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									Pioneering Singapore’s Shift
            to a
Cashless Payments Society
 Lee Kim Yeow, VP, Enterprise Support Systems
                         Who are we
• Founded in 1985 as part of a national initiative
  to encourage electronic payment in Singapore

• NETS Debit, launched in 1986, was the first
  national online debit system in Singapore and
  the most successful worldwide

• Today, NETS is recognised as a leader in the
  payment services arena – having introduced
  point-of-sale electronic funds transfer, cash
  withdrawal services through the ATM network,
  stored value payments, online payments and
  mobile payments
Building a cashless society
                         Shared ATM network,
NETS Debit, 1986         1998

                                                     NETS CashCard, 1996

           iNETS, 2010
                                                           eNETS, 2001

                               NETS FlashPay, 2009
               Where we are today
     NETS Debit              Micropayments             Multi-Channel

• Process more than
  90% of Singapore’s      • Stored value e-purse
  online debit              scheme                 • Multi-channel payment
  transactions            • 1st generation NETS      infrastructure enabling
                            CashCard                 users to make financial
• 16,000 merchants over                              transactions online, using
  30,000 outlets with     • CEPAS-compliant
                                                     their mobile phones or via
  60,000 NETS               NETS FlashPay Card
                                                     our self-service kiosks
  acceptance points         (contactless)
                Where we are today
          eNETS                      Switching                Card Centre

• Enables payment from all
  major International credit
                               • Switch shared           • Partner with banks to
                                 transactions for OCBC     provide card
  cards, as online direct
                                 & UOB                     personalisation services
  debit (internet banking
  payments) from the largest                             • 1st card centre to be
  banks in Singapore and
                               • Process own EFTPOS,       awarded ISO certification
  China.                         iNETS, eNETS, CUP,
                                 Stored Value Card       • Certified by VISA,
• 700,000 in transaction                                   MasterCard & AMEX for
  volume per month                                         card personalisation
             Projects With BPC
• Prepaid using Smart-Vista

• Billing using Smart-Vista
                     Prepaid Project
Virtual Prepaid Wallet Feature
    A solution that provides consumer a virtual stored value wallet with manual
     and auto top-up function via credit card or direct debit
    It integrates with application providers to launch services for paying public
     car park charges for Singapore motorists through mobile phone or internet.
    SmartVista also perform automatic settlement with the service providers
                        Billing Project
Flexible Billing Structure
      Supports multiple levels of merchant hierarchy
      Multiple product support at all levels
      Multiple fee support at all levels
      Consolidation at any selected level

Flexible and Parameterized Fee Structure (Fee Parameter)
      One-time, frequency-based, event-based
      Count-based, volume-based, value-based
      Supports penalties, rebates, discounts, promotions
      Effective-dated

Flexible and Parameterized Billing Options (Billing & Invoice
    One-time, frequency-based, event-based
    Billing and statementing are independent
Billing Project
                     Billing Project
Merchant Hierarchy
            Billing Project
Fee Setup
        Billing Project (Data Model)                             Action                                TxnParam
                      BillingScheme                          ActionID                                TxnParamD
                                                             ProcessingRuleID                        ProcessingRulID
                      BillingSchemID                                            Name
                                                             Name                                    Name
  Institution         MerchantType                                              …
                                                             …                                       Value
                      …                                                                              …
…….                                                                 R

                      FeeAssignment                                       Fee        ConditionSet
                                                 BillPlan      FeeID                                      Condition
                   FeeObjectID                                                      ConditionSetID
MerchantID                                                     CycleID
                   FeeStructureID              BillPlanID                           FeeID
ParentID                                                       TotalID                                  ConditionID
                   BillingSchemeID             Name                                 ObjectID
MerchantType                                                   FeeType                                  ConditionSetID
                   InvoiceID                                                        ObjectType
BillingProductID                               FeeID
                                                               LimitID                                  …
                   MerchantID/AcquirerID       …                                    …
AcquirerID                                                     Currency
…….                                                            …

InstitutionID                                                                       FeeID
InvoiceID                                    InvoiceScheme                          FixRate
Name                                                                                PercentageRate
…….                                          InvoiceID                              MinValue
                                             CycleID                                MaxValue
                                             LayoutID                               SumThreshold
                                             InvoiceLevel                           CountThreshold
NETS Product                                 …                                      …

                              CycleShift         Cycle              Total

                              CycleShiftID    CycleID            TotalID
                              CycleID         CycleType          CycleID
                              ShiftType       LengthType         TotalType
                              …               CycleLength        CountTotal
                                              …                  SumTotal
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