna Insurance Group
as it indicates that the company’s business strategy has
                                                               The Vienna Insurance Group is one of the leading insurance
generated achievements that are recognised by both the
                                                               groups in Central and Eastern Europe, headquartered in Vienna,
market and customers.”
                                                               Austria. The Group’s insurance companies offer high-quality
                                                               service in both the life and non-life segments, delivering inno-
Client satisfaction is a very high priority for UNION, which
                                                               vative local insurance solutions and excellent customer service.
uses client requirements not only to develop its products,
but also for ongoing development of its administrative         In the first half of 2009, a survey carried out by Gfk Hungária
processes and information systems. As a result of this,        Piackutató showed that UNION is above average in dynamic
UNION won the Superbrands 2009 and Business Super-             growth, product innovation, and correct claim payment
brands 2009 awards, presented to brands whose values           handling. UNION’s dynamic growth puts it in a unique
provide emotional and tangible advantages to customers.        position in Hungary, due primarily to its innovative prod-
                                                               ucts and flexible response to customers’ needs.
Superbrand titles have been awarded in Hungary since 2004.
Every year the Superbrands committee selects the strongest
and most valuable brands from a database of nearly 95,000
registered Hungarian trademarks. The Superbrands organ-
isation is present in 82 countries worldwide.

                                                               For more information
                                                               please visit
                                                               or contact Ms. Dóra Varhelyi, UNION Biztosító
                                                               Phone: +36 1 486 43 66

14 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                       Partner News


Vital Forsikring wins “Best Pension Fund
in Norway” award ’09
Prestigious industry publication Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) voted Swiss Life Network partner
Vital Forsikring Norway’s best pension provider in 2009. Vital’s combination of risk management and
market evaluation received particular recognition.

                                                          At the IPE European Pension Fund Awards held in Dub-
                                                          lin in November 2009, Vital won the prize as Norway’s best
                                                          pension provider, together with Oslo Pensjonsforsikring.

                                                          “This is solid recognition of the good work we have done
                                                          in Vital and DnB NOR Asset Management during very de-
                                                          manding times,” commented Vital’s CEO Tom Rathke.

                                                          The IPE jury mentioned in particular Vital’s dynamic risk
                                                          management and diversified portfolio as success factors. “It
                                                          is also good to see that the jury refers to our selling down in
                                                          equities during 2008. This has contributed to reducing losses
                                                          for our customers and led to Vital delivering a positive result
                                                          in 2008 and good results so far in 2009,” added Tom Rathke.

                                                          “It is also an important reminder that it is long-term work
                                                          that counts. Vital is still the best in its class for report-
                                                          ed returns measured over three and five years,” conclud-
                                                          ed Rathke.

                           Tom Rathke
                           CEO of Vital, Norway
                                                          For more information
                                                          please visit
                                                          or contact Mr. Tore Vadseth, Vital
Vital Forsikring ASA is the largest life insurance and    Phone: +47 99 28 48 07
pensions company in Norway. Vital insures more than one
million people in group and individual pension schemes,
and has around 26,000 corporate customers.

                                                                          March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 15
Partner News

Colin Fitzgerald, Director of National
Accounts at Unum (centre), is
presented with one of the prestigious
Health Insurance Awards

16 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                           Partner News

United Kingdom

Unum wins awards for
group insurance in ’09
Unum, one of the UK’s leading insurance providers              Wojciech Dochan, Unum’s Head of Commercial Marketing
and a Swiss Life Network partner, won several pres-            commented, “It’s a tremendous achievement for us to be
tigious awards in 2009.                                        recognised across two categories and we’re delighted with
                                                               our accomplishment. It is our goal to be the market lead-
Health Insurance Awards Unum, one of the UK’s lead-            er in all aspects of group risk and this success is testament
ing providers of group risk insurance, scored a hat-trick at   to the hard work the whole team has put in. It follows a
the 2009 Health Insurance Awards by collecting awards for      year of real innovation for our company and it is great to
“Best Group Income Protection Provider” (for the twelfth       see this recognised by the industry.”
year in a row), “Best Group Critical Illness Provider”, and
“Best Individual Income Protection Provider”. The awards       UK Pensions Awards Unum was awarded the title “Group
were presented in London in October.                           Risk Provider of the Year” at the 2009 UK Pensions Awards –
                                                               the industry’s most prestigious accolade for scheme pro-
Susan Ring, Unum Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are        viders. This was the second time that Unum won the award.
absolutely delighted to have won these awards. We have         The awards, run by Professional Pensions, were presented
strived hard over the past few years to cement our posi-       in April 2009 in London
tion as market leaders in the group risk and individual in-
come protection markets through innovation and experi-
ence. Unum’s recognition as Health Insurance magazine’s        Unum has been providing employers with group risk solu-
“Best Group Income Protection Provider” for an unprece-        tions since 1964. Over the past months the company has
dented twelfth year further consolidates Unum’s position       been actively developing new product innovations and
as the acknowledged leader of the group income protec-         value-added services, as well as bringing a new and unique
tion market.”                                                  angle to its group medical underwriting.

COVER Excellence Awards Unum took home two
awards at the seventh COVER Excellence Awards, in the
Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness catego-
ries. The awards were presented in October 2009 in London.
                                                               For more information
                                                               please visit
                                                               or contact Mr. Colin Fitzgerald, Unum
                                                               Phone: +44 1306 873 04 7

                                                                              March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 17
Network News

Swiss Life launches an improved expat
solution: Swiss Life Expat Select
Swiss Life is launching an improved expat solution called Swiss Life Expat Select. The new product covers
retirement, death, disability, health and assistance through a flexible one-stop-shop solution.

The concept is to offer clients a modular approach for the       demand a bespoke benefits package commensurate with
five coverages, with improvements in underwriting and pric-      this. Given the risks and administrative complexities that
ing across all lines meaning that the products are competi-      go hand-in-hand with working in different regions of the
tive in each of their respective markets. The real added value   world, it is easy to see why the provision of benefits for ex-
comes through simplified and coordinated sales, under-           patriates presents complex challenges for HR managers,
writing and administration processes for multiple cover-         insurers, and consultants alike.
ages which avoid unnecessary duplication of information
and help to deliver a faster service and superior product to     Co-ordinated activity and local flavour to improve
both employers and expatriates.                                  products and match needs Coverages are available in a
                                                                 multi-currency format, with market-leading levels of free
An important and demanding workforce While                       cover and maximum benefits quoted in Euros and convert-
expatriate employees in most companies are often only a          ed into US dollars, British pounds, or Swiss francs at an
small percentage of the overall headcount, the individuals       appropriate exchange rate.
involved are invariably highly skilled and well paid, and

18 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                           Network News

Employers taking multiple coverages benefit from simpli-       With the launch of Swiss Life Expat Select, Swiss Life aims
fied administration processes. Each module incorporates        to be the first company offering market-leading solutions
a degree of local flavour, so employers will have a choice     across all five lines of cover that are capable of competing in
of different forms of benefit and can select from a defined    the market on a stand-alone basis in their respective classes.
range of disability definitions and investment options to
tailor the product to their own needs.                         We are convinced that this new plan represents a signifi-
                                                               cant development in the delivery of expatriate employee
Furthermore, the health, life and disability coverages can     benefits, as well as a major step forward in Swiss Life’s
be included in a Swiss Life multinational pool.                mission to provide top-quality employee benefit solutions
                                                               worldwide. We look forward to discussing how Swiss Life
Increasing efficiency in administration Having a single        Expat Select can help your company in the very near future.
application form approach to simplify the scheme enrol-
ment process will make it easier and quicker for employ-
ees to obtain the cover and services they require, whilst      For more information
employers will benefit from having a single contact point      please contact Mr. Dale Fleet, Swiss Life
within Swiss Life to which queries can be directed. All cov-   E-mail:
erages will be supported by web-enabled resources which        Phone: +41 43 284 65 07
allow employees to access scheme details, forms and serv-
ices on-line, thereby reducing the ongoing burden of ad-
ministration on all parties.

Experienced providers delivering creative solutions
Swiss Life in France has a long-established pedigree in
health and assistance insurance, and Swiss Life in Luxem-
bourg specialises in the retirement, death and disability
covers for international clients.

With the transnational team Corporate Solutions of Swiss
Life providing consulting, marketing and coordinating sup-
port we have been able to harness specialist expertise with-
in our organisation to deliver a high quality one-stop-shop

                                                                               March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 19
Network News

Thomas Lienert
Head of Sales at
Corporate Solutions, Swiss Life

Swiss Life introduces service standards
together with its network partners
Across the globe, companies must tackle new and complex regulations, navigate risks, and improve corporate
governance, all while improving efficiency, increasing transparency, and enhancing shareholder value. As
such, multinational corporations have become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining the
timeliness, accuracy and transparency of services, and the quality of reported information. Companies must
also find effective ways to respond to more stringent accountability standards.

The Swiss Life Network has always been committed to meet-       Thomas Lienert, Head of Sales at Corporate Solutions,
ing – and surpassing – the performance levels required by       Swiss Life, strongly believes in the importance of excellent
our clients. As part of our endeavours to provide services      customer service and is convinced that Swiss Life’s clients
of the highest quality, the Swiss Life Network is proud to      will appreciate these new standards.
announce the implementation of newly developed stand-
ards of service, effective from January 1, 2010. Using these    While the areas covered by the service standards will grad-
standards, Swiss Life aims to address many of the critical      ually be expanded, as of the date of publication of this
issues facing our clients listed above.                         newsletter, the standards already apply in the vast majori-
                                                                ty of countries covered by the Swiss Life Network around
The service standards comprise a range of key commit-           the world.
ments by Swiss Life and its network partners regarding the
quality and effectiveness of service delivery to clients. The   For more information
standards include maximum response times for establish-         please contact Mr. Thomas Lienert, Swiss Life
ing proposals and contracts, sharing of documentation,          E-mail:
claims handling, and settlement of accounts.                    Phone: +41 43 284 64 26

20 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
                                                                                                          Country News

Czech Republic

Major reforms to social security system
January 1 saw the implementation of changes to the Czech Republic’s social security system that raise the
retirement age, increase the years of service required for an old-age pension, put up the annual earnings
contribution ceiling, and adjust the definition of disability. The government is introducing the changes in
order to stabilize the country’s state-run pay-as-you-go system.

                   The Czech Republic’s social security sys-   New definitions of disability The old disability classi-
                   tem covers all employed and self-em-        fication consisted of partial disability (33 – 65% loss of
                  ployed persons. It is financed by employee   earnings capacity) and total disability (66% or higher).
             contributions of 6.5% of monthly covered earn-    This will be replaced by a new system based on three levels
ings (28% for the self-employed) plus employer contribu-       of disability:
tions of 21.5% of monthly payroll. Several important chang-    • 1st degree (35 – 49%)
es were introduced at the beginning of 2010.                   • 2nd degree (50 – 69%)
                                                               • 3rd degree (70% or higher)
Higher retirement age The retirement age will rise grad-
ually to 65 by 2028 for men and for women without chil-        To qualify for disability benefits under the new law, indi-
dren. Women with children will be able to retire from ages     viduals aged 38 or older must have been in covered employ-
62 to 65, depending on the number of children. Currently,      ment for at least ten of the last 20 years before the onset
the retirement age is 62 and 2 months for men, and from        of disability. Fewer years are required for individuals below
57 to 61 for women, based on the number of children. (Un-      age 38. (Previously, five years of covered employment were
der a previous law, the retirement age was increasing grad-    required for individuals aged 29 or older, with fewer years
ually to 63 for men and for women without children, and        required if under age 29).
from 59 to 62 for women with children, depending on the
number of children.)                                           There is no doubt that companies operating in the Czech
                                                               Republic will be affected by these important changes. Please
More years of service required The number of years             contact Kooperativa, our network partner in the Czech Re-
of covered employment required for a retirement pension        public, to discuss the implications for your organisation.
will rise gradually from 25 to 35 years by 2019. In addi-
tion, starting in 2011, individuals who are five years older
than the normal retirement age will be able to retire with     For more information
17 years of contributions (increasing by one year each year    please contact Mr. Michal Dlhoplolcek, Kooperativa
to a total of 20 years of contributions by 2014). Currently,   E-mail:
men and women aged 65 or older can retire if they have at      Phone: +420 221 000 172
least 15 years of covered employment.

Increase in maximum annual earnings for contri-
butions The maximum annual earnings for contribution
calculation purposes for employees and employers will in-
crease from 48 to 72 times the average national month-
ly wage. For 2010, this ceiling is set at CZK 1,707,048
(USD 93,342), based on an average national monthly wage
of CZK 23,709 (USD 1,296).

                                                                              March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 21
Network Anniversaries

                                      Galicia Seguros, Argentina
                                       Seguros Inbursa, Mexico                         Meiji Yasuda Life, Japan

                           0           5          10            15        20          25           30          35          40

Three Swiss Life Network partners
celebrate major Network anniversaries
With our network firmly based on relationships characterised by trust and common goals, the
Swiss Life Network is proud of its longstanding partnerships with top local insurance providers.
We are delighted to celebrate three special network partner anniversaries in 2010, and look forward
to continuing our successful cooperation with these outstanding companies for many years to come.

30 years I Meiji Yasuda Life, Japan                              10 years I Seguros Inbursa, Mexico

A member of the Swiss Life Network since 1980, Meiji Yasu-       Seguros Inbursa has been a Swiss Life Network partner
da Life is Japan’s No. 1 group life insurer measured by cov-     since 2000 and was founded in 1935 as part of the Grupo
erage in force, and enjoys top ratings from the internation-     Financiero Inbursa, which today offers a broad array of
al rating agencies. The company provides group insurance         financial services to over 7 million clients. It was the first
services to around 280 foreign multinationals in Japan, of-      insurance company in Mexico rated “AAA” by Standard &
fering quality products and services at competitive rates to     Poor’s and Fitch, and has the best solvency level in the
meet a wide range of insurance needs.                            Mexican insurance market.

For more information                                             For more information
please visit                               please visit

10 years I Galicia Seguros, Argentina
                                                                 Since its founding in 1962, the Swiss Life Network has es-
A Swiss Life Network partner since 2000, Galicia Seguros         tablished partnerships with more than 50 partners, of which
was founded in 1994 by Banco Galicia and its parent Grupo        the average network membership is 17 years. We highly
Financiero Galicia, and is now one of the top ten life insur-    appreciate our long standing alliances with our partners and
ance companies in Argentina, responsible for insuring over       thank them for their loyalty and good business relations.
3.4 million lives. The company has achieved Fitch “AA” rat-
ings, and was awarded ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2008.

For more information
please visit

22 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I March 2010
Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event:

Swiss Life Network
Employee Benefits
Conference 2010

April 28, 2010
London, United Kingdom
At this special event, Swiss Life Network provides
valuable insights and expertise for executives with
responsibility for employee benefits at multinational
corporations and their subsidiaries, as well as inter-
mediaries. This event is co-hosted by our network
partner Unum, UK.

For more information
please visit

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                                                                                       March 2010 I Swiss Life Network Newsletter I 23
Network partners and branch offices
Country          Network Partner                 Website                           Contact                          E-mail                                    Telephone

Argentina      Galicia Seguros S.A.             Ms. Lucía ARMANDO                  +54 11 411 48 12 9
Australia      Hannover Life Re of Australasia            Ms. Kristine NUGENT                           +61 2 925 16 91 1
Austria        Wiener Städtische                 Mr. Wilhelm ROST                         +43 50 350 21 07 2
Belgium        Delta Lloyd Life                     Mr. Michel MOREAU                 +32 2 238 89 11
Brazil         Icatu Hartford                    Ms. Vanessa DONKE                     +55 11 347 23 91 6
Canada         Great-West Life                      Mr. David HENRY                                +1 416 552 58 02
Chile          Cruz del Sur                             Mr. Juan Pablo ACHONDO                     +56 2 461 83 43
China          Ping An Insurance Company                 Ms. Anne WAN                             +86 21 386 38 68 5
Colombia       Seguros Bolívar                     Ms. Valentina ESTRADA        +57 1 312 26 00 ext. 7031
Czech Republic Kooperativa                                    Mr. Michal DLHOPOLCEK                         +420 221 000 172
Denmark        Danica Pension                        Mr. Peter MØRCH                     +45 45 13 59 35
               PFA Pension                                     Ms. Lotte ELSBORG                                       +45 391 75 00 0
El Salvador    Aseguradora Mundial                    Ms. Marielos NUNEZ DE PALACIOS                    +503 252 18 30 0
Finland        Ilmarinen                                 Ms. Riitta RÄSÄNEN-RUGEMALIRA    +358 10 284 26 28
France         Swiss Life (France)                       Ms. Anne-Gaëlle COLIN               +33 1 408 22 24 7
Germany        Swiss Life (Germany)                      Ms. Marion VINTZ                        +49 89 381 09 18 72
Greece         Groupama Phoenix                   Mr. Dimitris KALOUDIS              +30 210 937 62 44
Guatemala      Aseguradora Mundial                    Ms. Rebeca CASTELLANOS         +502 238 45 45 4
               Seguros de Occidente              Mr. Wilber BARRIOS                  +502 22 79 70 00 ext. 9373
Honduras       Aseguradora Mundial                    Mr. Gerardo CORRALES                    +504 239 05 73
Hong Kong      Sun Life Hong Kong Limited                Mr. Cliff CHAN                          +852 318 66 52 9
Hungary        UNION Biztosító                      Ms. Dóra VARHELYI                 +36 1 486 43 66
India          Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life        Mr. Sandeep SHRIKHANDE                +91 22 666 21 59 99
Ireland        Irish Life                                Mr. Damian FADDEN                      +353 1 704 12 72
Italy          Apulia previdenza                  Ms. Donatella CAPONE                       +39 02 725 66 74 5
Japan          Meiji Yasuda Life                    Mr. Yasuo SATO                         +81 3 32 83 87 79
Korea          Korea Life                               Mr. Chang-Mo KIM                             +82 2 789 79 66
Luxembourg     Swiss Life (Luxembourg)                   Mr. Steve GOEDERT                      +352 423 95 92 33
Malaysia       Hong Leong Assurance                        Mr. Daren NG                         +60 3 765 01 35 8
Mexico         Seguros Inbursa                            Mr. Jorge NAVARRO                           +52 55 532 50 42 3
Netherlands    Zwitserleven                           Mr. Charles ALBERS                       +31 6 134 48 63 4
New Zealand    Hannover Life Re of Australasia            Ms. Kristine NUGENT                           +61 2 925 16 91 1
Nicaragua      Aseguradora Mundial                    Ms. Lucía RAMIREZ SANCHEZ             +505 227 68 89 0
Norway         Danica Pensjon                               Ms. Nina FRIVOLD                                   +47 85 40 53 98
               Vital Forsikring                              Mr. Tor MYRSETH                              +47 934 07 43 4
Panama         Aseguradora Mundial                       Ms. Zuleika TELLO                             +507 207 86 27
Philippines    First Life                            Ms. Ninian CEDO                            +63 2 893 30 24
Poland         Compensa S.A.                              Mr. Sebastian BOROWSKI    +48 22 501 63 43
Portugal       Groupama Seguros                           Mr. Nuno SILVA                             +351 21 792 32 40
Russia         Rosgosstrakh                           Mr. Andrey KAPOUSTINE                      +7 495 783 24 24
Singapore      NTUC Income                              Ms. Sharon LOH                           +65 686 67 25 1
Slovakia       Kooperativa                                    Mr. Štefan PAL’OV                                    +421 2 572 995 95
South Africa   Momentum BenefitsAtWork               Mr. Nazeem KHAN                        +27 11 485 75 58
Spain          VidaCaixa                  Ms. Ana DELGADO                    +34 93 227 89 57
Sweden         Danica Pension                               Mr. Tomas OLOFSSON                          +46 752 48 04 06
Switzerland    Helsana                                     Mr. Mariano DE PALATIS               +41 43 340 67 61
               Swiss Life (Head Office)                  Mr. Martin DAENIKER                  +41 43 284 61 49
Taiwan         Kuo Hua Life                                 Mr. Hunter HSU                                    +886 2 555 19 78 8
Thailand       Bangkok Life Assurance                       Mr. Taweesak DEJPRASIT                            +662 777 8888 ext. 8441
Turkey         New Life                                    Mr. Saner ÜSTÜNEL                        +90 216 358 70 70
United Kingdom Bupa International                       Ms. Jette HOLTEN                                      +45 33 15 30 99
               Unum                                        Mr. Colin FITZGERALD                  +44 1306 873 04 7
USA            Dearborn National                 Mr. Matthew REDDY              +1 630 824 60 96
Venezuela      Seguros Comerciales Bolívar            Mr. Claudio HERNANDEZ              +58 212 905 97 56

                                Swiss Life Network
                                General-Guisan-Quai 40, CH-8022 Zurich, Phone +41 43 284 37 97, Fax +41 43 284 39 97
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