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					                      Newton on Ouse Parish Council
            HELD ON TUESDAY 20th MARCH 2012 AT 7.30pm IN THE PARISH HALL

Present:            Councillors Gary Craig (Chair); Glen Turnbull; Tim Key; Andrew Windrum, Wendy
                    Appleby and Karen Morris (Clerk).

In Attendance:      District Councillor Chris Rooke; John Knighton and Mr Bill Cooper.

1.    Apologies. Apologies were received from Cllr Smith and Cllr Patmore.

2.    Declare any Interests in Items on the Agenda. No interests declared.

3.    Minutes of Meeting held on 16 Feb 12. Change Annual Meeting to Annual Parish Meeting in heading
      and Item 21 (20 Mar not Annual meeting). Accepted and signed as a true record.

4.    Chairman’s/Clerk’s Report

      4.1    Winter Maintenance. A reminder to check road salt supplies and order more, if necessary, in

      4.2    Land at Back Lane. Chair will write to Land Registry – Cllr Rooke will supply OS numbers.

      4.3    Replacement of Cherry Trees – Cherry Tree Avenue. Clerk to contact Des Cotton/Jane
             Whitehead at Beningbrough to arrange the planting of the 2 new cherry trees as soon as possible.

5.    Financial Matters

      5.1    Community Account as at 20 Mar 12: £3225.64; Business Saver Account as at 20 Mar 12:

      5.2    Payments to be made are: Clerk’s Wages 13 Feb – 12 Mar 12: £146.56 Clerk, £36.64 HMR&C;
             Village Hall Hire 20 Mar 12: £10; Farm & Land Services £30 for removal of debris on Newton
             Landing; YLCA Membership £200; £38.34 Ink Cartridges Clerk; Tower Mint for
             Commemorative Coins £306.90.

      5.3    Bank Account. It was AGREED that Clerk would look around at other accounts to see what was
             available (in particular The Co-operative Bank as it was more ethical).

      5.4    Cllr Rooke reported that he had paid £2250 on a planning application under the Section 106
             Agreement – Clerk to claim this money back for the Parish Council, and Chair to suggest
             allocation of this money when received.

6.    Planning Applications. None received to date.

7.    Hambleton DC’s Planning Decisions. 11/02286/FUL – Chapel Dell, Back Lane – APPROVED;
      11/02406/FUL – Fieldings Barn, Sills Lane – APPROVED.

8.    Annual General Meeting (AGM). Chair will step down at the AGM in May. Clerk will email Electoral
      Services at HDC after the meeting to notify them of the vacancy. Notices will then be displayed stating
      that there is a vacancy – if HDC do not receive a nomination, then the Parish Council will co-opt.

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9.    Grass Cutting. Clerk had received letter from NYCC reference the Urban Grass Cutting grant to say
      that the grant will be reduced in 2013 (£1383.93) but would remain the same in 2012 (£1472.13). It was
      AGREED to get Farm & Land Services to do 2 additional cuts (if needed) this year for the village and 1
      additional cut on Newton Landing.

10.   Site Meeting (White Lines around The Green)/Highways. A Site Meeting took place on 16 Mar with
      Highways, County Cllr Caroline Patmore, Cllr Craig, Cllr Appleby and Cllr Key. A report produced by
      Cllr Patmore was read out. One suggestion from Highways was to move the farmer's gate at the
      Brickyards Junction so that the direction signs to York/Shipton would be directly in front of the
      junction. Clerk to write to Nigel Smith at the end of April and remind him of what actions he had
      agreed at the meeting and to obtain a progress report. With regards to the ‘Children warning sign’, the
      Parish Council would purchase this themselves – Clerk to circulate some signs to the rest of the Council.
      Highways would produce a fully costed proposal for a one-way system (no entry sign and lights) – they
      would black out all the offending black lines again. Clerk to contact Easingwold police with regards to
      speeding to see if random speed tests could be put in place. It was AGREED that it would be beneficial
      to put a piece about the random speed tests in the next Newsletter. Clerk to also contact Highways
      again about the broken sign on Back Lane (Clerk had already emailed twice about this). Clerk to email
      Cllr Patmore for an update on the yellow lines at the junction to Back Lane.

11.   Update on Parish Hall. The final draft of the Business Plan is still being worked on and should be
      available at the end of March. They have applied for an ‘Awards for All’ grant. A questionnaire has
      gone out to every household asking what activities they would like to see in the parish hall for under
      12’s (160 had been sent out with only 5 replies to date). Clerk to put notice on noticeboard reference
      the poor response. The 100 Club has had an excellent response and will commence on 1 Apr 12. The
      suggestion that the Parish Council develop a local plan for the village was not thought to be sensible: we
      have the Parish Plan which tells us most of what we need to know, and need to see what the Parish Hall
      Business Plan says also.

12.   Signage at Brickyard Cottages Junction. Cllr Windrum had liaised with Planning at HDC and has
      emailed them showing the farmer’s gate and where the reflective sign would be displayed. He has also
      emailed Colin Telfer at Highways but no reply to date. Cllr Windrum will talk to the landowner and
      pass details on to Clerk.

13.   Discuss removal of Chestnut Tree on Village Green. Cllr Rooke offered the services (at no cost) of a
      company run by him and his wife where young people were trained to fell trees. He said he could run a
      course where the tree would be removed and burnt (as it could not be used for logs because of the
      disease). Clerk to start the planning application process going. Request for suggestions of what to
      replace the tree with had been put in the Newsletter and one suggestion was an Oak Tree. The Council
      AGREED on the planting of an Oak Tree in the autumn and Chair asked Mr Bill Cooper if he would do
      the honour of planting the tree – he said he would be happy to. .[Afternote: the felling of the tree is
      scheduled for Monday 2 Apr 12].
14.   Tollerton Surgery. Cllr Key reported that Tollerton Surgery had carried out a survey on procedures at
      Tollerton and the results of this survey were now back. He said that it had been most encouraging to see
      how responsive the surgery staff had been to concerns raised. The survey showed that clinical care was
      highly rated but getting an appointment and telephone access were the main concerns – these areas were
      now being looked at. Cllr Key to email Clerk with some bullet points to put on the village website.

15.   Distribution of Commemorative Medals for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. These would be distributed at
      the coffee morning on 2 Jun 12 between 10.30 and 12.30 to children under 18. Clerk would issue to
      children who cannot attend the coffee morning.

16.   Village Communications. Cllr Windrum had communicated with nearly all clubs/societies. When the
      village email list is finalised, he would email to Clerk and she could start using it.

17.   County Councillor Patmore’s Report. None available.

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18.   District Councillor Rooke’s Report. No increase in council tax. The planning application for a
      supermarket in Easingwold was thrown out but an appeal has been made.

19.   Note any Incoming Correspondence. Easingwold Forum; Gill Martin’s report on Beningbrough Hall
      meeting was noted with thanks. Several issues were being followed up.

20.   Date of Next Meeting/s. Thursday 17 May – AGM and Annual Meeting.

21.   Any Other Business (no decisions to be made at this meeting). A thank you was made to incDot for
      designing and producing the newsletter.

                                         Meeting closed at 9.20pm

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