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									   Licensee Name          Sales Contact Info               Products

                                                Restoration Intake manifolds:
                                                For 426 Max Wedge, Max
                                                Wedge style for 440 engine,
                                                Hemi Cross Ram magnesium
                                                intake (PN RHMCRIM), Hemi
                                                Cross Ram aluminum intake
                                                (PN RHMCRIA), Hemi in-line
A & A Automotive and Performance Line Sales:    two 4-barrel intake manifold in
Transmission Repair, 317-831-5610               both magnesium and aluminum
Inc.                 FAX: 317-831-9710          only.

                                                 MOPAR Batteries, Group
                                                 Number 24 and 27, having the
                       PH: 800-426-7580          following Part Numbers:
                       FAX: 330-425-4642         G24ME/HD, G24ML/HD,
                       EMAIL:                    G24R/HT, G24R/TT, G24M>,
Antique Auto Battery   info@antiqueautobattery.c G27ME/HD, G27ML/HD,
Mfg.                   om                        G27M> and G24R/E-L.

                     PH: (800) 352-8216         Restoration Embroidered Floor
                     FAX: (800) 516-8274        Mats with Muscle Car logos,
Auto Custom Carpets, EMAIL:                     Jeep logos, L'il Red Express
Inc.                  logos, and others.

                                                Replacement windshields and
                                                tempered glass side and rear
                                                windows for 1965 - 1975
Auto Restoration Parts PH: (804) 275-2155       Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth
Supply, LLC            FAX: (804) 743-8251      vehicles.

                                                Radiator hoses for 1975 and
Auto Restoration Parts PH: (804) 275-2155       earlier Dodge, Chrysler, and
Supply, LLC            FAX: (804) 743-8252      Plymouth vehicles.

                                                Vehicle Shop and Owners
                                                manuals for Chrysler vehicles
                                                1941-1969, Dodge Truck 1940-
                                                1979, Dodge vehicles 1955-
                       PH: (508) 872-9173       1972, Plymouth 1957-1972,
                       FAX: (508) 626-0991      Desoto 1954-1955, Jeep 1946-
                       EMAIL:                   1987and Mopar Parts Manuals
Bob Johnson Auto    1955-1971 and Mopar Owners
Literature             m                        Manual 1961-1962.
                                                 Restoration Body Parts for 1940
                                                 to 1964 Willys and Jeep:
                                                 Lower windshield panel, Rear
                                                 end panel, Tail gate, Custom
                                                 Tail gate with large lettering,
                                                 Custom Rear end panel with
                                                 large lettering, and Hoods all in
Classic Enterprises                              unfinished steel. Accessories
Limited International   PH: (715) 537-5422       include Licens
                                              Printed shop and owners
                                              manuals for vehicles (CD-ROM
                                              to be available soon): Dodge
                                              Dart (1965 to 1975); Dodge
                                              Coronet/ Challenger (1960 to
                                              1975); Dodge Charger (1966 to
                                              1975); Plymouth (1936 to
                                              1946); Plymouth (1947 to
Coastal Offset          PH: (951) 340-0770    1954); Plymouth Fury/ Sport
Preparations, Inc.      FAX: (951) 340-0771   Fury
                                              Restoration Mufflers and
                                              various Decals, emblems, and
                        FAX ORDERS OR         stripe kits for 1969 - 71 E-body,
                        QUESTIONS: (330) 823- 1968 - 71 B-body, and 1969 -
Dales Cuda Shop         6605                  74 A-body vehicles.

                                                 Shop, Chassis, Service,
                                                 Electrical, body, and Parts
                                                 manuals for 1930 - 1989
                         PH: (800) 893-8122      Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth,
Detroit Iron Infromation EMAIL:                  Jeep, Imperial, Desoto, and
Systems, LLC         AMC vehicles.

                        PH: (636) 207-7767       Safety standard/VIN door jamb
                        EMAIL:                   decal, underhood, door jam and
E.C.S. Automotive    trunk vehicle identification,
Concepts, LLC           m                        emissions and service decals.

                                                 Front and rear spoilers and
                                                 wings, Hood scoops, rear
                                                 window louvers, racing mirrors
                        PH: (330) 493-1420       for 1968 to 1976 Dodge,
FIRST PLACE AUTO        FAX: (330) 493-0241      Chrysler, and Plymouth
PRODUCTS                 vehicles.
                                                 Remanufactured radiators and
                                                 radiator tanks for all Dodge,
                                                 Chrysler, Plymouth vehicles
                                                 from model years 1979 and
                                                 older. New radiators for 1968 to
                                                 1971 model year Dodge,
                        PH: 800-537-3775         Chrysler, and Plymouth
Glen-Ray Radiators      FAX: 715-842-9626        vehicles.
                                                  B-body steering wheel.
                                                  Restoration body parts for 1968-
                                                  1970 Charger, 1970-1974
                                                  Barracuda, 1970-1974
                                                  Challenger, 1969 Roadrunner,
Goodmark Industries,                              1968 - 1970 "B" bodies.
Inc.                    (770) 339-8557            Restoration floor mats.

                                                  Restoration decals and stripe
                                                  kits for 1980 and older model
                                                  year Dodge, Chrysler, and
Graphic Express         (352) 341-0077            Plymouth and AMC vehicles.
                        Contact Teresa
                        PH:(423) 787-8892
                        FAX: (423) 787-8817
                        EMAIL:                    Valet Key Blank, Molded Head
Hurd Corporation          Key Blank.
                                                  Keys and Key rings with
                      PH: (330) 376-8181          Restoration logos (Pre 1980
Jessers Classics Keys FAX: (330) 384-9129         model years).

                                                Restoration Decals for air
                                                cleaners, valve covers, engine
                                                compartments, emissions,
                                                interior, interior tags, exterior,
                                                chassis, trucks, tire pressure,
                                                tune-up specs, stripe kits. Also,
                                                Manuals for Parts, Service,
Jim Osborn              PH: (770) 962-7556      Owners, Performance, Wiring
Reproductions, Inc.     FAX: (770) 962-5881     design, facts
                                                Non-transponder/ non-
                        PH: Marco Machi @ (800) technology key blanks for the
Kaba Ilco Corp.         334-1381 EXT: 252       replacement market.
                                                Original factory matched interior
                                                and exterior paint (not to
                                                include engine paint) in spray
                                                cans, pints and quarts for
                        PH: (732) 846-1044 Fax: vehicle model years 1979 and
Kolor Korrect, Inc.     732-937-5510            earlier.

                                                  Spark Plug Wire Sets for 1950 -
                                                  1980 model years for Dodge,
                                                  Chrysler, Plymouth and Jeep
Lectric Limited, Inc.   PH: 708-563-0400          vehicles.
                                               Restoration PVC and carpeted
                                               floor mats; Restoration seat
                                               upholstery and door panels for
                                               1979 and earlier model year
Legendary Auto         PH: 800-363-8804        Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth,
Interiors Ltd.         FAX: 800-732-8874       Jeep, and AMC vehicles.
                                               Engine Restoration Products:
                                               Battery Cables for 1955 - 1981
                                               A, B, C, D, E, and Y body
M & H Electric         PH: (562) 926-9552      vehicles; Ignition Coil (Part No.
Fabricators, Inc.      FAX (562) 926-9572      2444241).

                                               Formed steel and die stamped
                       PH: (660) 263-7444      steel tailgates for 1936 to 1950
                       Email:                  Dodge and Plymouth pick-up
Mack Hils, Inc.    trucks.

                                               Car and Truck Manuals on CD-
                                               ROM: Service, parts, chassis,
                                               body, electrical and technical
                                               manuals, including
                                               supplements and bulletins on
                                               CD-ROM. 1914 - 1934 Dodge
                                               Brothers/ Graham Bros.and
                                               Chrysler; 1928-1961 Desoto;
                       PH: (203) 237-4795      1928-1959 Hudson; 1928-1989
MuscleCARS, LLC        FAX: (928) 752-8543     Chrys

                                               Willys and Jeep Restoration
                       PH: (770) 614-6101      Body parts; 1946-1971 Willys
                       FAX: (770) 614 - 6069   CJ's; 1941-1945 Willys MB;
                       EMAIL: info@omix-       1955-1991 Jeep CJ's; 1987-
OMIX-ADA, Inc.                 1995 YJ Wrangler.

                                               Restoration Decals and Stripe
                       PH: (850) 878-1450      Kits for 1980 and earlier Dodge,
Performance Car        FAX: (850) 878-3161     Chrysler, and Plymouth
Graphics           vehicles.

                                               Reproduction engine
                                               designation decals, exterior
Phoenix Graphix Inc. PH: (800) 941-4550        decals and stripe kits.
                     PH: (800) 235-8788        Fan belts for 1964 to 1974
                     QUESTIONS: (410) 658-     Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge
Quanta Products, LLC 5700                      vehicles.
                                               Windshield washer bottle
                                               reservoir, Spark plug wire clip,
                                               Ballast resistor, Heater hoses,
                                               Radiator overflow tank, Body
                                               plugs, Body bumpers, License
                                               plate light lenses, Drain doors,
                                               Pentastar fender emblem, and
Quirey Quality         PH: (812) 963-6097 FAX: Gas Tank filler neck seals for
Engineering            (812) 963-9232          1979 and earli
                                               Owners manuals, parts books
                                               and shop manuals for 1924 to
                       PH; (800) 544-3312      1991 Dodge, Chrysler,
                       FAX: 937-778-4196       Plymouth, Jeep, AMC, and
R & B Holt Enterprises      Desoto vehicles.

                                                 Hubcaps for 1937 - 53 Dodge
                        PH: (978) 363-5407       and Plymouth vehicles,
                        FAX: (978)-363-2026      nameplates for 1939 - 53
                        EMAIL:                   Dodge and Plymouth vehicles,
Roberts Motor Parts, sales@robertsmotorparts. and taillight lenses for 1928 - 53
Inc.                    com                      Dodge and Plymouth vehicles.
                                                 Non-transponder/ non-
                                                 technology key blanks for the
                                                 replacement market for 1990
                        PH (toll free): 877-251- thru 2003, and JEEP "rock" non-
                        8798              FAX:   transponder key (part
Strattec Security Corp. 877-251-8799             #709850).

                                                 Trim parts/emblems utilizing the
                                                 Willys trademark: specifically
                                                 WILLYS script, WILLYS dash
                                                 emblem, WILLYS front trim and
                                                 WILLYS grille badge for 1933 to
Willyz Replacement                               1942 model year WILLYS
Parts                  PH: (909) 980-3022        vehicles.
                                                 Restoration decals,
                                                 nameplates, emblems, and
Year One, Inc.         (800) 932-7663            ornaments.
        Company Web Site             Other ways to contact                   Attend national Chrysler events

                                     MOPAR Nationals in Columbus,
                                     Chryslers at Carlisle, Spring and
                                     Fall Carlisle, MOPAR at           Englishtown                      SEMA Show and SEMA Expo

                                     MOPAR Nationals in Columbus,
                                     Chryslers at Carlisle, Chrysler   Classic, MOPAR at Englishtown

                                     MOPAR Nationals in Columbus,
                                     Chryslers at Carlisle, Chrysler   Classic, MOPAR at Englishtown

                                     Spring & Fall Carlisle Show;                    Fall Hershey Show      none

none                    none

none                    none   none   none

                        MOPAR Nationals/Columbus,            Chryslers at Carlisle

                        Spring Fling Chrysler Show,
                        Mopar Nationals/Columbus,
                        MOPARS in the Park/MN,
                        Monster MOPAR Weekend/St.
none                    Louis

                                      SEMA Show, ALOA (Assoc.                      Locksmith of America) Show

none                                  none

                                     Attend national Chrysler events          and SEMA

                                      Chrysler's at Carlisle; MOPAR
none                                  Nationals/Columbus                none
                                 Attend national Chrysler and   MOPAR events            none                 none             Attend National MOPAR Events

                                 National MOPAR events;   Chryslers at Carlisle           none

none                             none
none                              none

                                  MOPAR Nationals/Columbus,
                                  Chryslers at Carlisle, Spring and           Fall Hershey         none

                                  ALOA (Assoc. Locksmith of   America) Show    none

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