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					Workshop for cinema

 Mobile phones and Internet:
will they increase admissions?
  Presented by: Emanuele de Plano – TixOS

• Internet and mobile phones - new
  sales and marketing channels?
• How can they be used by cinemas?
• What tomorrow holds in stock…
• What is required to implement?
• Case studies
• Questions and discussion

What are the objectives?
• Provide information
• Promote and advertise
• Sell tickets
• Encourage loyalty
• Collect information

What channels are available?
• Online sales and information (Web,
  WAP, SMS…)
• SMS promotions and marketing
• Loyalty and memberships

Are they used today by cinemas?
• US Exhibitors setting up online channel JV’s
• First proven online and WAP success stories
• Film web sites – great awareness and
  community builders
• Online and SMS promotions led by distributors
• Multitude of loyalty and membership schemes
• However, little use is made of collected
  customer data

Online sales and information
• Providing a higher service level
• Selling additional services
• Capturing extra information
• Extending reach of distribution and
• The right channels for your target and
• Revenue management: could it generate
  extra sales?
SMS promotion & marketing
• Putting forward special offers and
• Games and prize draws
• Selling unsold tickets
• Referral to a friend – viral marketing
• Capturing numbers – collecting data

Loyalty and memberships

• Great way to identify unique customers
• Stored values – pre-payment cards
• Frequency and spend rewards - points
  based schemes
• Unlimited use / subscription cards
• Customer segmentation cards
• Third party partner joint membership

Web based customer relations
management – e-CRM
• Registering your online visitors
• Direct e-mail
• Questionnaires
• Promotions
• Building communities

What does tomorrow hold?
                                      3 G T e le p h o n y


                      W AP

                                In te rn e t

        T e le p h o n e IV R

 1996     1998   2000    2002      2004    2006   2008   2010

Future channels
• 3G telephony
  – Virtual tickets
  – Alternative payment/billing options
  – Location services
• Interactive digital TV
• Web services

 3 G telephony                        (source: Alcatel)

Select film….               Watch trailer, buy ticket…

Guided to theatre….         Use phone as ticket….

What are the requirements?
• Clearly defined long term strategy,
  budget and forecasts
• Ownership and control of costs,
  strategy, brand and customer data
• Open and flexible box office systems
  connected to a central server
• Cost effective fulfilment and payment
• Buy in from your operational staff
Implementation challenges
• Box office integration and
  communication infrastructure
• Interrelation between services
  offered to customers
• Customer support problems
• Reconciliation payments
• Distributor transparency
• Data protection issues
The TixOS solution
• Centrally hosted database and application
  accessed via the Internet
• Low-cost box office application based on
  a rental service contract
• Online channels and loyalty – 2 options:
  – Supplied API to develop own or 3rd party
    interfaces and online channels
  – Cinema branded TixOS web channel under
    revenue share deal
• Multi-platform java applications
• Consultancy and project management
Case Studies
• Warner Village, UK
• Vizzavi ticketshop

Vizzavi ticketshop

• What these new sales and marketing
  channels are
• How they can be used by your
• What tomorrow will bring along
• What you need to implement them
• Case studies
Conclusion: will admissions
increase? Maybe not but….
 – Lower cost of providing information and selling
 – Valuable data on customers – wider coverage
 – Building a relationship and encourage loyalty
 – Higher customer service than your competition
 – Additional revenue from new services
 – More diverse clients – target new segments
 – Build partnerships easily
 – Optimise your programming

Questions and discussion


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