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									      Volume 3 Issue3                                                                                 November 14, 2007

                               The Sherwood Elementary School PTA Newsletter

                                         Karen Nelson, PTA President                                    Jerry Perlet, Principal
                            Stacy Kong, Editor                                       Karen Boden, Distribution

      To sign up for the Sherwood PTA email list, email with Sherwood List in the subject line

President’s            Message~

   Thanksgiving is coming. Along with the turkey and
the dressing, we have many things to be thankful for.                                          …..Michele Peake and Theresa Robinson for all their hard
This year we can be thankful we are in Dr. Weast’s                                             work preparing for and running the first annual vendor night,
                                                                                               well done ladies!
recommendations for the CIP for our much needed
addition. While we are thankful, we cannot sit back and                                        ….Lori Goodwin for her tireless efforts for our addition.
wait for the addition to be built. It is more important
                                                                                               ….Lisa Townsend and Michele Peake for preparing, printing,
than ever to show up in great numbers to let the BOE                                           and distributing our directories.
know that this addition is important to our community!
                                                                                               ….Volker Englisch for taking on the daunting task of
                                                                                               webmaster for the PTA, the website is looking great! Check it
                                                                                               regularly for updated information!

  Directories were sent home through “kid mail”
recently. If you didn’t receive one, then we do not have
your membership form yet. It’s not too late, we did
print extra directories. Please fill out the form, we’ll
process it and get your directory delivered to you.
                                                                                                                              Dates to Remember

Membership and Direct appeal can now be processes
                                                                                               Creative Adventure Registration due Nov. 20th
on our website with paypal. Go to to sign up today!                                                             Classes begin                                               Nov. 28th

  We will not have a PTA meeting in December or                                                Olney Toys Store Shopping Night                                  Nov. 29th.

January, our next PTA meeting will be in February, and                                         Book Fair (see page 2 for details )                              Dec. 3-7
feature Mr. Scott Murphy, Principal of Farquhar Middle
School. Don’t miss it!

Karen Nelson                  

      Your PTA Executive Board: Karen Nelson, President; Michele Peake, Vice President; Christine Culp, Treasurer, Joann Mirgon, Recording Secretary; Theresa
      Robinson, Corresponding Secretary, Lori Goodwin, MCCPTA Delegate.
               Scholastic Book Fair                                            NEC Cluster News:

                                                                   NEC high school open houses are being held this
 Sherwood Scholastic Book Fair is coming Dec. 3-7th! We
                                                                   month at 7pm at each school as follows:
 will be open during school hours for students and                 Blake                 Nov. 8th
                                                                   Paint Branch          Nov. 15th
 parents to shop on Dec. 3rd, Mon 9-4pm, Tues & Wed.               Springbrook           Nov. 29

 Dec. 4 & 5th 8:30 to 4pm, Thurs. Dec. 6th 8:30 to 3:30
 and evening hours 6:30 to 8pm, our final day of                    All who are interested are invited to visit any of the
 shopping, Friday Dec. 7th 8:30 to 2pm.                            schools during the open house. The NEC Cluster
                                                                   representatives plan to testify on behalf of all NEC
                                                                   schools with CIP requests, including Sherwood ES, at
 Volunteers are needed for set-up, take down and book              the BOE testimony hearing scheduled for Nov.14th.
 fair hours. We will also need volunteers for breakfast for
 the teachers on Mon. Dec. 3rd at 8:15am. Set up for the
 book fair will be Friday, Nov. 30th @3pm and take down              A Special Thank You………….
 on Friday, Dec.7th @2pm. Please contact Karen Schilling
                                                                     Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who attended
 at 301-570-1488 or to volunteer                 the Board of Education hearing on November 14, 2007. This
 some of your time.                                                  was a critical opportunity for the Sherwood community to
                                                                     support the proposed school addition.

                                                                     The Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the Sherwood
             Creative Adventure                                      addition as part of the MCPS capital budget and Capital
                                                                     Improvements Program (CIP) on November 19, 2007. If
Creative Adventures is coming to Sherwood Elementary                 approved, the budget is sent to the County Executive, and
in late November. Classes will be held on November 28,               then to the County Council which will have final funding
December 5, 12, 19 and January 2, 9 from 3:30 to 5:00.               approval in the spring of 2008. So one vote down, and
For more information or to obtain a registration form call           one to go! I’ll keep you up to date when the County Council
Beth Montgomery at 301-570-9124.                                     meets next spring. Great job, Sharks!

           Family Fun Night                                                International Night

 Olney Toys shopping day for SES families is                  It’s not too early to begin thinking about International
 Thursday, Nov. 29th A portion of the sales                   Night. We will be celebrating on Thursday, January
 goes to our PTA. Do your holiday shopping                    17th and would like students to participate and share
 and raise money for the PTA!                                 with our SES community. Forms are attached for those
                                                              interesting in performing or constructing a display
                                                              booth and also for parent volunteers.
                  THINK GREEN
                                                                         BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION
This month we began distributing Shark Waves
electronically. If you would like to receive the                Please remember to collect Box Tops during the
newsletter and future announcements via email                   holiday season. We are also collecting ink
please email                    cartridges at school . Remember not to cut off
                                                                the expiration date, NO DATE = NO MONEY!
                                    DIRECT APPEAL

Thank you to the families and teachers listed below for joining the PTA and supporting the Direct Appeal
   Campaign. As of November 9th we have 267 members and are close to meeting our goal of $15,000.

                  We still need your help. So please join now. It’s not too late!!

                If you have any questions please call Beth Montgomery at 301-570-9124.

                                      Corina Sole and Victor Brito

                                     Kimberly and Augusto Macedo

                                      Carolyn and John Stevenson

                                       Sonal and Chetan Ajmera

                                        Carol and Stephen Lejko

                                        Anthony and Edith Kling

                                      Mike and Judy Cunningham

                                             Joann Mirgon

                                             Tom Mirgon

                                           “Star” Members

                                           Andrea St. John

                                              Nancy Craig
               Night of Celebrations- January 17, Thursday, 2008 6-8pm

It’s not too early to begin thinking and planning for our International Day/Evening

This year we will host an exciting evening of performances, display booths, food
tasting, a cultural museum and games and crafts for the entire SES community. It
won’t be possible without some help from our SES community. Please consider helping
our committee in any way possible.

Please complete this form and return to our main office.

Name & Phone Number________________________________________________________

Child’s Name/Teacher ________________________                  Grade ______________

Please check off any areas that you would like to help our committee. It is greatly

o     Help with set up/clean up
o     Donate refreshments (drinks-water bottles/juice boxes)
o     Help with soliciting restaurants/businesses for donations
o     Museum (monitor museum, items to share with SES from travels abroad)
o     If you have currency from travel abroad, please let us know.___________________
o     Other______________________________
    Students interested in performing or participating with a display booth, please submit your entry as
    soon as possible, so we may forward each student with some guidelines. We would like to have every
    continent represented in our evening with performances and booths .If you have any questions please
    contact Stacy Kong @ or 301-260-8120.

    Display booth of what country ________________________________________________
    Performance________________________________ ______________________________
    What Country __________________________ ___ Celebration_______________________
    Student Name______________________________Teacher/Grade_______________________
    Parent/Guardian Name & Phone Number _________________________________________________

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