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Ever heard of Planet X? this time I will discuss it.
Planet X or Nibiru which had been controversial among
scientists. And in the community is also a controversy, in my hometown was the talk of the ^. ^. Believe
it or not because there is certainly all right. Here I will discuss the intricacies.

The "insider" at NASA, DoD (military intelligence agency), and the SETI
CIA had predicted, if 2/3 of the population of planet Earth will be extinct, when
change of the poles, due to the arrival of Planet X. Remnant populations
survival, in danger of starvation and radiation elements, within a period of 6
months after this incident.
All covert operations to realize this fact, and have prepared themselves.
That said, the Vatican also know about it. But unfortunately, the public
left alone with no information, allowed to fall asleep with everyday life,
without having had the opportunity to prepare for this disaster.
What is this?
Leaking of information from among a handful of "insiders" and the observer,
making the public became interested in this. Why did this disaster was kept secret
from the wider community? If to make a global uproar, it will
affecting the financial markets and the resulting collapse of the world economy.
The public should be given the opportunity to prepare.
after reading this, yes we can be more alert!
Okay .. now, if we are keen to observe the development of a natural disaster, the number of events
a growing number of natural disasters. The effects of electromagnetic plasmatic connections
between planets. 've Heard dong, been said that if the sun has a twin
the dark (dark version of the sun). Well, that's where the location of orbiting Planet X.
Right between the sun and its twin.
Notes: twin of the sun is not seen with our eyes.
However, scientists have found. In the "Illustrated Science & Invention
Encyclopedia "volume 18, issue of 19,871,989,
have included questions
existence of these solar twins.
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A group of Russian scientists held a series of meetings in 2000, to
discuss the planet X. It is a source of Reuter news by headline
"Events in 2003" (published Reuter News Agency, September 13 edition 2000)
Core of the meeting was about the unfortunate arrival of Planet X, which
existence was already on the monitor of the Russian observatory. The scientists wondered,
If this happens, Russia will still exist?
Scientist Andrei Shukshin stated, the meeting also discussed about
global depopulation ia,
result of this incident.
To be sure, Planet X does exist and orbit. But, would collide with
Earth? It is still studied.
Observatory in St.Petersburg Russia, the observation lasted about Planet X
intensive. Scientists named the planet there is with the title "King Sun" or
"Great Star".
Not many scientists are willing to share information about the planet, because
raises fears of a global panic. And many NASA employees who
create a "dome home" is a house special, with special construction,
that are resistant hurricane, earthquake and tornado resistant. "Home Dome" must
built in hilly areas, away from the beach.
For those interested, can see the model "dome home" and how to make it here:
com / index.html
Those who have access to information, have prepared themselves. And the majority of the
did not understand about this, just go with the flow.
Planet X Nibiru is also known by the name, or so-called "Wormwood", a
outside the celestial body most frequently mentioned since ancient times.
After orbiting for 3600 year to 10 this planet will come again.
The impact of the arrival of Planet X on the earth, our ancestors have recorded thousands
last year. Earth Sciences and Archaeology as well include them.
Simpang Siur Planet X
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To prevent panic about Planet X, many observatories are now "suddenly"
closed to the public. Officials would not even steer the observatory telescope
to the star constellation Orion. Many reasons are made, so that people do not believe
this fact. Facts about Planet X. Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
in Chicago and the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, New
York is often closed to the public, with a variety of reasons. Also in many countries.
Planet X was deliberately made like a silly myth, nonsense
confusing. Why? So that no mass panic. Many sites on the
internet telling false information about Planet X.
Here, several FALSE information about Planet X:
A. Planet X may have never existed, because there is no strong evidence of its existence.
If anything, the rise would only once in several million years. (This type of
the most information we have encountered)
2. Planet X does exist, but will not show up in the era (era) us.
3. (Scattered among scientists and observatories) Planet X does exist, and will
walked the earth. Relax, do not panic, because it's just a regular occurrence. Not
there will be a disaster.
Facts Planet X
The mass of Planet X is so large, the magnetic poles with low levels of plasma
and high-energy beam is so powerful, WILL result in damage
great on the planet in its path.
Usually several years before the arrival of Planet X, electromagnetic waves
Planet X resulted perubahanperubahan
of the planet that will be
passed. It can be seen in the devastating climate change that hit Planet Earth.
Earthquakes and volcanic activity changed 3 to 4 decades before
the arrival of Planet X. Since 1996, changes in the Earth's weather record
highest. Natural disasters, from earthquakes, volcanic activity and changes
electromagnetic very sharp increase, but the data has been "refined"
for the wider community.
Global Warming?
It makes sense, if the weather changes spelled out as a result of global warming.
But, if the change in the solar cycle is also due to global warming? Same
nothing to do!
99% of our solar system is made of plasma concentration to the atomic level. Planet
is plasma that has a specific density. The Return of Planet X to the system
our solar result in changes in the concentration of electrical energy in the plasma
ALL planets there are, in our solar system.
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In the view of Russian scientists, changes in volcanic and seismic activity
increased by 400 to 500 percent since 1975.
This change does not just happen on the earth only, but also on all the planets. Each
planet in our solar system have increased activity and weather changes.
Many facts are not published by the media. Dr.Dmitriev stated that
other changes. For example: the atmosphere on Mars is now
the thicker, as well as on the Moon. There are now 6000 kilometer-thick layer of sodium
who previously did not exist.
The upper layer of the earth's atmosphere is also changing levels of HO. It is
have nothing to do with global warming, the impact of CFC or
due to pollution. Not only that, the magnetic field planetplanet
also had
the change. Some of the brighter planets. Venus for example, looks more
bright glow. Jupiter even has a form of energy radiation such as
tube connected to a month.
Uranus and Neptune polar just undergone a change. As the plane Voyager 2
across Uranus and Neptune, changes occur in the polar North and South
The series of changes that occur in our solar system, can be divided into 3
A. changes in the energy field
2. change incandescent
3. changes in atmospheric
In the period from 1963 to 1993, the number of natural disasters increased 410
percent. And bencanabencana
terdahsyat occurred 9 years.
Dr.Dmitriev found that the solar magnetic field is increased 230 percent
since 1901.
So, that changed not only the planet Earth. Only a few among
are aware of this fact. National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, Russia, particularly in
Novosibirsk, ongoing research on the sun. And Dr.Dmitriev with
expressed amazement that, the sun brighter than 1000 percent
before, and still growing brighter.
See Planet X
Only the largest telescopes (guarded) can be used to see Planet X.
A number of small observatory in the world record of success to see Planet X in
early 2001.
Dr.Harrington, peers of the scientist and archaeologist Zecharia Sitchin, who
The first believes the existence of Nibiru or Planet X is based on ancient records
Sumerian, died suddenly due to an accident. This allegedly caused the courage
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Harrington to expose the discovery of 10 planet known as Planet X
This, to complement the theory of Sitchin.
Since this event, the scientists chose to shut up and not talk much
about Planet X and its activities. When Zecharia Sitchin published a book based on
written translation of the ancient Sumerian, Sitchin stated there are 12 planets in
our solar system. When the book was published (1970), Theory of Sitchin laughable. But,
finding one at a time when scientists proved that Sitchin's theory is correct, the statement
Sitchin began to be closely watched.
In his book, "The 12th Planet", Sitchin wrote about the legendary "Doomsday Comet"
or "Nemesis" that appear periodically and create destruction.
Ice Age
Remember in high school lessons about the ice age? This story is
indication that Planet Earth is always experiencing periodic changes. And the
is not just a change of pole only. Remember the elephant fossils frozen mammoth
found in the Arctic? When examined, the stomach still tropical plants
had just eaten. This proves, the mammoth frozen in a flash!
The term ice age does not mean a gradual change, but instant.
Remember the movie "The Day After Tommorow"? Kirakira
That's as fast as the movement of ice!
And this happens every time Planet X approaching.
I would deepen a little about the Ice Age before we go to Planet X,
because ... this is what will happen later.
Ice Age will not happen again
My friends,
carefully read this writing. Take a drink, and read
carefully ... This is SERIOUS. This is not reading as he passed. We're ahead
ice age, not global warming. Because:
A. We are not the cause of Global Warming. The maximum levels,
only 3% of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced the human race. The amount of CO2
in the air now absorbs nearly all of the existing radiation. Thus, there is no relationship
relationship between CO2 levels and the amount of radiation.
2. Imuwan 17,000 people signed a petition stating that the CO2
produced by humans are not causing global warming. Increased levels of CO2
as much as 30% percent in our atmosphere in the last 100 years is due
rising sea temperatures. And rising sea temperature due to increased earthquake
and volcanic activity.
3. During this time we learned in school that the Ice Ages occurred only once in
history. But, in fact, ice age occurred several hundred times.
4. The sun is electromagnetic. This is what gives rise to spots
sun, which continues to grow. The earth also is electromagnetic. At waktuwaktu
particular, the magnetic poles will change. And this change resulted
changes in our solar system.
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5. In the past, when the poles change occurs, accompanied also by the activity
volcanism, earthquakes, ice ages and extinctions. Occur simultaneously. These changes are
occur within a very short time. Imagine, in one night, temperatures can
dropped 20 degrees!
6. Periodically recurring ice ages every 11,500 years.
7. One inch of rain produces 10 inches of snow. In 2007, Colorado closed
as high as 30 feet of snow in one storm alone. Read her story in
8. Currently, the Arctic Pole has a temperature cold enough to cause
Ice Age. Just needed a little extra moisture, for
produce more snow. Current with increasing temperature of sea water
caused by volcanic movement, humidity is increasing in the Arctic Pole.
9. To see a list of the glaze (glacier), which began to form at this time, see the website This data is not loaded by the mass media. It is probable,
we all will experience an ice age.
10. The film "An Inconvenient Truth" his
Al Gore led many astray. Information
right in the film just about the increased temperature of sea water
will trigger the appearance of the Ice Age in an instant.
Why It is Important?
Although we do not live in the area to be covered with a layer of ice as high as hundreds
or thousands of feet, we still have to prepare yourself.
In his book "Not by Fire but by Ice" by architect named Robert Felix,
mention is made of polar change and natural disasters that will
attached to them. Food supplies around the world will run out for several
years. Agriculture can not be done, because of climate chaos.
For complete information about this, link:
Planet X in our system. But its existence is doubtful. We met, directly
ditutup2i. About the sun dark (dark sun) which is a twin of our sun,
I mentioned a little later will. The existence of dark sun is not much discussed
by astronomers. Because, if people start to focus on the dark sun, by itself
will nemu Planet X. Because Planet X orbits between the sun and the sun
Planet X is .. the movement is rich asteroid ....
Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ..................... THERE LIVES there!
This matter will be talked about later, please keep an open mind, because it refers to the text
Black sun is a star. But not glowing.
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We see the homes and gardens in the evening. Only a lit bagian2
park, the one that looks? If you stood in front of the fence, what rat is
corner of the park, not well lit plasticity? Definitely not. Visible only
the lighted garden. As this is the condition of our solar system, if observed from
earth. So now NASA also has an Infrared telescope.
Sumerians and Planet X
Ancient writings from the Sumerians 6000 years ago to include Planet Nibiru
as part of our solar system. Nibiru means "planet of crossing".
Description of Nibiru Planet X exactly (Planet The Ten).
According to ancient astronomical records that are matched with modern knowledge:
Planet X has an elliptical orbit like a comet, with a journey beyond the orbit
Calculations Observatory
Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, astronomer and scientist of the Naval Oberservatorium
U.S. says polar changes in Uranus and Neptune, the result of a
planet. Together with his colleague, Dr. Richard Harrington, he made a calculation about the
a planet (number 10 in our solar system) with a size of 23
times more
of the earth, as well as having a high elliptical orbit level.
This discovery complements the theory of Sitchin, that the location of Planet X is close to the Earth. On
In 1982, NASA issued a statement about the existence of Planet X. However
Now, NASA refused to comment at all.
If Planet X Approaching
Every time Planet X is approaching, drastic changes occur on Earth. Change
This resulted in massive destruction and extinction. History tells peristiwaperistiwa
this. Monuments of ancient civilizations relics witnessed the events
Call it, The Legend of Atlantis, Lemuria, Maya Indian and other civilization, which
drifting ocean sunset or instant extinction, caused by the arrival of Planet X. Sisasisa
their culture can we find in Florida, Japan and the Mediterranean.
The closer Planet X from the earth, the stronger the magnetic and gravity. This
we can feel every day. The closer to our planet X, the faster the rate of
movement. Terrible disasters which followed one after another in various
countries only a small beginning of what will actually happen.
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Inhabitants of Nibiru
Keep an open mind ya .. this from the writings of the Sumerians.
Sumerian cuneiform noted some interesting things that are also believed to
a lot of confidence, namely: the creation, the Garden of Eden / Eden and the flood
which covered the entire surface of the earth (Similar story of Noah).
However, the Sumerians also recorded the arrival of The Anunnaki of Planet
Nibiru, who created "man" by taking their DNA &
DNA being mixed with earth (as it is human
I / Neanderthal).
In the language of Sumerian, Anunnaki means "those who are down to earth, down from the sky".
Anunnaki described as a modern nation, and has created a variety of
important monument on Earth, the Moon and Mars, as well as planetplanet
other solid
our galaxy.
Why Anunnaki created humans?
To be a slave / servant of those who helped in the activity
mining various minerals, one of which is gold. To this day, the gold
a noble metal with a high value. This fact is also stated in writing
the ancient Sumerians.
Keep in mind, the approach of Nibiru cycle according to the Sumerian records are each 3600
Interestingly, some facts about this:
A. Locations "The Garden of Eden" in the story of Adam & Eve is suppose to be in the region
Mesopotamia (now Iraq).
2. When the Earth, the Anunnaki landed in Mesopotamia (now Iraq).
3. Been said that the American invasion of Iraq actually is to find a location
Star Gate (STAR GATE) belongs to the Anunnaki are believed to be in
Mesopotamia (now Iraq). STAR GATE is a kind property portal
Anunnaki to come and see our civilization.
Because it has advanced technology, and created man, then the Anunnaki
positioned as a god by the Sumerians. After a few moments of life in Planet
Earth, the Anunnaki went away, and promised to return later.
Where are they? Explores the lives of others? Creating a new civilization?
2012, What will happen?
Is Planet X will pass through the earth and bring us back into the Ice Age?
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Alternatively, the Anunnaki will return? Beliefs about the "Messiah"
if sorted backwards, in association with the promise that they would later Anunnaki
If returned, the return to be? As friend or foe?
Are they still regard us as their slaves?
Could it be a war between us, citizens of the Earth by the Anunnaki?
U.S. President Ronald Reagan never mentioned the threat from outside
space in one of his speeches. Reagan also proposed the establishment of system
space-based weapons (STAR WARS). Could it be that there were already
contact with aliens?
And, not just the Anunnaki's all there in space. Various nations
high alien civilization in the galaxy is also believed to dwell kita.Tapi, because we
talking about the Planet X (Nibiru), then our focus is the Anunnaki.
Anunnaki physical
Compare caveman (Neanderthal) with modern humans. Where the difference
Lots of it. Modern humans (we) have a more physical aesthetic (beautiful) and
smoother than the cavemen. And the result of the integration with the Anunnaki DNA
Anunnaki nation itself has ciriciri
* Higher average
feet (3 meters)
* Whites
* Blond or red hair, blue eyes
So since the first white man synonymous with "higher caste" or
"Considered more aesthetic", because it still adheres to the benchmark standards Anunnaki.
Caucasian peoples (skin putihpirangmata
blue) have the most ciriciri
Anunnaki. This can be seen from their blood type, which is Rhesus negative.
talked about it a matter of blood! Very interesting! Because the rhesus
negative, not from our DNA. But, from the Anunnaki (the aliens).
That's why America invaded Iraq on the pretext, seeking nuclear weapons. Because the remaining
radioactivity was detected. Why did the U.S. invade Iraq, also looted the museum,
and artifak2 ancient Sumerians were also taken from the era? Looking for? "Key" to
find the Stargate (Star Gate), the nation's portal Anunnakikah?
So until habishabisan.
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There are 270 thousand more ancient artifacts from the National Museum of Baghdad, Iraq's looted
Bush army. Just a few are returned, the rest is lost .. not a trace. There is
What is behind this? What to look for? It must be something really URGENT.
This news about penjarahannya in 2003:
shtml, 2763,940082,00. html
I found some interesting facts:
* Could it be that a star has extraordinary powers? Maybe! Because there is one
star of "dwarf" (dwarf star, call it) is SIRIUS (or dog star) who has
density levels are very solid, beyond the sun. Though its size is much more
small, but for the mass density, the weight of Sirius. If this star into orbit,
or collide .. then the effect is quite fatal.
* If the writings examined
about our ancient astronomy, the Earth in the beginning ..
occupies a position closer to the sun. Harihari
on earth is shorter, more
heat, and dark-skinned people due to high melanin (hence
The first human studies, or Adam, Adam found that this
a negroid, black). At that time, the planet is more favorable in terms of climate, distance
with the sun and the atmosphere is Mars. But because there is a collision, then Jupiter
into orbit. So the Earth's distance away from the sun. It affects many things,
population such as skin color, length of day, etc..
Collision that caused "The Great Deluge" or a big flood in
story of Noah.

Of postinganku above, those of you who read may believe it or not. Because not
of course it's all true.

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