Debt Elimination Process Guide

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					                    Debt Elimination Process Guide

1. Mortgage Debt
      a. Foreclosure
              i. Private “Express Trust”
      b. Cancel Mortgage
              i. Sue Bank for Fraud
      c. A4V with “Bonded” Promissory Note

2. Credit Card Debt
      a. A4V with Promissory Note
      b. Cancel by Bank Fraud Exposure

3. Bills/Statements
        a. A4V with Promissory Note
Mortgage Debt Foreclosure

1. If you are being threatened with foreclosure or are ready to stop making payments
   you must begin by setting up an Express Trust on the private side for your original
   bank note.
2. This note is a security interest that was originally provided to the bank with an
   “unqualified signature”. The bank assumed (cunningly) that that meant they could
   establish a “construed trust” on your note making them the trustee and beneficiary
   to that note. They then deposited the note for the full face value ($100,000) into an
   unauthorized “special” checking account (asset) with your name on it and annotated
   a (liability) of the same amount for withdrawal at a later time. In effect they
   increased the money supply using the security of your note of promise to pay.
3. At the end of the day, they went to the Fed window and received a bond worth
   $100,000 dollars against your promissory note and sold it to the highest bidder.
4. They then “loaned” you your own $100,000 dollars worth of “credit” and now
   expect you to pay it back with interest.
5. The fact is that you still own the note that is now in this “construed trust” as the
   originator and are authorized to create your own “express trust” describing specific
   handling requirements for the security interest they have fraudulently sold.
6. What this will do is cause “estoppel” on any further action with regard to
   foreclosure or required payments on this note.
7. There are several steps to this process:
        a. Complete a Notice of Intent
        b. Complete a Notice of Instruction
        c. Complete an Affidavit of Notary Presentment
        d. Get a copy of your original Note
        e. Make copies of everything you plan to send
        f. Send Certified Mail so that it becomes a lawful “transfer utility”
        g. When you receive your “green card” as record of receipt, you then take that
             and copies of the above documents to the county or city recording office
             and get them recorded. This will be your proof of a “private trust” on your
             Note should you ever get summonsed to court over non-payment.
                              Notice of Intent

Pursuant to Common Law and ------need support documents.

I John Tiberius Doe, a sovereign secured party creditor, Grantor/Settlor do hereby
give notice to you, Bank Name and trustee, that the original, wet ink “Promissory
Note” signed by my hand on Date of signature, referenced by the account
Number of Mortgage Account, and partially recognizable by the attached copy of
described Promissory Note (Security Interest or Instrument) will be named in a
Common Law Trust with instructions to follow.

I give further notice that this Common Law Trust shall supersede/replace any
previously implied or construed trust that may have existed with regard to this
Promissory Note (Security Interest or Instrument). Refer to Notice of Instruction
on following page.

John Tiberius Doe
                            Notice of Instruction

Pursuant to ------need support documents (UCC Trust docs).

I John Tiberius Doe, a sovereign secured party creditor, Grantor/Settlor do hereby
instruct you, Bank Name and trustee, to ensure that the original, wet ink
“Promissory Note” signed by my hand on Date of signature, referenced by the
account Number of Mortgage Account, and partially recognizable by the attached
copy of said Promissory Note (Security Interest or Instrument) that was entrusted
to you and in your possession along with any interest accrued is placed in a
special/trust deposit account immediately upon receipt of this Notification and

You are further instructed to contact the undersigned with written confirmation
of account and access information in accordance with UCC 9-104 (3) within 10

John Tiberius Doe

     State of _____________________________           )

                                                      ) ss.

     County of ___________________________            )

                                        CERTIFICATION OF MAILING

     On this _________day of ____________, A.D. 20______, for the purpose of verification, I, the undersigned
     Notary Public, being commissioned in the County and State noted above, do certify that John
     Tiberius Doe appeared before me with the following documents listed below. I, the below signed
     notary, personally verified that these documents were placed in an envelope and sealed by me.
     They were sent by United States Post Office Registered Mail receipt number RA123456789US to

     WASHINGTON, DC 20220
                                                                              Recording Number                  Number of Pages

1.       NOTARY PRESENTMENT                                                                                                1
2.       NOTICE OF INTENT                                                      RA832483876 US                              1
3.       NOTICE OF INSTRUCTION                                                                                             1
4.       COPY OF PROMISSORY NOTE                                                                                           1

     WITNESS my hand and official seal.

     ___________________________________             ________________            (Seal)

     NOTARY PUBLIC                                    DATE

     My commission expires: _________________________, 20_______

     The Certifying Notary is an independent contractor and not a party to this claim. In fact the Certifying Notary is a Federal
     Witness Pursuant to TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 73, SEC. 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant. The
     Certifying Notary also performs the functions of a quasi-Postal Inspector under the Homeland Security Act by being compelled
     to report any violations of the U.S. Postal regulations as an Officer of the Executive Department. Intimidating a Notary Public
     under Color of Law is a violation of Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 242, titled “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law,” which
     primarily governs police misconduct investigations. This Statute makes it a crime for any person acting under the Color of Law
     to willfully deprive any individual residing in the United States and/or United States of America those rights protected by the
     Constitution and U.S. laws.

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