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									                                        P.O. Box 3147 Shelby, NC 28152 704 476-2747 or 704 300-9465 Fax 704 480-6181

            Home Builders Association                                   November

    November 6, 2009
Board of Directors Meeting                                NAHB Members Tell Congress that HOUSING = JOBS
   Ken & Mary’s 7AM

   November 10, 2009                       With time running out for the $8,000 Homebuyer tax credit, we need your voice to
 Home Builders Meeting
                                           tell our senators and representatives to extend and expand the homebuyer tax
 Cleveland Country Club
          6PM                              credit.

                                           In the first year, NAHB estimates that an extended and expanded homebuyer tax
    Guest Presenter:
    Michael Dickerson                      credit will:
    w/Smith & Stevens                         Create more than 350,000 jobs;

                                              Increases home purchases by 383,000;
                                              Increases housing starts by 82,000;

Credit Woes……………………...2                       Generate $16.1 billion in wages and salaries and $12.1 billion in business in-
Know the Code………...…..…. ..3
Offers for NAHB Members.…….4                    come and:
Building Permits……….……......5
Membership Renewals………….6                      Yield tax revenues of $8.4 billion for the federal government and $3.2 billion for
Board of Directors…. ….……....6                 state and local governments
Business Card Ads…. ….……...7
                                           As members of the Home Builders Association of Cleveland County, it is our duty to
                                           contact our senators & representatives and be heard. Write Congress today at
                                    ; you will need to register under My Profile in
The bad news is time flies.                order to send these letters. This is a very simple process that will take less than 10
 The good news is you're
                                           minutes to complete but can possibly spur job growth and bring consumers back to
        the pilot.
                                           the market. If you need any assistance with the registration, please feel free to call
                                           Mickie Bouzon at 704 300-9465.

                                           Remember Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution: Freedom of Speech

Survey Shows Credit Woes Threaten Housing Recovery

September 28, 2009 - Nearly two-thirds of single-family home builders are reporting a severe lack of credit for housing produc-
tion, threatening the fragile housing recovery before it has time to take hold, according to a new builder survey of acquisition,
development and construction (AD&C) financing conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

“Across the country, home builders and developers are reporting a deterioration in credit availability and intensifying pressure on
borrowers with outstanding loans,” said NAHB Chairman Joe Robson, a home builder from Tulsa, Okla. “Lenders are cutting off
loans for viable new housing projects and producing unnecessary foreclosures and losses on AD&C loans. With the pending
expiration of the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit, these challenges threaten to halt any positive developments we have
seen in the housing market in recent months.”

In the latest NAHB survey of AD&C financing conditions, 63 percent of builders stated that the availability of credit for single-
family construction loans worsened in the second quarter of 2009.

Builders reporting deteriorating credit conditions cited the following reasons: 80 percent said that lenders are lowering the allow-
able loan-to-value ratio, 76 percent reported that lenders are not making new loans, 75 percent stated that lenders are reducing
the amount they are willing to lend and 62 percent said that lenders are requiring personal guarantees or collateral not related to
the project.

Two-thirds of respondents reported putting single-family construction projects on hold until the financing climate gets better.

While federal banking regulators continue to maintain that they are not instructing institutions to stop making loans or to indis-
criminately liquidate outstanding loans, builders responding to the survey cited the top reason that lenders have given them for
restricting the availability of new loans or for tightening the terms of outstanding loans is that “regulators are forcing lenders to do

NAHB believes that regulators and lenders should provide leeway to residential construction borrowers who have loans in good
standing by providing flexibility on re-appraisals, loan modifications and perhaps forbearance on loans to give builders time to
complete and sell their inventory.

“There can be no meaningful economic recovery until the flow of credit is restored to housing,” said Robson.

Paul Ezell 704 484-4997
   Cleveland County                           KNOW THE CODE

                                CLEVELAND COUNTY CODE NEWS

Here is an excerpt from the COCO Newsletter sent out by the NCDOI. I thought it was interesting and worth
reading, so I thought I'd share it with you. "Leadership within an individual determines a persons potential,
to a great extent, but as important as that, it determines their influence." That was written by Tim Bradley,
Senior Deputy Commissioner of insurance, Assistant State Fire Marshal. Think about how that simple sen-
tence applies to different aspects of your life. Whether it's contracting, your personal life, government, deal-
ing with customers, the economy, or whatever it may be, that sentence applies.
Now, let's take a quick moment and talk about a code issue we have recently received some question about,
Alternate Materials, Design or Methods. The Administrative Codes has a commentary section which reads
like this, "The technical codes are not intended to inhibit innovative ideas or technological advances. A com-
prehensive regulatory document, such as the NC Building Codes, cannot envision and then address all fu-
ture innovations in the industry. As a result, a performance code must be applicable to and provide a basis
for the approval of an increasing number of newly developed, innovated materials, systems and methods for
which no code text or referenced standards yet exist. The fact that a material, product or method is not ad-
dressed in the technical codes is not intended to be prohibited. The code enforcement official is expected to
apply sound technical judgment in accepting material, systems or methods that, while not anticipated by the
drafters of the current code text, can be demonstrated to offer equivalent performance. By virtue of its text,
the code regulates new and innovative construction practices while addressing the relative safety of building
occupants. The code enforcement official is responsible for determining if a requested alternative provides
the equivalent level of protection of public health, safety and welfare as required by the code."

Should you have any question, please contact us at 704-484-4997.

Paul Ezell
Cleveland County
Codes Administrator

                                            CHRISTMAS PARTY

Our Home Builders Association Christmas Party is scheduled for December 8th at the Cleveland Country
Club. This will be the final meeting of the year and a time for everyone to come together as a family and get
to know each another better. I will be sending out a flyer to all members in the middle of November but
please mark your calendars now so you don’t miss this meeting & party. Although this year has not been
economically successful to many of us, we still have many reasons to be thankful and spending time with
others is another way for this to happen.

We look forward to seeing all of you in December.


                                Valuable Offers for NAHB Members

NAHB members can get a custom-built $500 private offer toward the purchase or lease of most new GM
vehicles. This private offer is compatible with many GM consumer incentive programs.

To learn more, visit:

           White House, Hill Leaders Consider Extending Home Buyer Tax Credit

Facing rising political pressure to spur job growth and a housing recovery, Washington turned a sharper
focus last week on extending the current $8,000 tax credit for first-time buyers beyond its Nov. 30 expi-
ration date and expanding it to a wider circle of principal home buyers. Following some encouraging re-
marks from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, NAHB on Oct. 6 said that home builders were
ready to work with the White House and Congress to extend the credit and help bolster the lackluster

“The tax credit has clearly had a positive effect on housing demand and in the job market,” said NAHB
Chairman Joe Robson. “We stand ready to work with President Obama and the Congress to extend and
enhance the tax credit to help reduce foreclosures and excess housing inventories, to stabilize home
values and to push housing and the economy on a glide path to recovery.”
NAHB estimates conservatively that the current tax credit has been responsible for some 200,000 addi-
tional home sales since early this year, resulting in a net increase of 187,000 jobs. Extending the tax
incentive through Nov. 30, 2010 and making it available to all income-qualified purchases of a principal
residence would result in an additional 383,000 home sales and generate 347,000 new jobs in the com-
ing year, according to NAHB economists.
At an Oct. 5 press briefing, Gibbs said that “there has been quite a bit of success” with the home buyer
tax credit, and he added that the President is considering extending it to strengthen the economy and
create jobs.
“Housing is the best opportunity to put this country back to work,” said Robson. “Prompt congressional
action on the tax credit is a crucial first step to shoring up the fragile housing recovery and leading the
economy to higher ground.”

A Meeting in the Oval Office

The New York Times reported on Oct. 7 that extending the credit was briefly mentioned in a meeting in
the Oval Office the day before between President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders Nancy
Pelosi, (Calif.), speaker of the House, and Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.), the Senate majority leader. Congres-
sional aides indicated that a tax credit extension is being viewed as an option for stimulating the econ-
omy and job creation and extending it beyond first-time buyers is being considered.

In a statement following the White House meeting, Reid said that, “we need to continue working toward
ensuring that more families can stay in their current homes and continue efforts to strengthen the hous-
ing market by extending the tax credit.”

“There’s under consideration whether we extend the first-time home owners’ credit,” Pelosi told report-
ers the next day in Washington. “And the question is, would that be just first-time home owners or would
you open it up to other purchasers of homes?”

The New York Times story also cited warnings from Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Econ-, that allowing the tax credit to expire would slow the sales of new homes not facing foreclosure
just as sales of foreclosed homes are expected to pick up, which would put downward pressure on
home prices. “The economic recovery will not evolve into a self-sustaining economic expansion and
risks unraveling back into recession until house prices stop falling,” Zandi said in an interview.

                                          Building Permits September 2009
Location                                           Contractor               Type Constr.             Valuation
Kings Mountain
111 Cloninger St                                   Homeowner                Addition/Remodel         $18,000
1430 Phifer Rd.                                    Penastar Home            New Construction         $136,595
1017 Bethlehem Rd.                                 Chas. Carragen           Accessory Structure      $9,900
231 Battleground Ave.                              CNG Signs                Addition/Remodel         $1,200
827 First St.                                      Leesee                   Accessory Structure      $4,200
409 S. Battleground Ave.                           Secure Services LLC      Addition/Remodel         $5,000
404 W. Mountain St.                                THD@Home Services Addition/Remodel                $14,306
123-125 Linwood Rd.                                Owner                    Addition/Remodel         $10,000
313 El Bethel Rd.                                  Rays Carpet              Addition/Remodel         $11,232

  All Permits not listed.                     TOTAL VALUATION OF ALL PERMITS                         $210,433

337 Weathers St.            Cleveland Investments Owner                     Demolish Dwelling        $1,000
703 Cedar Hill Dr.          Stitzel Properties      Owner                   New Dwelling             $200,000
1306 Markway Dr.            Danny Cartee            Owner                   Storage Bldg.            $8,000
1306 Markway Dr.            Danny Cartee            Owner                   Add & Enclose            $65,280
612 Falcon Cr.              Sean Mintz              Owner                   Renovations              $40,000
1400 Kings Rd.              Marie Jones             Wm Sommers              Int. Renovations         $31,795
201 Grover St.              CRMC                    Danny Harris            Suppression Sys.         $56,000
319 Circleview Dr.          Comserve Regional       Garf Russell            Int. Renovations         $20,000
1146 Country Home Dr Putnam Bapt. Church            Chris Webber            Flat Roof to Gable       $22,000
831 Quinn Dr.               Jeanie Phillips         John McDaniel           Int. Renovations         $28,530

All Permits not listed                        TOTAL VALUATION OF ALL PERMITS                         $472,605

 Cleveland County
 370 Mt. Zion Ch. Rd.         Dean H.,Price         Owner                     SFD                    $80,000
 435 Webb Rd.                 Mullis Investments    Caromark Bldg. Group      SFD                    $58,995
 538 St. Luke Ch Rd.          Theo McLothlin        Owner                     SFD                    $200,000
 113 Haven Lane               STV & Bubba LLC       STV & Bubba LLC           SFD                    $65,000
 260 Cedar Lake Farm Rd.      Roger Howell          Owner                     SFD                    $289,000
 252 Cedar Lake Farm Rd. Danny Howell               Owner                     SFD                    $230,000
 1503 Caleb Rd.               Ervin R. Nanney       Stitzel Properties        SFD                    $229,000
 209 W. Main St               Ray V. Beaver         Rutherford Remodeling     Int. Remodel           $60,000
 111 Wallace St.              Kay R. Wells          John McDaniel             Int. Remodel           $50,000
 2767 Carla Dr.               Dean M. Bridges       Owner                     Storage Bldg & Porch   $16,000
 All Permits not listed                       TOTAL VALUATION OF ALL PERMITS                         $1,277,995

                  Total Valuation of Kings Mountain, Shelby and Cleveland County                               $1,961,033
                               MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS DUE or COMING DUE

Future Energy                        Dennis Blanton & Son Masonry        Martin Electric
Lowe’s Home Improvement              Cleveland Floor Covering            K. Humphries Plumbing
Settle Heating & Air                 Green Mountain Enterprises          Quality Homes
BNT Building & Const.                Concrete Specialty                  Republic Services of NCSS
Stairbuilders                        Stephen Clark Enterprises           Dale Sain Contractor
Martin Electric & Networking         Logan Plumbing Service

The 18th annual Hog Happnin’ is November 7th. Please come out and enjoy this fun event which
includes a car and bike show, arts & crafts, corn hole tournament, live music, rides for the children
and of course the BBQ contest. This year we also offer a drive through to pick up your BBQ Din-
ners. Please tell all your friends about this event…….we promise a “good time for all”.
We need your ticket sales money and your tickets turned into Jim Holland ASAP so he can start the
final tally. If you have any questions, please call Jim at 704 480-7288.

                                             Officers and Directors

PRESIDENT                        DIRECTORS                                STATE DIRECTORS
Matthew Smart                    Marcus Padget                             Glenn Williams
Smart Construction, Inc.             Cleveland Lumber Co.                  Glenn Williams Construction
 704 913-0070                    Ronnie Whetstine
VICE-PRESIDENT                         WW Contractors, Inc.
Eddie Kee                        David Settle                            EXECUTIVE OFFICER
Carolina Artisans                    Settle Heating & Air                  Mickie Bouzon
 704 472-1000                    Allen Putnam
TREASURER                            Southern Craftsman
Rick Washburn                    Ed Howard
Shelby Savings Bank                  Howard Builders Construction, Inc
704 476-2727                     Doug Haynes
PAST PRESIDENT                       Haynes Plumbing
Ed Howard                        Rick Washburn
Howard Builders Construction         Shelby Savings Bank
 704 472-0745                    Glenn Williams
                                     Glenn Williams Construction

    Fiberglass Insulation, Vinyl Siding
            Seamless Gutters
         Replacement Windows

    Quality Insulating and Siding

        Danny & Dusty Hawkins
      Call today for a Free Estimate
              704 482-7866
      Over 30 Yesrs Experience


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