DENT 518 by fanzhongqing


(1 credit hour: 1 theory)
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Dentistry
Department of Preventive Dentistry
Second Semester
Course Syllabus

Course Information
Course Title               Dental Implantology 1
Course Code                Dent 518
Prerequisites              Dent 517
Course Website
Instructor                 Dr. Mohammad Hammad
Office Location
                           Clinic phone number (extension 28291 Dental
Office Phone
                           Teaching Center)
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Teaching Assistant(s)

Course Description
This continuous course is a continuation of Dent 517. It will provide information
about surgical and prosthodontic procedures in implant treatment, ridge preservation,
immidiate implants, management of patients with inadequate bone, implants in the
partially and totally edentulous mouth, microbiology of dental implants,
complications and failures of dental implants, and implants in immunocompromized
patients and other systemic conditions.

Text Book
                           Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, :
Author(s)                  Jan Lindhe, Niklaus P. Lang, Thorkild Karring /
Publisher                  Blackwell Science, Inc.
Year                       / 2008.
Edition                    5th Edition
Book Website
Other References           Contemporary Implant Dentistry; Carl Misch 3rd edition,
                           Mosby, 2008
                            INTERNET RESOURCES:
                                1- American Academy of Periodontology:
                                2- Academy of Osseointegration
                                3- American Academy of implant Prosthodontics
                                4- American College of Prosthodontists

Assessment Policy
Assessment Type

Final Exam                  60%
Clinical Assignments

Course Objectives                                                Weights
  After completing the second part of this theoretical course

  successfully the student is expected to have clear idea and

  basic knowledge about:

   1-  Surgical techniques used in dental implantology
   2-  Ridge preservation, immediate implants
   3-  Management of cases with inadequate bone
   4-  Bone substitutes and grafting
   5-  Implants in the partially and totally edentulous mouth
   6-  Impression techniques and abutment selection
   7-  Microbiology of dental implants
   8-  Loading of dental implants.
   9-  Complications and failures of dental implants and their
   10- Dental implants in immunocompromized patients and
       other systemic conditions
   11- Maintenance of dental implants

Teaching & Learning Methods
       Teaching duration:
       Duration: 16 weeks,
       Lectures: 1 h per week ( including midterm and final exam)
       Laboratory: none.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be
able to
Related Objective(s)                                     Reference
                     Understand and have good idea       Chapter 48 in text book
                          about various incisions, suturing
1. Surgical techniques    techniques, and precautions to be
used in dental
                          taken during and after surgery,
                          the standard equipments, the
                          components of implant kits
                          How to prevent or slow down the Chapter 48 in text book
                          resorption of alveolar bone after
2. Ridge preservation,    tooth extraction and how to and
immediate implants
                          when to use immediate implant
                          after tooth extraction
                          Have a general idea about            Chapters 49,50 in text
                          techniques and methods used          book

3. Management of          when the remaining bone is not
cases with inadequate
                          enough to receive dental
                          implants such as thin or shallow
                          Know and understand the              Chapter 50 in text book
                          various types of bone grafting
4. Bone substitutes and   materials; their sources, chemical
                          structures, body response,
                          advantages and disadvantages
                          The differences in indications       Chapter 5 in reference
5. Implants in the                                             book
partially and totally     and applications and prosthesis
edentulous mouth          designs and number of implants
                         in cases of partial and complete
                         edentulous jaws.
                         Have an idea of different            Chapter 5 in reference
                         impression techniques and            book
6. Impression
techniques and           impression materials used in
abutment selection       dental implantology and
                         advantages and disadvantages
                         Understand the oral biofilms         Chapters 8, 10 in text
                         associated with dental implants      book

                         and their relationship with dental
7. Microbiology of
dental implants          biofilms and the effects of these
                         biofilms on dental implants
                         health and failures
                         Understand the concept of            Chapter 35 in reference
                         implant loading and when and
8. Loading of dental
implants.                how to do this loading until the
                         implants reaches full function
                         Understand and know causes of        Chapters 13, 24 in text
9. Complications and     implant failures, how to avoid,
failures of dental       how to diagnose and manage
implants and their
management               these failures and the
                         consequences of such failures
                         Know if a patient with serious       Chapter 30 in text book
10. Dental implants in
                         health condition can receive
patients and other       dental implants and if so what
systemic conditions
                         are the conditions
                         Appreciate the importance of         Chapter 29 in text book
                                                              and 42 in reference
                         maintenance of dental implants
11. Maintenance of       and how to carry out this
dental implants
                         maintenance at home and at the
                         dental office
Useful Resources

Course Content
                                                                       Chapter in
Week          Topics
1             Introduction and review of previous material
2             Surgical procedures                                      48
3             Surgical procedures -cont                                48
4             Ridge preservation, immediate implants                   49
5             Management of cases with inadequate bone                 49, 50

6             Bone substitutes and grafting                            50

7             Implants in the partially and totally edentulous mouth   5 in reference
8             Impression techniques and abutment selection             5 in reference
9             Microbiology of dental implants                          8, 10
10            Midterm exam
11            Loading of dental implants                               35 in reference
12            Complications and failures of dental implants            13,24

13            Dental implants in immunocompromized patients and 30
              other systemic conditions
              Maintenance of dental implants                    29 in text and
                                                                42 in reference
15            Review
16            Final Exam

Additional Notes
Attendance: Students must attend 100% of all scheduled classes. Class participation
is required. Should an absence be necessary, student should contact the course
instructor by telephone immediately.
Make up ONLY with an excused absence.
- Each unexcused absence will result in a grade penalty of 1% point deducted from
the final total grade
- No make-up exams or quizzes will be given for unexcused absences
- Late arrivals to class are unexcused absences
- All course make-ups, test, and so forth, must be completed within 14 days from the
date of the excused absence.

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