Now that you are out riding your bikes are you sure that you have

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					Now that you are out riding your bikes are you sure        some assistance that you may need as a result of your
that you have the correct motorcycle insurance to          injuries. This however is assuming that the person
protect your prize possession as well as yourselves?       that hits you has insurance. Something else to keep
I write a lot of insurance estimates for people at our     in mind is that your policy may or may not cover
shop and I am surprised at how many people know            your passenger, or someone else if you allow them to
nothing or very little about the motorcycle insurance      ride your bike. And if your insurance coverage states
coverage that they have.                                   that the coverage is for the owner of the motorcycle,
                                                           in Michigan the owner is defined by the name of the
I have spent a lot of time researching this topic and I    person on the title not the registration. These are all
can tell you it is very complicated. The primary           details that you need to find out about.
pieces of information that you need to be aware of
are as follows. Even though Michigan is a No Fault         Are you surprised yet? Thought you had it covered
state, No Fault insurance does NOT apply to                didn’t you?    I can almost hear the insurance
motorcycles in some circumstances. A "motorcycle"          company’s phones ringing now.
is not a "motor vehicle" as defined by Michigan's No-
Fault Law. As a motorcyclist you are only required         Now I will give you the good news. You can get the
to have liability coverage in any one accident at a        correct coverage of insurance for your motorcycle.
minimum of $20,000 per person injured and $40,000          My suggestion to you would be to contact an
for all persons injured as well as $10,000 for injury to   independent insurance agent.        The reason is,
or destruction of property of others. This is not          independent agents represent many different
coverage for your injuries or damage to your               companies and can get you the best coverage and best
motorcycle; it is coverage for the people that you         rates available for your needs. My other suggestion
may injure. You are also required to pay into the          is to contact an agent or company that specializes in
Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA).           motorcycle insurance. There are so many differences
This is coverage for catastrophic injuries that you        in the law and coverage as they pertain to
may sustain that typically exceed $375,000. This is        motorcycles. I have found that most insurance
due to the fact that people injured in motorcycle          companies that don’t specialize in motorcycle
accidents usually sustain greater injuries than people     insurance don’t know how to advise you about what
involved in car/truck accidents.                           coverage you should have on your bike.

Liability and MCCA coverage is all that is required        Many times the first time a bike owner realizes that
but it certainly is not the only coverage that you         they don’t have enough or the right coverage is when
should have. Whether you carry collision or just           they are in my shop getting an estimate for damages
liability insurance and you are in an accident that        that are not going to be covered. I have witnessed
does NOT involve a car/truck, for example, you loose       some very angry phone calls and arguments between
control of the bike and go down or you hit a tree or       customers and insurance adjusters. And people
just fall in gravel etc. you will have no way to recoup    please keep in mind the insurance adjuster is just
anything for injuries. The only way medical bills          doing their job. If you don’t have the right coverage
would be covered is if you have personal medical           for your bike it is because you didn’t ask the right
insurance elsewhere and even then you may be               questions when taking out the policy or your agent
limited on what they will cover. This also applies if      didn’t advise you properly regarding what type and
you are involved in an accident with a pedestrian or if    how much coverage you should have.
a car/truck cuts you off and you loose control and go
down but there is never any actual impact from the         Well I am running out of column space so I will have
other vehicle. Gee never heard of that scenario            to continue next month. I will give you suggestions
before have you?                                           on what coverage you should have and what to do
                                                           when you are in an accident. Until then…
If you are involved in an accident with a motor
vehicle other than another motorcycle such as a                Keep the wind in your face………….
car/truck and there is impact, you may qualify for No                                            Chris
Fault benefits from the other vehicles insurance           Email me at
company. This means that you should receive
medical coverage, loss of wages or coverage for

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