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Dear [Name]

On [Date] we discussed your mortgage requirements. Unfortunately, the lenders I
can advise on were not willing to lend the amount you needed, so I was unable to
recommend a mortgage. You agreed to let me try and find a specialist bank that
deals in higher mortgage amounts that may be able to help you.

I explained that if you do take this referral I can no longer advise you on this
mortgage arrangement or whether the referred bank you choose will be able to meet
your needs exactly. Once you decide to go to a specialist bank, that bank will
become responsible for any advice they give you in relation to your mortgage.

Having reviewed our small panel of specialist banks and the information you
provided, (continue with one of the following paragraphs)

      IF ONLY ONE BANK ADD - I can offer you (name of bank), who will be
       willing to talk to you about your mortgage requirements.

      IF MORE THAN ONE BANK ADD – I‘m able to find a number of banks who
       may be able to help you. Please choose which bank you’d like to be referred
       to and I’ll arrange for them to contact you.

I cannot confirm what mortgage deals may be currently available through this
bank/these banks or whether they can meet your needs. Once you meet with your
chosen proposed lender, they will take over your mortgage application and I’ll take no
further part in this transaction.

If you accept the referral and take a mortgage out with [the bank/one of the banks
stated below), I will receive a payment equivalent to [xx%] of the mortgage loan

Select the paragraph you need to use:

      I’m happy to help with your life insurance/protection requirements. At
       (business name) we arrange insurance and protection policies exclusively
       from Legal & General. We arranged a meeting on [Date] to talk this through,
       in more detail, once your mortgage is agreed.

       At (business name) we arrange insurance and protection policies exclusively
        from Legal & General. We discussed your life insurance/protection needs and
        I made recommendations based on your proposed mortgage amount. If your
        mortgage amount changes from what we discussed, please contact me so I
        can arrange new life insurance/protection quotes for you. Otherwise, I’ll look
        forward to hearing from you once you have an agreed exchange date.

I hope this letter explains the basis of this referral. If you have any queries, please
call me on [telephone number] and I’II be happy to help.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your

Yours sincerely


Approval number H128054
Expires 12/01/2012

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