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					                                         2002 Dedicated CME
                                 for Medical Council CME Programme

College Topic                                                     Speaker
                                                                         (CME Point)
HKAM Plasma DNA as a New Tool for Molecular Diagnosis Prof Dennis Lo     3 Feb/13:30-16:30
HKAM Update in Neurology                               Dr Jonas Yeung    (3 points)
 OT ENT Update for Primary Care Physicians I-II        Prof William Wei  16 Mar /14:15-17:30
 OG Prenatal Diagnosis & Genetic Amniocentesis         Prof Lau Tse Kin  (3 points)
 OS Total Joint Replacements                           Dr Chan Chi King  13 Apr/14:15-16:15
                                                                         (2 points)
 OS Neck and Back Pain                                 Prof Keith Luk    20 Apr/14:15-16:30
 PS Common Anxiety Problems                            Dr Y K Ng         (2 points)
 AN Acute Pain Management                              Dr T W Lee        25 May/14:15-16:00
 AN Management of Cancer Pain                          Dr T W Lee        (2 points)
 RA Chest X-ray: Applications and Limitations          Dr Clara Ooi      1 Jun/14:15-16:15
 RA What to Order and What Not to Order in Radiology Dr Lilian Leong     (2 points)
 FP Psychological Intervention in Primary Care Setting Dr Daniel W S Chu 8 Jun/14:15-17:00
 SU Colorectal Disorders                               Dr Samuel Kwok    (3 points)
 PD Diarrhoea in Infants & Children                    Dr Ko Wai Keung   22 Jun/15:30-17:00
                                                                         (2 points)
 CM Evidence Based Medicine                            Prof Edith Lau    13 Jul/14:15-15:30
                                                                         (1 point)
 PD Childhood Convulsion                               Dr Chan Chok Wan 27 Jul/14:15-16:15
                                                                         (2 points)
 PA Interpreting Clinical Chemistry Test               Dr Sidney Tam     10 Aug/14:15-17:30
 PA Clinical Laboratory Immunology Tests in General    Dr Eric Chan      (3 points)
 EM Management of Acute Poisoning                      Dr Lau Fei Lung   14 Sep/14:15-17:00
 SU Hepatobiliary Disorders                            Prof CM Lo        (3 points)
 OG Female Climacteric                                 Prof. Grace Tang  28 Sep/14:15-18:00
     Co-organized with the Medical Association                           (3 points)
 DS       Dental Implants & Esthetics                          Dr T W Chow                12 Oct/14:15-16:00
 DS       Oral Health Surgery Education for Doctors            Dr Esmonde Corbet          (2 points)
 PH       Ulcer                                                Prof Joseph Sung           2 Nov/14:15-17:30
 PH       Irritable Bowel Syndrome                             Dr W M Hui                 (3 points)
 PH       Basic Concept of Anaemia                             Prof T K Chan
 PH       Hepatitis                                            Dr Nancy Leung
 OP       An Approach to Red Eye                               Dr C Y Shiu                16 Nov/14:15-17:30
 OP       An Approach to Dry Eye/Itchy Eye                     Dr Gordon Chau             (3 points)
 OP       An Approach to Eye Pain                              Dr Godfrey Lam
 OP       An Approach to Floaters/Flashes/Visual Field Loss Dr Ivan Chen
 OP       An Approach to Acute Visual Loss                     Dr Elvin Ching
 OP       An Approach to Chronic Visual Loss                   Dr S Y Ho
 PS       New Perspectives in the Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Dr C W Lo                  30 Nov/14:15-17:00
          Anxiety and Depression                                                          (3 points)
  PS      Suicide – Psychiatric Aspect                         Dr W T Law
 As at 10 Oct 2002

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