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If you are looking for customers who are anxious to take care of the debt they owe, we've got the list
you need. Today, people are struggling with debt more than ever before. Most Americans owe at least
$2,000 in credit card debt and the average American owes $8,000 in debt. Many of these individuals
have no idea how to get their finances out of the red! They're looking for help but don't know where to

The answer is to go directly to them instead. With our lists you can reach desperate debt-holders
before your competitors do. Our quality Debt Consolidation Lists provide you with customers who want
to hear about your options for getting out of debt. They want to see what you have to offer in order to
make financial burdens a thing of the past.

There are thousands of consumers today that are looking for better financial solutions, better options
for handling their loan payments, and more opportunities for fixing their debt. Debt Consolidation Lists
bring the right customers and the interested customers directly to your you an edge
on the competition in today's debt consolidation industry!

Knowing how to use your marketing dollars effectively takes a good deal of planning and work. You
need to target the customers who want to hear about your financial services. Debt Consolidation Lists
provide you with a direct connection to customers with financial concerns.

                                         Credit Card Debt

                                   Multiple Credit Card Burdens

                                        Student Loan Debt

                                        Mortgage Problems

                                       Retirement Solutions


                                             And More!
Debt Consolidation Lists focus your marketing dollars to reach the customers who will want the
services you offer to make living a debt-free, financially strong life a reality.

Even the greatest financial services and counseling don't sell themselves. You need to be reaching the
consumers directly in order to show them that your company is the answer they've been looking for.
With our Debt Consolidation Lists, you have contact information for those consumers in your own
hands and can boost profits as much as 35%!

Credit consolidation, money management services, and debt counseling are just some of the ways
Americans can get their life onto a more profitable track. They need to know about companies like
yours who are helping people end their financial burdens! Customers don't always know where to look
for businesses like yours. So go to them instead!

                    Why Our Debt Consolidation Lists are Ideal

          *Private Banking and Financing: Reach customers who want to work with new banking
                              opportunities to get the most for their dollar.*

     *Mortgage and Loan Services: Thousands of busy consumers are looking to refinance or find the
                                      best deal on their loan!*

    *Student Loan Consolidation: The average student requires over twenty years paying off their debt
                    without the help of debt consolidation. Help them do it faster!*

     *Credit Card Counseling: Get an edge on the competition by advertising to people who have no
         idea how to fix their credit card debt and get over that struggle of terrible interest rates!

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